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7th March
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Unemployment Benefit Update and jobless claims data review today March 6, 2014:
The U.S. economic recovery process received a shimmer of good news last session when the Labor Department reported on first time jobless claims. According to the report, the number of Americans making application for first time jobless claims fell back in the most recent week by approximately 26,000 to 323,000. This decrease was better than expected and represented the lowest figure for jobless claims in three months.

This data comes just after the private job additions report showed that layoffs eased in the last month. The positively skewed job and unemployment claims data could encourage some policy makers to lean away from another unemployment benefit extension. Almost 2 million Americans are unemployed without long term emergency compensation as the Senate prepares to vote on an EUC extension once again. Unfortunately, the vote in the Senate will not happen until next week. Once again, the bad weather is being blamed on a tightly packed Senate schedule that overflows into next week.

Senate majority leader Harry Reid reiterated that he will tirelessly work towards finding enough Senate votes to pass a six month unemployment benefit extension plan. A spokesperson for Reid recently shared that the vote will most likely happen during the latter half of next week. Reportedly, the six month extension plan will be paid for, in part, by savings acquired via the Farm Bill savings. Americans unemployed hold onto some hope that after multiple failed attempts to pass an unemployment measure through the Senate, next week’s attempt will be successful.

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  1. William

    There is another perspective that the GOP isn’t considering. Some of the unemployed, including me, will earn a very good salary when we secure another job, meaning
    that we will pay substantial taxes. However, without the funds for basics (food, gasoline, phone, utilities, etc.), a job search comes to a virtual halt. Financially, that means that roughly $1200 a month is saved per individual by not paying out the extended benefits. However, they are giving up $5000 or more per month in the taxes we’d pay. So – the GOP is really wasting money by their BS tactics.

  2. Steven

    I need help! Enough is enough.

  3. ramon

    Hope they finally pass the bill,worked for 25 years and the first time I need unemployment its not available.If it doesn’t go thru,I’ll be voting against the republicans for the first time in my adult life.

  4. Boldo Tan

    I was hoping for our leaders to pass the Unemployment Benefit Extension EUC for humanitarian reason but the truth is I was just getting my hopes high due to the predicament I’m in right now. People like me that got laid off have to cling to the slightest hope… for us to live by. The truth is we’re just waiting for nothing and I hope all of us will get through this awful experience.


  5. Bill

    It is a real shame that the government of the people. Really doesn’t care about the people at all. The only thing they care about is their own jobs. It is a sad day in America when our tax dollars can be sent to any other country but the United States of AMERICA. AMERICA you selfish jackasses. Good Luck Everyone……..

  6. Chas

    you know if it was there money, They would pass it in a min. But there not losing a thing, Not their car, their home or anything else. I know their is a lot a depress people all cause they can’t pass this unemployment bill. Everybody that work hard all their lifes and try to keep good credit was shot to hell these last few months.Well let them do without any money and look for a job that just isn’t out there.

  7. matt

    This is cruelty towards humans and inhumane long term unemployed who lost their income are suffering and losing everything they have while the president has turned his back on 2 million but yet is so quick to send billions to other countries talks about raising the minimum wage while the unemployed is left with nothing and also the news media never talks about this crisis thier more concerned about urkine a war that has nothing to do with the us this government and our president is a disgrace to this country so quick to take our tax dollars to give it to other countries and abandon the american citizens shame on the president and congress this is an absolute travesty and everyone needs to write to the president your senators and the media who the media has no interest in letting our voices be heard its time to extend unemployment benefits enough is enough

  8. JoeyB

    People………quit thinking your threats to vote one way or another are going to intimidate congress into passing a UI extension. THEY DON’T CARE! They get over 100 grand a year for retirement no matter what. None of them give even the tiniest shit about you! None of them. Sure, they would rather stay where they are now, but if not, big deal. Who cares. They are set for life anyway just with their retirement, not to mention payouts from the companies they helped ale billions over the years. I will never tell anyone how to vote….no way, no how, but realize what’s going on here. Both parties are to blame and they ONLY CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES.

  9. JoeyB

    We need to clean house with congress. Get rid of all of them, I just hope nobody does it literally.

  10. Clifford

    This is my first time in 40 years to be out of work,now I understand what people steal to eat , please extension benefits. ,

  11. ED H

    Please lets get a government vote them out

  12. Jamille

    I’m tired of not being able to, pay my bills cell phone etc . No food no carfare to be able, to look for a job . When will it end it’s going on almost four months without the lifeline that keeps you eating & surviving , congress get it together. Congress if your Family was in my situation , would you allow them to suffer this long as we’ll?

