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10th March
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Unemployment Benefit extension update and economic review today March 10, 2014:
Millions of Americans will tune in this week to see if the Senate is able to pass an extension of benefits for the long term unemployed in America. Approximately 2 million Americans are considered long term unemployed and have exhausted their provisions of emergency unemployment compensation. Long term unemployment benefits expired for many on December 28, 2013. Each week that passes adds tens of thousands more to the ranks of Americans that are long term unemployed without benefits. The Senate has tried on multiple occasions in 2014 to pass a measure to extend long term unemployment benefits but has failed to generate enough support for the measure each time.
Democrats and Republicans in the Senate have been unable to agree on the terms of the extension plan, specifically the payment terms. Republicans would like for the benefit extension to be paid for through offsets in the budget. They do not want to kick the repayment can down the road for future generations to pay off.
Last Thursday, a group of Senate Republicans presented another plan to extend benefits to the Senate. Their proposal would extend unemployment benefits for an additional five months. This extension plan proposal amounts to a shorter period of time, by one month, than the most recent Democratic proposal. Rob Portman of Ohio, Dan Coats of Indiana, Dean Heller of Nevada, Mark Kirk of Illinois, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska are the GOP Senators sponsoring the legislation.

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  1. Ryan Long

    We will receive our benifits very soon! 😉

  2. Raymond Giasson

    Tired of rich GOP ignoring the poor and whats left of the middle class. Time for all of us to show our voting power and boot them out.

  3. Janice minor

    I hope this issue will come to a end.. Because the unemployed is down to nothing and it had been to long. Congress support your Country and What ever happen to God Bless America!!!

  4. Raymond Russo

    Something is better than nothing!!! Sen. Reid get on board. I`m afraid your not going to do any better! It`s Time you stopped using us for the 2014 elections!
    Lets move on to the house were there`s gotta be another fight.

  5. 10/03/2014

    If this doesn’t pass, I will become totally disconnected from politics. I am 63 years old, never missed voting in an election. After this, I just don’t care. They all can go to the devil for all I care.

  6. John M

    Yes, this is better then nothing. It always amazes me these Millionaires in the House and Senate, the words they use and the way they behave. Were did they get that Billion dollar offset for the package to Ukraine? Mabye they took it from the Billions they give Afghanistan? There I go again, trying to interject logic.

    If we could only get a line of text added to their oath of office… ” and do you solemnly swear to tell the truth…” I’d like to see them held accountable for every word they say in office.

    I will never understand the mind of the People in Higher Office Politics and the people that vote those narcissistic sociopaths into office.

  7. Janet Chasse

    This has been painful, just do it instead of dragging this on. How many families have lost their homes, vehicles, dignity, while you play in Washington? One of the worst winters imaginable, cold and difficult, but I don’t suppose anyone in Washinton politics would understand.

  8. javian balfour

    Help Vertans out extended employment Thank you.

  9. Destiny

    This extension is so very important to many people! There are single mothers and also family that live in places where the economy is terrible and right now can not find a job! People relay on this unemployment to pay rent And do for and feed there family’s! The longer you take the more and more family, woman, and children suffer!

  10. James McIntyre

    WHAT??? Money needs to be found so to extend unemployment benefits, and this search for money has been so far three months…Money is nowhere to be found for this American disaster relief which is no jobs for those who are looking as they were (and are still)all shipped overseas. Disaster and why? Because these laid-off individuals who did not have enough life line to back them up until they land a job have been losing their homes, cars, losing everything that requires payment, on top of that, losing their health, especially, their mental health. Who is to say that this is not a DISASTER? And yet, our commander in chief used his pen and phone to approve billions of American workers’ tax paid dollars as IMMEDIATE aid to the “disaster” in Ukraine…Ha, and how about all those other Billions of dollars of our hard worked tax dollars being sent out as “aid” to other countries in a yearly basis (permanently, so to speak)to “sustain” those countries, and also, to big corps which are the ones responsible for why there is so much unemployment here in the US? And all of the above “foreign and Corp aid” mentioned above is but a masked game of interest to fill certain (not all, wouldn’t be fair so say so) greedy politicians pockets. Stop playing with the American families dear Congress, do the right thing, pass the extension, and do your best to give enough time and compensation to the American people. Thank you.

  11. eric

    Boehner won’t allow it, It’s just a farce and a election gimmick. Not trying to dash hopes but they will use any little hiccup to throw it out and Boehner will not allow a bill through his chamber that doesn’t have provisions to revamp the system to put people in jobs. Guess the only good news is they’ll be painfully aware of how disconnected they really are very soon. This is the end of any respect for the republican party as every ex-republican I know is now a different affiliation. Get off your butts , stop debating global warming(duh) and help the Americans who need this NOW!

  12. Kenneth J. Selwocki

    … it’s time to get your heads out of your *** and get this extension passed. How to pay for it? – stop giving out money to your friends, stop the fraud, stop the embezzelment, stop the pork and finally lets stop your pay.

  13. Darrin McKim

    Please think of us unemployed and stop playing with our lives! I bet all you congressmen are paying your bills and eating 3 meals a day.

  14. Charles Junker

    It’s about time to stop giving money away to other country’s that don’t pay it back that makes it a grant and start paying our own country that is in dyer need for our selves. There are other country’s out there that can afford the same thing to other country’s instead of ours, but we keep giving away and they are wondering why we are in such a large deficit. Do we need to start a new lottery that actually pays for our country and invite other country’s to the lottery it improve the bottom line. come on Gov. Guys WE the PEOPLE are getting the shaft from the Prominently RICH in Congress IT IS the little guy after all that paints your house or mows your lawn.

  15. Simone

    Apparently know one is acknowledging the word “Emergency”.
    Civil wars in other countries take priority.
    Worked in same field for 35 years straight. Business was lost to China and so was my income. $60 to last two weeks and cannot pay bills.
    Going for third interview this week that will give me 12 hrs work a week at a bit above minimum wage.
    The lack of coverage by media is appalling.

  16. Boudeca

    This morning and every morning bring more news of the fraud, waster and abuse of huge giveaways like the Farm Bill. Remember that one? It sailed through both houses with no opposition, and cost $900 billion. Now it’s going to nonprofits that don’t even farm!

    This extension, by comparison, will cost a few paltry billion; will actually help real people, and if these btards won’t turn off the immigration spigot to stop the flow of cheap labor flooding this country and taking jobs Americans NEED, both these parties are going to pay in November.

    Stop the nonsense!

  17. Cam


  18. 10/03/2014

    If this were the politicians not being paid they would sure straighten this out quickly. It is the fraud, embezzlement and payoffs that keep these politicians in office.

  19. Laura

    Let’s go!!!! U have no worries !!! We do!!! Stop bickering like babies

  20. 10/03/2014

    don’t the republicans realize the number of voters they are turning against them?in ohio the number is about 40k.that could swing an election to the democrats.i’ve worked 40 years without taking any government help.put 2 of my 3 children through I need help!

  21. Shelrock

    If you’re really looking for a pay for to the unemployment extension why not start with cutting the Senate and House pay to minium wage since they are only part time workers anyway? I’m sure that will free up MILLIONS of wasted tax payers dollars… Just Saying…

  22. Anon

    After these past few months of barely any food, cut-off notice after cut-off notice and a eviction notice…Ive pretty much lost everything…

    Ive been a faithful GOP voter all these years even when I found myself at times agreeing with less than 50% of the messaging.

    I can no longer vote Republican.

    When the construction company I worked for closed its doors after 22 years of working there…I was left without a job. I am not lazy! And I dont want to receive Federal Unemployment Benefits…Id rather work and live the life style I am accustomed to…. but my family needs EUB to survive.

    Someone(s) must be held accountable for the constant GOP inactions and its weird nature to not care about everyday Americans.

  23. Kim


  24. 10/03/2014

    Why??? People are suffering but we give millions to other countries all the time blink of an eye… We are in our own backyard with no help how many families have to suffer loss of everything they worked for before this is passed for the unemployed that have nuthing coming in …imagine no food water gas electric vehicle Tv phone and oh a house IM so afraid that it has turned from a mole hill to a mountain that people fill there’s noway out except out …taking their lives over this discrace of our government…if this starts to happen have mercy on ur souls….I am one of the long termed unemployed….I am 55 yrs old today nobody wants to hire long termed or older aged person seeking to b employed… When I was working for ten yrs I Pd into the government for whom ever whatever it went towards now that we the people who have worked contributed need it …it’s no longer available I’m begging you plz help us our world is gone as we know it….plz dnt forget us

  25. Amanda

    Just get something done. People are losing their homes and utilities are shut off. Having to move back in with Mom and Dad and friends is a burden you don’t want to give them. The helplessness some feel having to send their kids to school in clothes that are too small and cannot pay for the school fees even that are mandatory. Let alone the conflict in the homes due to constant arguing from the parents over money… what are we doing to these poor kids???

  26. Larry Martin

    About time they’re trying to do something.These Republicans ought to be ashamed of themselves for making us wait so long for our money that we deserve.All of these corrupt politicians should be voted out.

  27. Lisa

    If I remember clearly didn’t President Obama’s speech include that he has the “power”.. Umm yea he hasn’t done nothing.. So my question would be to the President if Congress decides to not extend the unemployment are you gonna do anything?/ and y haven’t you done something already? WTG Mr.President you have done a fine job,, NOT

  28. traceywrites

    What more do they want from the people? I apply to at least ten jobs a day! I’m looking, but my internet is about to be shut off, I don’t have money to go down to the library and use the computers everyday, so my prospects of looking for work is pretty dim! I’m in a bad way and it’s time to stop the political games and HELP the people! Tears form in my eyes as I continue to read how they are so heartless and concerning themselves with nonsense! How to pay for it, like mentioned earlier, stop giving money away to other countries! Help us first! I can’t wait to hit the voting booth in November! They are taking a big risk playing with peoples lives.

