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13th March
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Unemployment Benefit Extension News review and Update March 13, 2014:
It has been approximately 10 weeks since long term unemployment benefits expired for over a million Americans and despite multiple attempts to pass proposed extension plans, members of Congress have been unable to come up with the needed votes. Each week that passes adds tens of thousands of Americans to the ranks of the long term unemployed living day to day without federal benefits. The Senate was expected to vote on another unemployment proposal this week, but members continue to quarrel over plan details. And now that both parties have proposals, the infighting is mostly partisan bound which only serves to make the process less efficient. The Republicans made the most recent proposal that would extend unemployment benefits for the long term unemployed for five months and be retroactive, but Republican Senator Dean Heller of Nevada shares that the Democrats will reject the proposal. Specifically, Heller Said, “I think they’re going to reject it and that would be a shame.” Democrats may not like the reforms that come along with accepting the proposal. GOP Senator Susan Collins of Maine said that the Republicans have placed their best offer on the table with minimal tweaks. Republicans are calling out the Democrats now by saying that the wording of the long term unemployment plan extension is not the issue preventing a plan from being accepted. Republicans now say that the primary reason the Democrats do not show favor with their proposal is based mostly on the fact that it is a GOP led proposal. The party affiliation listed with the names at the top of the bill is being cited as the reason some members of the Senate may or may not vote for the measure. While members of Congress bicker, Americans continue to suffer the consequences. EUC is still in limbo.

Genny Germano


  1. 13/03/2014

    There’s no reason they can’t run with this

  2. Lisa

    Please please please get this going. 5 month plan is fine with me. Money is needed so badly. Life is just getting tougher and tougher. I’m going to lose the roof over my head and I have a great landlord that has been patient and understanding. He hated telling me that he will have to evict me soon as he doesn’t have easy either. Sooo please agree on this plan so that us needy people can catch up on our bills and move forward to better are situation.

  3. Kenneth Vanderwerken

    Instead of robbing our tax dollars and borrowing from China giving the money to other Countries they need to tack care of there back yard first!
    Not only have sold out our jobs here, they are at the top of the food chain on our Dollar,Washington needs a good clean out,see if they could live on what the average person makes!People need to wake up and get these crooks out of there!Vote them all out,start over with honest people! They got to go!

  4. rjl

    Seems like its time to start getting rid of all the incumbents. Republican and Democrat, They’re completely out of touch with reality.

  5. kemm

    This is crazy. They dont care about us…..they care more about other countries,the big banks and the rich. I dont know how they can just kick us to the curb. Now there saying two more weeks. Well no one can live like this two more weeks.. everything is either shut off or getting shut off. Cant pay anything..l can see if there were jobs out there but there’s nothing. Every job has so many applicants . Even if I got a job or an interview today, you dont get paid for two weeks.. THIS JUST SUCKS .. STOP ACTING LIKE A BUNCH OF KIDS HELP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE … TODAY…

  6. Wendy

    Why is this so hard? If we don’t give ourselves time to get jobs in a country with 3 people to 1 job, then the economy slows down and more people are laid off and then more new claims of unemployment. Which lays heavy on the states, not the federal government, and the economy gets slower and more people then are laid off until we are a third world country. We all need a fair chance and in today’s job market, 26 weeks is not fair!!! If we are so worried people can’t use unemployment benefits for the right reasons, then why give it to us at all then? Give it to us with the time we need or what is the point of it at all.

  7. alma

    Please vote yes

  8. Paul

    If a few Dems will co-sponsor the Rep bill, then everybody can take credit and be happy. Just get it done!

  9. Iiysha

    Funny how they gave funding to Ukraine… While we suffer!

  10. nick caldarola

    I have no faith in our government. These members of congress are only concerned with what will benefit them. Stop sending aide overseas and take care of our own.

  11. GAME OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What goes around comes around. They will get their just rewards for doing this to people who so desperately needed them to come through.

    They have shown their true colors. This is so incredibly cruel that there are no more words.

    As a Christian Woman, All I ever do is forgive and forget and keep the faith in God.

    I must admit, however, that what they have done here is beyond comprehension.

  12. evanc

    Whin its time for us to votein nov.i say vote ever body out of the wight house.lets get all new ppl in.maybe this shit wont be done to us again.becouse the ones in there dont care.

