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17th March
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EUC unemployment benefit extension news review for long term unemployed today March 17, 2014:
The Senate is expected to bring a plan to extend unemployment benefits for millions up for a vote and the measure is expected to find the support needed to pass through the Senate. 60 votes are needed, and expected at this time, in the Senate for the measure to pass.
The current plan that awaits vote was created by 10 Senators, 5 of which are Republicans. Since 55 members of the Senate are Democrat and 5 Republicans helped to create the unemployment plan that is coming up for vote, the required 60 votes should be a sure thing.
Approximately 2 million Americans are currently living day to day without long term unemployment insurance and many have been struggling without federal aid since December 28, 2013. The current plan to be voted on is expected to reinstate long term unemployment benefits for five months. The plan is expected to be retroactive, meaning that it will be backdated to when long term unemployment originally expired in December.
If the current extension plan passes the Senate, it will then have to pass the House to be signed into law. Concerns though are on the rise that the legislation will have a difficult time passing the House. For now, millions will hold onto hope that the measure efficiently passes the Senate. The vote will not happen this week however since lawmakers are currently on recess. The Senate majority leader said that the long term unemployment plan will be a top priority once the lawmakers return next week.

Genny Germano


  1. dennis klanchar

    Bonehead wo.t let this pass retro so were screwed again most heartless people we ever had in congress remember judgement day n i dont mean november i mean b4 god

  2. Ruth AnnSchiedel

    I’m A Heavy Equipment Operator work has been very scary for me I’m an good standings Union Person my unemployment was shut off in Dec it’s been very hard to make ends meet.I would really hate to lose everything I have worked hard to get. So please restate our Unemployment.

  3. rick

    boner has to pass it now. its paid for. thats all he wanted.

  4. kelly

    Lets just hope it passes through the house fast once its past through the Senate. We need that money now before we lose everything. Ive been putting applications in like crazy for a year and ive had no call backs… we need this.

  5. bobby ferrell

    man please pass this extension so many American are already so far behind and running out of options. We can’t keep going. Mr. president please help us, or if there is someone else able please help ,it’s not right that one person can control the way this ends up we need to change this and fast……

  6. 17/03/2014

    will it be retroactive for people who’s state ran out after it expired in January..? mine ran out last week..I know I can file for an extension but will I be able get retro also? who know how long this will take to actually even take place

  7. joe


  8. wow

    Another vacation really. … let’s vote all them out.

  9. 17/03/2014

    So if/once passed, how long to expect retro monies due? Ive lost so much since my last payment as of Dec. 28, 2013.

  10. Jerry Kundus

    Congress schedule from December 2013
    Left Washington for Christmas 12-19-2013 not to return until 1-7-14 worked a week or two took off another week!
    February took 6 or 7 more days worked a week or ten days then took a whole week off again!
    Now in March left D C on March 14 .- 24th
    Talk about who is not willing to work!!!
    I know 2 million ++ that would love a job!!

  11. sostina

    No income since dec 29th with 3 kids. Thanks for caring. No help through social services because I own too many items in my homeand which I rent I have to sell my belongings just to make rent this country’s deciders are heartless and all we care about other countries

  12. Pissed American

    I am so dissatisfied with our President And our Congress. How dare they call us lazy when we had jobs until we lost them due to no fault of our own…..duh! How do u think we got benefits in the first place. I’m trying to get back to work but I don’t have internet to apply. I can’t afford the gas to go to an interview. I get food stamps but that doesn’t buy my children diapers or clothes. I can’t buy soap or toilet paper with that. When my phone gets cut off how will I be contacted for an interview. Its madness. A couple just went to jail for robbing cars because ygwy couldn’t afford to take care of their son. I guess y’all are waiting for mass destruction. Enjoy your vacation

  13. js

    I feel sorry for the people who GOD puts in charge to help people and they refuse to do so! GOD IS NOT PLEASE WITH THIS ACTION And people act like they don’t care and they call themselves Americans! Much PRAYER FOR OUR COUNTRY SO CALL LEADERS

  14. Bryan

    Are they voting today. If so if it’s passed will we see our money next week or????

