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7th March
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Unemployment Benefit Update and jobless claims data review today March 6, 2014:
The U.S. economic recovery process received a shimmer of good news last session when the Labor Department reported on first time jobless claims. According to the report, the number of Americans making application for first time jobless claims fell back in the most recent week by approximately 26,000 to 323,000. This decrease was better than expected and represented the lowest figure for jobless claims in three months.

This data comes just after the private job additions report showed that layoffs eased in the last month. The positively skewed job and unemployment claims data could encourage some policy makers to lean away from another unemployment benefit extension. Almost 2 million Americans are unemployed without long term emergency compensation as the Senate prepares to vote on an EUC extension once again. Unfortunately, the vote in the Senate will not happen until next week. Once again, the bad weather is being blamed on a tightly packed Senate schedule that overflows into next week.

Senate majority leader Harry Reid reiterated that he will tirelessly work towards finding enough Senate votes to pass a six month unemployment benefit extension plan. A spokesperson for Reid recently shared that the vote will most likely happen during the latter half of next week. Reportedly, the six month extension plan will be paid for, in part, by savings acquired via the Farm Bill savings. Americans unemployed hold onto some hope that after multiple failed attempts to pass an unemployment measure through the Senate, next week’s attempt will be successful.

Genny Germano


  1. 07/03/2014

    This is long overdue,I pray that it doesn’t continue to drag on,people are in great need of some relief! Please pass soon for all that are in need of some relief. This is in regards to the unemployment benefit extension.

  2. 07/03/2014

    we need to pass this immediately,people are loosing everything they worked for just to survive.we need a little more time to find a qualifying job.

  3. Vickie

    So many AMERICANS are no longer counted. Makes economic recovery by the numbers look rosey.

    How many homeless people did you see in your community today?

    How many friends, neighbors and family members have been affected by the economic recession our senators and representatives refuse to acknowledge?

    President Obama, why are you turning your back on 2 million people?

  4. jay

    Please pass the bill…im hungry

  5. Lucy

    How much more can we endure? People are getting desperate. How is it that we can keep providing aid to other countries and our taxpayers are becoming homeless and starving.

  6. Lisa

    @ Vickiei this has nothing to do with President Obama or the Democrats!! please google unemployment insurance extension and the Republican Party you will find the culprits who are keeping Americans struggling and financially desparate!

  7. Ronald l brame

    after 12 years employment with resources for human development they did some restructer I was let go would be there today this unfair now left with know means of support thaks american

  8. Janice

    We need help! 58, single, not a lot of marketable skills, not many jobs to apply to, one job for sometime hundreds of applicants, lost my rent, lost my car, living with friends and family. Need money for food and gas in friends car.

  9. Rick

    I am a Republican. I am ashamed at the way the gop is acting. Or should i say not acting! Please pass
    The Emergency Unemployment insurance extension.
    There are millions of Americans that need help now!

  10. Amanda

    Please extend the EUC. We need to keep a phone number for a job to call us. We need to have clean clothes. Which is impossible with out water and gas in our home. A mother went without gas during the winter because her unemployment was stopped but her son fought for the same country. I believe this is still a issue bc those in office are not imagining what it would feel like if it was them. They are not worried bc they have income coming in. I pray that God allows for them to extend EUC. It is important and needed to find a job. Everyone doesn’t get income taxes. We are losing transportation, security, and all resources. Which make it impossible to get a job.

  11. Joel Arendale

    Democrats and Republicans, GET IT DONE, pass the Unemployment benefits bill. Enough is enough, there are millions of families dependent on you. Do not let them lose everything, do not let them “lose it”, enough madness already, out there.
    The “good” jobs number report is because 2 Million individuals have been erased from the unemployed count since end of December this past year, this brought the unemployment rate down, it’s not because a lot of jobs have been created and a lot of people is back to work. You know that, Media, please do not deceive the masses by distorting this fact, be benevolent, show people the real picture. Thanks for being good Human beings.
    All the laid-off people need is just some more time to land a job. These few more months make a HUGE difference in their lives and not only, in our American economy. It helps preserve and create jobs. For real! Congress, stop the games, GET IT DONE NOW!

  12. mark

    Please pass this bill, my families lives depends on it. We can’t wait any longer. Do Republicans have a heart? If they do then this would had passed in December.

  13. Derrick Hill

    Republicans are working hard to pass help for Ukraine but they don’t work this hard to help the AMERICAN citizens…….I’m so fed up with this 113th Congress

  14. Bob Interi

    Democrats aren’t pushing the bill as it makes the Republicans look bad AND moves more people to “Obama Care”.

    Republicans won’t pass it out of spite!

    BTW I e-mailed every Republican Senator who voted against or failed to vote on the bill in February regarding the number of Vets affected. NOT ONE ANSWERED THE QUESTION! Senator Cruz (Texas) was in fact the only one to respond.

  15. Kathy P

    As I look back and recognize the huge loss I have sustained this past year, job, home, belongings, nothing left, have aggressively been trying to find work however, age I am sure plays a factor as well. To have worked all your life and end of with nothing is beyond words. People will have to start resorting to assistance for food, shelter, etc. which is also going to drain the system. No options left but to do so if things don’t changer very quickly. Please help!!!!!!

  16. Nancy

    Help us who are desperately needing help. Don’t abandon us. Pass the EUC extension without any more delay.

  17. Dale

    This is hilarious. They may vote sometime late next week? They have absolutely no sense of urgency when it comes to their own American people. But our government doesn’t blink an eye on giving foreign countries billions or spending money on their own senseless expenses. And as everything else our President has just put this item on the back burner since it doesn’t highlight him anymore..Sad, Sad, Sad

  18. Kenneth Lawler

    I hope all these senators rot in hell

  19. Vinny

    It is shameful that Congress has turned a deaf ear to the plight of the long term unemployed. I am one of the 2 million people affected by this lack of action. I cannot live on what I receive from unemployment but it helps pay some bills as I watch my savings quickly dwindle down. Every single cent goes right back into the economy. Don’t they get that?



