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12th April
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Unemployment Benefit Extension Deal news and Note Update Today April 12, 2014:
Earlier this week, the Senate was able to find enough support to pass the long term unemployment benefit extension deal. The deal is designed to provide unemployment benefits to America’s long term unemployed through May. The deal is also designed to provide emergency compensation to those who have been unemployed without benefits since December 28, 2013. Six Republicans joined their Democrat counterparts during the Senate vote to push the legislation through to the House. It is now up to the House to review and consider the bill.
Right now, the bill’s likelihood of passing through the House unscathed appears to be minimal. House Speaker John Boehner is one of many Republican House members that does not favor the bill. He has stated that the bill is unworkable. Boehner does not believe that the bill was designed to spark job development in the U.S. and as a result, he has said hat it does not meet the criteria that he believes is necessary in order to gain his support. Due to the unemployment benefit extension deal’s lack of job creation design, Boehner states that the “ball is still in their court.” Boehner does not believe that Democrats have done their part to create legislation that is passable. So, despite the fact that the Congressional Budget Office has reported that the extension would boost the U.S. economy overall, Boehner appears content to ignore these findings and conflict with the extension of long term unemployment benefits for millions of Americans.

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  1. Wilfred Kaeble

    Lets get this done. Maybe the ones who don’t want it should experience unemployment for a while!

  2. John Adams

    Boehner had better get on the program and get this EUC passed. Too many people are out of money and out of jobs. Get the money flowing again then get the jobs to the under employed locations in the rural areas. Now.

  3. Dennis

    This is not America any more .We the 3 million people that lost Euc need to move to a thrid world county to get any help .The president talked about in his state of the union the power of his pen well that went out the window quickly..he really talked the talk but no action. i used to be a very proud Amercan not anymore , no one likes to be out of work .why would you, collecting unemployment can’t support your family but when need the help it should be there.We earned it.

  4. jay

    The House has adjourned until April 28th I just read, no vote until then thats B.S

  5. TVW

    Boner says it does not create jobs. Bashing the president about it. If he is so smart why doesn’t he provide information where all these jobs are so people can get them. This isn’t happening because he knows there are none for the aged class of people that need them. Employers are hiring fresh out of school and college people that are seeking their first job and will work for practically nothing. A person that has worked all their lives and have tons of qualifications that earn higher pay are not considered for the jobs. In other words a monkey can do Boners job so why not put one in his position, more that likely he would do a better job because monkeys like the working class people. Another recess to put ot off longer, I hope and pray something bad happens to this idiot and he or his family cannot get the immediate help they need, maybe, just maybe he might see the light then. But the way it is going he has nothing to worry about because big business, oil and crooks are making him rich. Only the people that put him in can take him out, remember this the next time voting comes around. God bless America and the president. Don’t forget the 16% raise these idiots are getting whether passed or not, who approved that, I or you didn’t. Must be nice to approve your own raises. What did they do to earn it, nothing, just screwing the people that are paying their wages?
    A concerned American VietNam Veteran
    God bless you all for hanging in there. God will get you through this and it will be passed.

  6. Dennis


  7. Ray

    MR Boehner everyone knows you are in charge,just pass the dam bill and move on.

  8. O. Ramos

    Unfortunately(?)this issue is being used as a means of showing the American people what the GOP right is capable of. Contemplating that makes me feel this may be a worthwhile sacrifice. First the senate is being put on the record and now the house. Once the real opponents of this measure are exposed, we may have a bill. Too many people vote based on 10 second punchlines and bias. We all know 50% of the citizenry voted for these guys. Now that the REAL GOP is touching their lives they might realize, that’s really the root of all this evil.

  9. Ellen

    God don’t like ugly and Boehner is shown his ugliness, he will get his during voting time. The media is still not talking about unemployment. It is a shame that we send money to other counties but cannot take care of the unemployed American. Pass the DARN unemployment we need it now.

  10. manuel

    bonehead Boehner you must be hitting your daughters pipe to be so messed up

  11. Tyler

    Well said everyone who is in favor of the extension. I have friends retiring in other countries specifically to avoid our governments harm of non-rich, disabled and elderly. The comment this isn’t America anymore- true. It’s a pot pie run through a blender.

