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21st March
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Today’s unemployment benefit extension news review and updated notes March 21, 2014:
Senate lawmakers will soon return from recess as millions of Americans anticipate quick action on the newest long term unemployment extension proposal. Many of America’s long term unemployed have been without federal aid since their benefits expire last December. The number of Americans now struggling with unemployment and without federal support is over 2 million. Right now, given the proposal that awaits Senate lawmakers, the plan is to extend long term unemployment through May and cover retroactive payments. Senate lawmakers were expected to pass the proposal but since going out on recess, conflicts have arisen. Due to recent conflicts brought to light, it is unclear if the deal will pass the Senate and then the House. House Speaker John Boehner may not be happy with the way that the deal is put together. He has said that the format of the proposal, and resulting warnings from various state officials, is cause for serious concern. Boehner went on to state that an unemployment benefit extension has always been open for debate and consideration, but the deal would have to be economically and fiscally responsible. The deal would have to create more private sector jobs according to Boehner. Boehner implies that the current deal shows little evidence of meeting the previously mentioned contingencies. As a result, Boehner believes a better use of the Senate’s time would be action which would pass the many House-passed bills that would aid in U.S. job creation. Given this developing news, the current unemployment proposal appears to have a more challenging road to travel to gain majority support.

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  1. chris

    This idiot mr. Bonehead says a better use of time wld b to pass job creation bills. Well why cant they do that after they pass a Euc Bill? How can anyone get to job interviews that may come as a result of those job creation bills. He also makes it sound like passing an EUC bill will take up so much time.. maybe if they dndt take so many recesses they wld have more thban enuff time for both. I cant stand politics and i consider myself an independent, but after this im leaning towards democrat more and more. I cant wait till election time to hear what excuses the republicans give for all this B.S. good luck everyone

  2. Stephanie

    Most of us who have lost everything has nothing more to loose but you have lost my vote. To vote in someone who cares for the American people first before helping other countries. I am homeless food less car less n job less. N my kids are now in the system. What do you have to loose when election time has arrived. Due on to others as you would want done to you. Welcome back to reality.

  3. Tim


  4. Jordan White

    I’ll remember the choices congress makes to extend UI when it comes time to pay my 3844.00 tax bill by 4-15-14, if you dont want to show support to the people who pay you then I simply wont pay my 2013 taxes this year and with no assets to my name good luck collecting anything since I got no income either. SCREW YOU TOO CONGRESS!!!

  5. Richard shaw

    please stop making this a play toy for Republican and Democratics to fight with and think of the people who are losing their homes and vehicles
    please pass this bill asap. thanks

  6. Karen

    I have worked for 36 years. And received 26 weeks of unemployment. I confused. Where is all the money the government took from me over the years.

  7. 25/03/2014

    Speaker Boehner American Traitor taking a beating on his own website for not extending unemployment to needy hard working Americans! Check out the comments! Leave him a comment on his Gov website!´╗┐

  8. 25/03/2014

    Speaker Boehner American Traitor taking a beating on his own website for not extending unemployment to needy hard working Americans! Check out the comments!

  9. Juanice Cain

    I used to be proud to be an American now I am not so sure. I have always worked. I was laid off company down size. I was able to just get by with the assistance of unemployment. I didn’t realize this was only for 6 months. I have been on numerous interviews only to walk away even more discourage. Now with no money coming in I don’t have monies to travel to I interview. I can’t afford to put my clothing in the cleaner. You need a computer to find a job these days. Everything is internet oh by the way Congress that a cost as we’ll.

    So far to date I’m about to loose so many of the things i worked so hard for. Let’s start with my house. My car is next by the time congress makes a decision I will have lost my life. Thanks for all your support should I say grief Congress. I hope you never loose your joke of a job.

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