  13. Randy

    It needs to pass, though most of us have given up on it. Great being 51, homeless and having to collect food stamps just to eat. I have applied for a ton of jobs and it sucks that i only got 2 weeks of emergency unemployment. This shows me how much our government cares about people that need help, but lets send a billion dollars to the Ukraine…makes no sense that we can in one day send all this money overseas but can help our own people out…time to get rid of everyone who votes against this bill in the senate and house.

  14. 09/03/2014

    For many months I have had a feeling of impending disaster everytime I saw an average type homeless person or worse yet, homeless families on street corners seeking help from passerbys. In the back of my mind I always knew it could happen to me and it finally did. My unemployment ran out and I have joined the ranks of millions. I never thought something like this would happen to me. I used to listen to stories of the “Great Depression” and what people went through so now what do we call THIS? I have worked all of my life since I was 14 years old and even when I got laid off or had my hours cut, I would go out and find two or three part-time jobs. That option no longer exists it seems. Now we are expected to continue to work into our retirment years because we are living longer. Yet as we get older so do our bodies with limited stamina. I feel lucky as I am better off than most with few health issues. I have always wondered how I would be able to afford any healthcare beyond the premiums so I am very fortunate. My heart goes out to all of you out there as I am reading your comments. I am relieved now that I don’t feel so much alone. I don’t know what the answer may be except to do your best at everything and leave the rest upto God. God help all of us.

  15. MP

    It seems like they can only concentrate on one thing at a time. And this time it is not even a problem that is here on our soil. It is overseas. They got out money……PLEASE PLEASE HELP THE PEOPLE HERE FIRST. WE ARE ALL DROWNING, NO MONEY FOR BILLS FOR RENT FOR FOOD AND FOR GAS TO EVEN GET TO AN INTERVIEW……THAT IS IF YOU ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO GET HERE. Like I was telling my husband just trade their job for one day and see how we are living….give up their car their house their electricity their savings their vacations and they need to learn what it is like to work five days a week and only get 2 weeks vacation!

  16. 09/03/2014

    Well what should we expect from the worst congress in American history, can you imagine being 113th dead last in your class. How proud they must all feel. Would you hire a CEO to run your company who was the worst student in his class. Most people wouldn’t hire them if they worked for free. These are the guys running our country. Worst congress, worst human casualties. Spread the word and VOTE the GOP out so we can get back to running this country not destroying it.


  17. 09/03/2014

    GOP congress, if you want someones respect then you treat them the way you would like to be treated, you set a good example they can admire and would want to emulate. This country has always set that bar for the rest of the world. That’s part of how it was built. The GOP congress is treating its own people as if they are of no more value than pond scum, a political game with millions of our countrymen s lives while the whole world is watching. When other countries view us treating Americans this way, they see us as either crazy and uncaring or just plain incapable of managing our own affairs. That’s what this smacks of, yet we show up at their doorstep with tons of money while are own people are falling off a cliff. When all this started my first thought was how embarrassing this is for The United States. When other countries see our leaders behaving this way, I think they accept our money not out of grateful respect, but more like WC Fields old phrase,” Never Give A Sucker An Even Break”. We are patsy’s in their eyes because what country would give money to another country while two to three million unemployed Americans are going without the very basic needs for survival. If Russia wants to keep the Ukrainians under their control then let them do it. I have never heard of The Russians starving millions of there own people. Right now they are probably better off over there than here. If they do want to come live in the Great America we need to put out some kind of warning sign letting them know if you are older, you won’t have a job or anyway to feed or keep your family warm because your only worth pond scum. I bet every country in the world is thinking, Thank God, we don’t have a Republican Party congressman where we live. VOTE THESE GUYS OUT.

    Sincerely, Scared

  18. steve warner

    Must be nice to go to Key Lago for a rest I am beyond words when I read shit like this and i have to ask for help for everything since euc ran out the statement about the weather holding things up I’m sure they got paid for that day.

  19. Mark


  20. Cameron

    I’d like to kick SotH Boner right in the shins… What a maroon! Who does he think he is, Marie Antoinette? Surely he knows how things turned out for her?

  21. JoeyB

    The extension will never happen people. You are all holding onto something that is gone. Do what needs to be done now.

  22. Ron

    I don’t know what to do ….my heat, electric,phone and p c will be turned off soon …and NO money in bank ..The president needs to step forwards !!

