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4th March
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Unemployment Benefit Extension news update today March 4, 2014:
Millions of Americans are still unemployed and more are exhausting their long term unemployment benefits every week that passes without an extension. The President promised to support America’s unemployed, but right now, his primary attention is overseas. Russia recently warned of a military storm in Ukraine. An ultimatum was issued with Russian telling Ukranian forces to clear the Crimea or face a military response. With policy leaders and the President focused on overseas volatility, the chances of a short term push for a long term unemployment benefit extension have diminished. The stark reality of the situation is that long term emergency unemployment compensation is till in doubt.
Despite the growing doubt and uncertainty, the Senate is expected to review the possibility of another long term unemployment benefit extension this week. Hopes though, that an extension measure will pass, are not as high this time considering the fact that extension plans have been filibustered twice already by Senate Republicans in 2014.
Given the attempts already, tensions are high. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) has reported that he has been in progressive talks with multiple Senate Republicans regarding a possible plan to pass a retroactive measure that would provide a six month unemployment benefit extension. This could be very good news considering the last measure to pass unemployment fell short by just one vote. One more vote may be all that is needed this time around to pass an EUC measure through the Senate. Almost two million Americans without long term emergency compensation are counting on it.

Genny Germano


  1. susan


    Please find it in your heart to pass an extension. I am losing everything!!! I was with my company for 28 years I never received unemployment and I’m not abusing it. I am trying to find a job. If the government wouldn’t have cut funding for the schools I would still have a job. Please help us unemployed.

  2. 04/03/2014

    PASS the emergency unemployment extension because it is Really NEEDED and it is the ‘PEOPLE’ who VOTED you in it is us WHO NEED Help So where are you for US? Just Do it. Vote YES.

  3. Laura

    Come on already!!!!!

  4. Johnie Her

    I am Johnie Her, I am living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin I has been laid off from Valve Works company in New berlin, Wisconsin since 5/2013 and I received unemployment benefit check every week until 12/28/2013 Now 3 months away I receive nothing I have no money pay for the rent, pay for food and electric bills and I am looking for work every day but no one else hire me I need help a lot the federal must renew or restore the unemployment benefit extensions I have family, I have children now I have no money no food. need help please, help please

    Johnie Her

  5. Paul

    Take care of Americans that have worked all there lives. Put Russia second.

  6. Jason Carmichael

    Saturday ASPCA came for our dog my sons tears nearly broke my heart but it was the dog or him now when the lights go out Friday it have no idea what we are going to do cause we already lost gas that means no heat for warmth or cooking I’m ducking the landlord cause I have nothing for him and senate discusses raising the minimum wages before helping out taxpaying citizens? I’ve exhausted my job search with and with out the workforce programs no ones hiring and the only option that’s left is crime. Thanks USA the land of opportunity cause my son will not starve or sit in darkness I’ve worn out my patience

  7. Tammy

    We are just a pawn in your game and it is really selfish that you cant see what it means by NO MONEY COMING IN TO PAY THE BILLS????? If it was your pay checks you would be right on it figuring out how to fix it 2 months ago. You people must have no heart.

  8. Todd Eagleton

    Take the time to read through. Save, be conservative, hold on, and make it through this tough time! We can make it through if we stay focused! What Matters Most:  Helpful “Tips” for the unemployed & being proactive for a   better quality of life for your family 


    It is absolutely sickening that our government has forgotten about the American citizens that are struggling due to the loss of Unemployment Benefits.  There are many issues that are critical to life, and may take precedence over the Extended Unemployment Benefit issue, but it should still be a top priority that must be resolved.   For those unemployed that are suffering and struggling, it is the “flip-side” of the American Dream, where people are losing their families, their homes, their possessions, and many, their lives.  Why do we need a “death toll” for something that could have been resolved?  Why do we put a price on life in such an advanced country (society)?  Why do we allow our own people to suffer and to struggle like many did in the Great Depression?  Will it take tent camps in Central Park or in front of the White House to get our government to take action?  Even the media has given up and moved onto much more important events like the millions of dollars spent on the Oscars (yes, that is sarcasm).  I don’t have much left, just my pride, and a little dignity that’s left, as I am unemployed after 25 years (working since I was 15 years old) of working with never before collecting unemployment until June 2013 when I filed.  No need to go on with my story, as it DOES NOT MATTER, NO ONE CARES, as I was EXPENDABLE to my company of 25 years, and I am expendable (my life means nothing) to our government as well.  Unlike our politicians I care about others, and I am writing to help others who are struggling, and the many more that could be in the future, as anyone can be in our unemployed situation at any time.  Maybe for the employed (lower class/middle class), it can be a pro-active approach to help their families to prepare, or just to have a better quality of life, and enjoy a vacation, or a few luxuries if they are able to save some money.  Below, is plenty of information on how to put your health before all, so you can take care of your family, how to save by “dissecting” our every day lives, to be conservative and make intelligent decisions with finances.  Save on utilities, necessities, food, and to get the entire family involved by setting financial goals to survive (unemployed), or to have a better quality of life with vacations, and having some of the luxuries of the wealthy.

    Health & Taking Care of Yourself:

    To take care of your family, you must take care of yourself.  For those that are struggling, it is difficult, with stress, worry, and difficult to have the simple necessities that are needed to survive.  You MUST be strong, not give up, and reach out for help if you if you are suicidal or ill (or can help someone who is suicidal).  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 (TALK).  For both employed and unemployed, it’s that time to minimize the risk, and finally stop the vices.  Quit smoking, quit or reduce your drinking, drugs are not the answer, as reality may be bad, but addiction and that same reality is worse.  Take control of your life back, have the will-power to quit, reach out for help for alcohol and drug addiction (there is no better time to do this then when you are unemployed).  Don’t look at this terrible time as the end, but a new beginning, and fresh start.  You have a choice to be a “loser” or to take control of your destiny.   Your health is critical to your success, your future, and to your family’s success and future.  If not for you…DO IT FOR THEM!   If you are unemployed, make some of your time for exercise, even if you do not have gym equipment you still can.  Run, push-ups, sit-ups, or even walking.  It makes you feel better, it helps your mind, and you will see a difference if you create a routine and stick to it for a few weeks and you will be a believer.  If you are employed or unemployed, wake up a little earlier, and start exercising in the morning, and start eating healthy, and less.  Being unemployed (or working), it’s a great time to start a diet, which will cut down on food bills, as well as keep you from having health problems.  We will get into food below, but my recommendation is a small investment for you as well as family and loved ones.  A daily multi-vitamin, and healthy eating to go along with it.  Save your money by not buying soda, snacks, and chips, and YES YOU CAN AFFORD A MULTI-VITAMIN!  You do not realize how much we waste on “junk-food”, snacks, and things that hurt our bodies.

    Food & Shopping:

    Cameron Diaz, and many other celebrities and diet plans are adding to their millions of dollars by promoting healthy eating through good nutrition (I don’t want your money, just to help).  Fruits, vegetables, reducing many processed foods, reading labels, and simply cutting out the snacks (chips, cookies, soda, high-in-sugar snacks, high sodium snacks, etc.).  EVERY successful diet and exercise plan you see info-mercial on, showing results of weight loss put focus on their plan, their product, or exercise device.  When you order it, you find the instructions revolve around nutrition, healthy eating, and reducing portions along with exercise.  Trust me, I just saved you thousands of worthless drugs, and equipment for the remainder of your life.  Utilize your computer to read about nutrition, what your body needs, daily vitamins needed, and how fruits vegetables, low-fat dairy products, are what keeps you healthy.   TREAT YOURSELF once a week, as you deserve it, but NOT your daily choices with fatty/unhealthy foods and snacks.  Some thoughts on shopping:

    • Be organized, and make a list of “key” foods (milk, bread, butter, eggs, cheese, and meats), and plan your meals around those, such as cereal, pasta, etc.  Plan your meals out, so you can see how far you can get through the week without excess and waste.
    • Buy the freshest dates (look at the date codes), and take your food from the back as most grocery stores practice FIFO (first-in-first-out) to rotate the food for proper “turns” and lost sales due  to expired food.  The longer the food lasts, the less waste you may have (“stretch” your food longer)
    • Don’t shop with your children if you do not have to!  They want candy, snacks, chips, and whatever looks appealing.  We Love them and give-in (or they wear-us-out), and we SPEND!  Just think of the snacks, and just how much we spend to help our children have tooth decay, obesity, and even health problems.
    • Don’t go to the grocery store hungry!  You may do more damage then when taking the children.  Eat a good meal before shopping, and think about what you can buy by not spending that snack money (fight the temptation).
    • Fruits and vegetables are sold by the pound, so portion what you can eat, and be conservative when buying.  Buy other ingredients to make soup, stew, or stir-fry, so you don’t waste.  AGAIN, make sure you get the freshest product and DON’T BUY any soon to expire product, unless you plan to eat it that day (check it thoroughly as well).  YOU DO NOT EVER WANT TO COMPROMISE YOUR HEALTH for a good price or to save from throwing away “bad” food.  Medical/prescription expense, and loss of work/job searching is not worth the waste of expired food.
    • The health & nutrition book/internet research can help you prepare your shopping list, and to plan your meals, so utilize the information when making your list.  Make sure you look at the daily nutrition values, and plan the week out.
    • Shop wisely for the best prices, and join all store memberships, clip coupons, review the free coupon app’s on your smart phone, and be prepared with all of that when you shop.
    • “Bunch” your travel plans to reduce fuel expense, as plan to stop at the store, shopping for necessities, school activities, work activities/job searching, to shop when you are in the area to avoid numerous trips/fuel expense.  THE SHOPPING LIST will also help you with a thorough list and avoid extra trips as well.
    • When you are out, be picky when it comes to price, as there are certain items that you can buy in a grocery store (food and sale items), and certain items to avoid the grocery store, and may have to stop at the “dollar stores” or the big retailers for better pricing on items.  Example:  Best pricing on dish liquid (use a name brand), aluminum foil, plastic wrap, kitchen items is Dollar tree and dollar stores (compare quantity vs. price to get the best deal on some items).  Coffee, detergent, paper plates, party goods, household items, Walgreens (sale items), or Walmart, Kmart, Target (on sales).  Be a picky, choosy, shopper, and use coupons.  Most of these stores are grouped together to avoid travel (again make a list of these items as well).
    • YOUR GOAL is to SAVE as much as you can, and it may be the difference of your family having food to last the week, or that little extra to have for that “priceless” vacation you spend with your family.  
    • Share your savings plan with your family, and let them know “why” and get them involved…It will take a team effort and it will require some sacrificing, but with a great “return” on that sacrifice.

    Keep in mind you can live a longer-healthier life for you and your family, survive a tough financial time, or save for a priceless vacation or something you need, want and deserve!


    Fuel & Vehicle Maintenance:

    Fuel, vehicle maintenance, and repair can be a devastating financial burden if you are not careful.  Vehicle purchase is the next single largest expense for average Americans in the U.S., other than home owners, and it has many expenses involved from vehicle payment, insurance, registration, emissions testing, maintenance, and repair.   Take the time to focus on how you can save without creating an issue with safety, repairs , collision insurance/liability insurance, and fuel economy.  Some helpful ideas are as follows:

    • Tire pressure is one way to improve gas mileage with minimal effort, as you can check it weekly, and utilize many gas stations and mini-marts for free air and maintain the proper tire pressure.  You can get quite a few miles on a tank of gas if tire pressure is as stated on the side of your tire.  Tire pressure can also prolong the life of your tires.  Weather, hot and cold affect this, so, be aware with changes in climate.
    • Oil changes at proper intervals (utilizing proper oil viscosity per recommended temperatures as per owner’s manual) will help prolong engine life & fuel economy.  
    • Air filter recommended replacements, and fuel system cleaner as recommended can improve fuel economy and prolong engine life.
    • Take the time to compare insurance policies, rates, and coverage as many insurance companies have an option to quote you on-line.  Many times, you can call your insurance agent and let them know you received a lower quote and if they value your business will lower their price to match a competitor (most do if you are polite but persistent when requesting the change).
    • If you save from a few areas above (or below), pay a little extra against the PRINCIPAL of your car loan (when possible), you can save yourself plenty, and possibly re-finance in the future with a lower interest rate.
    • Shop around when repairs are needed, and there is plenty of competition within the auto repair field.  Get the best price, warranty on the parts, and keep all the paperwork in the glove box in case of a break-down.  
    • Many simple repairs can be done by auto parts stores (I DO NOT RECOMMEND Advance Auto Parts!).  So, “check-engine” lights scans/diagnostics, non-labor intensive bulb replacement, battery installs/charging, charging system checks,  air filter installs, and wiper replacement are FREE at AutoZone (highly recommend them).  Ask, and save.
    • Some repairs can be done and YouTube can be a great tool along with repair help, repair manuals from AutoZone/auto stores as well.  Do it yourself if you can, without risk of injury, or creating a safety issue with your vehicle.  You can save, but be safe & smart!
    • Consumer Reports, and internet research on vehicle makes and models before buying a car/SUV/truck or motorcycle.  It’s a large expenditure, and you need to make sure you will be satisfied with the least amount of problems and expense for the length of your loan.  Be cautious when buying first year newly designed models.  
    • Sell your car outright, and align a private party to buy your vehicle to maximize it’s value.  Compare “trade in price” verses “Private Seller” values. will give you values, and then take it to your dealer to see what they will offer on a trade-in.  NEVER pay window price or recommended retail on a vehicle, as there is always some negotiating and car dealers that will negotiate.  It’s a highly competitive market.  Be aware of what you are paying by loan-end with interest, as a $12,000 vehicle maybe costing you $25,000 plus dollars with a high interest rate and you’re seeing a percentage, not a “roll-up” dollar amount
    • Not only review book value on the vehicle you are trading or selling, but the book value of the vehicle you are buying.  A sign you are paying too much is with “gap” insurance, as an addition insurance, as that is a sign you need to have additional coverage because your insurance company will pay “book value” or market value on your vehicle if it is totaled, and the amount they will pay will NOT cover your pay-off on the vehicle.  
    • When buying a used vehicle, check it, request they change the oil, inspect all safety areas (brakes, tires, etc.), as these are “wear” items and are not replaceable in a few months if they go bad.  You’re the customer and save a few bucks and have them wash it as well!  Get all you can when you buy.

