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1st March
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Unemployment benefit news update today March 1, 2014:
This week ended with better than expected economic data and this news could be counterproductive for almost two million Americans waiting on a long term unemployment extension. Many lost their benefits in December and have been diligently waiting on policy leaders in the Senate to agree on an extension plan since. Just last month, the Senate decided against multiple plans to extend benefits. Now that recent economic data has improved, some may argue that an extension is not necessary. Policy leaders may argue that, given the improving economic recovery process, job additions will rise and provide gainful employment for those in need.
As the last week concluded, the Commerce Department reported that new home sales moved to a level higher than any seen in over 5 years. Fed Chair Janet Yellen said that the economic recovery was moving forward and blamed any hiccups on the bad winter weather. U.S. gross domestic product rose higher and manufacturing activity, as well as consumer sentiment, rose more than expected. This type of data could give policy makers an excuse to avoid passing another long term unemployment benefit extension in 2014. A new unemployment benefit extension could cost approximately $6 billion, but Senate majority leader Harry Reid promises to keep negotiating with lawmakers from both parties to get a bill to the Senate floor to extend federal jobless benefits. It should be noted that since benefits were lost for many as December ended, Senators have been in session for only about 5 weeks. It appears that there was time for recess, twice.

Genny Germano


  1. David Lorah

    I’m single Can live in the streets if I have to Have a sister that is not so fortunate Anxiety for her kids are taking over We are both looking daily for work She needs ue ext. until someone will give her a job Thanks,read here daily

  2. Jeff Reynolds

    They simply do not care. I hope and pray they never have to go 2 months withouy a check. They just do not care, period.

  3. Kenneth J. Selwocki

    … pass the extension – if things are getting better then the cost will be marginal – these people have been waiting now for two months without assistance – give them that assistance so they can move forward. If the economy is getting better then with this help it will only get better. Besides, when you took the 6.5 billion dollar hit on the GM bailout, you didn’t even blink twice – you said it was the right thing to do – WELL do the right thing for the American People.

  4. Lau c

    I’ve worked hard all my life and I should now have no help while continuing to look for work to support my family which includes 2 disabled persons SHAME on you Congress let’s send more money to o the country’s instead of helping the hard working middle class I’m at this point ashamed to say I’m an American So let down by own government I’ve worked for over 30 years to lose my credit n home SHAME on you Congress!!!!

  5. patrick woodrich

    I lost my job I have no car I’m geting evicticted from my home on the 3rd of march. I have know place to go what the hell am I going to do. I never see my kids becasuce my car is broke down and I have no money to fix it. I am 45 years old I always had a full time job since I was 18. I’m so god dam depprest.why the hell can’t they pass this extension. Why why why I don’t know what to do

  6. stephan

    All Obama does is talk about jobs, or extending benefits, All Republicans to is turn their nose up to the americans who put them in office. Wake up,,we are losing our homes, cars, life as we know it. We have worked and paid our taxes all our lives. No im not going to contribute to campaign contributions, and how the hell can we buy health care with no income,you tell me!!!!!!!

  7. Michael Dixon

    If we won’t take care of our own countries needs, what business do we have trying to take care of another countries needs? Furthermore, what does that make us? How great a nation is this if it can’t support the people who have supported it?

  8. 01/03/2014

    I still can’t believe the government won’t pass the extension for unemployment oh what was I thinking they rejected the Veterans extension, shame on you government these men and woman fought for our country and they can’t get an extension either? You all need to loose your jobs for 2 months you’ll be crying like little @#$@#$ because you can’t pay your bills or keep a roof over your head or eat. KARMA IS HORRIBLE and YOUR TURN IS COMING!!!!!

  9. Debbie

    Key words! CAN’T GET IT TOGETHER! that says it all about these so called American Politian’s ugh you make me not so proud to be american

  10. hustle bunny

    I most definitely agree with a lot of whAt people are saying,and its a Shame that we have to sit back and wonder when will we have or get a job..or for that matter when will are extention be giving…I’ma single mom of two and its very hard with no income and Bills are sky this moment life is a struggle for a lot us,but with GOD all things are possible…so keep your prayers goin and watch how GOD work…

  11. Lori

    How is it that we work an earn the money that allow us to be able to get Unemployment, an yet people we have never met are allowed to take it away. Let’s not forgot that this is tax season CONGRESS in which the economy will do better for now. My husband has fought for this country most of his life an this is the Thanks he an my family get!!!! Reinstate Unemployment for the American people an move on it QUICK!!

  12. frances generao

    I think none of them never had to go without, they all make plenty of money and don’t have to worry about losing their mansions or how they are going to eat I put plenty of applications out there but no one want to hire a 57 year old

  13. Carol Lindner

    I worked 50 years. Born in this country.
    Recently had a conversation with someone
    whose accent made it hard to understand.
    He was very clear he’d gotten 2 years
    unemployment. I got 6 months. Come to America
    and get paid. Was always a republican, no more.
    Those states with high unemployment, call
    congress, make sure they know you won’t vote
    for them. That’s all they really care about.
    There was no hesitation to bail out banks
    and wall street, and they’re screwing us too.

  14. FedUpAlready

    Republicans are the ONLY ones blocking this extension. I’m sure people will surely remember this when mid term elections roll around. I’m so disgusted with the government. The Republicans are the party of NO. Tea baggers have created monsters that even they have to live with now. Where is the POTUS to help? If I get one more email asking for a donation I will probably throw my computer out the window. The unemployed have been abandoned by Congress and the POTUS. Another fine job by our “representatives” They WILL see in November what its like to be unemployed, only thing is they will STILL collect $172,00 a year for LIFE. Scum bags.

  15. rick

    if anyone votes republican ever again, you will share in her hatred.

  16. D Stephens

    I had a full time job in construction and had my hours cut to part time. I waited 2.5 years for the economy to improve which it didn’t, I was then laid off when the company had to downsize and was able to stay on for 6 more months because I agreed to no benefits and less hours. Last year in April I finally was permanently laid off and depended on unemployment. Since I was unable to find a full time job in Illinois I moved to Florida and found that state to be in the same dire need of jobs openings as Illinois. In August, I had to return to Illinois to take care of 2 grandchildren to keep them from going to a private foster home and hope I would be able to stay on my unemployment until I could find a part time job. I was able to get 2 temporary jobs for Christmas holiday and hoped that congress would get together and do the right thing, the things they promised when they needed us to get elected, the right thing that helps a person up in life when the crooked and those who push the envelope cause such great devastation that individuals who played by the rules find themselves needing to ask the system they paid into for so many years to step and help them out. Not bailed out like the crooks driven by greed were bailed out, but to allow them a hand until they could find a job. (I realize that I am insinuating politicians are honest people without their own agendas guiding their votes even though their actions states otherwise. There are always a few people, politicians, unemployed, and everyday citizens who make those who do right a bad rap). I have exhausted all savings, 401ks, and live on 900 a month for 3 people. My rent is paid for this month and if nothing changes, my 2 grandchildren will be placed in a private foster home because I will not be able to support them any longer. I am on food stamps, medical assistance, and the cost for foster home will far exceed what I would have gotten from unemployment. I feel the politicians have a hard on and are banging their chests saying “I am God”. Since this thinking can only be temporary and the cost of this delusional thinking, the true devastation of their choices will be tallied in generations to come. We can not predict the future only work with the present, and presently there are 2 million people falling off a cliff financially, stressing about bills and family, and losing hope that they are worth someone taking notice of and helped like the crooks were helped. Sad thought that the crooked have a higher value in congress than honest people do. All I can say is come election day, there will be 2-3 million that may not have the gas or means to even get to the elections to make their voices heard. Either way I am sure that there will be a lot of change in power. The sad thing is those Politian’s with the hard on now, will be covered under benefits we pay for.