  13. mike

    You know i work for 17years at the same place got sick for a year they fired me now the govt take away my benifits and playing games with our life while Iam trying to take care of myself and my 81year old mom whos very sick I SAY WHEN ELECTION COME AROUND WE VOTE EVERY REPUBLICANS OUT OF OFFICE LET THEM BECOME UNEMPLOYED

  14. gmoya

    This is really ridiculous!!!!
    I understand if it was like welfare, where people take advantage of FREE benefits. Unemployment compensation is benefits depending how long you’ve worked then we get laid off (like it’s our fault) and the government is playing around with our money????? Even with that being said unemployment is only like 1/3 of your pay so you are automatically getting a cut from when you get laid off. Now because these children in Congress taking so much brakes can’t make up their mind we’ve been weeks without pay!!! UGH

  15. j.

    “The party affiliation listed with the names at the top of the bill is being cited as the reason some members of the Senate may or may not vote for the measure.”

    interesting. so, regardless of whether they both agree on the bill, now they want to fight about who gets credit for it.
    its becoming more and more clear that these people have no intention of helping anyone but themselves.
    they wont vote or agree on a bill this week, pushing it until the end of the month, only to take another vacation next week. they say the week long recess in hopes that republicans go home and see first hand the struggles of their constituents. first off, you can go to any internet forum, turn on any tv news channel or just actually listen to the people (this is farfetched, i know), but that will never happen.
    its simple. neither party wants to push this bill through. the gop only worries about the 1% and loning their own pockets. the dems, while worrying about lining their pockets also, only seem to throw a smokescreen to give the appearance they fight for the middle class and low men on the totem pole.
    its kind of like those cartoons where you see the guy riding a horse and hanging a carrot out in front of him. the horse believes that nice man will eventually give up that carrot and he works his ass off, only to be left with disappointment. in this case, the dems keeping hanging this “fight for an extension” in front of those of us in need. they keep hanging this hope out there when really, the destination is the voting polls. once they lead you there and have what they need out you, theyll throw that carrot in the dumpster right in front of you.
    i am depending on this bill being passed, but i have learned to no longer hold my breath. im no longer chasing that carrot. when i see that money deposited into my account, i will be gracious and overly thankful. but, until then, each day i lose more and more faith.

  16. Jason Jack Harrison

    Wow, the republicans BLAME high unemployment on the unemployed ? !! They are a special kind of stupid arent they?! I love how they dont want to give tax payers a helping hand… but will spend TRILLIONs on bailing out coroprations which CEO’s will use to give them selves bonuses with and throw parties for their rich clientele while over 2 million americans ar e losing their house or car or having utilities shut off… I cant afford my phone bill any more so how would you like me to get a job when the employer cant call me? Or I cant afford gas to drive to a job interview 15 – to 25 miles away? But hey… keep pouring billions of dollars in foreign aid to other countries while the middle class slips into poverty cause thats really your MAIN GOAL isnt it? THE DESTRUCTION OF THE MIDDLE CLASS!

    How about bailing out WE THE PEOPLE!! How about just enough crumbs from the table so we dont starve too!

    Oh and one more thing…. to the 40 senators that voted no…..and especially to the one that said it was immoral to give long term EUC to the unemployed ( but I guess welfare is ok … Im just not poor enough to recieve that).. YOU CAN KISS MY UNION LABOR… BLUE COLLAR… RED BLOODED AMERICAN @SS!’ !!!!
    hallelujah , holy sh!t …… pass the tylenol

  17. Jamie Emerling

    Wow these politicians need to get their crap together!! They sit there bickering people are loosing their houses, their cars, can’t feed their family’s!! Need a way to pay for it why don’t you take the money you get from all your corporate sponsors and give it to the people that you are representing ( the other 99%)!!

  18. Steve

    It is incredible to believe that WE THE PEOPLE continue to suffer while the United States continues to supply free $$ aid and medical care to other countries because they are victims of their government. Well, I am a victim too of our government. I still can’t find another country stepping in to help us. I want to work, where are the jobs Mr. President? I signed up for your Obamacare with my unemployment as my only income, and still I am expected to pay a $190.00 per month premium?? I have no health issues, thank G. Who is doing this math?? And if I don’t pay it,I recieve a penalty next year?? Please somebody do something for us. The one power I have is to VOTE, you cannot take this away from me, and my millions of other friends in the same boat will remember how you treated us as well.