    Utilities & Savings:

    • We all have left fans, lights or appliances on at night while we sleep, but doing so wastes increasingly expensive energy.  To save money, do a nightly sweep through the house to make sure all your electric devices are turned off before you go to bed. It may be a pain, but the savings from simply turning everything off can add up quickly. It takes about $9 per year to run just one compact fluorescent light bulb through the night, $21 for a conventional bulb and $35 for a big ceiling fan on high, according to the energy calculator.
    • Get the entire family involved and challenge them to see how much you can save by being aware of reducing electricity, water usage, and or natural gas/propane.  Rather than complain, yell, or get upset, make it a positive family challenge, and offer the “what’s in it for them” with saving for a vacation, something needed or wanted for the house, or simply to make it through the tough times of unemployment with less debt.  Recognize them with a “thank you” or “great job” when children and family members are conservative (catch them doing something right).  Share the success when you see the lower utility bills.
    • Sleep timers on TV’s, opening the shades or curtains when it’s sunny out will help with vitamin D absorption/mood enhancer, as well as reduce the amount of lights you need on.  Charge the cell phone at work if it is not a violation of policy, or in the car on your travels, and save on charging devices at home.  Just making a quick check of the house before leaving for the day, and turning off un-needed electronics, can make a difference.
    • Increase water usage can impact your monthly utility expense drastically.  Maintenance with leaking toilets, dripping faucets, and outdoors hose/water left on can save you plenty if you can do the handy-work yourself (YouTube and internet can make a repair easy from start to finish).  Safety is always first, so make sure it is a safe repair. On average, 10 gallons per day of your water usage (or 14% of your indoor use) is lost to leaks. Short of installing new water-efficient fixtures, one of the easiest, most effective ways to cut your water usage is by repairing leaky faucets and toilets
    • Exercising, and a good healthy breakfast can shorten your shower time, as you will be wide awake, and have time used wisely, rather than a half-hour or more shower to wake up.  A simple “tweak” and effort to minimize water usage in the shower is to mark with a small decal, dab of paint (multiple colors for numerous family members) as when you set the hot and cold water to perfection, mark the location of the hot and cold handle, and when you start your shower in the morning, move the handles to those marked locations, and let it warm up, and it’s your personal- perfect temperature without using additional water to get it to the right temperature over and over again.  This will also help with gas or electric used to heat your water as well.  Every time you shave minutes off your use of hot water, you also save energy and keep dollars in your pocket
    • Nearly 22% of indoor home water use comes from doing laundry. Save water by making sure to adjust the settings on your machine to the proper load size
    • Energy saving dishwashers use about 4 gallons of water per load, and even standard machines use only about 6 gallons. Hand washing generally uses about 2 gallons of water each time.
    • It takes about 40 gallons of water to fill a bathtub, so showers are generally the more water-efficient way to bathe.
    Heating Savings:
    • Reduce thermostat setting to 68 degrees.
    Reducing your thermostat setting can substantially lower your heating costs. Putting on those extra layers will help you stay comfortable while saving on your heating bill.
    • Set back thermostat at night and when you leave home.
    Setting the thermostat back 10 degrees at night or when the house will be unoccupied can save up to 15% on heating costs. The furnace will have to run more to reheat the house, but the energy saved while the home is cooler more than offsets the extra run time to reheat the home.
    • Install a programmable thermostat.
    Programmable thermostats allow you to reduce your home’s temperature at night and during the day and still have the home warm when you wake up or come home from work. Some programmable thermostats cost less than $50 and can be installed by homeowners.
    • Change/clean furnace filter monthly.
    Clogged furnace filters lower the heater’s efficiency by preventing proper airflow through the furnace. Low-cost filters are available from your local hardware store. Check filters monthly to see if they need changing.
    • Have furnace “tuned up” annually.
    Having your furnace cleaned and tuned annually helps the heating system operate safely and efficiently. Tuning may involve resetting the fuel-air mixture for proper combustion as well as cleaning of the blower and burners to assure maximum airflow and complete combustion. New furnaces don’t need to be cleaned and tuned for the first few years.
    • Let sunshine in south windows.
    Open drapes on the south side of your home during winter days and close them at night. Sun angles are low in winter, allowing substantial solar heating through all south windows. You may want to trim vegetation that shades south windows.
    • Check and replace weather stripping on doors and windows.
    Air leaks around faulty weather stripping on doors and windows not only make your home drafty but they also increase heating costs. Check for drafts, and repair or replace worn stripping.  Make sure you remove window mounted air conditioner units before winter, as you will lose heat rapidly with AC units left in.  
    • Close storm windows and doors.
    Storm windows installed over primary windows are almost as good as double-pane windows for reducing heat loss, but they only work if they are kept closed. Be sure all your storm windows are properly closed when cold weather arrives.
    • Operate kitchen and bath vents minimally.
    Bath and kitchen vents exhaust moisture, along with heated air, to the outside. If your home is dry during the winter, you may not need to operate these vents at all. However, if you have condensation on windows, operate the vents as needed to remove cooking and bathing moisture.
    • Lower the thermostat set point on your water heater.
    Keep water temperatures at about 120 degrees. You can check your water temperature by carefully placing the back of your hand under a steady stream of hot water—if you can’t keep your hand there, your water is too hot.
    • Install a water heater blanket.
    Older water heaters may not have adequate insulation. Installing an insulating water heater jacket can save energy costs. Be careful to follow manufacturers’ recommendations and don’t cover the thermostat.
    Cell Phone:
    • Look for lower dollar plans but compare your actual usage as per the plan.  Make sure you do not “fall-into-the-trap” where you a paying extra every month due to overage.
    • I highly recommend a NO CONTRACT plan as you can finish your contract, keep your old phone and in many cases, get the same services (and provider) for half the price.  They cannot “hit” you with hidden charges, and if you have a usage plan, it reminds you, and does not allow you to go over creating additional expense.
    • Be smart and compare.  Many providers can lower your plan amount if they are having a special promotion.  Not renewing your plan can give you some leverage when it comes to savings, as well as switching providers with the best plan.  Give “smart phone” new meaning!
    Bills in General:
    • For those that are unemployed, I know it is difficult, but if possible, make sure you pay on-time, as it will save you late fees ($50-$100 a month on utilities), as well as shut-off fees/restoration fees.  
    • Credit cards will continue, and fees will continue even if they turn-your-card off.  Pay cash if you can, and try to stay on top of the bills.  
    • Avoid retailer offers to save you a percentage on your purchase by signing up for a card.  The temptation will be there to use it, and the interest you pay will exceed most discount savings.  
    • Pay cash and avoid credit card use at all costs.  Visa/Master Card backed ATM/Bank cards will do the same.  Keep the credit card for extreme emergency and pay the balance if possible when you are forced to use it.   Build credit…Not debt!
    Finding The Job or Career:  Helpful application and Interview “Tips”
    The Application:

    It’s critical that you take this very seriously, and with correct dates, no missing information as if there are employment “gaps”, it is looked at as if you are hiding something.  Example:  2002 to 2004 you worked for a company, then, you started working in 2006 for a new company (what happened in 2005?).  Need to explain, or fill in the “gap”.  The application is looked over and scrutinized.  Fill out all information, and make sure it’s all accurate.  If you left a position because you didn’t get along with your boss or co-workers, DO NOT state that, as you may not even get an interview.  The thought process from many Recruiters and Human Resource Managers is past behaviors predict future behaviors (you did not like your boss or other employees in the past, you probably will not get along with them now/in the future).  The “we want the best of the best” starts with the application process.  Spelling, grammar, and no abbreviation (you’re not texting).  Salary/Hourly rate, do your research prior, and have a rough idea of what the employer pays for the position and leave it as negotiable, as once again, the Recruiter or Human Resource Manager may feel you are outside of their pay guidelines, or you don’t value yourself well, if you “aim” too low (they may not contact you).  Focus on getting a job offer, then, negotiate with them (you can always say no, or be offered more because the interview went well).  Try and keep “negativity” out of the application process, as it’s the first attempt to “sell yourself” when seeking employment.  Get some help from intelligent friends or family if you are not 100% comfortable, but do not do this other then on-line at home applications (no help in person or on site).  Availability, and over-time, should be listed as anytime, and yes to OT.  Discuss any time constraints/scheduling needs in person (interview), unless it is something you cannot do.  Companies like flexibility, and there is always change.

    Most companies have an assessment, that is part of the application process, and if you fail the assessment, you fail to go forward to the interview process.  It is CRITICAL you read information “about” the company, on line, in pamphlets, etc., as you will understand their “Mission Statement”, their “Values”, how and what their business is about. Be a detective, as this may be a career, or you may realize the company is not a “fit” for you.  This will help you with their assessment(s).  Some are numerous questions with differ situations/scenarios, and many questions are the same, just different ways of asking the same question (looking for consistency with answers, to see if you telling the truth).  Take these seriously as well, or your opportunity may end with a failure.  Keep in mind, you must know about the job description where you are applying for.  Example:  Coach, teaching and training, in supervisory positions, empathy to a point, as it cannot violate policy and procedure.  These positions involve goal setting, team work, follow-up, your accountability, and Leadership (not harsh “rule by fear”).  Look at job descriptions if available, as this will help with the assessments.

    The Interview:

    Always dress your BEST (clean, pressed, dress or business attire (ladies), and clean, ironed, suit and tie for the men).  From your hair, clean shaven, to cut clean nails, to polished shoes.  It shows respect to your interviewer(s), and shows you are meticulous and care about getting the job.  Most companies want to have their company represented with clean, professional looking employees.  This maybe the difference between you and an internal candidate (who is already employed) getting the job as they usually do not put the effort in to their appearance due to the “entitlement” thought.  You NEED the job…They may want a promotion or a different position.   ALWAYS polite and professional and BE PREPARED!  Make sure you know all about the company (history, recent changes/press release, stock price if applicable, recent news articles, company Leadership, etc.).  If it’s a retailer or business you can visit or observe, it will be worth the visit to see what you can learn as a customer or visitor.  Never, not know about the company you are applying for, as the first question maybe “What brought you here today to apply for this position?” or “Have you ever been to one of our locations?”.   You could be “finished” before you get started.  Bring copies of your Resume (at least 5 for a panel interview) if applicable to that job (most will require a resume other then entry level).   Be polite, professional, confident (not arrogant), use proper terminology to the business, but do not use “big” words just to use “big” words.   NEVER EVER use obscenities (regardless if the interviewer does), be serious, but not “stiff” or come across as an introvert (quiet, shy, not showing any emotion).  Be exciting, but do not make it a comedy act, or out of control/over-the-top actions.  Keep in mind they are looking for dedicated, dependable, customer focused, polite & professional individuals to represent their company (look at the pictures of their team members on their company website…Make sure you look even better!).   They may ask you for a brief review of your job history “Tell us about you?”  Keep it to the “Readers Digest” version of your history.  Keep it brief for the early jobs (PT/early career), and focus on the experience/education that is critical to the position you are applying for.  NO NEGATIVITY when recapping your history, as you want to keep it positive when discussing yourself.  They don’t want to hear complaints, nor problems (they have their own, and they don’t want more).  

