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8th March
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Today’s Unemployment Benefit News, Extension Update and Market News Review today March 8, 2014:
Millions of Americans that are unemployed and still waiting for an unemployment benefit extension looked to the monthly jobs report to gain additional insight into the employment crisis. Some policy leaders look for an emerging and recovering U.S. economy to absorb the unemployed and ultimately minimize the number of Americans in need of EUC. The February jobs report posted last session and the data sent mixed messages. Job additions moved higher, but so did the nation’s average unemployment rate.
According to the report, hiring picked up again last month. Job additions have ticked higher over the last three monthly job reports, but it should be noted that December job additions only totaled 84,000 which was well below expected levels, and well below any monthly report in all of 2013. The Department of Labor relayed that job additions in February totaled approximately 175,000 which was better than what most economists were expecting by about 25,000. Since economists had been expecting weaker numbers due to the recently harsh winter weather, the data was pleasantly received. The notion now exists that the February jobs numbers were positive despite the recently harsh winter weather. The implication is that the economic recovery process is full steam ahead. This could hurt the potential that policy leaders will vote to extend long term unemployment.
Right now, the number of long term unemployed remains high in the U.S. Approximately 3.8 million Americans have been unemployed for six months or more. Many of these individuals have been unemployed without EUC since December 28, 2013. The Senate will consider another extension during the latter half of next week.

Genny Germano


  1. John Dyson

    The GOP hopefully realizes that they are losing approx. 4Million votes for an entire generation!!! (simple, but good calculation: 2Million lost benefits * approx. 5 people affected * 30% were GOP.) The other side effects due to word of mouth/etc, 4million lost votes GENERATIONALLY is the cost. That is bigger than the entire top 1% bigwigs. It is sickening to see money go overseas where it will not cycle through our economy, but PRACTICALLY 100% of the unemployment benefits will help our economy. SO MUCH FOR GOP TRYING TO CREATE HATE AGAINST OBAMA, THE GOP IS DESTROYING ITSELF FOR A FULL GENERATION!!!

  2. 10/03/2014

    Sick IM scared worried frustrated an alone who has our backs well I now know it’s not the government there is no more we the people… How do you do what your doing to us an sleep at night…. Are you soulless you must be… I actually feel as if we are your twentieth century leppers you want us to all just go away outa sight outa mind right?…. Well if you all keep us from what we should have without having to fight blog an lose all things… Dnt worry you’ll win by suicides…. We can’t live… God help all of you…

  3. Carolyn Ciarlante

    First I want to say we all paid our taxes over the years and lots of unemployed people benefited and I’m glad for them, but the world is a far worse place sad to say. Many people in our country get some kind of benefits and never worked a day or paid any taxes. This is a disgrace that we have families not being able to feed there children, pay there bills in this country. What is the future for our children and our grandchildren. Give us jobs and you can keep your money who ever the hell it belongs too. This is only a fix but these people need it. While you guys are all having a power struggle we need our unemployment and we need jobs, hello is anybody listening to all these people.

  4. confussed

    I was born in this country, i pay my taxes and worked hard for my family and everything i have and the republicans call me lazy because i lost my job and i am having problems like most finding another, so they cut me off of the money i worked my whole life for, they say they cant afford me. But we have people on welfare who never worked, live off the system and refuse to be part of the working class and theres money for them, they have plenty of funds for the welfare and we r lazy, the ones who worked so that there would be a welfare program, and yet they cut us off and alow us to loose what we worked for. I know this isnt bout welfare or who deserves it, i am just saying there is something wrong and we need to do something about it, we need to clean house and bring in those who will help us,election day will be here before they know it, i think its time we give the other men and women a chance too fill those seats cause these ones have proven nothing……

  5. Luchia

    AGAIN, BY OUR VOTES. EVERYONE NEEDS TO NOT FORGET WHAT THEY DID TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#TAKE THIS SERIOUS AND LEARN CONGRESS BEFORE YOU VOTE.

  6. Jamie

    None of these people give a crap about the unemployed. Democrats act like they care because they use it as their canvass to gain vote on issues with minorities, veterans, women, & the unemployed. The republicans want to cut..cut..and cut…spending…unless they are proposing foreign policy benifits. Then you have endless finger pointing like 3 year olds on a play ground. It’s on and on… how pathetic! If the unemployed waited for them to act & actually pass these benefits people would die of starvation. I’m so tired & sickened by our “leaders” because no party seems to be better than the other in my eyes. They’re both full of crap. What a joke these people are. I pray for the state of our country every day because it’s going to hell. The republicans just want to make things as difficult as possible because we have a black president & decide not to show up for work…(hmmm) which is adding to the mess if not making it worse. Regardless if it’s admitted to or not!. What are we teaching our children because regardless of past democratic presidents long term unemployment benefits have always been extended.
    Keep the faith & trust that God will come through because I just read every single comment with tears in my eyes and have said a prayer for every single one of you.