  19. Johnny C

    car is gone!!..the house is next!!..enjoy your vacation next week a–holes

  20. yvette

    Plz vote already stop all this BS we are hurting. I wish we can vote them out.

  21. Jamie Emerling

    Why is my comment waiting moderation?????

  22. cathy

    i would never wish anyone harm…but in this case i hope the congress involved with this cruel act , leaving all these people to lose everything and i am one of them after working sooo hard like 2 million others.. may they lose their jobs and everything they own overnite.feel our pain shame on you karma what goes around in this case i hope comes around….

  23. Maria

    This entire situation is a travesty; millions of people are unemployed. Individuals over 50 are bypassed, and those older than 60 have a lesser opportunity to be considered. There was a time years of professional experience carried some weight and transferable skills were an asset, but not in this season. The longer you are unemployed, the less likely you’ll be hired, regardless what kind of degree/skills you possess. When you apply for positions below your aptitude, you’re considered over qualified, while your only goal is to bridge the gap in your employment history.

    Parties involved in making a decision to extend EUC need to put their personal feelings aside, if the truth be told that is the real hindrance preventing the Republicans and Democrats from coming to a mutual agreement; the unemployed are just stuck in the middle.

  24. Jay

    I have lost everything. Now I’m currently living with my mother at 33yrs old. I worked, paid taxes and lost my job due to no fault of my own “lack of work” and I’m coming closer and closer to homelessness.


  25. Dan

    What a total crock. sounds like a bunch of 10 year olds bickering and ruining lives from their non-action. Leave the political BS behind get off your a_ _ and make the right decision. Unbelievable.

  26. Sharon

    They just dont care for us american’s. That’s because they are Rich they have all the money. And here we are, strugling trying everything to make money to pay our bills. i am having a hard time out here.Once i had my lights shut off, then i have my truck that needs to be paid and other bills.They should hurry and start taking care of us americans. Leave other countries alone, people are suffering here…..

  27. luan morgan

    obama said himself,,.he has pen and phone,,.use it then,,.obama also said and I quote “it would be cruel” not to extend these much needed benefits,,.I think it is time for the 2 million + Americans to hire lawyers to sue our government for “Cruel and Inhumane ” treatment,,.

  28. scott

    I say we dont vote for demacrap or repub’ la’can
    Vote anything but them & see how things go.
    Or maybe its time to impeach so people ?
    why as a country can we not take back our government.
    Its time for us all to rise up & do something or shut & become the poor hopeless, useless slobs they want us to be.
    Bend over & take it or bend them over & give it !
    Whats it going to be america ?

  29. Cynthia

    I am one of the many affected and I have no income because I have a mortgage. SS can not provide any financial assistance because I have a unusual situation. I can not even buy toilet tissue, soap or any other necessities I need. Shame on our government. Please vote midterm elections. Show them we count and are worth it.

  30. B Stone

    I’m 54 and homeless for the first time in my life. I start back to work tomorrow I was only laid off. But because of UI extention it will now take me forever to just have a life again. Please stop bickering just all Dems vote the Republican bill in it is the only one that has a chance of passing and give us our life back.

  31. scott

    I think now would be a good time to restart the protesting again.
    Let the 99% speak out against the 1%
    I dont know about all you but i will be right their in the protest lines when it starts back up.
    Im telling you all nows the time

  32. Brandi Burkett

    I am really appalled at the whole situation. I can’t even get a job at the Gap. I have tried, and continue to try and find work. No such luck. And even if whomever’s bill is voted on, passing this legislation, how long will it take for us to get these benefits? I have 6 days until I am out of money. I am beyond tired and am constantly stressed. Also, do they not realize what having no money does to the confidence of us??? And what about gas to actually get to an interview, if you’re lucky enough to get called? PASS IT.

