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7th April
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Today’s Unemployment Benefit News Review and EUC Extension Update April 7, 2014:
Finally, after months of debate, the unemployment benefit deal for the long term unemployed in America is expected to make its final passage through the Senate today. Many jobless Americans have been waiting since December 28, 2014 for this to happen.
December 28, 2013 represents the day that over a million unemployed Americans exhausted their long term unemployment. Since then, the number of Americans that have fallen into the category of unemployed without federal unemployment compensation has risen to well beyond 2 million. The debate to extend unemployment has grown in intensity and volatility as many policy makers believe that the focus is all wrong. Instead of providing government “handouts” to a group of out of work Americans, many policy leaders feel that policy should be designed to put these Americans back to work. This mode of thinking is apparently held by many more in the House which will be the next procedural hurdle for the long term unemployment benefit deal to endure in order to become law.
House Speaker John Boehner remains staunch in his belief that the current bill will not promote job development in the U.S. and should therefore be dropped from consideration. This thought process is held by other policy makers in the House as well. Rep. Steve Southerland II of Florida recently remarked that the House needs to “do the right thing and allow the economy to create jobs.” It is still unclear what will happen to the unemployment benefit extension deal once serious debate begins in the House, but the periphery discussion has done little to promote optimism.

Genny Germano


  1. dennis klanchar

    Heartless devils who will b judge by god wouldnt want to b them

  2. George

    So when we need it, it’s a handout. When they need it, it’s a bailout. Lol smh lol

  3. Ralph Standiford

    well – since its a lack of money situation – then lets take all politicians who don’t wanna support this bill and deny their paychecks – since the economy can’t afford to stay afloat by doing the right thing – these people paid for these benefits by showing up to work everyday – it was part of a severance package – you show up to work and your employer pays in to this for you – its your money – NOT THE GOVERNEMENTS – there should be no argument on this – the money was paid and put into an account – it should be there – someone stole it

    lets investigate that !!!!!

  4. G, Washington

    These policy makers don’t have human being heart and that’s why they should be there to harden their hearts so no one can get the benefits, actually God hardens their hearts because they never believe in him so that when God starts punishing them, they may not be found innocents because they treated God’people with dishonor to satisfy their master Lucifer whom will be soon thrown in fire with them together. Whether you vote or not we will still survive for it’s God who quickens life in us every day not the so called government’s help, may the Lord Jesus Christ forgive you.

  5. ryan

    The republicans are very naïve to think that these millions of people(and their spouses) who stand to lose everything are not going to vote against them come November.

  6. 07/04/2014

    Some of the people reale need the help 2 help ourselves.

  7. 07/04/2014

    They are heartless and immoral to man kind
    God make them pay to be hummble and take away their wealth because they didn’t help thelp their his people.

  8. Peter Woodcock

    Peter W.
    Boston. April 6th 2014

    On July 11, 2012 Mr. John Boehner got emotional and cried at an event honoring the late painter Constantino Brumidi.

    April 6th 2014, Mr. Boehner doesn’t have any tears or show emotion for those of us that are unemployed and drained of financial resources. Passage of the proposed Unemployment Benefit Extension is truly a life line.
    You want job creation to solve our problem….well create one for me today because in less than two weeks I will have no car, apartment, and telephone.

    I have voted republican most of my long life. Watching the Democrats fighting for the unemployed has impressed the hell out of me and I am now a brand new Democrat!
    When and if I bounce back I will support every Democrat with my time and money if I have any!

    Don’t spill any milk Mr. Boehner as you might start crying!.
    Regards, Peter W.

    PS There are many live Painters out of work

  9. Ms.Bea

    I pray that the Unemployment Extension Bill is passed this week in Jesus name, Amen!!!!!!

  10. adelia

    I would like for those fighting this important vote to spend one day as we do constantly looking for jobs that DON’T exist!

  11. 07/04/2014

    Its over people. The house will sit on this until they come back from one of there many vacations and then say its too late.The senate is also to blame for jerking this around for so long.They knew this last dec. and did nothing about it. They are not going to vote until 5 pm today so that tells you how much they care. Instead they will push threw the tax breaks for big corps. that was estimated to 46 billion the U S will loose in taxes this year alone.This would pay for the exstension 4 times over.Oh also thanks MR. President for standing up for us in america but this is not obumer care so it does not matter.Hope you all die and go to hell in congress.

