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5th March
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Unemployment Benefit Extension news update today March 4, 2014:
Some congressional policy markers may be looking for economic signs to avoid extending long term unemployment and a possible sign came via the personal income report this week. According to the report, personal income rose by .3 percent in January after falling the previous month. The drop in personal income during December was due, in part, to the expiration of jobless benefits that affected over one million unemployed Americans. The expiration of benefits curbed income growth for the month of December but the fact that benefits have yet to be extended and personal income numbers still rose higher in January adds fuel to the argument that says the economic recovery is happening sufficiently and another benefit extension is not required at this time.
Many are upset that Congress and the President have not done more to this point to help almost 2 million Americans that are living day to day without employment and without long term unemployment compensation. Many Americans wonder what President Obama meant exactly when he said, during his State of the Union speech, that we should support the nation’s unemployed.
It is now the fourth month during which some Americans have been without long term unemployment compensation. The Senate is still debating the measure. After February was filled with false hope and two filibusters, Senate policy makers are sounding more optimistic that the measure to extend will finally pass their chamber this month. Republicans continue to reiterate that benefits must be paid for via an offset somewhere in the budget. They also call for new job initiatives to be included for the measure to receive serious consideration.

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  1. joslyn collinsworth-meyer

    EThis is why We..the true people of America should Never had intrusted a white man, the same ones who murdered and raped to get to the top. I..a Native American, will Never give up my rights to this screwed up whitemans government. The theft of this government is plentiful. Whereas the justice in the law is crooked. Who without force, would ever give up their own rights and pay someone to treat them this way and make yourself suffer while the government collects what we do not have to give. I say this whole government is crap! YOU ARE ALL FIRED! Pack your crap and hit the streets…go file for unemployment!

  2. joslyn collinsworth-meyer

    Offset…..You are all fired!! Now we have the money to support our kids and families. Just one congessmans check will pay for at least 5 families to get by for a yr. If not more… Get off your high dollar crumb infested suit from your lobster n steak dinner and fix this now before We the people make your family eat handouts like ours are! I an not believe there has not been a riot at the whitehouse yet. This government is disgusting! Yall are twisted, sick minded freaks to make my kids suffer! Fired!!!¡¡

  3. 05/03/2014

    We will be receiving a 3-day notice tomorrow. Please help!

    I am writing this email to ask you to please do whatever you are able to do in order to get the unemployment benefits bill (s) to the floor and passed next week.

    I am 64 and have worked my entire life. My wife worked full time from the age of 17 until age 50, when she became disabled.

    Prior to my wife becoming disabled, she worked for the State of CA for over 25 years and brought home approximately $5,000 per month. 

    I am a finish carpenter and have worked in the construction industry for over 40 years. I began working after I received an Honorable discharge from the Air Force. I volunteered to join the Air Force during the Vietnam War.

    In 2007, we owned three homes but after my wife became disabled, she no longer had any income and it took about two years for Social Security to schedule a  hearing. At the hearing, the Judge  awarded full disability benefits, along  with an apology for having to request a hearing and for the two-year wait. The Judge noted that my wife’s application for disability benefits should have been approved two years prior.

    In the two year period prior to the Social Security hearing, my wife had no income and we lost our home, as well as two investment properties; basically, our life savings was gone.

    Last year, work became slow for me and I was laid off. I am sure you are aware that it is extremely difficult for someone my age to find a job in the construction industry.

    So, we have been trying to survive on my wife’s disability income and the unemployment benefits I had been receiving.

    We rent a small cottage in Historic Folsom and were unable to pay rent last month and have not paid rent this month. We will be evicted any day now unless the unemployment benefits are extended.

    Would you please do everything in your power to ensure that the unemployment benefits bill(s) are brought back to the floor for a vote this week and persuade your colleagues to also vote to pass the unemployment extension bill.

    It is my hope to be able to set up my own cabinet-making shop in the near future. The place we are renting iz zoned for light industrial and so it would be totally feasible for me to set up and operate my own independent cabinet-making shop.

    Obviously,I would be unable to set up any type of business if I am homeless and we truly will become homeless in the next 10-14 days if the Legislature fails to extend the unemployment insurance benefits this week.

    If you are not the correct person for me to be writing to about this issue, please forward my email (and cc me) to whomever is the person who may be able to push for another vote and ensure that the vote to extend unemployment benefits passes.

    Time is of the essence.

    Thank you,

    Stephen (and Lynda) Jacobsen

  4. Jay

    I bet people will still vote for Republicans, even though they refuse to pass the euc vote. People wake up! The only way unemployment will get an extension is if we put pressure on on the Senate Republicans and let them know we won’t vote for them! But as long as they are backed and supported by us then we have no chance. If you’re in a Republican state you must call and apply pressure. Let them know if they don’t vote for us then we won’t vote for them. God bless .

