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2nd March
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Long term unemployment benefit update today March 2, 2014:
As we move into March, approximately 2 million Americans are still waiting for policy leaders in Congress to collaborate and find a way to pass a measure to extend long term unemployment compensation. Over a million Americans lost their long term unemployment benefits in December of last year and the number of Americans who are unemployed without unemployment benefits rises with each passing week.
The economy has not helped to minimize the crisis in 2014 so far. Job additions have been weaker than anticipated according to the last two monthly job reports. According to the government’s data, the U.S. economy added only 113,000 jobs in January after only adding 75,000 jobs the month prior. This data was far below what was expected, but many high ranking political figures in the U.S., even the President, implied that the bad weather this winter could be the culprit for the weaker jobs data. Hearing this though does not bring much relief to the millions of Americans looking for gainful employment while trying to survive without unemployment benefits. March represents the fourth month during which some Americans have gone without unemployment benefits. The President called for Congress to support the nation’s unemployed, but Democrats and Republicans continue to conflict on the issue. Since his State of the Union, the President has spoke minimally on the crisis which has been cause for concern for many that continue to struggle.
So far, economic data and job additions do not appear to be improving adequately. The data should be motivating congressional policy leaders to step up to the plate and extend unemployment benefits for the long term unemployed in the United States. Americans will tune in this week in hopes of observing progress with an unemployment benefit extension.

Genny Germano


  1. Tom

    The extension program was developed under Bush when the unemployment rate was lower than it is now.

    Please move this measure through soon.


  2. randy

    this is a damn shame congress can’t make a decision on a crisis that is not coming out of there pockets… restore the unemployed for millions of Americans to get this country back. on track it’s not a game.

  3. Jerome Kundus

    I heard congress say us unemployed people do not want to work. I am 59 years old and I want to make congress an offer! Send all 2 million of us unemployed to the Ukraine to take on the russians, we will work for our unemployment benifits. Will the congressmen be willing to join us?

  4. Larry Geltzer

    Unemployment needs to be extended now

  5. 02/03/2014

    Please extend the benefits. We need the extra help. Finding work is not as easy as you may think. With college degrees it is still hard. No we are nor lazy. People are being laid off daily. JP Morgan Chase laying off 5000 as well as wells Fargo. Not sure what the mindset of these individuals are, however I pray they never see hard times. God bless America.

  6. john

    please pay have to do something my credit rating drop for her points all kinds of this it is very hard to get your credit score backup between being laid off and not been able to collect it’s a real hardship on the american people

  7. Jay Koonce

    I do agree that extending jobless benefits must be done. However, after they expire, where are the jobs??? The entire system needs an overhaul. The constant bickering between both political parties is what’s killing this nation! I am one of the unemployed, I am a veteran, and I am looking for substantial employment. The administration’s answer was to have McDonald’s CEO visit the White House???? Where are the criminal justice jobs?

  8. Alyn Syms

    I’d like to see any member of the Senate or Congress get by for three months on $0.00. Oh that’s right, a lot of them are millionaires, representing other millionaires, so they DON’T CARE. This is unforgivable!

  9. jay

    they wont be happy till somebody goes on a massacre

  10. David

    They say they are jobs…… Where if I have gone to so many places and have not gotten hired, I have a family and bills how are we supposed to survive without the little help we were getting. Getting assistance from the government will not pay for all my bills so what can I do. Why should some of us have to pay for the ones that aren’t trying to work?

  11. Jax

    Money sitting in my ECU account and can’t pay my mortgage, soon I will be so far in credit debt to keep things a float; a likely scenario is foreclosure on my small house and filing bankruptcy – to pay off credit cards. How is this helping recession recovery? 1st time ever unemployed and within 4 months I will lose everything I’ve worked for. Oh but I qualify for Medicade – so just keep pushing people into the federally subsidized debt pool while your at it. Congress – reality check please. I’m hopeful every time it’s on the table but why can’t you make a decision. These are peoples lives and some with children to keep sheltered, clothed and fed.

  12. Jay

    I am going to jail. I cannot pay my child support now. I work the same job for over 4 years, left due to a death in the family. my job had no positions in Florida for me. I was eligible and collected UC for 6 months then they cut them. I am a Vet, waiting on a VA job. State of PA said i can’t get any assistance either. No money, no job, no place to live, thanks mom for letting me stay at your place. court hear for contempt in PA because i cant pay support. Congress doesn’t care, it’s not them needing help.

  13. Vote in Nov

    Vote NO for Republicans in Nov time to hit them where it hurts.

  14. Luis A. CAbrera

    My coments is american people without jobless expend to approve it extend unemployment benefits,

  15. djjd

    Look this should of been dealt with (efactuc) all ready the fact that is not only shows that we live in a system that needs to be totally democratize-Americans come first not other country or problem thereof. They give other countries billions,billions but not us: that’s our money going overthere. We the needy need to over this country and straighten shot out Americans comes first.

  16. FAUXHAWK70

    The Republicans will be feeling it in the voting booths this November!

    My family and I will be voting Democratic this time around!

  17. djjd

    Look this should of been dealt with(euc) all ready the fact that is not only shows that we live in a system that needs to be totally democratize-Americans come first not other country or problem thereof. They give other countries billions,billions but not us: that’s our money going overthere. We the needy need to over this country and straighten shot out Americans comes first.

  18. FAUXHAWK70

    Enough of this congressional DO-NOTHING nonsense!

  19. 02/03/2014

    This unnecessary LONG delay for the extension of unemployment benefits that congress is putting many of us through is horifying. Understand this please, jobs and full-time work is not easy to come by during these times. We need to pay bills and when there is zero income, this task is hard to do. I am 60 years young and have worked all my life with a total of three jobs. This is the first time I have experienced being one of the unemployed, and I might say, I don’t find it to be one of the most rewarding experiences in my life; but I did appreciate having it to live on. I STILL NEED IT, SO DO MANY OTHERS. I am searching for work all the time, so please don’t belittle us with your “don’t want to work comments”.

