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6th March
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Unemployment Benefit Extension and Jobs Market Update USA Today March 6, 2014:

It appears that some Senators are content to let the slowly recovering U.S. economy present additional job opportunities for America’s unemployed, instead of agreeing to provide support for another unemployment benefit extension. Over a million Americans lost their long term unemployment benefits in late December and have been living without the federal lifeline since. The Senate has voted on a measure to extend unemployment benefits multiple times since, and failed every time. Although some policy makers believe that a recovering U.S. economy can provide enough opportunity for those that have exhausted their long term emergency compensation benefits, the recent jobs data has been weaker than expected.

This week, the payroll processing firm ADP reported that private sector employers added only 139,000 jobs in the most recent month. Although this total was greater than the private sector additions of 127,000 which posted in January, it still missed economists’ forecasts and was far below the average of 186,000 from the previous 12 months. It appears that the data is getting worse, not better. The U.S. economic recovery may be off track and there might be more blame to go around than just the harsh winter weather. The unemployed without benefits will look for the Senate to consider the facts and collaborate to pass an extended unemployment benefit plan.

This week, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid has said that he will continue to work to gain the additional votes necessary for a 6-month unemployment benefit extension. The vote in the Senate is expected to happen next week. Although the vote was initially expected to take place this week, the bad weather is being blamed for a schedule that is too tight for a vote this week.

Genny Germano


  1. chuck

    they can give a billion dollars to Ukrainian and that take care of the unemployment what is going on with this country

  2. amelia

    Come on we need it now please!!! not next week then after next week next week again please act now. We are losing our home land lord is kicking us plus we need to pay late fees $100 every month if we dont have children is fine we can live in the street but hows the children please were begging you children are very hungry and crying we dont know what to do.

  3. Jennifer

    That’s all we hear next week we’ll vote been hearing that since Dec 2013 ~ funny they don’t delay giving themselves a pay hike

  4. Carol Lindner

    I hope anyone who can, will call those senators
    who are voting no to helping us.

  5. William Uhlan

    Please stop being the heartless politicians that you have been. Renew the emergency unemployment benefits. We are all suffering. We are losing our homes, our cars, everything. You have put us out in the cold with nowhere to turn. This is not the way America should work. I strongly urge everyone to vote Democratic in any upcoming elections. The Republicans care NOTHING about your welfare.

  6. Kalani

    next week wont benefit us in the long run, last month didnt benefit us at all. to blame the weather is a poor excuse not be there and support your PEOPLE. we the people make up the USA and with out the people this country wouldnt even be. To consistently put off priorities to assist your own country is beyond unbelievable. I’ll be 29yrs old this year and the one thing that I do remember coming up is the government was put in place to work and help protect the ppl. where did they loose sight of this? when did the ppl have to fall victim to their own government. The economy is bad but the government officials lack of support is even worse. My personal situation is being compromised due to lack of employment and support, but yet you want us to file our taxes at the end of every year. So either way the government will get their cut one way or another, while we sit in the shadows and suffer. I can continue to write about how much this situation is effecting US, but I have resumes to push and store owners to convince to hire me, oh and did I mention im 7.5 months pregnant…. My country tis of the sweet land of liberty of the I sing…..

  7. 06/03/2014

    Yes by all means lets keep sending billions to foreign countries to help them. WHAT ABOUT OUR PEOPLE THAT HAVE PAID TAXES FOREVER AND FOR THE FIRST TIME NEED SOME HELP…..oh no these people are without food or housing etc…..WELL TELL MY BANK THAT AS I CANNOT PAY MY MORTGAGE….HAVE NO INCOME…I will be on the street, no food, no money….so I get it…all of us people that worked forever shall now not have our unemployment because it is too expensive for our government….so now we can all to to social services and the government can pay that way….how stupid are you people

  8. Sheila

    We keep hearing a vote will happen “soon” or “next week”. We cannot wait another minute let alone another week. Our government has let us down once again. We have had bad weather all winter in the midwest and with no money can’t pay our heating bills and they want to use that as an excuse as to why there will be no vote. SHAMEFUL. Or worse yet they will deal with the Ukraine and Syria issues before helping the American people. I no longer support the government and Obama should be ashamed…I am.
    118,000 folks lost their benefits in Illinois and Mark Kirk doesn’t say a word about it. He needs to go ASAP or do the right thing and vote yes TODAY PEOPLE…not next week.

  9. 06/03/2014

    Mr. Obama please help us!!!!!.

