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13th July
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Today’s Unemployment Benefit Extension update EUC 2014 July 13, 2014:
Some policymakers on Capitol Hill believe that avoiding another unemployment benefit extension will help to push the unemployment rate lower and get more of America’s jobless back to work. The most recent monthly jobs data and unemployment claims report seems to support this assertion. Congress allowed unemployment benefits to expire back in December 2013 and has been debating the need for another extension since. Millions of Americans have fallen into the category of unemployed without benefits during this time, but the recent jobs and claims numbers were much improved. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national unemployment rate just fell lower again from 6.3 percent to 6.1 percent. More specifically, the unemployment rate was 6.7 percent back in December when long term jobless compensation expired for many. Approximately 288,000 jobs were added to the U.S. economy last month and the Labor Department said that fewer Americans filed for first time unemployment insurance in the latest week than were expected. Many Republicans view this data as ammunition to combat the argument for an extension of long term unemployment benefits. Since EUC expired back in December, the unemployment rate has dropped dramatically. This type of data trend is part of the reason the House did not vote yes on the Senate’s plan to extend unemployment benefits several months back and is also why many Republicans still position themselves against unemployment benefit extension legislation. Coincidence or not, the data is making it hard to find bipartisan and majority support on this issue.

Genny Germano


  1. Bonnie Schwartzengraber

    Many people who gave up looking are now on welfare also, thus not filing and not counted. Data shows those filing for welfare HAS GONE UP GREATLY but they don’t talk about that either!

  2. Mary Ellen Post

    I am scared to death about having no money and no job. I look everyday – spend hours on the computer …. my area of the country is not good.

  3. robert

    we complain, we bitch, we send our views, but nothing changes. We all have issues. However, we get no help. What good is this sight? I have been reading the same crap for two days. If learning and were to send these writings to our Congress Men, and Women, just maybe we will get a bill passed.

  4. robert

    Here we go again.I guess we will be seeing signs all over America, (For Whites only), No Blacks allowed, you cant eat here, you cant sit here,nigger. Excuse me Mr. President, but this also applies to you also…

  5. anne


  6. Pandora

    EAll of the Americans that were receiving euc that ended Dec 28, 2013 BENEFIT YEAR is Over! That means no more filing or certifying! And thus we are no longer counted and of course that would make the numbers fall dramatically. So tis is not a coincedence. This was deliberate and planned expertly. June 30 at tne most would end all those that wason euc. And now they’ve introduced two plans that needed a certain funding and now in July that same funding has been used to fund another bill. Is that a coincedence? We have been slaughtered but we are not Stupid. Why did they give us False Hope of holding out until they would get the extension bill passed? DEVIATE! We should all file greivances with our Attorney Generals in our states. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, CLAIM Many dependents on W2 forms, so no taxes get taken out. And anyone that can change W2 so no taxes come out of your paycheck. We will rebel from our own doorsteps! Murderers is what they

  7. 26/07/2014

    Its not as so that unemployment Americans are out of a job, due to not looking for one, but speaking on my behalfas a Georgia resident, people who are in charge of employment applications(GA DEPT OF LABOR) and temporary agencies are hiring people through employee’s request of family members, friends, and race. There are people who have the potential and work qualifications, along with past excellent work ethnics whom are not getting noticed due to favoritism! Its sad and unfair that good workers are being directed to farm work or warehouses when their work qualifications are in a much higher (cnc operators, maintenance, electricians…) As for as myself, I have been laid of since March 2014 and only had 28 weeks of unemployment. As of today on July 25th 2014, I am unemployed with a work history of a machine operator, cnc operator, forklift driver, and CSR skills. This is ridiculous and unfair! Until government make restrictions with employment hiring decisions, there will be more unemployment citizens growing everyday! Therefore, my emotions toward congress that are stubborn to go forth with the EUC extension are hilarious! I guess its true when they say”keep the poor-poorer, and the rich-richer!

  8. robert

    Zero dollars, and zero cents… Will someone tell congress that some companies charg for their employment applications?

  9. robert

    I am not counted anymore. They have stopped us from filing so what do we do now?

  10. robert

    Congress, Why do you get so many vacations, you all do very little work, why show up? Who is going to fire you? Stay home everyday and get paid as if you were at work. Oh yeah, I forgot they only report to work to retreive their illegal payoff in the envelope on their desks…

  11. robert

    Congress, you all had no problem passing it when Bush was president… Put your hatred aside for Obama, and pass the extention for us, the people who needs it US… Thanks

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