  20. 02/03/2014

    This unnecessary LONG delay for the extension of unemployment benefits that congress is putting many of us through is horrifying. Understand this please, jobs and full-time work is not easy to come by during these times. We need to pay bills and when there is zero income, this task is hard to do. I am 60 years young and have worked all my life with a total of three jobs. This is the first time I have experienced being one of the unemployed, and I might say, I don’t find it to be one of the most rewarding experiences in my life; but I did appreciate having it to live on. I STILL NEED IT, SO DO MANY OTHERS. I am searching for work all the time, so please don’t belittle us with your “don’t want to work comments”.

  21. percy

    I’ve lost everything I had in my storage because my unemployment was cut off . need I say anything more

  22. Vito

    It’s a shame the millions of unemployed Americans are not the oil companies or insurance industry lobbyists that you, the politicians feed off to keep your political seat, because you would not survive in our world. It should be publicized which politicians voted against this bill. Karma plays in everyone’s life, so don’t think you are exempt from misfortunes. Just think 2 million votes plus. The endorsement from family and friends, in my book that could save your political seat. Wake up and stay true to your job ” Government for the People”.

  23. Gary

    Everyone want’s to scream at congress for this but, there is a majority standing by to pass however it is being blocked by certain individuals. Also, the POTUS has requested this measure and is waiting to sign. People want to blame congress at large because they voted for those responsible. Be accountable for the people you elected. Watch the same people who are suffering vote for the same jackals.

  24. 02/03/2014

    It is hard to fathom how congress could allow so many people to go without any income because they cannot come to an agreement. I have been working for 20 years and this is the first time I have received unemployment. Those funds have been exhausted; how is it fair that I have paid taxes for all of these years and now that I need assistance I cannot receive it? I have been looking for work but no luck. Being a college graduate, I have been turned down for jobs as simple as customer service and cashier because I am over qualified. How do I survive without income? Do I sleep on the streets or fight for a bed at a shelter; do I beg for money for food or do I eat out of trash cans?

  25. Lynn

    Why is it that we can send money all over the world to other people, yet can’t take care of Americans who are suffering? There’s no money for our own people? Something’s very wrong.

  26. Bob

    The republicans feel its our fault that we got laid off from our jobs, Ive been laid off for 18 months from a major steel manufacturer, I am not lazy I have been looking for work over a year having at least 9 interviews, I am 59 years old but I do not think my age has anything to do with it, All my interviews end up the same way good luck with your employer, When you make $60,000 + a year who is going to hire you every interviewer out there knows dawn well that I will go back to my employer when they call me back if they call me back, The government has all kind of money to give overseas countrys and to everyone else, I heard the IRS lost over a million dollars last year from overpaying refunds and not auditing refund returns, This came from an IRS employee when i called the IRS checking on my income tax return, I was told the IRS is manaually checking returns now so they dont overpay, Come on government help the people in this country that need help its nnot our fault. How would you like it if you were about to loose your house. and had no one to turn to. The unemployment extension would put us into the spring with a better chance of going back to work

  27. Siva k

    I am a dentist in state of PA un employed helped a lot of poor people in my carrier of 20 years but when I need help for un employment no body cares Can the senators please get together and pass EUC 2014

  28. Larry King

    These Republicans need to be booted out of Congress. They obviously don’t care about the American people. Everyone needs to remember this at election time. That is when they will hear us. And I am ashamed to say, but I voted Republican for the last 30 years. Never again!

  29. lorraine

    all the congressmen and women should give up their salary since they are very rich. i am 73 yrs of age and still working. i still work part time and receive half my unemployment benefits i would like to work full time but tell me who will hire a 74 yr old person. you pass laws to give drug addicts food stamps why help other countries when we can’t help our own.

  30. locdog

    I do not appreciate the lack of response and urgency needed for us Americans who vote. I have been in the IT field for many years. I have not had many interviews because I’m over qualified for anything other than IT jobs which are not hiring. I will take anything at this point. How does a person get any job with utilities, rent food transportation printing copies if resumes can’t be done because of not having money. The majority of Americans say pass a bill to help the unemployed. I will always vote Democratic from now on. They are trying to pass something in the means of relief but the Repubs just keep saying No to anything the Dems or Pres submit. Seems they are still upset about our President.

  31. Phyllis

    I don’t understand how America can send emergency help to other countries. My husband served 21 years in the US Navy when he was fired from his job he was denied his UI benefits. Even though he paid in over $7,000 into the UI insurance program.

  32. 02/03/2014

    congress has to pass this bill people r gonna go crazy and do illegal things just to survive u congress have ur steady income thank god for that now help the American people who vote and will have the chance to vote again its not ur money it belongs to the same people who need the help

  33. Becky

    something needs to be done, all the people that are out of work and can’t find a job, need the extension put back into force. They are losing their homes, they can’t feed their children. For all these seniors in Congress, maybe you should help fund the unemployed, after all, you all do minimal work, and don’t deserve they pay you are receiving!!

