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26th March
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Unemployment Benefit Extension News review and note update today March 26, 2014:
Despite the fact that a contingent of Democrats and Republicans worked collaboratively to come up with an unemployment benefit deal two weeks ago, and despite the fact that Senate majority leader Harry Reid said that the vote to extend unemployment benefits to the long term unemployed would be a top priority this week, Senate lawmakers have not yet voted on the deal. The bipartisan deal would extend long term unemployment benefits to America’s long term unemployed for another 5 months. The deal would be retroactive which would compensate some unemployed Americans back to when benefits first expired in late December 2013. This aspect has been criticized heavily over the last week while Senate lawmakers were out on recess. Now that they have returned, over 2 million Americans are waiting anxiously for the vote to proceed. It is mid-week and the longer the vote takes to transpire, the more many will begin to assume the worst. Given passage through the Senate, the bill would have a difficult road to traverse through the House. House Speaker John Boehner has openly criticized the bill and believes that it is “unworkable” and should be dropped from consideration. Boehner does not believe that the legislation would create new jobs which is one stipulation that he feels is necessary in order to extend a positive vote. Boehner has also reported that the retroactive payments that would be initiated by this bill would be too complex for the current federal computer systems. Millions currently hope that lawmakers in the Senate feel differently. Millions hope for the Senate vote to take place as soon as possible. Hope however, has been a wavering commodity when it comes to restoration of unemployment benefits in 2014.

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  1. Sharon

    The Republican’s have been coming up with bad excuses to why they should not extend the unemployment benefits. What kind of excuse would they give if all there bills were pass due and collection agencies were calling demanding their payments and they were unemployed? What Than!!!!!! Please reinstate the EUB.




    I guess I am commenting just to vent because no one that can fix this is listening TO ANY OF US!! I am 58, my husband 56 and we have both worked for 40+ years, since we were 15 just like alot of you whose comments I’ve read. My HARD WORKING husband lost his job because the Co. downsized, layed off their highest paid workers & hired inexperienced people at minimum wage. We have always supported our country & proud to be Americans BUT have seen in our lifetimes that the “SYSTEM” DOES NOT support our loyalty. These idiot politicians should try & walk in our shoes before they judge us!! Thank the lord we have a Dear, sweet friend who took us in as “roommates” to help us out. Living on unemployment benefits IS NOT a joy ride–we payed him rent weekly until benefits ended in Dec. & we still live with him because he is so kind–even though we have not been able to pay him!!! It is not easy finding employment at our age. Somehow companies aren’t that interested in your experience anymore, just look at the fact that you’re OLDER & possibly “outdated”. We support Pres. Obama but are VERY DISAPPOINTED that he has let this issue slip to the “back burner”–PLEASE GET ALL OF US REINSTATED NOW!!!!! If we didn’t have our friend, we would be on the street HOMELESS literally. BE REAL PEOPLE & STOP THIS FORM OF POVERTY & HELL that we all are dealing with!!!!

  4. jeff

    Just pass the Dam Bill and stop crying that it is unworkable,It is Workable,Help the American people NOW

  5. richard c van etten sr

    The Bottom Feeders love our pain because they get our stuff for nothing and drop US in high interest land paying for years.

  6. daniel

    I am hoping that the little bit of money that wad helping feed my family and put gas in our car will soon return it has been very hard going without the help I was able to give.its very hard to find a job and I do think it would be a great thing if you collect unemployment that you should be required to take a drug test twice a month and prove that you look and actually apply at jobs.there would be nothing wrong with doing that and making it a rule to receive the governments money to ensure commonwealth.i appreciate the time that’s being put into making this five month extension happen and hopefully it will happen.but to say its to complex for a computer… that has to be one of the ill
    minded politicians voted in.ive never voted a day in my life but if he thinks he will stay

  7. Diana

    Bonehead Boehner needs to wake up and smell the coffee. At least he can afford a cup. Those of us Americans whoe have paid into the system all of our lives and been dumped by our unloyal employers;need that insurance to keep going, while looking for employment. My State of Maryland will have no problem deciding who should get it, and who should not. I hope Mr. Boehner chokes on his next cigar. Geeez, let’s send some more money to another country so we look good. Hell with the American executive.Can’t manage the business on Capitol Hill. HEARTBREAKING

