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5th March
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Unemployment Benefit Extension news update today March 4, 2014:
Some congressional policy markers may be looking for economic signs to avoid extending long term unemployment and a possible sign came via the personal income report this week. According to the report, personal income rose by .3 percent in January after falling the previous month. The drop in personal income during December was due, in part, to the expiration of jobless benefits that affected over one million unemployed Americans. The expiration of benefits curbed income growth for the month of December but the fact that benefits have yet to be extended and personal income numbers still rose higher in January adds fuel to the argument that says the economic recovery is happening sufficiently and another benefit extension is not required at this time.
Many are upset that Congress and the President have not done more to this point to help almost 2 million Americans that are living day to day without employment and without long term unemployment compensation. Many Americans wonder what President Obama meant exactly when he said, during his State of the Union speech, that we should support the nation’s unemployed.
It is now the fourth month during which some Americans have been without long term unemployment compensation. The Senate is still debating the measure. After February was filled with false hope and two filibusters, Senate policy makers are sounding more optimistic that the measure to extend will finally pass their chamber this month. Republicans continue to reiterate that benefits must be paid for via an offset somewhere in the budget. They also call for new job initiatives to be included for the measure to receive serious consideration.

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  1. joe

    Like I been saying for months. The Republicans in LOCKSTEP voted NO several times to pass e.u.c

    You will get your chance to vote NO on them returning to office. They voted against you RETURN THE FAVOR! Please America wake up!


    Another former Republican and proud American

  2. mike h

    John Boehner buys his second home valued at $835,000 in South Florida while people can’t pay their bills. John McCain, a veteran who knows there are 200,000 vets out there who can’t find work votes no to EUC. Wow, what a bunch of patriots!!!!

  3. Evita Worley

    I have a great effort for working and needing to work but I still can use my euc benefits right now. I set myself up a emoyers profile profolio to job hunt by foot si when spring time comes and its 50 or 60 degrees outside, I can have person to person contact with employers. I have found that job hunting by foot and passing an interveiw is the best way to give yiurself the ” Employment Leverage.” Everyone keep the faith, I am!!!

  4. Jacqueline

    YES,LETS STOP ASKING OR PRAYING FOR CONGRESS AKA (Man)! Trust and pray to the Lord! There is strength in numbers.I know the overall majority of the unemployed wants to have a job. But in the interim of searching,spending savings,borrowing etc.. This is an help that is so needed to stay Barely afloat.I have voted throughout my life,and encouraged my children to do the same. I plan to still place my vote. But,I will be very disheartened and in no rush. Pray to our father to hear our pleas and do his blessings. Let us just know who to ask for Anything!!!!!

  5. Jacqueline

    Do not allow the Devil win. Try not to be bitter,or spew thoughts or wishes of revenge or anyone. He loves it when we get angry,hateful and vengeful. Let God handle that. By doing so,God will bless you and continue to watch over you.Life on earth is filled with tribulations. Thanks to Adam and Eve. So learn from their misguided choice. Listen and live by Gods word. Yes,I am unemployed for 10 mthns.I truly am going through this too. Yes,I am human,there are times I am disheartened.But,I will not give up on becoming employed again. This will be my best chapter yet.Either you sink or hold on to Gods hand. He will pull you out right on time.Not our time.His time.How down and pray. If you are alive,there is hope for tomorrow.

  6. Stephanie

    I’ve worked for the past 22 years, Thank God for having a job. Not only I worked for the past 22 year, my Pastor would encourage the congregation, when God blesses us with a job, go to work as if you are working for God. In May 2012 I was laid off not because of my doing but because of new management. When it was my turn to be laid off, I was frustrated. I had to take a STEP BACK, I realized it was the All Mighty God that has blessed me with that job and if God Blessed me once He can bless me again. Trust me there was and this is challenges but who are you going to trust? Are you going to trust man or you going to Trust God!!! God want us to put our total trust in Him and Him only! Psalm 23:1 The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. In order words STOP trusting man and trust God. He will give you peace in your home and he will give you comfort in the time of need. God has been making a way for my husband and I tremendously! The more he blesses us the more we praise him… God and Trust Him. Be real and sincere and God will bless you!!!

  7. Grim Reaper

    My landlord has been screaming outside her door for my family to get off her property for 3 months, now. We have already received a notice to pay or leave by the end of the month or she will take us to court. My daughter has to tiptoe down the stairs and pass by her door to get to school. It’s like walking on eggshells to come and go, when one person is waiting for retro unemployment and the other is living off the maximum for 3 people.

  8. 04/04/2014

    from the employers THAT SUCK .

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