  34. Todd Eagleton

                                                                                                          Leadership in Washington DC or Sociopathic Behavior?   
                                                                                                       No concern about the lives of unemployed citizens


         The definition of Leadership is defined simply as the capacity to turn a vision into reality through inspiring and motivating people.  A Sociopath is defined as an antisocial disorder in which a person has a long term pattern of manipulating, exploiting, or violating the rights of others, without having a conscience (after reading that, are you visualizing a campaign rally before election).  With the two terms being defined, where do some of our politicians fit under those two definitions?  The politicians that do not care about human life, or the well being of EVERY family in our great Country, not just their own family, the wealthy, but ALL of us.  Especially, in the time we need help the most.  There is always focus on a problem with many of these politicians, and not focus on a solution to the problem.  Yet, they create more issues (more problems) by not making a decision.  A Leader would make the decision, and find the solution regardless of the outcome of that decision.   A person who has no care for human life, without conscience, wouldn’t make a decision, or care about a solution. It’s a true shame that Senators Rob Portman (R-Ohio), Dan Coats (R-Indiana), & Mark Kirk (R-Illinois) obviously have no conscience, and have  forgotten where they came from and whom they represent.  You hear comments from our elected officials such as “…extending unemployment benefits is not the answer…We need to focus on creating jobs”.  It doesn’t take an unemployed ex-District Manager to figure out the government has not created a magic wand that is waved, and new business’s pop-up (if you do, please stop in PA and wave that thing!).  If you extend the unemployment benefits while focus on creating new jobs, that is the answer (it’s called multi-tasking).  Focus on the long term unemployed first, with pairing and matching with companies to employ them, and focus on a slow progression of depleting benefits (wien-off) the dollars over a period of time.  So the unemployed can prepare, have the time to find a job, and get their first paycheck, knowing when the last dollars will come.  It’s in-humane in a modern society to “cut-off” all income, and leave people helpless.

         As a society, how have we become so uncaring for one another, as you see so many comments about employed individuals who reply to the comments or stories of the truly suffering unemployed individuals.  I was raised with values, that taught me to respect life (people, animals, etc.).  I have always lived with the idea of “never to affect lives in a negative way”, and always to help people when I can.  It’s sad to say, many people do not care.  If we were stray dogs, undernourished being shown on television or reported in the news, there would be an outreach from people to help, to make sure they were taken care of and to help them survive.  For us, human beings, losing our homes/place to live, no food, falling behind on bills to the point of “no return” (credit destroyed, needing to work for years to catch up, etc.), losing all our possessions we own, and having simply nothing in the end, receive very little to no compassion.  Please, do not twist my words, as I love and care about animals as many do, but that is just an example of how we as a society have transformed from reaching out to help, or finding a way to help others in such an advanced society.    We judge not only because of religion, race, gender, sexual preference, but now employed verses unemployed, Republican verses Democrat.  All without the fact that we are all human beings, that just want to take care of our families, and live a good life. There is no “American Dream” if you do not have the simple necessities to live.   You can’t dream about vacations, travel, a new car, big house, and things you always wished for when you don’t know if you will have a place to live, food to eat, and what your future holds.  It’s stress from the minute you wake, to the time you sleep (and most of the time, you cannot sleep staying awake with worry).

    My story (I don’t think it matters to anyone):

    I have worked since I was 15 years old, with no “gaps” in employment, or terminations.  Two jobs while going to high school/college, and three jobs during the summer months.  I always prided myself on doing the best I could, and being the best worker I could be.   I stayed with the same company for 25 years (through company acquisitions) with no employment gaps, lay-offs, or even missing time (only 5 sick days since 1988).   I lived my life and served my employer with honesty and integrity, with values and character.   This is the first time of collecting unemployment benefits, and it ends abruptly.  On May 24, 2013, I was given a “Separation& Release” agreement (severance), and was told I had 21 days to agree / accept, or they would notify me by mail the reason for my termination.   The “cost-of-an-hour”/payroll re-structure.  I had led my team(s) to many years of company leading results, and always earned my position daily.   I was proud of my position, cared about the 160 plus team members that I was responsible for, and thought of them as family.   I cared about their families, their success, their goals, and their future.  It was about development, and helping others succeed.  I believed in them, and they believed in me.  I believe that is an example of Leadership.   I was a District Manager for a company, not a politician, and I realized many years ago that results, “numbers”/financials, budgets,  always had positive results when I believed in my team (my employees), and they believed in me.  It’s not about “numbers”, it’s about the people.  A simple quote from Donald Trump “You don’t manage a business…You manage people.”  Our politicians manage a budget, and many of them don’t seem to care about the people.   That’s not why we elected them to office.

    Reality:  What it’s like to be unemployed and not have an income or the help we worked for, for many years

    ·         Bills never stop:  If you can’t pay them, the cell phone is turned off, but your billing continues.  Your electricity shut-off with more late fees, turn-on fees, and of course  it keeps adding up.  You cannot keep up, as the late fees, surcharges, contract fees, never stop.  No care for human life by these companies and their investors (probably plenty of stock investments by politicians)
    ·         To seek employment:  You need electricity, a phone, a computer, a car (including gas, insurance, registration, inspection, maintenance), a place to bathe, necessities that many don’t think about until you cannot afford them (deodorant, soap, detergent, bathroom tissue, toothpaste, etc.)
    ·         Food:  I lost 39 pounds since being unemployed 7 months ago, I was very health conscious and not over-weight. (The new diet plan called the “No EUC Benefits Diet Plan”).  I doubt there is any politician in Washington that knows what it’s like to worry if you will have any food on a given day, and to have one meal a day.  I doubt even the “Bar keepers son” or the “Daughter of a Farmer” experienced that.
    ·         Rent/Mortgage:   The stress and EVERY day worry of how you can keep the place you live, and how you are going to lose everything you worked your entire life to have.  Many Americans are past that point, and are homeless.
    ·         Your possessions:  For the 25 years of work (since I was 15) I now have nothing.  When the benefits ended, I had to sell my possessions, and they are almost all gone.  I have more faith in Craigslist than I do in many of my Government officials.  Craigslist and my possessions help me to survive, not the government who I paid for all those years.
    ·         What it feels like:  You feel worthless, always stressed, constantly looking for jobs with no reply back (it’s an employer’s market), the wages are minimal (minimum wage) in many cases, and the average time to actually work is 45-60 days (multiple interviews, background check, drug testing, etc.).  You don’t want to wake up, and in your darkest moments, you contemplate suicide.  I am true to my values and character, and will always be honest and integral, but others are not, and the increase in crime will continue to rise.