    Know your Interviewer:

    When they plan your interview, they will usually tell you who is going to interview you.  Human Resource Manager, Recruiter, Operations Manager, Asset Protection/Risk Management, etc.  Below is what you need to know about a few:

    • Human Resource Managers are focused on attaining & retaining high performance employees, policy and procedures enforced regarding diversity, no discrimination, non-hostile work environment, retention/low turnover.  Coaching/developing, training, employees for future “bench” strength/promotion, labor laws, and  State & Federal labor policies and procedures.  Simply about people.
    • Recruiters are focused on people as well, filling vacancies, finding talent, on-boarding, as well as retaining good people.
    • Asset Protection/Risk Management are focused on protecting company assets, safety (customer and employee), safe working environment, theft (internal/external), policy, procedure, and paperwork that can impact company loss, and or  liability.
    • Management (Operations, RVP, SVP, to CEO) are responsibility for Leadership, motivating and inspiring a team/employees, sales/budgets, cost control, Profit & Loss statement  (P & L) accountability, which incorporate all of the above job descriptions/responsibilities)  **If it’s a publically traded company you can view their prior year  P & L information on line if you search.  
    It’s important you know who will be interviewing you, as you will need to keep this in mind, along with your research on the company.  This will help you focus on “what matters most” to these individuals.

    The Structured Behavior Based panel Interview:

    As stated above, companies look at behaviors as a prediction of future behaviors.  They ask questions that are non-hypothetical, and are looking for “true” stories. You  can use names, and give stories of a real-life situation.  Example:  “Tell me a time when you provided a customer with exceptional service”…..The wrong answer:  I was very polite and professional, I got them everything they needed, and thanked them for their business…They left happy.  Correct answer:   Mr. Jones who is now a frequent customer of ours, was in our store last year for a pair of dress pants, he found a pair he really liked, but not in his size.  I apologized for not having the size, and asked him if he would give me a few minutes to call our other stores to find his size, and have them shipped to us, and I would call him when they arrived.  I did, and he was extremely thankful when they came in and said he would be a customer for life, and he shops with us all the time, and has referred customers to see me.  The “WOW” factor.

    A structured behavioral based interview is looking for real life stories in regard to their questions, but, they must be a positive result.  Example:  S.T.A.R.

    Situation-They ask a specific question to find out how you handled a situation in your past.

    Task-What task was involved related to the question.

    Action-The action you had taken to resolve or handle the problem.  **Keep in mind the action you had taken must be ethical, accepted, and within policy and procedure (most are common sense), as it must be a good action.

    Result-The result of the action you had to take.  The result MUST be positive.  Another example:   “Tell me about a time when you had to mentor a team member who lacked confidence…What did you do?”    I had a sales associate name Johnny who was struggling with closing a sale.  He was very friendly, and knowledgeable, but observing him, I had noticed Johnny would continue on with features and benefits, and sales presentation, when the customer was ready to buy, and would lose the sale due to his frustrating the customer.  I pulled him aside when we had some “down” time, and told him all the great things he was doing, and also explained what was causing him to lose the sales.  I did this in a positive way and asked him what he could do differently.  He realized what he was doing, but, I asked him to observe me, and he did.  Then I had him “role-play” with me a customer transaction, as I was the customer.  It took some time, and he became one of my top sales team members, and he was recently promoted to lead sales manager.  THE RESULT HAS TO BE A POSITIVE RESULT.  To say well Johnny didn’t do well, he was terminated would not be a good example.

    Be prepared for some good stories with good content, specific to the question (not gruesome detail), but specifics.  Don’t utilize last names if it revolves around medical (HIPAA laws), or something that may cause embarrassment/defame the individual you are discussing (someone that maybe known to the interviewer(s))

    ***Have some good stories to tell that are true (good examples ready and prepared if possible).  Don’t lie, as you may have a trained intelligent interviewer that understands the mind….When your eyes look to your right, and your telling a story or answering a question, it usually means you are creating/constructing (using the creative part of your brain), looking to your left is utilizing memory recall (remembering what happened).  Be prepared, and be honest!

    Most panels consist of a question “Tell me about some of your weakness & about your strength’s?”   Make sure your weakness is not a direct expectation of the job description!  A good one for that is “I’m very thorough and a perfectionist, and I often double check my work as I strive for perfection…I’m working on that at doing it right the first time as I focus on getting things done ahead of schedule, and having that time to make sure it is 100%!”  You need to know your own strengths and MAKE SURE they are in direct correlation to the job description you are applying for.   Customer Service:  Very Customer Focused, Admin.  Assistant:  Very Organized & great with Excel, Microsoft, etc.  

    When they ask you “Are there any questions for us?”  Make sure you are prepared with one or two, and MAKE SURE they are NOT “What’s in it for me questions”….What kind of company car will I get?….How much will I make (let the offer come first or have an idea prior)?   A question I found to be the best, as it sets a mood for the person doing the interview, and inspires them is “How long have you been with the company, and how did you get to the level you are at?  It usually follows with  a great story, and you may get to know your future boss before you are hired.  Based on that story, ask who was that person who influenced your career and made you the success person you are today?  Who gave you the opportunity?  And finally, is there an opportunity for advancement, as if given the opportunity, I would like to make this my career?

    If they ask you a trick question as some do “How many sick days do you feel is acceptable in a 90 day period?  The answer is zero.  Don’t talk about or ask about sick time…It will be in the employee hand book when you get hired!

    It’s an “Employers Market” and they want the best!   Always think about what you are going to say before you say it, and how it will be perceived.  Good luck, and feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or to correct me if you disagree.  Let’s share and help one another through this tough time.  I do care…I want nothing, other than a success story of how you got the job and or helped someone else find a job!




  9. Ami

    This is getting ridiculous! I pay into unemployment for 27 years and I lose my job once and I get the door slammed in my face by Republicans!? I wish the new what it felt like to wait and wonder. Get it done pass it through PLEASE!!!

  10. Angela Deluca

    Obama and Putin met and staged this BS to prolong the EUC vote. They think we are stupid. All a fraud. I hope Mother Nature wipes out government leaders and they all burn in hell

  11. Todd

    Thank you, that is the best info on the net for those of us in this situation!

  12. Pam C

    Don’t you all think that President Obama should make his American unemployed citizens his top priority instead of the Ukraine? We are suffering and all congress worries about is their time off which we unemployed citizens pay for in some way. Enough is enough. Congress and the President need to keep their noses where they belong IN THE US!!!!!

  13. lovely

    My momma always told me clean up your own back yard before you worry about someone else. Thats what I have to say to Congress.

  14. Jose

    US prepares $1B aid package for troubled Ukraine, while over 2 million of unemployed workers continue to be ignored by the congress that is supposed to protect them.

  15. 04/03/2014

    God save the Queens!!!

  16. helen

    This isn’t the way to close the deficit. Please find the money somewhere else and extend our unemployment benifits. We are unemployed through no fault of our own and we have mouths to feed. Believe me, I would much rather be working. Jobs are few and in between. If you wouldn’t want this done to you, don’t do it to us.

  17. Keina McCutchen

    Why not help follow Americans? This is absolutely disgusting that this is happening. We have failed our fellow Americans and you are ok with this? Perfect timing for them to look to other issues and stop focusing on their homeland. I am very disappointed

  18. 04/03/2014

    I totally understand that our country is in the major deficit! But cut welfare, something that’s not paid into by people that get it!! Another words if this country would just of focused on this many moons ago we might b alittle better off!! U should only b aloud to receive welfare for a certain amount of time.. Help people help their selves.. But the more children they have the more money and help they receive!! Unemployment is something everyone puts into and hopes they will get a parcial return when they need ur??! But there should be regulations on all monies received from government,, but at least give us what’s in our unemployment earnings!! Hopefully I don’t lose my car in the process! Thank you!!

  19. Stephanie

    I have non stop been putting out resumes day and night and still nothing. I don’t know what to do. The Senate Is Ruining My life. I have lost EVERYTHING! EVERYTHING!I don’t understand how government entities such as Fannie and Freddie mainly only hire h1b1 foreign folks. This is their preference, right here in the US. Citizens and veterans should be given first preference. I’m so frustrated but I have not given up just yet. I hope and believe the Senate will do the right thing. End the war, it is draining our economy.

  20. lin

    Forget it this president an congress an senate do not care Bottom line their paychecks, dinner parties and asking for money the poor does not have is all they are concerned with. I have no hope for this country. All people over 45 are in big trouble.

  21. Jerry Kundus

    I heard congress say us unemployed people do not want to work. I am 59 years old and I want to make congress an offer! Send all 2 million of us unemployed to the Ukraine to take on the russians, we will work for our unemployment benifits. Will the congressmen be willing to join us?

  22. Pam

    This has been stressful beyond belief. And thanks a whole lot to the media for giving this important issue nothing but a big fat yawn in terms of coverage. I’m thankful to this site for keeping us up-to-date.

  23. Melissa

    Please everyone as desperate as the times are now, DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!! At some point the Senate has to realize that we are humans and need the money to survive. I lost my benefits as well, I have however found new employment just recently. We need to fight as one. I am seriously in debt over all of this and hope that with the retroactive benefits I may be able to pay what I owe. Good luck to all of you and keep your heads up.

  24. cathy

    i cant believe this….wish they would hit as low as i have…and be one foot out the door after i worked sooo hard just to get buy unreal!!!!

  25. michelle

    Well I welcomed my self the world of medicaid and fooodstamps!!!!! This is ridiculous!!! Age 57. Like everyone else LOST EVERYTHING!!!The Wussy’s can’t go to work in a little snow storm

  26. Barry

    We are again worried about other countries ahead of our citizens. These empty threats to Russia DO NOTHING.Other than sending troops, it is all a waste of time.They want to send aid immediately? To who? The Russians are taking over the country and guess who will get any money or food aid…the Russians. The President cant take time to work on our unemployed? We are a global bully.
    And these tips about saving energy and money? If you have NO INCOME ,you cant spend money or your penny pinching ideas.I think this is just a stale tactic and you can just Forget about any extensions on unemployment.It is a disgrace and disappointing on how this country has turned into.Big business and Government officials make rules to benefit them.PLAIN AND SIMPLE.Construction company i worked for since 2008 rip off employees,sub contractors,and material suppliers.And they simply just change there name.4 times since 2008.And they still in business with same owner in same location.
    And the Congress make laws,pay,benefits,pay raises and perks to themselves.And yet we can not do ANYTHING.Other than wasting your time mailing your Congressman.This country is such a joke. Lets not forget about the unions.Yes i said it.Union was needed at one time in this country.BUt now it is just a group of Gangsters strong arming into big contracts wasting tons of money.A laborer making $25/hour.Really? Or if they dont get job they have Blown up Giant Rat ballons on picket and destroy workers vehicles while they work? Or how about the social security and medical scams that is a BIg business in this country.Or the more babies you have ,the more welfare check you get.What are the Total number of people on welfare.Puerto Rico isnt even a state and that island has most of the population on the US welfare system.This country is cirlcing the toilet bowl.They get away with it as the country is mostly just CATTLE folling others lead.

  27. Bill

    2 months behind on utility’s barely afford my meds this country is backwards but send money overseas great gov

  28. Jerry Stunod

    It has been two now already and still no decision on extending unemployment benefits. This congress is starting to be a joke. Several months ago a lady from CT was invited to the white house and spoke how she was laid off and her benefits stopped dec 28th like so many american. I believe she had a son in Irag.President O’bama listened then clapped applauding her. I wonder how the extension benefits are working out for her. Guess what! Their not! My car is in the process of being reposesd my I can’t make payments. If this should happen, then how am I supposed to look for employment. For my senators blumenthal and murphy in CT, shame on you and the rest of your collegeas. Now that something might escalate over in russia and the ukraine, you watch the US has to be a bunch of heroes and step in, thus getting into a war and spending billions of dollars. Let the countries step up. The US and step up and help people here first, then if you have time and resources then help other countries. President O,bama will be coming to CT wednesday march 5th and speak about minimum wages to $10.10 per hour with Governor Danny boy Malloy. Is this really important, I doubt it.

  29. Jason

    This is a joke already please help us.

  30. kemm


  31. Barry

    We are again worried about other countries ahead of our citizens. These empty threats to Russia DO NOTHING.Other than sending troops, it is all a waste of time.They want to send aid immediately? To who? The Russians are taking over the country and guess who will get any money or food aid…the Russians. The President cant take time to work on our unemployed? We are a global bully.
    And these tips about saving energy and money? If you have NO INCOME ,you cant spend money or your penny pinching ideas.I think this is just a stale tactic and you can just Forget about any extensions on unemployment.It is a disgrace and disappointing on how this country has turned into.Big business and Government officials make rules to benefit them.PLAIN AND SIMPLE.Construction company i worked for since 2008 rip off employees,sub contractors,and material suppliers.And they simply just change there name.4 times since 2008.And they still in business with same owner in same location.
    And the Congress make laws,pay,benefits,pay raises and perks to themselves.And yet we can not do ANYTHING.Other than wasting your time mailing your Congressman.This country is such a joke. Lets not forget about the unions.Yes i said it.Union was needed at one time in this country.BUt now it is just a group of Gangsters strong arming into big contracts wasting tons of money.A laborer making $25/hour.Really? Or if they dont get job they have Blown up Giant Rat ballons on picket and destroy workers vehicles while they work? Or how about the social security and medical scams that is a BIg business in this country.Or the more babies you have ,the more welfare check you get.What are the Total number of people on welfare.Puerto Rico isnt even a state and that island has most of the population on the US welfare system.This country is cirlcing the toilet bowl.They get away with it as the country is mostly just CATTLE following others lead.