  17. Marc Smith

    I think the flavor of today’s comments is sending a clear message that people are really suffering from this Unemployment Crisis, I hope our Political Leaders don’t push this much further because my Neighbors and several friends are getting to the point of no return. I fear they will never Recover from this needless Action and the feeling out there today is Destroying this Country’s Goodwill Character. Please do what’s right and soon before all faith is lost by the people all around me!

  18. Cassandra Purchase

    I like many others I have worked for over 25 years. I’ve paid my taxes faithfully over the years. I lost my job and have been unemployed for 6 months my benefits ended December. I have been searching daily for a job(s). I have 2 kids in college, a home thats going into foreclosure, and countless monthly bills goings unpaid. I’ve never required government assistance prior to now! It’s sad that I can’t count on my government to see me through this short term hardship. We send billions of dollars in aid to other countries but we don’t look after our own. Congress get your head out of the sand and take a good look at the needs of America!

  19. Mr. H

    Since Republicans no longer care about hard working people It’s time to vote all of them out.

  20. KD

    I just cant believe when banks and wall st and car manufactures need millions/billions of dollars.. there’s not any hesitation? my husband has worked all his life never once collected unemployment. No jobs hire during the holiday season so any jobs applied for during November, December, and beginning of January all said the same things.. I’ll contact you after the Holidays meanwhile 1 week after Christmas our only source of income is cut off. We used our savings and cashed out 401k(which we’ll probably be penalized for) we survived 6 weeks with my wife’s 180$ paycheck and thank the lord I have found a job. not before losing my vehicle and being months behind on the mortgage:( having bad credit now. I survived by myself and I will remember come voting time. that there was no help for us we all needed it. my prayers for everyone who is still down and out.

  21. Denise Willett

    here we go–exactly what does congress want- and what states can we write to to help chg their minds.-ddwillet

  22. 01/03/2014

    The unemployment situation is terrible knowing that this effects children also seeing how the parents are on unemployment. The economy is in a terrible way. I have lost my apt because I cant find a job to support it. Unemployment does help the economy I wish they would just pass it. I now live in a shelter I have lost everything I own.

  23. Bob Rebstock

    it’s easy for these Senators to play with our lives they get paid, we don’t.
    Remember at election time, oh I just had to get home heating oil again —$3.75 per gallon but things are better now SURE THEY ARE !!!!!

  24. Pam C

    I think it’s petty and a down right disgrace for them not to pass unemployment. When I was working, my pay tripled my unemployment compensation. I would rather be working. I don’t know what has happened to our American leaders. You got two or three pulling one way and 5 or 6 pulling another way. But, at the end of the day when they finish playing tug-a-war somebody’s child is hungry, somebody’s lughts are getting disconnected, somebody’s car is getting repossessed. In the process of dealing with this how can the someone find work. This is the worst economy ever. I pray that Congress get it together.

  25. Mrs. M

    Congress please Pass the extension….. I have been looking for a job for a year and nothing yet everyone without a job wants to get our lives back together again but their are still to many unemployed and not enough jobs to go around. If congress could be in our shoes they would be as frustrated as we are. God please give Congress Your WISDOM TO PASS THE EXTENSION IN THIS TIME OF NEED FOR ALL UNEMPLOYED…

  26. Rock

    I now stay in my friends basement, all I do is apply for jobs on the computer, to no avail, all I get is sorry to regret replys, thank you congress, I don’t have a car because I couldn’t make the payment and Aarons comes and gets the computer today as I am 30 days late for payment on that, thanks congress, enjoy life in your warm house and fat paychecks, you suck thanks a lot, next stop…living under a bridge, my friend can only support me for so long, again…thanks, now I have no way to apply for jobs at all.EXTEND EMERGENCY UNEMPLOYMENT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. beccaann

    Me and my husband are family of 2…Each day watching the news…Praying for change..We seem to take two steps forward three steps back…My husband was only able to claim 20 weeks of unemployment And then fell into the gap of waiting on the extensions…He has worked hard his whole life..And this is Devastating to see Our leaders put our lives on hold And yet theirs continues..His company laid him off due to lack of work. Our lawmakers can’t make a decision…All this is out of our control..Yet we are the ones that lose. How is the middle class ever Going to break even…screw trying to get ahead. Our prayers go out to the families who find themselves in the same position…

  28. steven

    i am a republican and cant believe these worthless so called lawmakers will not extend unemployment for americans. the congress including the senate and house will raise millions to give to other countries and say piss on you. piss on them bring back the wig party and piss on the republicans there all worthless they want something for themselves to give to anyone. well what they are trying to give we freaking already own,our taxes, our money not pakistan or afganistan or any damned part of russia take care of us americans remember us, were right here, oh sorry republicans you took it all and now i have nothing more to give shucks i guess no unemployment day to pass worthless bills that certain republicans want. we need a poor person in congress one that cares about poor people suffering and going without.these people are eating 500 dollar meals do you know how many damned meals poor children can eat just for the price of there dinner.come on oh and there damned dinner is being paid by about you ask your constituants if its ok to charge these things on your unlimited credit card that we pay for.they are stealing and its ok. stop it im not ok with you bastards taking the best of everything.crooks,try to call your senate and see what you get never the senator just a poster child to bullcrap you pass that damned unemployment extension stop dragging your feet weaks at a time hoping us americans just forget.we will not forget pass that damned bill!!!!

  29. 01/03/2014

    things are not getting better they only say they are to have xcuses not to help America at this time of need for me and 1.4 million people things are worst then ever. if we cant get ur vote for euc don’t xpect our vote come election time cause we wont care either theres money to help other countrys xcept their own

  30. Sam

    Guess who is never going to vote again.