    There is much more to my story, as well as so many others, who are worse off than I.  I care about them, I care about people regardless of race, religion, sexual preference, etc.  To be a good person, you care about others without bias.  I wish our politicians in Washington cared as much as the “true” good people in this country who put others before themselves.  We are not all bad, we are not all out to “scam” the system, and a majority of us need these benefits to just survive until we can get a job.  It can happen to anyone, so no one should judge others.

    I feel President Obama does care, and will come through for those of us who truly need these benefits to survive.  There has never been a President that was faced with the “internal” adversity as he has.  The insult, the deception, and the issue of the Republicans working against him, at the expense of the people they represent.

    One Last Comment:

    Every politician we remember, and reflect on their accomplishments were Leaders.  They put the citizens of the United States first, they stood for honesty, integrity, and they fought for what is right (without a war).  They left a legacy, they made the country we live in a better place, and most of all they cared about human life with a conscience.  President Obama can leave that type of legacy if given the opportunity.  For the rest, what will their legacy be?  It’s not too late  for them to leave our country a better place when they no longer represent.  They can leave a legacy and be part of that elite group of Leaders we still celebrate, if they change.    


             Todd Eagleton

    P.S.  I have worked longer with no employment “gaps” then most politicians, and NEVER before applied or received unemployment benefits.  I’m on a “wait for a panel” part of my third and fourth interview process with 2 different companies.  The average time to get /receive a job offer other than minimum wage jobs, is approximately two months (testing, aptitude testing, DDI, etc., waiting to be called, interview #1, interview #2, and if you survive all of that, then the waiting game, and panel interview #3, then wait, then a possible job offer, then scheduling, and finally, two weeks minimum for your first paycheck).  Wake up, come to reality and out of your “political bubble” and look into the real world…It will surprise you!  Look into Corporate America, and how companies are discriminating because of age, race, sexual preference, and TERMINATING EMPLOYEES FOR MAKING TOO MUCH MONEY….Solve those issues and you will solve 1/3 of the unemployment rate.

  35. Tara White

    Well said Todd. God bless you and keep you. I too am in the same boat! Shame on congress!

  36. Mary Jane

    Please extend the unemployment benefits. You bail out multi million dollar businesses, so how about helping out the working class poor people of America.Instead of sending BILLIONS of dollars overseas to help out other countries, why not support the AMERICAN citizens who pay taxes and vote you in office- Remember we voted you in and we can vote you out.

  37. 02/03/2014


  38. Robert

    I was a fire fighter for 10 years and was laid off just under a year ago due to budget cuts directly influenced by the government. How is someone on the hill to tell me I don’t want to work. If their horrible decision making didn’t reflect myself loosing my job, then their ridiculous decision to not extend these benefits would not be an issue with me. The fact is I paid into these benefits since I was 18 years old, and I sure do believe that there are people who abuse these benefits. What needs to be done is to divide the various levels of benefits and cut the abusers and the ultra long term collectors first. Those who are in approved education programs like myself right now (nursing) should not be affected. I am breaking my bum in school so I can become more marketable for a job once I graduate in the spring. The fact is, on unemployment I am a “bum,” well if I wasn’t laid off to begin with, I wouldn’t need to collect. But hey lets bail out everyone else and send millions to other countries all year.

  39. Tanya Maness

    Unemployed American families are in crisis. We need relief now.

  40. Scott Gross

    I will soon be without heat or water, I am already without gas in my car to try to find a job. I am going to school full time and just need a little help right now. The government can help every other country in the world that needs it.Let’s start looking after our own citizens. I have worked for 30 years and never asked for anything. I am begging now, please pass this bill.

  41. Tiffany

    I had Obamacare for one month. Now I have a past due bill for two month. No unemployment. No money. No insurance.

  42. Cyril Oblouk

    I am in the same boat as many others – college degree, worked full-time for 30 years with no gaps in employment. Now, at 49 years old, I find myself without work and have been unable to find a job for the past 6 months. I have submitted well over 100 applications and resumes for jobs that I meet or exceed requirements. Yet, I have only had a couple interviews. I think there in addition to just having a terrible job market, there is definitely some age discrimination. I have never had a problem getting a job in my life.

    Just last week my brother who is two years younger than I am, just lost his job too.

    Why was congress so willing to give 99 weeks for the past five years, but now cut it off completely? If they had to cut back, wouldn’t it have made more sense to to it gradually?

    Also, this money would instantly find its way in circulation through the economy as the people who are collecting will instantly be spending it to survive. Unlike the tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy much of which ends up gathering dust in the banks accounts, or off-shore tax shelters. As the wealthy continue to horde and accumulate more of the countries wealth on the backs of the “want to be hard working” citizens who pay into the system for their entire lives only to be abandoned when they need help.

    The GOP should take most of the blame. But the dems aren’t innocent either. They think they have the winning political ticket on this. They are winning in the public relations war. So they are unwilling to compromise to help the people too. It is politics being played at the expense of the citizens and its disgusting!

    Finally, the media isn’t helping at all. Aside from a few internet articles, there is no reporting of what is going on. This makes us feel completely abandoned.

    It is very sad, after the disgusting fall out in ’08, many people losing their jobs, house and even their marriage, while the culprits were never penalized, we now have more of the same – the public in this country has been sold out by the politicians.

  43. Linda Sosa

    I am so done. I cannot sleep or be in peace. I am going through my little money and without any hope. I voted Republican last elections but not this time. They have forgotten about the middle class and could care less if we lose our homes and family structure. I am facing homeleosness and I have no hope for retirement. Please consider and think about it when you go to sleep happily with your lives intact. There are those who are flipping out and are thinking and considering suicide. So sad and depressed.