  32. mitch

    Please all of us r all 2 million of us call n write our senators n reps n mcconnell n boehner. Threaten your vote. Speak up

  33. Larry Chirco

    The left is just as bad as the right , it’s a power thing while people suffer …. Where’s Obama PEN!!

  34. Neal

    Every illegal alien in my neighborhood is eating just fine. Feeding their 7 kids on fantastic government benefits, enjoying free healthcare, and getting free housing. I’m a vet and have to live off the hospitality of my friends. What’s wrong with this picture???? Everything. Open revolt and exile is the only hope for change in Washington.

  35. Renee Schultz

    I think that it is absolutely ridiculous that because Russia and the Ukraine can’t seem to “play well together” it is taking our so-called governments focus away from the American citizens. What about the US? Have Americans clearly been forgotten about? Illegal immigrants are being given jobs on a daily basis…jobs that should be going to the American people. I have worked and always taken care of my family. Now I find myself losing everything that I have. Who cares though? Definitely not the ones that should. Our government just keeps allowing more and more illegal immigrants in and allowing them to reap benefits that at one time they would have never have been allowed to reap. Someone please just tell me how this is fair.
    I understand that situations in their countries may not be favorable and they wanted to flee to the land of opportunity. Obviously it is only the land of opportunity if you are here illegally….definitely not if you are an American born and raised citizen. I’m just completely frustrated. I am a single person and right now I have ZERO income. I can’t afford to pay my rent, electric, etc. I have applied at many places and am continually being told that I am OVER QUALIFIED. I wondered for a while if that was because of my age…now I just think it’s because they want people without a full education. I’m not going to apologize that I chose to further my education that I paid for…not our government.
    If our government paid closer attention to their own people as opposed to “others”, then perhaps we might find that this country might heal…until then, healing will not begin to take place.

  36. 04/03/2014

    help! help for human sake. what do you want from us? i have sold everything including plasma. i am at the end. hold on? hold on? to what? they dont care. they think our votes dont count. goverment does not see us as human. they call us those people. hang on? what happend to compassion understanding care? you want me to hang on? for what? more of tge same good ole boy politics? people are taking their own lives. hope is all but gone. hang on? i cant hang on anymore. may god bless and care for all of us. its time for me to let go. peace

  37. Loney

    This is horrible. You care more about what is going on overseas than whats going on to your own citizens! I took a part time job just to cover my house hold bills tried to get public assistance to help buy groceries but got turned down cause i make too much! Seriiously! I would love to see the members of congress live on $ 20 a week to buy groceried and put gas in your car so you can go to work just to keep a roof over your head! All i can say is at least im trying unlike people who just have kids so they can live on the system. So congress remember the next time you are at your $500 a plate dinner, that there are people like me and im sure many others that are lucky if they get one decent meal in a day!

  38. yvette

    Come on!!!! Realy. Always something.. my bills r past due they are about to be disconnected and nobody gives a dam. I cant fine a job. Companies dont want to hire a 45 year old woman when they can hire a 26 year old for less pay. I need this extension a s a p.

  39. Kristie Woodard

    Seriously enough with the excuses and bullshit!! Help the HARD WORKING, TAX PAYING AMERICANS that are going through tough times here in the UNITED STATES!!! Congress has so many other priorities yet how many breaks have they taken since the unemployment extensions were cut????? It’s ridiculous!!

  40. Fred

    I would like to see these Senators make it in the private sector- Lets Vote Em Out

  41. Aaliyah

    Please restore euc benefits….I’m about to be
    without water…my water bill is $800 now and
    Received a shut if notice…electric bill is 1,000
    and received a shut of notice

  42. Tonia

    “His primary attention is overseas.” We are on the back burner again. I am all for helping our fellow brothers and sisters but there comes a time that you have to put your family first. It’s amazing how they can find the money to aid other countries in their stupid wars but won’t help their own country. Our children our America’s future and they are losing hope and faith in America. How will they actions of today effect what we are willing to do for our country in years to come? An eye for an eye! Why should we help America if America won’t help us. We use to be strong and believe in our country. Our government is making our spirit weak and this will effect the future of America.
    I have been without income for two months and have sold everything to make ends meet. I have three children at home and one is my nephew who’s mother is a drug addict and collected unemployment for two years. She used her money to buy drugs, not take care of her child. It sad that when I needed this for my family, the government shuts it down. Not everyone on unemployment abuses the system and I feel we are being punished for the lazy one who did.
    I am not being picky on my job searches either. It doesn’t matter that I have a degree. When you need to take care of your children, you go flip burgers to be able to feed them. I am not afraid of getting dirty or breaking a nail. Put me to work scrubbing your toilet. It really doesn’t matter.
    With so many people seeking employment, it is hard to get a job. I have had a few group interviews and the room is filled with hope, but reality is one person gets the job and there is 50+ people interviewing for that one job. Times are just scary and you pray your name will be picked. That’s all we really have, prayer!
    When you seek help with government programs to help with bills, you are put on a waiting list because the programs are only set up to help a few at a time. Our hope is fading and it takes everything we have to get out of bed and face another disappointing day. We are depressed and overwhelmed with worry. I feel like a disappointment when I have to tell my children no, we can’t afford that right now. My family helps pay for the children to stay in sports because I feel that keeps them focused on living a good life. I thank God I have a great family because they are many who don’t have anyone to help in this time of crisis.
    For the first time in my life, I am embarrassed to be an American. We need the governments help. Our children need their help!

  43. 04/03/2014

    The look on my daughters face when she opens the refrigerator is heart breaking. When her socks have holes and her tummy hangs out of the bottom of shirt I turn my head and fight the tears. I have worked since I was 15 and this is the first time I have ever needed unemployment, and it only lasted 6 months. This is absolute bull! Congress is taking vacations while the rest of us are standing out in the cold at the food pantry just to put food in our childrens bellies. I have lost 23 lbs since December. although I am told by friends and family members that I look anorexic…my childs needs come before mine. Her father is deceased and I am doing everything I can to keep her healthy and safe. In this stressful crisis, had I not been a parent, I would have taken myself out of this world. But, I will FIGHT for her. Extend the unemployment to better the lives of the children that are suffering in this. EVERYONE IS AFFECTED!!

  44. eric smith

    this cant be america

  45. Marnie

    The only thing I have left to say is I will keep all of you in my prayers. We all must keep the faith in The Lord, no matter how difficult life becomes. The human spirit is incredible, and will prevail.

    When it comes to our government, however, I have no faith what-so-ever.They are one very twisted mess. I refuse to give them any of my hope and trust about any matter. They will only let you down, so don’t give them one ounce of power as they do not deserve it. They are a waste.

  46. Rich

    Really 1 billion to the uckraine maybe 3 weeks in term oil / people of the US 3 months+ . How much of the 1 billion really got to the people who need it. We all just paid the crooked politicians in the Ukraine to be our friends like a bunch of fools we are

  47. Diplomatic Republican

    Its a shame that our country is always taking care of other countries and not our own.

  48. Karen

    I have been working full time all my life. Always paid my taxes, my bills and raised two girls as a single mother. Worked for two major companies. My last company I was laid-off twice last year in January then again in November. This was because of reduction of work due to moving production out of California. I have never had an extension and I am sending out resumes everyday. It is devastating. The government and state government needs look at making themselves stronger not sending jobs and money outside. What a way to end your career of hard work. We need time!

  49. Teresa

    I believe the Government in general has forgotten us all in this suffering and trials of unemployment. Both sides have power and ability to do the right thing if they truly cared. I believe what they forget, is that even though they think they are dealing with ONLY the unemployed they are sadly very wrong!! How do they think a lot of those unemployed people are living, eating, paying bills etc. while job hunting. Through the kind and gracious hearts of their families, neighbors, and churches who are helping foot the bills and feeding their children.
    In November they should all take heed that it is NOT only the unemployed that will be voting, but also all of their, friends, neighbors, families and relatives that have been helping them through these awful and trying times.
    I know because I am one of those people helping my son, while he looks for full time work, keep ahead of his bills and basic living needs. He is NOT a deadbeat, he had a full time job for 12 years until layed off. He is working part-time at a $9.00 an hour job because he is hoping to work up to full time and a raise. His house is gone, and now we are just trying to keep his utilities on, food on the table, insurances current and the vehicle
    in his possession to continue to get to his part time job and look for full time.
    Shame on this government of ours abandoning its citizens in their greatest times of need.
    Shame on them for thinking of others outside of their own before their own.
    Shame on them for eating well, feeling warm and fuzzy, driving or being driven in their luxury cars.
    Shame, Shame, Shame on you all!

  50. Tom

    I have voted Republican since I was 18 years old. Ronald Reagan’s second election. Sadly with the thought of him in mind, the last election will be the last time I pull a lever for a Republican. Shame on you Toomey. Take a look around PA, this will be your last term as a senator. I’d spit on you if I saw you again. I’ve been searching for work since last spring. Might have a job pending next month. But don’t know if I can hold off the collectors till then. Thanx to family and friends I’m not in the cold, yet. Waiting on a notice. Pat Toomey, may you rot. How many votes do you fools think you are gaining by denying this? Compared to the votes you’re gonna lose?

  51. Colleen

    I applied at McDonalds 3 weeks ago. I have a college degree. Apparently its not good enough to flip burgers. I just need a job. I want to work. I do. But If people apply for jobs that they know they are qualified for or even overqualified for and dont get the job then there is an issue. I cant even begin to tell you how many jobs I have applied to that I am way overqualified for because I just want a job so I can pay my bills. Plus, the GOP keeps telling us to “just get a job” – trust me, if we could all just get a job, we would all have jobs. Its not that simple to “just get a job”.

  52. Tracy

    Todd….Thank you for all the great advice and encouragement. In this very difficult time for many people, you are an inspiration to giving us a sense that there is some hope. Thanks for all the wonderful tips. May we all someday have that perfect career again

  53. Petra

    I have so applied for many jobs and no word back. Working through an agency sucks. You get called in to work once or twice within one week and never here from them for about a month. I called everyday or every other day. I get nothing. Please help this society.

  54. kelly

    Son of a …..while they continue to go back and forth so many are in the worst places of there lives, what happened to humanity, taking care of the “American” people~ O hold on, no need to do that we don’t have to worry about the mother who can’t borrow any more money, or the father who can’t get to an interview because not even a dollar can be found for gas! Its a sin, just wait until its time to vote just wait they are loosing millions of votes every day, hour and minute they continue to leave people without unemployment. I don’t know how they put there head on a pillow at night~ I think we should just stop there pay for a month a week lets see what they feel~ lets take away there axis to any monies i bet then things would change! They make me sick and im a firm believer that what goes around comes around so remember that all of you inhumane individuals whom think this is ok to do to your own! Pass this darn extension already enough you are killing the American people ~

  55. FAUXHAWK70

    Who gives a s*** about the Ukraine?

    Take care of the people in the U.S.A. first!

    Why does every country have to be a strategic part of the world or a place where we foot the cost in aid to restructure or build for us?

    People are important to help but help your own country first!

  56. FAUXHAWK70

    Or should I say fix your own country first!

  57. gale

    Lets move forward and get it done the American people are suffering every day. Extend the benefits now.

  58. Alyn Syms

    This is inexcusable and unforgivable. What does the Ukraine have to do with us? Where were the ” fiscally responsible politicians ” in all of this? No one is the Ukraine pays taxes here, lives here, or cares about us. It’s a big ticket political issue, that’s all. All politicians care about is getting re-elected or consolidating their power base. We mean nothing to them. Now they will exploit this for building up the defnese, re-igniting the Cold War and sticking their collective noses where it doesn’t belong.THEIR elections, THEIR jobs, THEIR legacy, like spolied little kids.

  59. Alyn Syms

    You CAN’T budget $0.00 That’s OUR reality, so put up or shut up!

  60. Jackie O

    So our nation pledges 1 billion to Ukraine. But still no word on unemployment for Americans!

  61. Michael Montgomery

    I have recently become disabled So I’m having to see completely different type of employment Which makes the search very difficult. it takes all of my funds just to exist, just to pay my monthly expense and those funds are quickly depleting. without the EUC program I don’t have the funds or resources to be able to get out and apply for all the jobs that I would like to apply for. I like many other Americans need the EUC program to be reactivated. if the EUC program is not reactivated I for one will definitely be voting to put different people in office from the bottom all the way to the top we need leaders and congressman and senators we’re going to think about the American people first and not overseas interest

  62. 04/03/2014

    I guess there is really nothing to say we all see where their priorities are nothing ever changes always worry about something that is none of our business!

