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25th March
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Unemployment Benefit Extension news review and update today March 25, 2014:
The Senate reconvened yesterday after being away for a week long recess. Prior to lawmakers going on this most recent recess, a deal was struck between a contingent of Democrat and Republican policy makers. The basic deal was to extend long term unemployment benefits to the long term unemployed in America for five months, through May, and to make payments retroactive in nature.
Some of America’s long term unemployed have been out of work and without unemployment benefits since late December 2013. The number of Americans that are still out of work that have exhausted their unemployment benefits has ballooned to over 2 million.
Senate lawmakers struck the extension deal, but did not vote on the deal prior to leaving for recess. Now that lawmakers are back in session, primary focus is on the unemployment benefit crisis and the extension vote. Despite failing to pass an unemployment deal given multiple attempts so far this year, the Senate will try again this week. Analysts contend that the legislation’s chances of passing the Senate’s vote are better than average, but the long term outlook remains bleak.
House Speaker John Boehner has reported that the deal is unworkable and should be dropped from consideration. State workforce agencies have relayed that the retroactive nature of the newest unemployment extension deal would cause significant processing problems. This is a primary reason cited by Boehner that makes the deal unworkable. There is another provision in the deal that would deny benefits to millionaires. This aspect is problematic as well since the current operating system does not contain the necessary data to determine who should and should not be excluded. These problems could pose a significant problem for this deal passage through the House.

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  1. sophia fleming

    Help the American people and give them what they worked hard for.Like millions of americans we need our benefits.Stop jumping over backwards for other countries and deal with the USA first.Today I am going to sell my wedding rings to pay for some of my bills that r way overdue.Thanks congress….I will be homeless in a month.Cant wait growing tired and weary so tired….

  2. B Stone

    John Boenher and house Repubs I have worked my whole life and start back to work today I am a seasonal worker but thanks to you not caring about Americans I became homeless for the first time in my life at 54 years old. The back unemployment would enable me to have a place to live and get my life back. If you keep coming up with excuses instead of help I hope you can handle having 2 million plus votes against you. DO YOUR JOB! Help the American people before YOU become jobless!

  3. Jessica

    Not workable?!? It ALWAYS seems workable when other countries need $! Stop all the hold ups and HELP the people who need it. People are suffering in ways they never expected possible due to losing their job at no fault of their own and are now not able to secure new employment. People are losing their homes, vehicles, struggling to care for their families, and it’s real difficult to even job search when your struggling to “survive” not live. I have sold everything possible to keep myself and children a float…but that time is running short(real short!). Please stop saying we can’t and start helping the over 2 million hard working Americans that are struggling to find employment.

  4. rosalon

    Hello we need help,

  5. rosalon

    Sorry but I truly need to try and understand how does Boehner sleep at night, with a full belly, in a nice warm bed, in a big house, bills paid, cause for 42 years I have worked and this is my first time on unemployment and sheriffs were just at my door have 10 days to go to court for eviction. Where am I to go with 3 kids? Well Boehner should have a guest house on his estate, I guess I’m gonna go there……this is all so much crap, I have never asked for help I never asked for hand outs but because of Boehner I am truly failing my kids and losing all of my belongings that I worked hard for this is America why are we being pushed under the rug a denied help………..well soon we will be put in boats and sent to other countries, or put in camps etc……pooris ggetting poorer, rich is getting richer………….

  6. Ken Cook

    I guess I don’t understand why are government help everybody else but the people who voted them in it makes no sense I am about ready to be thrown out of worried live and I have nowhere to go I was without heat for over a month and it comes down to white even bother living because this is no life thanks congress take care of the american people for once