  44. mother of three

    This is ridiculous! I am a mother of three who are 3 and under. I have always had 2 jobs. I always worked over time, came in on my days off, and went above and beyond what was needed of me in the work place. Now my husband and I live off of one pay check. Never mind his job is a hour to two hours away because there isn’t any work. I look for jobs ALL THE TIME. Oh and I am taking 3 online classes from the community college. So lazy? No. Don’t want to work? I wish I had a job. I hate that I am at the will of this unstable government of the “great” country we live in. I have my children’s birthdays coming up and I’m looking for 2nd hand toys. I did not want my child to live like this. Thank you republican party! I will NOT be voting for you every again!

  45. republican

    vote out Mitch McConnell (R Kentucky) and Rand Paul (R Kentucky) in November Kentuckians!!!!!

  46. John

    Figured my last comment didn’t make it…..g guess it was too true to be posted. Site administrator must be republican

  47. republican

    they are a disservice to us Kentuckians i am unemployed and lost benefits i received 1 check of EUC, i look for work daily also its my 1st time drawing unemployment, i have paid taxes as single rate for 15 years and receiving no gov benefits ever of no kind!! (THEY ARE A JOKE SO VOTE NO IN REELECTION)

  48. Diane


  49. Terre

    It’s simple…..NO JOBS, NO UNEMPLOYMENT, NO LIFE. The lives of individuals, marriages, families, children are being utterly destroyed. This indecision to extend benefits has basically killed the livelihood of specifically the unemployed but also many many others who are watching and waiting. Get it together politicians. You can’t hold the people of this country hostage while you throw your tantrums.

  50. Annie

    30+ years of skills and experience, college educated and at age 50 I cannot land an interview after my job )and 112 others) were lost to a buyout. 32 weeks out of work and I never even got EUC….and I am losing everything. Car will be repo’d, kids are hungry, utilities will be shut off when it gets warmer and my LL needs his rent payment. Don’t even have gas money if I did get an interview.

    EUC would have been our lifeline. $$385/week, less than half my salary, would not make us rich but I could pay necessities. Now I am in a downward swing into DIRE poverty. And I support 4 kids who do not deserve homelessness.

    I hope the GOP pays next election for their partisan IDIOCY and all who stalled and blocked the EUC extension are VOTED OUT!

    Unemployed REPUBLICANS vote, too!!!!

  51. Deb

    We all want to go back to work. But are jobs are being sent overseas. Read your labels we do not have USA made anymore. A lot of us lost jobs that were sent out of the USA. USA worries more about the others countries always sending them money we need to start worrying more about the USA. What do the young kids have to look forward to. There are so many kids and Adults out there with good education and still can’t find jobs there sure not here. Stores are down sizing cause people don’t have money to spend. Please bring are jobs back to the USA then we can all go back to work. Its going to get worst if you don’t get business back USA made. Even are food labels say they are not made in the USA. Americans are not lazy we are hard workers we care. The other countries don’t care they ripe us off and take are money. No wonder USA is broke they are making us broke and laughing at us for being so stupid.


    minority party’s feelings are hurt. Rand Paul states its an injustice to continue EUC! Harry Reid keeps on telling us he is having positive talks with repubs. But those repubs (Kirk n Coates) say they haven’t been in touch with the senate majority in weeks! Its all about mid term elections on BOTH sides. Neither side has our best interest in mind. They have their parties best interest end of story. Don’t be fooled by people telling us..”Vote out the republicans…Ill never vote republican again”. The sad reality is that Republicans and Democrats are both to blame. Harry Reid and the majority can use this against the republicans in mid term elections to try to keep control of the senate and the Republicans can flip it on the Dems to try to be the majority in the senate. Its all lies from both sides! VOTE THEM ALL OUT AND START FRESH

  53. Tom Daniel

    I have been unemployed since my charter school closed permanently in june. I have a ba and working on a masters in secondary ed. I live in Gary, IN….I can’t find a job any where! I am a single fathe Rr of a 6 year old daughter. On March 12 my power and gass will be shut off, I owe $1,000 on my car and I am hiding it in my yard from the repo man….without foodstamps, we d have nothing…..REINSTATE THE DAMN EXTENTION, NOW!

  54. Maria

    As I read all the comments I couldn’t help but cry. I lost my job June 2013. Sometimes you feel like you are the only one feeling like no one cares in the government, but sad to say there are so………..many of us in the same predicament.I submit applications and my resume weekly, but still no job.Like so many others my benefits were terminated in December. My 401k is completely gone. They are passing bills everyday in the congress/senate but NO………not this one. If not for THE GRACE OF GOD and my son I don’t know what I would do. We can continue to write congress and senate but GOD ALMIGHTY IS GOING TO HAVE TO TOUCH THEIR COLD………hearts for them to change. Believe what I say GOD and nobody else can change a cold heart! I’ve gotta hold on to my FAITH! Congress/senate remember “WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND.” (That’s a fact)

  55. mike

    government of the people, by the people,for the people has almost perished from this earth

  56. Larry

    Here is a story that will make you sick about our government. Back in November I knew a woman who received a check from disability for $50,000 which she wasn’t entitled to, it was sent by mistake. She isn’t even disabled. Well to make a long story short, I tried to report this to Social Security for 2 weeks. I tried calling numerous times and numerous numbers. I reported it online to the fraud department as well. Reported it to EDD and SDI. Well, it now has been 4 months and she has damn near spent all of the money and nothing has been done. It pisses me off because I lost my unemployment benefits because the Republicans say there is no money to pay for them. Well, if they are making $50,000 mistakes and doing nothing about it, no wonder there isn’t money. But, when it is reported to them, they don’t do anything anyway. Our system sucks!

  57. Deborah

    This makes me sick!! Please reinstate benefits for the unemployed. People need help while they are looking for work! It’s a shame to leave 1.7 million American people out in the cold!