  5. randy

    We need to show up to polling places and withhold our votes during elections not just for republicans democrats

  6. randy

    They are playing with ppls lives yjat eventually will find themselves homeless and no we cant just start working at mcds or kfcs cocksuckers we have family’s some of us would have to work 3 shifts to continue on yes winter is a hard time construction money is laying idle waiting for weather to break I love how they try to justify not extending benefits due too personal income growth at .3 percent I’m not very percentege savy but that is nothing to brag about when were talking about percentages jackasses WITHHOLD YOUR VOTE get other ppl to do it stand at polling places and withhold your vote make them wait for our votes and get them out of here we need liberals in office no more ceos and and old fuddy duddys we need average ppl to run our country

  7. 05/03/2014

    All I know is that I am waiting to have my car taken back by the bank and my insurance canceled. Then I wont have a way to get to work. It must be nice not to have to worry about having enough money to pay bills and buy grocerys or other things you need to survive. I don’t know if I will ever vote again. The Goverment makes me sick!!!

  8. randy

    Ppl please show up to polling places when its time and withhold your vote make them wait and make them know don’t get it wrong its not just republicans democrats are at fault also in holding this whole thing up yea yhey want amendments but if you look at them there reasonable in no way am I a republican but they want to syop double dipping ok no more disability and uc payments good tjats cheating anyways but don’t think for one moment that rebpublicans work for us they don’t I don’t know why we have so many small minded minions of crporate america thinking they are republican you are not the 1 percenters

  9. Carl Schultz

    To all Republicans……you are all Out of Touch Heartless Self Absorbed Bums. I encourage everyone reading this post to vote all of these republicans out of office. They do not care about us who suffer without any income. We can send billions overseas in foreign aid to countries who hate and despise americans but will not take care of our own. I have been a Republican for 40 years. Now I am done wifh this uncaring and dictatorial party. Join me in voting these theory thumping bums out of office. They do not comprehend our plight nor do they are. Much easier to theorize off of statistics than do what is right for all unemployed americans. You Republicans are heartless and the worst lot I have ever seen in our Congress. You all make me want to vomit all over your suits.

  10. 05/03/2014

    The Republicans think that they are going to win, but they are forgetting about the American people. It’s time to rise up and go after the real enemy “the Republicans”.

  11. shawn stirm

    john Boehner

  12. joe

    There are eleven voters in my family. There won’t be one single republican vote if they don’t act on this now”

  13. wen bushrod


  14. KayBee

    This is becoming a bit to much, my goodness would they come to a decision already and quit stringing us along. I bet I get out and vote come election time. Enough is enough ! OBAMA what the hell are u doing? We need results and fast.

  15. eric

    I just email mark kirk of Illinois if your fron Illinois email him now

  16. Monica

    They need to pass the euc!!!! I wonder who you going to vote for ??? If we as America citizens block out the non sense people when we vote things like this would of never happen!!!! Pass the euc !!

  17. Pam C

    Maybe we should not be sending money (millions) to aid Ukraine. Doesn’t anyone in our congress think that money should help the unemployment situation? Take the dollars from there and have John Kerry fund other nations from his pocket!!

  18. Mel A

    As a working mom who lost her job and needed unemployment…I found a part time job NOT making near what I had made. I counted on.the euc to help me until I find another full time job which is not.happening! I just had to tell my landlord I cannot afford my rent this month

  19. Angelica

    Why does the Americans have to suffer. This country is so quick to help other countries when they should be helping our own. Someone has their priorities screwed up. We need to look out for us. Will congress be willing to take a pay cut and help families out the financial mess? I may not have much any more but I still have my pride and dignity. Where’s yours?

  20. 05/03/2014

    It is time Pres Obaba chimed in on the extension. He said this woulud be a priority and yet he seems to have put this issue on the back burner.

  21. Luchia

    Horrible how they can’t just pick a day and solve this issue.Its as if they want us to wait and wait without giving answers to our questions. WE ALL SHOULD BE REALLY READY FOR ELECTION THIS YEAR VOTE NO REPUBLICANS!!!!!

  22. Dennis

    There are more than half of unemployed that sit on their ass for 2 years collecting!! Something needs to be done. How can you determine who is really trying for a job and who isn’t. After one year everyone should be a able to get some job. Whether its a pay cut well that is something you have to live with.

  23. Doris

    I am with all of you!