  29. 10/03/2014

    What i don’t understand is..they are willing to give a million dollars to another Country and try to start World War 3(Russia)..REAL SMART PEOPLE…I think this is JUST a distraction for the American they can distract us from the REAL problems here..I never seen just a disfuncual Congress in my life…HELP the AMERICAN people NOW…We are losing everything…Including our Dignity!!!

  30. Gregory

    Most of the “Clowns” are up for Re-Election in November!
    VOTE LIBERTARIAN OR INDEPENDENT “straight across the table”!
    Give AMERICANS a Voice In Washington, DC.!!!
    “REPLACE” ALL Republicans and Democrats, In Office Today!

  31. Christina Prosise

    I been working all my life and cant get but 24 weeks of money.Im 46 years old it takes a lot long to get a job than the younger people.What Im I suppose to do .

  32. 10/03/2014

    Plz vote yes for Unemploment extension I remember having that safety net that all of you have everyday and everynite what would u do if someone pulled the rug up underneath u all we are asking for is.extended help for as long as it takes to give us a life line we deserve it we need it… This has to be the worst embarrassing situation for the millions of us that even have to blog about help it should have been there all along at all times this shouldn’t even be a crisis that it now has become IM asking my government to plz just look in ur. own backyard before someone elses …that Ull give money money money an more money to. What has happened to we the people that stands as knew no matter what what happened to … Dnt leave anyone behind…

  33. larry

    Thank God! Let’s all pray they can accomplish this goal and move onto saving money on other things-things not devastating to hard working Americans.

  34. steven

    here we go another week of do nothing congress how many times can they do nothing next week is another vacation for congress sorry to those without bennies

  35. 10/03/2014

    This would be good. They should save money by cutting some other area of the budget. Not from people who are hard working Americans. Not by saving money on people who are already devastated.

  36. Kate A

    We can’t take care of our own in the U.S. but we CAN send $1 Billion to the Ukraine. Nothing unusual about THIS government, sadly.

  37. Tom

    This is pathetic. There is no excuse for lack of action on the part of the republican party. Every day wasted puts a larger burden on states as long term unemployed are reduced to tapping more state aid including food stamps. I am appalled that I am in this situation. I’m going broke and may get evicted if congress cannot come to a positive decision soon.

  38. chris

    Its garbage that America Has come to be run by idiots. From us(us as in American tax payers) Bailing out the auto Industries and banks at the voice of Multi millionaires government officials that got elected by the rich.Paying For two wars at the price of American lives, tax dollars and freedom. Then our economy is in the toilet. Our jobs are in other countries to save the rich more money. And those of us who work our whole lives and lost our jobs need a little help to survive and get past this hardship cant get what is paid into. Bull****. America needs the unemployment extension pass now. People are losing everything they’ve worked for. And Americans need to start standing up to the government and let them know we are tired of the games. I use to be republican but this congress and senate has shamed us all.

  39. Kath Card

    Come election time, this lack of concern for the unemployed will be remembered. These politicians whose actions put people out of work in the first place will not be re-elected. This is an issue that resonates with everyone. I may very well be working today, but tomorrow, this could be me out of work at 60. We vote. We campaign too, & legislators need to remember that we put you in & we can just as easily take you out of office. Do the right thing, & help your own instead of sending aid all over the planet.

  40. Gina

    No wonder Americans are frustrated with our politicians. They are playing political tit for tat while we can’t cover our bills, feed our kids and put gas in our cars. And oh by the way, we need gas in our cars and our phone bills paid so that we can go to job interviews and look for work!! Get a grip and pass the UE both in the Senate and in Congress! I called my congressman and he has taken his staff on a retreat! Can you image what that might cost – but here I sit without any hope of getting my unemployment insurance. As an independent voter, I will not vote for a Rep again unless this gets pass soon! Help us please!

  41. sandy

    take away their vacation pay..Lord knows it seems like every week their taking one. Congress is giving our country a bad name..get with the program and help our people who are down and out

  42. 10/03/2014

    Has everyone emailed their elected officials?
    Including John Boehner?

    This is something positive, we can all do.

  43. Gina

    Forgot to add that you all should be calling your representatives and letting them know how you feel about this issue. Calls, emails and letters are all important.

  44. 10/03/2014

    I agree, I am an independent who has been voting republican for many years. If this does not pass…I will hold them responsible and will be voting a straight democratic ticket.

  45. vweeks

    It sickens me to be in this predicament of needing help, so I can imagine it is the same for others in my same spot. I am an unemployed successful professional, confident, well-educated, mother, wife, farmer, proud American and registered voter. My oldest son served for 5 years in Iraq and Qatter. I have been out of work for 1 year. My son has been unable to find work to support his wife and children in a year. He job hunts every day. I apply for every job that I can. I am unable to pay the mortgage, my car payment, my car insurance. We are both desperate for the Unemployment Insurance to be extended. I have never missed the opportunity to vote, and I never will. Please join with me in voting out each and every incumbent this election! It is a matter of National Security for our own citizens and families to be able to keep our homes and food on our table.

  46. 10/03/2014

    It is really bad if you are in Florida. You do not get public assistance-public assistance is not need based. You only get help if you have a minor child. So, no unemployment and no insurance if you live in FL. What a shock that was, after supporting the system for decades!

  47. 10/03/2014

    if Republicans have a bill whether it’s worse or better then the Democrats resolution for unemployment extension let the Republicans have this one and the Democrats need to jump on board agree to agree Democrats something is better than nothing we the people that have WE THE PEOPLE are in desperate need to pay bills feed our families and try to stay afloat please I beg you let the bill pass……………..

  48. Simone

    Moving ahead to contact Boehner, since he will be the biggest obstacle in the House. Move On has a list of House reps phone numbers and Boehner contact info as well.

  49. Carla

    If the senate did come to an agreement this week, it still has to go before the house correct? Then if it did pass how long before we could expect to receive our benefits?

  50. Jim

    The Republican version also comes with the requirement of 20 hours of community service, which will deplete your huge hand out to about $200 a week, because you gotta feed the huge oil interest of the republicans. As for me?? i paid my debt to society in 1968-1971 serving in the Army of the USA, thats when men were proud, and stood together. My plan?? stop paying taxes, work for cash only, max out all my credit cards and not pay it back, buy everything out of state or on the net so i dont have to pay sales tax, and this ungrateful country can kiss me where the sun dont shine. And i whole heartedly suggest YOU do the same.

  51. tom

    How many vacations does congress get? Seems like their on vacation more days than at work its a joke people are suffering because both the democrats and reepublicans have mismanaged the economy and they cant get together on a bill when their are 3 people looking for work for every 1 job out there

  52. Mia

    What happened to the Presidential Executive orders? While nothing is decided this week they get another vacation on the dime we paid them.

  53. Need My Benefits

    Thank you Lord that this bill is passing and those who need it shall recieve the benefits….in the name of Yeshua, Amen. Period.

  54. Brian

    Take the 5 month extension! Please!
    1 of 50K vets here.
    I need this like I need water.
    Wheres my countrymen when I need them?
    I was there when you needed me.

  55. Condoe

    The democrats attempted to sway at least one more republican vote to pass this measure. Now that the republicans have their own proposal, that’s not going to happen. And Even if they received that vote, it would have been a bitter battle in the house which is republican led. The republican proposal is reasonable , but should be a six month duration instead of five. Once passed it would be acceptable to the republican dominated house, and everybody is happy!!!!!! Mr. Reid Please don’t turn this into another power struggle at the expense of the unemployed. Pass the measure.

  56. Ethel

    That’s why they can’t pass the unemployment bill it might take away from them leaving out once a month with pay for five days and more now there leaving again 2 million people with out nothing no food to feed the kids no money to pay mortgage no gas for the car to look for a job lights and heat been cut off pass the bill today

  57. charles

    their playing politics.. democrats wants to stay in control of the senate so they come up with bills that are most likely to be rejected by republicans.. they know republicans wont vote on the ui so they use that as leverage for elections and that leaves us starving looking from the sidelines…on the other hand republicans dont seem have sympathy as long as their very wealthy constituents fill their pockets for campaigns they wont care too much for public opinion.. all i really have to say is this … if they dont pass an unemployment benefit bill at all things are going to get very ugly .. you cant just aid other countries and neglect 2 million Americans this way and not suffer the consequences

  58. Liz

    After being laid off from my 13 year job and now 54 years old and college graduate, and over 500 job applications, no one is ever considering me. I am really scared and have to give up my apartment. Thanks congress.

  59. lucille young

    1 billion dollars for ukraine decided in one day but no um money for americans after 4 months.
    Today im being evicted.
    What a great country.

  60. it doesn't matter now

    For some of us its too late even if it does pass. Every thing is already gone. No home, no car, and very soon no phone… I’m still looking for work though.

  61. Ridiculous

    Is this bill retroactive? Why the battle, come on- why did it take the republicans an additional 3 months to try to come up with a solution! This pisses me off! I’m one week from having the police come into my home and put me on the streets. I can’t get any assistance, because I don’t have proof of income. This is ridiculous!

  62. Jackie

    Pass the damn bill! You people are the ones who are LAZY!! More vacations then WORK!! I don’t understand what the big deal is!! Your pay is GUARENTEED! And your work PERFORMANCE SUCKS!!! YOUR FIRED

  63. Renea

    I really think the Senate is not doing it’s part neither as stated in previous comment just to get brownie points for the upcoming elections, they not producing any results on this issue. I have not saving burrowing money to pay rent and bills. Stop making excuses and do your job and help the people of AMERICA like you do EVERY OTHER COUNTRY the USA should feel will embarrassed and ashamed this is not the DREAM COUNTRY TO LIVE IN~

  64. J Rotondo

    Senator Reid you don’t want the Republicans to pass the unemployment extension so you can hammer the republicans to help your party win in November just do the right thing.