  58. Beth Moran

    Huffington Post has published a list of the Republicans who voted against the extension of our unemployment benefits. I lost my job when PNC bank got money from the bail out to purchase National City bank. They closed several branches and eventually multiple call centers. The town was already very depressed and around the same time two other large employers in our small town shut down, sending their jobs over seas. I have relocated to look for work but I am stuck with a house that won’t sell because no one is moving there.

  59. corey

    I dont have any money to pay for anything. My credit is now crap i wouldnt be surprised if my vehicle gets reposessed. My bank account has a negative balance. Im selling personal items to put gas in my tank to fill out job applications. Besides being financially stressed. Im becoming mentally depressed to an aweful extent

  60. Yvonne

    I have contacted MoveOn to see if we could set up demonstrations across the country. I hate to take this lying down.

    They are only requesting benefits for the areas still hard hit like Los Angeles where I live. And although they say unemployment is down to 6.6% across the nation, it is believed they are only counting those still collecting benefits.

    I also would like to see a class action lawsuit against the banks for all of the loss of homes, life savings, pensions, possessions and for pain and suffering damage from all of this. And the Sherman Anti-trust Act needs to be reenacted to break up these monopolies. I believe in becoming proactive rather than turning into a victim. Remember we are not alone – many are going through this. Get politically active and not just at the polls in November. Keep signing peitions and calling Congress and the President.

    God bless!!

  61. Tara

    This entire situation is horrible to say the least but, I find comfort in knowing that I am not alone. I truly hope the best for all of you because I know how it feels to be on the verge of losing or having lost your car, car insurance, house, gas/electric, water, medication and everything else we need to survive. Congress has definitely failed us. I am ashamed to say that I live in Kentucky which has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation right now and our two representitives (McConnell and Paul) are doing everything in their power to stop this extension that we all need to survive. So, with that being said, I am urging everyone especially citizens of KY to vote them both out during the next election and also write them a letter. It can be done online very easily.

  62. Todd Eagleton

    It’s been the toughest 6 months of my life, as I have never been without a job.  I always said “At least I have a great career, and am fortunate to make  a lot of money” whenever something went wrong!  Well, can’t use that line anymore.  I’m close to a new career, but it takes so long, and I’m out of money and lost all I have.  I am so sorry for all of you who have it worse, and for many who struggle.  Continue to focus on the good….Find the good, and don’t let it take your dreams away.  We WILL make it through, and maybe this will be the week we get some help until we find a job.  Don’t give up!  No suicides, no crime, continue to be a good person and help when you can.   I sincerely say, if I can help, as I have helped many find jobs in the past, as well as I have hired hundreds of wonderful team members as a Manager, Regional training manager, and District manager over the last 15 years.  I do care, and I will help people if I can until the day I die.   Let’s help one another and focus on the problems we have…Some advice below on the way we hired, and some things to consider when finding a job.  Please, I mean no offense to those who know the below information, but only to help those that don’t find a career

    If anyone finds value or needs help (information-as I have not had EUC since my last payment of $494 the first week of January), or even need to vent.  I want nothing, and have no scams, no sales, I just care, and wish you all the best as I’m in the same situation.  If it is helpful, let me know as I will post something helpful daily….”How to save on every day life from shopping, utilities, gas, car maintenance, etc.)”.   We need to help one another live conservatively, save on utilities, and survive this!   Below is some information on applications, and the interview process…Long, but can be helpful!  Good luck and let’s help ourselves and one another!  Be safe and take care!


    The Application:

    It’s critical that you take this very seriously, and with correct dates, no missing information as if there are employment “gaps”, it is looked at as if you are hiding something.  Example:  2002 to 2004 you worked for a company, then, you started working in 2006 for a new company (what happened in 2005?).  Need to explain, or fill in the “gap”.  The application is looked over and scrutinized.  Fill out all information, and make sure it’s all accurate.  If you left a position because you didn’t get along with your boss or co-workers, DO NOT state that, as you may not even get an interview.  The thought process from many Recruiters and Human Resource Managers is past behaviors predict future behaviors (you did not like your boss or other employees in the past, you probably will not get along with them now/in the future).  The “we want the best of the best” starts with the application process.  Spelling, grammar, and no abbreviation (you’re not texting).  Salary/Hourly rate, do your research prior, and have a rough idea of what the employer pays for the position and leave it as negotiable, as once again, the Recruiter or Human Resource Manager may feel you are outside of their pay guidelines, or you don’t value yourself well, if you “aim” too low (they may not contact you).  Focus on getting a job offer, then, negotiate with them (you can always say no, or be offered more because the interview went well).  Try and keep “negativity” out of the application process, as it’s the first attempt to “sell yourself” when seeking employment.  Get some help from intelligent friends or family if you are not 100% comfortable, but do not do this other then on-line at home applications (no help in person or on site).  Availability, and over-time, should be listed as anytime, and yes to OT.  Discuss any time constraints/scheduling needs in person (interview), unless it is something you cannot do.  Companies like flexibility, and there is always change.

    Most companies have an assessment, that is part of the application process, and if you fail the assessment, you fail to go forward to the interview process.  It is CRITICAL you read information “about” the company, on line, in pamphlets, etc., as you will understand their “Mission Statement”, their “Values”, how and what their business is about. Be a detective, as this may be a career, or you may realize the company is not a “fit” for you.  This will help you with their assessment(s).  Some are numerous questions with differ situations/scenarios, and many questions are the same, just different ways of asking the same question (looking for consistency with answers, to see if you telling the truth).  Take these seriously as well, or your opportunity may end with a failure.  Keep in mind, you must know about the job description where you are applying for.  Example:  Coach, teaching and training, in supervisory positions, empathy to a point, as it cannot violate policy and procedure.  These positions involve goal setting, team work, follow-up, your accountability, and Leadership (not harsh “rule by fear”).  Look at job descriptions if available, as this will help with the assessments.