  10. Dennis

    We need them to vote now not later.who cares about Ukrainian ! We’re sending 1 billion to them but we won’t help us amercains..I already lost my place because of this

  11. Monica

    Wow bad weather is the cause for them not to vote this week. How about no where to stay!!!! How about no food to eat!!! How about I loss my car!!! How about electric, gas,water, sewer bills are getting shut off!!!! Must I keep going on and on…. They must pass the euc ASAP !!!!! We need HELP NOW not next week!!!!!

  12. Disappointed American

    Have you ever seen those movies where the people running things live high on the hog, and everyday people live in shelters all dirty and rags for clothes, with scavenging for food and medicine!

    In the movies these people running things don’t care about the poor in the streets! As a matter of fact they make comments about wishing the people in the streets would just kill themselves or kill each other because they are a ungodly sight and a burden!

    Our Government sadly to say are doing the same as in the movies! The democrats care and are pushing for us, but the republicans just don’t care for those outside their financial settings! President Obama? well I haven’t seen much out of him on this subject. He always speaks about the American people, where is he now when there are over 2 million and growing that have lost their jobs and unemployment and families are on the streets or about to be on the streets!

    But of course the government really does not care as long as they get their hundreds and thousands of dollars each year for life even after they have left office along with perks!

    Let the government officials live like the everyday working class and then see how fast things change for a better life!

  13. Ernie

    Please and try to see things through the eys of the
    Unemployed, without this assistance we can’t continue
    To look for work or provide shelter for our families.

    Please pass the vote!!!

  14. Earl Petrie

    I don’t understand? It wouldn’t let me sign the petition to extend unemployment benefits unless I made a contribution. I can’t even afford to give $5.00. My wife and I are close to being evicted, and living out of our car, because we have nowhere else to go. We’ve had no income, at all, for the last month. Thank god for foodshare, or we wouldn’t have anything to eat either. My husband and I are willing to work, but can’t find anything. When we’re evicted, and our car breaks down, then we’re considered homeless, and pretty much forgotten. What is wrong with this picture! We’re 60 years old and have worked most of our lives, only to end up out on the streets, with the “system” wondering if they should vote to save us. God Help Us All!!!

  15. Pat

    What they do not seem to understand is that if at least you have some sort of money coming in, then you have a bargaining chip to negotiate with your utilities and/or creditors, you know, the people that you deal with just to “live” and “get buy.” At least if Unemployment Extension is okayed you have a certain amount to pay them weekly, etcetera, until you get that job, all be it, some sort to keep you afloat. Americans should not have to be begging government to help stay afloat.


  16. diana corl

    Please help everyone and extend benefits; I’m about to lose my car in march ; I worked for my company for over 14 years I’m 57 years old; I’ve been looking non stop for a job; I’m not the only one that is losing everything I’ve worked so hard to have what I have; I want to know why they don’t care? When they are sitting at their table in their beautiful homes ; with their families eating their food served by their servants I hope every bite they take that god shows them all the homeless; foodless people thru their eyes and when they go to bed they dream about each and everyone of us

  17. Gonzo

    How can they put this off another week? Our government is not wasting time helping the Ukraine. This is no longer a government by the people, for the people. It is a government for the rich and big corporations. The income inequality gap is a major issue and is going to cause big problems… Soon!

  18. ryan

    What is so rediculous here is euc is only for citizens who have worked and earned these benefits. Not free handouts like the other programs they keep approving! Many of us have worked for years and years and paid into this program but when we need the help from it we are turned away…

  19. Dana Manton

    This is just horrible, we are at a loss and our government has turned their backs on us. I have been applying for at least 10-20 jobs a day, and still can’t get a job. We are going to have our electric shut off on April 1, 2014. I have been forced to turn to county assistance, to feed my 3 little girls. We are told this week, this week, oh sorry next week because our government is on another “vacation”! It must be nice to only have to go to work a few days a month, and get paid the big bucks. My landlord has decided not to renew our lease, and we have to find a new place to live. I can’t find a place because they are saying I need employment verification. This is horrible, and we have no place to turn. Stop making us suffer, stop sending billions of dollars over to other countries when us American citizens are suffering! Help the US Citizens first!! We should be the number 1 priority.

  20. Jodi Lynn Odel

    I did not ‘Choose” to lose my job, I lost it due to the tough economy and not enough sales in the area. I have returned to school to make my self more marketable, I have always been a contributing member of society and pay my taxes. We who have worked have paid taxes, and paid into unemployment insurance and when we need it to get bye, it is not there for us??? Did the politicians realize that ‘we the people vote them in” to represent ‘we the people.” I’m sorry it the weather is inconvenient” for them, it is inconvenient for me also to be able to now afford my heating bill!!! We are merely ‘pawns’ in a bad game of chess!!! Government needs to pay attention to what is happening in their own country before helping those in others!!! This has really become disgusting, they seem to be ‘punishing’ the wrong people!!!