  12. Deb

    I guess they would rather help complete strangers than help our own Americans. How about dropping the funding for the Ukrain and help your own people who can no longer pay for electric, phone, mortgage payments or food. I guess they want us to go on welfare and live on the streets.

    Watch the Welfare rate go up, food stamps go up, foreclosures go up. Maybe they should all be forced to work a real job and work their government job part time. Eyes would open.

  13. frank

    Dear Speaker Of The House

    I worked in a food bussines for 44 years ,When I was 19 old I work for A&P till they close there New England division ,then I went to work for another store for 35 years till June 3 2013 when the store closed i am unemployed now, My unemployment benefits has ran out I am now going to file Bankrupts I was looking for a job all this time when a did aply they told me that i was over qualified or under qualified.or they do not have an open positions for me , I do know why they say this its my age 63 years old but I still can work as a 30 year old


    I fully agree on this, and something needs to be done about these people on Welfare
    maybe these recipients should be required to look for work, instead of laying at home, creating more kids so they can collect more money. Many of them have been in the system most of their adult life, have never worked or contributed to society. At least the unemployed have been out there. We are in a time of need until there are jobs for us to go to. We are not lazy and never will be

    For all the years I worked in the food stores I saw many recipients on welfare and there children past on there children I’m sure most readers know of someone who is cheating the system .

    I also know someone who knows A bartender who collects food stamps, gets housing assistance, and until Obamacare -free healthcare. She’s an attractive woman and none of the tips she receives is reported as income. She told me she made something like $56k last year in tips – all unreported income

    So Mr Speaker John Boehner Please consider a temporary extension of emergency unemployment insurance to protect us till we find a job so we can go on

    an American

  14. bob w

    If you can’t standby the people and do the right thing then it is time to resign and put someone in office that is effective that has compassion for his fellow man or woman. You don’t need a college degree to do the right thing.the more our leaders debate on this topic, the sooner the people will lose their roof over there heads, can’t go to the store to put food on their table. we have serious problems and we need serious people with common sense to do the right thing.

  15. frank

    Mr Speaker John Boehner Please consider a temporary extension of emergency unemployment insurance to protect us till we find a job so we can go on
    an American

  16. Bels

    I wish all 2 million plus of us unemployed could show up at the White House gates so these Republicans could actually look us in the eyes and tell us we are not worthy to receive the EUC benefits that we worked our entire lived for. Money hungry good for nothing politicians, and thanks for nothing President Obama you said you would step in and take care of the American people if Congress didn’t and if course you have done nothing except be the non existing president that you have been from day one.

  17. 07/04/2014

    I pray Boehner gets a heart and realizes we need money To pay for gas and pay our internet bill to be able to look for work.

  18. 07/04/2014

    I just looked at an article on the tax break for big companies and I was wrong with my last statement on the amount. Not 46 billion but 86 billion. Big difference!!!!!

  19. Patricia Fish

    I’m one if the 2 million who has paperwork from DES showing that I have another 26 weeks why can’t I get the checks… I worked very hard for this money years ago …. I have 2 weeks before my electric is shut off .. The water company won’t wait any longer either .. My car can’t be driven anymore because I can’t afford to pay Geico any longer ..I had to cancel my doctors appt I can’t get there, nor do I have the money to pay someone else to take me .. I live one hour from town ..I wish I had my parents alive to help me … Can’t afford to even file my taxes … Good grief why do I bother getting out of bed anymore … I’m alone & sad…not sure where to get help,

  20. Carmen

    I worked for a failing retailer for 6 years. When things got even worse I was let go. Of course getting the news I was expecting my 3rd son should have been the greatest news but on the heals of losing my income … scary. I had never been on unemployment before and was unaware that benefit year didn’t mean I would get benefits for a year. Honestly I looked for work the 1st three months of my pregnancy but was deemed high risk and was starting to show which doesn’t go over well on an interview. So now that my 6 months are over I find myself hiding my car, threatened by eviction, and going a lil hungry sometimes so I know my older sons eat properly. I have tried applying for all other types of assistance but its not enough .. $497 a month??? Feel defeated

  21. michael

    I will never again vote for a republican person, how can they sleep at night knowing people are losing everything cause they will not give American people help . but sign a bill to send 1 billion to another country . Really what country do u all live in????? I am on a line of living in my car if this bill does not pass. There are no jobs out here trust me I search every day and now even that will have to stop as no money for gas, bus, train. God Bless America and our leaders Yea Right

  22. Thomas J

    I am one of the many Americans who lost the benefits back in December. I am not looking for a handout but to mearly survive while I am trying so hard to find a job. I even when back to school and graduated with a 4.0 GPA, had interviews but these companies want experience (catch 22). I am on the verge of losing my vehicle,I am behind in rent, utilities have been to food banks for food because I keep getting turned down for assistance with food stamps etc… These morons in office need to lose their paychecks and be on the verge of losing everything and then see how fast this would change. They all lost my vote!