  21. Satta S

    “Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reaps”
    He who knows how to do the right thing and do it not, to
    God it is a sin. Republican Leaders who are opposing
    to EU, remember this could hurt you in the future.

  22. Bonita

    Hence the term EMERGENCY ………All I can do is SMH and continue to press on searching for a job . It feels like we dont matter . God please bless our country and all of those politicians who has us at thier mercy .

  23. D Bannister

    Now does this make any sense at all? Congress can fund $400 Billion for a plane that can’t fly in cloudy weather and its weapon systems don’t work. $1.2 Billion to Afghanistan and the money is either stolen or miss used. But the GOP squabbles over $12 Billion in emergency aid to help desperate unemployed American families. For all of the sanctimonious Republicans filibustering the 2014 Unemployment Extension, read this: Luke 10:25-37. God Bless!

  24. Eric

    Illinois residents and all others calnall his DC office choose option #3 and speak with a staffer sharing a short message of disappointment in Sen. Mark Kirks votes against the extensions.

    202-224 2854

    Here is a short commercial on the issue.

  25. Peter

    The U.S. is an Embarrassment….these republicans should be banished to some medieval island and forced to eat only Ramen noodles and get continuous calls from bill collectors…..never EVER VOTE FOR A REPUBLICAN>>>They truly suck!!!

  26. Kenneth Kasian

    Its funny how they are haggling over one month of benefits now when they had no problem sending money to the Ukraine or Afghanistan. What a bunch of morons I would love to see them have to live off the system they control. I used to think our political system was good when I was young and dumb. But now that I am older I realized its just a dog and pony show of power and greed. The republicans are morons, they have no clue they are dissing millions of people who vote and very soon they will be hanging on by a thread. Independent vote enough is enough.

  27. Ortiz, R

    The sad thing to read for someone like… me who has made over $50,000 for 10 years in a row, and now is unemployed; being blamed of lazy [on top of a plethora of name calling] that specially comes from Republicans[ who I suppose] are employed.

    In fact, by me making that amount of money a year [after investing in my education with the same government] and earning multiple times per hour above the minimum wage for the last 10 years, I have contributed to the economy more than 4 times more per hour [during ten years] than what an average worker earning minimum wage has during the same period.

    I hope the Republican party understand that restoring unemployment benefits retroactively for the long-term unemployed is in the best interest of the people of the United States Of America. To give a hand to people like me who contributes so much to this country while producing for this country is the right thing to do in other to help us get back on track and keep turning the wheels that run this country with the pride of our labor, our sacrifices, our values, and our pride.

    Russell Ortiz

  28. Ken

    No vote till late next week WTF took 20 minutes to send a billion to Ukraine come on November clean house democrat and republican !

  29. Ortiz, R

    Everyone’s long-term situation is critical.

    For someone like me… who has made over $50,000 for 10 years in a row, and now is unemployed; is a sad, disrespectful and disappointing thing to read how I’m being blamed of lazy [on top of a plethora of name calling] that specially comes from Republicans [ who I suppose] are employed. I paid unemployment taxes and other taxes during those years so that people like the ones who are employed today but were unemployed back then, had an opportunity to receive a fair shoot from their government in a time of need.

    In fact, by me making that amount of money a year [after investing in my education with the same government] and earning multiple times per hour above the minimum wage for the last 10 years, I have contributed to the economy more than 4 times more per hour [during ten years] than what an average worker earning minimum wage has during the same period.

    I hope the Republican party understand that restoring unemployment benefits retroactively for the long-term unemployed is in the best interest of the people of the United States Of America. To give a hand to people like me who contributes so much to this country while producing for this country is the right thing to do in other to help us get back on track and keep turning the wheels that run this country with the pride of our labor, our sacrifices, our values, and our pride.

    Russell Ortiz

  30. mike h

    Worst government in years, democrats and republicans alike. The dems for not including the EUC in their initial vote in December and then trying to ram it down the republicans throats with no chance for modification. With all the pork projects, waste etc. in DC, Nancy Pelosi trying to save rodents in her state, do you think they’re going to give up their projects and help human beings? I hope so. In this case, I really hope these pigs have their houses blown down.

  31. Nate F

    Republicans want to send to Billions to the Ukraine, 2 Million people without income, no funds to LOOK FOR A JOB!!!! WOW ONLY IN AMERICA!!!

  32. April H.

    I lost my job in November do to production, if the company would have worked with me on making production, I would still be there. It’s don’t my fault I was fired. I have been working for 20 years and all I get is 18 weeks of unemployment. This is not fair to me and my family. Please extend our benefits.

  33. Nick

    Do they have a clue what is happening to us? Apparently not. Finding a good paying job is all I pray for and it hasn’t come as quickly as I intended. They have no idea what it’s like to walk in our shoes. We don’t have millions in the Bank or Trust Funds. Right now I depend on unemployment to help pay my child support and just get by. It seems as though we are just forgotten about.

  34. Lewis Legaza-Dye

    Ain’t gonna happen y’all,

  35. Drew C.

    yes they need to understand that this working to make the economy stronger and people like me that live in a small town where there is little work and to far to commute because have been cut off of EUC benefits can not afford gas to commute.

  36. Valerie

    I have worked since I was 15. I am now 58 and unemployed. Right after my divorce was final I lost my job due to my company of 14 years going bankrupt. Of no fault of my own I have had to use up my saving to survive. I have applied for so many jobs each week I have lost count and I don’t even get an interview. My management experience for the last 30 years means nothing I guess. For the record I have not just been applying for high end jobs. Minimum wage which I still couldn’t get out of poverty. Please help me out here. I’m getting to the end.