  31. Lisa


  32. Lisa


    I sincerely hope all the voters remember the emotional and physical abuse the REPUBLICANS have afflicted on anyone who has not been able to find employment within 6 months. The REPUBLICANS

  33. kemm

    AMERICAN DREAM ? Its more like a nightmare… I WILL NEVER VOTE REPUBLICAN AGAIN.. EVERY THING IS GONE, NOTHING LEFT TO SELL. NOW WHAT? No food no money . Why isnt the media talking about this . How can they say the economy is getting better ? There are no jobs. There professional liers . Were all stuck in this. Welfare wont help if you own a home. Now most people are putting more effort in to figureing how to survive then to looking for that job thats not there. This government is more worried about giving the immigrants and other countries our money not us AMERICANS who built this country. So let them play god now they wont be in office much longer. . The only votes there going to get are from the rich.. who get all the help they need . If we all pull together and vote will get rid of them. There heads are sofar up there ass they have no clue what there doing to the middle class. ITS HARD TO KEEP YOUR HEAD UP WHEN THIS GOVERNMENT KEEPS KICKIN YOU DOWN . I know when im up all night sick to my stomach worried whats getting shut off tomorrow or how im going to eat
    I am not alone.. I would help every one if I could but now I can barely help myself . Thank you to our loving government ( U SUCK)

  34. Lisa


    The REPUBLICANS knowingly and purposely are doing this. What makes it worse is that we don’t even know when they will discuss this or IF they will even discuss this. Has anyone been able to find any information on the internet when they will be talking about the unemployment extension??? No, because they keep it secret!



  35. js

    It’s something how GOD gives people an opportunity to help people and they just refuse or decide that they there not going to obey GOD and just do what they want to!! I feel sorry for the Senate because little do they know that there going to have to answer to GOD! SO ITS NOT LIKE THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT BECAUSE YOU CAN’T HIDE FROM GOD!! SO MY PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU ALLLLLLL!! MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP U ALWAYS IN JESUS NAME AMEN!!!

  36. Rubina

    Politicians don’t care otherwise this would have been passed before expiring. All one can do is pray for a miracle.

  37. john

    And the crime rate will go up too.can you really blame them…there is always a reaction to any action.whatever happened to we the people.

  38. joe rodgers

    I live in Illinois with a 8.7 unemployment rate. My senator Mark Kirk said he would vote yes on the extension then when the vote came he voted no. He caved to his parties pressure instead of doing what was right for his state. It is very sad to see that politics trump the good of man. We need to repay the politicians by putting them out of work come election time.

  39. Sebastian K

    Smell desperation. These people have been sitting around waiting on the govt cheese and from the looks of it they will be sitting around even longer unless they get over themselves and get over govt dependence. you’re doing this to yourselves kiddies.

  40. Bruce

    I’ve been working for 10 years , lost my job, lost my unemployment, lost my middle son to a major asthma attack he was 11 years old , it feels like a nightmare that I can’t wake up from.The hardest part of this is I can’t depend on my country for help , I can’t provide for my other two boys , I’ve been trying to find work daily. And nothing. .I think the Lord for my grandparents & family. .
    If I could get on my knees in front of the Senate in beg for them to pass this bill I would. .this is what it has come to..

  41. Gar

    Bet the gov. will spend billions on the crisis in Ukraine. Yet they will argue rather than do anything for their own people.

  42. Larry King

    How do the expect us to even be able to begin a job when we have not had any income in over 2 months? A lot of us are losing our cars because of not being able to make the payments, pay the insurance, can’t even put gas in it. I have worked and paid into the system for 32 years and now when I need it, I get cut off. I had only received one check of the first tier and had a balance showing. The Republicans need to be reminded who put them in office in the first place. At election time we need to get rid of these heartless bastards. They don’t care about us and our families. If the did none of us would be in this situation. Let’s vote them out in November.

  43. 01/03/2014

    I’m 69 , with no job ,about to lose my truck, my wife is is unable to to work , All I need is another month of help , I WILL FIND SOME PLACE TO WORK. PLEASE HELP

  44. Carol

    Where is Obama ? He stated last month he had a pen where is that Pen?

  45. 01/03/2014

    Is the Senate out of their minds? People like me and my Autistic 8 year old son and disabled wife are going to be homeless and without anything. You cannot go by statistics, almost 2 million people are suffering because of this!
    Fix it now! You created it! There is no acceptable other way than to extend these benefits now! I have lost all my friends and family won’t speak to me, this has caused me to beg for help instead of getting the unemployment benefits I worked years to qualify for. I’ve never seen an uglier side of humanity than I have over this. Pray there isn’t a God because if there is you’re in big trouble. He sees what you are doing to millions. Read the countless comments of peoples’ suffering over this. Not extended benefits will only make it worse for everyone.
    Keep your BS Stats too. Your government programs suck too, they make it impossible to get help.

  46. john

    This is a game of cat and mouse to them.,
    Plus they should get people that are younger to run this country.
    .this storm will be their excuse to put it off again… D.C. should be all rain though… Harry Reid is trying like hell for us… He can not go it alone though… I am a democrat now….Obama won the presidential party cause of all the promises he made….also they all blame the president before them for all the problems…beware of the smile on the face…back stabber

  47. Enough already!

    Once again another week goes by and nothing is done about eu insurance. More people have lost their homes, cars and ability to provide for their families. It is becoming more and more evident that our elected officials are more focused on political positioning than the people that elected them.

    They have lost sight of what their true job is, managing the tax revenues for the benefit of the country. Essentially, they are responsible for the health of our economy. They have failed miserably! It is their legislation (both sides of the isle) that has caused our economy to fail as badly as it has and yet they continue to turn their backs on the casualties they created.

    I am beyond fed up with our current politicians. And from this point forward I will not vote dem or republican ever again. I encourage everyone who has been negativity affected by their decisions to do the same. They have become opposite sides of the same evil coin!

  48. Davud

    This is messed up I cant belive this

  49. 01/03/2014

    I to have been Unemploy my last check was in December sent then I’ve lost my home I’m staying with a friend I’ve work sent I was 16 now I’m 59 and don’t have anything I feel like it’s time for me to go to I feel like there’s nothing to live for.

  50. Larry King

    Hey everyone, go to this link to support the extension of unemployment benefits. Our voiced need to be heard!

  51. patsy

    I can see why people say that the long term unemployed are not looking. It is very hard to drag myself to look and do interviews with the same result for 1 year pushing thru the humiliation and depression as I no longer feel valuable.However I MAKE MYSELF LOOK SEVEN DAYS A WEEK WITH NO TIME OFF LIKE OUR GOVERNMENT TAKES MY DELEMA GOES ON THRU THEIR VACATIONS AND RECESSES MY MIND NEVER STOPS BEATING ME UP ABOUT WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH NO ALTERNATIVES. And my government confirms I AM EXPENDABLE .The unemployment ext is needed to help us up not as a handout I am 60 years old worked all my life since I was 15 not always at the highest paying but steady and at what ever was available to me. I am just trying to make a living and not have to live on the food card and at food banks etc.We have been robbed of our diginity as a human being.

  52. symone

    This is ridiculous!!! I’m slipping into a severe depression. Shutoff notices for everything, robbing Peter to pay paul. I cry everyday, but now the tears won’t even fall. I guess the only way congress will move faster is if people start throwing themselves off of buildings or robbing stores, because that’s coming next. Alot of hard working people never knew a struggle like this. I’m glad that I was raised in a struggle so i still have some survival instincts. I read these post and i realize it could be worst. Here i am upset because i have no income, about to lose my house & car, but thank God i don’t have any children. My heart and prayers go out to those of you who have worked over 20 years, have a mortgage and children in college who you are paying for I couldn’t imagine the stress you’re feeling.. I don’t even know if I want to vote for any party this year, I’m so disgusted with my county maybe Canada would be a smart move…..

