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9th March
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Unemployment benefit news review and economic trends Update March 9, 2014:
The U.S. economy lost almost 9 million jobs during the most recent financial crisis and although the economy has been slowly recovering, not all of the lost jobs have been recovered. As of February, approximately 8 million jobs have been added back to the books which leaves the U.S. economy no better off than just prior to the economic melt down. Then, the unemployment rate was far lower than it is now at just over 4 percent. The February jobs report showed that the U.S. economy added jobs, but with the additions in January only adding up to about 130,000, the 175,000 in February did not have to increase by much to best January’s report. It should be noted that so far, the last three monthly jobs reports remain well below the average number of jobs added during the entire 2013 calendar year. If the economy is improving, why then are the job additions in 2014 much worse than the addition numbers from 2013.
The unemployment rate ticked higher as well. In January, the average unemployment rate in the U.S. posted at 6.6 percent. Last month, the unemployment rate rose higher to 6.7 percent. Again, these numbers suggest that the economic recovery process is off track, but economists and policy leaders want to gravitate toward the theory that says the winter weather is holding the economy back. If this is true, we should expected to see a job addition bonanza this spring. The unemployed of America are unlikely willing to place their hope in the weather forecast.
Jobs are needed as the numbers of long term unemployed in America grows. Last month, the number of Americans that were counted as long term unemployed for six months or more registered at approximately 3.8 million. Almost 2 million Americans in this group have exhausted their long term unemployment benefits and some have been without EUC since late December of 2013. The Senate has made multiple attempts to pass a measure to extend long term unemployment benefits to no avail. Another attempt is expected to happen this week. The plan on the table would extend unemployment benefits for the long term unemployed in America for another six months and be retroactive. The buzz for an extension push should become more intense as this week moves forward.

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  1. Deonna

    I wonder how long would it take to start receiving benefits again after being cut off at the end of December, if the plan proposed plan goes into action?

  2. Valerie Darden

    This is unbelievable, I cannot believe I have not received my well deserved unemployment since December 28th, 2013….my entire family is suffering… financially,emotionally, physically…the STRESS is horrible…Congress please put this vote back on the table and GIVE this extension immediately!

  3. Getting divorced

    My life has turned upside down since losing my job of 12 years. I send from 1-3 resumes out a week for jobs that match my background and only had 1 interview. My wife is contiplating divorce and now I feel like notjing is going good. Money is definately the issue and bills are not getting paid. I had a great paying job that not only was exciting, but paid the bills. Bad enough losing my job, but now I have not received any compensation that I workerd so hard for and am deserving of collecting. Why can we go to war with another country and then give thrm millions to rebuild, but we cannot take care of our own people that live here and have worked many hard years only to lose what we have paid into? I need stability until I can get hired. I am a solid manager in Areospace and I cannot even get a job as a manager at McDonalds, I know, I applied!! Please help reinstate the EUC now!!!

  4. Foolish Politicians

    Don’t be deceived! Although there are some good people in office who actually care, most could care less about restoring unemployment, if not for an election year. Although the Dems appear to be more for the common man… they’re not losing any sleep over it either way! Political posturing, greed, and other things run amuck at the top of all their lists, Dem or Rep. Trust in the Lord, not these fools. God bless those who are struggling during these times of lack, that YOU provide and their Faith be strengthened and attention turned to YOU rather than these mere human fat cats. Amen!

  5. Kat Coar

    @deonna they will release funds right away, so if this gets approved by Monday, you should have funds at least by Friday at the earliest

  6. Wayne Humpert

    With the republicans fighting this tooth and nail.Have they forgot that there are midterm elections this year? With the unemployed ranks growing.It seems like they are committing political suicide.See how they like it when they lose their jobs and lose their unemployment.

  7. Albert

    We need this to happen now. We are not lazy and we not looking for a hand out. Most have worked for years and to no fault of our own out of the work force. I myself have been employed since I was 16 years of age and I am now 60.
    Congress, do the right thing!!!!