  33. Rob

    Its incredibly crazy what congress will do to the American people..I may not have ever had unemployment but I do think its very cruel to take what americans put in away.. i worked over 30years and I thank God dat even when bein layed off I had other trades to provide. .but everyone don’t and needs unemployment weather its for 6months or a year..there are starving people and people in probity around da world and you give..why take away from your have that here aswell and making it worst by taking away EUC..people can’t find work if they have no money to pay for the things they need to find work..transportation, internet, food for strength, a roof over there heads ect: congress get y’all act together..we the people put you there and as the people can eliminate you as well…show some compasion for the people that put you there..I jus wounder sometime after over 30years of work and never collected any state benefit…if for some reason I might need to..I only get help for 6months..dat would make me wanna do something crazy..SMH @CONGRESS!

  34. luan morgan

    I am seeking a Pro-Bono lawyer,,.

  35. He- Man

    This is an insult to the American people. I have worked for 40 year’s. I have done my part as an american. They really dont care. Their to busy pretending that they care with false arguments.. while at the end of the day they go and play golf together while Americans suffer. I WILL NEVER VOTE AGAIN!

  36. Juan

    This just shows how much the working class really means to government, dem.& rep. It’s all about what they can get out of it. There suppose to work for the people however they all have their own agenda. Until we the people start taking the voting process serious and holding these people accountable nothing will change and they will continue to treat the american people like shit. It’s rediculous that the government is quicker to help another country than it is to help us. citizens (unbelievable) you have millions out of work, homeless, hungry, uneducated etc. here on US soil.

  37. Ralph Parsons

    Can’t believe I am sitting hear crying like a child, losing my house cannot pay anything running out of home fuel, I have worked all my life for the beautiful home my wife and I have and because of there ignorance we lose. I am on the computer everyday filling out apps and only getting small leads. I WILL NOT GIVE UP> But I will do what I have to do to survive They will turn good people into bad people. And that is all there fault.

  38. Ron

    They would rather pay MILLIONS to a new program my brothers keeper More money to the welfare then to pay people that have worked for years and years.
    I have to take a drug test just to get a job(no problem there) but they give welfare money to many that could not pass a drug or alcohol test no Time limit they can stay on for life and then get there kids on for life generation after generation.
    they sent the jobs away no jobs for the people to obtain but you have only 26 weeks if you don’t find a job your lazy.(they can all burn in hell.
    Now everything i worked for 20 years is now gone car and truck reposed Utilities shut off
    house will be taken either from the bank or the tax office.
    We Need to hang them all from the president to congress and senate get rid of all the crooks

  39. dave ny

    i’ve been out of work 8 months and running out of things to sell to keep from being homeless, also, i havn’t voted in years, but that will change immediately.

  40. LAURA

    CONGRESS, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!! I have been financially suffering, amoung millions of other Americans. It should have NEVER come to this point. Why could this not be worked-out prior to 28DEC2013? There is a problem working out “how to pay for the extension” How about the 1 billion dollars in Aid that is being sent to the Ukraine? Why not take care of your own people? Do you not gain anything by taking care of us first? I am so sick and tired of this….really…it’s so incredibly unfair and ridiculous. You say by extending benefits it makes us Americans lazy and not look for another job? I worked for 28 years commuting 4 hours a day with the same job. I lost my job in March last year. 6 months is enough to find a good job? NOT!! SHAME ON YOU

  41. Parker

    All I have to say is that I’m one who has been effected by this shut-off!!!!! However, I wish Congress could have there salaries taken from them for 10 weeks. Then I bet the bill would have been signed. They could care less about the lower class people who have been working pretty much all theirs lives and cant even get help from the government when needed. Then people wonder why all this violence is taken place……Just watch its going to get worse then this. This is a sad situation and it makes me sick to my stomach to know what’s going on in this world.

  42. Matt

    While this congress goes On its 6 th vacation in less than 2 million on the verge of losing thier homes cars cell phone intermet and no heat or gas while this congress goes back to there big houses with no worries .i read a comment last night of a guy saying that he cant take thos suffering that he prefers to be dead and the president is more concerned about urkine and raising the miniumum wage and overtime guess what mr presdient alot of wish we could work overtime or get a pay raise but the longterm instead are left with nothing i pray for the people suffering and hope we get back to work soon even if that happens we still need money to get to work.anyome needs to flood the president congress and the media who has ignored this issue i see on cspan today thier voting on flood insurance and child care i guess thatsbmore important then the 2 million suffering theb republican party tea partier worship satan the republicans are enjoying hardworking americans suffer.