  21. colleen

    We need this extension now, it seems they can come up with money for other countries, how about helping their own first.

  22. 06/03/2014

    Please help me.

  23. 06/03/2014

    Please vote yes on restoring unemploument.thanks

  24. Clarence Tynes

    I can totally relate to what every one is dealing with my
    Signifigant other and my self
    Are in that sinking ship with You all.(utilitys shutdown).
    We are 2 weeks from power
    Being turned off.i have serious health condition cant afford medications no
    Health insurance I can go
    On so come on senators
    Wipe ure snotty noses and
    Move on all ready were sinking pretty fast

  25. jacky

    let them do whatever they think or want.
    God never created blind birds without giving them the possibilities to feed themselves.
    They will fix it soon, if they do believe in the Great God.

  26. michelle

    well for the first time in my life I am on welfare … Love this country… NOT
    I am embarrassed and ashamed of my situation. I have a college degree… management experience and still can’t find a job. I called the realtor to put my house on the market so I could at least preserve my credit rating so as to not have absolutely everything spiral down the drain. I am a single mom to boot. Hope I don’t need any more oil this winter because the well is dry.

  27. Tamara Saucer

    Reading these comments brings tears to my eyes. I am in the same situation and I know how you feel. I don’t understand why our government cares so much about other countries when there are so many people in america who are in worse shape. Americans have at least feed into this economy and would continue to do so if given the chance. I promise and have proof that since being unemployed I apply for over 20 positions a week. I have gotten not one interview. I have over 10 years experience in the field I apply for but No interviews. I have never felt so let down in my life. It seems that you have to give money to make money for some positions. Why does it Cost $25 for a mandatory class to become a substitute teacher? Thats a lot of money to someone with NO income. You have to buy a $50 headset to work from home plus have internet. Who can pay for those things when your goal is to have food on the table? I mean real food on the table.WAKE UP AMERICA THIS IS REAL! Its in all your neighborhoods churches ,friend circles and family’s. We are struggling here and our homeless rate is only going to go up.THIS STRUGGLE IS REAL.FIX IT!

  28. yvette

    I cant wait to next week, I have disconnection notice from my electric company. Just yesterday I arguing on the phone with a credit card company the lady told me to borrow the money to pay them, I told her if I borrow money it sure wasnt to pay them I have gas, electric, water, etc bills that come first.and how can I borrow if I cant pay it back. Obama plz help.

  29. Larry

    Has congress ever considered maybe working overtime? Or maybe working through their 3 hour lunch? If it was them who was affected by this they would get it done. Don’t they realize that each day people are losing more and more? Here’s an idea, work on Saturday to make up for the time you took off for bad weather. What if everyone took off work because of bad weather? Why is it that congress can take it off but the rest of the country has to work? You are still getting paid and you expect the rest of the people in this country to work. Get off your lazy asses and get it done!!!

  30. carey

    Even if Congress would vote this week the Bill will still have to pass in the House which maybe another hurdle, clearly those suffering matter little to The Congress or The House.,I am among the 2mil of long term unemployment n I will run out of $$ by April. I have lost all faith in the Gov’t & feel hopeless & helpless.

  31. Esther

    Shame on us, with the amount of money that we pump into foreign country’s and we can’t or won’t even take care of our own. These people need help, it is time for our Government to step up to the plate. Why are they doing this? why are they getting away with this? Why are they letting so many people suffer?

  32. Marie

    Where I worked previously for 17 years, we were considered ESSENTIAL employees and could not take off during winter storms. I can’t image, given this important issue and others that our Federal Government would exempt themselves from being ESSENTIAL. Really?? Democrats and Republicans, get the job done!! The people you SERVE need this support. No more delays, no more excuses.

  33. Stephanie

    Wow. I live in Baltimore. I went to the library in bad weather to look for a job. I do that everyday for 4 to 5 hours 5 days a week at least. Work….that’s what you get paid to do.

  34. B

    Just to clarify to people,Obama’s hands are tied on the subject. He has been very vocal about getting it passed but he can’t *make* them vote. He has already said that he will sign it the minute it hits his desk but it’s all on the senators right now.

    They are the ones leaving us out in the cold. Over 2 months now living on nothing but my wife’s $9.45 /hr income. If it weren’t for her tax returns we would have been on the street this month and if it weren’t for my mother’s help it would have been last month! I wish these senators could understand what it’s like to be 31 and depending on your mom to help support you, your wife and 2 kids! My dignity is gone. It’s bad enough to not be able to work for your own living much less having to live off of your parents!