  8. Raymond

    I wish that the numbers would explain more about how there are jobs being created that are only minimum wage replacing the lost jobs that brought American above the working poor status. You van not take away a 30,000 dollar a year job and replace it with a 11,000 dollar a year job and call that progress. Yes a job is a job, but for me and my family of six who depend only on my income 11,000 a year job at 40+ plus hours a week times two still is not supporting the rising cost of inflation. Plus in that theory 1 person loosing a job and taking on 2 jobs is not included in the numbers. So, the outlook is twisted and horrible. Obama is becoming the next Hitler. Making the financially weak disappear in a corner of the country only to be shunned and forgotten and tortured with the lack of human necessities till they die while looking for countries in turmoil to overrun.

  9. Betsy

    Congress is letting the American people starve,loose their homes and cars. How can we look for work now??? Why don’t the people in congress take a pay cut and use that money for UE extensions? They take a week vacation every other week! We hate politicians even more now.

  10. Melissa

    Your rite they r not going to pass it .It has been to long and they can care less about any of us .This is real people lost everything its very sad how they let down 2 million people but have money to help other countries.In the mean time me and my family are suffering something has got to give here

  11. JG

    No it’s DOA… it’s been 9 weeks already.. when will it pass June 1st? Never

  12. angel

    I’m hungry & almost homeless

  13. Annie

    I’d bet EUC would get passed if the 2 MILLION long term unemployed American WORKERS cut off from EUC on 12-28-13 all changed their voter registration affiliations to “INDEPENDENT.” That would get the attention of the GOP senators as well as Harry Reid and President Obama. We are left hanging because BOTH parties have let us down.

  14. matt

    President Obama turned his back on the long term unemployed nothing is ever said about it by the president but he’s so quick to send billions to other countries and is more concerned about raising the minimum wage for people that already have jobs while the president ignores the 2 million who are suffering due to no income and struggling to find work everyone must write to the president and tell him stop worrying about other countries and stop ignoring the 2 million american citizens who are suffering extend unemployment benefits now

  15. 09/03/2014

    It Senators acting like kids. Who’s money it is? Americans. …so pay them so they dilive in the street.

  16. 09/03/2014

    It crazy for our own Americans work for living and Our Senators are know if people were laid-off and the ones got fire because they didn’t missed a day of work losted their job because their employer.

  17. 09/03/2014

    I think they are getting ready to pass this bill they have more up dates coming in if anyone is watching everything that has to do with unemployment they know what I am talking about and before they go on another vacation someone is talking and this is like a state of emergency UNLESS YOU ARE IN OUR SHOES AND WORKED HALF YOUR LIFE DO US A FAVOR AND SHUT-UP BECAUSE IT COULD BE YOU!

  18. kemm

    2.2 million is the only the number of people who lost EU, What about there families who also depend on them? Whats the number of children who are in this nightmare. Something is really wrong with this government…. lets save the world, let the americans who worked there ass off to make a life for them self SUFFER, LOSE EVERYTHING. GO INTO MORE DEBT. .. I don’t get it.. I thought the past 25 plus years I worked I paid for this INSURANCE. “UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE.”. WELL WERE IS IT. The government is corrupt . PLEASE REMEMBER THIS . WE HAVE TO VOTE ALL OF THEM OUT.. I THINK THEY SHOULD BE THROWN IN JAIL. THIS IS A CRIME…. VOTE INDEPENDENT .. REPUBLICANS LOST ME .. AND ID LIKE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO OBAMA’S PEN AND PHONE. LIER.. DO YOU THINK HIS KIDS WERE EVER HUNGRY,OR COLD?

  19. To john and matt

    I agree with you john they are not going to pass this so toall of you who are waiting hoping praying it will pass give up they are not going to pass it. And yes Matt Obama has turned his back on us he talked a good game during his State of the Union speech about getting the unemployed their money but he hasn’t spoke about it since. He was just blowing smoke up everyone ass. They cam care less about the unemployed they have jobs they have millions so they dont care, face it they feel like if you have to work 3 fast food jobs to make ends meet then do so because they are trying to make a point if they take their time about passing it more of the long term unemployed will just go and accept any job they can het just to have some income coming in therefore the unemployed numbers will go down and that means less money they will have to put out.

  20. Peggy

    Yes where is that pen and cell phone you said you knew how to use President Obama???