  23. redporsche951

    I agree! They call it a “Bailout” for them, and a “Handout” for us? WTF is that S**T?!!! Add to that: WHY are they SO QUICK to overwhelmingly APPROVE of sending money to foreign countries AND illegal aliens?!!!

    ANSWER THAT, Congress!!!

  24. redporsche951

    TO add to that:

    They HAVE Billions of Dollars in wasteful spending that just showed up recently, so why not use that money to easily pay for UI and VA services that are lacking?

    The other argument we are not hearing is: Most people pay into the UI system as a payroll tax, with NO refunds, etc. More people pay into this than have drawn down, is my gut feeling on this.

    Most people out for over a year now, have typically never used it in their life before.

    So is this another episode of Congress dipping into it (like it does to Soc. Sec.!) to pay for other budget items, or what?

    Where’s the CBO on this one?

  25. 07/04/2014

    It looks like the Republicans want to Block the Democrats, on any law involving the Democrats.
    It does not matter to the Republicans that 2.3 million people give or take 300,000 unemployed
    are without any income to even search for a job.

    This is a Federal Law that automatically is enacted when Unemployment hits 6.5 % They
    ruin peoples Lives, and create Foreclosures
    that put this Country in a tail spin.

    Lets just pull the rug out on 2.3 million voters, yes the same people who elected the
    Republican’s have spent 4 months trying to
    destroy the American Safety net Created in
    1970. They should be ashamed and resign from
    their positions, and have to live watching
    all that they work for slowing show slipping
    away. Shame on the Republicans Shame on you !

  26. redporsche951

    Okay, I read most of the previous comments here, and you know what people…

    BOTH of the parties ARE to blame! The Dems aren’t doing anything that would change my vote, and neither are the Repubs!

    What to do? VOTE THEM ALL OUT! NO MORE INCUMBENTS! Vote TOTALLY NEW people in, and no more LAWYERS in Congress, too! We need REAL people who understand REAL people and our needs!

    I am going to vote for a Christian Value based person into the office! Unfortunately, I live in CRAZY Pelosi-land!

    We need to get back to having God first in this land, or He will put us LAST, too!

  27. Laura

    $1540.00 PER DAY is what WE pay these morally disassociated House politicians!! That’s at least 3xs what the max. WEEKLY unemployment benefit would be in the state (WA) that pays the most per week . For Pete’s sake, they only work 113 days out of the year for their $174,0000.00 annual salary and I say if their vote was “nay”, they should have to do some type of obligatory “internship” if you will, down at their state/local unemployment office when not in DC “working?”.
    Yeah right!! Why would they??
    Their grass will always be greener, since they’re usually looking out over a golf course.

  28. roypkjr

    I figured that the un-employed would have to work 3 part time, minimum wage jobs, 7 days a week to be able to just keep heads above water. These are the jobs that are out there. But, if you are not qualified to flip burgers, push a broom or even wipe down tables, you can not have the job. You will have a hard time to convince a company that you will not leave the job when something better comes along. If a business or company needs help, it benefits both the business and the employee to work.

  29. 07/04/2014

    What I have concluded from all of this is that the whole time that the Republicans have been figthing and fili-bluffing their way through and trying to throw the democrats into the fire for wanting to help the unemployed, that they will eventually be thrown into the same trap that they have set for them. Its so unfortunate that we have to suffer at the expesnse of their ingnorance and unwillingness to change but I strongly beleive that God is only allowing this to happen to open the eyes of the people who voted for the Ruplicans so that this will NEVER happen again ! They needed to be exposed for who and what they are. I like many others have already lost everything that I worked so hard to gain but I hope that we all will go down in history as the true champions in this game of dirty politics because we have suffered and will one one day win. The best part about it is that we will be able to buy another car, house, cell phone etc., but at least we will be around to tell the story. If someone were to ask me if I would ever vote for another black president again, my response would simply be yes because this situation is just setting the stage for future african americans, women, latino’s and whoever God chooses to put in office to serve His country !