  7. Angry American

    I truly hope all Americans are paying attention to the crisis happening in our own backyards. This isnt President Obama’s fault, the blame should squarely be placed on every republicans shoulders who voted against first, the budget which shut down congress and now emergency unemployment. If you aren’t affected, you either know someone who is, and can attest to the hardships it has caused middle class citizens to become even more destitute. PLEASE VOTE THESE REPUBLICANS OUT OF OFFICE AND SEND A CLEAR MESSAGE MESSAGE TO CONGRESS THAT THEY WORK FOR US! I HAVE WORKED OVER 30 YEARS AND HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO UNEMPLOYMENT AS DID EVERY WORKING CITIZEN, WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO RELINQUISH OUR VERY OWN FUNDS WHEN HARDSHIP OF FINDING A NEW JOB ARISES., THAT IS WHY UNEMPLOYMENT WAS PUT IN PLACE FOR THAT VERY REASON!! LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD IN THE NEXT UPCOMING ELECTION!!

  8. 10/03/2014

    PLEASE HELP ME FEED MY CHILDREN…would be nice to sit with my KIDS to eat..single mom…

  9. 10/03/2014

    LET MY KIDS EAT::AND To have lunches when they go to school..THANK YOU::

  10. rusty nails

    Im just plain hungry, no more cup of noodles!!

  11. Barry

    They need to live on $100 for the rest of the week until payday. How do you put gas in your car and buy groceries to last a week? They have no clue what families are going through and how it’s tearing them apart. They have savings, they are not middle class where families can not afford to help each other. My wife worked 18 years and

  12. Barry

    They need to live on $100 for the rest of the week until payday. How do you put gas in your car and buy groceries to last a week? They have no clue what families are going through and how it’s tearing them apart. They have savings, they are not middle class where families can not afford to help each other. My wife worked 18 years and paid more into the system than she wil ever receive. Has the school ever told them they need to get their son new shoes without holes or he cannot go on a field trip? That have no idea on what’s going to happen to the economy.

  13. perry staley

    I feel everyone’s pain I to am hoping for an extention, unlike y’all I am able to do little jobs for family I have a huge family, but the money I can definitely use as the past few month’s have put some bills in the no pay stack I pray we all will prevail in the end, here’s something to think about though and seriously come election time, wait first think of all we have tried, and still nothing has changed nothing but a bunch of lying crooks reside in our White House, its time to turn the page and try something different lets give the keys to some new people I am positive they cant do worse than the criminals we already have running this country I am positive they will prove to be beneficial to our country yes I am talking about the tea party what do we have to loose at this point I don’t trust the Republicans or the Democrats any more want change I will guarantee this will change the way the R and D are playing games and we will have our country back

  14. carstella

    help feed my family.

  15. jon

    It’s a shame Senate wasted another day talking about climate change.The long term unemployed are once again forgotten. Why can’t they get this done? Well the way I see it as of now is political games so the mid term elections are swayed by this. If Harry Reid and the other Democrats wanted to help than they would bring this bill to the floor now. The Republicans have a bill that will extend it for 5 months. They say it’s paid for with pension smoothing. It’s laughable because the democratic bill last Month had the same pay for “pension smoothing” but they voted it down. But now with the 2 bills there and if Democrats really want to help than get these bills on the floor debate them and vote either way it’s a win and no one will care they just need help now. Also it needs to pass the House before coming back to Senate for final passage. Guess what Senate and the house are off next week. And there are 3 days of business left this week… So how is a climate change debate more important than the 2 million people that are in need of immediate help? Pass the damn bill then after the week vacation debate on climate change. These senators need to be flooded with calls every day all day it’s time to rally in Washington and take a stand against these time wasting idiots. 2 plus million unemployed people on the steps at the capital building might get some action or finally some media coverage.

  16. 11/03/2014

    Please make the decision soon!!! I have someone that lives me suffering with out benefits and its killing me because im going thru the suffering too by him not getting these benefits is putting a strain on everyone thats in the family!!! come on there millions more families in this situation please do the right thing and get this bill passed!!!