  7. dee

    Senate may have to work overtime, REALLY! I am a young 56 year old medical professional, who was layed off after working 32 yrs at the same hospital, due to it closing. “Overtime” is a medical professionals middle name. I have been putting resumes in everywhere, have gotten 3 interview, not even for full-time, for as-needed. I have 2 school-aged children. Worked hard for everything I have, first time-ever on unemployment. I don’t live beyond my means. I drive a 7 year old car. My mortgage is almost 4 months past, I have a loan on my wedding rings of 30 years. My 401K is almost drained. Don’t you understand you are ruining so many lives. The money we received goes right back in the system, food, clothing, shelter. The middle class hard-workers are getting hit so bad. We have worked, it is not like we haven’t done our share. It drives me crazy to be like this. I have worked since I was 16. The government needs to have a conscious. To go on break leaving millions of people without money in America is a travesty. Saying things like it may not be a priority, or part of the top discussions is a slap in the face. I feel like taking my family and relocating to Canada, I need to find a job either way! I am so disgusted as to what this country is becoming.

  8. zach

    vote Boehner out of office!!

  9. Melinda

    Ive been unemployed for under a year, Lost my job due to the fact my son was in the hospital to much?, I only received two months of EUC benefits before December when they ended, I have applied for countless jobs with no return calls or acknowledgement back. I am a single mother of two and I am about to lose my home and 2 months behind on my car payment. I owe my electric company close to $1000.00, and I don’t know how much longer I can go on like this. I have worked my whole entire life and paid my taxes. This bill needs to be passed for all the people that are going through the same thing as I am. I have no way to pay my rent this month at all, and will be getting evicted by the end of next month :( We need your help!

  10. Angelica

    I keep hearing process delays. If it was approved from the beginning we wouldn’t have these. The government needs to help there own. Help the Americans. I’ve seen so many people loose their homes which has over loaded the shelter, loose cars due to not being able to make payments, have no money for gas if they have a vehicle, no money for public transportation, no money for their families what so ever.
    The senate and the house sit on Capital Hill making all the government decisions and get paid while us little people suffer and not get paid. Give us some of your money, let people that are homeless live in your home for shelter which I’m sure there is plenty of room, let us eat your food so we don’t have to wait in lines at the food pantries and soup kitchens. Walk I’m our shoes, share our shame because we can’t take care of our families.
    You need to approve this so the American people can feel whole again.

  11. cris

    I sold my wedding ring three days ago just to put gas in my car for my continued job search. I waa finally approved for foodstamps for my children. We will be homeless at the end of this month because all rescourses that i had of value have been sold. We are treated like we

  12. 25/03/2014

    i am one person that has been hurt extremely hard.i am unable to pay for my meds.i was diagnosed with fibromylagia in 7-31-13 since that day day my life have been changed.have one daughter thats getting to ready to go to the prom and i have to money to get my baby a dress.i have another daughter that wants to try out for cheerleading but i dont have the money oh mind you the doctor saying that im unable to work at this time so please hepl us

  13. Johnnie

    Wow… Ive worked my whole life now im homeless … boehner is the devil for real

  14. David

    Where is the list of Senators and Congressmen who have been holding EUC , and so many Americans hostage ? I just need to know who to vote for !!!

  15. Michelle Falco

    JUST DO IT !!!!

  16. stacey

    I am already homeless for 3 weeks now. I have put hundreds of applications in and numerous interviews. I have sold most of my belongings for food. Im freezing and have lost faith in the government I voted for to protect me. thanks.

  17. Don price

    Just remember we all voted on these people,, so also remember they want to be voted back in make sure you think real hard,

  18. KAren Billings

    My electric bill, and heat are 2 months behind I cn not pay my taxes, My refrig. is empty my cupboards are empty, my phone is getting shut off. I am 55 years old I continue to put apps in and nothing. I have never had such a hard time finding a job…. I put gas in the car threw scrapping . about outta of sources.COMPLETLY! Help me . I don’t know what to do. :( Help me please and many others in the same situation. I dont have a spouse to get me thou this .. helpless, depressing, feel worthless

