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4th April
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Unemployment benefit extension news review and update today April 4, 2014:
The unemployment benefit extension deal advanced again this week when the Senate voted to pass the bill on in the Senate for a final approval vote. Congress allowed unemployment benefits to expire for over a million Americans on December 28, 2013 and the number of Americans now categorized as jobless and without unemployment benefits has ballooned to over 2 million. If the current Senate deal becomes law, Americans will once again gain access to long term unemployment compensation and the payments are expected to be processed retroactively. On Wednesday, Senate lawmakers that included six Republicans, voted to end debate on the bill. The bill cleared another test vote last session in the Senate and is now expected to move forward with the final vote on Monday.
The multiple votes that the deal has undergone throughout the process in the Senate has been confusing considering the myriad of procedural safeguards in place. Despite the votes of passage already endured in the Senate, the bill to extend unemployment insurance benefits is now officially heading to a final vote after passing the last procedural hurdle by a vote of 61 – 35. The last procedural vote, which does not yet officially pass the unemployment benefit deal through the Senate, revealed that enough support has been gathered in the Senate to put minds at ease regarding the official vote on Monday. It has definitely been a struggle to get the unemployment benefit deal through the Senate, but Monday’s vote is expected to give temporary relief.

Genny Germano


  1. 04/04/2014

    This needs to happen

  2. Conrad Huggins

    I have been working at my last job for 10years and I’m 51 years old with a 4 year old Daughter plus a Lebanon Veteran. I have been searching for work, cash in all I could as far as pension and maxed out all credit cards to survive. This was hurting me with EUC and now with out I’m about a month to becoming homeless. Even if I get welfare still will be homeless and this not fair because I’m American. You can send trillions of dollars to other countries why can’t you take care your own. @ million other Americans and I.

  3. Cathy

    First of all at the risk of sounding vulgar, I would like to say
    I am so sick of the pissing contest between democrats and republicans at the expense of innocent hard working AMERICANS and that my friends would be the operative word Americans! What has happened to our country, I come from a long line of military men and women who has defended this country at any cost and I am mortified at what it has been reduced to! I am not among the unemployed but I am so sad that we can send money overseas without debate but when it come to helping our unemployed, which by the way of no fault of their own! The very same individuals that are debating whether the unemployed should be able to pay bills or feed children are the people that are responsible for job loss within the State! If you noticed I did not add United when I speak of our country because I am still trying to figure out how you can possible call this country The United States when the very people that are running it are so divided that it is embarrassing!! Until everyone realizes that a house is not built from the roof down, but only from the ground up, we need to stand together not as democrats and republicans but as True Americans! We will never get past this!

  4. tom kelly

    If you are a democrat or republican and don’t think they are all self serving jagoffs–you need to grab a hold of reality….Boehner CRIED when he said how sad the thought made him….are you serious? That’s about 750,000,000 on the priority list….I need a catcher’s mitt…wait, I will just borrow his face!…go to boca and sit on your absurd pension and talk about all that is wrong with the united states…

  5. tom kelly

    I missed a word…he cried when he heard 1 child might not get educated….I don’t like either…but for god’s sakes, put it in perspective….like, umm—-I FIND IT HILARIOUS THAT THEY VOTE ON WAR–but would never, ever, evcer,eve,rever, ever, ever–have a family member go….they are so disconnected from reality….do you realize Romney said “why don’t you just ask your parents for money for college”—yet they lobby on the cost of college—seriously is he an immigrent from cuba just learning the language…oh no wait he was just one in a long line of clueless–and b4 you republican get on your soap box..I HAVE ZERO RESPECT FOR ANY POLITICIAN…we all know that an less is was a relative–NO ONE WOULD DONATE A DIME…cause “they are just a good guy”

  6. John

    please, please let it happen if it just for 5 months I know we will all take it.

  7. Jeffrey

    I have been observing this very closely since January. I from now on will be an independant voter. I am sick of both parties. It’s all about the next election and that is all both sides care about. They are using the unemployed as pawns. The democrats want to appear like they want this passed, but if it passes then they can’t use it against the republicans in the election. The republicans don’t want an extension to pass since they want the economy to tank so they can use that in the election.

    It is really shameful when you look at all of it closely and realize what is really going on.

    They were able to get the “doc fix” passed in a few days to help rich doctors keep their pay, but the unemployed are forgotten and used as agenda pieces.

    Make no mistake about it, the democrats want to appear like they want this to become law, but the only chance they have in November to keep their “seats” is to show republicans as not caring about the middle class. If this passes then they can’t say republicans don’t care.

    The republicans on the other hand just want Obama gone no matter what and unfortunately that means us unemployed have to suffer so the economy will be terrible come election time.

  8. elizabeth

    See how they care about the people they “supposedly” represent? Vote them ALL OUT!!!

  9. Tons o' fun

    The whole system is a feedback loop moving from the profit/power sector through the conspicuous consumer and then back again to the profit/power sector. In other words, giving the long-term unemployed benefits benefits everyone besides those with ideological talking points concerning the national debt. The national debt is a viable talking point when the profit sector needs to take the proverbial heat off themselves, and so they blame policymakers exclusively. The profiteers madly protest alongside individuals–the common man–and point to all the flaws inside the government. Uh huh, because businesses are just like you and I, except they get their handouts without having to fill out some ridiculous form telling where they searched for jobs for the week. Whatevs.