  35. nancy in ohio

    After next week then what? The next week!!! As we lose homes, go to food banks, have heat and lights turned off. Congress needs to stop fighting with each other and take care of the country best interest. While they might not be suffering those who elected them are. Just please help us get on track and restore our dignity. We have worked paid taxes, and all we ask in return is our elected officials to do the job they are suppose to do.

  36. Ken Cook

    I am sure these comments do no good because the government does not listen to any of its people its supposed to represent I have been out of work for a long time and since employment has put on hold I’m about ready to lose my home I’ve been out of propane for 2 weeks my water is frozen my electricity is set for shut off I could not pay for renewal of my vehicle plate or my insurance our government should get off their deadbeat ass and take care of the people who have voted them in but its obvious they do not care

  37. 06/03/2014

    Mr. President: Charity begins at home. How in good conscience can you designate even one penny, much less millions, to the Ukraine, while YOUR American people are in dire straits? It is shameful. For the first time since I voted for you, believing you had your country’s best interests at the forefront, I am doubting it, and am embarassed by your apparent ineffectiveness, or worse, apathy. This is not your finest moment.

  38. janet

    It’s so sad this is happening. I went on several job interviews n still haven’t been hired after months of trying. As soon as I start working… (they) meaning…the government will b ready to take out their taxes. They shall reap what they sow. I pray that they also get convicted of their wrong doings. Lord have mercy on their souls. Smh.

  39. Luchia

    This extension issue is so bad I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy but right about now I wish this for all the senator to feel how hard it is. P.S I could care less about anything else they have going on. FIX THIS PLEASE NOW NOW NOW NOW

  40. djjd

    To all euc’s we need to rebel and fight together america does not care about americans they rathet give billions.. ….$$$ to ukanineees we don’t come first when we should so
    America needs it’s revolution to wake up AMERICA euc americans comes first voting means nothing


    I never really got in to politics but now as white boy I have a brand new respect for Obama. I now hate and I repeat hate republicans. I have a new born. All I need is one more month for gas but w t f. An Ironworker for 10yrs and an HVAC tech for 11 I hate being at home and so does my wife. If your going to pull the carpet and try to punish us than I VOTE TO RID REPUBLICAN they seem to have an evil hate for the president of my country. At least Obama keeps trying and Trying he knows this is not tough love its NAZI style cruelty!!!

  42. 06/03/2014

    We need HELP NOW not next week!!!!!next week! next week! next week!

  43. Josie

    WOW there are so many suffering and I am one of them along with my 9 yr old daughter- this is horrible, PLEASE EXTEND ASAP before we lose our apt. and get evicted- I have been on 6 interviews & NOTHING yet- Please help

  44. Kenny

    This is a shame we are going to starve.

  45. Maggie

    This is so said …next week . I mean really this is what you do to ppl who have worked all thr life. Would love to see Senate ,House whom ever go without money for months see how it feels.

  46. joe

    Every one of these senators need to go get your family and friends together vote them all out!…this is a damn joke. More $ to countries that hate us? Really?..

    What about us….to be 59…and trying to find a job is impossible


  47. Jerry Stunod

    Here we go! Another friekin week goes by and still no decision for extension on benefits. You senators are nothing but a joke and should be ashamed of yourself. I am at my last wits end and can’t borrow any more money, my savings are depleted. Send more money to Ukraine if you haven’t already. Seems you can make a quick decision on that. Did you hear what Obama said when he was in CT march 5th. This is what I think.
    Listened to O’bama hype amway convention at central CT university. What a joke! All these students and Malloy got buffaloed by O’bama, hook, line and sinker. If they want to raise the minimum wage, that means everybody including bartenders and servers. If bartenders and servers can’t get 10.10 per hour, then just keep the wage at 7.25. all you students at the university, boy, O’bama has you buffaloed as well. If you think your going to graduate and find a job, good luck. Unemployment is high, millions of people can’t find a job. If the job market is so great, why are these people that can’t find job seeking an extension for benefits. O’bama, make your amway speech, get back on the plane and get out. Your tying up traffic on the highways. You sounded like a preacher, a few words, get an amen. a few more words, get an amen. Your approval ratings are way down just like Danny boy Malloy. Did Danny boy Malloy mention to you that he wants some tribes in CT to be recognized, so more casinos to be built, I doubt it. You go now

  48. Rich

    it is time to replace all incumbents no matter what their party affiliation Do this for the next three elections and we have a congress that listens to their constituents and not their party or contributors