  24. S Macy

    maybe we should stop helping other countries, and help the people in our country who have worked all their lives and now relying on someone to help them get back on their feet.wake up you people in Washington. Most of your incomes are set for life. A lot of us are not that fortunate

  25. Pat Petrillo

    I know the heartache of living on UI i did it for 3 1/2 years and finally found a job 4/11
    now my husband lost his job 6/2013 and benefits were stopped 12/28/13 do they know how hard it is to live paycheck to paycheck we are both in our 60’s I know the ones holding up the passage of the bill couldn’t do it so why should we

  26. Christine D. Baker

    Here is a message to the Republicans who continue to vote down the Extended Beneftis and all the other “employed Americans” who resent anyone collecting Unemployment Benefits while struggling to become re-employed: You are perfect examples for the mindset of Good Ole White Boy Politics (and I am white, by the way), you who live in your expensive homes and take your expensive vacations from your high paying govenment or corporate jobs and send your children to the best schools because you truly do earn far and above in excess of what you really deserve or have to offer to society in general. You are totally out of touch with the reality on how the general population has to live through scraping by from paycheck to paycheck and when the paycheck is taken away you assume if the government helps them in the interim to ensure they and their families actually get to eat food and pay rent to keep a roof over their heads. People like you intimate the unemployed are going to live “the high life” and take the “free” money while they couch-surf and loaf. WAKE UP!!! I have NEWS for you! No one can cover their bills on what Unemployment Insurance pays other than the most BASIC needs to survive (food, shelter, utilities). NO ONE IS LIVING THE HIGH LIFE WITH THE “FREE” MONEY!!!! WAKE UP!!!! Try WALKING in those shoes FIRST and “live” what it actually “feels” like before you pass your judgments on other people’s financial conditions. I truly do wish upon you the full extent of the reality of the exact same experience so many Americans are “living” through right now (and who likely normally pay a lot more in taxes than you all do thanks to your tax loopholes for the wealthy). I would love to see how you would survive going through it. But then you probably have your interest money off of your huge savings to fall back on (that you likely pay no taxes on, either, thanks to your loopholes) so I doubt you would really get the same experience. I myself have had 3 temporary short-term positions since October while searching for full-time permanent or long-term work and I completed each “temporary” assignment and needed the UI benefits in between each temp job to survive until I found the next assignment, or better yet, the full-time permanent job that I need and seek so desperately but have not yet been offered. And at the end of December they took away my UI benefits because I had just barely been approved for Extended Benefits 2 weeks earlier – now I have NOTHING to live on at all while I continue to run job searches and send out resumes all day long every day trying to secure a job. I can’t even pay my rent or buy food or pay my electric heat bills and I face homelessness if something doesn’t change FAST for me. I am 62 years old so I will be penalized heavily for retiring “early” at 62 (thanks again to you “lawmakers” who raised that age requirement) and MUST wait until I’m 65+ to retire as I am heavily in debt (like most Americans) and can’t afford to take the penalization of an “early” retirement at age 62. I have worked hard my whole life and have built up many skills and abilities to offer employers but guess what–employers are not currently hiring permanent as much as temporary or contract and they don’t want to pay out the benefits. And guess what, they cannot legally admit it but employers still choose a younger worker over an older worker regardless of the older workers skills, knowledge and abilities, and work ethic. So while you HIGH AND MIGHTY corporate “great minds” out there sit in your warm homes and beautiful offices and pass judgment on the unemployed Americans who are struggling to survive, just remember one thing: You reap what you sew in this life. And whatever you heap upon others in your judgmental attitudes will sooner or later be visited upon YOU. And I, for one, will applaud when that happens to you. Because you will DESERVE it!

  27. char

    This is so bad u sending billions of dollars to other countries were in a crisis out here that money you send other places other thing help your own country first. Were always put last we suppose to be first priority going on 3 months no nothing the extention should have been passed you worrying bout everything else except unemployment. This just don’t make sense help us help us lord.

  28. 05/03/2014

    I promise you, I will never vote again! They forgot about me so I will forget about them. They have money for Ukraine but none for the people who help got them their job!! SMH. Pass the UIC.

  29. patrick marucci

    I’m glad I never voted for any of these meatheads they need to worry more about what is going on in the U S A then what is going on overseas the government has 1 billion dollars for other countries but for the hard working people in this country we get nothing this is what you get when you keep the same politicians in office next time chose wisely

  30. upset us citizen

    No dont just not vote.. dont vote republican! !!!!!!! They are the hold up, the ones that dont care!!!