  8. Angela

    I would like for Mr. Boehner and anyone else in the senate to come live with me for just one day…maybe living the day to day life of an unemployed person might open their eyes. I am 45 and have always worked…unfortunately, I worked in local government, for an elected official that was a newly elected official and chose not to keep me after 8 years of hard work and dedication. Due to my state unemoyment ending and not able to draw EUC, I have had to sell family heirlooms, kids out grown clothes etc. just to pay my bills and put gas in my car to go and look for a job… But, I guess when u make what Mr. Boehner makes now and what he will make for the rest of his life, there is no way he can understand the hardship us “long term unemployed” are facing…..

  9. 26/03/2014

    I pray that it get passed. I have applied for alot of jobs it’s not

    my fault that no one has hired me i even went to training and still hasn’t found employment.all of the money i saved for a rainy day is gone i really don’t know i’m going to pay my bills next month SO PLEASE PASS THIS EUC BILL.

  10. Casey

    I’m sorry to say this but it is becoming that the USA citizens or not a concern for those people in office but instead what country can we bail out when we sit here and we have paid our taxes done our time in the work field and now when we hit rock bottom it’s oh well but give the Mexicans jobs or other immigrants our jobs but we r born and raised here pay our taxes, social security, and every other thing that they take out of checks and the government just hands it to other countries like if it grows on trees but we get the short end of the stick. Work hard to keep our homes, cars,and everything that a person works for now is gone and you have to wonder if you will have enough money to pay your bills or food for your family but our government is so worried about other people other then the people they repscent so why vote if they just r going to screw us over from the first word out of their mouth is a lie u cannt trust them we really need a blue collar person in that big house on the hill for they will at least now what it is like to slave for their money and know what it is like to give a little sweat and blood to keep this country spinning

  11. 26/03/2014

    REALLY, our gov’t can send mega BILLIONS to the Ukraine but there is no money to help us, the US unemployed? Let me understand this, the bill for extending unemployment benefits is not workable and because it does not add additional jobs it will not help the economy. So it is being discussed for MONTHS in congress but it takes only one day to pass the authorization to send billions, with a B, to a foreign country. How exactly does that help the US economy. Are they going to pay this loan back??? Meanwhile, my fellow hard working, tax paying, unemployed citizens of this country who are losing their homes and aren’t able to feed their children are made to feel lower than dirt. We are classified as lazy freeloaders. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am a single 65 year old woman and apply for jobs every day, most times I don’t even get a reply. Believe me I would much rather be getting up and heading off to work every morning so I could have the money to help the economy. All we are asking for is a little help until we can get back to work. Please stop all this bickering and sign the bill.

  12. johng69

    c’mon boehner playing with people life its not a game you know its workable there family losing there house and car and so on..we need this bill to you know how it feel like to go to bed everynight knowing that you might get convicted from your home are your car getting repo and tell kids where only having mac and chesse for dinner cuase you cant afford buy anything else “we didnt ask for this” do the right thing help us..

  13. Sandra Brannigan

    For God’s Sake – HELP the American People! It’s about time someone stood up for what is right, Congress and the House can find the money for anything & everything except the AMERICAN JOBLESS.
    We are all waiting for someone to step up and help We are losing everything we own because our government does not have us as a priority.

  14. Ivan

    I agree with Jeff. Just pass the damn bill and stop complaining about it being unworkable. I thought in the good old USA everything could be worked out. You new age politicians are a disgrace to you predecessors
    Help your citizens NOW!!!!

  15. Ivan

    I agree with Jeff. Get to work and pass this bill

  16. Lisa C. Dixon

    I had to call a church member and ask if they could pay my electric bill and water bill. My mortgage is due next week. I will most likely ask someone to help with that too. My mother is purchasing my medications. I finally started receiving food stamps for me my son.
    Just go ahead and pass this bill already and give all of us our back payments. I worked for 14.5 years at one nonprofit and was laid off due to lack of funding. I search for a job EVERY DAY!! What more do you want?