  63. rose

    Ok the government and Obama can give a 1 BILLION dollar package to the Ukrain and yet still are having trouble passing this extension to help people here in THIS COUNTRY!!??!? Rididulous!!! SHAME ON THIS GOVERNMENT!!

  64. Franklin

    With the billions of dollars spent on nation-building, fighting non-winnable wars, stipends paid to tubal leaders who later turn their backs on us and foreign aid without a ‘pay for,’ why can’t Congress find the desire and political will to invest in their own citizens. The unemployed are not those who are framed as ‘takers’ these are Americans who have worked much if not all of their adult lives and have paid into the unemployment insurance program.

    I urge all of those who have had the door closed in their face by their Congressman/woman to organize family members, friends and relatives, having them to do the same, keeping them focused on this issue, and vote I this fall and vote against those who voted against this measure. Both Republicans and even those Democrates who used this issue as a political tool; fore they are using us for their own gain, without out concern for your personal as you are held suspended in limbo and uncertainty as each day passes.

  65. 04/03/2014

    I guess there is really nothing to say we all see where their priorities are and they are not worried about our unemployment, nothing ever changes always worry about something that is none of our business! So lets send Russia money and we loose everything..

  66. Winston

    Replace speaker of the house!!

  67. Tess

    believe the Government in general has forgotten us all in this suffering and trials of unemployment. Both sides have power and ability to do the right thing if they truly cared. I believe what they forget, is that even though they think they are dealing with ONLY the unemployed they are sadly very wrong!! How do they think a lot of those unemployed people are living, eating, paying bills etc. while job hunting. Through the kind and gracious hearts of their families, neighbors, and churches who are helping foot the bills and feeding their children.

    In November they should all take heed that it is NOT only the unemployed that will be voting, but also all of their, friends, neighbors, families and relatives that have been helping them through these awful and trying times.

    I know because I am one of those people helping my son; while he looks for full time work, keep ahead of his bills and basic living needs. He is NOT a deadbeat; he had a full time job for 12 years until laid off. He is working part-time at a $9.00 an hour job because he is hoping to work up to full time and a raise. His house is gone, and now we are just trying to keep his utilities on, food on the table, insurances current and the vehicle

    in his possession to continue to get to his part time job and look for full time.

    Shame on this government of ours abandoning its citizens in their greatest times of need.

    Shame on them for thinking of others outside of their own.

    Shame on them for eating well, feeling warm and fuzzy, driving or being driven in their luxury cars.

    Shame, Shame, Shame on you all!

  68. jonathan diaz

    There are no jobs out here! do you want me to start stealing for a living?!?!? It’s starting to get that point!!

  69. fred smith

    Maybe when banks start suffering from unpaid car loans and mortgages things will start to happen. The 90 day mark is closing in.

  70. ddub

    • Call and leave a message for Rob Portman of Ohio at 202-224-3353 AND email him at
    • Call and leave a message for Mark Kirk of Illinois at 202-224-2854, AND email him at
    • Call and leave a message for Dan Coats of Indiana at 202-224-5623 AND email him at
    • Call and leave a message for Speaker John Boehner at 202-225-0600 AND email him at
    • Call and leave a message for Senator Harry Reid at 202-224-3542 AND email him at
    • Click the link and sign the petition to support restoring the Long-Term Unemployment Benefits at

  71. JACK

    I just cannot understand it. The people we sent to Washington on promises. After devotion to my job for almost 26 years out the door I go. I am 59 resumes sent know one wants me.

  72. fred smith

    Unemployment or public services….it’s all the same.

  73. Gina

    We NEED EUC retroactively extended TODAY!!!

  74. Charles

    Even as we speak Boehner and all his ilk are tidying up their finances and assets and preparing to leave public service.(WE HOPE)They will retire from the Senate and go back to the private sector and squirrel away all they can,because “they have worked harder than you”- let’s face it, if you are unemployed after “all this time” you are probably “doing something wrong” or “incapable of holding down a job” it has nothing to do with it being “an employer’s market”….right…this is exactly where the corporate slugs want us…a big pool of talent that they can draw from whenever they feel it’s necessary. Makes it easier for them. I remember back in the 90’s when jobs were plentiful and the economy was pumping along, back when it was easy to obtain employment because the shoe was on the other foot.Because companies could not simply ship jobs elsewhere, corporate managers and CEO’s remember it as well…they did not like having to play ball. There are no labor shortages for them now. Keeping their respective companies running “trim” is “good for profits”. People at the top now are able to make runaway earnings and bonuses, simply because they are fortunate enough to occupy the top. This country is ready for the trash heap. We have fallen so far behind with regards to standard of living, competency in terms of effectiveness,being progressive in our approach, caring for the individual’s outcome (a functioning cog is good for the whole machine, pieces that no longer fit should be modified or recycled,not simply thrown away) Anyone who supports the philosophy that those people who partake in the economic world to should subscribe and adhere to as practice and policy “survival of the fittest” should realize that without people to purchase goods and support an economy economy will eventually just collapse in on itself. If we are going to take this country backwards, let’s do it right, perhaps the people that we elect as our representatives, when they fail to work for the public interest, should not only be let go…THEY SHOULD BE TARRED AND FEATHERED.

  75. fred smith

    I mean it comes from the same pile of tax payer money so why cause the expense of other agencies getting involved….Extend the emergency unemployment bill now please.

  76. Rich

    Senate only thinks of themselves/ wonder where they came from….Ucraine?

  77. Anne

    Bottom Line: The well-being of the American People should come first.

  78. Rich

    I know I don’t spell Ucrain right but that part of the world has nothing to do with me!!!!! now it does

  79. 04/03/2014

    Please let it pass this time I’m praying.

  80. John

    A BILLION to Ukraine!! How about the 2 million people in this country? If the Republican party quits playing with peoples lives like it’s a board game this issue would have been taken care of a month and half ago!!!! Write to all the Senators not only the one’s from your home state. It is supposed to the United States Senate!

  81. steve

    I have used my 26 weeks of unemployment. I search for a job everyday, I have enrolled in online college to gain new skills. 26 weeks is not long enough in this economy. My family is suffering also so lets get this passed and go on. Republicans quit saying that democrats don’t want to pay for EUC and want to raise deficit. Democrats quit saying republicans don’t care about unemployed. You all say you want to reach out and work together, well this is the perfect bill to start with. EUC should not be a political issue. If this were not a mid term election year this would be solved by now. STOP USING US AS PAWNS IN YOUR POLITICAL GAME.

  82. Robin

    Todd that was really nicely done — you should repost on Alison Doyle’s site. People could really use your in site over there… and yes i was lucky enough to get a job a month ago but I still feel for everyone else. Very Sad

  83. Angela Anesetti

    Billions to another country … While wish democracy to all other countries, I was dislocated from a wonderful company that moved jobs to CA & TX… Assistance begins at home & to American people! Why is America the world’s keeper? Sometime other countries problems are not ours to solve! We have enough problems here!

  84. John

    Heading into my 8th month of unemployment. Sold car,furniture ,small coin collection,TV’s. nothing left. at the end of the rope and it fees like thats were it will end. Lost hope

  85. 04/03/2014

    I need my unemployment pleeeaasssseeeeeeeeeeeeee.long term……………….

  86. Rose

    I’m one of the unfortunate people who need the unemployment benefits. I’ve worked all of my life and have contributed to the system for many years now that I’m 56 years old. The problem the banks caused, caused me to lose my job, since I was a Property Manager. I’ve been struggling ever since then to get a decent job. I’ve been working many temporary jobs making maybe half of what I used to make. I’m older now and lets face it, not many people are calling me for a job. I’m very diligent about seeking employment and I’ve been on various interviews – I’m no slacker, but even temporary jobs are hard to get at times. That’s why unemployment is very important to me. I’m about to lose my house, I couldn’t even qualify for food stamps on unemployment.
    This country needs to help it’s own people especially the ones who have contributed to it’s growth through paying taxes, etc. Stop giving away to illegal aliens, etc.

  87. SBJ

    This is insane and unforgivable. President Obama as head of this country, the unemployed need you to act immediately and do whatever is needed to pass this extension ASAP. People are struggling to survive and meet basic needs.

  88. Bruce Law

    After the death of my mother in 2011 I was broak from bills just taking care of her till the end! Then my company let me go just as I was making my way back! I payed my bills all the time and now I went threw the winter with no heat and that electric blanket I bought for her is all that keeps me worm! With out any money to pay the bills everything else has been turned off! No insurance on the car that broke accross the city! Witch I had to push to get it home! I just got SNAP and found out I can buy chips and stuff like that but had to put the chicken back because they cooked it for me! Nice job to all that show they care more about the insignificant stuff over the lives of 2 million people and there families! I am the one who is collecting but there are three of us! I wounder how many families lost the money from the one who supports them! Is it realy 6 million or 8 million! remember it is 2 million collecting! It realy helps to know someone cares!

  89. Julie

    Already wrote my senators, told them I’m looking forward to the mid-terms. Saying prayers for all those who are just like us. I think it’s mighty convenient the “Republicans” are to blame here. What happened to our illustrious leader, guess he must be focused on the very important Yep, that’ll help us pay the mortgage. Thanks again all you idiots that voted for the loser…possibly now you get it.

  90. Patrick

    We can give the Ukraine a billion dollars and we can’t take
    care of our fellow Americans Republicans n Democrats should
    be ashamed and I hope their children and grandchildren get
    payback for these actions.

    These are tough times I been working for over forty years
    and never experience the job market like this one.
    Employers can ask for the world and pay as little as possible.
    Help our fellow Americans people I lean mostly to the right but on this my issue giving help is the right thing to do.
    Create more jobs, stop the red tape and give credits to employers for hiring the unemployed.

  91. Johnny C

    The Republicans were too busy sucking up to Donald Trump at his estate in Palm Beach playing golf this weekend..what a shame what this country has gone to..we need help and fast

  92. jack charlton

    Having been in the same boat during this recession (depression), as those posting here. And being a consecutive, I strongly believe in supporting Americans. Keep in mind the last vote to extend was voted down by Reid, not the Gop!!! Before that, the Gop agreed with an amendment ….but Reid said no!!! Had he said yes, the extension would have been passed a month ago!!!! The lying media would have you believe its the evil Gop, but not so true.
    Anyone on this board, live near medium to large size (new used) car dealerships, I will coach to get hired, and earn a minimum of $3,000. A month, but realistically closer to $5,000.-$7,500. Per month. I am nationally recognized coach, and highest income earner. I teach doing business right, honest, and how to do what I have done. Of coarse, this offer is zero cost, zero few, zero personal info, just wanting to help man/woman earn a excellent living. Most of my salesman, selling HONDA, FORD, CHEVY,TOYOTA ++++ earn $10,000 plus. Anyone (almost) can reverse there life. Anyone???
    God bless,

  93. Debbie

    I’m praying that they pass it too…I have been applying for so many jobs and my savings is down to nothing…WE ALL NEED HELP NOW…

  94. Sean ka

    I can’t believe that “OUR GOVERNMENT” can make a quick decision to help with foreign aid before help it helps its own. How can it take so long to make a decision to help our own? Its sickening to know if I live in just about any other country. I could count on the US to help with housing, food, & clothing. Please stop and help us here in the US.. We have been the ones that have worked and paid our taxes..

  95. Maggie Wilson

    I’m living in a house I inherited from my father but can’t afford-it’s near the water so taxes are HIGH and behind- told the town can do a “tax sale” and it can be sold for as little as $10,000 !!! This was all he had to leave and I get physically ill thinking because I’ve lost 2 jobs since his death it could be lost. Before moving here I was close to being evicted from my apt because even when I was collecting it wasn’t even close to my usual salary. The house is on the market but seeing the real estate market sucks as well it’s not moving despite a $50,000 price drop.
    So,, your tips are sound, but what do you suggest when one had exhausted everything, have friends gassing up my car, and literally less than $200 to my name ?? I’ve had one interview after countless applications & resume submissions. I think it will take a death count because frankly I’m at the point of throwing in the towel & ending it all.

  96. Samantha Reagan

    I agree with Kathy, my fingers are crossed…… I feel for my children. I used my tax return to pay my rent……… SO NO BIRTHDAY, OR SUMMER ACTIVITIES….I dont even know how the utilities or food is going to be paid for. Because no one wants to hire full time…. Then theres no unemployment….. aggrivated….

  97. Sandra Thompson

    Has the US Government forgotten about us, the Stewards of this country? The “powers who think they be” seem more concerned with what is going on in Europe instead of thinking about the millions of people in this country who have to make very difficult decisions every day, feed their children or pay rent and keep a roof over their heads. We give millions away every month to people who never worked a day in their lives and call it WELFARE and yet we can’t take care of the millions of people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. Some of these people have worked 25+ years and now can’t feed their families while the people who make our laws are giving OUR money away to every foreign country who holds out it’s hand for help. WHAT about the people of the USA?