  53. 01/03/2014

    John Boehner be a good man and help us.

  54. Enough already!


    If this doesn’t anger you, I don’t know what will;

    The cost of extending eu insurance for three month is just over 6 billion. They have complained about not having the money. How about the 5 billion that was just sent to Syrian rebels?!?! Why are Syrian rebels more important than our own people? The pork filled “Farm Bill” that could have helped.

    It’s time we took our country back and start holding our elected official accountable for their actions. For those of us that are unemployed, we have the time to call, write, email and blog about their atrocities that they have inflicted upon us. Let them know you are not going to take this laying down any longer!

  55. 01/03/2014

    Did they want to kill us all?.I’m contemplating on the issues of hope and progress. I think is time to ask those who object to my hard earned benefits to camp in his house and let him look at us and I can’t help,even with our children.let him or her feel what it means to losses a job. Let’s not keep silent until our PAINS are heard.I am lossing my mind for being on hostage .Please do something before workers benefits are American not Iraq not Afghanistan,not Ukrainian.And this is where billions and trillions are passed.with this aid people,will be suffering.

  56. dwood

    Why is the media not covering any if this? We don’t count anymore? This has been the most humiliating experience to not have any resources to help until we find work, which is a whole other challenge in itself. Having three strikes against you.(long term unemployment. .age. .and my past wages) makes it almost impossible to find a job …Discrimination is what I feel at this moment. Also if you are not experiencing this or know someone who is going through it, you are unaware of this crises because its not considered news worthy… Why is the media not covering it,
    you don’t see/hear anything on the news channels, or dateline, or 20/20, etc. We are forgotten and not counted and we are Americans. Sadly, this experience has changed how I look at things and I will vote accordingly. I just like all of those in this terrible situation through no fault of our own desperately hope they pass the extension next week. Americans are falling further in the depths of despair with no hope in site. Do the right thing and take care of Americans.

  57. Stephanie

    I am officially homeless. Losing my car next week. Thanks congress I have been non stop been sending out resumes and out of 500 resumes for jobs which I am highly qualified might I add,maybe 2 calls back. Please pass the extension. I’ll be in a box under the freeway once the repo man finds my car. I don’t understand why this is happening to me. I work so hard.

  58. Condoe

    If you think this is a republican issue alone, you are missing it. Where is Mr. “I have a pen, and I have a telephone”?

  59. Cindy Johnson

    New home sales have absolutely nothing to do with those of us who have gone without an income for the past 2 months. Buying a house is the last thing on the minds of us that are unemployed…its about just surviving. Just another ridiculous excuse for politicians to put this us off. Receiving unemployment kept me slightly afloat while seeking unemployment…now in less than 2 months my credit is shot, and I’m close to losing everything. Meanwhile, they keep padding their salaries and take care of other countries problems.
    It’s shameful!

  60. Supra

    Leram how and also who to vote next time

  61. Mike

    Lets make sure we are all registered to vote this year and vote these pigs out of office

  62. C Garofola

    …!!!! There are a lot of people like me that want to work and there are no jobs out there. Why..?? Our own US companies and the rich that control them outsourced. Sent our jobs overseas. Why Greed…!!! I live in NJ and applied for a tech job in Wilkes Barre PA this week over 120 miles away. The job site I applied on gave me an update that 93 people have already applied for it. I didn’t know there were that many people in that town/city. I have worked since I was 12 years old, went back to collage at night to get a degree and now at 57 I can’t find a job!!! I have been out of work 8 months and received only 26 weeks of unemployment checks. I am currently receiving nothing…!!! Get it..!!! Nothing… And I look for work ever day and night… No Joke..!! At the current rate my savings will be gone in 3 months and I am scared of becoming homeless…. If we cant help our own then why do we give so much away to foreign countries?? I believe we should help your self, family and then your friends first. But we should also help each other…!! The main problem in this society is people are Greedy. You tell me how men with Billions of dollars sleep at night knowing there are hungry children right hear at home while their money just sits in banks gaining interest..!! Or knowing if they parted with just half they would still be filthy rich and maybe the money could go to cancer research to help find a cure… You see they don’t care if you or a love one dies from cancer or other disease as long as they have their Big Boat, Big House and Big Plane and lots of zeroes in their bank accounts……!!!! This is Nothing but GREAD…!!!!! Honestly I am ashamed to be part of this society. If you don’t see it my way just wait until you or someone you love dies from cancer. Then you will ask yourself What else Could Have Been Done..???.!!!
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  63. Dee

    The unemployment rate is DROPPING FOR THE WRONG REASON. Everyone knows this; including the politicians. I changed my party from Republican. Their behavior has been unconscionable, and at this point, irreparable. Too late. See you in November.

  64. 01/03/2014

    please help!! please, you are torturing us ! we are starving, an losing everything !

  65. 01/03/2014

    Why do the unemployed need extention ?
    Imagine for a minute somebody who is out of work going out to look for a job like republicans he needs to fill gas for his car god forbids his or her car-breaks .Now he or she has to choose between going to the hospital or grocery shopping.Beside demand from children to take them somewhere .Now going out and looking for a job is untangled or discouraged .If only the compounded feeling does not creat anxainty or depression . Even one is ready and go out and look for a job , how long does this last ?
    No money for emergency ,parking ,a sandwich or coffe .Beside telephone has to work and only .If republican need money to live on we also need some money for essentials to survive and look for a job . The unemployment problem needs a comprehensive strategy to alivate the permenant problem .The economy needs good paying jobs so that the economy is sustainable , because it is only the middle class thay spends on merchandise goods and services and sustain the economy in production . Besides it is a moral and that way must be the American way.

  66. jay

    Just like the so called unemployment rate numbers I’m sure these numbers are bs too. Government makes everything look good on paper.

  67. john

    They president is to busy preparing his next joke for his next press conference. The real unemployment number is 30%. The government only lists the people receiving unemployment and the unemployed. If they added all the people who no longer eligible for benefits you would get the real precentage. America wont list real statistics because are true statistics make us look weak.

  68. Latreece

    Here we go again, it’s March 1st, time for another month of bills to be paid, oh but can’t pay them because there is no money. I was fortunate to receive all the tiers before this happened, but still am unemployed, I do receive food stamps and welfare, so what i still can’t pay a bill and had to move back with my mother, and not many peole are even opening there doors to help friends and family anymore because they have nothing to bring to the table which makes it harder for the ones who are willing to help. I have a sister who lost her job about a year after I did and she wao s only able to make it to her regular benefits no other tiers. We job hunt together we share the gas when we can borrow money from someone to put in the car hers or mine. You know it’s sad when you can’t even get a call back from a temporary agency. As part of this welfare goes I still have to look for work at least 30 hrs a week just to remain eligible. I have worked all my life for at least 30 yrs but still to young to retire I’m only 48 yrs old. I have an answer though, maybe once we all lose our minds and go crazy we can get disability huh. If they don’t ass this unemployment soon they’ll wait it out til closer to election when it won’t even matter for most of us by then because we already are losing or have lost everything, then the’ll pass it just to get elected again..