  37. Tiffany

    This bull**** will continue to happen until citizens UNITED take a stand for a better AMERICA. I will be voting INDEPENDENT, until then – we’re screwed.

  38. Cindy

    This bill needs to pass, please give us a chance to contine the job search I do not want to lose my home and everything I have spent my life working for. If this bill is not passed I will not make a house payment for the first time in 25 years. Let the politicans go without pay for a month that should help motivate them.

  39. Margaret M Watson

    I believe it’s time for all of the bickering to stop and the real truth of why this government was originally put in place happens now. We the people have the power in our hands to really make a difference by our vote. They don’t do what we want then the time will come when it’s time to vote for them and then we can really show who has the power. By voting against every single one of them whether democrat, republican, liberal or conservatives that don’t care about the real people and there issues, then we won’t put them in office or back in office. Nothing else should be on there agenda but the people of these united states of america. Ukraine issue is important but not more important than the american people that made this nation what it is today. Hardworking americans so now that these hardworking americans are out of work that unemployment extension should be put in place immediately. Not tomorrow, not next week right now.

  40. 07/03/2014

    This is my third month without money. Now gas company is treating and mortgage is 2 months late. Been to several job interviews , but now have no fuel to make another. Can’t believe they are hanging us out like this.

  41. helen

    I have hit an all time low. The ultimate slap in the face! I have a college degree and was turned down for an entry level job at shoprite paying $8.00 an hour. I am too young to retire yet it seems I’m too old to get a job.
    Age discrimination!!!

  42. Stacy

    I have always voted Republican. This has changed my mind….

  43. marge

    Next week next week next week yayaya new moto screw the people…… republicans and demorcrats and heads all are crap. Vote everybidy out. They all corrupt.

  44. 07/03/2014

    Congress and the president won’t pass the bill all of the sudden more jobs less people filling for unemployment the weather getting better is going to be an excuse and now wait another week! They are so busy with other shit and forgetting us two months alot of people are suffering especially the older ones. People wake up and look what what is going on its a shame for this to happen in America.

  45. Laura Brown

    How can the government/congress/president be so willing to immediately vote and approve to send all that money overseas to another country but refuses to help American citizens who need the emergency unemployment benefits approved??
    What is wrong in this country?????? The bankruptcies, home losses, forfeited mortgages and loans are going to hurt the they honestly think that we are all lazy and not looking for a job and wanting to loose everything we have?????? No, we need money for bills, gas for our cars to go to interviews and look for jobs..on and on…America needs help people..quit worrying about other countries

  46. Laura Brown

    How can the government/congress/president be so willing to immediately vote and approve to send all that money overseas to another country but refuses to help American citizens who need the emergency unemployment benefits approved??
    What is wrong in this country?????? do they honestly think that we are all lazy and not looking for a job and wanting to loose everything we have?????? No, we need money for bills, gas for our cars to go to interviews and look for jobs..on and on…America needs help people..quit worrying about other countries

  47. John Andrien

    I have worked my entire life and now when I am in need of help, I am unable to get it. I have been applying for jobs since I was laid off back in May, I have even sold some of my belongings just to pay bills, I have no money left and I am going to lose everything. Laura Brown who stated above Americans need help.
    I want to work and cann’t get a job. Please help us. The ones who are not counted and who have worked for years.

  48. Tracy

    Another thing that totally sucks about this is most employers do credit checks upon application… If you have no money coming in and can not pay your bills, obviously your credit is going to be less than desirable… How can anyone get a job that’s worth while when your credit is in the crapper!!!!

  49. shirley

    In the name of God please help???? how ca you go to sleep knowing what are u doing is evil Lets protect our own pass the bill

  50. Bob Interi

    Democrats aren’t pushing the bill as it makes the Republicans look bad AND moves more people to “Obama Care”.

    Republicans won’t pass it out of spite!

    BTW I e-mailed every Republican Senator who voted against or failed to vote on the bill in February regarding the number of Vets affected (200,000+ I am now told). NOT ONE ANSWERED THE QUESTION! Senator Cruz (Texas) was in fact the only one to respond.

  51. Daniel Whitfield

    Well I sent a letter to my R- senator dean heller, explaining my situation I’ve never begged anyone for anything… But being broke and unemployed for the first time in your life will make you do desperate things. I’ve worked in the oil field for several years and have been doing cable since. Have paid over a hundred thousand in taxes since I started working, and never pulled out gov support once. Let’s see if dean heller has a heart.

  52. Tarasina

    How can people go out and look for jobs if they don’t have the gas to get out and look this is a big mess that’s just sad people are loosing there homes there cars there life over this how can you doing anything if you don’t have the things you need to maintain they need to be taken money from these companies that are laying people off for no reason that’s who should be paying the unemployment

  53. Elio Ricciardi


  54. Robin

    This should have been a PRIORITY decision because its been a long over due issue… People this 4 weeks of pay is NOT coming out of your personal pocket. if they pass it .. its going to take weeks before we see the money… get moving

  55. jamie


  56. tony punch

    i still cannot believe that politicians can hold the country hostage. I worked for my whole live and was let go because of big company greed. They can find billon dollars for aid to a foreign country, but not to take care of unemployed middle class Americans who lost their jobs through no fault of their own

  57. patrick


  58. Charla

    We are struggling and look to lose our home if EUC extension is not passed . We have three boys and it has become so hard to keep them fed and the electricity on. We are selling all our possessions to pay bills. We can’t afford car insurance or gas. Our high school son is in sports and we can’t get him after practices we live 15 miles away and we are counting on sports for a possible college scholarship. This all just sucks!