  19. Ellen

    Like all of you, my family too has suffered. I have three children 6, almost 5 and 3&1/2. I was a correctional officer, was let go due to cut backs & then became evicted. My family & I took our 1 car & 1 moving truck, relocated to where cost of living was significantly less. Got into an accident with our only car, was sued by unemployment for “failure to be ready & available” since I no longer had a vehicle. Now after fighting in court, I lost, I lost not only over $3000.00, but was called a liar by our landlord, due to the unemployment winning after suing me, I couldnt even afford my rent in a month……then EUC ended & so did our lives. My family has had to split up because we are now homeless. We have nothing. If it wasn’t for my father who just so happens to have a home, we would be under a bridge somewhere. The homeless shelters even have waiting lists. So, please I beg of you, do what’s right for the AMERICAN PEOPLE. I’ve placed over 100 applications with resumes…… one is hiring. The system is established to help the AMERICAN PEOPLE IN BAD TIMES, NOT TO MAKE US OUT TO BE LAZY INCOMPETENT FOOLS. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS WJO HAVE WORKED SINCE 15/16 & HAVE BEEN WORKING OUR ENTIRE LIVES. INSTEAD OF WORRYING ABOUT HOW YOUR PORTRAYED BY MEDIA & PROPAGANDA…….HELP YOUR PEOPLE, FOR WITHOUT US, YOU TOO WOULD SUFFER THE SAME HELPLESSNESS THAT WE ARE RIGHT NOW FOR TRUSTING YOU!!!

  20. 25/03/2014

    Why don’t we worry about the unemployed before other countries. Boehner I wish you was in are shoes.

  21. Randy

    I totally agree our Goverment is a disgrace!! I have worked Construction for 37 years. There are weeks that I leave my house at 3 am to drive 3 hours one way to a job site I work 12 hours and drive 3 hours home get a few hours sleep and start my day all over again. Now our wonderful goverment has made so I can not afford heat, food etc because they have to prove somthing to each other! It is about time they start taking care of Americans and not worry about other countries until we have ours straightened out.
    working overtime??? Really? How do you get overtime when you recess every other week, Please!!
    I hope these jerks are voted out!!

  22. Terkin

    insane and embarrassed situation

  23. Leon D


  24. mama of 2

    John Boehner, YOU’RE FIRED! Oh wait…I was fired. and now I scramble 1 week to the next to pay bills. could you loan me several thousand because I’m sure you were paid for your weekly recess! this was the first time I was on unemployment…I’ve been working since I’m 16..I am now 41. I’ve had a knot in my stomach and tears in my eyes since dec 28….HAPPY NEW YEAR…YOUR MONEY HAS BEEN TAKEN AWAY! I’ve had difficulty finding work, even more so now because we cannot afford a new computer at home. I’ve borrowed from my mother and I’m humiliated! Nice to see you had another week off! on a golf course somewhere?? I had to deny my family a vacation and it breaks my heart when I cannot afford to give my daughter even the simplest of things. and do you know how expensive diapers and formula for my baby are? I was let go 3 weeks after having returned from maternity leave. what ashame you don’t care!

  25. lorraine

    why blame one man. they are all bad. whether he be republican or democrat they all stink. they go home with a salary while those of us are unemployed and are struggling. why do we have to support other countries when we here are having problems. take care of your own and let the rest of the world take care of theirs. enough bullshit pass the bill. we have our own problems.
    i have worked most of my life. i am 74yrs of age and enjoyed working i earned a decent living until until some other company bought out and then laid us off. tell me who will hire a 74year old person to work for them at the salary i was getting. as i said pass the bill so we could collect what is coming to us.

  26. kim

    Its ok for them to stop EUC without heitation and thought about how it would affect millions of familues and children….but they cant pass it and make it work to get EUC restored…? THEY DID IT BEFORE….ITS JUST AN EXCUSE! And to that organization thats trying to said in their report ..its going to be very difficult and or costly to reinstate…..What are you getting out of the say so,KICK BACKS SOMEWAY..SOME HOW..U WATCH!

  27. 25/03/2014

    If someone had told me as I was growing up that this would now be the face of America I would never have believed it. Those who have built this nation are now suffering because of people like Mr.Boenher. Those that are in positions of power in this nation don’t have a clue how normal people live they live off of blood money, our blood. There are so many people who have worked all their lives and are now loosing it all due to unemployment and the inability to find a job and those that can ease that enough for them to eat and pay a few bills refuse to do anything substantial about the problem. Those that are making the decisions have never faced anything even close to what so many of the unemployed are facing and probably never will, their attitude is pretty much I got mine sorry for your trouble hope it all works out for ya.