  21. Samantha

    The president doesn’t have anything to do with the vote his hands are tied. When the republicans finally come to their senses Obama can sign off on it. If we vote to keep democrats in office this won’t ever happen again. We need to vote on mid term election not just for president and we will have the upper hand. Then the republicans will be jobless. THAT’S OUR PAY BACK

  22. 09/03/2014

    im not voting if they dont pass it.ive worked most of my life i dont want a hand out.i will work.youll are rich youll dont care.

  23. carey

    The Republicans now have a 5 month extention with certain criteria that needs to be addressed., submitted for vote. As we all know, those of us who are in the sinking boat of unemployment, that neither party is working to bail us out , they clearly continue to put decent hard working Americans on the back burner. Even if the bill gets passed this week it still has to clear The House who in the past were not about extending unemployment & then it goes to The President who has to sign it into law., with the current issue in Ukraine you can bet this is going to drag on longer then we need it too. Since I am one of the many of long term unemployed I am skeptical if n when this will ever come to pass. Congress, The House & The President need help the American people NOW!

  24. jack charlton

    Deonna, should the bill pass benefits would be paid within days.
    ANNIE, thank you for pointing out that it is both parties holding this up! Democrats control the senate, the GOP Congress, and Obama ummm? Glad I switches to independent,. Its not logical to blame or hate anyone single party, when all of Washington is so far removed from our founding fathers.
    I receive a daily news letter which is revealing of our today leaders, and reminds me God is in control. In Jesus we find Hope and salvation (forgiveness of our sins) those sufferings now from our Godless leaders decisions, can hold Hope in this blink of our short lives on earth, and the knowledge of eternal life,by believing Jesus is the son of God, died for our sins,and asking him to forgive our sins and be our Lord, is for an eternity…….not just the temporary short term of this life.
    God bless you all, and your families
    Jesus awaits you!!!

  25. 09/03/2014

    This is crap i had been sleeping in abandoned buildings since they did the b.s im scared i have nowhere to go and no food i have lost weight and im pregnant. Congress pls stop stressing my unborn child and me.

  26. Scott Gross

    I would not hold my breath on this passing. I have pretty much given up hope. They care more about Ukrainians than Americans.

  27. Renee Schultz

    I have worked all of my life. I have been laid off since May of last year and only collected unemployment for 26 weeks. I am a single person and have no other source of income. Any savings that I had has already run out. I am in dire jeopardy of losing my apartment since I have to go to court on the 24th for eviction proceedings because I have not been able to pay. This really isn’t fair. I have tried to find a job. I feel that because of my age is the reason that I am being told that I am over qualified for jobs. I’m sorry that I wasn’t some person that decided to drop out of school and not get an education. I did go to school, I went to college, I have a degree, I had a good job, now I have none….I walked into the social security administration with my son who is going into the Army. While we were there, one of the employees begins to explain to people why she is an Obama supporter…he made it possible for her to be able to have a job since she hadn’t been here that long from Mexico. Wow!!! An illegal alien has a job in AMERICA and American citizens are left begging for unemployment that they actually worked and paid into.

  28. matt

    Ummm this still has to be passed by the house after the Senate. See some of you don’t really know to much about grade school social studies.

  29. K

    They going to pass it when they ready to and I believe they ready to.this is the government of world they all evil not vote anymore I dont care if they do pass it or not bcos they damage people life already they can help Iwish i get money and move to different country.

  30. Mike

    Yea, I have a job. It’s based on commission and I haven’t got a paycheck in 4 months because I am training. Should get one soon but as the child support debt racks up so does everything else. Pleas let this pass so I don’t lose my mind, my credit, and my house.

  31. 10/03/2014


  32. BeaTru

    I am so sick of the blanket statement of we don’t need more UE we need jobs so we will create jobs for you vs the UE. Well, trust the amount of UE provided in SC is not much, but it was the difference between, lights AND rent, or Gas in the car to go to interviews when they call. I had a GOOD paying job, and a Savings, and its all gone now, I have applied to jobs in my field and to Wal-Mart, and guess what no calls. If you are on UE that means you lost your job to no fault of your own, its not wel-fare and I am tired of people acting like it is. I have worked since I was 17 years old and I now have a family with 2 YOUNG children with an education, I have had to go to the Food Bank to help supplement food, because you can’t get any other assistance as long as the “EUC” subject is still up for debate, so nothing since the first week in Jan is ridiculous. If we can give millions of dollars to “rebuild” someone else country, then I need you to find something to help me until you can create those jobs, that you say you are going to make, and I don’t mean 12.00 and hour jobs either.