  98. Alice St. Amand

    My husband lost his job of 28 years when the business was forced to close last summer. He got exactly 6 months of unemployment. As soon as it came time to start the EUC, that expired. We are left with one paycheck for a family of three with our son going to college. We “made too much money last year” for financial aid, but now we’ve run out of money and I’m not sure how we will survive going forward. What little bit unemployment pays, at least pays the mortgage. Now it has stopped and it’s not a priority for the millionairs that run our country. We’ve used all retirement funds we had available and I have taken out two of those quick loans and anything of value I have is in the pawn shop. It’s really a shame we can’t take care of our own better than that. We just need to stay out of other countries’ business and fix AMERICA!

  99. Rich

    Jack I want to work for you. I am trustworthy and need a job. Unfortunately I drive a jeep. Rich

  100. Kim

    really???…a billion to the Ukraine?? How about a little something for those of us AT HOME?? We are barely hanging on by a thread…already had to sell my car, borrowed form everyone I know, about to lose my home,can’t buy groceries or heating oil…haven’t had a unemployment benefits since Christmas. I currently have $75 in my checking account.
    I’m college educated and have been a professional business environment for over 20 years…now I can’t get a job delivering news papers. C’mon Senate we need your help…
    GIVE US A BREAK…we want to work for and earn
    our pay. But we need your help to survive long enough to do that.

  101. Michelle

    Please pass the extension already. Those of us doing without this extension are being punished each day there is a delay. Single mom here with a sweet boy whom has multiple disabilities. The job market, well, they are not hiring. Even though I am qualified for all the positions I apply for daily. You have already made me exhaust my tax return, thanks to the turning off the extension. Now I have to pull my last little bit of 401 just to survive very basic bills to survive. Insurance for myself, REALLY, with what freakin money???? Get this passed a lady so I can afford to keep trying to get a job. It really sucks in America, that almost every single company will only let you apply for a job ONLINE!! That is why we can’t get a job ow days. Needs to be the old fashioned way companies to let you apply in person!!!!!

  102. Martin

    @JackCharlton I am interested in your offer. I would use a coach to sell cars!please help!

  103. amondo figueroa

    I’m sorry to hear about russia but we got troubles here in are back yard let’s worry about usa 1st then other nations after we just got out of the middle east I mean wow now this


    Iam haveing a diffcuit time.I Iam aiway”S LOOKING FOR WORK. Iam Praying FOR The Bill TO Pass.IF THE Bill DO NOT Pass. I WILL NOT MAKE IT. :(

  105. Monica

    I can’t believe they still haven’t passed EUC yet!!!! Due to it’s nobody in there family’s benefits got cut off they don’t care!!!!! ONLY USA

  106. Rich

    Nicole don’t do anything drastic . These people that thinkcan concontrol our lives will not for much longer.they voted themselves out of office

  107. cynthia

    It is sad when you spend your time checking updates on whether or not you will be paying bills or buying food this month! This is crazy! Help America before you help anyone else!!! We pay our taxes!!!! Not other countries!

  108. Sick of Republicans

    This is absolutely ridiculous how our president and this damn Republicans are letting our people loss everything and they get to go home with no worries and a paycheck. So glad ur children our eating and i cant wait for the election Democratic Democratic Democratic thats what i will vote for and so will my whole family.

  109. deano

    Please help !!!! We are in desperate need of the EUC extension,My wife and I worked at the same place for 25 years. We have tried to find employment with no luck. I just lost my car, and Im about to lose my home. If Euc benefits are not extended, I will be on the hunt for republicans come election time.

  110. John

    Harry Reid (D-Rhode Island) had to change his vote to a NO so that the bill could be brought up for vote again and that is the only reason he changed his vote

  111. Dee

    The employers need to step up. Unemployment insurance is temporary. I know at least 50% of the people whose claims I process are serious about wanting to return to work. The extended benefits program has lasted too long this time. I’m sorry for everyone still needing benefits (including my own family members). The employers have got to start hiring. I don’t understand the employers’ fear to hire.

  112. Kitty Mitchell

    Please PLEASE pass this!!!! American people are suffering!!

  113. sam

    it’s all just sad. politicians(for the most part) have no soul, and don’t care. I wish I could take my honorable service back, and make them go to war for this country! no one ever goes to war for us!

  114. Shiva K

    Seriously more billions of tax payer dollars spent on foreign countries instead of citizens of USA un employed Don’t understand that can some one explain please

  115. 04/03/2014

    @Jack Charlton 5 republican votes were needed but only 4 vote yes due to this reason Harry changed his vote from yes to no so that he could bring the bill up again.

  116. Veronica Nelson

    The state our country is in right now is because we are not taking care of ourselves and have no business helping others when we are suffering. We can’t afford to fight for other countries when you forget to fight for your own. We are in debt because of this behavior not because we are lazy. Stop trying to help unnecessary problems when the problems are right here no need to search for them they are here!!! The Government is a joke and the other countries see that !!!! Look at them how stupid they are give us all this military funds and supplies when there poverty level is worse than ours. Step up and vote for this extension because now you will raise the price of gas for homes, gas for cars, and any other things you choose, and with no money coming in why don’t you just bury me and my family right now because wiping us out this way is not different than putting us in camps and waiting for the inevitable. Nothing no life, no food, basic needs all put to death!!!!

  117. Betty G.

    Why the president doesn’t intervenes? Why he doesn’t meet his own promises? What should be more important for any one in the position of power than to help the people who put them in that position? Why he uses his executive power for other things and not to benefit us, the unemployed?

    Isn’t that obvious that the senators who did not want to vote to help the unemployed, and the congress who do not care about us do not care about us at all? They don’t need to because they have their money, which is lots more than the one we used to get with the unemployment benefit and they have their big check coming out every pay period with money that was deducted from our paycheck when we were employed.

    In addition, they just want revenge because the Congress (GOP)are like children in pre-K.
    Since they did not get their way winning the presidency, they just can’t get over it. They want to punish the nation.

    They want to block any thing the president wants to accomplish and make his life miserable just for their ego no matter who suffers.

    The Republicans think that the American people do not understand their games and they show that they really do not mind at all about us.

    I really would like to see them in our shoes, and if God is great, them all should experience, before they die, the anguish we are having at this point. This is the least I can whish for them.

    Those Republicans and also some Democrats who do not care about us are going to deep fry,in very hot oil, in hell when they die, because they don’t have any conscience but only too big sense of self.

    President Obama, please make use of those executive powers you can exercise sometimes, and make this need a positive reality for the whole country. Whom ever think that this step will not help the economy one way or another is wrong, or you prefer to see us dying or in worse conditions than we already are.


    The American People is going to thank you for that. This is a serious matter and I am sure in some cases this is a matter of life and death for some very needy people who are counting on you.

    President Obama please be courageous, we need you this way.

    God guide you and bless you.


    An Unemployed Grand Mother who is in anguish.

  118. John

    How much is being wasted on worthless funding on many different levels junk the federal government supports. Us that are unemployed looking hard for a job, (receiving UI benefits is not a free ride) we are required to file proof of job seeking contacts each week to receive ui payment. WE DON’T JUST SIT BACK AND COLLECT!!! The amount received also is not enough to really survive on for long. But I’m thankful for it, it allows me to really work towards getting a job that I can then keep. Looking for a job is a full-time job. I know I’m getting close. BUT my benefits run out in 3 weeks. With that pushing on me it makes it difficult to not be rushed in my applications and desperate in interviews.
    This works against effective job seeking.

    Resumes, cover letters & applications

    Carefully prepared and individualized directly for the intended job being applied for are more effective, But extremely time consuming.

    I plan on having a job before my benefits run out, but an extension of benefits would make it more obtainable.

    I think I could sleek for most of us unemployed, in saying we don’t want to live on UI benefits. They are just a helping hand up, not a handout. Let’s put the politics aside and extend these benefits. The money I get goes directly back into the economy as I pay for living expenses.

  119. Jackson

    I’m a army vet I got out the military thinking I would find a job but I got nothing I went no where fast no one will hire me and now I’m broke and have nothing I deployed to Afghan twice and this is how the government do me I’m disappointed in the country I fought for

  120. nancy jump

    Do not re-elect any politicians in office that is against unemployment extension. Americans put them in that job,is paying their wages but they don’t care about american familes or this would not be a issue.

  121. Betty S.

    I lost my benefits and since, I have had several bills fall behind and, I’m in danger of losing my home.
    Great news for Ukraine, we’re going to spend BILLIONS aiding their cause. WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY WHO ARE STARVING AND, WILL BE HOMELESS!!!

  122. Cameron

    Jack Charlton,

    You are uninformed and incorrect about the last vote being Reid’s. Reid changed his vote at the last minute in order to be able to bring the vote up again at a later date… The final vote was 58-40.

    Of course, I would not expect someone who does not know the difference between ‘their’ and ‘there’ to understand the intricacies of US legislation anyways. Go spew your partisan rhetoric somewhere else.

  123. David

    EMERGENCY, we need these benefits ASAP. I’m going to hurt someone or myself if these benefits are not reinstated NOW.

  124. Nick

    Got a letter from a republican Congressman Sensenbrenner from my state of Wisconsin. He told me how he feels my pain for running out of unemployment but was more worried about the country’s debt. Typical Republican response don’t worry about your own backyard, but keep pumping OUR money into other countries problems, I have worked 35+ years in factories and believe me I have been trying to find a decent paying job everyday since I lost my job, at my age it ain’t happening. Need that extension REPUBLICANS !!!!

  125. John

    Sorry it was Harry Reid of Nevada not Rhode Island.

  126. Catrina

    My benefits expired this week. I have enough to get through 4-5 months with my savings. I suffer from Rheumathoid Arthritis and can no longer pay for my Cobra. I have no medication left. I’m in so much pain I can’t even walk. Not sure how I could work if I found a job. My medication without insurance in $4000 per month. If I apply for disability it could take 2 years to qualify. Only problem is you need to continue medical treatment and not be working. So much red tape. My husband is only worlking part time after 3 years of being unemployed. I worked for the same employer for the last 13 years and never collected unemployment before in my life. I have no family to help me. My mother is disabled and lives in a studio apartment. She lives off $775 per month. I had been helping her make her ends meet. I spend hours per day sending out resumes. The last interview I went to was 30 miles from home. 129 applied for the position that was listed as full time with benefits. At the interview I was told that maybe they could give me 27 hours per week. I said that I would accept a part time. They ended up hiring someone else. I was previously making $25 per hour and was willing to work for $15 per hr. They hired a high school student for minimum wage. I lost my job due to finacial problems within my company. They gave my hours to a part time employee working for half my rate of pay. I call this insourcing. I’m hanging on by a thread. One emergency or my husbands company becomes slow we will be homeless. I thank God we don’t have children. We are now trying to figure out which vehicle to sell because we can’t afford both. This will limit my search area for work drastically. I don’t want to turn to welfare. Which I probably won’t qualify for. I had to pay my utility bill to keep the heat and lights on. Next month I will cut cable/internet. Now a days without internet it’s virtually impossible to find jobs to apply for. I got rid of my cell phone contract. Now I pay as I go. I eat on good meal a day. It’s all I can afford. I don’t understand this. The American people bailed out banks, pay for wars, and support other countries, some who hate us and don’t want us to be involved. Now the people here need help and they are playing games with peoples lives. 26 weeks of checks that hardly payed my rent for a lifetime of work, paying taxes, and supporting my country. The middle class will be extinct soon. The politicians can lie to us and say that the unemployment rate is low because millions of us no longer count. We need help and we need jobs. I hope we all remember these days of pain when we go to vote. They need to focus on the AMERICAN people. We need a bailout or the economy will crumble. I’m tired of hearing the Senate doesn’t work on. Fridays, they are on break, or they need to steal from veterans to pay for unemployment. They have job security we should too. Scary part is if the Senate passes it the House may kill it. Obama needs to step up and do something to help this pass. His Obamacare is a joke and only causing employers to only hire part time. Now I can pay for insurance that provides me almost nothing. Equivalent to a bandaid on a head wound. To also hear admidst this problem the Senate cut food stamps. Really? but fights to protect the 1% from increased taxes. I could go on and on! I pray for all those holding their breath and waiting for answers to where they will be in the next few months, weeks, days, minutes. God help us.

  127. john b

    Just missed my 3rd mortgage payment, my 3rd car payment, haven’t paid my gas, electric or water bill since December. Haven’t paid for car insurance since December. I don’t have anyone to lean on in this situation. I am college educated and have been out of work for almost 8 months now. Apply for jobs everyday. I don’t know what else to do. Soon I will be homeless and with nothing. Thank you american government for allowing this to happen.