  59. Treatmnt

    They can send money to other countries but cant take care of their own.

  60. theodore beclkham

    the republicans do not care about. the. american people we americans need 2 vote them out if we 4get what they have done2 us the fault will b our our.own. so lets.not 4get american people and vote them out of office if we dont show themand not get them out they will destroy our great country


  61. nancy in ohio

    I was going to explain how terrible my day has been, but I know others have it just as bad if not worse. So, I will just say this I at this point do not care about other countries, if we have all this extra money to send for AID when do we AID our own. Many of us are without heat, food, gas, and money to get to a interview should we be lucky enough to get one. Please help us here at home. Care about us before you tell another country how to deal with it’s issues.

  62. 07/03/2014

    The land of opportunity? No, we kill our own, steal from our own but wont take care of our own. Crying this morning because my oldest said, “Mom, I’m scared! What are we gonna do?” You can’t go to the Bahamas on unemployment, Congress (Republicans). We just want to go to the grocery store.

  63. Linda Macki

    Our government will send millions in aid to Ukraine b/c it makes us look benevolent in the global scheme of things. The republican machine doesn’t care how we perceive them we’re invisible to them. However, I believe if all of us prayed for the restoration of EUC it certainly won’t hurt….we’re all hurting now anyhow.

  64. Tammy in MD

    How can the government/congress/president be so willing to immediately vote and approve to send all that money overseas to another country but refuses to help American citizens who need the emergency unemployment benefits approved??
    What is wrong with this country? Do they honestly think that we are all lazy and not looking for a job and wanting to loose everything we have? No, we need money to keep the lights and heat on, gas for our cars to go to interviews and look for jobs..on and on…America needs help people..quit worrying about other countries! Some people have loss their jobs because their company closed. They have been looking, but because of their age, can’t seem to get another job. The unemployment benefit extension needs to be approved asap! Seantors…I would be ashamed for not approving this back in Jan!

  65. 07/03/2014

    It’s because the Government doesn’t care about us anymore. Plain and simple. Animals, foreign countries, war, and their pockets are what matter more than anything.

    Some of these politicians are millionaires, so why would they care. However, if they got into politics to help the people, they would be donating some of their personal finances to help the people.

    Is it not true that those politician get more in campaign funds donations than goes to help the people in time of crisis? Isn’t that ridiculous?

  66. valdena

    You people have money for every country except your own. You give free money to other countries with know questioned asked.what about us our employer have already paid into the system so we can draw our unemployment pass the dam bill I’m sick of you guys.we need money to put gas in our vehicle to get to an interview,food to eat,money to pay our bills and feed our family.

  67. colleen

    I agree with all of the above statements. Take care of the Americans who have worked all their lives dor the American Dream, and still want to work. Remember at election time who voted against the extension and vote them out.

  68. DJ

    It was said on March 4 there would be a vote
    in a few Days. Now the 7th What is a days in
    in the Gov. terms WEEKS, MONTHS COME ON

  69. alma

    Please extend the unemployment were stranded in another city want to go back to our home town and that would help a lot god bless yall

  70. sr

    We aid Egypt, isreal….. why. Our monies that’s forcefully being taken from our check is unethical. Use this money for Americans. Now we are distributing aid to the Ukraine. How can this president allow this disgustingly insane action against poor Americans. He is in charge and responsible for us going hungry. PASS THE UNEMPLOYMENT BILL

  71. Alex

    Same boat as everyone else……..Washington acts like they are doing us a favor by giving us something THAT WE PAID IN TO BY WORKING!!!!!!!
    Every single one of us has lost our jobs due to NO FAULT OF OUR OWN….we were all WORKING and paying into this. Now…………..nothing.So we are reduced to try and get other kinds of government assistance… stamps, heating help, etc……..why not just give us back what we earned and paid for?!?!?!?!?!?!

  72. Mary Neff

    For the” Love of God” and Country Please Pass the Bill

  73. 07/03/2014

    The GOP is doing everything they can to destroy this country and the principles for which it was founded. At one time some of their efforts were for the middle and lower class but now they are nothing more than puppets for their corporate sponsors. If you were to look up selfish, thoughtless and uncaring in the dictionary it would just say GOP. Saying no over and over again without any constructive input towards anything accept doing away with ACA won’t get them reelected. Healthcare was headed for a complete crash with runaway costs. Recent articles talked about a man who needed a knee replacement and couldn’t afford the 75,000 needed in the states did some research, flew to Brussels had it done with a better product, a week of rehab including airfare each way for 15,000, or pills that cost 6 cents each to make and they charge 20.00 each. Major companies Like Starbucks are offering employees bonuses to fly out of the country for treatment because of the savings. This country deserves better. The new healthcare is far from perfect but its a start and the GOP will stop at nothing to abolish it trying to save their grossly inflated prices. Such as wasting 25 billion by shutting the government down, resorting to extortion and making millions of Americans suffer in the dead of winter, loosing cars, homes, farming children out and going hungry by the GOP blocking an unemployment extension. They will only approve it if thousands give up healthcare. How many people need to suffer at their hands. Whats the magic number two million, three million or more? What do they think these people are going to do just go off and die? Some will, they hope so, but most will still be here desperately seeking help making their voices heard. Many of these people will never recover they are simply just destroyed with no time left to make it all back. If these are the True American representatives you want making your decisions then go ahead and vote for them. Not Me Ever. They think they can operate business as usual, but they are wrong. The difference now is everything they do is exposed across the country through many media channels and it has been a real eyeopener as to their heartless tactics. I just don’t see anything positive coming from their actions. Tell the people what they want to hear to get elected and then totally ignore them with double talk while giving everything to their greedy corporations. Let the one percent take this crap to another country and see how far they get. Now is the time to spread the word. You can’t vote against every heartless Republican in their district but you can post public comments in their home towns every chance you get and let the people know what these guys are doing and what they have done. Its free and it gives you a chance to get even come November. If we can’t fix this our kids will because its just plain wrong. GO GET THEM, lets see if we can make a difference I believe we can.