  12. sam

    little to late here me and my family have to be out of our home buy the 1st of the month i have already sold my vehicle to provide a few more months of housing and food for my family now we have to move next stop for us is a tent by the river but fishing pole in hand without the proper required license i will manage to keep food in the belly of my family thank you republicans for making this possible it has actually brought us closer togather and stronger than ever we will forgive but we wont forget on election day

  13. Larry K

    I just read that Boehner and the house had time before the break to approve Paul Ryan’s new budget which will put another $2000 per year in taxes on the middle class while giving a $200,000 tax cut for millionaires. Isn’t that nice? But threw the unemployed out in the cold while he takes another 2 week vacation. I hate to say it, but it doesn’t like this extension is going to happen. All I think we can do is try to make sure this never happens again by voting these republicans out of office. If we don’t, the future of the middle class is only going to get worse. Do your research and you will see for yourself that they are only out for the rich. And did I mention that Paul Ryan’s budget also wants to cut medicare for seniors while making medications more expensive? They think if you are not rich, you don’t deserve modern day healthcare. They would rather have the middle class die at an earlier age.

  14. LI

    His name say’s it ALL BOEHNER…. Read Between The Name!!! We need to clean house!!! Even if we do Vote for a change The Rich has already Voted us out!!! We have no Freedom any longer!!! I would like to say more of what is going on. What’s the use!! We are all done FOR!!!

  15. 12/04/2014


  16. 12/04/2014

    is it just me or does it seem like John Boehner is running this country?

  17. ted from fargo

    I too am among the unemployed “through no fault of mine”. I hope the bill finally passes. I don’t think it is fair to keep on supporting these countries that hate us with billions of “our” dollars that we pay in taxes or whatever these lawmakers would have us to believe. Hey Boehner DO THE RIGHT THING and pass this much needed bill.

  18. Sam

    BOENHNER this only hurts the Repub’s for any elections in the future. An ex-repub.

  19. Condoe

    Even before the UEC expired there should have been a jobs plan by the White House. How about a tax incentive to hire the long term unemployed. Mr. Boehner is an ass, but this lazy President that used executive order for minimum wage increase hasn’t done a damn thing to help the unemployed either, but run his mouth. Happy Easter Mr. “I have a pen and I have a pencil.” I bet your family, and all the rest of you political rats will have one great Easter, while three million people wait, and hope. Monday another 70,000 Americans will be added to that number. Isn’t it great to work all your life and to flush it all down the toilet in a couple of months. House, Car, credit score, and start from scratch at 50 or 60 years old. GOD bless America! And, yes I am a democrat!!!!!!

  20. Former Republican

    Put Boehner in the unemployment line and see how fast things get done. It’s unbelievable how our government treats the taxpaying citizen in need; we pay for everything and taxes keep going up. I think our government has lost focus on the responsibility of our tax dollars and how it should be used, that it belongs to the American people and should be used for the people and our nation, not giving billions to foreign countries, when it should be used here to help people here. It’s amazing how fast they can make a decision passing funds for a foreign country. It’s obvious; the American people are not a priority and should be. America has been changing and not for the best, just more greed and power for politicians. We are all just sheep and the politicians run our country, spend our money and do what they want.

  21. O. Ramos

    Condoe, I fill the same pain brother, I hate the dems right now, but I have a special hell for reps. I wished this democratic leadership would grow a backbone already, instead of compromising and then getting sandbagged every time. That budget deal last year, where they negotiated to enact every reps dream unless an agreement was reached was a good example of that. Why would the reps compromise if the cliff was what they wanted to begin with. The reps want smaller government for their money making schemes, but cant stay out of our bedrooms and civil liberties.Greed, avarice, and hypocrisy, both red and blue.

  22. debbie

    lets get this done already! now they are on another 2 week break! I don’t see them out of a job and no place to live! BOENHNER BEST GET THIS DONE AND QUIT HIS SCREWING AMERICANS WHAT THEY ARE ENTITLED TOO.. WITH THE UI EXTENSION.. FIRE HIS BUTT…..