  65. JM

    yeah….some folks got up to 99 weeks and because we lost our jobs late in 2013 all we’ll be lucky to get is 26 weeks and then not be counted as unemployed……get off your butts…you don’t need a vacation get the vote done before you go home to sit on your butt again

  66. J Rotondo

    These politicians do very little for American people when the get elected start right away working on getting reelected and don’t do their jobs what they’re sent to do.It’s time they have term limits. Like the President

  67. paul

    well i am now at my brothers house for the lights were turned off last night . He said i could stay a week then may have to find some where else to go lost my car 3 weeks ago along with my house and have but just a few $$ in my pocket at 61 i feel all hell is coming down on me .now if i did get an extension have no address for it to be sent 2 thanks alot for all your help Mr Reid and Mr Boehner .

  68. Disgusted New Yorker

    I start back work end of April after many months.
    Have suffered this whole time and winter is killer for me as I help build homes for soldiers and their familys. When winter comes work halts due to snow. I get laid off in Fall and I ran off previous claim and cant open new one. I have not got paid getting on to a extension couple weeks into December only to have congress drag their asses on this bill. Car insurance is about to not get paid, no rent, no food, and am now resorting to cash in loose pocket change I keep in jug just to eat.
    Thank the lord i don’t have children to see me so depressed losing my ass. I’m about to resort to a fast food job to get some kind of income and I have been roofing 6 years without a lay off till this year. Let’s pray to god they do something for us instead of for themselves.

  69. Jules

    A part of the Republicans proposal is that anyone who receives these benefits will have to provide 20 hours of community service, a disgrace usually saved for criminals to repay their debt to society.
    A plan on how we will return to the workforce? Really? Let’s see: Find Job, Apply for Job. Go on interview then PRAY you get it. What is so hard about that? What the hell more do they want? We don’t have a crystal ball to factor in how we will return to the workforce.

    How about we stop wasting millions on needless military “pork”, stop shipping excessive aid overseas, stop America companies from outsources too many jobs, and get a better handle of illegal immigrants hurting the job market.
    How about the Congressmen actually work to resolve this issue, before they take their 3rd or 4th vacation/recess since Christmas… These guys go on vacation, without any consideration for the millions of Americans in URGENT need of these benefits. Every day, and week that goes by without this getting done, is just more people losing their homes and apartments, having their utilities shut off, and going without meals.
    Wake up Congress. You were put into office to serve the people, not to play party politics with people’s lives.

  70. C Garofola

    There are a lot of people like me that want to work and there are no jobs out there. Why..?? Our own US companies and the rich that control them outsourced. Sent our jobs overseas. Why Greed…!!! I live in NJ and applied for a tech job in Wilkes Barre PA this week over 120 miles away. The job site I applied on gave me an update that 93 people have already applied for it. I didn’t know there were that many people in that town/city. I have worked since I was 12 years old, went back to collage at night to get a degree and now at 57 I can’t find a job!!! I have been out of work 8 months and received only 26 weeks of unemployment checks. I am currently receiving nothing…!!! Get it..!!! Nothing… And I look for work ever day and night… No Joke..!! At the current rate my savings will be gone in 3 months and I am scared of becoming homeless…. If we cant help our own then why do we give so much away to foreign countries?? I believe we should help your self, family and then your friends first. But we should also help each other…!! The main problem in this society is people are Greedy. You tell me how men with Billions of dollars sleep at night knowing there are hungry children right hear at home while their money just sits in banks gaining interest..!! Or knowing if they parted with just half they would still be filthy rich and maybe the money could go to cancer research to help find a cure… You see they don’t care if you or a love one dies from cancer or other disease as long as they have their Big Boat, Big House and Big Plane and lots of zeroes in their bank accounts……!!!! This is Nothing but GREAD…!!!!! Honestly I am ashamed to be part of this society. If you don’t see it my way just wait until you or someone you love dies from cancer. Then you will ask yourself What else Could Have Been Done..???.!!!
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  71. 10/03/2014

    It is time for a revolt. The meek shall inherit the earth. Throw out what has become the political ladder if today and open your mind to welcoming a change. What George Washington did in the past has been destroyed. What more do we have to loose after these bastards keep us at bay and throw us into hiding. Time for an uprising. Lets dethrone Barack “Hitler” Obama and regain the rights of all human inequities and see that this nation focuses to fix itself within before branching out to destroy other countries with one mans demented idea. Obama destroyed Chicago’s low income civilians and his path continued to the nation and now he is pushing to Russia. You want jobs? Throw out the tyranny known as Obamanomics and you will see change. Who has the balls to battle the America of today with the morals of what America was originally made of. The unalienable rights of Americans have been withdrawn by the Obama regime, let us start to research and plan to plant a seed that will grow America back to being a nation with hopes for all. Not just for some smooth jive talker playing on the heartstrings of desperation and ignorant ideas not properly researched.

  72. Ronnie Cutro

    Its time for the Games to Stop and its time for Democrats and Republicans to come to an agreement and help the two million plus people who desperately need the emergency benefits extension. This is America, a country thats Strong and supposed to be behind those who work Hard and have lost their job through no fault of their own. Please Extend these Benefits.

  73. GAME OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mark my words, this is going to be Cry-Baby Boehner’s un-doing.

    He needs to get help. His alcoholism is very obvious and is causing him to not think clearly. He is unable to do his job properly.

    He is going down, and will not get away with this one.

  74. mark

    this has gone on long enough too many people are hurting and losing everything while the senate goes back and forth pass it so people do not lose there housing food medication and everything else something is better than nothing

  75. Denise Morin

    They need to agree and pass this they had no problem increasing the wage 2 million americans need your help stop argueing over this and get it done

  76. 10/03/2014

    Charity begin at home.

  77. JC

    “With malice toward none; with charity for all…”
    – Abraham Lincoln

  78. 10/03/2014

    Charity begin at home

  79. Felipe Santiago

    Please help us.. How are we neglected this way?? My license has been suspended for failing to pay my insurance.. My car is a couple months behind on my payments.. I can’t move anywhere even if I tried.. especially when jobs require a valid drivers license.. Help us please..

  80. john

    i have been with out my benifits for six weeks how long do we have to strugle and worry about gas getting cut off or elec,i have droped my pay to 10 dollars hr and get told i am over qualifyed for the job i cant get help with food cause they say my wife makes to much money i need help so please stop playing games with every bodies life and pass this ps i have worked every day for 32 years please hurry

  81. kemm


  82. Kenneth J. Selwocki

    .. you want a pay for – WELL here it is., remember that 6.5Billion Dollar loss you forgave on the GM bailout – WELL GET IT BACK!

  83. 10/03/2014

    The new proposal from the Republicans is 5 month retroactive with 20 hrs of community service per week, job training while looking for employment. Say 1200.00 per month benefits divided by normal work hrs equals 6.80 per hour still to be taxed. I doubt they will try to collect the community service for the retroactive portion but I’m sure the GOP will try. We have already wasted three of those months so we are talking two months this new program would be in affect unless they are planning another extension. So for two months they are going to revamp the entire program and put 3 million people to work doing community service and monitor everyone while they are seeking employment. More waste, more stupidity, more games. Only this congress could figure out a way to spend 3 months bickering on how to save money spending more money than what was needed and accomplishing the least amount of results. The best thing the GOP congress could do when they go on the 4th recess in 90 days not counting a week or more of snow days is just stay on vacation for ever. They only work half the time anyway. We will pay them their normal wage just to do nothing because nothing is better than having these guys around trying to think. This is just plain unbelievable and sickening.

  84. mcm

    it’s all BOGUS…even IF the SENATE pass EUC the HOUSE OF REPS will DECLINE!!!

  85. Steve

    how is it possible to pass billions of dollars in aid for Russia but not agree on the way to help the people that pay for this. I am going to vote against any career politician. I hope all Americans will do the same and vote these embarrassments out of office.

  86. Bill R

    This tragedy has gone on far to long. I had no problem with the EUC phasing out, as long as the economy was truly improving on a consistent basis. The latter hasn’t happened, so how do you let a program just expire? Let alone with a minimal notice, two weeks.

    Just get it done and help those in need. It should just be reinstated, period. Then tweak it based on economic improvement.

    The people in Washington, Republican or Democrat are not missing any meals…why would those that were voted in turn there back on the citizenry?

  87. Sam Alan

    Because of this EUC stalemate, I have lost my home, been living out of my car, and eating at the soup kitchen. All during one of the coldest winters New England has seen in decades. My father died on a foreign battlefield for this?

  88. Help please

    The government would rather take week long vacations then to stay and help 2million of there own people ! They send money to other countries that could have been used three minths ago to help Americans come back to life!!! So while there at there million dollar vacation homes where ever that maybe we all sit an wait to hear what’s going on in the political game! That’s bs they are long pass die to do the right thing so please stop playing games with our lives and pass the Gd bill already enough is enough!!!

  89. Geri

    This is getting ridiculous its been 3 months
    Its time to vote now and give hard working people their unemployment benefits. People are struggling to provide for their families. Its a shame we live in America and they cant find money for unemployment but can find money for war
    Im fed up. Vote now and vote yes for unemployment extension.