    One of hundreds of thousands, Sixty years old, no job, no healthcare, no unemployment, to young to retire, not much hope.

  74. Friend of Snowden

    Putin said the US will Never vote to help the people on EUC. He said the US GOVERNMENT IS GREEDY AND SELFISH. He’s right

    They will drag this out.

  75. Rhoda

    I think Congress( the Democrats and Republicans both) need to walk a mile or two in the shoes of the long term unemployed. Obviously, the vote to extend long term benefits is not a priority. Many seem to think that the long term unemployed are “lazy.. sitting back & waiting for things to happen”.. WE WANT TO WORK but all of these companies creating “jobs” are doing nothing but making themselves look good by doing so. They are not doing any actual hiring.

    People are losing there homes to forclosure, bills are not being paid because there is no money left to do so. Good credit is being trashed because bills can’t be paid.( afterall-do you pay the bills or make sure your children or animals have food to eat???)
    people are desperate, but- They don’t seem to care!.. after all they don’t have to worry about things like this.

    We are not looking for a “handout” just some assistance to survive.

    They need to get on with the vote and get it approved. THEY NEED TO DO IT NOW. I PRAY THEY APPROVE IT SOON and that it is not “once again delayed” , especially since Congress will be on “recess” the week on March 17. MUST BE NICE!!..

  76. Ivan

    The only solution is t remember these people when election time rolls around THEY deserve to be unemployed. I am so tired of the lame excuses and inane rhetoric used to support their position. Everyday people are dealing with repossessions, eviction, late bill payments etc, while seeking employment and in the meantime 2 billion dollars go to a sovereign country that to my knowledge wasn’t dealing with any major debt. We are truly the least concern of the American government

  77. BigAL

    I thought age discrimination was against the law? Why is it employers are not accountable for obeying the law? I know I’m not 24 anymore but when I as 24 I didn’t have any experience. I join the Army to serve my country and get experience and that still wasn’t enough. The only way I broke through the unemployment gridlock was that I got a college degree. Now that I 50 with a college degree and experience it’s still isn’t enough. Now I’m either over qualified or too old, just pick your bias.

  78. Nannette Dulcie

    I need my extension by March 14th or I will face eviction. I applied in January 2014!
    I will remember the Senators who were against it and make sure they donot get my vote!
    Nannette Dulcie

  79. Isabel SH

    Interesting how The House quickly has approved a loan to Ukraine. The US has intervened in many countries and spent trillions of tax dollars. Money that many US citizens are in need now. I’m not only talking about the unemployed, but citizens that needs food stamps to feed their families, and we are all a mercer of these SCAMBAGS! It is time for a change! Not Obama’s crap change but a change within us. We need to get involved, protest and demand from the people we elect to be heard. Please sign this petition this could be a very small step, but we have to start at some point. Thank you,

  80. stan


  81. Destini

    It is with great hope that the government moves quickly. I have recently learned of a young single mother of three young children (under 5 years) who lost everything about a month after the EUC ended. She and her children are now in a Salvation Army shelter. It is truly devastating that the government has not been able to reach a decision during the last three months. Very disappointed to see so many people hurting.

  82. Lea Wingwolf

    Wow… next week maybe? Tell that so calmly to all those hanging by a thread… cold, hungry, sick , sad as they look at their children ..cold , hungry , sick. Hearts breaking .. AMERICANS!!!! Oh sorry will get back to ya…we are sending money to someone else. This is sickening. Our Founding Fathers are probably rolling over in their graves in disgust of what our country has become.

  83. Kara Gilliam

    I feel congress needs to go without income for months on end. they can walk a month in my shoes. Unemployed for a year and no income for 2 months. I don’t qualify for welfare because I don’t have kids at home. They need to get to work and extend EUI. President Obama please step in and do something. Apparently our elected officials are wanting to act like children. Billions of dollars are sent overseas but in order for EUI to get extended they have to find a way to pay for it. If congress doesn’t do anything next week we have to wait another week because they are going on another recess on the tax payers dime.

  84. Paula Greenspun

    The loss of the EUC extension while jobs are so difficult to come by, is going to cause good people to do desperate things. It has been over two months since these people had ANY income and this issue is constantly put on the back burner.
    It is time for our politicians to earn their keep. VOTE NOW AND SAY YES!!!!!!!!

  85. JoeyB

    It’s time to get drastic people.

  86. JoeyB

    People like Nannette above, I wish I help if I could, but I too am in your situation. This isn’t a republican issue though. Harry Reid could have already agreed with the republican amendments and the previous bills would have never been filibustered and none of the amendments would have in any way kept anyone from receiving the extension retroactively. Reid is just playing it so that each and every person who votes will vote against the republican. That is all it is. The republicans and democrats know it is the right thing to do, but the votes are more important to them. They are both playing the blame game. I wouldn’t be surprised that if this new bill gets through the senate, that Boehner and the house passes it almost immediately just to prove that it was Reid being a little high school bitch during each previous bill’s negotiations. I may be wrong, but watch. They all suck and they ALL don’t care about the people of this country. So as far as voting, I am a lifelong rep. But not anymore. But I would never vote for any politician like Reid if he was on my ticket. I guess it’s independents this year. I wish there was an option of just voting out someone and not voting someone in. Sounds dumb, but hey.

  87. Joe


    You stupid greedy bastards, Pass this so they can eat! This is not politics this is humanity I grew up loving this country, This makes me sick!