  69. keith

    They do not care, wait and see how much money this ukrane buisness is gonna cost us! Congress is worthless in my mind at this point. We have way too much government now and no decision’s can be made with out someone attatching there own agenda to it. America is still a very young and unproven country in the grand scope of time. Keep this country stong from within first and helping our own is the only way to do this. We are trillions in debt but continue to give aid to other countries, How??? If I have no money I cant buy my neighbor food or pay his water bill. I dont get it,so simple yet so far from getting it done. On that note after fourteen months of being unemployed I start a new job on tuesday!!! going to the pawn shop today to pawn grandfathers ring for gas after no income since december 28th. I sent out over 2000 resume’s in the time I was off and got 5 interviews four of which after I took over ten years off my resume not including work before high school graduation. I am 52 in a couple months, Just an idea for some of you out there it seemed to work for me. Get this done congress!!! God Bless you all.

  70. David B.

    Same as everyone here with the same issues living day-to-day after losing all are close to it with a family of five.
    Our Government has been meeting for over two months with no resolution to Unemployment Benefits leaving “Americans” in a very bad position. With no update are closure to anything. They need to quit playing! They are there all day to make decisions. WHAT IS THERE AGENDA? Worthless bills that nobody cares about Vs. Supporting American unemployment issues at the top of the list. “END OF THE DAY NO RESULTS”
    My Mistake What Country Do We Bail Out This Week!
    I’m Amazed at the daily updates on thinking “Americans Are Stupid. Economic Recovery-New Home Sales Up! vs. 300 plus comments on Home being taken away and construction worker out-of-work. Weather has big impact from Data Collected and Domestic Manufacturing up. I can go on and on!
    Government quit BS-ing and look at reality put this at the top of the agenda and make a decision. Look in the mirror before going to work and make a humane decision vs. putting blinders on.

  71. Jennifer Anne

    In what perfect world does this one live in? She blames the weather?? I live in NJ where is seems to snow everyother day, I lost my UI in Decemeber with 2 kids. Snow rain doesnt matter if I had money to spend I would be out in the weather. People have no money so we cant go spend it. You people need to wake up and stop blamming the economy on issues that have nothing to due with why stores/shops are losing money. You have 2 million people who lost there benefits and cant find jobs to feed our families that is why. Not the weather. its been over 2 months since we lost our benefits, people are losing their homes, cars, I know someone who had to send her 2 small children to live with family cause she has no heat, food and she is being evicted cause of UI. wake up you Janet Yellen you’re a stupid moron just tell the truth, you are killing americans by the day. without UI you are killing the economy. Ask George Bush

  72. 01/03/2014

    Unbelievable, 2 months and failure!!!!

    Just another day at the office or beach while former working families, who paid into unemployment, suffer for common staples.

    Election day readers…….remember your congressman!!!

  73. MP

    It’s the weekend again, the end of the second month with no unemployment coming in and the bills sitting on the table trying to figure out how to pay them. What do I need to sell now, the savings are gone and too young to cash in on my pension. NOW WHAT????? The street corners are beoming limited to stand on and beg for money. I have worked as a nurse for 30 years and I cannot get a job. I have written to every member of the legislative branch of the gov. in AZ and have not gotten one response. We put these idiots in office to work for us and all they have done is taken way from us. I don’t know who to turn to anymore. I think we need to get a petition together and get it to Washington. Someone has to help before a 3rd month goes by. This should be top priority on Monday when everyone returns to washington after their 2nd vacation this year.
    They call us lazy and not looking for work, they have jobs and still don’t work. I just get so depressed thinking about it. HELP US. Stop taking away from us. The only thing that we have left is our dignity……PLEASE PLEASE HELP US

  74. Condoe

    Congress will probably be going on vacation by the end of next week. There is no compassion and GOD in these people. And. you can write these posts to vent, but politicians are not listening. I will probably stop reading as well, because I know that this crisis is real, and that these statements are more than just words. I am starting to get depressed reading of all this misery, caused by our government.
    ‘And, worse yet, they don’t care!
    Pray for our country

  75. Gail Williams

    THANKS TO THE REPUBLICANS a lot of families will be homeless soon.Worring about were our next meal is going to come from.Hats off to the REPUBLICANS.Do they care no because they are all MILLIONAIRES.

  76. Ray Buffer

    We the people, with our votes “employ” the very same Republicans who now prevent us from receiving unemployment benefits. Its time to fire those Republicans. Two million people could create change if they were all unified and organized and angry and active. It is our only hope.

  77. Ed Eadon

    I am now almost 64years old I got laid off last May I have been on numerous interviews lets face it nobody will hire someone my age .But I continue to search for and go on interviews. Due to congress lack of interest they have forced alot of hard working people into the verge of bankruptcy. Come on congress get off your desd butts and do something.


    Its March 1t now and nothing , now what , do they need another recess .

  79. joe

    As a former Republican I appreciate all the other people finaly waking up to the only defense you have and that’s VOTE! The poor and unemployed have NO voice in Washington no political lobbyist representing them.


    YOU MEAN NOTHING TO THEM! NOTHING AT ALL! These are the same breed of people that sends thousands of 18 year Olds to different countries to get shot at. Do you think they give 2 cents weather or not your hungry? Or cold ? Or that you worked for 10 plus years paying high taxes that pays for there salary as well. Lol wake up just wake up please and maybe the American public would have a chance

  80. Condoe

    We have created an illusion that America is the richest country in the world. An Illusion because we send billions all over the world to buy allies. America has very few allies that they don’t have to pay for with our tax dollar! No other country in the world will throw billions around like good old America. Do the other countries really know that we are trillions of dollars in debt? Do they know that more American people are hungry and homeless with each passing day? Sounds like a third world country in some respects. They have no idea, because America continues to buy their friendship with billions of tax payer money. For those that say they wont vote republican, they must not remember that this was done in 2010 and lasted 8 weeks before politicians resolved it. How QUICKLY we forget!

  81. Labor Lilly

    maybe we all need to send our resumes to our congressmen and state reps….see if they can find us something!

  82. James Babcock

    I just want to say think you to all the people supporting us unemployed and I hope this is information that will get to the right people on the hill.

  83. Longfellow Deeds

    The weather, really? These people are so out of touch with reality. No Republican will ever get my vote again. The economy is NOT getting better, it is getting worse. My country has let me down and I am angry. This is all just excuses not pay us what we earned paying taxes our whole lives. People are losing their homes, cars and living in cars and on couches. This is the American Dream? Oh yes, and we are sending 1 Billion to Ukraine! Shame on you America, shame on you!

  84. Condoe

    Its another Glorious Sunday, and another 70,000 people have lost benefits this week!

  85. Heather

    This is ridiculous. I have also worked since I was in high school. I worked through college. I lost my job, through no fault of own. I can’t eve get hired as a cashier, because I am college educated & do not have retail experience. I am looking for work every single day. I have applied for everything. It is not my fault that I need unemployment. Companies don’t want to hire people who are over qualified. We need help. It’s not like unemployment makes up for what I lost, but it is better than nothing. It at least helps us pay our bills, so our children are safe & have food & medicine. The government needs to live one day in th REAL world.