  43. djjd

    The dems did not insist in Dec.2013 to put this on the lisy thus they gave the republicans the power to veto euc everytime its senator harry reid & democrat fault they did this now its down hill the dems do not want to go with the G.O.P.s proposal we all suffer now

  44. Peter



  45. Tina

    I have worked for the same company for 20 years and due to no fault of my own I lost my job due to my company selling to another. 5 years before I could get retirement. I have paid taxes all my life now that is need help and support with unemployment extension they send money to help out other countries like Egypt don’t make sense. I could lose my house as other countries get money that I have paid. Hmmms makes you think. Time to put congress on unemployment and take away their benefits they have not earned them. Go on vacation again as the Americans lose their homes that they have worked all their lives for. I was only on unemployment for 9 months not years.

  46. Fly

    LET THEM EAT CAKE… really
    Both parties and the President are at fault.
    2 million people with no support is equivalent to having everyone in a major US city with no income. People are being used as pawns to make a political point.
    These people have lost everything over the last two years. I Know I am living this ugly truth.


    How dare these elected officials,some of whom will “WORK” for only one term in Congress…and THEN get a VERY LUCRATIVE “retirement” package FOREVER…INSULT the intelligence and REAL suffering of the AMERICAN people who elected them.

    Maybe they could agree to fund a National Park for “Homeless” people…we certainly are very concerned about the “re-settlement” and welfare of people from OTHER disadvantaged countires. International Leaders must be laughing up their sleeves at the INEPT US congress which ignores its own people while considering SANCTIONS to countries abroad.

    Companies “go under” from inept management – is this MESS necessary, or humane? NOT!!!

  48. sherry walker

    This is very sad. People need help republicans are very selfish….approve the extension now…

  49. chad

    I don’t care how they pay for it, they can go donate plasma for all i care, just pass the damn bill already…my water was just shut off yesterday and my lights today!!! They are a bunch of selfish SOB’S

  50. Tim

    59 and have worked 40 plus hours a week since I was 14. The registered letter came today. After suffering through one of the worst winters in years, jobless. I have now 8 days to save my house. I used every dollar I saved in my life when my wife was hurt 4 years ago. And now, after my state u.c. 26 weeks expired in early February, I’m at the end of my rope. So, to all the elected officials who now play political football with our lives? My heartfelt thanks, cause believe me? You would fix this(if you knew this pain) for the people who have worked so hard and deserve better!!! Two sons in the military and one was critically wounded in Afghanistan….keep up the good work elected officials!!! On behalf of my family? You are so very welcome!!! Absolutely disgraceful ignorance.

  51. Sharon

    They are so stupid they cant see this will lead to food stamps and emergency housing, what a bunch of idiots they should all go to hell

  52. soon to be ex-republican voter.

    It’s pretty obnoxious that cryer of the house, John Boehner is choosing now to be such a “tough guy” now on the euc extension when he literally crys when it comes to anything else. Way to screw American workers and their children, Way to go tough guy!!! He is a weak, sad excuse for a politician and I’m pretty sure the Russian president has a highlight reel of this guy crying at every opportunity. Thanks jackass for making your country look weak and yourself pathetic. The only time I wanna see this asshole cry is if an American soldier has lost his life, other than that go cry some where else you piece of crap.

  53. Debra

    I can’t believe that we are mandated to give our money to these guys. Their supposed to represent us, it appears they only represent themselves,completely oblivious to the peoples needs,who pay them.we have to do something about this mind set in the November elections.

  54. Keyonia

    This is truly sad, it’s people out here who can’t even pay their bills , shit I’m struggling myself. The benefits helped people maintain their lifestyles and bills. Idk how the government expects people to survive like this while they get to go to their big house and get in their fancy car. Fuck the government they don’t care they rather see us give up and sleep on the street . Shit without benefits some may come to that!
    I know it’s hard but keep faith in God everything is going to get better!

  55. Keyonia

    The government is not doing their job !! Why the fuck are you all taking vacations and shit bunch of assholes …..approve the extension now!!!!!!

