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20th March
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Today’s Unemployment Benefit Extension News and Update today March 20, 2014:
Many Americans look forward to the close of this week and a swift and efficient vote on the long term unemployment benefit proposal next week. The Senate is currently out on a one week recess, but is expected to promptly review a plan to extend long term unemployment benefits once the Senate lawmakers return on the 24th. The new unemployment benefit extension plan would reinstate long term unemployment benefits for an additional five months. The benefits are expected to be retroactive which could extend back to December 28, 2013, the date on which an initial 1.3 million Americans lost long term EUC.
After the Senate vote, the House would have to approve the legislation through a majority vote as well. The House vote is expected to be a more challenged process. This is not good news for those who have been waiting for months now on the extended unemployment plan approval.
Now word has spread that if the bill were to pass into law, implementing would be very difficult. According to the National Association of State Workforce Agencies, retroactive legislation would be difficult to implement and various states have relayed that implementing retroactive unemployment benefits could take several months. Knowing this, Speaker John Boehner believes the bill is unworkable. He also relayed that the bill would fail to meet his requirements that the legislation be fiscally responsible and create more jobs. Given this news, the upcoming Senate vote might be a short lived celebration for those waiting on long term unemployment compensation.

Genny Germano


  1. 21/03/2014

    Spring is here, lets all have a nice “American Spring” .

  2. Lesley Beach

    I had absolute faith in our president and worked hard campaigning for him both times but now I tend to agree with steve who commented they knew all along this would happen. I have worked all my life, started at 12 picking potatoes. I put myself through college as a mature student to better myself and now have a big student loan. I have sold everything I have left to sell, borrowed money from family and friends, I received unemployment from August 2013 to December and that’s that? I’ve been hanging on and checking out what is happening every day and now it all seems like a con. I should have sold up and gone to live in another country instead of wasting my time and assets hanging on and foolishly trusting our government. Now my car has broken down so I am truly stumped. Why isn’t there some advocacy for us with such groups as Move On or Occupy? How do we all get in touch with each other so we can at least go down fighting?

  3. just want a job!

    This is the first time I have ever been unemployed in 47 years. I never experienced the system and wish I didnt have to. It is disgusting that we get 6 months to find a job but those who make a living long term on welfare never have to worry about receiving their monthly checks! I am not speaking of those who need it short term, say 6 months just like the unemployed received. This whole system is off balance. The U.S. is more worried about sticking their nose in other countries business than worrying about helping us find jobs. The money is there. Take some of the aid and funding for other countries and take care of your own for once. I never see anything on the news regarding our situations but u sure see everything else. Families need to go to their local news stations and get their stories out there.

  4. Kenny

    I’m sick and tired of John Boehner and the Republican Reps. sorry about your luck attitude. Americans should take note of these individuals and see to it that they will never hold Government office again. What ever happened to Government by the people for the people? Somehow we have become dehumanized when we’re just trying to get back into the fight. In life we must climb many mountains. I never thought my countrymen would keep me from it. This is sad!

  5. Too numb to care anymore at this point.....

    Yes, these bastards on BOTH sides have known exactly how to play this, and they could care less about what it is doing to us.

    If they had ANY plans to put this through it would have happened months ago-or better yet it would not have ever been cancelled to begin with and/or would have been included in the new budget.

    At this point they could easily change the terms and work together-even not make it retro-active if that is such an issue… but of course these bastards will not do that either. What a big freaking fun game this is for them.

    What goes around comes around. They have done a very, very cruel thing here and they will not get away with this, mark my words.

  6. 25/03/2014

    We could go on, and on about these idiots, but whats the use. We are weak, and they are strong. No-one is petitioning in Washington, and most people just can’t afford to leave their place of residence. They know what they are doing, and frankly don’t care. I’d like to say its time to take back America, and dethrone these jerks, but how many will follow me on this crusade?

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