  86. Heather

    This is ridiculous. I have also worked since I was in high school. I worked through college. I lost my job, through no fault of own. I can’t eve get hired as a cashier, because I am college educated & do not have retail experience. I am looking for work every single day. I have applied for everything. It is not my fault that I need unemployment. Companies don’t want to hire people who are over qualified. We need help. It’s not like unemployment makes up for what I lost, but it is better than nothing. It at least helps us pay our bills, so our children are safe & have food & medicine. The government needs to live one day in the REAL world.

  87. DarCig

    Democrats are not negotiating fairly. The send money to Egypt to get the Muslim Brotherhood in power, give arms to militant Muslims in Syria and Libya, give tax breaks to the corporations and big oil, give money/loans to their friends to open failed businesses. Both sides are to blame but the Dems own the media. The only cuts our govt makes is in the military and NASA.

  88. kemm

    Just checked my heating oil I have about 80gals left in my tank so I have about 10 days of heat left if I keep my home at 65. I . Wonder if any congressman worries about staying warm. We have hardly any food . THIS IS CRAZY.I DONT KNOW HOW TO LIVE LIKE THIS. What do they expect us to do. I’m really afraid. I cant find work I have my phone now until the 15th this is my only way of finding a job or information. No tv or computer that went last week. Its like im living in the dark age. We went to the food bank and they had hardly any food we got soup and corn. Yeah thats it. Really depressed. I am a fighter and im pretty strong, but this is sucking the life out of me. Well I will keep looking for that job thats just not there and ill keep praying for all of us . I know im not homeless yet like alot of other people but that road isn’t far away. I pray this comes to an end soon. Were AMERICANS and I feel like im living in a third world country. PLEASE CONGRESS DO SOMETHING FOR THE PEOPLE THAT PUT YOU IN OFFICE.. STOP THROWING OUR MONEY ALL OVER THE WORLD.WERE LOSING EVERYTHING WE WORKED OUR WHOLE LIFE FOR. HELP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FIRST PASS THE EXTENSION !!!!!

  89. JoAnn R

    What a waste to have a Congress that does NOTHING

  90. 02/03/2014

    what the hell is wrong with congress we need those benefits we are tax paying people that had tax money took out of our checks now you wont help your own people keep sitting on your asses you got a roof over your head you got food in your bellies you can support your ivory league kids while ours have to go to the shelter may god have mercy on all your souls cause one day we wont be the tail we will be the head and you will be the tail god said you will pay all of ya’ll are heartless.

  91. Candi

    While they sit there fighting about weather to extend the unemployment benefits every day more people are becoming homeless. The funny thing is that all those people who are becoming homeless are they same people that voted for all those in congress who keep voting no. So you can pretty much ex-peck for those homeless people not to vote for them next time around. Maybe we should put all new people in congress it can’t be any worse. I know I will be homeless soon and I’m not going to vote for anyone to return if I am able to vote the next time. If they are so worried about how much it will cost maybe they should take a cut in pay to off set it.

  92. Mary

    I need a job and no one will hire a woman my age. I have no car and nothing left including a home our government supports all these foreign countries but let the people that have worked all their lives to support their partying desperate with no support for us the people that voted them in!

  93. Morgan

    I have worked since I was 16. Got laid off and have applied for every job I can apply for. I have over 20 management experience and all I get is I’m over qualified. I’m sure my age does not help. It’s even harder to get a job at 50. I have to be out of my house that now by the end of March and have zero income. I have a 13 year old son and a 18 month old grandson I am raising and have no income to even get another home for us. I have gone threw all my savings and have nothing left. At this point can not even put gas in the car to go to another interview. I’m collecting metal and aluminum just to make sure my kids are fed. I personally have not eaten a full meal in a month so not to take food from the kids. This is not right I have worked my whole life and these idiots don’t get it! I don’t want to be on unemployment I want to work but unemployment is what kept a roof over our heads and food on the table and gas in the car while I look for another job. I went from $80,000 a year to $19.296 a year to &0.00 and picking up scrap metal. I want my old life back I want a job!!!! These idiots who are making hundreds of thousands a year need to stop screwing with our lives and reinstate unployment. Republican I used to be NEVER AGAIN will I vote of a republican they are destroying peoples lives.

  94. Kenneth Kasian

    2 million people simply is not enough for them to care about. They just do not care about the people, like this all things will pass in their mind, and as long as they can feed their families, go on vacation and be part of the political in crowd why should they care about the suffering of the people. It just proves to me more that we are on our own as I have known for sometime. There is no real voice of the people as we have seen, its just the people with power who think they know best and believe me they don’t have the first clue what they are doing to the people. This report is toilet paper, there is no economic recovery, and those who think it is getting better are fooling the public with their bull. Drive around this state and see the multitude of empty buildings and tell me about recovery. How many companies have laid off thousands of people in the last 18 months. Recovery my behind, there should not be one worker in this country that should have to suffer after all the money we have paid into this. Very sad but I bet there will be some good parties in Washington this weekend, Gala events even, or all the politicians will be rubbing elbows with the elite in Hollywood tonight. While there are children starving in our own country what a joke.

  95. Isabel SH

    Hello everyone,
    The link below is a petition to restore the long term unemployment benefits.

    Thank you,

  96. Asnook

    Yup all long term unemployment as of today has expired what a darn shame THANKS for letting US AMERICANS DOWN… I will never VOTE…

  97. Boldo Tan

    How come the United States can help other countries with corrupt governments but can’t help their own citizens? I already exhausted my savings looking for a job and here we’re asking and waiting for our leaders to assist us so we can go on with our lives. Please help us!

  98. Rocky

    I have written ( e-mails ) to Brian Williams asking for Media support on this needed Extension for the 2 plus million unemployed. Been a week and no answer. Maybe if more of us would e-mail the Media asking to get our stories out there this might help. We need to be heard. If the Media and our Government that I also have sent e-mails too don’t work. Then onto the streets in protesting. We cannot let our Government sweep us under the rug without a word or a fight from ALL of us. That’s what they are hoping for. Beat us down without a fight. We are 2 plus million Americans that need to fight for what is right. If our Government can’t or won’t take notice of 2 million Americans through e-mails, phone calls, etc. Then we need to turn up the heat and make some noise of our own.

    We cannot just lay down and let our Government run us into the ground. We ALL infested many years working through out our lives. Now that we have been downsized and kicked out of the
    job market due to no fault of our own. Our Government that caused this mess wants TO BAIL OUT on 2 PLUS Million Americans. No way in hell is that going to happen without a fight.

    I continue each day to look for work and will continue as long as my money will last me to do so. That’s not very long tho. I will not give up, and I won’t be silenced or roll over like a dead dog or something.