  90. 10/03/2014

    Why are we giving money to countries when our own country is in such disarray. Please take the pen from Obama and get this country back to the AMERICAN PEOPLE… STOP GIVING MONEY TO OTHER COUNTRIES until WE ARE WHOLE.
    Our country needs our government officials to start working for the AMERICAN PEOPLE and not the rest of world. When our country gets strong again, we can better defend our country against terrorism, etc..
    PLEASE government officials stop thinking of your public appearance and do the right thing.

  91. Kim

    How the USA let their own people go without But always find the money for War but can’t Won’t find the money for the people born here in the USA that went out and worked and paid taxes FICA and SS but there no money for Unemployed , Where do Our money GO! The same people that have our lives in there hands Get paid from us let us vote on should they get paid for the next 5/6 months

  92. Danny

    Politicians act like fighting siblings over who gets their way. The fact that they are bickering over the difference of a month is ludicrous. The next thing an independent Senator will propose a 5 1/2 month extension.

    Stop the madness extend the benefits and move on to the next thing you will botch up. I say after the extension is exhausted find out where you local Senator lives and camp out on his or her lawn.

  93. Jennifer

    This is just one more thing they are looking to use for the reason the extension is not approved. Both parties want to flex their politic muscles, saying agree with us or else….just more BS!!! At this point I’m sure all of us unemployed Americans will be happy with the five month extension, just sign off on it so we can start getting a check!!!!!!

  94. renee gonyea

    If this does not pass WE THE PEOPLE have to gather together and send a STRONG message to both parties. I know we all have limited funds and cant travel to Washington, so how can we get there attention now? Do we resort to crime, suicide, food stamps and the streets??? No we have to all physically meet in one place at one time to get MEDIA attention. Never hear about us in the news now do ya? Any suggestions? FLASHDANCE?? WE ARE A DYING BREED

  95. Change is Needed

    You shouldn’t take advantage of the people who elected you and just play political ping pong with their lives and ignore them. Basically they are a waste of your time or a bargaining chip.

    It is our money from taxes paid when we were able to have employment and even taxes that are required to be paid from unemployment insurance checks that is filling their pockets and feeding them.

    It bothers me that they are able by the stroke of a pen, send this money to places we don’t want it to go. That they are able to mis-use it such as the 73 million in free trips the legislature took that was recently in the news.

    We are trying to survive and continue taking care of our families in the meantime. My problem is finding work that will pay enough to pay my support obligation as well as take care of myself and my wife, where we are having to decide what we can pay and cannot every month.

    Change is needed. I’m not sure how many elected officials we have to elect and then vote out before we get people that care and understand that they serve us and that we pay them from our hard earned taxes, sweat and tears.

  96. Jami

    How do they expect you to do community service 2-3 days a week? To be eligible for UI you have to have been available for work everyday that week. Doing 2-3 days of community service would have made you not available if someone had called for an interview

  97. robert

    I just went and got my voter registration every who votes no for extension in voting you out.because of you I’ve been homeless with my dogs and it hasn’t been fun.this isn’t America anymore its all about the rich

  98. Bill

    @Carla if the senate passes it goes to the house. If the house makes amendments, it goes back to the senate then back to the house. It will be weeks before you see anything if any of this goes through.

  99. 10/03/2014

    I am one of those who have been unemployed for an extended period of time but not by choice. I was laid off and have applied for well over 200 positions. I do believe my age has a lot to do with the reason I’m not being hired. Also, I’ve been told I’m over qualified or I just don’t get the courtesy of an interview at all. Please vote to extend our benefits. Take care of your citizens before you send billions to other countries. We need help here. You say you are discussing how to pay for it…how are you going to pay the billions you’ve voted to send to Ukraine?

  100. Jeff

    Just days away from administration’s deadline to extend the nation’s debt ceiling, in a private meeting, John Boehner explained to his fellow Republicans why they should cave on the debt ceiling. Boehner warned House Republicans if they didn’t pass a clean debt ceiling increase, something they didn’t like could happen — like an extension of unemployment benefits.

    Many congressional Republicans are living in a very warped world where helping those in need is a bad thing that is to be avoided at all costs.

    Help for the unemployed apparently goes against everything that the current Republican Party stands for. Boehner’s concerns on the debt ceiling are well founded.

    In short, Boehner was telling the Republicans to surrender on the debt ceiling because if they don’t, Americans who are struggling to eat and keep a roof over their heads might get some help.

  101. 10/03/2014

    Simple You can be on top of the mountain one day and be on the bottom another. I have worked very hard all my life helping other needed people now its me and my family that need a little help until I get back on my feet. Surely I will run for office so that I won’t worry about unemployment any longer.What happened to our country?

  102. Cheryl


  103. 10/03/2014

    After reading all these coments today I pray to god that congress can get the job done! the back pay I could pay rent and catch up on child support. Remember look at all the kids that parents are not receiving child support from spouses! It is a domino effect and with this harsh winter ending I will continue to look for work!! PLEASE PLEASE HELP ALL OF US OUT!!! I DIDNT ASKED TO BE LAID OFF!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  104. Jeanice

    We as a country should always help the ones in our own country first we help another. I’m not saying this to be mean, but really help the people here before you go aboard. So tired of all the politics.

  105. 10/03/2014

    After reading all these comments today I pray to god that congress can get the job done! the back pay I could pay rent and catch up on child support. Remember look at all the kids that parents are not receiving child support from spouses! It is a domino effect and with this harsh winter ending I will continue to look for work!! PLEASE PLEASE HELP ALL OF US OUT!!! I DIDNT ASKED TO BE LAID OFF!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  106. 10/03/2014

    I pray to god that congress can get the job done! the back pay I could pay rent and catch up on child support. Remember look at all the kids that parents are not receiving child support from spouses! It is a domino effect and with this harsh winter ending I will continue to look for work!! PLEASE PLEASE HELP ALL OF US OUT!!! I DIDNT ASKED TO BE LAID OFF!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  107. Cheryl

    Please please please do something soon. I’m so sick of them more concerned of disagreeing with eachother than to help out the many AMERICANS that are suffering. They don’t bat an eye when other countries need help. THIS COUNTRY NEEDS HELP NOW. I hear them saying that we are just sitting in unemployment because we are lazy. I’ve been trying to find employment and just can’t. I think they are the ones lazy. They go on their weekly vacations while we all sit here and watch out cars get repo’d, loose our houses, see our kids go hungry and cold because we can’t afford heat

  108. downandout

    They aren’t going to pass it. Time to stop entertaining false hope and act. They are all overweight, fraudulent, knuckle dragging fools. We must vote them out immediately. I haven’t eaten a descent meal in weeks. And they are driving 60,000 dollar cars too 5,000,000 dollar homes. Sickening.

  109. Mike

    This is Truly a winter of discontent for Working Americans! Pass it! We Need this! This is our Emergency! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. rfs

    Stop sending money to Arab countries and spend it at home.

  111. NoLongerARepublican

    This is so ridiculous. I am about to be evicted, holding a fire sale on craigslist to feed my family, I’m about to lose my car, the phone does not stop ringing with debt collectors trying to get money owed to them, playing “Hide n Go Seek” with the utility company so they do not turn off my power and these rich Republicans just live swimming in their selfishness. I for one have lost all respect for them. I was a republican until facing this dilemma. I had to become a casualty of war before understanding that the republicans only care for themselves or prefer to get under the skins of democrats before taking into account the welfare of the people of the United States of America.

  112. 10/03/2014

    Whatever they do is fine as long as they do something constructive….many many people are suffering as we speak….5 months is still a jump start….at least it will go and feed the poor Americans who are suffering from all of this……Amen

  113. 10/03/2014

    As I read all the above comments, tears come to my eyes. It’s very, very sad to see the USA, in such an outstanding Country in such dis-order & disqust with the order of their own people trying to survive.
    Passing the EUB, would be the difference of people loosing their housing, eating, fixing me) or loosing their car, utilities, or allowing us to CATCH-UP, and PRAY to again find a job in another such time frame.
    Good Luck & Bless us all.
    Thanks so much!!

  114. Lin

    Enjoyed reading all the comments from like minded people.
    Don’t people realize the devastating costs of long term unemployment? As Congress plays with nonsensical plans for their political agenda, I barely squeaked by with unemployment benefits. I noticed friends wonder why I was not working, lost opportunities to live the ‘American Dream’. Economic and social losses for myself and how many others?
    So to read about the ‘training’ and ‘community service’ solutions…makes me crazy! How many years since the official start of the recession? How many careers crashed or never started? Community service talk is insulting – I volunteer weekly. Training – be nice if my student loans would be forgiven, or downsized. Time – as those elected officials play politics, I notice age discrimination is a fact of life.
    I will be voting to toss out my elected representatives – those who voted no on the benefits, or hindering job creation activities, and if they vote in favor of community service.

  115. chris

    this is like dying a slow torturous death dragging on and on while they play with peoples lives and welfare. I’m getting more depressed by the hour no money for rent,phone bus fare ,gas food,obamacare. if this does not pass soon i will be homeless please vote and pass this!

  116. BOB MANTZ

    we need help now ,if we don’t get it , no more voting for me , because it just don’t matter anymore

  117. George Martin

    It amazes me that congress can pass a bill to send a billion dollars to the Ukraine in less than a day, which may be Russia soon!! Yet they can’t pass a bill to help their own citizens! They want our vote in November?? haha

  118. tim

    The power needs to come back to the people who earn the money to pay the man to do nothing but run this country deeper and deeper in debt. When do we all stand up and say this is enough. Its long been time for that. I saw an article dated January 7 2013 “Obama strongly pushing to extend euc benefits” what a joker he is and everyone else in the house.