  49. DeeDee

    Honestly, I wish I would have a heart attack and die, at least then my children could collect my life insurance proceeds. I really don’t know what else I can do to obtain work and provide for my family…


    The government system is stimulated and controlled by demonic principalties sent by satan. The white house is full of highly satanic men,women and demonic hybrids that is trying to set the stage for the anti-christ and the mark of beast. This is bigger than euc, the primary agenda of these wicked politicians is full of greed,malice,immorality, poverty and death.Do not put your trust in this perverted and twisted government. Put your trust in YAHWEH IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF YAHUSHUA(JESUS) and HE WILL DELIVER. Stand up for yo’ rights and FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH. This goes out to you defeated children of the devil that call themself politicians including the president himself, THE WRATH OF ABBA YAHWEH AWAITS YOU! THE KINGDOM OF YAHUSHUA HAS COME! REVOLUTION IS AT HAND!

  51. disgusted

    Our politicians have ruined America. the Free Trade Agreement. took all the jobs for Americans and that’s the reason that were in the condition we are today. the bankers opened up the market for housing raising the prices of properties making refinancing accessible to everyone and that ruined our housing market. what the New World Order. I don’t believe any of them are on our side Republicans or Democrats. I just change my voters registration card from Republican to Democrat. I will make sure to let everyone know never to vote Republican again vote (r) for recession.

  52. Mark

    Those that are voting no to extended unemployment benefits, we will remember not to vote for you come November.

  53. Mark

    Those that are voting no to extended unemployment benefits, we will remember not to vote for you come November. Its easy to vote no when you cannot identify with the financial struggles of the everyday person. Maybe its time to start electing people that are not coming from wealth……….

  54. disgusted

    Our politicians have ruined America. the Free Trade Agreement. took all the jobs for Americans and that’s the reason that were in the condition we are today. the bankers opened up the market for housing raising the prices of properties making refinancing accessible to everyone and that ruined our housing market. what the New World Order. I don’t believe any of them are on our side Republicans or Democrats. I just change my voters registration card from Republican to Democrat. I will make sure to let everyone know never to vote RepublicanRepublican again vote (r) for recession.

  55. 06/03/2014

    This is REDICULOUS How many more times can they push back voting on this and fail us the american people.I have worked since i was 15 and am now an unemployable 54,what has happened to us as proud americans,These Politicians are a joke,they should work over every day to resolve this issue,Honest hard working AMERICANS are going hungry losing their homes cars personal posessions and self worth while these polititions take weeks off without any remorse.Just remember come election time everyone,I PRAY FOR US ALL!

  56. disgusted

    I have work for 38 years. the first time I ever apply for unemployment in my life. can’t seem to find a job no matter where I go. I’ve applied online applied In Person everywhere I can possibly think of. Now that I am 55 years old no one wants to hire anyone but the younger generation. Employers can pay them less money and most of them still live at home. no one wants to give any hours all the employers are to worry about this Obama care. our president is worried about health not our pockets but we can’t even afford anything because we have no jobs

  57. 06/03/2014

    I have e mailed all the senators possible.Anyone know what to do or who to contact to make this completely clear that we here in America are going through a horrible great depression and how to pass this through for us as fast as they did for Ukraine? I’ve lost just about everything and have a one year old daughter….. this is the great country we live in. Pray or do whatever helps you have some faith in the world cause that is literally all we have left. Sick of next week…next week too. Good luck to us all

  58. Michele

    Just remember the republicans who did not help us when its time to vote!!

  59. Terkin

    March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom!

  60. Bob Fink

    Every day without the little bit of money from unemployment benefits is another day of no gas for the car to go LOOK for work,no money for basic expenses. I’ve already had to file for bankruptcy.. May lose my house..At 59 years of age,I feel like I’m drowning.. Have worked and paid into the gov’t since I was 16.Can’t believe the clueless senators can’t see a fire when the building is burning!
    But let’s send a billion to help out the Ukraine!!! Our focus and concern for our own society and it’s problems makes us a laughing stock as we babysit every other nation who wines for help. I just don’t get it….

  61. char

    We all are begging for help help us please help us

  62. Cassandra

    We need for the U.S. American
    People’s “elected” representatives to represent US now!!! I understand the crisis in Ukraine is serious but the lives of the American people should be the priority!!! Let’s take of our own here at home!!!

  63. William Rasco

    Guess being wealthy keeps Gov, from really understanding how this impacts 99 % of Great Americans!!


    More BVS out of Washington – How about a firehose to wash these ELECTED ( for what?) officials into the Potomac River?