    By the way, I was laid off because my job was sent over sea’s.

  128. David

    My original comment was hidden by moderators. Moderators, eat poo

  129. crystal

    Maybe we should do what the people in the Ukraine did rise up against our government & send them running

  130. STorr

    For those who say that America needs to focus on their own, YOU ALL ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!! I cannot say that I am proud to be an American. As far as the issues with Ukraine, how is this our problem or any of our business?? We are a threat to our own national security because this government is so screwed up. I cannot see how we can assist another country in any way. It is easier for an immigrant to get services rather than the people who were actually born on this soil. This speaks volumes to how America values its natural born citizens. I too am one of the people whose unemployment has expired and I’m pretty sure no one in congress gives a damn about me or any one of you who is in this situation. Either way, all these congress people are still getting paid regardless to whether or not their heads leave their pillow. For the people who voted these BULLIES in office and voted republican and have no EUC coming in, I hope you are thinking long and hard about the upcoming midterm elections.

    Everyone be blessed…

  131. Pam

    Its amazing that we came up with a 1 billion dollar promise to the ukraine in less than 48hours but cant take care of our own ( we like to hide that from the rest of the world)..what a joke our goverment is. I love how im being fed 24/7 coverage on the Ukraine take over. but yet to see coverage of people here in the USA losing their homes,cars,lives and cant feed their kids because of our corrupt goverment..the priorties in this country are sqrewed up. foregners before citizens should be our motto.

  132. Cass of Troy

    WOW! The property manager at my apartment complex placed a note on my door telling me to turn in my keys on the 28th of February or paid my rent. Mind you, he knew my financial circumstance and still told me to move in sub-degree weather conditions…to where my car. I’m in Michigan! There is no gift horse.

    I’m over everything. This a wake-up call for all those living in all those red states with high unemployment. You don’t have a Republican pursue to pull money of now, do you.

  133. Revolt

    If they don’t pass it this time, we need to just flat out revolt.. Take our country back.

  134. upset us citizen

    I can’t believe its taking them this long then to hear that the us is giving 1billion to Ukraine. Smh…. when they can’t even help citizens in their own county… Can’t even put forth time to vote on this bill. I never once complained about the taxes coming out of my check for the past 12 yrs. Let come together and let our voices be heard.

  135. upset us citizen

    I agree with Nancy

  136. jack charlton

    I live in Sequim, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula. Over 30 years in the business, top in the nation history. Since I am retired as of 2013, my heart goes out to so many of you. My coaching will be thru email, maybe phone conference, how to get a job in days, and then how to make an income in the top 5% income earners starting
    Your first month selling cars man or woman, the honest way. It will be hard work, and dedication. All I ask is do my coaching, and be willing to work extra hours your first few months. My reward, will be helping others.

  137. 04/03/2014

    This is really sad. But I do know that God is in control and He will judge those who mistreat His righteous.

  138. Michelle

    I can’t hang on much longer! Food stamps and medicaid for this girl! First time in 18 years :(
    This is such a disappointment!

  139. John Wooden

    We are in desperate need of this extension. We have already lost phone service, water is next. We have already lost auto insurance so now we cant even go look for a job. Please we are desperate.

  140. paul

    I don’t know about a lot of you. But where employers look at your credit when they look at your application and resume.well I have lost everything don’t look like I will be getting a job because my credit score has went down the toilet thanks so much U.S government what a joke!!!!!

  141. amelia

    Everyday we are waiting for news about EUC now we don’t hear anything about it. We don’t know what to do now, we don’t have anything zero, no food, no money for gas, all bills behind its been three months that we need to pay late fees that cost a lot of money please act now before anything happened in all those people waiting for EUC especially the children suffering from hunger.

  142. Claudia

    These republican’s are not getting the fact that people are losing their homes, cars, lives because people can’t take it and kill themselves. Well guess what KARMA is a you know what and those not voting to pass the extensions will have what is coming to them. The economy has not gotten better, so where they get that information is outrageous. We can’t pay our bills, so if I don’t have internet, no gas in the car how am I going to look for a job as I have been doing for almost a year EVERY DAY! So unless those who vote against the UE extensions are going to give us their paycheck to pay for things, then they should pass the extensions! It’s just ridiculous!!!!

  143. Rich

    What do we expect

  144. Jim

    Remember to vote all of them out of office!!!!!!!!!!

  145. Gary



  146. Karen

    I am not waiting for unemployment I am a senior citizen. I am feeling the pain too because my son came to live with us. Couldn’t afford his apt. When they stopped his unemployment.We are on social security . Now it’s affecting us we only have so much money. I am almost ashamed to think that I vote. Watching all you people suffer is just too much! Not sure I will vote again but I do know no republicans will ever get my vote.They are selfish rude people !Please everyone remember this when it’s time to vote.I know I will! God Bless !

  147. Drea

    Please hurry this up. Six month extension will be helpful. It’s been 2 months.

  148. jack charlton

    Cameron, as I said. A no vote, my point being was the media twisted it as something different.
    IM trying and willing to help people get a job, not just a job, but high income earning. Sorry your angry, perhaps direct it towards positives, not those on your own team and, rather than a spell check. IM for the extension, and frustrated by media distraction, and untruths. Hoping the very best for you, genuinely.

  149. Jo

    I cannot believe that Obama is more concerned with another country than ours. He had stated in his state of the union address that the unemployed would be taken care of in priority to other problems in this country. I have not been able to land a job in the field that I received a degree in since 2006. It does not do any good to get a degree from college, go into debt from college tuition expenses, then not be able to get a job. I am a women, a minority, US citizen, educated which these features go against me in the United States. I feel that this country is possibly turning into a socialistic democracy ran by the rich republicans.

  150. Shawn

    I heard they were talking about focusing on a bill to send money to the Ukraine to help. What about helping Americans first!!!! Pass Unemployment and Vets bill. Let Europe help 2/3 of the money from Ukraine and Russia benefits Europe not America.

  151. 05/03/2014

    Hey americans just remember it is an election year so when you vote show those republcans how you really feel, get rid of all of them. Remember they are only for themselves and are bullies. President Obama you promised us that you would help us what happened? They are also bulling you wake up. Now you are worring about Russia what are we going to send americans hard earned money over to ukrine? Why what have they done for us lately? What are the republicans looking for another war so they can steal more money. 1ST there are too many politicans lets get rid of some of them. So since this is an election year remember those who have done us wrong, don’t sit and complain get out and vote so them how we can stick together and fight them in numbers as far as voting……….. They think we are dumb like them the keep saying enemployment percents are going down !!!!!! yes because the unemployed are getting kicked off of it. We can all come together and have a million man march on washington, oh I forgot cant’t afford the gas to get there!!!!!!! It is time to bring american jobs back to america, these big companies that outsource our jobs should be fined, I know many have had to deal with foreingnors

  152. Tyhessia Toure

    They have money to start another war, and letting your people starve,and loose everything, small children go hungry and homeless is okay with you all, thank you United States politicians

  153. Terry

    Please pass the retroactive EUC. Although not everyone needs it, there are many people that do just to keep their utilities on, and housing paid for. I know that you want a long term solution, but many of the unemployed can’t wait that long. I’ve been selling my possessions just to be able to afford my gas, water and electric bills.

  154. Rich

    Please Republicans, we need the assistance for pursuing work. These benefits allowed me to pay my bills while I was looking. Not to mention the numerous other expenses that need to be paid for.

    Please help.

  155. Rich

    John Wooden there are a lot of us is the same boat don’t want to be there but here we are…. Its time to call on all your resources because the upper class don’t give a crapabout us

  156. Rich

    Please help GOP. Please continue the program. Bills are adding up and rent etc aren’t cheap.


  157. Jerryy

    Never once have I been on unemployment until now. 2 things I don’t understand. It’s ” emergency unemployment insurance” right? Since when does insurance pick and choose when it covers.
    Next, what about those who have never used an extension? Pretty beat deal. I feel for everyone and their situation, as I know what this feels like. But where’s the extension I NEVER got?

  158. Maria

    Please pass the EUC, we are begging you. We are not lazy people, we all are looking for jobs, but there’s not any.if it was u guys, that was in our situation, it would have passed a long time ago. This is America, where we halo one another, this is not a communist country. There are people including me that are suffering and might lose our homes, u need to pass the extension, Please

  159. helen

    I, like many other people that were on unemployment have a college degree. It makes no difference!!! I have not only searched in my field of expertise but have also applied to shoprite, stop and shop, home depot. I want to work desperately. I don’t want to loose my home. There are no jobs!!! At least reinstate the EUC while we are patiently waiting for Obama to”create” more jobs. While your at it prez the age discrimination in this country is a disgrace.

  160. Robert

    Its been crazy my lost her Management job last Feb 2013, has at least applied for 4 jobs per week since then, Our kids are grown and we do not need much, but there are not lots of jobs out there for the 55 plus people, we help Middle east countries but forget about our own, My wife found a part time job I also found a part time job, we both want full time but there is not anything available, Our Senator Johnson did not even reply to my questions to his office, I voted for him but I tell you this I will do everything to see he does not get back in office next time he runs, I see all the comments from the people and almost all worked many years full time they were not people that lived on welfare. Reagan would have helped us but there are no Reagans out there these days I am not a big support of the Democratic Party but at least they have not closed a blind eye to our needs

  161. david

    Please extend benefits I was workin all my life and then lost my job. I have 5 kids with no income if it dont pass I dont kno what to do. My landlord is trying to work with me but if things dont pass me and my 5 kids will be put out on da streets.

  162. scott

    I am medically discharged and barely can cover my expenses, now losing my unemployment really hurts. please help a fellow veteran

  163. Maryann perez

    Please help us to help ourselves. Without this income many of us cannot even look for a job. No gas for transportation no money for faxing of resume. I have lost my internet so I have to go to the library to look for a job on line. I am about to lose my car. I am a single mother of two boys standing in a church food line. I am at rock bottom and have never done drugs in my life. I worked since I was 14 got educated and still can’t find a job. The longer we are unemployed the better the chance is we won’t get hired. Our resumes go right into the shredder. Please have mercy and out yourself in out shoes.

  164. 05/03/2014

    Iam 58 year old woman. It is very hard to find work at my age. I have put in application from hospital to macdonslds and NoOne will call me or offer me a job. My unemployment expired in December and have no income none at all. Please help and extend uic. PLEASE help the people’s who help you get your job! Don’t forget us. You all know theirs no job out here. Just do the right thing PLEASE extend the uic

  165. Russ Glenn

    I have worked steady since coming back from Vietnam. This is the first time in 44 years I haven’t had a job after being let go when my company was aquired by a Singapore Corp. I have been out of work for 14 months and need the paltry unemployment check that the pathetic state of Arizona pays. ($223 max) At least it put food on my table, paid my electric and water. I have to rely on borrowing from friends and family to pay rent.

  166. jack charlton

    MARTIN, I’M HERE TO HELP!!lets get you working and earning a great living. You can be working in a week.
    My email is
    Any other takes?

  167. Maria





  168. art

    PA Senator Toomey voted against extension and said that his imput was not considered so he voted no. CBS website said that his suggestion was part of the proposal. Did he even read the bill? This has been an especially hard winter weatherwise also. People in Pa have some energy suppliers doubling and tripling their electric bills. I told Senator Toomey I will do everything I can to defeat his reelection bid. Heartless and cruel. 2 million claimants and millions (plural) of children involved. Sorry to hear all of the sad stories. Ours is not as bad but no money coming in until spring. Mortgage late, student loan going into default. Making arrangements to keep phone, tv, internet. Family and friends pushed to the breaking point helping us. We paid into the system. Now they end it in the winter? Not the way to treat citizens that pay their salaries and elect them into office. I’ll stay Republican only to vote against them in primaries. Best wishes all. I’ve written several times to both PA Senators. Senator Toomey says simply we may disagree on some issues. Yeah, like trying to survive without losing everything.

  169. Robert Groves Jr

    I think it’s about time to take over the entire government, I’m about to lose my home and everything else I’ve worked hard for. I lost my unemployment in December and I can’t find work, I’m through 3 different temp agencies and still nothing. But all of you in Washington don’t care, you have a big fat paycheck thanks to us and even get back pay when the government shuts down. Your all worthless, thanks for taking care of other countries and screwing THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

  170. Isabel SH

    I Hope the Government really listening to The People. There is a petition on the white house web site
    please have your family and friends sign in. Thank you!

  171. Isabel SH

    I Hope the Government really listening to The People. There is a petition on the white house web site
    please have your family and friends sign in. Thank you!