  23. Wayne B. in the D(etroit)

    Let’s be real! John “Boner” and the rest of the millionaires club,a.k.a the u.s.congress have demonstrated time and time again that they give less than a damn about the 2.3 million american citizens that have been robbed of extended unemployment benefits.If the republicans are so damned concerned about a jobs incentive for the unemployed,why has’nt congress put forward funding for our infrastructure to be rebuilt?! Such an effort would put hundreds of thousands of our citizens back to work and give our country the economic boost that it needs.

  24. O. Ramos

    bro. they think corporations are people, what else do you need

  25. Lucy

    Therapy. We are all going to need it. We are already frustrated with Congress. While we are awaiting an answer to this bill, we are getting more frustrated because they took a two-week vacation. What happens when they return? You think Boehner is just going to put pen to paper and get it over with? He’s not. This bill is probably going to die in the house. I am unemployed just like you and would love to see this bill pass. I have given up on this ever coming to fruition. After two weeks is up, get ready for even more frustration and disappointment. We are all to the point of exploding and wanting to do something to make something happen. That’s where therapy comes in, because I am at that point now and if not for therapy I would want to go postal on members of Congress. Oh well, since we all can’t afford therapy. Someone may still go postal, or Boehner may just drop off the face of the earth.

    Check out the information below. Who knew being a congressman could be so lucrative.

    Do Members of Congress Really Get a Full Pay Pension After Just One Term?

    Published Thursday, October 6, 2011 2:08 am
    by Dennis Maley.

    Instant full-pay pensions, Cadillac benefit plans, no Social Security enrollment – there are a lot of rumors floating around the web as to perks lavished on members of Congress. First let’s address the pension misconception. Members of Congress elected after 1984 are covered by the Federal Employees Retirement System. They are fully vested once they’ve served 5 years, but that doesn’t mean they get “full pay.”

    Their “full retirement” is based on a number of factors including length of service, as well as options that they select when enrolling. They must be 62 before they can begin receiving the benefits, 50 if they’ve served 20 years and benefits can be received at any time after retirement, regardless of age, if they’ve served 25 years. The typical pension range is between $35-60,000 and by law cannot exceed 80 percent of whatever their pay was at the time they retired. Serving the minimum five years will only secure an annual pension of around $15,000 once the retiree reaches 62.

    Not that that’s anything to sneeze at. Military service members have to serve a full 20 years to get a dime of retirement pay and even then it’s only 40 percent of their base pay (about a quarter of what they typically earned in service). The Congressional pension benefit also has automatic cost-of-living adjustments, which only 1 in 10 private sector retirements feature. Members of Congress only have to contribute 1.3 percent of their salary to FERS. Also, as federal employees, they can contribute up to 10 percent of their pay (with a 5 percent match) to what amounts to a sweet 401k plan.

    Perhaps the most egregious part of the congressional pension is the fact that even criminals get to keep it. Whereas many public sector retirements can be lost for certain offenses, a federal pension can only be revoked if that employee is found guilty of treason, perjury or trading secrets with the enemy! When Democratic Congressman James Traficant was convicted of bribery and a host of other related charges in the early 1980’s, he was evicted from Congress, but allowed to keep his pension. A bill to prevent expelled members from collecting their pension benefit was proposed, stalled and then dropped in committee.

    When Republican Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham admitted to taking millions in bribes from defense contractors in 2005, and was also allowed to keep his pension, another law sought to expand the revocation to include bribery of public officials or witnesses, conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud the United States, perjury while denying the commission of bribery or conspiracy, or subornation of perjury committed in connection with false denial or false testimony of another individual. Congress has proven equally reluctant to police themselves this time around. The bill, originally introduced by Senator John Kerry in 2006, passed the Senate 87-0 before quietly dying in committee the way bills that politicians don’t want to be caught voting against, yet don’t want to pass, often have a way of doing. It’s been reintroduced several times since, including this year, but still remains in legislative Purgatory where it is expected to meet the same fate once more.

    Social Security

    Yes, all members of Congress do pay into Social Security and are eligible to receive benefits (though they are offset against their federal pension benefit), despite persistent internet rumors and urban myths stating otherwise. The confusion is related to the Civil Service Retirement System that covered many federal employees from its inception in 1920 and ran parallel to Social Security until 1984. In January of 1984, all members of Congress, the President and Vice President, Federal judges, etc. were moved over to Social Security and have been there since. There are still some federal employees, hired before 1984, that are not enrolled in Social Security, but none are members of Congress.