  28. meach

    I been trying to keep bills payed but it is hard I got 5 little girls an I need help it could be a lot of help with unemployment benefits because if I had gas,a car, clothing, food in my stomach, a little money to help out would help a person get in the work envirment

  29. 25/03/2014

    It’s time Americans start worrying about fellow Americans with at least the same compassion they try to show the rest of the world . Euc is a matter of life and death to some of us and we need this taken care of today !

  30. Tomas

    I have always worked, I have a five year old daughter and a eight year son. My wife left us not caring about me or the kids, I am stressed and struggling but my kids god bless them for not seeing what I am going through I smile all the time so they can. At night I toss and turn with tears. I know I am not alone. Please Congress give us a lifeline……..

  31. Arleast Dotson

    So ashamed of America, all in Russia business, but cant take care of there own. How can you leave your own people in the cold, and spend billions in other country to restore food, aid, and government. People make your vote heard! vote there behinds clean on out of a job! so they can see how it feels. you take care of your own, you don’t EAT your own!

  32. Robert

    Let’s Help Americans first — Pass UI for long term unemployed — Again, Let’s help Americans First! — I am a Republican and am ashamed at everyone (House and Senate) stop the posturing — Follow Mr. Portmans lead he is working with Mr. Heller and they have a solution — lets get this done already — Help Americans First — we whom are affected are worried about food and shelter (I already had car repossessed and sold everything I owned — had to ask family for help) Please let’s help Americans — why are we so much in a rush to help UKRAINE before helping Americans — should be ashamed—-

  33. michael coddingcourt

    I am a 59 old blk male.I have worked all my life paid my taxes,and now that I lost my Job and my unemployment is gone ,you mean to tell me that the house cant get a vote done to help the millions of people that are hurting in this country Shame on you !!!!!!

  34. 25/03/2014

    I agree with all of the above, the Republicans and Democrats act like two bullies in the same playground and who will control the government. We are all Americans, we are not divided so I am telling Congress grow up and do what is right for the American people. Help the unemployed. I like many others have worked since I was 10 years old. I am 59 and feel useless. I am about to lose my home which I have had for 22 years. God bless America.

  35. tellaella

    really!! may have to work overtime, wish I had a job to work the overtime!! And not to mention they just had a week off for st patricks day!!! With pay im sure, im 51 years old my place of business burned down and this is my first time ever on unemployment..Im losing everything I have worked for, can not believe that our elected government will help every other country but ours The “United” States of America!!!! Im sorry but this is so sad!!

  36. Levi

    It is truly amazing how shallow and literally ridiculous Republican thinking can be. Can anyone remember when they were on the right side of history? The ‘no’s” included Social Security, the Interstate Highway System, for God’s sake, Civil rights, Voting Rights, Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act and a myriad of others that are positives for the American people.
    To vote for them, you have to be so hateful that I cannot even go there.

  37. Sunfire

    I’m really NOT sure what part they don’t understand why we need our $$$. What the hell was unemployment made for. Gee I guess they need to read back and get reminded. The people that are against needs to retire they are old and tired. The worst part they DONT give care. Every one is down on the president all the time lets vote the ass holes out that do not care about the Americans that vote and pay there wages. You can bet they won’t be there come November of 2014. I and a lot more people will be voting you OUT. In less they plan to retire is why they don’t care. Some one needs to do something and smarter then them.

  38. kathy

    before november there should be a way to impeach this boneheas ass henow makes $900,000up from $750,000 last year just look up salaries for bonehead er bonner thats why he dont care because he and congress prolong us while they recess. I also blame the president because he should insist that this be a priority when it happened the last time it lasted about a month or less.the government sucks as soon as they get in office they forget their promises and we who put them there because we believed and trusted them.