  30. maria

    If the Republicans cared as much as they say they do about the American people and the economy and our “handouts” they would have either last year came up with a solution for the unemployed then cut the benefits. Or extended the benefits until they come up with a solution to this issue. You don’t say you are for the Americans cut off 2million + benefits then tell them to hold tight until they come up with a plan to create more jobs which can take months years to do .meanwhile forcing these people to have to turn to welfare to take care of there family’s until they can find unemployment. Then next yr people will complain about tax increases cause welfare rates are 2million + increased. What is wrong with this political party this is inhumaine. I am not proud to be an American knowing when the Times get tough the legislation bails on the American people. This is not right and anyone any party should not take out there frustrations for other issues on innocent American people and families.
    Thank you for your time,
    A ex born and raised republican

  31. Michelle

    The problem is because they waited so long with the current plan people would just receive a check. I firmly believe they need to extend unemployment benefits. However, they need to do it in a way that isn’t just a paycheck but will create jobs. They also need to make sure people have actually looked for work. (Many of course have spent their time looking for work, but many have given up).

    What is ironic is those on welfare are receiving benefits in some cases for decades and those that have worked are being treated worse than those that do nothing.

    Something else that is interesting is we pay politicians once they are out of office for life. Why not just remove that benefit and then we could afford unemployment, and many other services our country is “struggling” to afford now.

    Instead of making it retroactive in payments they should give people an additional 5 months (When they pass it). Yes those people have been out of money for months but it removes the issue of determining who has looked for work and who has not looked for work. Furthermore, it doesn’t screw over the people that have just lost benefits because their current plan if I understand it correctly would be 5 months since the last deal expired in December. So some people may get an additional month while those that have not been monitored may get 5 months.

    We need jobs to be created and we need the real numbers of unemployment to be released. The 6.7 is not a correct number. Every American between the ages of 18-65 should be considered, if they are not working, and are not in school. The real number would be closer to 20-30 percent (or more) if they considered everyone in that demographic.

    They need to make it easy on the states to continue monitoring the people. They also need to figure out ways to create more jobs such as getting American’s to buy American. We are now surviving as a service country versus a manufacturing country. We buy everything overseas because its cheaper. However, our people are out of work because of it.

  32. Anita Harris

    Euc,is needed for so many people,and for them not to make this a priority to ridiculous!!!!! I can’t understand how they can sleep at night,when so many people toss and turn from hunger and worry………God please hear our Prayers…

  33. richard

    Republicans want it their way only,what about us that need to pay for food,gas,heat,car payment.Iwont vote for them again.

  34. Mardelle Peterson

    I would so much like to believe that our Government is for us,(their own people), but from all I see, that is not true! The money spent to support other countries, unnecessary wars, etc. etc. etc. You know how it goes, we could go on forever. It is just a shame that we, the American people are nothing more to Boehner than a piece of worthless crap, in his words. I agree with others, stop Boehner’s paycheck for four months and see how he likes it. We work so hard all our lives just to get kicked in the butt by the rich and famous! How sad. God will sort the good and bad in the end.

  35. michael olyaie

    so its okay to give handouts to other countries for benefiting their citizens, but not good enough for Americans who have paid into the UI for years of hard work…..what Hippocrates work as our Congressmen …. they give OUR earnings to others when suits them , but not US who paid into the Unemployment insurance out of our own pockets. What kind of thievery is this…?

  36. William

    “Instead of providing government “handouts” to a group of out of work Americans, many policy leaders feel that policy should be designed to put these Americans back to work.”

    I am all for that But …, what do you suggest us do in the meantime? I vote YES to creating more “American” jobs! I vote YES to cutting spending! I vote YES to being economically responsible! I vote YES to an extension on Emergency Unemployment compensation benefits!
    If we are lacking in jobs and people are starving while looking for work, then help the people with food until we find more jobs.

    I know where you can find more jobs! You gave them all to China and Mexico so your supporters could make more money on exploiting the child labor.
    Wicked greedy lil piggies. God is watching you grind the faces of the poor. Your next life is going to be Hell.

    We found a way to pay for this extension and it is a necessary lifeline to struggling Americans. We helped the Car Manufacture companies when they needed it and the banks but not to American working class?