  15. kim

    How dare they even consider taking a week off amonst all this ….THEY SHOULD BE MADE TO STAY AND GET THIS DONE! Things need to change!!! Where are you PRESIDENT OBAMA!

  16. 17/03/2014

    are you serious another recess wellBoner has his promise the bill is paid for so I hope he sticks to his word and passed the bill there are so many Americans that have work and deserve this for him not to pass it and go back on his word is on American we’ll see what happens on march 24th and on March 31st as they have indicated

  17. too much mess

    I agree with pissed America, what is left to do. Those of you that don’t have a relationship with the Lord this is the time. Had it not been for his mercy and grace, planting people in my life timely sowing seeds and showing favor I don’t know how my life will be at this time. He ALWAYS shows himself worthy. As pissed America. I have worked hard since 1972, I walk in integrity, and I never mistreat or take people for granted. I’m not asking for anything that’snot due me, or that iI haven’t worked for. I have great experiences and skills. I have applied for so many jobs, but can’t even get a courtesy call to say” I have yourresume……thank you”

  18. tina

    Iam a 57 year old female who worked hard my whole life. Iam a diabetic with no insurane and cant afford my meds. My drivers license is being suspended because i cant get car insurace.i never had a ticket. What a shame.

  19. Angela

    It’s amazing how out of touch our country leaders are with the middle and lower class Americans. Many of us are highly educated, productive taxpaying citizens. Have been for a very long time and when hard times arise can’t count on a system in which we’ve supported for so long. Unemployment benefits isn’t a long term solution for many of us. It’s a way to help us through hard times, as we attempt to make a way to provide for ourselves. Well I’m not a beggar or a borrower and I serve an awesome God and all my hope is in the Lord. He will provide my every need, He will show up right when I need him. So when I see how this situation is dragging on with no sense of urgency or sacrifice on behalf of our leaders, there is no anger, there’s pity. I just pray for them cause while we need help financially, they need help spiritually and their much worse off.

  20. Enrica

    I am very happy with the way the bill is written and I think it would do this country great justice to pass it the way its written. I have a bachelors degree……over qualified for entry level positions …… not hired for jobs requiring a bachelors because they are hiring people with masters degrees. I would love to see this pass, but I have a sinking ship feeling that the haves will once again betray the have-nots. Political ploys and stagings of compassion will almost undoubtedly end with the House denying the American people.
    We don’t pay into unemployment…..businesses do. IF the bill passes as it is written now benefits will be retroactive and ongoing until May. IF. The suffering of the American people is unconscionable given the “funds” we are sending overseas. A 1% tax on the wealthiest populations would wipe out the national debt……but feel free to tax the mortgage out of hard working Americans building lives through blood, sweat, and tears while struggling through the governments “vacation”. If we call ourselves international instead of unemployed will you pay us the attention we deserve?

  21. 17/03/2014

    wonder how long it will take before this actually passes the sentate then the house then reaches our states so they can process our payments retro back to December 28th/2013 of which my unemployment expired jan/2014 so, will I see a check before my Birthday April 25th/2014? Or, will I have to wait until June/2014 and that is only if it passes all the above listings. I have already had my home stolen by the F.D.I.C. and their crimminal cronies that changed the blue prints and switched the deeds leaving a mom and her kids homeless in the streets with our U.S. Senators (3) of them telling me to go live in a shelter that I’ll meet nice people there. Can’t wait until election time I want them all voted out and a new government put in place. I do like President Obama though and Joe Biden I think they care about the America people, just wondering about the rest of our government, are we a communist country yet? It is looking more and more like we’re heading that way.