  39. Zack

    Well the comments left on this article definitely don’t help our argument. ‘Our’ being the unemployed. First of all EUC benefits are 100% government funded. No American worked for, or put money towards these particular benefits. The shame here is there is more focus on “why something is unworkable” instead of working toward a plan that does!

  40. Very Ashamed

    They should be ashamed, so many people are hurting.

  41. russ311

    The republicans don’t care and still citizens vote for them. They know most poor and non working middle class will not stand together when elections come in November.
    You must make your voice heard. They don’t read these comments so please go to your representitives web sight and make your plight known.
    Please prove me wrong and get out and vote!

  42. Jay

    I agree with all, I’m in the same boat. I always voted rep, But that has changed. straight dem from now on. But I hate to say this one of the problems is Most Of YOU People Don’t Vote After you get what you want, You forget all about them when you get your extension. REMEMBER these Clowns at the poles!!!!!!!!!!YOU are there boss they work for you! make a list now of those who are trying to help. And the Clowns that should not be there, E-Mail these clowns, There’s more then just Boehner, Do some home work. And get and get those e-mails out.Hell I’v been popping off Squirrels-Rabbits going over to my neighbors bird feeder with a pellet gun. I will do what I have to. To feed my family. The internet is at your finger tips, Use it. It will help. Jay

  43. Samantha

    Congress and Senate have provided solutions. They are being turned down. If Boehner is for the people,where are his ideas/solutions to this problem?

    The unemployed have been very quiet and have not been heard. Put your Congressman and Senators to work. Start calling, sending email. Let them see we are united and won’t stand for this anymore.

    Be heard! SIGN THE PETITION. Get family and friends to sign. .

    We petition the Obama administration to:

    Need 100,000 signatures by April 2. As of today there’s only 2637 signatures.

  44. Kiyonna Thomas

    Something really needs to be done about boehner’s ass because he’s making his money (which the taxpayers pay) while the rest of us are losing our lives. Most of us work hard for what we have while he sits up there making thousands of dollars doing pretty much nothing but making decisions that are affecting the lives of millions of American people.Who is he to determine the fate of all of us? He doesen’t care that the lives he is playing with have worked to earn the things they have only to have it taken away slowly but surely because he wants to be an ASS. Nobody is asking for a handout and furthermore, it’s not coming from him. He acts as if hes giving all these people a personal loan or something. His income needs to be just stopped so that he knows what the American people are going through. I don’t even understand why he is back in office anyway. He was out and should have been kept out but the same people who he’s now neglecting put his sorry ass back in office. He seems to take pleasure in the suffering of others and what’s worse he’s enjoying it. He’s enjoying the power that he holds over the people. Our lives and our families lives are in his hands so he has developed a GOD complex. He can end all of this so people are not losing what they have worked hard to get. So they can feed and clothe their families. So they can afford that life saving medicine that they need. There is a solution to this issue but he has found a stupid excuse at every turn because he doesn’t want to help the people. His reasoning for not voting this bill in is beyond ridiculous. It’s actually sad that he and his counterparts can make comments like this issue shouldn’t be discussed anymore or if people can’t afford their homes they deserve to live in them or that continuing unemployment for those of us who are long term unemployed only deters people from looking for jobs. Are you kidding me. Who in their right mind would rather receive half of what they make in a week than a full paycheck Get real Republicans…boehner. I will not even address him as Mr. because Mr. is used for men. He shouldn’t even be classified as a man. He evil wrapped in skin. They all are. But this is what happens when you put people in office that don’t deserve to be there in the first place. Some people are all about what somebody can do for them not what they can do for somebody else and clearly that’s these people that were put in office. Can those of you that put them there say BIG MISTAKE. That is unless this issue doesn’t affect you or somebody you or love. If that’s the case then you’re right there with them not caring one way another about your fellow Americans. What is this country coming to when the same people you vote into office to run the world’s most important country clearly don’t give a rat’s ass about it’s citizens and are pretty much hanging us out to die for as much as they care. We’re drowning fast and those sitting in office are just watching it happen when they have the capability to save us but choose not to based on one man’s vote. The President sits in the captain’s seat so he should just be able to over rule all this non sense and say the hell with boehner and give his people what they need to survive. He’s the commander in chief. He calls the shots. He’s the man. boehner just wants to be the man. Mr. President help your people help themselves. Stop funding unnecassry wars and other countries when we need that help right here. We are supposed to be the wealthiest country in the world but at the rate we’re going we’re going to end up like one of those third world countries where the people are living below poverty. Wake up America and be careful who you put in office. Our government is supposed to be of the people, for the people, by the people but it seems to be only for a select few who are getting rich off the rest of us that are sinking real fast while they continue to drag their asses getting us the help we need. Our taxes pay their salaries and they’re living good, taking trips and vacations riding in their fancy cars and living in their big homes having big lavish parties and living their lives like it’s golden while we are struggling to keep a roof of our heads, keep gas in our cars and food on the table