    Sad state of the Union this is! “A house divided against itself cannot stand!”
    A. Lincoln

  37. 07/04/2014

    Where are the tar and feathers when we really need ’em? Oh, yah, I forgot, USDA. And where/how do you find a big enough rail with which to ride all these parasites out of town(country)? Oh, yah, I forgot, USDOT. It’s so ‘owned’ and the ‘fraternity of politics’ so ‘protected’ that even 3 million citizens don’t amount to a hill o’ beans! Embarrased to be a US citizen…

  38. Eric G.

    The government is for the government they make laws for us which do not by any means apply to them they don’t care if we starve or die long as we vote and play the game like the good little statistics that they consider us to be they are All phoney money and power thats all there is

  39. 07/04/2014

    Where are the tar and feathers when we really need ’em? Oh, yah, I forgot, USDA. And where/how do you find a big enough rail with which to ride all these parasites out of town(country)? Oh, yah, I forgot, USDOT. It’s so ‘owned’ and the ‘fraternity of politics’ so ‘protected’ that even the welfare of nearly 3 million citizens don’t amount to a hill o’ beans! Embarrased to be a US citizen…

  40. In need of some help

    I really hope this bill is passed so I can pay my bills without money it’s impossible to find jobs it’s even harder when you lost transportation to get to a job . Where I live we don’t have public service transportation like buses and such so I really need this help not everyone is looking for a handout just a little help to see their way

  41. Black Libertarian

    If Harry Reid would allow the House to add amendments to the bill, we might have a compromise here… that’s the bottom line, like it or not. The fact that they are quick to throw money at other countries, illegals, banks, etc makes this whole situation very unholy… but unemployment benefits aren’t guaranteed in the Constitution. Instead of screaming at Bonehead, we should be encouraging Harry to at least allow some negotiation.

  42. Teresa

    What I dont understands is its taken so long to make a decision The people from all over really need this money to get back on they feet and to pay bills so justsign the damn paper so we as a people can get back to our life

  43. 08/04/2014

    In November remember to vote out the senate and house members who are not supporting this bill.

  44. 08/04/2014

    If you want to be heard by congress, you have to email your House Representatives and let them know directly. They need to be bombarded by these emails to understand how important this bill is to us!!!

    1. Click on the ling below.

    2. type in your zip code
    3. Select the email link and complete email form
    4. SEND

  45. Greg

    To the politicians who never have to worry about paying the power bill, the water bill, car Ins, gasoline, phone bill, medications and lastly FOOD. It is amazing how out of touch these boneheads are. I have found jobs, but I can’t afford to drive 100 miles one way for $10.00 an hour. These trade deals the government ,made in the 90″s killed a lot of our manufacturing base in the US, all to support the petrol dollar. The hell with us. To our elected POLITICIANS You are not representing the people very well. You change the rules in the middle of the game and expect us to comply…. I don’t think so, I was taught to work hard and save my money, but now it is to work hard for little money and spend it all. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE you are so out of touch with reality. You can give BILLIONS to other countries for WAR but we don’t matter?????? Get your priorities straight, America COMES FIRST.

  46. Marco Alvarez

    Well, the GOP can blame Mr. Boehner this comming November for the lost of 3.7 million votes they are going to lose on the elections.WAY TO GO MR. !!!!!

  47. 09/04/2014

    Do you realize that 1% of the U.S. population own 50% of this country’s wealth? And they are all Republicans. They buy their members of Congress like that heartless whore Rep. Boehner, and make sure that their interests are protected. That is the reality of our political system. Do not forget that this is the history of our country. Our founding fathers were the wealthiest men in the Colonies, with George Washington the richest. This country was founded by the rich, for the rich. Our leaders have NEVER cared about the welfare of the common man, except for the their ability to get a day’s work out of them.
    Now that technology and efficiency has decreased the demand for labor, we are just excess baggage. And until the “huddled masses” learn to band together politically, they will forever be at the mercy of the rich and powerful. Who, incidentally, will not be happy until U.S. labor wages are at the same level of Mexico and China. Vote Democrat, vote for great equality in Congress.

  48. 07/05/2014

    Suck it up, you voted for them and your going to keep voting for them, because your stupid.

  49. Bear

    To welfare: You haven’t a clue of whats going on. So I say be quite. And I’m saying this nicely.

  50. Bear

    Another thing, Welfare:
    Oh by the way if you haven’t noticed we are all Americans. I served for this country, did you? don’t push you patriotic crap in our faces. Most of us like me worked all our lives paying our taxes. We deserve this help from our government.
    Shame on you for labeling us as lazy moochers. God Bless America! A real American would help his fellow neighbor in time of need. Do complain when the federal government sends billions of dollars in foreign aid to to countries that would just as soon see you dead. Make sure you ask your congress man or woman. where they are going on vacation next week, and what corporate big wing is going with them on taxpayers expense.

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