  99. Wayne B. in the D(etroit)

    I lost my job as a teacher,due to the incompetence,ignorance and greed of the charter school owners.I received 20 weeks of state unemployment benefits in Michigan.My plans for obtaining another job in teaching or anywhere else, have been sabotaged by those damned DOMESTIC TERRORISTS in the u.s.congress. For some crazy reason we continue to refer to these damned DOMESTIC TERRORISTS as representatives of the citizens of the united states. I propose that all of the sensible and fair minded citizens of this country, demand the department of homeland security and the attorney general, pursue a course of action to obtain warrants for the indictment and prosecution of all the domestic terrorists that are slithering around the halls of our congress. The actions of our so called congressional representatives,by not maintaining federal extension of unemployment
    benefits for 2 million deserving citizens,is
    clearly an act of terrorism !! The republican terrorists,in particular,need to be placed in Guantanamo bay,with the other”Enemy Combatants”

  100. Nathan

    They just don’t understand! Those of us that are needing this extension, REALLY NEED IT! Just put yourself in our shoes…A lot of us (including me) have taken loans and borrowed money from family and friends already to just pay for the basic things in life. I am so broke that I don’t have gas $.

  101. Alex

    The government have billions dollars to help Siria, Afganistan, Iran, Iraq, Libia, and now Ukraine is in the waiting line, and they dont have money for health insurance and unemployment benefits. What type of government is that if they don’t care about their fellow citizens? It is stupid and unfair.

  102. 03/03/2014

    I am a 68 year old female who lost her job on 01-04-2013. Have too, worked all of my life and never been unemployed until now. My skills, yes are getting rusty and may need some additional training, however I can fight and can still work hard and very able bodied. I am in very much need of a few more months of benefits. I am praying for Obama to do this for all of us still on unemployment. Please help.


  103. Jason Robinson

    I am unemployed to. I want to work.. I can make 1500 a week and the government shut all of us down. Gave us unemployment that was 390 a week. Put us back to work! I would much rather live on 1500 a week than 300 a week. I do better and feel better working. We Build America, and a lot of us are not working. Some say we don’t want to work. I am clarifying this.(WE WANT TO WORK) There isn’t enough work for everyone. Always cutting this and cutting that to save money. Americans want to work! There jobs are being cut to save money. I used to work year around. Now I am lucky to work 4 months! Bring back Bill Clinton at least the economy was booming back then. Union Local 103 Operating Engineers Kokomo IN.

  104. Jamie

    I had to move in with my parents because I couldn’t afford my rent anymore. And I am in school full time. I already have one Master’s degree and I am working on another and cannot find a job. Imagine that? Then Employers tell me I am over qualified or need more experience.
    The more time that goes between my last job and trying to get the next the worse it looks on my resume with a time gap. So it’s a never ending cycle. These employers want to know why you have been unemployed for so long, then no on will hire you because you have been unemployed for over 6 months. What the heck right?
    The house needs to understand that 2 MILLION AMERCIANS are suffering! These are Republicans and democrats. I am so sick of the this finger pointing, it’s like this is all they do all day long. What are they getting paid for? Just to talk crap about each other? Makes me SICK! I would be MORE than happy to take one of their places any day and make something happen because they certainly can’t.

  105. BOB MANTZ

    Well Washington has another Snow day , so all the fat bastards can stay home again in there mansions and eat until they have a heart attack that we the taxpayers have to pay for, WHERE IS ARE EXSTENSION OBAMA , WHERE IS YOUR PEN, YOUR PEOPLE, AMERICAINS ARE LOOSING EVERYTHING OUT HERE.


    HELP US!! We are educated parents of three small children, out of income since December! Spouse hasn’t found work since layoff! I am working – but it isn’t enough. No cable, no TV, no frills!! Expenses are mortgage and groceries! NEED the extension to find employment and keep our house. We pay taxes – we NEED HELP this time. It’s not forever – just for today!

  107. MP

    The Republicans are more concerned about the talking point of the 6 million Americans that have lost their medical insurance. How many people have worked for a corportation that had changed insurance carriers and were not able to keep their doctors. I’ve been there so you move on. I know people feel comfortable with their doctors but sometimes things happen. I have been there. Maybe they need a number like 6 million to reinstate the emergency unemployement. I get $223 a week, not much but it helps. I would much rather be working. No interviews nothing has come my way and again it it probable because I am older. We have gone through everything. Why can’t the president do something. Why do we have to wait for the do nothing congress to do something. And why does it have to be a give me in order to do something. We were all working Americans that have paid taxes over the years. I get emails from both parties asking for donations. Where am I to get the money??? Even five bucks is alot these days. Prices are going up our pockets are collecting dust. These freakin politicans need to have a heart and get the act together. Stop fighting internally and help the people that put them where they are today….And yes today is yet another snow day. What about teleconfrencing??? Doesn’t that work? We the American work harder then them and have nothing to show and when we need a little help there is none to be had!!

  108. Virginia

    It is extremely stressful to be left hanging for so long for a decision to be made about unemployment extension. I have worked my entire life and would welcome the chance at being a part of the workforce again, however I have not been able to find employment. I am turned down for many jobs because employers feel I am over qualified. I took a seasonal job that paid less than unemployment just to get out of the house and learn a new skill. I am sure there are many more like me who are pounding the pavement but have not been able to find employment. If the people who make the decisions were in this position they would have a better understanding of what it is like to not be able to pay your mortgage or your bills. I can see why some people resort to desperate measures in order to survive. My mortgage company has been patient but cannot work with me unless I have some type of income. I am between a rock and hard place. After working and saving for so many years I never thought I would be in this position and I especially never thought my government would have such low regard for the average working class Americans. This is a very disheartening experience.

  109. 03/03/2014

    I feel that I worked all my life I’m a United state american born and raise here and for me to get any kind of help is hopeless if I came for another country I can apply for loan and all that apply to me if unfair and unjustified

  110. Grace Sotelo

    I am so disappointed in the system. I am my parents eldest daughter, my parents have worked their whole life in their country never once asked for welfare or any sort of assistance until now. My father is a construction worker who is older in age and can not retire until he accumulates his hours and has trouble finding work he is not even able to be given a chance to work many jobsites just look at his age and call the next young guy… so he is basically in limbo. Meanwhile he is not able to survive!!!!

  111. Sue

    Let the republicans add amendments if that is what it is going to take. I am feeling like Dems (Reid) is talking out his #@@@. If you know they won’t pass it without amendments and they don’t let them make amendments who is really holding up this bill? 2 months of empty promises. It is really stressful. And them Dems said send a message and then had the nerve to ask for donations! Get it- NO $$ I am ready to vote against ALL incumbents regardless of party!

  112. jay

    I have numerous interviews-just can’t afford the gas to get there…been begging -borrowing yet to steal to get money to survive and get to the job interviews…
    we need the EUC extension

  113. jay

    these morons on the hill just don’t realize that without that few hundred bucks a week-job seekers can’t afford to pay car payments/insurance or gas to get to interviews-let alone keep food on the table and the lights and heat on- But then why would they understand- they have a job that is recession proof they could never be fired-and they can vote for their own pay raises- as well as get paid whether they show up and do their job or not- And we tax payers pay for all that…

  114. Brent Casey

    If our congress men and women lived in the real world and had to answer for their job performance they would all be looking for a jobs too. Shame on you all for shutting down for weeks because you all are in a pissing match.Try that in any sucessful buisness and you would be without a job too. Not everyone that has been unemployed for over 6 months ts taking advantage of the 3 or 400 dollars a week so we do not have to work. Grow a set and do your jobs.