  88. Kathy Little

    I believe that our representatives have lost track of reality. Certainly many that have voted against extended unemployment insurance have mistaken images of 99 weeks of unemployment and “lazy” people that do not work. We in fact, were the working poor, many of us over decades of working and paying taxes. We now need assistance and we are not only losing everything we own, but are called names by many. We struggle and believe we are living in a nightmare because our government does not care to extend our existence, however, does not offer opportunity – a job. What we have to do is make a trip to DC and visit every congressman and senator from our states and bring it home that this nightmare cannot continue, show them pictures of our family. Bring young people and activists that are sympathetic to our plight. They cannot ignore us if we are in their faces and know the true story. I’m fighting mad that they can send emergency assistance to the Ukraine, while playing political games with US citizens lives. CREATE jobs, DO IT NOW, WE WILL WORK. Understand there is nothing out there.

  89. renee gonyea

    I just signed that petition and encourage everyone else to take action. We may not have a job (yet) money, food, car or gas but we still have our VOICE!!! Power to the people. Karma is a bitch and its coming in November….

  90. kemm


  91. sr

    Living here for 16 years. Paid taxes which I truly believe should only be used for Americans and our infrastructure. Not to become aid to other countries. Americans must be able to voice and questioned where our monies are being used. We need this money NOW….. going forward my vote is for independent. I wish we can boycott congress. The founding fathers were not greedy and intolerant. The powerful lobbyist have congress in their deep pockets. We can never be raid of all the GMO foods. The food industry is another repugnant organization. Feeding Americans sugars. Monsanto = criminal. We need our foods labeled. big companies must be investigated and force to hire unemployed Americans. They are absolutely not hiring the unemployed.

  92. Scott

    The Government is playing a game with us and in the long run we will win they have to pass it they have no choice. As soon as they pass the six month extension they have to turn around and do it again.I guess they get off on making us suffer just because they have the power to but its not funny. I went through 4000 emails every two months on job sites and stupid temp company’s and nothing for almost one year now bout to give up but know we all cant they will pass it next week positive thinking goes a long ways sucks waiting but for some of us the waiting already hurt us.pass pass pass the **** already thanks peace.

  93. sr

    President Barack Obama wake up. Give the unemployed this cash your are sending oversees. This is a mute issue because you no longer seek reelection. You continue to squander finances on dropping bombs and war. Americans need food and shelter. Why are we becoming intertwined with Ukraine and russia. All this aid should be given to american children for college. Invest in america by providing free college education.

  94. Scott

    Money is so fake just pass it and get it over with you know you have to.If not its not going to be good for all you negative what ever you call your self’s ruining people life’s that are paying taxes or that did in the past worked hard and get stabbed in the back this world is corrupt.ppppppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssspppppppppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssspppppppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssspppppppppppaaaaaaaasssit

  95. Lisa C. Dixon

    This is a bunch of bull____. My church family is paying my mortgage and electronic and water. My mother is paying for my medication and food. I’m applying for every job I hear even a whisper about. Going to I get views. Everything I can think k of go help me get back on my feet. Now that I have done all I can do. You need to move on this issue ASAP.

  96. Marnie

    Although I am an extremely positive person,I have to let you all know something important here:

    ***PLEASE do not make the mistake of getting excited or hopeful about these next votes-either the Democratic or Republican sponsored one.

    ***IMPORTANT*** I just read in a legitimate post that Boehner is going to strike these down. These comments came from one of his aides that actually works closely with him/them. He said that neither bill offers what Boehner demands, and he will not allow them to pass.

    I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is nothing worse than getting your hopes up only to be shot down again.


    Don’t be a fool and don’t let them take even more of your spirit and hopes away!


  97. Samuel

    I hope there is some relief. I have been actively searching for any thing that can bring in some type of income. I was laid off a year and 1 month ago. I was working as line cook because it was the only employment could find after being unemployed for two years prior to that. I have a family of 2 kids I take care of my mother who is ill with Alzheimers. My lights are about to be shut off because we un eligible for any assistance because my wife works. Her income has not been enough to support us. The little money I did receive was enough to feed and pay utilities.for that past two months I have been robbing Peter to pay Paul. Now we are about to lose our heat and lighting.

  98. Kelly

    What can I say other than Disappointed!!! Entry level positions do not pay enough for basic needs. Overqualified or under qualified and no middle. All approximately 2 million of us should be camping out in D.C. Tent up for shelter and beg them for change. We The People!!!!!

  99. Erick

    33 years old…..I got laid off in Sept 2013 from my pharmaceutical job … unemployment ran out march 5 2013….. I can’t find any work… I have applied at 100’s of places….. Even temp agencies & minimum wage jobs like little Caesars but no call backs…. Very frustrating…..I just want to work… I am out of money & need to put gas in my car & buy food….please pass the Extended unemployment benefits bill… PLEASE

  100. Rose

    Please extend unemployment benefits. I am losing everything that I worked for. I just lost my car, next I will be living on the street. Does anyone really care about the American people.

  101. William

    There is another perspective that the GOP isn’t considering. Some of the unemployed, including me, will earn a very good salary when we secure another job, meaning
    that we will pay substantial taxes. However, without the funds for basics (food, gasoline, phone, utilities, etc.), a job search comes to a virtual halt. Financially, that means that roughly $1200 a month is saved per individual by not paying out the extended benefits. However, they are giving up $5000 or more per month in the taxes we’d pay. So – the GOP is really wasting money by their BS tactics.

  102. Steven

    I need help! Enough is enough.

  103. ramon

    Hope they finally pass the bill,worked for 25 years and the first time I need unemployment its not available.If it doesn’t go thru,I’ll be voting against the republicans for the first time in my adult life.