    The Interview:

    Always dress your BEST (clean, pressed, dress or business attire (ladies), and clean, ironed, suit and tie for the men).  From your hair, clean shaven, to cut clean nails, to polished shoes.  It shows respect to your interviewer(s), and shows you are meticulous and care about getting the job.  Most companies want to have their company represented with clean, professional looking employees.  This maybe the difference between you and an internal candidate (who is already employed) getting the job as they usually do not put the effort in to their appearance due to the “entitlement” thought.  You NEED the job…They may want a promotion or a different position.   ALWAYS polite and professional and BE PREPARED!  Make sure you know all about the company (history, recent changes/press release, stock price if applicable, recent news articles, company Leadership, etc.).  If it’s a retailer or business you can visit or observe, it will be worth the visit to see what you can learn as a customer or visitor.  Never, not know about the company you are applying for, as the first question maybe “What brought you here today to apply for this position?” or “Have you ever been to one of our locations?”.   You could be “finished” before you get started.  Bring copies of your Resume (at least 5 for a panel interview) if applicable to that job (most will require a resume other then entry level).   Be polite, professional, confident (not arrogant), use proper terminology to the business, but do not use “big” words just to use “big” words.   NEVER EVER use obscenities (regardless if the interviewer does), be serious, but not “stiff” or come across as an introvert (quiet, shy, not showing any emotion).  Be exciting, but do not make it a comedy act, or out of control/over-the-top actions.  Keep in mind they are looking for dedicated, dependable, customer focused, polite & professional individuals to represent their company (look at the pictures of their team members on their company website…Make sure you look even better!).   They may ask you for a brief review of your job history “Tell us about you?”  Keep it to the “Readers Digest” version of your history.  Keep it brief for the early jobs (PT/early career), and focus on the experience/education that is critical to the position you are applying for.  NO NEGATIVITY when recapping your history, as you want to keep it positive when discussing yourself.  They don’t want to hear complaints, nor problems (they have their own, and they don’t want more). 

    Know your Interviewer:

    When they plan your interview, they will usually tell you who is going to interview you.  Human Resource Manager, Recruiter, Operations Manager, Asset Protection/Risk Management, etc.  Below is what you need to know about a few:

    ·         Human Resource Managers are focused on attaining & retaining high performance employees, policy and procedures enforced regarding diversity, no discrimination, non-hostile work environment, retention/low turnover.  Coaching/developing, training, employees for future “bench” strength/promotion, labor laws, and  State & Federal labor policies and procedures.  Simply about people.
    ·         Recruiters are focused on people as well, filling vacancies, finding talent, on-boarding, as well as retaining good people.
    ·         Asset Protection/Risk Management are focused on protecting company assets, safety (customer and employee), safe working environment, theft (internal/external), policy, procedure, and paperwork that can impact company loss, and or  liability.
    ·         Management (Operations, RVP, SVP, to CEO) are responsibility for Leadership, motivating and inspiring a team/employees, sales/budgets, cost control, Profit & Loss statement  (P & L) accountability, which incorporate all of the above job descriptions/responsibilities)  **If it’s a publically traded company you can view their prior year  P & L information on line if you search. 

    It’s important you know who will be interviewing you, as you will need to keep this in mind, along with your research on the company.  This will help you focus on “what matters most” to these individuals.

    The Structured Behavior Based panel Interview:

    As stated above, companies look at behaviors as a prediction of future behaviors.  They ask questions that are non-hypothetical, and are looking for “true” stories. You  can use names, and give stories of a real-life situation.  Example:  “Tell me a time when you provided a customer with exceptional service”…..The wrong answer:  I was very polite and professional, I got them everything they needed, and thanked them for their business…They left happy.  Correct answer:   Mr. Jones who is now a frequent customer of ours, was in our store last year for a pair of dress pants, he found a pair he really liked, but not in his size.  I apologized for not having the size, and asked him if he would give me a few minutes to call our other stores to find his size, and have them shipped to us, and I would call him when they arrived.  I did, and he was extremely thankful when they came in and said he would be a customer for life, and he shops with us all the time, and has referred customers to see me.  The “WOW” factor.

    A structured behavioral based interview is looking for real life stories in regard to their questions, but, they must be a positive result.  Example:  S.T.A.R.

    Situation-They ask a specific question to find out how you handled a situation in your past.

    Task-What task was involved related to the question.

    Action-The action you had taken to resolve or handle the problem.  **Keep in mind the action you had taken must be ethical, accepted, and within policy and procedure (most are common sense), as it must be a good action.

    Result-The result of the action you had to take.  The result MUST be positive.  Another example:   “Tell me about a time when you had to mentor a team member who lacked confidence…What did you do?”    I had a sales associate name Johnny who was struggling with closing a sale.  He was very friendly, and knowledgeable, but observing him, I had noticed Johnny would continue on with features and benefits, and sales presentation, when the customer was ready to buy, and would lose the sale due to his frustrating the customer.  I pulled him aside when we had some “down” time, and told him all the great things he was doing, and also explained what was causing him to lose the sales.  I did this in a positive way and asked him what he could do differently.  He realized what he was doing, but, I asked him to observe me, and he did.  Then I had him “role-play” with me a customer transaction, as I was the customer.  It took some time, and he became one of my top sales team members, and he was recently promoted to lead sales manager.  THE RESULT HAS TO BE A POSITIVE RESULT.  To say well Johnny didn’t do well, he was terminated would not be a good example.