  119. sandie henon

    The backbone of this country is hurting. Pay backs are a Bitch where I come from. Remember who put you in the position “We the People”

    You are hurting the backbone of the country….we.
    The people who put you in office

  120. jeff

    For all the people out there saying ,if this bill does not pass they will not vote,and that it does not matter anymore.
    You are wrong,your vote counts.Do NOT vote Republican so this kind of thing never happens again

  121. 10/03/2014

    Congress,these are not the normal group of unemployed who are in a transition phase or between jobs in a decent economy. They are for the most part middle aged or higher with established residences in a home or place full of their life belongings. I was in a meeting a while ago with a small group and we had a mortgage broker, realtor and banker there and the question was asked, how many people are upside down on their mortgages. They all said it was around 50 percent. Half these people can’t move or leave, if they wanted to. The last five years have chipped away at everything they have, lower wages, infrequent jobs with long lapses in between. Runaway skyrocketing healthcare with high premiums and through the roof deductibles with minimal coverage. At a time when they need it the most. Groceries 30 percent higher with half the quantity. Autos twice as old as normal. These people have worked for ever and paid more taxes at higher rates than the wealthy. For ever Americans had by far the most productive work force in the world. These aren’t deadbeats. They are supposed to be valued as the core of this countries principles. And here lies the disgrace, and that is the way our leaders have mismanaged this crises. Disconnected, Uncaring and totally self absorbed. Blowing these people up is better than the way they have methodically dismantled these dedicated citizens down a slow drawn out death spiral with permanent life consequences. All just to make the other party look incompetent for a dam vote. All of us are sick of your pathetic performance and the disgusting handling of this countries affairs and money. I have been around for a while and one thing is for sure, once these people and their families wake up and really figure out the train wreck they’ve been in and who is responsible there will be you know what to pay. The problem here is congress has completely forgotten who they work for and have created their own agenda completely away from representing the peoples welfare and the hands that put the money in their pockets to do so. You guys play so dirty being polite and tactful should no longer be an option for you. Dangling a carrot of hope in front of these poor desperate Americans without any tangible evidence of concern other that getting reelected is just plain criminal.

  122. Linda Robinson

    I agree with Renee #72! If this does not pass this week we need to all get together. Even if we can’t afford to go to DC, we need to go to our capitals or to the media. BUT, we need to set a certain date so that we all do it at the same time, there is power in numbers! If we don’t stick together they will laugh in our faces like they have been doing since Dec. 28. If by God’s grace this gets passed this week, we all still need to remember this at election time. We need to CLEAN house! We need to also push for term limits for these people. We have let the criminals in Washington push us to far this time! This is our country and we need to take it back! Like I have said several times, the only thing that gives me any peace is where it says in the Bible that it would be easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than a rich man into Heaven! God Bless America’s poor working class!

  123. Jess Martinez

    The approval is done and many will benefit that are due that assistance.

  124. 10/03/2014

    if I’m not mistaken isn’t this considered a state of emergency and a crisis so therefore money that is used to resolve this dilemma is not suppose to be offset! or paid for threw some other resource

  125. 10/03/2014

    I would love nothing more than to return to the workforce, but there are no jobs out there.
    More and more individuals are losing their jobs, to fault of their own. This business needs to be addressed and approved this week. Hopefully help is on the way!!

  126. judi

    Truly enraged!!! How do they justify the billions going that are approved for UKRAINE? Where is that money coming from? Mysteriously money appears when another country crys wolf? What’s the package plan? Why is it ok for them to approve this without letting the American people know how it is getting paid for? Why is is not even an issue, yet our tax dollars (I know me personally have paid into UI for 28 years, I need it and it’s not available? WHY? Not sure how these guys sleep at night!!! PATHETIC!

  127. fredriqa patterson

    I am writing as your constituent in the 5th Congressional district of Georgia. I support S.1845 – Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act, and am tracking it using, the free public resource website for government transparency and accountability.

    P. S.
    I don’t understand wny so many of you who worked so hard to gain my trust and vote, cannot understand what your vote on this matter means to me-where this position that you have gained may not have meant your survival; a matter of life or death. The outcome of this bill (to the positive) means just that to me.
    I don’t know any of you who would want to be unemployed, and be turned down time after time (and in most cases be qualified). I don’t know any one of you who would want to have to do without something -anything of importance or need because you don’t have it.
    I don’t know any of you who could live off of Georgia’s unemployment and still stay afloat. I don’t know of any who would wish to be in my position and be turned down for so much, job training included. I am unemployed and have been for a year. and yet WIA is not for me.. not disabled, no children etc.
    Well I have met and seen many of you at my organizations and churches and will be sure to remember you on the flip side and believe me I am and plan to be outspoken when I remind you of the vote that I needed that you so nonchalantly failed to respond to.
    Congress- For the people… please consider this a reminder-the unemployed -the needy-WE ARE THE PEOPLE.

  128. fredriqa patterson

    please delete the email information from the previous message////

  129. Howard Boone

    Don’t understand why the media hasn’t gotten involves in this… Don’t understand how congress can vote, without a hitch, to financially support other counties in their times of need but turn their backs on AMERICANS…. Some of the same Americans that voted them into office. As for our President, he sounded good in his state of the union address, but as of right now, that’s all it did was sound good… Mr. President, how bout instead of talkin bout it u BE about it…. Make an executive order and stop the suffering of so many

  130. Dina

    5 months really? I know families need it but, it should be extended until the unemployment rate goes down.

  131. JoeyB

    The Senate may get this passed, but Boehner and the house will shoot it down. People….don’t get your hopes up over this! I hope I am wrong and Boehner will surprise everyone and actually push to get this passed. The ONLY reason he would do so is because he wants it to look like, to the the voters, that Reid was solely responsible for dragging this issue on so long. It’s like a soap opera and these scumbags will do anything, even sit idly by as millions suffer and some even die, to pass the buck.

  132. JoeyB

    Honestly, I think Reid will shoot this down anyway.

  133. Robin N

    I was on my job for 18 years which was a federal contract. The government gave the contract to another company so I am out of work. Now the government has cut off my unemployment. I have a meeting with unemployment this week and they want a flash drive of my resume. I don’t have the funds to get the flash drive. I apply for at least 30 positions a week and am still unemployed. Please reinstate the unemployment.

  134. kimme

    ARE YOU SERIOUS? WOW!!!!!!!!!!
    If you can’t come up with the money to pay for emergency unemployment benefits, were will you get the funding to pay for JOB TRAINING? Surely not from us because we are BROKE. We can’t even pay for OBAMA CARE. How stupid can you get? So now you want us to do community service? So what are the convicts gonna be doing while we’re doing their jobs? Lay around and enjoy three hots and a cot. That’s what you accused us of doing. You got to be kidding me. The job training I have no problem with because I will do whatever it takes to get back on my feet but community service, REALLY. Are you trying to punish us for the predicament that you put us in? You are the ones who took our jobs away and gave them to the highest bidders across the water. We are simply asking for a hand up, not a hand out. Why should we have to beg for what is rightfully ours? If it had not been for us THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES you wouldn’t have a job now. LIARS. Is this how you take care of your people? Is this how you take care of the people families who made the ultimate sacrifice for this lousy country? YOU SHOULD ASK YOURSELF WHAT KIND OF SACRIFICES HAVE YOU MADE FOR YOUR COUNTRY? WHAT DID YOU HAVE TO GIVE UP, A LEG, ARM YOUR LIFE? NOT A DAMN THING. And this is how you repay the vets. This is what the word (S.H.A.M.E) means to me right now. SOME HAVE AND MANY EVISION.

  135. 10/03/2014

    Not only do I thank the Senate and the
    Congress, but so do the people financing my car that is about to be repossessed, the credit card people that have gotten no money from me in the past couple of months on their unsecured loans. Also thanking them are the people working at the SNAP and Medicaid offices.Not to mention the utility companies. Way to go, you really know what is best for all of us. Also has our President gone into hiding since the State Of the Union Address?

  136. Andrew B.

    So let’s get this straight. The US can offer a Billion dollar aide to Ukrainian, and offer the US citizens nothing. Wow!

  137. KIMME

    ARE YOU SERIOUS? WOW!!!!!!!!!!
    If you can’t come up with the money to pay for emergency unemployment benefits, where will you get the funding to pay for JOB TRAINING? Surely not from us because we are BROKE. We can’t even pay for OBAMA CARE. How stupid can you get? So now you want us to do community service? So what are the convicts gonna be doing while we’re doing their jobs? Lay around and enjoy three hots and a cot. That’s what you accused us of doing. You got to be kidding me. The job training I have no problem with because I will do whatever it takes to get back on my feet but community service, REALLY. Are you trying to punish us for the predicament that you put us in? You are the ones who took our jobs away and gave them to the highest bidders across the water. We are simply asking for a hand up, not a hand out. Why should we have to beg for what is rightfully ours? If it had not been for us THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES you wouldn’t have a job now. Is this how you take care of your people? Is this how you take care of the vets families who made the ultimate sacrifice for this lousy country? YOU SHOULD ASK YOURSELF WHAT KIND OF SACRIFICES HAVE YOU MADE FOR YOUR COUNTRY? WHAT DID YOU HAVE TO GIVE UP, AN ARM, LEG, YOUR LIFE? NOT A DAMN THING. And this is how you repay the vets. This is what the word (S.H.A.M.E) means to me right now. SEE HOW ANY MAN ESCAPE The raft of god.