  31. scott ensor

    If I lose my apartment,I’m moving in with a rich republican senator. So get my room ready. And set a few extra plates at the dinner table. Ohhh..can I get a DVR in my room too.I say we all go find work in Mexico.. all their hardest workers are here stealing citizenship necessary.

  32. Winston

    Get rid of the speaker of the house America is a joke right now but we have no one to blame but our selfs we put these fools in office people get out and vote mid term election and let’s get rid of these sons of bitches

  33. Michael R

    Snakes in the grass these republicans. Out eating meals that cost more money then I have in my account. What makes them so special? What makes them so cold? I’m an actor in New York trying to move to LA. I have what most would consider a respectable career. But what most don’t know is that EUC had been paying my bills, metro card, food laundry among other things. EUC had kept my dream going. But now I have little time for auditions or acting class because I can’t afford it and am out taking any job someone will give to keep the heat on. And do you know what rent in NYC costs?!?!? Thanks for filibustering my dreams. Sorry I’m not a suit or suitable to live as lavishly as you. Bon appetit.

  34. scott ensor

    And helping any foreign country over your own citizens is wrong on so many levels. There will be a reckoning. All ur doing is pushing your own people to the point of having nothing. When u have nothing…u have nothing to lose.

  35. BRAD

    I lost my job due to lack of work, or so my employer told me. A few weeks later they hired some more help. You are correct, get rid of a salaried position and 7 years experience and dedication only to make more profit. My former employer does not care if I do not have an income to help feed my family or keep them warm at night…nor does the Republican party. Obama is not working to help either. They are too busy spending money on issues that will buy them more votes. Spending billions in foreign countries. Time to take care of your own. Get your priorities straight. HELP!!!

  36. 05/03/2014

    People need help to get to a better living and congress can help

  37. Faith Driven

    This is a terrible thing to actually say out loud, but I have been thinking about it since this whole mess began…does anyone have any idea if the suicide rate has increased?
    I can honestly say that some days are harder than others for me mentally and emotionally. I was up til 3 AM this morning submitting resumes. It all feels hopeless one minute, but I have my faith to right me and keep me going. If I didn’t have that …. I just don’t know. So, my heart truly, truly goes out to those that face hopelessness at this time, especially those that do not have a higher belief system. Is Congress that naive that they don’t understand what they are doing to the mental state of this country? Or do they just not care? I would not want stains on my hand just to win an argument. #If you see a person in need and have the means to do something, but do nothing; you not only add to their hurt, but also, eventually, contribute to your own#

  38. Nate

    What if everyone stopped paying taxes? Then what could they do? Jail 300,000,000 Americans?

  39. rick

    maybe its not this government we should put our hopes in? read dan:2 verse 44

  40. Edward

    People must go to this website

    People must make their voices heard. This is the website that links you to congress. You can comment directly to them through here :

  41. lori macy


  42. DPW10319

    S. 2077: The Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act –
    Go to: and let your representatives KNOW TO SUPPORT THIS BILL! You can also go to: and let your representatives KNOW TO SUPPORT THIS BILL! I also emailed all 3 of my representatives directly from their “contact” page at their websites! If we all YELL TOGETHER – then OUT W/THE REPUBLICANS!

  43. James Northcutt-Swain

    unemployed since may 30, 2013, 52yrs old Iam no different then most, hanging on and praying Congress will do the right thing. Yesterday I received notice that I am approved for a great training program call ATIM (Accelerated Training In Manufacturing) It has taken since November 4th 2013 to get approved, I start on the 17th of March, I want and need to be able to attend, my additional challenge now will be to cover transportation expenses to travel 48 miles each way 4 times a week for 7 weeks, I will get reimbursed about 50% of what it will cost , how ever it will take 5-6 weeks before I begin to see that . I could not be more excited to begin re-training in a field that should offer long term employment, With-out the extension I am uncertain I will be able to get thru school and the time to establish employment. Please pass the extension , this is what we need to get back to work..!!

  44. Dana Fierro

    I’m waiting in the Human Services office humiliated that I have to now ask for food stamps after losing my unemployment benefits last month after only getting 26 weeks of regular benefits. I’m almost 49 years old and NEVER recieved or asked for any services or help before and I WILL NEVER FORGET the cold hearted Republican Party doing this to me. The GOP will PAY FOR THIS!



    What happened to the “America”, we once knew? Ignorant Republicans who think they have all the answers, is what! All they are doing is screwing up this country more and more, they lack common sense, and are selfish, greedy thieves. How about we take away their paycheck and ability to become employed and lets see how they react. It’s time to GET THE REPUBLICANS OUT OF OFFICE and let the more intelligent, realistic and compassionate people run this country, if now…… it’s only going to get worse!