    Health Care

    While health care is not free, it is pretty plush. There are a variety of PPO and HMO health care plans available to Congress and their families, as well as other federal employees. The government’s contribution is the lesser of 1.) 72 percent of the overall weighted average, or 2.) 75 percent of the total individual or family premium for the plan they select. There are options for health, vision, dental, life, long term care, etc. Like the retirement plan, it is generally much better than what the vast majority of Americans in the private sector get, where increasingly, employers have reduced their contribution percentage, especially for family members enrolled in an employee’s plan.

    While health insurance for Congress is not totally free and is available to other federal employees, House and Senate members are uniquely eligible to receive care at military hospitals. For outpatient procedures, there is no charge at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) in nearby Bethesda, MD. They can also visit the Office of the Attending Physician of the U.S. Capitol for certain outpatient services (with referral to WRNMMC for inpatient), if they pay a modest annual fee of around $500.


    Then there’s the pay, which in 2011 is $174,000 for rank and file, $193,400 for Majority and Minority Party Leaders in both chambers, and $223,500 for Speaker of the House. That’s up from $98,400 in 1990 and there’s a good reason. Since 1989, salaries have been set to an automatic annual increase in order to spare them the politically awkward effort of voting themselves more pay hikes, especially in times like this when their approval rating is at historic lows and they’re busy cutting payments to anyone else. They can vote to block the scheduled jump, which they did in 2010 and 2011, after a healthy raise during the financial crisis of 2009 sparked public outcry. Don’t feel too bad though, 46 percent of Congressional members are millionaires (perhaps why they’re so averse to taxing them), as opposed to 1 percent of the general population. And that’s before they use the connections they’ve made in Washington to pull down big bucks in the private sector for industries they’ve overseen (perhaps favorably) while in office.


    There are other minor perks like a heavily subsidized membership to their own private health club, free parking on Capitol Hill and at the airports, lavish offices with budgets to cover art and fine furnishings (they can even borrow some pieces from the Smithsonian!) and of course the special interest-sponsored golf trips to Scotland and other 5-star international travel junkets that they routinely take for free, like the ones that 81 House members took to Israel over this past summer. Plus, they seem to gain tremendous insight into market forces while on the hill. Either that or they trade on the inside information they gain, which isn’t exactly illegal for them either (perhaps the best perk), leading to returns that are significantly larger than average investors. So, while members of Congress don’t actually enjoy most of the mythical spoils that they’re often ascribed, it’s clearly safe to say that they’ve still got it sweeter than the vast majority of their constituents.

    *It’s worth noting that Congressman Ron Paul has never participated in the Congressional retirement plan, describing it as “immoral.” Paul is one of the 46 percent in the millionaires’ club, with a disclosed net worth of between two and a half and five million dollars, which ranks him 77th in the U.S. House.

  26. Former Republican

    After reading more added comments, it’s so obvious that the US government is not thinking about the American people and their families. I like the part where government is taking 2 week break while we all continue waiting, now going on 4 months ….. It’s unbelievable who we have running our country!!
    To make people wait 4 months for a check on a 5 month EUC plan, just makes things worst. Just after 2-3 months permanent damage has already been done to families and can’t recover from that in a few days of getting a EUC check. People have used up savings, falling into further into dept, personal credit ratings falling fast, selling or borrowing money to survive, even losing their car or home and families breaking up over money issues and more. Plan and simple, government does not care or give a damn.

  27. Jeanine in dyersburg,tn

    I’m just on a hope and a prayer!praying that the problem gets solved so we can receive our money as we continue to look for a job,but still no luck turning 54 in about three wks.seem so scary that no job will be available to middle age people like my self.Hoping that the house will get this solve by the grave of GOD!

  28. Bill

    Former Republican said it good; government does not care or give a damn.
    I worked all my life until nine months ago and still can’t get another job yet. Now the government has me and 3 million people on hold for months. I can’t help thinking about all the money taken out of my pay checks over decades for unemployment insurance and now I get the shaft when I could use that money today. I have lost all trust in our system, all they do is take and give nothing back!

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