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31st March
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Today’s Extended Unemployment Benefit News Review and Update March 31, 2014:
Today is the last day of March and although the Senate is expected to vote on the unemployment benefit extension deal this week, American frustrations have been growing immensely. April will mark the fifth month during which some Americans have been out of work and without long term unemployment insurance. Over a million Americans exhausted their long term unemployment benefits in late December 2013 and now, through 5 separate months, more Americans remain in wait.
The Senate has taken multiple recess sessions so far in 2014 while failing to pass the unemployment benefit extension deal. After their most recent return from recess on March 24, lawmakers were able to initiate a vote to end the filibuster on the unemployment deal. By doing so, the Senate will once again bring the bill to the floor for consideration this week.
Finally, the deal to extend unemployment benefit insurance for over 2 million Americans could be brought to a vote this week and pass through the Senate. Despite recent criticisms of the deal, the Senate is expected to pass the legislation. Ten Republicans joined to support the vote last week to end the filibuster and Senate Democrats hope that the Republican support will build momentum for when the legislation finds its way to the House. House speaker John Boehner has been a vocal critic of the bill. His comments could derail the bill’s path to the President’s desk. If accepted and signed by the President though, the current deal would extend unemployment benefits retroactively to December 28, 2013.

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  1. Donna

    I too need the $ for now- I would rather be working and my self-esteem is dragging on my heels….the government doesn’t really care- they may act like it but it’s all about them-they shouldn’t be allowed to take breaks!
    luck to all of you who are scraping by-keep the faith :)

  2. Maria

    We are not asking anymore, we are desperate for your response. How can you sleep at night with so many lives weighing on the balance of just a little help. Help we have all worked for. May God forgive you.

  3. Milly

    I am really pissed off at our government. We as hard working, taxpaying citizens should not have to be begging the government to pass an extension like if they were gods! Its just terrible to think that our own government does not care of its citizens. They don’t care of the single mothers who are trying to put food on the table and the father who is about to lose his home! I mean how do they sleep at night? But God’s judgment will come upon these people!!!! They take their sweet old time while we drown in our own tears thinking how to pay rent! I am 54 yrs. old have been unemployed since 5/2013. I Have been depending on support from my friends and family but it gets to a point where you just can’t keep on asking your friends and family to help you with rent, etc. because they have their own financial problems as well and their own families to take care of.

  4. Tina Hinton

    I have worked since I was 15 years old. I have had “blind spots” in employment to raise my children, earn degrees in higher education as well as earn certifications to improve my professional background. But none of that matters when you lose your job and can’t find work for whatever reason which is what happened to me April 19, 2013. I am from the Bronx, NY am African American, female, and 56 years old. Statistics last week indicated the Bronx, NY rated last in a study of 62 areas nationwide for economic stability/education/hunger. I am not lazy and would rather work than go back on Public Assistance which is what some have recommended I do. I love to work and would rather go back to work than not. Although I have been able to do some of the many needed things around my home that I neglected while working there is nothing like a regular paycheck. Unemployment benefits helped pay my rent, pay for groceries, and cable as well as other things. Income tax refunds only last for so long, and should not have been used as income. Please sign that bill and help American citizens who need it until we can get back out there doing what we love to do WORK!!!!!

  5. Milly

    Thank God I believe in God almighty and He will supply all our needs! I have trust in God almighty that this bill will pass. Lets have faith in our Creator. Nothing is impossible to those who believe!!!!


    we need help now NOW

  7. 31/03/2014

    Do any politicians read these comments? Do they not see how bad it is for the once always working/unemployed man???

  8. Dottie

    I’ve been unemployed for 17 months and among the rest of you been cut off as of Dec 28th, 2013 I have worked all my life and loved what I did for a living. Now here I am too praying for just some help to keep the home I promised the bank I would pay for and a roof over my little doll’s head. I pray they see we the little people want to continue to live too. I’m not asking for the rest of my life a RIDE; I want to work its just not there for the taking :( Good luck all…

  9. jammer66

    Well in other countries they would of started a riot by now but our country is full of pansies

  10. Lynn

    I have been a lifelong Republican but after this, I don’t know if I can support them. When I lost my job Nov. 2013, I received 4 months of unemployment benefits. They ran out and now I have no job and no benefits. I may lose my car. THEY NEED TO PASS THIS BILL FAST. Do the right thing. DO NOT give billions to other countries, give my tax money that I have been paying since I was 16 back to me.

  11. licia

    I’m in the same boat as everyone here. I had to swallow my pride, deal with mistreatment and unprofessional behavior by the workers but I went to welfare to get them to pay my back rent or I would be homeless right now. I would suggest the same for anyone here facing evictions or foreclosures. They will pay your mortgages to help you keep your home’s. Go to your local office now before it’s too late. I would also say DON’T GIVE UP GOD IS GOING TO SEE US THROUGH.