  138. Jesse

    What ever happened to learning from history? I remember a great President once said ” a house divided by itself cannot stand” President Lincoln said that. It’s too bad we don’t have any more great people like him. It’s a dam shame. Mr. House speaker ( you know who you are) and all you republicans who thinks America is lazy, sounds like you all have the Maslow theory in your heads. That’s a shame, I know I speak for all the Hard working and honest Americans who continue to look for work and cannot find it, because of companies will not respond to our resumes or take the time out to return a simple e mail just to inform us that they found someone else who is young and dumb and will work for way less than they would pay someone in my chair who posses a Masters in science in management of organizational development. I have been looking for employment now for a year with only one interview and no other call backs. So please don’t tell me I am lazy or I don’t want to work. Put yourselfs in my shoes and walk a thousand miles, then you can judge me. We are Americans but we don’t want to help each other out. We would rather help a country with a billion dollar loan (Ukraine) last time I checked we are all Americans. Show me we are all united as one, as one nation, as nation of caring under GOD!

  139. julied

    why can’t you people get it together. Try being in our situations.It’s insane !!!!!!!!!

  140. Debbie

    This is horrible!!!! Get it together. Funding for my contract was withdrawn. I apply everyday for positions. I am 59 years old. I have no money to even put gas in my tank to go to work. I am to the point of begging on a street corner but can’t even do that. I can’t get to the cars because of my bad knees. Help a veteran keep some dignity and self respect. I had almost $2,000 built up in back claims and the unemployment office told me not to file. I am filing. I paid all my taxes all of these years. If they make all of these government officials go on a big bad 223.000 a week and then cut all of that off. see how good they do. make it so they can’t use their savings. be like us that have lost everything. I am ready to be evicted from my apartment too…..

  141. 11/03/2014

    i know it hard but the people that don’t have call back date.then 6 months is more then they need,ext. but it should be if your company don’t call u back then ext.but I know to many prople that run unployment out cus they can

  142. 11/03/2014

    good luck

  143. Colton

    Why doesn’t Obama use his executive order that he uses when he wants something. It is amazing that we always have enough to help everyone but our own.

  144. Colton

    comment #77 from Kevin is straight on and I agree with all that he says

  145. gstalino

    I am republican….but don’t understand why everybody cannot think together.

  146. gstalino

    Think and work together.

  147. gstalino

    I am republican….but don’t understand why everybody cannot think and work together.

  148. jeff

    Just wanted to add that there is no way in hell that this is the Democrats fault that this bill was not pass back in December,as the Republican want us to think.Republicans charge that Democrats do not want an agreement on the issue so they can continue to use it as a political cudgel to paint the GOP as not caring about the unemployed.Look Boehner,The Democrat’s tried to pass this bill way before this became a political issue.This is now march 10th.Who failed to pass this bill TWICE
    Democrats have preferred to act quickly to provide aid and then look to reform the program.So whose fault is it,It is time now for the Republican to stop playing the fault game and help the American people get back on there feet.BTW i was a Republican,I will never vote Republican again.Mr. President,do what you said you would do pass that executive order and stop the suffering of so many #81

  149. Boldo Tan

    Is it a glimmer of hope appearing on the horizon or it’s just another mirage that we unemployed are getting use to. Probably I’m just hallucinating just because I’ve haven’t eaten today. I just gave my food to my younger son who asked if there’s more food.

    Oh well…

  150. JoAnn Crisomia

    I wonder too where did they get money to send to Ukraine and $1Billion???
    What happened to the Americans of the United States…their own country….
    Enough is Enough…..

  151. shawn

    I guess I,m at wits end. I don’t have any kids. so I guess my suffering is only me. For those of u with families, I,m saying a prayer for u and your families. I hope your children don’t suffer too mush. as for me I,m ready to just die

  152. 11/03/2014

    I’d like three minutes with the politicians that say those that need more unemployment benefits are just “lazy.” If their bills were piling up with no money to pay them and no help on getting a job, I wonder what THEY would do. Stop letting your people down, politicians. Obama-come through like you said you would!!!

  153. ken

    get them out on the roads filling potholes not handouts

  154. Ben Brown

    Look how quick they came up with a $Billion for the Ukraine! They spend close to two hundred Billion $ per year on foreigners, but can’t find $3B for Americans?

  155. Janet Aley

    I have worked my entire life sometimes 2 jobs to support my 4 children. Now I am raising one of my grandchildren. All the jobs that I got offered while I was on unemployment were paying less than I was collecting in unemployment so I could not afford to take the jobs. I have had my bank account for four years with my paychecks and then unemployment being direct deposited. I have had more overdraft fees in the last 2 months than I ever had in my life. I can not make ends meet and had to go to the county for food stamps to feed my family. I used my tax refund to pay off a couple months of bills but the new bills are coming in now. PLEASE PLEASE EXTEND THE BENEFITS.

  156. 11/03/2014

    I hope everyone remembers these politicians when election comes around. I’m 61 years old and have worked since I was 17 and this is the first time I’ ve been on unemployment in my life. 6 months and still no job. Perhaps these senators could get the money from all these countries we’re sending our tax dollars to, most of which harbor the terrorists that we’re fighting. or, maybe they could donate some of their salaries to help the people whose jobs have been sent overseas. They still have their incomes and wouldn’t have a clue what to do if they were in our situation. We seem to send money overseas constantly to this country or that one but there’s an old saying — take care of home first!!!!

  157. Rockman

    How many high priced vacations do these jerks get? And how many days in the year do these high price jerks really work? Our taxes are paying for how many vacations a year and how many days of doing nothing at work.

    When they talk about the budget and cutting it to the bone. Where do they all start at? That’s right they start at the bottom. Cut the little guy’s hours, take away some benefits, cut his pay or just lay him off. That’s how we all got to this point right now. UNEMPLOYED!!!
    That’s their plan on how to fix the budget.

    Here’s a real plan to fix the budget. Start at the TOP this time. Those top government folks in Washington DC and all those in our States across America need their pay and benefits adjusted down to the bone. No more PAYED vacations, lunches, dinners, fuel to travel, hair cuts, clothes, maids, and full health
    care and other personal items and cash that us the TAX payers give them. Or should I say they TAKE from us American tax payers.
    That’s where the budget cut needs to start at.
    Also a big cut in wages for these folks also.

    They wants us the little folks to adjust and budget to the bone.

    Why not all the top dogs come on down and join us? Really want to cut the budget big time. It’s time for you all on the Hill to have your pay rate and benefits readjusted to the bone like ours.

  158. matt

    My heart goes out to everyone that is struggling to find work and are suffering our president left us drowning in the water and hasn’t given us a lifedraft here we are crying for us yet the president media and the news stations never talk about it I turn on cspan tonight and there talking about climate change really!r u kidding me Congress? congress cannot change the weather but they could sure as hell extend unemployment benefits. their an unemployment crisis going on right now being ignored by the president news channels and congress .I am sick and tired of the Ed show talking about the pipeline and Volkswagen rev al sharpton on the chris Christie scandol and fox news there the scum of the earth we all need to keep writing to the president Congress the news stations we need our voices to be heard write to them everyday let them heat your stories we can’t live like this all we want to do is work but need this lifeline to survive while we look for work we have to do something rally in front of capital hill they send billions overseas but have no money to help American citizens this is cruelty towards human beings this has got to stop EVERYONE please write to the president congress news station and tell them stop ignoring the longterm unemployed and extend unemployment benefits we are good American citizens that hit a speed bump in the road not criminals

  159. BOB MANTZ



    Funny, majority of the people don’t even think or care about the unemployed until they either become one of us or it is impacting a loved one. I live in the “great” state of California, the land of “beautiful” people and rich Hollywood movie stars. It is also the land of very low wages, very high rent, gas , food etc. Finding a job at all, let alone one that would pay a living wage is all but impossible, especially if you re over 40 years old. It does not matter if you have a college degree and or extensive work experience. If you don’t have any connections or know someone that can get you in for an interview, you are a**** out! The sad part is no one cares. Not even these sorry elected officials we have put in office! It is amazing to me that so many people are going without and our elected officials don’t seem to believe this issue(unemployment))should be a first priority. When you are hungry, cannot pay your bills, and in danger of loosing your home, I promise you Russia, climate change, immigration reform matters not. I can care less about these issues. Our focus is on survival! I propose we discontinue our elected officials paycheck until they reach a decision regarding the extension of unemployment benefits. I’m sure the matter would be resolved quickly!

  161. Rose

    I need help. Can’t do this much longer. I have never been in a situation like this. I am running out of options here in Oregon. People do not realize what is going on with all of us. Is it not on the news? Can’t afford T.V.

  162. jenn

    I worked for the state for 10 years and suffered a permanent injury. I was released back to work light duty and there has been no luck for me finding work. I went back to school all while collecting unemployment for about 7 months. I think this is a rotten thing what our government is doing to us. Im thankful my family ahs helped me through this but how many people don’t have help from family? I think Its time we all leave this piss poor country since we have a better chance of getting help if we move overseas! Its sad and it is the absolute truth. AMerica is not the beautiful. It disgusts me.



  164. Percival

    HARRY Reid constantly supported those of us who are professional and blue collar workers, who were laid off. This man thought about the unemploy workers, hopefully the senate doesn’t forget how they got to Washington. I hope everyone take the time to vote in all upcoming elections.

  165. 11/03/2014

    Its hard to imagine that that little of help, would put some relief on our nation but we were counting on that extension now we are in danger of not able of providing the simple necessary for our families its not too late to fix this look in your hearts not in your the eyes of God we are all equally the same, if you guys ever need us (Americans )we will give you guys whatever we have to.

  166. Ann

    Before helping others we should worry about helping our own first..They are coming to shut my gas off today.I would like to thanks all of you who drug their feet on getting the extension passed. Next is the car insurance, and without that I will no longer be able to continue looking for a job. Get it its called the domino effect. As time goes by its getting worse.