  45. Gigi

    Instead of wasting everybody’s time, I wish Mr. Boehner would simply state that he will not support EUC under ANY circumstances. Just like this winter…1 pothole after another. True, the fundamental problem is lack of jobs, however more jobs is a long term strategic process. 2 million American households are on fire and our citizens didn’t light the match. The unemployed don’t need a lesson on fire prevention. They need a fire extinguisher. This complex issue requires both a strategic ( more jobs ) and tactical ( EUC ) solution. Obviously a partisan issue. Forget your party and do what’s right for the American people who have paid for this much needed support through a lifetime of taxes.

  46. Lee

    Why should the long term unemployed be the scapegoats for a failing economy. We are REAL PEOPLE with REAL bills. Not passing this will dig the hole deeper for the economy.

  47. wanda bazzar

    I have worked 14 years our company closed very fast asnd left me and alot out of work…Please we do what we are told to do…I put 4 applications in a week and taking classes…But I need my unemployment until I get called to a job…Please put it threw!!! I am going to soon be Carless yes Car less without a car …I have to make my carpayments or how will I get to work???

  48. 25/03/2014

    Those republicans especially Boehner are rediculous people who pays tax are being denied of benefits that’s America for today where living in, no jobs, no benefits, more illegal workers taking away jobs and more war over sea to spend our money on. thanks boehner

  49. Patricia Benes

    Have a conscience, Mr. Boehner and fat cat legislative friends! Where there is a will there is a way. Your posture suggests you all simply DO NOT CARE A TWIT about everyday Americans who are finding it really hard to get a job after Wall Street and their pals blew up our economy, leading to most of these jobless situations. There are 2 million unemployed workers and their families and friends who will remember this issue on this coming election day and many more to come.

    Give it a rethink. Where there is a will there is a way. THank you for your attention to this matter.

  50. 25/03/2014

    John Boehner is running out of excuses to deny the extension, however, Senate is wasting time trying to match his demands. It’s become obvious that both parties are using the unemployed as pawns for the upcoming November votes.

    Boehner will never get any support, unless he manipulate any ballots containing his name, from this point on, and remember to say hello to him when you run into him when he’s no longer the Speaker. Thank him personally.

    As for the rest of the Republicans who think it is abuse of power and a breach to sign the discharge petition, all of you are not fooling the 2 plus million unemployed with that excuse. The real breach happening here is, you were all elected by the same citizens you are now screwing.

    The Democrats? Pelosi, you were able to slip that bill for Obamacare, you can do it again. Enough talk and promises. Get it done.

    The White House? What’s the magic number for Obama to use his pen? It’s not 2 million. 3 or 4 maybe? How many millions before it is considered a state of the nation’s emergency, requiring Executive Decision.

  51. lydia

    Come on make a vote..going on 3 months for this back and forth game.. when we are given 1 day for elections..your helping other countries when we are the ones still paying taxes on electric water garbage and etc…we deserve a vote this week before going into April with nothing…we need confirmation..