  12. Walter

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I would be up for camping out on the White House lawn. I’m not tech savvy enough to get out the message. Maybe if they had to see who is being affected, they would do something. I know not everyone could make it to Washington, but what about sit-ins at our individual State capitols, all at the same time. They’ll be going on a two-week break the 10th of April, and if they don’t do it before that, they probably won’t since the extension will only last through May anyway. That’ll be the next excuse they have.

  13. EuCdumped

    Amen!Pay the people now! Maybe we would have jobs if they would have passed it. SOONER!!!! Now we sit cause no gas food! Hell I had a call the other day for an interview 50 miles away. I had to decline. Then I sat and cried. Cause if I could a I would a! Now the phone is shut off, im couch surfing. And oh yea Im gonna be fined cause I cant afford health care! THanK-you

  14. ron

    mr /P/ please pass the extension.ihave 5 kids and have given 32 years of my life to building roads and highways to help people get to the people on my side of the work force need please pass the extension .my kids cant wait”;;

  15. Roz

    I have been working since 16 years old. I’ve been out of work for 6 months. Yes, fortunate to have gotten interviews but, they are not hiring the 55 year old worker. It’s heart breaking…I don’t qualify for government assistance or discount on health insurance. Unemployment benefits ended…now what? How do we survive? Please pass the bill!

  16. Sue

    I also need this. Worked all my life and got one check on my first extension when it was cancelled. I have had to borrow from family to keep the lights on and bare minimum of groceries. By end of may, I will also lose my home. I look for work every day and now can’t even buy gas if I get an interview. Praying it will pass the Senate Tuesday and move quickly and pass in the house. Only has 8 days until the next recession then we have to wait until 4/28. I know I won’t get any sleep this week either!

  17. 31/03/2014

    Why are no news stations covering this?? Everything is important but this?? It’s horrible for people and no one is reporting!!
    What is going on?

  18. John

    We the people those not apply anymore. Government is run by career politicians that have no clue of the struggles regular citizens go thru. It’s sad how Ukraine is more important to the congress and the house of representatives than their own citizens. John Kerry went to Ukraine and offer monetary help. How can you help another country and not help your own people first. We should stop sending billion of dollars to other countries every year. What are we getting in return. We give billions of dollars to Pakistan in aid but we don’t trust their government. It does not make sense how our government waste our tax money. We need a complete change in our government. We need to return the power to the people. It’s crazy how we want a change but we keep putting the same people in power and expect a different result. Shame on us by believing in a change that will never happen if we keep putting the same people in power. Republican or Democrat we need not to care of a political party we need to vote for the most qualify individual for the job we need to get done.

  19. DJ

    Why do they always have too wait till the
    end of the week to do anything ??

    We need a younger US Government that works
    for the people of the United States. Not
    the WORLD !!!

  20. Ms Brown

    the media is not reading these posts…
    Everyone send your comments to Ellen and see if we can get her to re-tweet and blow up twitter for something important!

    Maybe congress blockers would respond positively if they thought Ellen would embarrass them?

  21. Rockman

    They ALL are dragging their feet on this extension. It’s Monday March 31,2014 and the Bill still sits in Congress. Why?? I would bet to say they Congress has more important things to take care of first. Ukraine and where to vacation at in a few weeks. This Bill won’t hit the House till Thursday or Friday end of week. That’s where the unemployed Americans stand in our Government. The end of no where. The D want to keep the R in hot water until all Americans boil with so much hate for the R come election time. It’s a game. And ALL of these leaders on both sides are at fault. Oh Obama you hear nothing about this. He bailed on all of us, and sent his wife and kids on vacation to China on our tax money. Looks to me A LOT of our taxes pay for A LOT of vacation time for these folks. Work 2 weeks off a week with pay, then repeat again and again until end of year. Sorry I missed quoted as saying work 2 weeks. Meant to say come to the office for 2 weeks to do nothing then go on a payed vacation supplied by the tax payers. Need to rid ALL of these clowns both R and D.

  22. Ms Brown

    congress just rushed a bill thru the house and senate to aid doctors from taking a cut in pay from medicaid! It’s just the 17th time they made such a temporary fix while debating over the long term solution.

    Now ask yourself… why Boehner can’t do the same for UI Extensions? Why he demands long term fixes and payments and jobs NOW for UI to be extended? Could it be because no wealthy, campaign contributing doctors are negatively impacted?