  167. oscar davis

    Well I have worked for 36 years and never needed unemployment until my company just shut down with 6 hours notice. I have been unemployed since 12 12 12 and I have gone to a tech school for 5 months and have out 113 applications and nothing. Yes unemployment should be extend or least brought back to what tier I was suppose to get. The jobs out there are few and far in between. I also think age has a lot to do with it. So not all of the unemployed are lazy and not looking for work. Cant live on 8.25 an hour

  168. Chris

    Come on people. I am 60 yrs old, I have no one to help me out, I look for a job everyday. Even applied at McDonald’s, which they almost laughed at me. I avg 15 jobs a day that I apply for, have recv’d 2 interviews in the last 5 months. Companies don’t want to hire the older people. I just got my eviction notice giving me 5 days to move out if I don’t pay my past due rent and I have been here for 21 yrs. I wonder how I will come up with that money. and where I am going to sleep. I will have to have my car towed away because it does not run, will have to sleep in it with my 2 cats. Won’t be able to shower or look for a job, because I don’t even have money for bus fare anymore, and will not have internet. which most places require you to fill out the app on line. I wonder if my senators from AZ will allow me to stay with them or sleep in their parking lots at the office. I have never been in this situation before and I am so pissssssssssssed off. I have worked my whole life, and paid my taxes and this is what happens to us. Stop giving our money to countries that hate us, and to countries that we have no business sticking our noses into their problems. Stop spending $$$ on global warming, and all the other bulls—- things, and start helping the American People. Maybe the politicians need to go out and talk to real people (wouldn’t help) and live like we do for a couple of wks. But we all know that will not happen. As long as they are fat, dumb and happy is all that matters to them.

  169. Condoe

    So this is what it comes to for Baby Boomers. An ineffective President, politically driven congress, and a suffering and shrinking middle class. The good thing I guess, is if we finally get a lump sum payment on past weeks is that we no longer will have to pay car notes, high utilities, or mortgage payments, because have lost all these things! This will come as too little, to late for many who are too old to be starting over again in life.

  170. dan


  171. Brian - Milwaukee

    Tired of rich Demoncrats ignoring the poor and whats left of the middle class. Time for all of us to show our voting power and boot them out.

  172. Ingrid Scotti

    Put Americans first. Help them get on their feet so they don’t end up homeless. Then, create jobs and provide training. Please pass the unemployment extension 2014 now!

  173. Laurie

    I wish Mr. Boener could live in my shoes for one week. My husband and I have been working since we were 15 years old to build the “American Dream” First my husband lost his job and then I lost my job. We have four children to cloth, feed, doctor and to the dentist. My kids can do no sports because we can’t afford it. We had to short sale our home and sell all the nice stuff we had collected over 35 years of working. Now they fight about where the money is coming from? No fight for the money for illegal immigrants or the foreign countries that need money. How about the senate gives up 2% of their salaries. We would have plenty of money. Try feeding a family of 5 on 400 a month. You can bet we are eating prime rib. Lot’s of pasta and drumsticks.. WE NEED HELP AND WE NEED IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. Lucy

    Did anyone notice that this new 5-month plan that the senate republicans are proposing said nothing about retroactive benefits. I don’t know about the rest of you, but if this plan is approved without retroactive benefits I’m dead in the water when it comes to my finances. Don’t be too quick to accept what Congress has in store for you. Their intention is that you accept anything. I want you to all hear a joke that was played on me. I went to apply for food stamps. Do you know the amount of food stamps given to me for a whole month? A big whopping $15. I had to literally let these people review all my finances. It was humiliating and degrading. I couldn’t even throw it back in their faces because I need all I can get at this point.

  175. 11/03/2014

    I ask all the “middle class” workers to deny working for anyone in the senate…don’t serve them at your eating establishments…don’t let them shop at your businesses …don’t clean their houses or cut their lawns…deny them everything that they constantly deny us ,the tax payer.Then they may come to their senses.

  176. orlando

    please just vote one more time

  177. Brenda

    How dare Congress take away unemployment from us! My husband is out of work not by choice but because his company and union are in disput of their contract. His fellow workers and him would rather be at work! So Thank you Congress for making us struggle day by day and for letting our credit go bad! NOT!!!!!!!!!!! LETE SEE YOU LIVE THE WAY WE ARE LIVING BECAUSE OUR LIVES DEPEND ON YOU VOTING TO SEE IF HARD WORKING AMERICANS DERSERVE THEIR UNEMPLOYMENT!

  178. Patrick Smith


  179. nancy

    this is so Sad, So many inicent americans have already loss So much while these mllionares play games with our lifes and if they do not pass this in the next couple days We can forget about it for another month or longer. Enough is Enough end the God dam Game & Help those who pay your salary’s NOT other counties, How is it you find the billions for them

  180. BARBARA

    don’t count on it, the Republicans and Democrats are play games with people lives, hopefully everyone will remember at election time

  181. Condoe

    Both Parties are playing politics with this issue. What happened to compromise, and working together in response to a common issue of the people. Both are playing the voters to win the next election, the people are just pawns caught in the middle. Don’t be deceived, this is not a party issue. the is the issue of an ineffective government that does not work. Democrats nor republicans are not without blame. Oh, and don’t forget Mr. ” I have a pen, and I have a telephone”. What a joke!

  182. Mike

    People it’s not 5 months from vote, it’s five months from Dec 28, 2013
    so, UI would once again end on May 28, 2014

    good luck

  183. Lynda

    Almost 65 years old and still looking for ANY job after 6 months. Need this extension desperately. Unfortunately, in this job market, it just takes longer than 6 months to find one.
    So, pass the extension already….We are not Welfare receipients. We have worked hard for years and just need a break.

  184. Emily

    please extend unemployment please i worked all my life and payed into it without choice please help me now

  185. shawn

    Wow! all the senate rea;;y talked about after an all night session is global warming. What does everone think about that. I,m sure its a problem, but I,m hungry now

  186. 11/03/2014

    Well I started a part-time job this week. At almost 69 yrs. old I have worked most all my life. Social Security just isn’t enough to survive on. This “new” job is like nothing I have ever done in my life. Whereas I have always worked doing office/clerical work in both construction industries & medical. Now I am standing on my feet 5 hours daily preparing & wrapping medical kit packages that would be much better for someone much younger to do. First our elected officials let me down with the unemployment being canceled. Second no one wants to hire you due to your age (although they don’t confess to that!) and then you decide to accept a less than perfect job because you need the income, but you feel like it probably will get you closer to death for all the physical labor, standing, lifting huge heavy boxes, etc….Life is just wonderful, only wish those in Congress could walk in my shoes for just a few days.

  187. Rachel

    This has got to stop. People need help now. There are no jobs, no hope for the future and yet the Politicians are still living good. They are not doing without, are they? And yet, we are finding a way to send money overseas to help other people when we cannot take care of out own, in our own country? What is wrong with this country? We have to get these Politicians out. Or better yet, they can live like the rest of us. No jobs, no money, no hope.

  188. Diane

    I hope and pray they pass this bill. My husband’s unemployment benefits ran out at the end of December. With my income, we are left with $133 for food, clothing, gas, medical prescriptions, etc. We are not young people. Both have worked all our lives, my husband being 61 years old. Everything is getting behind and we may very well lose our home. I hope reason is exercised when next they meet to consider our fate. Praying for a better outcome!

  189. Lanetta

    I have been saying for years, it’s not the president running the US. It is the people in the Senate seats. We vote on the president, and the government makes a big deal out of it. That is the only time someone knocks on my doors about voting. I wish they would knock and let me know when I can vote people out of the Senate seat????????

  190. sophia fleming

    congress please extend unemployment I don’t care if its three months five months or six months I will be losing everything and 2 million others also please please PLEASE.Have a heart

  191. sophia fleming

    Ditto to Patrick Smith

  192. 11/03/2014

    Getting laid off because of cutbacks after 17-years of service in the medical field is not something I was expecting. Also, loosing my Insurance was devastating. I am 63 years old and the only hope I had was my unemployment. How am I suppose to sign up for Obama care with no income??????? I am still looking for work and submitting resumes, now what would you suggest??????????? Try to agree this time and pass the vote for all of us that are trying to do the right thing.

  193. valdena

    We need to start rallying in the streets because no one believes we are serious we don’t want to be unemployed we want and need a job but if your an older worker it’s a little harder to find a job when employer are looking for younger workers.we want to work!!!

  194. Bo/Delaware County

    After sending notes to both the Pennsylvania Senators and to our District 7 Rep. I received a reply from both Senators but nothing from our District 7 Rep. Pat Meehan. It was stated as of December 28th 2013 73,300 people of the state of Pennsylvania ran out of EUC. It is now March. I wonder what the number would be now? I have voted Republican and I might add conservative for 32 years. Even supported the Tea Party on several issues. That will end the next time I vote. You have abandoned your people, single moms and fathers, older Pennsylvanians who have worked all their lives.
    People losing their cars, homes, food not on the table. Ladies and gentleman you should be ashamed of yourselves. I realize that 15 votes from our family does not mean alot to you, but multiply that times your initial number of 73,300 and it will add up. We as a group will go on but the power trip that you are on will end. People will not forget when voting time comes around. A concerned American.

  195. Laura

    Ok..enough congress and Mr.Obama…you certainly FOUND the money fast enough for Ukraine and Iran and Haiti and Afganistand..on and on…. now how about the American people??? we are the people who have worked hard and paid our taxes to this government and country because we live here and care….well, enough politics and ignoring…pass the us like you do other your support for US..the American people who have lost our jobs and not to our fault….help us now….