  23. Serena

    I can’t believe our government is worried about sending money to other countries to help them, but they could care less if us Americans who have worked all our lives and paid taxes. I lost my job over a year ago, and I look for a job everyday, with no luck. It’s like there is one job and 200 applicants, and employers don’t seem to want to hire people who are unemployed. I’m about to lose my house because I have went without ant income for almost 3 months. I can’t afford gas anymore to go look for jobs. I know there are a lot of others in the same position as me, they need to pass this already! I’m not getting my hopes up though. I just need more time to find a job. They just don’t care that we Americans are going to lose things we have worked all our life for. All I can do is pray I find a job before I lose my home and everything else.

  24. Hard worker

    If the senate wants to sit in that chair next year,they better get it together and stop playing around. The money and time that you spend on other foreign countrys ,you need to try keeping it home and handle your DAMM business.

  25. Scott

    The Senete can sit in session all night and talk about Global Warming on our Tax dollars, but lets let americans suffer while we collect our paychecks every month and eat steak and prime rib every nite. Time to cut these clowns down to min. wage and let them see what it is like.

  26. Unemployed and Looking for a job

    I cannot believe I’m reading about the government sending a billion dollars to another county. I cannot believe they approved raises for federal workers that may already have good paying jobs. You know what I can believe all of this is true because when they stop funding for the people that paid in taxes all their lives that put this money in their hands to even have there jobs, for America to have our backs, and to help others also. The table needs to be turn.
    In January, I lost my unemployment benefit and then the worst thing could ever happen in my life I lost my mom, note my sister and I at the time both was unemployed and lost our benefits the same time. We had to burying our mom because the insurance company bull…. my dad on the payments part. We still are working on getting that straight at the moment because we were ripped off. My sister, thank GOD was able to negotiate to get my mom buried. I just felt if we had the benefits at that time, the funeral may ran a little bit better smoother. The point that I am trying to get across, we paid into these wages, and we expected them to be there when we needed them, but instead we are screwed out of everything we worked hard and paid for.

  27. linda

    I would like to comment on first time unemployment going down. The state of Pa. has made collecting unemployment impossible for any type of contractor. It is now the state where you can make $63,000.00 in your base year,work 38 weeks and be denied unemployment.Things are not better laws are just being changed to to make it look like it is. I pray that federal and state law makers get their heads out of their backsides and do whats right.


    REALLY???!!!!! I have worked since i was 14 to help family..two of my jobs were sent went to mexico,one went to china,NO FAULT of mine but now lost my uc that i paid into & deserve to collect!!!! I had to give up my home & now live w/a friend where im not comfortable at with my dog,cant afford car ins & gas to even search for a job..using friends pc to search for jobs but NOTHING in area i live & cant afford to travel!!Swallowed my pride to beg for fd stamps..slap in the face w/$16 a mth..are u serious??!!Oh & as i was at welfare office,there sat 2 herion addicts discussing where to get there next tattoos with welfare $…”UNBELIEVABLE” & they get hundreds of dollars in fd stamps,health ins & welfare check & i’ve worked hard & ask for a little help & they go on what i made 90 days ago to determine my fd stamps…hell i lived check to check so why the hell would i have $ from 90 days ago???!!!!Guess i will eat 2 days this mth on $16.& starve or bum from family the rest of the month..not embarrased enough from borrowing $ to keep cell on jst incase a job calls & have to mooch for a meal!!!! Government,you help other countries but turn there own away…come on!!!! Then they just go on recess for another wk or whatever & to hell w/us american citizens who are hard workers & didnt ask to be laidoff for whatever reason may be while they enjoy life & there “BIG” paychecks!!!!!! Your own people,children are starving because of your ignorance but you NEVER hesitate to feed other countries…so i say to you..DONT EXPECT A VOTE FROM ME WHEN YOUR DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This isnt helping our country by not passing this bill..ONLY going to make things WORSE…”WAKE UP PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  29. Edmund

    Speechless, discussed, disappointed and broke.
    Exhausted all my unemployment benefits and almost have exhausted the rest of my life savings. Any longer I will loose my car and my family and I will be homeless.
    I pray by the blood of Jesus,that the members of Congress get off of the playground. AND REINSTATE THE EMERGENCY UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE.
    Thank You and God Bless.

  30. Susan

    R u serious millions of us here need the extension, I am 58 yrs old lost a job I had been doing for 4 yrs not because I. Could no. Longer
    Do it but to a younger college graduate!!! TRY.starting over st 58,.have no income $15 per month in food stamps. Come on WE NEED HELP!!!!!

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