  104. Boldo Tan

    I was hoping for our leaders to pass the Unemployment Benefit Extension EUC for humanitarian reason but the truth is I was just getting my hopes high due to the predicament I’m in right now. People like me that got laid off have to cling to the slightest hope… for us to live by. The truth is we’re just waiting for nothing and I hope all of us will get through this awful experience.


  105. Bill

    It is a real shame that the government of the people. Really doesn’t care about the people at all. The only thing they care about is their own jobs. It is a sad day in America when our tax dollars can be sent to any other country but the United States of AMERICA. AMERICA you selfish jackasses. Good Luck Everyone……..

  106. Chas

    you know if it was there money, They would pass it in a min. But there not losing a thing, Not their car, their home or anything else. I know their is a lot a depress people all cause they can’t pass this unemployment bill. Everybody that work hard all their lifes and try to keep good credit was shot to hell these last few months.Well let them do without any money and look for a job that just isn’t out there.

  107. matt

    This is cruelty towards humans and inhumane long term unemployed who lost their income are suffering and losing everything they have while the president has turned his back on 2 million but yet is so quick to send billions to other countries talks about raising the minimum wage while the unemployed is left with nothing and also the news media never talks about this crisis thier more concerned about urkine a war that has nothing to do with the us this government and our president is a disgrace to this country so quick to take our tax dollars to give it to other countries and abandon the american citizens shame on the president and congress this is an absolute travesty and everyone needs to write to the president your senators and the media who the media has no interest in letting our voices be heard its time to extend unemployment benefits enough is enough

  108. JoeyB

    People………quit thinking your threats to vote one way or another are going to intimidate congress into passing a UI extension. THEY DON’T CARE! They get over 100 grand a year for retirement no matter what. None of them give even the tiniest shit about you! None of them. Sure, they would rather stay where they are now, but if not, big deal. Who cares. They are set for life anyway just with their retirement, not to mention payouts from the companies they helped ale billions over the years. I will never tell anyone how to vote….no way, no how, but realize what’s going on here. Both parties are to blame and they ONLY CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES.

  109. JoeyB

    We need to clean house with congress. Get rid of all of them, I just hope nobody does it literally.

  110. Clifford

    This is my first time in 40 years to be out of work,now I understand what people steal to eat , please extension benefits. ,

  111. ED H

    Please lets get a government vote them out

  112. Jamille

    I’m tired of not being able to, pay my bills cell phone etc . No food no carfare to be able, to look for a job . When will it end it’s going on almost four months without the lifeline that keeps you eating & surviving , congress get it together. Congress if your Family was in my situation , would you allow them to suffer this long as we’ll?

  113. Randy

    It needs to pass, though most of us have given up on it. Great being 51, homeless and having to collect food stamps just to eat. I have applied for a ton of jobs and it sucks that i only got 2 weeks of emergency unemployment. This shows me how much our government cares about people that need help, but lets send a billion dollars to the Ukraine…makes no sense that we can in one day send all this money overseas but can help our own people out…time to get rid of everyone who votes against this bill in the senate and house.

  114. 09/03/2014

    For many months I have had a feeling of impending disaster everytime I saw an average type homeless person or worse yet, homeless families on street corners seeking help from passerbys. In the back of my mind I always knew it could happen to me and it finally did. My unemployment ran out and I have joined the ranks of millions. I never thought something like this would happen to me. I used to listen to stories of the “Great Depression” and what people went through so now what do we call THIS? I have worked all of my life since I was 14 years old and even when I got laid off or had my hours cut, I would go out and find two or three part-time jobs. That option no longer exists it seems. Now we are expected to continue to work into our retirment years because we are living longer. Yet as we get older so do our bodies with limited stamina. I feel lucky as I am better off than most with few health issues. I have always wondered how I would be able to afford any healthcare beyond the premiums so I am very fortunate. My heart goes out to all of you out there as I am reading your comments. I am relieved now that I don’t feel so much alone. I don’t know what the answer may be except to do your best at everything and leave the rest upto God. God help all of us.

  115. MP

    It seems like they can only concentrate on one thing at a time. And this time it is not even a problem that is here on our soil. It is overseas. They got out money……PLEASE PLEASE HELP THE PEOPLE HERE FIRST. WE ARE ALL DROWNING, NO MONEY FOR BILLS FOR RENT FOR FOOD AND FOR GAS TO EVEN GET TO AN INTERVIEW……THAT IS IF YOU ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO GET HERE. Like I was telling my husband just trade their job for one day and see how we are living….give up their car their house their electricity their savings their vacations and they need to learn what it is like to work five days a week and only get 2 weeks vacation!

  116. 09/03/2014

    Well what should we expect from the worst congress in American history, can you imagine being 113th dead last in your class. How proud they must all feel. Would you hire a CEO to run your company who was the worst student in his class. Most people wouldn’t hire them if they worked for free. These are the guys running our country. Worst congress, worst human casualties. Spread the word and VOTE the GOP out so we can get back to running this country not destroying it.


  117. 09/03/2014

    GOP congress, if you want someones respect then you treat them the way you would like to be treated, you set a good example they can admire and would want to emulate. This country has always set that bar for the rest of the world. That’s part of how it was built. The GOP congress is treating its own people as if they are of no more value than pond scum, a political game with millions of our countrymen s lives while the whole world is watching. When other countries view us treating Americans this way, they see us as either crazy and uncaring or just plain incapable of managing our own affairs. That’s what this smacks of, yet we show up at their doorstep with tons of money while are own people are falling off a cliff. When all this started my first thought was how embarrassing this is for The United States. When other countries see our leaders behaving this way, I think they accept our money not out of grateful respect, but more like WC Fields old phrase,” Never Give A Sucker An Even Break”. We are patsy’s in their eyes because what country would give money to another country while two to three million unemployed Americans are going without the very basic needs for survival. If Russia wants to keep the Ukrainians under their control then let them do it. I have never heard of The Russians starving millions of there own people. Right now they are probably better off over there than here. If they do want to come live in the Great America we need to put out some kind of warning sign letting them know if you are older, you won’t have a job or anyway to feed or keep your family warm because your only worth pond scum. I bet every country in the world is thinking, Thank God, we don’t have a Republican Party congressman where we live. VOTE THESE GUYS OUT.