  46. ladonna warren

    I spoke to a lady at the unemployed office in Sacramento, California yesterday and was told about her personal opinion that there would be no more extensions and she believe that people should look for work. While I let her know I’m one of those people that need unemployment assistant at this time, I have a mortgage to pay a car note and I also have to provide for my family. I have wrote so many Senates and only got two response. I’ll say we all close our eyes to night and pray to God that he take full control of this cruel situation that we are all in at once. Pray for me to be successful to gain employment and I’ll pray for all of you. Something have to happen, hold in there people, and I know its hard BELIEVE ME!!!

  47. Pearl

    Yes please do vote we need your vote just remember not to vote republican .they have proven they are not for the middle man they only care about filling their own pocket books or what is going to benefit them down the road ,I have learned my lesson I’m never going to vote for another republican

  48. ladonna warren

    Lets all close our eyes tonight and pray that God take full control of this cruel situation. We need help!!!!

  49. hadit uptohere

    the government has been allowed to forget who works for who. we all have been force fed verbil defication,labeled as truth for far to long, from both parties. this isn about the left or the right. this is about a government who will continue to take, utill we stop giving.
    600,000 americans died the first time around…. i can only imagine the body count that will be the next civil war.

  50. joe

    Like I been saying for months. The Republicans in LOCKSTEP voted NO several times to pass e.u.c

    You will get your chance to vote NO on them returning to office. They voted against you RETURN THE FAVOR! Please America wake up!


    Another former Republican and proud American

  51. mike h

    John Boehner buys his second home valued at $835,000 in South Florida while people can’t pay their bills. John McCain, a veteran who knows there are 200,000 vets out there who can’t find work votes no to EUC. Wow, what a bunch of patriots!!!!

  52. Evita Worley

    I have a great effort for working and needing to work but I still can use my euc benefits right now. I set myself up a emoyers profile profolio to job hunt by foot si when spring time comes and its 50 or 60 degrees outside, I can have person to person contact with employers. I have found that job hunting by foot and passing an interveiw is the best way to give yiurself the ” Employment Leverage.” Everyone keep the faith, I am!!!

  53. Jacqueline

    YES,LETS STOP ASKING OR PRAYING FOR CONGRESS AKA (Man)! Trust and pray to the Lord! There is strength in numbers.I know the overall majority of the unemployed wants to have a job. But in the interim of searching,spending savings,borrowing etc.. This is an help that is so needed to stay Barely afloat.I have voted throughout my life,and encouraged my children to do the same. I plan to still place my vote. But,I will be very disheartened and in no rush. Pray to our father to hear our pleas and do his blessings. Let us just know who to ask for Anything!!!!!

  54. Jacqueline

    Do not allow the Devil win. Try not to be bitter,or spew thoughts or wishes of revenge or anyone. He loves it when we get angry,hateful and vengeful. Let God handle that. By doing so,God will bless you and continue to watch over you.Life on earth is filled with tribulations. Thanks to Adam and Eve. So learn from their misguided choice. Listen and live by Gods word. Yes,I am unemployed for 10 mthns.I truly am going through this too. Yes,I am human,there are times I am disheartened.But,I will not give up on becoming employed again. This will be my best chapter yet.Either you sink or hold on to Gods hand. He will pull you out right on time.Not our time.His time.How down and pray. If you are alive,there is hope for tomorrow.

  55. Stephanie

    I’ve worked for the past 22 years, Thank God for having a job. Not only I worked for the past 22 year, my Pastor would encourage the congregation, when God blesses us with a job, go to work as if you are working for God. In May 2012 I was laid off not because of my doing but because of new management. When it was my turn to be laid off, I was frustrated. I had to take a STEP BACK, I realized it was the All Mighty God that has blessed me with that job and if God Blessed me once He can bless me again. Trust me there was and this is challenges but who are you going to trust? Are you going to trust man or you going to Trust God!!! God want us to put our total trust in Him and Him only! Psalm 23:1 The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. In order words STOP trusting man and trust God. He will give you peace in your home and he will give you comfort in the time of need. God has been making a way for my husband and I tremendously! The more he blesses us the more we praise him… God and Trust Him. Be real and sincere and God will bless you!!!

  56. Grim Reaper

    My landlord has been screaming outside her door for my family to get off her property for 3 months, now. We have already received a notice to pay or leave by the end of the month or she will take us to court. My daughter has to tiptoe down the stairs and pass by her door to get to school. It’s like walking on eggshells to come and go, when one person is waiting for retro unemployment and the other is living off the maximum for 3 people.

  57. 04/04/2014

    from the employers THAT SUCK .

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