    I am 70 years old, had an EXCELLENT job, take care of of 95 year old mother ( who ran out of assets long ago)..My former employer laid everyone off ( no notice or severance) last summer. No benefits to HELP ( and you take TAXES OUT OF THE BENEFITS)..M y life saVINGS IS NEARLY gone – mY FORMERLY excellent CREDIT RATING IS BEING FLUSHED DUE TO ARREARAGES.

    When I was employed I often had business trips to Washington, DC..and it always AMAZED me that there were so many STREET PEOPLE in doorways within SUIGHT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE….and all the EMPTY SUITS bustling by NEVER ACKNOWLEDGED or seemed to NOTICE them…ARE they invisible? I will soon loose my home, my car, everything I have worked for for OVER 50 years….HELLO! ELECTED OFFICIALS…is anyone ALIVE, CARING or CONCERNED…or are you all so filled with GREED and AVARICE that yuou ONLY NOTICE the plight of people who DID NOT VOTE FOR YOU AND NEVER WILL…bad as their lives may be….TAKE CARE OF the MILLIONS of decent, hardworking people who BUILT THIS COUNTRY…we’d like a piece of the OUR AMERICAN DREAM too.

    My ancestors MAY come up of out of their graves, pitchforks in hand and MARCH ON WASHINGTON – to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY…as they did in Boston, when the British went ONE STEP TOO FAR…The motto of NH is “LIVE FREE OR DIE”….we are suffering and some will die at the uncaring hands of our own government. SHAME ON YOU!!! BOTH SIDES are PATHETIC!!!


    More BS out of Washington – How about a firehose to wash these ELECTED ( for what?) officials into the Potomac River?

    I am 70 years old, had an EXCELLENT job, take care of my 95 year old mother ( who ran out of assets long ago)..My former employer laid everyone off ( no notice or severance) last summer. No benefits to HELP ( and you take TAXES OUT OF THE BENEFITS)..My life SAVINGS IS NEARLY gone – MY FORMERLY excellent CREDIT RATING IS BEING FLUSHED – DUE TO ARREARAGES.

    When I was employed I often had business trips to Washington, DC..and it always AMAZED me that there were so many STREET PEOPLE in doorways within SIGHT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE…. the EMPTY SUITS bustling by NEVER ACKNOWLEDGED or seemed to NOTICE them…ARE they invisible? I will soon loose my home, my car, everything I have worked for for OVER 50 years….HELLO! ELECTED OFFICIALS…is anyone ALIVE, CARING or CONCERNED…or are you all so filled with GREED and AVARICE that you ONLY NOTICE the plight of people who DID NOT VOTE FOR YOU AND NEVER WILL…bad as their lives may be half way across the planet….TAKE CARE OF the MILLIONS of decent, hardworking people who BUILT THIS COUNTRY…we’d like a piece of OUR AMERICAN DREAM too.

    My ancestors MAY come up of out of their graves, pitchforks in hand and MARCH ON WASHINGTON – to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY…as they did in Boston, when the British went ONE STEP TOO FAR…The motto of NH is “LIVE FREE OR DIE”….we are suffering and some will die at the uncaring hands of our own government. SHAME ON YOU!!! BOTH SIDES are PATHETIC!!!

  66. Gerard Briggs

    I’ve been out of work since 12/31/12. My unemployment ran out 12/28/13. I’m down to my last 500.00. I have no transportation because I sold my Truck to put food on the table.

    But, do you think Congress or anyone in the government are reading these post. You have to ask yourself, HAVE YOU LOST ENOUGH, AND ARE YOU OUTRAGED ENOUGH TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    Don’t wait for Congress. go to this website for information what will take place on 05/16/14. Operation American Spring.

    If we get the extension before then, great. But I’m going to OAS anyway.
    Here’s the link. If it’s not highlighted copy and paste into your browser.

    Take Back Our Country.

  67. Tom

    For many months now, I have been thinking that being in America and being an American means nothing. I remember a time when i was proud to say that i am an American. It’s a damn shame that our government, these people who took an oath to put the American people first, can squander billions of dollars to other country for BS. If These ASSCLOWNS really gave a shit about the unemployed, they would stay at the office until they come up with an agreement to pass the UI bill. It’s sad to hear all of the stories about people loosing everything and getting evicted. ItsTerrible! This UI extension should be top priority for the politicians, but instead they want to give Ukraine a billion dollars..