  22. 17/03/2014

    Just received a message from this board that my comment is awaiting moderation? Seriously, what does that mean? Awaiting moderation, I thought I spoke well of this seriously messed up mess we’ve got ourselves into when it comes to unemployment extension. Just think if the jobs weren’t sent overseas we’d all be employed right now! No need for unemployment extensions!

  23. Jerry Kundus

    In response to Bryan’s post

    Brian they are not voting on anything today, they once again are on vacation and will not be back to D C until March 24, 2014

  24. john

    Please reinstate EUC. I’ve worked all my life and paid my taxes to the gov’t. I got released from my employment after 13 years. I have 2 children I pay child support for. I’ve been current until Now. I’m 2 months behind. Help me euc because baby mommas just don’t understand and don’t care if I eat or sleep. This can’t be the direction of my life. I’ve worked too hard

  25. b. padgett

    stop playing games we must pay our bills the rent is overdue.

  26. bethany

    Knowing how corrupt our government is i generally don’t bother to vote. Registerd this year specifically to vote those fat usually on vacation lazy hypocites out if possible.They deserve minimum wage with unpaid vacations.

  27. 17/03/2014

    It’s all bs how many freaking vacations are they going to take. With the money they’ve spent on vacations, we could have used to take care of our families out of work and struggling.

  28. kenny

    It is sad I have a interview and I can’t cause I don’t have gas to get there.shame on the government.

  29. mike h.

    So happy our politicians get another break because they are doing such an excellent job getting nothing done while people struggle. This is the worst government in years.

  30. Dee

    This is an eye opener..I worked at a school for 14 years. The government closed the school. The first time in my life I was on unemployment and then 6 months later they pulled employment extension. I’ve been divorced for 21 years and was able to stand on my own raising 3 children. I am not facing homelessness and losing everything I’ve worked so hard for without a plan. I’ve put in applications after applications. There was a job fair with 50 positions available. Over 1300 people showed up. This is a disgrace to Americans. It’s seems like we are turning into a 3rd world country. It may seems as though I am going to far but how can you do this to our own people. Who wants to be unemployed or have to wait for someone to control whether you are able to eat today or pay a bill to keep your family in tack?

  31. 17/03/2014

    if anyone could please help me keep my home of 11 years please please even if its only a dollar please help! I am on my knees begging crying out for help I am not lazy I want to work congress is a joke!! They have no idea how bad they are hurting us why should my children have to pay for their politics???? Please visit my fb page for details if you can help me in any way If you know of any jobs too please send me a message on my page! I live in Colorado I will drive anywhere do anything!!!

    god bless you all!!!

  32. john finizio

    The “Lawmakers” are enjoying their (way more than comfortable) time off while hundreds of thousands are suffering extreme hardships: no food,no rent and minimal NEEDS to simply survive. The lawmakers have sent billions of $ to other Countries while what they call lazy people suffer. The same “lazy people” that have supplied their comfortable finances.

  33. Concerned Unemployed

    Hope all goes well as to be expected next week and the 3+ million of us get the blessing of an etension. We all need this and hope that congress works together to pass this.

  34. Gina

    I hope all of you are calling Boehner office and telling him to reinstate unemployment insurance! Look up his number and call his dc office – you can leave a message on his phone! Do it now.

  35. Gina

    This is from an article written by a journalist. I didn’t get the name or the paper but it says it beautifully!
    “By now, it should be pretty clear to everybody, even Republicans, that the vast majority of the long-term unemployed aren’t idlers living it up at taxpayers’ expense. They are innocent victims of the Great Recession who would like to return to work but can’t find a job. For Congress to continue to punish them isn’t just a bad policy. It’s a scandal.”

  36. Maureen

    I am with Gina, power hungry Boehner needs to hear from the 2 million Americans affected by this!!!

  37. Concerned Unemployed

    Check out this website about John Boehner voting record.

  38. joe

    remember what happened in 1775.if congress had four a year term thay would not be on the golf course today.

  39. Larry

    7,274.100 people Not Receiving Unemployment Benefits, Will Not Be Paying Taxes Next Year.

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