  56. Mike Axson

    Just changed my party affiliation to INDEPENDENT! As my wife and I read everyone’s comments here in a way we don’t feel so alone! Everyone on here is saying exactly what we’re saying at home! We are so sorry for all of the hard working people who are dealing with the emotional, physical stress of loosing everything you have worked for in just a few months! All we needed was a little bit of time for work to start up in this area again. Which is usually spring/summer work. Thank-goodness for the friends who are working in our community who are so kindly coming up with ways for us to earn money TAX FREE! Love it! Were in! We’re landscapers now! We really couldn’t Imagine that! Congress is right in one aspect…people will do anything to have a roof over their heads and food on the table! We pray for everyone in our same situation. After today….This just isn’t going to pass I see! This is for real BS!!!!!!!!!!

  57. former repub. supporter

    The democrats tryed to limit the republicans power so now republicans hate the American workers who have had a hard time. Simple as that. Thanks for getting us involved in your politics DC.
    Sincerely, over 2 million of us.

  58. Mary Jane

    I can only repeat everything that has already been said.What is wrong with our senators for not working to help out its citizens! For the love of GOD help the AMERICAN people first,then and ONLY then should you think about sending our money to a different country! Think AMERICA first because no one else does! Those other countries are laughing at us. Did anybody help us after 911-Wake up Mr. President and all our elected officials.

  59. not feeling middle class, worked since 14.

    Most of these politicians in DC supposedly worry about who is anti-American when all they need to do is look in the mirror if they don’t vote yes to approve an euc bill. A vote against is essesntially a vote against the American worker. ut who cares when they work in DC. Money isn’t real as we’ve seen them spend it away, Obama rides a white unicorn, and John Boehner’s tears flow like the Potomac river. They all suck and we are stuck in the middle of the bs.

  60. Christen

    They won’t cut off a reliever though. This is ridiculous. Do they even care that I have no electric, no water, and within weeks I’ll be loosing my home.

  61. Marc Smith

    This Extreme Right and Left Political Agenda that is based on Winning more then doing the right thing has written it’s own demise, We need change in Washington and I believe it will happen. I will not vote to Re-Elect anybody that has had a Career of not doing what is best for the People of this Country. The young People that I talk to are not voting and think Washington is full of Career Politisions that could care less about the People!

  62. Ed

    Why don’t we get together and protest this nonsense. We are starving and worst yet worrying are selfs to death. This issue is not even in the main stream media like it should be. We have to find a way to make this a public issue. I check this website more than 30 times per day looking for a ray of hope, and all I get instead is a bunch of selfish self serving people playing games with my life and I am sick of it. Congress , the Senate, and Obama need to all be ashamed of themselves for the mistreatment of the American people. We need to march and I mean now because this is wrong and us sitting here complaining on a blog makes no difference at all. We need to get in touch with some people, call in some favors, and do what we have to do to get this in the public eye and get this off the back burner. We are still Americans whether were rich or poor and Americans stand up for everyone that can’t standup for themselves. We’ll people it is time we standup for ourselves and exercise our rights to protest and demand action from our elected officials!

  63. wil

    Please please get this done my first time ever collecting euc and its over before it got started. Four or five months extension doent matter we need this like a baby needs similac. Get jobs seem to be getting harder up here in Michigan. Ive never been without a job for more then three weeks until now.

  64. Robert Brohomme

    Dems don’t want to pass a bill they are lying to us trying to get us mad at repubs. repubs don’t either but they don’t want to look like obstructionists. They just keep moving further apart so they can blame each other and to confuse the populace as to who is really to blame for not passing a bill . What repubs did was pretty shrewed really and risky, even if the bill passed (which it won’t) at least the appearance to the majority of voters who in fact are employed that the repubs at least made an effort. So they are just executing voter damage control.It has to pass the house and Boehner has already said ths bill is not acceptable and wouldn’t come up for a vote.But dems really should vote for this, removing the pressure off of the Senate and placing it squarely on the House where all members are up for re-election. Then the dems can try every session to be ing it up for a vote. When its voted down enough times then the repubs will be blamed for not helping 2+ million suffering Americans. Repubs can scream all they want about Obama care but dems will be able to counter with the repubs letting veterans, women, and children suffer, a number who have in fact died during this time. Whether something like that takes place it won’t matter because none of them want to help us, they only care about votes and their power. So as much as it hurts me to say this; there is no help coming, we are on our own. God please comfort every one of your creations who is suffering and bring forth your justice upon those who through wicked and deceitful means would bring harm upon your childrens while huddeling behind your shield of truth and righteousness. Father they are trying to steal from you, they attempt to harm your children and pillage the goodness from them. This offence to you, father of everything, which through your will alone all things exist, cannot go unpunished. You must act and act now to preserve your kingdom. These acts I declare in the name of your son, who through your supreme mercy was sacrificed so that we may all live forever in your divine presence. Amen