  68. Jon Hall

    Why are we giving billions in Foreign Aid to despots and tyrants when Americans are losing their homes and u.i.?? Why in the world are we giving China of all places $26 million in foreign aid?? If we take a billion from the top 3 and the rest from china, russia and countries that hate us, we have the 6 billion nut. These are $$ from Deficit Spending that the tea party is nuts about. Huge hypocrisy!! Look at this link to see the foreign aid spending:

    Here’s the 6 billion.

    country total aid reallocate to UI
    Israel 6,043,234,000 1,000,000,000
    egypt 3,251,255,000 1,000,000,000
    Iraq 2,635,157,000 500,000,000
    china 21,224,000 21,224,000
    russia 51,961,000 51,961,000
    pakistan 3,304,091,000 1,000,000,000
    afghanistan 4,751,024,000 2,000,000,000
    Nigeria 1,299,228,000 1,299,228,000
    South Africa 1,002,428,000 426,815,000

    20,057,946,000 6,872,413,000

    Raise hell with every politician you can reach. Americans First, Not international welfare!

  69. 06/03/2014

    This is what the American people get for being uninformed voters for the past couple of decades and voting for the lesser of two evils. We voted for the false promises of safty, prosperity through wealth sharing, and the nanny state taking care of us. Congrats, we have a Government full of lifetime politicians that are only concerned with keeping their constiuants happy and making sure the big gov machine keeps chugging along. There is no line differentiating Democrats and Republicans anymore. This country was designed as a bottom up system of government with the people holding the power and our elected officals bending to our will. Corruption and power struggles have turned the great american experiment on its head to the point the founders would be disgraced by what has become of us. The EUC debate is a perfect example of how less of a shit our representives give about us and the constitution and how much they are consumed by the political chess game they are currently playing. They are being cavalier with peoples lives just as they do when the send our young people over to die for their wars of aggresion and empire building. But, know one seems to see the real issue, we made this mess. We need to start laying down the ground work for our kids an their kids to have a better life. OPEN YOUR EYES, VOTE OUT THE CAREER POITICIANS AND START LOCALLY VOTING FOR TRUE CONSTITUTIOAL CONSERVATIVES/LIBERTARIAN CANIDATES!!!! START TALKING TO PEOPLE, HELP EACH OTHER, DONT BE SO DEPENDANT ON THE GRID OR THE GOVERNMENT!!!!! DONT KNOW HOW TO START?? ASK A TRUE LIBERTARIAN WHERE TO BEGIN!!! We cannot change DC, too big. Start in your own back yard. Look at your local situation/canidates and start asking questions. Please, get off your knees and start fighting to save this country!!!! I am a proud Libertarian. I will vote Libertarian and push for Libertarian canidates. I will educate anyone who wants to know about what it is to be Libertarian and how we start to fix this mess.

  70. antoinette petko

    wwwwwwwhen aaaaarrre wwwwwweee ggggggonnnnnaa ttttttalk aaaaaabbbbbout EEEEEEUUUUUUCCCCC!!!!!??????

  71. 06/03/2014

    Sign this FREE patition and light a fire under the legislators butts!

  72. Tom Beglin

    I’m 63 yrs. old. I’ve worked my entire life.I work construction which at times is seasonal.I want to at least work till I’m 65. By the end of this month I’m sure the banks will be sending their letters. The one thing some politians have forgotten is that 20% my of unemployment goes back to the govt. in taxes. Maybe welfare is the ticket now. Food stamps,health and dental, plus HUD.

  73. 07/03/2014

    Enough is enough!!! I worked all my life, and had only three jobs my whole life as a retail manager. This is probably the last week my cell phone will be on, as I try to get calls for jobs. Now without my phone, car, house, etc., there is no way I can get a job, because I cannot be contacted. I have been on many interviews at the age of 57 they tell me we went with a different candidate. Things happen why you lose your jobs, but when the Republicans call us lazy, that was the last draw. I worked 65 to 70 hours a week in snow and rain, but when the senate says we have to reschedule the vote because of bad weather, shame on you. Now who is lazy. Pass the damn vote, and clean up your own backyard, before you clean others.

  74. Mark

    I seen the bad weather on TV: 3 inches of snow. It was a storm that was all trumped up but hit like a kitten. Meow. Anyways, The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Everywhere lol etc, total up to about 10 trillion dollars. Looks like we’re gearing up to a war with Russia ? 100 Trillion ?? How are we gonna fight the Russians if we are weak, skinny, cold, tired and ill ? Heck, all we really need to do to come up with the 10 billion is forclose on all the senators homes and return 50% of the proceeds to the peoples fund. Most of these politicians have a lot more than just one meesly mansion.