    Be prepared for some good stories with good content, specific to the question (not gruesome detail), but specifics.  Don’t utilize last names if it revolves around medical (HIPAA laws), or something that may cause embarrassment/defame  the individual you are discussing (someone that maybe known to the interviewer(s))

    ***Have some good stories to tell that are true (good examples ready and prepared if possible).  Don’t lie, as you may have a trained intelligent interviewer that understands the mind….When your eyes look to your right, and your telling a story or answering a question, it usually means you are creating/constructing (using the creative part of your brain), looking to your left is utilizing memory recall (remembering what happened).  Be prepared, and be honest!

    Most panels consist of a question “Tell me about some of your weakness’s & about your strength’s?”   Make sure your weakness is not a direct expectation of the job description!  A good one for that is “I’m very thorough and a perfectionist, and I often double check my work as I strive for perfection…I’m working on that at doing it right the first time as I focus on getting things done ahead of schedule, and having that time to make sure it is 100%!”  You need to know your own strengths and MAKE SURE they are in direct correlation to the job description you are applying for.   Customer Service:  Very Customer Focused, Admin.  Assistant:  Very Organized & great with Excel, Microsoft, etc. 

    When they ask you “Are there any questions for us?”  Make sure you are prepared with one or two, and MAKE SURE they are NOT “What’s in it for me questions”….What kind of company car will I get?….How much will I make (let the offer come first or have an idea prior)?   A question I found to be the best, as it sets a mood for the person doing the interview, and inspires them is “How long have you been with the company, and how did you get to the level you are at?  It usually follows with  a great story, and you may get to know your future boss before you are hired.  Based on that story, ask who was that person who influenced your career and made you the success person you are today?  Who gave you the opportunity?  And finally, is there an opportunity for advancement, as if given the opportunity, I would like to make this my career?

    If they ask you a trick question as some do “How many sick days do you feel is acceptable in a 90 day period?  The answer is zero.  Don’t talk about or ask about sick time…It will be in the employee hand book when you get hired!

    It’s an “Employers Market” and they want the best!   Always think about what you are going to say before you say it, and how it will be perceived.  Good luck, and feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or to correct me if you disagree.  Let’s share and help one another through this tough time.  I do care…I want nothing, other than a success story of how you got the job and or helped someone else find a job!

  63. jon

    80 BILLION PER YEAR to afghan … trillions to syria, africa and egypt ..

    now sending more money to the eukraine ..but eat cake americans …the politicians know how to spend OUR money for us.

    I say its time for a revolution

  64. Richard

    There is money for war but not to help the people of the country. The American dream is gone.

  65. Ron

    Screw congress, our leaders and the banks that stole our money, just stop paying anyone and revolt. It worked for the French and Russians at one point. Our leaders need to be removed from office.

  66. Brad

    Dear Congress, Im so glad to hear that all of you are getting your paychecks plus weeks of vacation and goverment shutdowns. In the meantime while your relaxing on a beach we the American people struggle to feed, cloth and house our families after years of being employed. I lost my job from no fault of mine and I paid taxes for 20 plus years. For what? so now I cant find a job, Obama care cost money which I dont have. I could go on forever about the goverment which is supposed to take care of the ones who cant take care of themselves.

  67. Rikita

    Extend the benefits I been looking for a job and its hard out here for us I we have kids to support and without the help what are we gona do I wish a job would call me so I wouldn’t have to go thur this as a single mother we trying to survive with the little we do have

  68. Albert

    Its deplorable that more noise regarding the sad state our Politicians have us in isn’t made.
    I have worked since I was 15 years of age. I am now 60. Doesn’t that count for something? I guess not.
    Why isn’t any news station covering this serious situation. There is no mention of EUC on the news at all. hmmm, out of site, out of mind.
    We need to keep this noise loud and clear

  69. Michael Balser

    I find it hard to swallow the fact that we are going to give the Ukraine more than 1 billion dollars (that’s 1,000,000,000!) when congress will not extend unemployment benefits to the long term unemployed.

  70. 04/03/2014

    Senate Calendars for March 4, 2014 – 113th Congress, 2nd Session

    This is the EUC extension bill as shown on the agenda…

    I was taken back by the write up. Makes me feel very insignificant. What do you think?

    259 S. 1797
    Mr. Reed
    A bill to provide for the extension of certain unemployment benefits,and for other purposes.

    Dec. 11, 2013.—Read the secondtime and placed on the calendar

    265 S. 1845
    Messrs. Reed and Heller
    A bill to provide for the extension of certain unemployment benefits,and for other purposes.

    Dec. 18, 2013.—Read the second time and placed on the calendar

    296 S. 1931
    Mr. Heller and others
    A bill to provide for the extension of certain unemployment benefits,and for other purposes.

    Jan. 16, 2014.—Read the second time and placed on the calendar.

    HOPEFULLY the discussion and vote will be represented with much greater detail.

  71. Diane

    We can send money to Ukraine but won’t help our own

  72. bryan

    congress needs to come here were I live and see if you can get ajob funny I live in a crapy city were the congress would fit right in with the mayor and all the other officals that don’t give a shit and put the money in there pockets extened unemployment please

  73. Francine

    Enough of this sacrificial problem on our receiving EUC!you can’t decide and meanwhile there isn’t any other excuse the weather? How about when the presentation was to make more funds to the military. Not meaning the soldiers etc but don’t the companies that employ to produce military still have there jobs? What does an example of any party act like? That we the unemployed are asking for help and what is your example ?power plays between the parties,gossip , and negligent to the fact that everybody does not have the same securities as you who even the poor people voted for . Have a good day maybe I’ll have to sell my Eisenhower coin we all we received for graduation and get$5 for it then go get a gallon of gas.

  74. 24/04/2014

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  76. Unemployment Benefit Extension Update March 2, 2014; Long term Jobless still waiting on emergency unemployment compensation extension : Learning and Finance

    Unemployment Benefit Extension Update March 2, 2014; Long term Jobless still waiting on emergency unemployment compensation extension : Learning and Finance

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