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10th April
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Unemployment Benefit Extension news review and note update today April 10, 2014:
A collective sigh of relief may have been heard when the Senate voted to approve the unemployment benefit extension for American’s long term unemployed. The average number of weeks that unemployment benefits are extended for is 26 and many Americans have run out. In recent years, congress has moved to extend unemployment benefit compensation for 99 weeks. The long term unemployed in the U.S. are looking for Congress to provide a similar mode of support now. Although the U.S. economic recovery process is moving forward, progress remains slow and many believe that the emergency compensation is needed to support Americans while they continue to look for gainful employment.
The Senate passed the deal to extend unemployment benefits by voting 59 – 38 in favor of the bill earlier this week. The number of Americans waiting for the benefit extension grows every week and is fast approaching 3 million. A very large contingent of the U.S. population is hoping that House representatives can find a way to accept the deal and pass it through. It is no secret however that many members of the House believe that the deal is not worthy of passage. Sen. Chuck Schumer recently aimed comments at House members and said the House needs to extend unemployment benefits to Americans without attaching extraneous issues to the process of passing the bill through the House in an effort to score political points.
Apparently, some House Republicans took note of these comments and immediately sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner that requested an immediate vote on the legislation. So far, no vote has taken place.

Genny Germano

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