  65. Jim smith

    Moderation??? Where is free speech??? How is it OK to moderate what I think?

  66. Diane Lee

    We are about to lose everything. After 26 years at the same job, I was laid off. I never needed help from the government before in my life. I am desperately looking for work but the economy is much worse than the government reports. It has been made clear that the Republicans (who I have consistently voted for) just don’t care. The Democrats seem to be interested only in the Party. Both parties have put the needs of the people second behind their own. I will never vote for another Republican after this but the Democrats are little better. We are on our own because Washington doesn’t care about anything but perpetuating a system that no longer works on behalf of the voters. We need help!

  67. Kacey

    Still have to WAIT…….Sad world we live in.

  68. Gina

    Please pass this soon! Too many vets and older people are finding it hard to need a job and really really need this extension to help them. We are just pawns in the game of politics! This is not how government should treat it people. John Beohner needs to get on board and do the right thing.

  69. robert jenkins

    I Have worked since I was 14 years old, I love working,but I lost my job trying to get another one,but there seem to be none I,’ve been watching the Senate and congress almost every day! The stress and pain I felt when I got cut off was deep and without the help of a family member I,d be on the street. I also feel for the other people that this is happening to! Many are in a worst position then me. I have deep compassion for them. Usually if someone causes me such stress and pain I can justify my response to them or the situation. I have had really intense thoughts of trying to get to Washington to try and find some of those republicans. Boehner, canter,McConnell Ted Cruz the birch,that gave the response to the state of the union address. Any tea party members. I watch these people every day I hate them all!! If I had the chance I would do my best to hurt one or more of them! That’s how much anger there is in me for them. They are devil’s all of them. At this point in life,I am 50yrs old with really nothing to lose because I already lost everything if I could I’d make an example of one of them. And show them how their fucked up choices has caused my thinking!

  70. kevin john sansone

    shame on you people !!we are hard working americans who have worked many years paying in unemployment taxes!!losing a job due to the state of our jobless world we live in !! Also trying to survive on 140.00 a week to 225.00 a week that is with a job that $ has to pay for gas,rent,or land taxes,electricity,car repairs,dmv charges,food ,health insurance because we make to much money to get government food help or government insurance how is 140-225.00 too much money this is another rule the government made up!! also people have kids to feed clothes send to school an pay for doctors visits luckily we don’t anymore !! but we do have dogs to feed an take to the vet !! I think congress should try an live as hard as 90% of americans do !! wonder why the world is corrupt with selling illegal drugs!! shame on our government we are 3checks away from no home, no gas to find work no phone to have an employer call us to get work no food for our animals no electricity no car insurance where does that leave us right on the door step of our local social service building begging for money for food an shelter so what money does that save on the government from not paying the extended unemployment benefits none it will actually will cost them more cause people will stay on welfare food stamps an Medicaid much longer than unemployment this is a very sad world we live in people in congress are so above us they probably pay 30- to 50 dollars for one pair of socks, while we shop at the family dollars stores an buy 6pair for 5 dollars !!Seriously grow up!!! You people have too much money an never have to worry about just every day survival, but that’s the thing you just don’t care about the low income side!! The reason we are low income is because of people like you making the world a money pit , such as gas prices alone 4.00-5.00 a gallon not to mention food heath care ect. an along with 8.00hr lousy jobs because we couldn’t afford to go to college cause our family we grew up in lived the same way !! I say this god pray for our US government they are greedy selfish people with too much money an need a wake up call in their own lives !! remember we will all meet the maker some day an I’m sure Jesus will give us all us what we deserve!! shame on our greedy US congress Iam praying god will give you all what you deserve!!

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