  33. nicole

    Well I pretty much give up but imma still hold my head up high! I really do hope they pass this bill lord knows I’m trying sold everything to pay bills some of u blessed to have family. I’m just one of those that was dropped on earth with no help at all. We Winning i encourage u ppl to stay in the fight no matter what! N to those that’s allowing this to wreck ur marriage u all u got money is the rule of all evil. I have no hate in my heart towards Republicans or Democrats I hope they realize what goes around comes back! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  34. K

    Me too I hope they pass it my car insurance is due the registration expire no money for rent and I have 4month baby.I work all my life and is not my fault is company that lay me off.

  35. bill

    even if this is passed in the senate,say this week,it must then be passed in a republican controlled house before it reaches the presidents desk.this is still a long way away many cases the damage is done and retroactive benefits will only provide a shovel to start digging out of the massive hole the republican party has left us in.

  36. Sandra Vallerga

    Cutting off Unemployment Insurance, is the most inhumane, injustice, cruel, thing that could be done to the American people, that are struggling just to eat and keep a roof over their heads. People that have worked and worked hard and PAY their taxes, should not be put in this position with one of the richest nations in the world. People are suffering, losing their homes/apts, selling their belongings to get a few dollars, going on public assistance to get food stamps. What the big joke is THERE ARE ABSOLUELY NO GOOD JOBS OUT THERE…NONE AT ALL. Prices go up on everything and so many people do not have $10.00 to their names. The people in congress, your senators governors, the President, don’t give a rats rear about the little people, they have good food, a terrific salary, a warm bed o sleep in and yet its the little people that are the back-bone of this country. They let this drag on and on and just don’t care. They should take some of their big time salaries and donate it to help feed the hungry. The money is there, people are taxed beyond indurance, and are sick of being taxed to death. They give billions to help those in need in other countries but refuse to take care of their own.
    What is wrong with this picture???

  37. Melissa

    I am really hoping that there is an extension as my car insurance bill has to to be paid in like 5 days. Like a lot of you I have 3 children I have applied to many many jobs got a few interviews and the weird thing is that all the jobs I have applied to show up on my e-mail as a new job which leads me to believe that these jobs are not really available I receive anywhere between 40-50 job postings daily I apply for all that I am qualified for and no calls. Also, like most of you I have used every resource I had to just get by I suffer from depression to begin with but after my unemployment was stopped and my children started taking a few crackers for a lunch it broke my heart and I tried to end my life I figured that I Caint help them alive but if I were dead at least they would get that money and wouldn’t have to go hungry I have since got help and I am trying to think that something good has to happen I just wish it was sooner than later.

  38. 10/03/2014

    Very dad time in amercia when our government has money for foreign countries and not to help the unemployed. Now of our leaders are worth a dam and believe me my vote and votes of my family and friends feel the same. They need to pass this now and stop messing around with their political crap. Thats all this is really about they forgot the people a long time ago.

  39. nicole

    We well make it some how! Same thing with me layed off. Just know troubles dnt last our ways! PASS THE BILL PLEASE!

  40. Annita

    WHY can the government NOT worry about finding the funding to send overseas but stall and procrastinate about finding money to pay our own citizens who are struggling for survival. Seriously it tells me all I need to know about who is more important to our “hired” civil servants!!! They are VERY well taken care of and that’s allthey care about. Well they do obviously care about sending America’s money to countries that HATE the United States and those millions and billions are sent within days!!! I hope karma catches up with my former party (Republicans). Walk in our shoes for a week. You couldn’t handle it!! Just remember, since it seems forgotten, that you can’t qualify for unemployment unless you’ve WORKED and earned it. They act like all of us now employed have never worked and are just a bunch of parasites.

  41. lek

    If these politicians does not pass this UEB by this week we as AMERICAN should protest on the street, maybe some how they can hear us better. My friend just got kicked out from their house because of all these. Our government has been helping other countries, how come our own government can’t help its own people? It’s so unbelievable!!!