  17. shannon

    As of tomorrow I will not have my house payment and I was just 10mo. shy of paying it off, I have worked since I was 15 and have been unable to find a job since I lost mine a year ago. This was the first time I ever filed for UE.I can’t sleep for all the worry since I lost my UEI and if I didn’t have 5 children depending on me I would end it now. I’m in tears as I type this, so tomorrow i’m applying for welfare and I am so ashamed, not lazy. Even my 18 year old daughter can’t find a job and it would be her first. Glad I didn’t vote for Obama, one less kick in the teeth, wish I could say the same for my dignity…..

  18. lillie

    Do not fret because of evil men those who do wrong for like the grass they will soon wither .Delight yourself in the lord he will give you the desires of your not fret when men succeed in their ways when they carry out their wicked schemes. for evil men will be cut off. the wicked will perish.

  19. Rosa Delgado

    Our families are suffering for the reason that we don’t have our Unemployment benefets. The president of the united stated and the Republicans they have there table serve.. I wonder went there eating if they realized how many AMERICANS don’t have nothing in there table to eat. MR. President I voted for you! But as of right now I really do recreated.. open your ayes you have families like us.

  20. DJ

    Why Severe Weather Made Little Mark on US Hiring

    Last month’s harsh winter weather cut across the U.S. economy, closing factories, canceling flights and keeping shoppers home.

    Employers, though, kept hiring. They added 175,000 jobs in February, the government said Friday, far more than in December and January.

    So why didn’t the weather put job growth in a deep freeze?

    Mainly because of how the government counts company payrolls. The Labor Department calculates jobs by asking companies how many people they employed during the pay period that includes the 12th day of the month.

    If a company’s pay period is, say, every two weeks or twice a month, a staffer who worked just one day during that period would be counted as employed.

    Take Junkluggers, a New York City junk removal company. Josh Cohen, the founder and CEO, says a snowstorm forced him to shut down for six full days in February. It cost his company an estimated $15,000 to $20,000 in lost revenue. Roughly 45 hourly workers went without pay.

    But Junkluggers pays its employees twice a month. So anyone who logged any hours during that time would have been counted as employed.

    Cohen thinks the severe weather will actually lead to increased business this spring as some customers call him for jobs that were delayed by the weather. Business typically rebounds solidly in spring after a tough winter, Cohen says. He plans to double his staff to about 120 by May.

    Economists, too, expect most hiring disruptions to be made up in coming months, resulting in further job growth.

    That’s the message from Patrice Rice, CEO of a recruiting firm based in Dunkirk, Md., who says the weather was a big headache last month. Her firm, with 30 offices nationwide, places executives, managers and chefs for restaurant and hotel chains such as Ruby Tuesday’s, Chipotle, Applebee’s and Marriott.

    Snowstorms caused interviews to be postponed and delayed the completion of new restaurants, she says. That, in turn, delayed hiring at those sites. Overall, Rice thinks the number of people her company placed in jobs fell about 22 percent in February from its monthly average.

    “You had somebody set up for an interview, and then the weather comes in, the interviews were canceled,” she says. “People don’t want to drive for days, because they’re not used to the snow in Dallas and Atlanta.”

    Many Southern states were hit by much more severe winter weather than usual. About 700,000 customers lost power in the Southeast.

    Still, Rice says the restaurant business is doing well, and she expects her business to recover strongly as job openings delayed by severe weather are filled.

    And many companies, like Cleveland-based OnShift, plan their hiring over weeks and months, so aren’t much affected by weather. Mark Woodka, CEO of OnShift, has added 14 employees to his Cleveland-based software company this year, bringing its total staff to 74.

    Woodka expects to add 11 more by May. The company’s software helps nursing homes, assisted living facilities and home health care firms manage and schedule their employees. They are hiring salespeople, software engineers and managers.

    “We’ve been growing quickly, and our products are in demand,” he says.

  21. too much mess

    It is obvious that the more we complain, the voting weeks get longer and longer. The republicans don’t have any relatives that are going through. I’ve worked 44 years, I’m not lazy, and I haven’t been unemployed in 25 years. I have my own place and I walk in integrity. REALLY..Are we asking the republicans to cut a check from their personal account? There are plenty of us that are not use to taking handouts, and begging to get what we’ve worked hard for. Please stop judging, and do what’s right. You will not always be on top, and doing ok for yourself. Take it from us. We are not putting you down, we just don’t feel it’s fair to be treated like slaves beat down by you because you are throwing your weight around and abusing your authority. God bless us all, no matter what….he had the final say. And you will experience that dreadful day if you continue to mistreat God’s people.

  22. Jacqueline


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