  52. elaine

    My employer, state govt, forced me to leave my job because I had to reduce my hours to care for a sick child. Thank God she is well enough for me to return to work, however, I’m facing the worst job market ever! I’ve applied to jobs that I’m qualified and overqualified for–everything from a manager-to assistant – waitress and now retail—to no avail!!I’ve sold gold, taken hand-outs and hoping I don’t have to go on public assistance. Although, I’m not currently facing eviction, my credit is heading to the toilet. Reading other’s struggle breaks my heart and makes me wonder what will take for Boehner et al to act??? WE gave them a job which they aren’t doing–I’m ready to take to streets in protest!! Enough is Enough!! Give us the aid we’ve worked hard for–then fix the system YOU broke!

  53. Hope and Joy

    Hey look here guys, a lot of you seem to be feeling hopeless right now. That is because you don’t understand that God is in control. In fact, God is probably allowing this in order to purge the Government of all of its evil. If this hadn’t happened, then the American people would have never taken a stand to get them out of there. With that being said, I have been in and out of jobs for several years because they were contract positions that end. The last job that I had allowed me to get unemployment once the contract had been completed. Since then, I have not been able to find work even with my credentials. This has gone on for years with me. So when I tell you that there is hope; I know because I have been going through this for a number of years and even at my lowest; I saw Gods hand move in ways that I would have never seen if I didn’t have to depend on him. So people, when you have no more hope left, you still have God. Even now, I am still leaning on him and he is still providing and delivering me. For those of you who have never had a relationship with God; now is the time to establish one. God will never leave nor forsake you, no matter how bad it seems. If you need to talk to me or prayer, please feel free to email me at The only reason I know these things is because I have been in shelters, and I am still without my own place after several years of not being able to find a suitable job, and I gotta tell you, I don’t even know how I am okay; I just know that there is something far greater than me carrying me. There is hope if you just put your full trust in God. After all, you can’t depend on anything else, so now give God a chance to see you through. I will pray for you all. I have every confidence that God will see you all through in his designated time.

  54. Tina

    WORK OVERTIME OVERTIME!!! Ok they need to get some work done they’ve had more PAID recesses than should be allowed while unemployed Americans that voted them in stress over how the will keep a roof over their heads and good on the table. I am so sick and tired of all this childish bickering.

  55. Carl

    Tell me how do you go to bed at night knowing that there are hungry children that are not getting fed because there’s no unemployment extension??? These families do not have the money to feed them. Please tell me how do you sleep at night……??????

  56. 26/03/2014

    By November, I am adding a name to all my votes. It will be neither a Democrat or Republican.

    How dare the Democratic Party use this bill to dangle it in the faces of millions? Their media is all bark, no bite. Get it on the schedule for votes already, Pelosi!

    How dare Boehner make ridiculous demands? And after his ridiculous demands were met, makes another lame excuse to deny millions used as pawns for his personal and petty war with Obama!

  57. scott ensor

    I’m thinking about doing something drastic,that’s how bad things have gotten. At least in jail I’ll get fed and clothed. And then the government will be forced to pay for me. Wonder if boehner lives around me?…….

  58. cecil

    I am 23 but I have only worked maybe 2 out 6 yrs since I left home I have lived in every shit situation imaginable its not possible to get a job when you drink from no shower. Have no address. No phone number. No references. No alarm clock no nice clothes for interview. Even if all this doesn’t stop them from giving u the job. How u gonna eat sleep bathe for 2 or 3 weeks until a check comes. Thank you for giving so many this ultimate challenge of faith and survival. In the end we will be a success or dead nd free from the pain

  59. cecil

    I am cecil 23 but I have only worked maybe 2 out 6 yrs since I left home I have lived in every shit situation imaginable its not possible to get a job when you drink from no shower. Have no address. No phone number. No references. No alarm clock no nice clothes for interview. Even if all this doesn’t stop them from giving u the job. How u gonna eat sleep bathe for 2 or 3 weeks until a check comes. Thank you for giving so many this ultimate challenge of faith and survival. In the end we will be a success or dead nd free from the pain

  60. Danny

    We can send millions to Ukraine, Also send MRE’s for food to Ukraine but we can’t feed or provide assistance for USA citizens.

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