    Sincerely, Scared

  118. steve warner

    Must be nice to go to Key Lago for a rest I am beyond words when I read shit like this and i have to ask for help for everything since euc ran out the statement about the weather holding things up I’m sure they got paid for that day.

  119. Mark


  120. Cameron

    I’d like to kick SotH Boner right in the shins… What a maroon! Who does he think he is, Marie Antoinette? Surely he knows how things turned out for her?

  121. JoeyB

    The extension will never happen people. You are all holding onto something that is gone. Do what needs to be done now.

  122. Ron

    I don’t know what to do ….my heat, electric,phone and p c will be turned off soon …and NO money in bank ..The president needs to step forwards !!

  123. Serena

    I can’t believe our government is worried about sending money to other countries to help them, but they could care less if us Americans who have worked all our lives and paid taxes. I lost my job over a year ago, and I look for a job everyday, with no luck. It’s like there is one job and 200 applicants, and employers don’t seem to want to hire people who are unemployed. I’m about to lose my house because I have went without ant income for almost 3 months. I can’t afford gas anymore to go look for jobs. I know there are a lot of others in the same position as me, they need to pass this already! I’m not getting my hopes up though. I just need more time to find a job. They just don’t care that we Americans are going to lose things we have worked all our life for. All I can do is pray I find a job before I lose my home and everything else.

  124. Hard worker

    If the senate wants to sit in that chair next year,they better get it together and stop playing around. The money and time that you spend on other foreign countrys ,you need to try keeping it home and handle your DAMM business.

  125. Scott

    The Senete can sit in session all night and talk about Global Warming on our Tax dollars, but lets let americans suffer while we collect our paychecks every month and eat steak and prime rib every nite. Time to cut these clowns down to min. wage and let them see what it is like.

  126. Unemployed and Looking for a job

    I cannot believe I’m reading about the government sending a billion dollars to another county. I cannot believe they approved raises for federal workers that may already have good paying jobs. You know what I can believe all of this is true because when they stop funding for the people that paid in taxes all their lives that put this money in their hands to even have there jobs, for America to have our backs, and to help others also. The table needs to be turn.
    In January, I lost my unemployment benefit and then the worst thing could ever happen in my life I lost my mom, note my sister and I at the time both was unemployed and lost our benefits the same time. We had to burying our mom because the insurance company bull…. my dad on the payments part. We still are working on getting that straight at the moment because we were ripped off. My sister, thank GOD was able to negotiate to get my mom buried. I just felt if we had the benefits at that time, the funeral may ran a little bit better smoother. The point that I am trying to get across, we paid into these wages, and we expected them to be there when we needed them, but instead we are screwed out of everything we worked hard and paid for.

  127. linda

    I would like to comment on first time unemployment going down. The state of Pa. has made collecting unemployment impossible for any type of contractor. It is now the state where you can make $63,000.00 in your base year,work 38 weeks and be denied unemployment.Things are not better laws are just being changed to to make it look like it is. I pray that federal and state law makers get their heads out of their backsides and do whats right.


    REALLY???!!!!! I have worked since i was 14 to help family..two of my jobs were sent went to mexico,one went to china,NO FAULT of mine but now lost my uc that i paid into & deserve to collect!!!! I had to give up my home & now live w/a friend where im not comfortable at with my dog,cant afford car ins & gas to even search for a job..using friends pc to search for jobs but NOTHING in area i live & cant afford to travel!!Swallowed my pride to beg for fd stamps..slap in the face w/$16 a mth..are u serious??!!Oh & as i was at welfare office,there sat 2 herion addicts discussing where to get there next tattoos with welfare $…”UNBELIEVABLE” & they get hundreds of dollars in fd stamps,health ins & welfare check & i’ve worked hard & ask for a little help & they go on what i made 90 days ago to determine my fd stamps…hell i lived check to check so why the hell would i have $ from 90 days ago???!!!!Guess i will eat 2 days this mth on $16.& starve or bum from family the rest of the month..not embarrased enough from borrowing $ to keep cell on jst incase a job calls & have to mooch for a meal!!!! Government,you help other countries but turn there own away…come on!!!! Then they just go on recess for another wk or whatever & to hell w/us american citizens who are hard workers & didnt ask to be laidoff for whatever reason may be while they enjoy life & there “BIG” paychecks!!!!!! Your own people,children are starving because of your ignorance but you NEVER hesitate to feed other countries…so i say to you..DONT EXPECT A VOTE FROM ME WHEN YOUR DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This isnt helping our country by not passing this bill..ONLY going to make things WORSE…”WAKE UP PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  129. Edmund

    Speechless, discussed, disappointed and broke.
    Exhausted all my unemployment benefits and almost have exhausted the rest of my life savings. Any longer I will loose my car and my family and I will be homeless.
    I pray by the blood of Jesus,that the members of Congress get off of the playground. AND REINSTATE THE EMERGENCY UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE.
    Thank You and God Bless.

  130. Susan

    R u serious millions of us here need the extension, I am 58 yrs old lost a job I had been doing for 4 yrs not because I. Could no. Longer
    Do it but to a younger college graduate!!! TRY.starting over st 58,.have no income $15 per month in food stamps. Come on WE NEED HELP!!!!!

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