  42. LEK


  43. ione915

    I lost my job in March of last year. I have looked for work everyday I have sent out hundreds of resume. I’ve only had three interviews. I’ve worked since I was 17 years old. I am the mother of four children two of which are still at home. I received a lease agreement with my landlord only 3 more months. The only other job that I have then offered is in Atlanta which will cause me to have to move from my hometown of Chicago. I will be leaving behind everything and everyone that I know. No support system in place. What am I to do with my 7 year old after school. What am I to do with my 7 year old??? Please renew emergency unemployment. I don’t want to have to go on aid. I would have to work 3 minimum wage jobs just to pay $1000 I pay for rent…smdh. the government gave methe middle finger 12/28….

  44. 10/03/2014


  45. shontesica

    Look how we are all complaining on here, stick to all yoy are saying when its time to vote……forget waiting to protest no lets start protesting today so your voices can be heard….thats one issue here….we wait in them to handle everything lets protest to make this listen and rush them into making a decision

  46. shontesica

    Omg typos but meant stick to what you are saying and near the end of statement meant protest and make them listen

  47. Deonna

    @Kat @Jack thank you. Hopefully we will find all find out early within the week. Have a great day everyone!

  48. PedroM

    I’ve been out of work since July of 2013 so I can relate to what everyone is going through trust me. I also agree 100% about how useless and self-serving these politicians are. That said, it hurts my eyes to read many of these comments on here. It’s no wonder many of you can’t find a job, my lord. The education level in this country has gone down the tubes to 3rd world level. My 10 year old has better command of grammar and the English language, and we’re immigrants! Wow.

  49. Kate

    Unfortunately, we all are in the same boat. We all are hurting. Most of us have skills and have worked most of our lives. I could sure use the back pay, but in the meantime I not only went out to look for work, I found work at home jobs. One is for sales, and the other tech support. Not an easy thing, but it does make up for the loss of the euc. And in hard work it should go over and beyond that and is a good career. So try looking for some legit work at home jobs. They are out there, you just need a computer, a phone and headsets. Good luck

  50. Erik Stewart

    As an African American citizen who voted for Obama, I am extremely disappointed in his lack of vocal support and political positioning regarding EUC. Speeches about raising the minimum wage, and being an active proponent of EUC is the apples to oranges analogy. EUC is immediate, the minimum wage increase is long term, at best. Win the battle, then the war.

    Obama is a politician who continuously speaks of his door to door efforts in Chicago’s wards to familiarize and galvanize votes for socio-economic change. Here, and now, is where he should be pounding the issue of EUC, as EUC is a door to door factor in the lives of 2+ million (and growing) Americans, and their families — as well as the community businesses.

    The politicians rely on the American belief in the democratic voting process, regardless of its past, present and future failings as it serves to (1) Provide time between elections to assuage and camouflage the past, present and future failings of political processes, and (2) The stupefying belief in the American vote prevents demonstrations in the streets, eg, Europe, Philipines, Greece, etc., that would damage the US political-economic compass.

    The Occupy Wall Street movement was the closet action toward addressing the economic inequalities in America, and the police action (political, legal, health agencies) that strangled its growth was media savy.

    The midterm elections are too far away, electronic petitions are ignored, public rallies are too isolated, media abandonment is obvious…the power lies in the students of America’s colleges and universities, it always has, always will. If the students of America take up the issue…we win!

  51. can't believe

    I truly believe that the only reason the President has not signed an EO is to get expose the Republican party. They voted down the extension twice and just the mention of EO sends the GOP on a frenzy. Hopefully if they don’t pass it this week he’ll keep his promise and use his pen. I’ve had to give up my car so I can’t go on job interviews and I’m having to give up my apartment but God!!

  52. Richard shaw

    I’m confused, We get mad and help other countrys when a dictator goes in power and punishes and kills people. How is what john boehner Any different. He sits there saying HE WILL NOT ALLOW A VOTE ON EUC.WATCHES OVER 3MILLON PEOPLE SUFFER AND LAUGHS. where is democracy. He will let this bill die in the house and he doesn’t give a xxit
    Then he has the nerve to send out a happy mother’s day email. What a 2 faced pxixk.

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