  172. Lyfe

    Mark my words the ones thats opposing us on this vote is gone pay a price higher then We have all stuffed theres no way God over looking the laws that He set forth be broken karma is real in whats go’s around comes around n what go’s up does come down the down’s day comeing because what u have now will be ours
    For in Jesus name what ever weapons formed against us the American People shell not prosper an no way no how an Jesus name I Pray Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

  173. john

    senate needs to step up to plate an pass this . some of us didn’t even get 1 extension an some got many which is not fair.I lost my house already what next my kids or my freedom this is bull I just want 1 I’m. not greedy just need help until I find some Job somewhere .

  174. NISE'

    Please take care of home first! I’ve shared my story and I’m terrified what will happen next. I’m sincerely sadden to see how the government authorize funding for this disaster in Ukraine yet hard-working, tax paying citizens are becoming homeless, car less and many have been without months for a few months. What are you doing as LEADERS!?!?! #extremelydisappointed

  175. Jennifer

    I took a layoff from a job I was at for 6 years to take care of my mother who had cancer. She has since passed away & I have been looking for a job daily..I have a decent resume but it doesn’t seem to matter. I have not had any income since the freeze in Dec 2013. I now have an eviction notice & have to be out in 3 days..I have never been in this position in my life & completely terrified. The lift of the unemployment freeze would save everything I have.. so please please pass the extention bill.. please

  176. 05/03/2014

    I am loosing everything I used to own I have no money for heat,electric, have no gas to even go to an interview if I ever got one. My kids are starving, Michell Obama cut our kids lunches down to 500 calories a day. So they even starve at school,no food at home, no assistance like food stamps because my husband has a job that only pays the rent nothing left to pay bills. Their sending the money I rightfully earned to Ukraine??? That is soo wrong and cruel. We will remember who starved our children. You sorry people are about to find out what real Anarky really is when your US citizens rise up against you. People are desparate and need help. Election time is this year we put you in office and we will take you out of that office!!!!!

  177. Wendy Sites

    I spent 13 years working for my aunt’s business. When she was diagnosed with cancer I had no idea that we would lose her so quickly. Not only did I lose a beloved family member, I also lost my source of income … and soon I will lose my unemployment … what little there is. I will complete my Bachelor’s degree in July … something I have been working towards since 2010. I am not lazy … I have goals … and this is the first time that I have ever been on unemployment. I live in a small town and there is no employment here. In fact, the few companies that were here left long ago.
    Meanwhile … I will continue to watch those ahead of me in line at Walmart purchase with their food stamps the items that I could not afford when I was employed.

  178. 05/03/2014

    By all means lets focus on granting billions of $ in aid to foreign country’s rather than take care of the 2 million unemployed people that need help here in America … I have been a Republican for over 40 yrs and this is the first time I feel ashamed by the GOP. This petty bickering between House, Senate, needs to stop. Please help us before its too late

  179. upset us citizen

    That petition has expired. A new one needs to be created. It was just reported that they said that the bill will be voted on in a “few days”

  180. Ron Schwinger

    This is simple. There are estimated 1.7 million people with lost benefits. A report estimates $350 a week average payout. This is day 67! Math! They have saved $5,695,000,000. Wow! Or, five and a half 1billion donations to Ukraine. Or, 2,857,142.85 euc weekly checks!

    I don’t mind getting cut off of unemployment if I know it is happening. I am an all or nothing person. Tell me no extension after 26 weeks. I got it. Tell me we will not extend benefits. Get away from us. I got it. Tell me you are beat, we will not do a vote. I got it. What is worse! No definitive notice. Abruptly change the rules of the game letting benefits expire. Have a vote. Deny passing. Pitiful attempts to negotiate across the isle. Tweet we will revisit after coming back from another recess. Quit playing with us. Tell us its over, let us cry about it and pick up the pieces.
    They all are responsible for this. Everyone of them. They are cowards for playing with us! They are just garnering for votes. Oh. By the way. If they extend it, they will want us to spend it. I suggest we only pay bills. Stash the rest. Don’t pump a dime in the economy

  181. Brad Metheny

    This has gone on long enough. There are not enough jobs to keep up with the amount of plant closings. This has turned into a political tug of war between people who already are very well compensated and set in their lives. We on the other hand have all had our world turned upside down.

  182. ken paturas

    I am having a hard time understanding how it is that the leadership of this once great country can look to give the Ukrainians a billion dollar loan BUT cannot come to an agreement on extending benefits for the unemployed- the unemployed being American taxpaying, voting citizens !!! What is wrong with them that they can jump up to help others BUT say F you to its citizens ??

  183. Maria

    Please restore the EUI. This is my only hope. My water was turned off yesterday, had to change internet providers, because the former one turned off my services. Can’t go any where, have no gas money.The electric co. come to turn off my electricity yesterday, but with the week’s work that I did, I was able to pay two thirds of my bill. My car insurance was cancelled about 3 weeks ago. My church helped me to pay the last two weeks of January’s rent, not able to pay February or March yet. I am very worry. I got a job on February 10th, 2014. They let me go after a week I was hired at Cowork. I guess I wasn’t fast enough. I am 61 yrs. old. live alone and have no help. I don’t want to be homeless again. I started working when I was 16 yrs old. Thank you for the website, I did voted. I do trust in God!!!

  184. Kimber

    I feel absolutely horrible as to what is happening in our “great nation” Congress needs to step up and help our own people first before trying yet again to help out another country.

    Our neighbors and friends are losing everything they own. They are hard working people that have worked for years and have nothing to show for it now. Where is the help? 3 months already and no help. This is not right and extrememly disappointing as a country. Stop wasting time and prolonging this. By the time help arrives it will be too late, people will have already lost everything they have worked for. It deeply saddens me to wach people I know go thru this. Lets fix this problem and then we can work on helping out another country. Do the right thing and extend these benefits ASAP!

  185. Tired of This

    I am with so many of you that have posted on here, I have lost almost everything I am being evicted any day now which means I will loose all my personal belongings because I don’t have money to put it in storage, my electric is going to be cut off any day now, they are looking for my car that I have to hide because me and mykkids will be living on it. I am tired of people telling me to keep positive how can anyone keep positive when you are loosing everything you have. It looks like they can care less about us they look at it as working welfare we put money in the system when we were working but now we can’t get what we put in back out in a time of need. I give up I feel hopeless and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. If Obama was president with a heart he would intervene and make them move ahead or override them and make a decision but instead he is more concerned about foreign countries and not the 2 millions of amaericans which some of them voted for him loose everything.

  186. Rich

    Just pass this bill and get on with your mightier than anybody attitude

  187. Rich

    I have not had to collect unemployment for20 yes I got 26 weeks wow 1 week for almost every year of employment and at 1/2 of my wages. Get off your high horses help your fellow American

  188. nmcclellan

    I am giving up food, utilities an soon possibility my home
    for lent this way people won’t know that’s unemployment has run out. I am a 59 year old single women with no family at all. I have worked my whole live and was
    Laid off my very good job. I have sent dozens of resumes out with no interviews to jobs I am more than qualified for. Unfortunately the position I have
    Held for over 20 years now requires a degree experience not a consideration. The worse part employers are not suppose to discriminate because of age. But require the year you graduated high school with out in the application is not accepted. I really resent when comments are made that people on unemployment don’t want to work the employers aren’t giving is a chance. I have actually been turned down in a phone interview because I made more money on a previous job than the one I applied for
    I hate having to be on unemployment it’s embarrassing enough not having a choice. Loosing my home that I have worked for my whole life is heartbreaking And you cannot even rent an apartment without a job

  189. Adrianne

    “It cost the United States at least $800 billion (under Bush’s presidency), thousands of lives and nearly nine grueling years” on wars against Iraq & Afghanistan, and we are the ones who have been paying to reduce that debt because it still exists in our deficit. The bottom line is that they have No Remorse for its poverty stricken citizens.

    I’m frustrated & completely humiliated to be an American citizen at this point. While I understand the importance of global existence and unification for this country, I am yet to comprehend why the U.S. will continue to allow their citizens to lose faith in the American dream. It is appalling that our congressional republican leaders have no empathy (or sympathy for that matter) of our financial hardships caused by the ending of EUC on December 28, 2013, which is increasing the poverty level daily now at 2 Million citizens who have lost their jobs at “No Fault of Their Own”; some things just cannot have a price tag attached.

    What country would want to belittle their citizens like this by having us put our pride and dignity to the side and beg our congressional leaders to reinstate a very low EUC weekly compensation….the answer is simply because we have been forced to do so, in an effort to survive as well as provide for our families.

  190. Jacqueline

    Please everyone! Stop asking congress,president,senators for help! Ask and pray to the one and only GOD! This is what this world has forgotten about. He can do all things through man. There will always be trials,tribulations,death,birth,tragedies.etc. All because of the choice of the first man and woman.Adam and Eve. Pray and ask God for what you

  191. Rich

    Jackie these people now hold my life in there hands. God does have a plan for me but I need help today and this can happen with a yes vote.
    ….how hard

  192. To Jacqueline

    Jacqueline I prayed the entire time this has been going on and apparently god isn’t hearing my prayers or the other thousands of prayers that are being said each day,hour, minute. I try to keep the faith but when they have cut off my electric and repossessed my car and evict me from my apartment I wonder what is god plan for me?. When my phone keep ringing because my accounts are in collection I would love to pick up the phone and tell them I am praying and waiting for god to answer my plans. Face it if he was listening to the people who were praying then he would have blessed the 2.some millions of people who are or have lost just abouteeverything just like the president, senate, congress god has forgotten about us too.

  193. ann crenshaw


  194. kemm


  195. VC

    I should have known better then to vote for you Mr. President Obama… Lies lies lies…..Stop helping others… help us the Americans… we are in desparate NEED!!!!!

  196. Stuart Rosenberg

    Congress needs to act NOW and stop playing with the American people whose lives depend on
    these temporary benefits just for survival. It
    could happen to anybody. Anyone could become unemployed at anytime and it’s not so easy to find sustainable employment. Without EUC benefits, people lose their life savings, are forced to live day to day, homes are lost, purchases cannot be made, bills cannot be paid, decisions have to be made between medicine, health coverage, food, and paying which bills. Crime increases, health decreases,
    family stress increases leading toward the disintegration of the family. The economy suffers more. SOOOO many ill effects of individuals and families not having these benefits. Bad things Do happen to good people!
    Congress should spend the money right here in America!!! Too much money is wasted on things
    that in the end won’t matter!

  197. Nancy Seay

    Please please, this must pass. I have heard of people having to send their children to live with other people to help them. They need food, clothing shelter. I have read many reports of suicidal people because some just cannot cope with all the hardships this is causing. Does this sound like the America we know? Other countries can and should take care of their own. They sure don t help us when We need it. Congress and Washington does not make sense to to many of us. We help each other when in need. Pass this bill ASAP. Time is running out for many.

  198. Maris

    I have a bachelors degree. I have been working for 27 years and used to wonder why people live on unemployment. It happened to me 7 months ago when i lost my job. I recieved unemployment benefits for 6 months and it ended.I have taken a home health aide position cleaning older people butts for $10.00 an hour.How low can I go?Even with this job, I only get 20 hours a week. I have sent my resume to over 500 places. Only 3 called me for an interview.

  199. Maris

    3 to 6 months extension will make a big difference.

  200. Rich

    OK this week will make us or break us with the disclosure vote

  201. Rich

    Discharge vote sorry. It only happened 2 times in over 100 yrs

  202. Jackie Wesner

    I lost my job of 29 years with a perfect work history. THe first time i have ever collected a benefit and I get cut after 6months!!! IT is an OUTRAGE

  203. Rich

    I just saw the news; Obama said the flight 307 disaster is the number 1 pryoritory of the U S government. What happened to the people who elected these idiots. I know there are 3 Americans on board its a shame but there 2.2 million out of unemployment.

  204. bmw

    So far the vite is 56-36 with yes up….call and bug your senators. senators voted no. I will vote no for them…they need 60 votes for yes. Now it is 59-36. Last time they liked 1vote…..this is motion to wave senate budget rules.. this is on c-span channel… they have 60 votes for yes. Motion passes 60-36

  205. bmw

    So far the vite is 56-36 with yes up….call and bug your senators. senators voted no. I will vote no for them…they need 60 votes for yes. Now it is 59-36. Last time they liked 1vote…..this is motion to wave senate budget rules.. this is on c-span channel… they have 60 votes for yes. Motion passes 60-36..I love senator Reid

  206. KAren Billings

    I don’t know what to do I am almost 56 and can not for the life of me land a job. I continually send out Resume’s apply on line at home and career link. I can not pay my electric bill … I have lived a frugal life and it is getting more difficult to decide do I buy a gal of milk or do I put a gal of gas in the car… ? I soon wont have car insurance. I scrap what ever I can at the scrap yard to have a few dollars. Cant pay my taxes. I am at the bottom .. Just received another dear john letter this morning about another job.. Please Help. I have applied for food stamps. I dont know what to do. My phone which is my only contact is being shut off. I eat once a day to try and make the scraps meet. Help me please … Thank you for listening. I am brokennnnnn:(

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