  196. 12/03/2014

    What I don’t understand is why after all this time the EUC has been in activation GOP wants to quit providing this much needed assistance now. Years and billions of dollars have been spent preventing hard working tax paying American citizens from loosing everything they own and preventing our economy from slipping into a complete depression. So just now, when we are getting hints things may be improving and we are nearing the end they want to pull the plug and let everyone go down. Its like running the Boston Marathon and getting 10 feet from the finish and just quitting. Everyone knows this can’t go on forever but what good was all the money spent for if you ‘re just going to let the boat sink when you can pilot it back to shore. No one fully understood the extent of the economic damage our county endured or how long it would take to turn things around. We saved the banking industry, the auto industry and fought two wars one I believe the longest this country has ever seen. These are unusual circumstances at best and finishing what was started will take just a little longer and that should include our own people. Six years have devastated many of our families, neighbors, and employers and we can’t go the extra distance to save them? You can’t tell me spending another 20 billion making the 80 or 100 billion? we all ready spent worth something is not a wise decision. Especially if it means preserving our own families. Its not about the money for GOP, because it still has the same stench of using our countries Men, Woman and Children as political pawns to make some meaningless statement they have conjured up. The agony of this whole thing was no exit strategy, just cut the strings let whatever happens happen and start campaigning. How reckless can you be?

  197. Sabeuc

    I can’t anymore, we sit here and take whatever they give while other countries riot for less than what is done to us. They have money for other countries but no for their own people? Don’t people realize that for every dollar given to the people here they make 2 dollars on the taxes, its disgusting to have to hear about our people..AMERICAN PEOPLE losing everything, they time has come and gone and we still sit here, like sheep

  198. tim

    what will kill the republican party come november will be the people of this country that have voted republican and lost there job to no fault of there own. and now have to see what the average joe has endured as far as i am concerned they just wrote there own death sentence. even if they push this bill threw and the way they have gone about it i guarantee my life the next president will be hillary clinton a smart and verry intelligent women that has balanced the budget verry well. no pun intended bet the house

  199. MP

    Well we hit bottom today, wiped out savings and retirement. I have people call me and tell me they saw my resume on a website then start to sell me on going back to school. I have been a nurse for thirty years..When I tell them that I CANNOT go back to school because I CANNOT afford it they hang up on me…..All I do is cry, It hurts to get out of bed in the morning. GOD DAMN IT PASS THE UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS!!!!!!!!
    I have been in the work field for a long time like all of you and have paid my taxes….FIND THE FRIGGIN MONEY AND STOP SENDING IT ALL AROUND THE WORLD AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN!!!!

  200. Jesse Peterson

    It don’t matter what we write on this blog. The Senate, Congress and any Govermental personal does not read any of our e mails. Just as long as they are working and giving each other those midnight rasies they don”t care about the American people.

  201. 12/03/2014

    I work at the baseball stadium and it’s only for home games. They also have to think about people like me who work have the year and collect partial benefits. I’m not lazy it’s hard to find a second job being a single mother of two. My oldest has a blind disability so I need to be home more in the winter for school. Now since unemployment been off it was hard this winter to pay bills and take care of them. Thank god it’s baseball season. On the next election let’s vote them out see they have to remember who voted for them to get their job. So now that they are in office and getting lots of money they forgot who put them their.

  202. 12/03/2014

    I am a single mom and have been one of the people without umemployment, my heart goes out to everyone. I think this has been a ploy from Republicans. I hope this passes this time but I think the thought was, make people suffer, then give something, and the Republicans will be the hero’s that finally approved things. Really though I don’t even care at this point as long as we get some relief. Good luck to everyone.

  203. Please

    As a Country, It seems we are always prepared to help others all over the world and I believe that is a big reason America is the wonderful country that it is. but now, we need to help many of our own!!!! PLEASE sign this Bill and help us back onto our feet

  204. Family of 5

    Its time to pass the extension of unemployment because 2 millions of families suffered can’t pay bills, apartment, mortgage, property tax, car, non stop of collection calls. It hurts more when your kids asking for “foods” because they are hungry. You can’t count your relatives or friends to support you they will ignore your phone calls that your not exists anymore. I can’t sleep at night that cause me anxiety and high blood pressure. My family health suffered too so please pass the extension instead of helping the other countries.

  205. 12/03/2014


  206. kris


  207. Kelly Smith

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    You should be ashamed you have not done more to pass Emergency Unemployment Insurance. Children are going hungry, families losing their homes. Bail out banks, but not Americans? Republicans are realizing that many of the people who were cut off are republicans who will never vote for any republican ever again. They realize for every 2 million cut off, there are millions of voting family, friends and relatives that who use to vote republican who will not again. I voted republican, for Bush who enacted the bill in 2008 and it was passed with no problem, but a black president wants the same bill passed and we get opposition.
    I will never vote republican again, neither will my republican friends. You would rather see this country go up in flames than to yield to a black president. It’s nothing but racism and the ego of White men wanting to keep the power and using innocent Americans as chess pieces. There are too many republican casualties in this war and republicans will not forget when voting time comes. I can guarantee you, if we had a white president, this would have passed in January. I say we Boycott the Republican Party! No more Republican Party, vote all Republicans out of office!
    Kelly Smith

  208. Boycott Republican Party!!!!!

    Start a movement with me to boycott the Republican Party. Write your representatives and Congress and let them know that this boycott is coming! We want a government for the people who listen to the people. Not one for corporations and special interest groups and the ultra rich!

  209. kenn

    the USA has plenty of money when it comes a conflict or a war . but will not help its people . We have been wrote off.
    They would rather send money for the people of
    Europe. And turn there backs on American family.
    (tears in the American dream )

  210. Kelly

    BOYCOTT REPUBLICANS!!! TAKE BACK THE POWER!!!! By the way, I researched and found out that for some reason the president does not have the power to sign an Executive Order to force Extended Unemployment Insurance. That’s why he hasn’t as of yet. I could be wrong in my research, so if anyone else knows differently please let me know. We have to take matters into our own hands. google “Republican Senators Emails” and email each senator that we are starting a Boycott to get rid of all Republican Politicians Movement! Hit them in thier pockets!! Give them something to think about while children in this country are going hungry and being put on the streets because their parents have been cut off. Let them think about their jobs while they are on vacation with pay!! We can do this, we need to Boycott all republicans at every voting opportunity. Also send emails to your local news station about the Boycott! We have the power! We can make them listen!

  211. Kelly

    Why aren’t any of my post being posted. Very suspicious!

  212. Shelly Pierce

    TAKE BACK THE POWER!!!! By the way, I researched and found out that for some reason the president does not have the power to sign an Executive Order to force Extended Unemployment Insurance. That’s why he hasn’t as of yet. I could be wrong in my research, so if anyone else knows differently please let me know. We have to take matters into our own hands. google “Republican Senators Emails” and email each senator that we are starting a Boycott to get rid of all Republican Politicians Movement! Hit them in thier pockets!! Give them something to think about while children in this country are going hungry and being put on the streets because their parents have been cut off. Let them think about their jobs while they are on vacation with pay!! We can do this, we need to Boycott all republicans at every voting opportunity. Also send emails to your local news station about the Boycott! We have the power! We can make them listen!

  213. steve

    Sorry folks, just got an alert, no deal struck, they now say maybe April when they get back from vacation! You know, sit here and type all you want, nothing will change until we start showing up in large groups at each capitol, draw some news coverage, until they get heat from national news, we might as well start packing our boxes. Anyone want to room share?

  214. Jackie Key

    The House and Senate have no ideal what the poor are going through, they are only worried about getting re-elected. I wish the laws were changed so no one in the House or Senate could serve more than 2 terms. Then maybe the House and Senate could agree on something’s that was good for the average Joe, and not for the billionaires who get all the tax breaks. ECU Unemployment Extensions is something that needs to happen now, not in a month.

  215. Rick

    I don’t understand all the ignorant liberals on here. The Republicans have offered them a bill to pass it. The liberals just don’t want to pay for it. Just keep printing new money our kids have to pay for in the future. They then want to use it as a political club to say Republicans don’t care. Wake up and smell the coffee people.

  216. george greasley

    Don’t count on any unemployment benefits for sometime if ever. If you think that the GOP is willing to help you on this issue, I have a bridge in the Arizona for sale. They can care less if you need said benefits or not. They are for themselves and their own needs which has been pointed out by their actions time and time again. Shutting down the government did not work, so now lets hold these benefits hostage to get what they want. Now is the time, to look at each GOP member in both the House and Senate and vote them out. Just replace the existing ones with new people. Wake up those who have become rich on the backs of the working class. By doing so, you can send a message to both those who got booted out and to those who were voted in, that we are tired of the BS. Short of doing this, things are just going to travel the road which they are on now and you don’t have a right to bitch because you had a chance to change things but chose not to.

  217. Mark Hefner

    I must have 20 job applications out right now.
    No luck. I will not roll over and play dead.I will continue to look and sell what I have to.
    Sure would be nice to have a little help from our goverment.


    The latest bill introduced passed today, however, do not celebrate or go shopping just yet. Our leaders are now on a much needed vacation! LOL!! SPRING BREAK! I rather use Spring Break than believe they actually get a break for St. Patrick’s day! But don’t worry, they will be back on March 24, 2014. This unemployment thing WILL NOT BE FIRST ON THE AGENDA! AIDE TO THE UKRAINE will be the first matter on the agenda. So, we are still looking at another 4 weeks, maybe more, if the conservative bone heads in the house decide not to pass it after all. Hopefully, we can continue to go without food and the other basic essentials for another month or so. Hopefully, you can convince your landlord, if you have not already been evicted, your auto finance company, if the car has not been repossessed, to wait just a little longer and just maybe we can make that payment! No, wait, I have a better idea, we should gather all of our bills and send them to our wonderful elected officials for payment and refer all collection calls to them as well. You may not have to worry about any phone calls since some of you may have had your phone turned off already. I have never been so disappointed in our leadership as I am now. To think the American people are not first on their agenda is horrible. Shame on you!!

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