  10. Lisa

    I have had a steady job for the last ten years, my has worked since he was 16 years old and this past year we both lost our jobs. I lost my job in late aug. and my husband lost his in oct. We are struggling to make ends meet and are running out of time before we may have to seek out welfare!! I am 52 years old and my husband is 57. We have paid in to unemployment for years and years!! We had money taken out of every single pay period for taxes and disability , and unemployment thinking that if we ever needed help it would be there for us! But not so! My husband and I have been desperately searching for employment, But the jobs that we have applied for had twenty or thirty or more people applying for the same job, and we are older now. What do you think is going to happen if you keep denying millions of people unemployment benefits? You will start to see the welfare lines getting longer and longer. More poor people and that is sickening!! I hope that everyone does NOT FORGET WHO THE PEOPLE IN OFFICE ARE VOTEING AGANIST EXTENDING UNEMPLOYMENT WHEN IT COMES TIME FOR US TO VOTE!!!!!!

  11. Thomas

    We worked ;paid taxes; needs to happen!!!!

  12. Lisa

    We are going to see a lot more people on welfare, if unemployment is not extended and we don’t have new employment yet what are we to do!!!! Why do we pay in to things like unemployment and disability and have so much of out tax money taken out of our pay checks for years of hard work , then we have no help when we need it!! We really do need to remember this when its time for us to vote!!!!

  13. carl

    My wife and I are barely getting by, she had to take on another job at night just to help, it kills me to see her go thru this, we need the unemployment extension passed monday, along with 2.8 million others unemployed, its life or death for us, we cant go another week like this, for the love of god and the unemployed, please pass this.

  14. danny kane

    what about the house???

  15. LEK

    After midnight tonight my phone will be shut off, my internet will be anytime soon, my car will be next, rent payment, car insurance, utilities they all almost 3 months delayed, after said and done I’ll be living on the street with my 2 kids.
    While these politician keep taking breaks and keep delaying this lifeline, by the time it’s done, over 2 million family will be destroyed.

  16. Char

    Please extend the Unemployment. Please Please!!!!

  17. Dean

    It is a sad to watch the greatest country in the world fall into ruin. I will miss you America the beautiful. Goodbye.

  18. Dean

    It is sad to watch the greatest country in the world fall into ruin. I will miss you America the beautiful. Goodbye.

  19. Pat

    this needs to pass i am now homeless iv worked all my life so dont call me lazy that one thing im not you people want to make all the rules cost of living goes up and up but not our pays or our jobs i have one question for you all what are yous having for dinner tonight?

  20. Md. Bea

    We need the EUI bill passed on Monday April 7 2014, We are part of the hard working American people who deserve our benefits just like every hardworking Employed American!!!!

  21. 06/04/2014

    i have been without work for nearly 2years now Ihave 2 kids at home thank god for my 21yr old son who is giving all he can to help. My daughter gets her fathers death benifits and that helps. I had to get food stamps to feed us and thank god my Aunt holds the note on my house so I can pay what ever to her. i have had to barrow money from my mother who is on ssdi and is very ill. I don’t feel I should have to do this. I was at the same job for 5yrs and paidinto unemployment just for this reason I don’t know how these polititians can look at themselves and say they feel for americans. I hope this goes through .

  22. Jeanne

    They don’t care about us anymore. They give themselves raises without asking us. They don’t live by the same rules we do. I am 64 and was layed off my last job because it was a non-profit that ran out of money. I can’t retire until 66. I have been looking for work for eight months. No one will hire a 64 year old woman, because I am too old for the work or they think I am going to retire in a year and a half. I have to work until I am 70. Thanks

  23. 06/04/2014

    Wake up jerks in dc don’t look up euci sit. In my car n wonder what happene’ :d to. Usa. Just. Give evwryone. A million. Let’s us invest it no. More. Welfare no Unemployment. U waste. Ur million thenur screwex weneed to cut dc down n stop wastinf our money


  24. 06/04/2014

    Wake up jerks in dc don’t look up euci sit. In my car n wonder what happene’ :d to. Usa. Just. Give evwryone. A million. Let’s us invest it no. More. Welfare no Unemployment. U waste. Ur million thenur screwex weneed to cut dc down n stop wastinf our money

    Sorry its hardto txt on this phone keeer jobs here ineed money so I cangetto interviews we should walk todcn ovwrthrow r gov other country s do. Uas gicei them billion


  25. 06/04/2014

    Anyone out there want too share my van I am homeless as of today. Thanks boener I don’t know how to spell johns name it should be boner may. Karma get john

  26. Michele G

    As of Dec. 28, I have been in and out of homelessness, my car quit running, I only eat 1-2 days a week and I am in dire need of my medications. Illinois is a bad state to live in when you DESPERATELY need help! I applied for state benefits the 2nd week of January and I’m still waiting for the 1st letter! My status update still just says received!!! Food banks in this area even require you to have state assistance first! The 1 or 2 that don’t, basically still leave you hungry! I wish these people in office were aware of what’s actually going on with mankind. I have ALWAYS, ALWAYS, been upset with the way the U.S. takes care of others before it’s own! The Tsunami Relief donation will forever sicken me….
    I wonder how many suicides and deaths have occurred since EUC was cut out. I, personally, need my medication and food, just to survive!!! Have they ever stopped to consider that people may in fact die? And I’m not trying to be dramatic, at all. It’s the sad, unspoken truth. I have NOTHING. I own clothes and neccessities, that’s it!!! Everything is gone! And I’m down to my last $4, so I guess I’ll eat next week since I ate tonight.
    Everybody take care and keep our fingers crossed! :)

  27. Melanie Mata

    Let’s stay positive that it will pass TODAYYYY!!! Focus on receiving our retro pay. This is terrible how all of us are suffering this way and the govt is quick to save every other country!!!

  28. Cindy

    I guess we will all have to default on our mortgage, live in government housing, get on Medicaid and any other relief program available !, we will not have to pay taxes, income, property, payroll, we will not need any insurance, no life, death, home owners. We will no longer pay our own utilities , we will all get a free “Obama” phone!, wonder how many folks that would add to the jobless, unemployed Americans !?

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