  75. c

    My letter to senator risch of idaho

    Idaho has a LOT of homeless families, and families living below poverty status… especially in the magic valley area. As a mother of 3, my children, spouse and myself are in this category!!…a lot in part to you not voting yeah to the unemployment extension. Yet…our country that you serve with authority(!!)…can fork money over to a different country while my family and MILLIONS of others live day to day not knowing what will happen tomorrow. Do you know what it is like sleeping in a car with 3 children under 6? Or struggling to explain why we move from families homes to motels and so forth? We the people are not asking for a handout, rather we are asking for the funds we rightly earned! I know im not famous, as to say I have no “pull” with you… and this plea will fall on deaf ears regardless…but all i hope is that you open your heart to serving “we the people” of not only the state of Idaho, but also on behalf of this great nation.

    A minority in a vast majority of nay-sayers

  76. Phillip

    It is a travesty that our government will push through billions in funding for a foreign country (Ukraine)but do nothing to support the unemployed people of this country. We all should ensure that they are held accountable for the lack of compassion by putting them in retirement this November. I am 51 and have been working since I was 16. I served my country for 6 years in the US Navy where I was willing to put my life on the line for this country. Now that I need my government assistance, I am told that I am lazy and just want a handout. Well if any of the congressional members are truly there to support their constituents then the EUC would have been passed already. Come November we all need to give the Republicans pink slips since they are in their positions not to legislate but to obstruct. Lets send them a message in NOVEMBER.

  77. Ann-Marie

    I know President Obama is doing the best he can regarding this degrading outpour of pleas for help. There are so many of us in the same situation but yet our government ignores us and addresses international problems. We didn’t create these problems – but we are paying for them. I always thought we should help our own first and then the world1!!

  78. Chris C.

    I just do not understand how I can work all my life paying taxes and supporting government programs, while never asking for a dime from my government. Now when I am in need help, I get cut off! They can waste millions on stupid law suites, dumb oversight committees, and send billions to help other countries! What about us?

  79. tanya

    I’m 43 and have voted every voting season allowed, and I have always voted the person best for the position democrat or republican, what im telling you is what I wrote R.Portman from Ohio, I will never forget the looks on the republicans faces when the democrats were trying to get the unemployment to pass, the looks were looks of disguised when they spoke of American families in this unemployment crisis. I will never vote republican again, never! their looks of disguise will be on my mind when I go vote from now on.
    I hope and pray that all of you with children will be ok during this crisis, I have teenagers and they r starting to feel the suffering,they have given up their sports in high school and now pack lunch, I have just told them they cant go to prom,(i know this is minor to some, but to teenagers its important) they have not noticed that i’ve lost weight because our suppers are smaller and i want more food for them, they do not know that im sick because i cant afford my medication and we cant afford our cell phone bill so my husband and i gave up our cell phones. i have tried to keep them in the dark about our family crisis because I’m imbarressed to tell them i have failed as a parent to supply. you see im 43 and have worked since 14, i have always been blessed with really good jobs my whole life, this is my 1st time on unemployment and i cant find a job any where!, it hurts me emotionally and mentally, its dehumanizing.
    our congress needs to get it together,and start caring first about americans, and we americans need to remember when we vote, who will benefit us, yes us! the American people

  80. M

    I have applied for hundreds of jobs since I got laid off in Oct. 2013. There are many people out here that are doing all they can to get jobs. To think that our representatives think unemployment encourages us to sit on our butts and not want more for our families than the meager amount we have to live on. We are not getting rich by being on unemployment. I can barely pay my bills with it. I would rather be working and have done everything I know to do to find a job.

  81. 06/05/2014

    This is to our government officials who don’t give a rats ass about the American citizens of this country who are losing everything they worked for all of their lives, including myself that are at the end of their financial means of supporting their families and saving what they do have, and maybe some pride. You jerks and highly paid cronies like the Koch brothers and big corporate companies have no compassion for this country, but they don’t care about the billons of dollars being donated to all the foreign countries who cry boo boo each time some war thing or disaster happens. They always find money for those things. All the service people who represent our country are getting the shaft along with veterans and seniors with cuts to their benefits just like the unemployed have been cut off completely from their. What assholes we have running our country. Vote them all out on this year in November. Time to go Democrat again. At least they have some compassion for American citizens.

    I really don’t care about the bad weather you have to come out in to do your job, because the American Worker who had a job and lost it because of no fault of their own, had to go in daily. That is a boo hoo excuse if I ever heard one….damn babies. Weather was not excusable. Time to pass that bill today…not next week or the week after. I hope tons of bad karma comes to all that don’t vote yes and pass that bill for for the unemployment extension.

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