  115. 03/03/2014

    I have two honorable discharges from the U.S. Navy and Naval Reserves during first Desert Storm…i received my minimum unem. benefits which ended at the end of December….jobs are sporadic in northern Iowa in winter and now our elected representatives have chosen to collect their “working welfare checks”,take recesses,and ignore a large number of their constituencies …and i have to add i see very little of our president on this issue and he who promised to be our hero 6yrs. ago…but as the song says “it doesn’t matter as long as it not happenin’ to you” …i hope these so called leaders have someone checking these type of websites to hear the people..remember us ? and i would love to hear from one of these people so we could each explain our position..i am here i don’t believe there is enough work ethic in 80% of them to even worry …time to move to Colorado

  116. Ms. Disgusted

    I have worked for 30 years and therefore every employer paid into unemployment for 30 years. I was employed at my last position for almost 7 years. I took off from work to care for my fiance who had a total knee replacement. I went right back to work after caring for my fiance basically 24/7. I made a one word typo and was terminated because of it. I was also doing the work of atleast 3 people as many of us do. I have been unemployed for over a year now. No one will pay a wage that I worked hard to get to. Because of the unemployment extension loss at the beginning of this year, I have had no income for over 2 months. The maximum unemployment allowable amount is $275.00 a week. I brought home over $1200.00 a week. Do that math government officials. I worked hard and paid for my unemployment benefits and should be allowed to receive them until I obtain another job and so should everyone else. PERIOD! Stop putting our lives in jeopardy because you want to play politics while our lives fall completely apart. God bless all of you and lets pray they pass the unemployment extension this week.

  117. Dale

    What now ! We live week by week on how the economy is doing ? Week by Week does not mean a crock ! Three weeks from now or even next week or next month could show up with some bad numbers ! Why does it always have to be about numbers ? What about the 2 million Number ! What about the 2 Million Number ! I know it has to be 10 million !!!!!

  118. Ralph

    They can’t find the money for the extension but the president has asked congress to come up with an economic stimulus package for the Ukraine!!! Don’t help your own people but fork over billions to foreign countries! Yea that makes sense! This country is an absolute joke! Makes me sick!

  119. Linda

    All I can say is please God help us all because no one else is going to!

  120. Mena

    This who we voted for .I blame me for helping to put these people over are life .If this was election time then they brain comes together because they want your vote .STOP VOTING !!! That is the only way you will get heard and things will change .The more of them get out of the chair the more we gang .When they don’t live then they will see how it fells to work almost all your life and when things go down hill for you and you need to get up on your feet you cant get what you work for in pay into .They are not giving you nothing .That is money we and are job or jobs pay into .And they cant take are money to take care of criminals with are money for years .WE ARE THE DUM ONES .AS LONG AS I LIVE ON THE FACE OF THIS EATH I WILL NEVER EVER VOTE FOR THESE PEOLE AGAIN !!!!!! Let criminals vote for who THEY CANT !!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Mena


  122. PS

    I won’t forget this come the next election!! They stonewall Obama on every topic and can care less about the implications to the people.

  123. 04/03/2014

    The other side to this is those who’s original unemployment claim ran out at the time the extension for others ran out, did not have the opportunity to get any kind of extension. It would be helpful to at least consider those that have not had an extension of their unemployment benefits to make them eligible to get some help.

  124. Pap

    I am part of the long term unemployed have already lost everything I worked for over the years lost my job of 21 years due to re-construction. Don’t be fooled by these the politicians of today. The REP want to play hardball but at the same time the DEMs don’t want this to pass either they think they can use this to get re-elected. Its all about them not the common working people of this country. They all disgust me!!!

  125. Marcie Faulkner

    Please help!!!
    We have contributed to this our whole lives!!
    I had heart surgery yesterday from working 2 full time jobs because my husband has had nothing coming in!! We have barely bought food for a month, used our income tax to get our home out of foreclosure and there are quite a few bills gone unpaid that will need to be caught up, putting us right back in the hole again! We are in a lose/lose situation right now!

  126. Kay Anderson

    Of course they don’t care — as long as they have something to do they collect a paycheck!! I think we should make those type jobs minimum wage and see how many of them learn how to vote to support the American public and not their own pockets.

  127. Allie

    Depressed on meds. Hospitalized for a brain tumor. Kids moved with ex husband. Doctors won’t allow me to drive and having to depend on verbally abusive boyfriend to pay rent. Thank you republicans!

  128. Roddy Finley

    All this talk of not voting for republicans or not voting at all is not going to resolve anything. If you don’t vote others will… If you do vote it will be another corrupt, greedy, inhumane politician taking their place. We the people need to make a march to Washington, make our voices heard, and eject these incompetent lazy farts or possibly run for office ourselves. Far too many policies and procedures need to change for the sake of our country, our children, and our future. Americans need to wake up and take action soon. I fear the direction this country is heading.

  129. Seriously??

    I see the government is working hard again. One billion to Ukraine but nothing for the people here. Seriously? I gave up on the EUC being passed. You people should also do the same cause its not going to happen. Unless you’re another Country, or a big corporate business like AIG and the likes.. Remember when they needed bailed out? Sure you do, cause the dumb asses running this Country didn’t vote on it or worried about where it would come from.

  130. D Doles

    I think it is pathetic that OUR Government could give Ukraine $1B of our hard earned $$$ but OUR Government cant take care of the 2 million people that are having a hard time finding a job in their CAREERS that we worked so hard for. We are forced to take a minimum wage job w/o our benefits what does not help with much more than gas getting back and forth, considering there is NO FULL times jobs with the NOBAMA CARE!!! this is DEPLORABLE….

  131. Karen

    Here is the latest update for March 4, 2014: Legislation which would extend federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) benefits, for six months was filed last night march 4 by Senator Harry Reid.

    The legislation (S.2077, the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2014) is for a 6 month retroactive extension


  132. Karen

    Hopefully they will vote next week and hopefully it passes through senate. Then the challenging next step is for it to pass through the house. If the bill gets shot down by the house at least the president can then use his phone and pen to veto the bill. Lets pray it gets through senate first.

  133. Denise

    So you can raise the minimum wage but people are still out of work and have no job in sight and unemployment has ended what are these people to do? There were ladies at my job that had 25 years and were let go just like that. Help us we can not find work if we can not afford the cost of transportation to look for it. So republicans get off your butts or give us your pay checks till we find something

  134. Steve

    I’m really not understanding why unemployment can’t be extended. I was paying for classes and helping my parents and now that it has ended it has become a very big struggle. I’ve been working sense I was 16yrs old. I got my first apt. at the age of 20yrs and has been living on my own ever sense then. I’m 44 now and I lost my job and moved in with my parents. NO cool! NOT COOL AT ALL.

  135. DarCig

    I too had my benefits stopped and actually got food stamps for a month. Then decided to look for minimum wage jobs while looking to still get a job in my industry. Maybe not extending makes everyone try to accept any job for the time being.

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