  23. Steve Gordon

    Its a very sad time in america when we dont take care of our own…@65 lost job worked 50 years dec ue dropped irs and state both want money now maybe they will split my meager ssi

  24. SK

    It is important that we vote in November. I think we all see what is going on. I intend to vote out every setting politician. Party does not matter. Both are playing game with our lives. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS LETS FOOL THEM ALL! Vote them all out with me. Also, Who out there can start a list to limit the term of our Congress?. 4 years is enough!! Then they will start to listen to the people. I am sure we could get millions to sign a form agreeing to limiting their term. Then we send the list to every media source,the Congress and the President. If we don’t act now we will continue to get more of the same kind of treatment. Congress approval rate is down so low the time is perfect to act. We need some one who has strong computer skills,a leader and is motivated to make change happen!

  25. Lilia Ontiveros

    u know, Boehner…. you are a piece of shit. instead of looking for some way to resolve this and take care of your fellow americans, you act like you’re so mighty and powerful… waiting for the democrats to find the solution for your approval. get off your lazy ass and do the work you’re paid to do so we can all eat a decent meal. people are starving. you’re going to burn in hell

  26. Larry K

    They are doing the same thing they have been doing all along…..DELAY..DELAY..DELAY!!!!!
    Every week they say, “a vote will be sometime this week”. Same ol story!! I don’t see how this is going to all happen before they go on ANOTHER VACATION!!! They are all playing games with us. I am so SICK OF THIS!!!!

  27. Larry K

    We need to fire everyone in Congress and the House. Forget Dem’s and republicans. Both parties suck!!

  28. Jaime

    I am completely horrified with what’s happening in our Gov. Everyone making comments need to call Washington, the congress and senate, FLOOD their lines, email, TWITter, facebook, use social media to create a stir. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!! I’ve been working all my life, got on Unemployment for a couple of months, extensions were exhausted…What a crock!!!!! People raise your voices, WE as citizens can create this change.

  29. StillSome

    We need the benefits restored asap….no NOW! No more procrastination, no more recess until this bill is passed. People are starving out here… right here in America! The same people who paid their taxes, fought in wars for this country, given to charity, and now have to beg for help…. for shame.

  30. Becky

    I have read everyone’s comments, and also can’t figure out why Everyone in Congress doesn’t agree to passing this for the Americans! Their professionalism doesn’t seem to show when some are claiming that “we will become dependent on unemployment”! If anyone dares to read all of these Citizen’s comments; (Boener), then they would see how we are Not lazy, and many have children, and others served the military! I am the only one working in my household, my husband had recent knee surgery from a “hit and run” accident, and is now going to have another surgery April 14th for a knee replacement. I recently just received my Bachelor’s Degree, and also received my yearly .27 cent raise; but I can’t afford to pay everything on my income. My husband lost his job after the car accident and had to receive unemployment, in which it stopped in Dec. of 2013. We are having to borrow money, received food stamps, got help with utilities, have almost been evicted several times, but still trying to pull through. I am praying for us, and EVERYONE else who is hoping for this to pass, SOON!

  31. ED H


  32. mary

    they let us live 3 months in the coldest winter ever recorded. let 3 million go hungry and homeless along with their children. now i read all the desparation of the millions cut off after the 1st quarter of 2014. leaving an estimated 7 million to suffer. john bohner is history. distroyed his own career. he will be lucky to escape without very dire consiquences. he has 7 million ppl hating him. he didnt help the millions in winter who are now unable to even look for jobs in 20 below 0 temps. and he will not help the millions now either. it will never be brought to a vote in the house. he wont bring it to a vote. even if by some miracle it were to pass the republican dominated congress it could take months to recieve benefits due to the huge backlogs the states would be burdened with. capitalizm does not work in this country anymore whether the country was founded on it or not. it dosnt work and never will again. the oportunities for everyday americans are NOT there PERIOD. socialism is the only way. there are no jobs. there is no middle class. and the country cannot be held up by 1 PERCENT of americans with the other 99 percent poor.

  33. 01/04/2014

    Go to John Bohners face book page and tell him how you feel. He is a sick man, How he can be so cold and hateful.

  34. S. Pearl

    John Bohner does not care about us so long as he get’s what he wants. I do not understand why we can’t fire for not doing his job. We would be fired from a company if did could not do our job. Why is Congress allowing this. There should be some sought of legislation that allows Americans to have a say not just this political group of politicians that do whatever they want. How about we freeze there salaries until they make a decision for the American people.

  35. sr

    Unbelievably. This Boehner is the worst of humanity. He is the speaker of house. If president Obama is unable to govern we will be stuck with this pompous, sick slime. This is our monies. I paid my taxes. My taxes paid his salary.

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