  17. Father of unenployed single mom

    It’s crazy to think many millions of tax paying citizens are relying on family the way my daughter is depending on me. Without our help paying her rent, electricity and car insurance she and her two babies would be fighting over beds at the local homeless shelter. The landlord doesn’t care that there are no unenployment benefits available to her after she lost her job of 12 years working with special need children do to government cutbacks.They want their rent.No lights they will evict her for that. No vehicle cannot look for work. No way out? Extend unemployment benefits so she can start being a productive member of soiety. No money in, no money out. Politions need to think this crap through!

  18. Rockman

    Vacations, delays, excuses, all are not workable. Because no one in Washington DC works. They all sit around a big table and point fingers at each other. Then they cry and give out poor excuses. After that for a couple of weeks it’s time for another payed one week vacation. That’s the do nothing Congress that gets payed BIG money by us the American people. Now the icing on the cake is Mr. Bonehead the drunk Speaker of The House. A man that hates and loves to see the poor unemployed Americans go down the toilet. Mr. Bonehead is anti- American when it comes to the poor or unemployed. The poor have nothing to offer Mr. Bonehead, where the rich is a different story. Mr. Bonehead is all about him,him, him.

    My point is this. We the American people need to rid most if not all of our elected leaders and start over. This whole group of so called leaders are a real joke. This has to be the worst group of Government leaders on both sides of the table in the history of the United States. We need to start impeaching these people or find a way to fire them based on poor performance and no follow thru. And this needs to happen with no government perks as for payed health Ins. retirement funds as these folks would be let go as a disgrace to our US Government. Can’t or won’t do your job ——– Well your FIRED.

  19. 26/03/2014

    Wait until election time Mr. Boehner. I bet if the govt. owed you a paycheck, you would be relentless. Better hope when you die, God isn’t as cold as you are.

  20. MP

    Just pass it thru the senate and let the Nancy and house dems get on the get on the case of the republicans. Let them fight it out. By not voting on it is no good either

  21. Lisa C. Dixon

    If I’m reading it right, it looks like the Senate will be voting on this tomorrow. Let’s hope that they will make the right decision. Let’s all hope they do , anyway.

  22. J

    Im in the same situation as a lot of you folks and it sucks when a lot of the stuff you worked over the years for, bought and paid for slowly slips through your fingers to pay bills, get around for interviews, food whatever it may be. This DICK, Boehner, does not give a rats ass about you, me or anyone else the MFer is ruthless and if i have my way about it, ill be got damned if that SOB EVER gets my vote! I hope he experiences this one day as well.

  23. Shelly P

    I agree, someone is paying off Bonehead. There is so much corruption in the republican party.
    I am a Obama supporter, I believe with all my heart Bonehead and his republican crooked cronies are retaliating against him. And using us as the pawns. Look at what was uncovered in the EPA spending today! Using “our” tax $$$ for personal luxury items, trips. I say, CLEAN house and put the unemployed to work!!!! I could do better in a coma and hooked up to life-support!!!

  24. 27/03/2014

    2 million of us, AMERICANS are hungry, have no gas to go for an interview, and could be losing their place to live(some already have). Congress needs to address this issue NOW!!!
    I will never vote for any republican, nor will my family.

  25. Cathy

    I say we fire them all and lobby for a bill that will remove the insurance, security and all the other perks these idiots get just for doing nothing. When the term is up, so should the perks be. I am tired of paying for a concentration of idiots that will not do a simple job as to ensure that the American people can support their families and hold on to what little they have left to enable them to find work. No one that has ever held down a job past a year wants to depend on public assistance and unemployment. For them to say that this is a way to get people to move on looking for a job is a slap in the face of the people that put them there. You feed a dog with your hand open and arched if not they will bite you eventually.!!!

    Congress “Repo-publicans” your time is near. You all have proven to be the most cruel people in your acts of pushing the American people into extreme poverty. When its voting time DO NOT APPEAL TO THESE PEOPLE TO HELP YOU STAY IN OR WIN OFFICE, YOU HAVE PROVEN WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT AND MADE OF. SO LONG LOSERS!!!

  26. Josey Jaure

    The only one that can bring justice for us is God. They made many ways to weaken our voices, they don’t need our votes. they don’t care about helping us. All we are left with is the hate in our hearts for the injustice that has been done to us. I can’t wait for Jesus to return so they can all reap what they have sew

  27. Fred Grabow

    How do you expect to have the people look for jobs, when they can’t even afford gas.Not all are as rich as Bohner.

  28. RAY

    Mr Speaker Iwas laid of at age 64 and 8 months am a healthy man serve d my country, not like you who failed boot campand have worked every day with no sicl call. was replaced by younger person for less money and no skills. if you think I want to be unemployed, please call me ,I am willing ready and able to work,do not need vacation every month as you do.just need some help to get through until that opportunity comes along

  29. Kim

    Really to hard for the computers…I sign up every week.(JUST IN CASE) “Push the send button.” They flag us people like we are lazy bums. If I remember correctly I had to work my ass off to be eligible for benefits. I have worked 32 years, working full-time many times a full-time plus a part-time job so I did not have to ever have to ask for assistance. My reward is its “unworkable” I think they rather every hard working individual to be on assistance.

  30. ED

    This makes me sick ,I just cant believe the way they are treating us if there is a GOD please help us now

  31. 27/03/2014


  32. Kate

    How can you continue to give to the welfare when there isn’t money for the people who work to pay for the WELFARE TO LIVE???? Where is the Welfare funds coming from?? As myself my unemployment was/is put on hold because of no money!! I and everyone else deserves their unemployment!!! We worked for it!! I worked most of my life and it’s now time for these people whom collect welfare to go to work and not keep depending on people that WORKED for their money!! Don’t quite get it!! May God Bless this Nation!!

  33. Kate

    It has been very hard for everyone to live with out unemployment it may not have been a lot but it HELPED! The only income in my home is my husbands disability which isn’t much and it is hard to maintain as for us now trying juggle my bills along with the regular bills and by all said and done we eat a lot of that pack ramen soup because their isn’t much money left from his disability.. With my unemployment I could keep up with my bills alone..

  34. MP

    Can someone answer why this bill has not been sent to the house and the senate is sitting on it?? I want the house to look like they are evil (which they really are) epecially Bonehead!!!

  35. Shelly P

    Bonehead and his crooked cronies can take our homes, cars, food and more……….however, Bonehead can’t take our VOTE away! Come November, nobody here is going to have amnesia! You’re history, BONEHEAD!

  36. Nancy Sinnott

    Give those people what they need. All of you republicans and be replaced. Give these people the help they need, homes are being lost familys are being broken.Soon all will be homeless NOT EVERYONE HAS A FAMILY MEMBER THAT CAN TAKE THEM IN…..

  37. Mike

    I bet John Boehner could figure out how to implement this if it was funding his salary. If he’s that ignorant maybe he should resign his position. Democracy is dead in America, that’s for sure. This country is run by a wealthy dictatorship which is no different than any other dictatorship in any other country or in any other time in history. Just like the emperor of France or the czar of Russia. I think it’s long since been time to start chopping some heads. These people don’t represent us any more than the king of England did.

  38. Kate

    Why don’t you people that is part of Senate and so on) come live in our homes and see what it’s like to have to eat soup all the time because of no money and the WELFARE living high on the hogs!!!!!!! You would never make it living like us not knowing where what who and how we going to pay our bills and put food on the table for our families!! REALLY??? IT SUCKS BEING HUNGRY AND NO MONEY TO PAY BILLS AND NO JOBS!!!!!

  39. Kate

    To the ones in the senate come live our lives and see how you survive!!!!

  40. MP


  41. Cindy

    I thought I was having economic problems…I read the comments left and it breaks my heart. I agree with all of them! First Congress needs to be paid minimum wages so they can relate to our issues and secondly Congress needs to understand they are representing us! Not their self-interests. I am tired of hearing how our government can pass bills to give money to other countries yet fight over doing the right thing and passing bills that will help us. And complain they can’t find it in the budget…where did you find the money for condoms for the people in third-world countries! Seriously, stop the crap and pass the bill.

  42. Kate

    I agree Cindy! And I agree with so many comments on here!! May God Bless us ones who have suffered.. The unemployed!!

  43. 30/04/2014

    What and the hell is wrong with us voters that let people stay in government so long that they lose touch with reality, we need term limits, we need this on the presidential ballot let us as tax payers make that decision

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