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28th February
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Unemployment Extension News and Economic Trends Reviewed today February 28, 2014:
Many Americans tuned in yesterday to gain insight into the current economic recovery process happening in the U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen testified to the Senate Banking Committee on the current state of economic affairs in the U.S. and on monetary policy. Many of America’s long term unemployed tuned in to glean information on economic progress given that many remain without long term unemployment compensation. The Senate continues to debate the possibility, but for now, a long term benefit extension has been left unapproved.
According to Janet Yellen’s testimony, she believes that the U.S. economy continues to recover. The Feds will continue to carry out the federal stimulus tapering plan which began months ago. The long term unemployed in the country took note that Yellen reported that no conflict exists between maximizing employment and tapering stimulus funds. It should be noted that since the tapering began, both monthly jobs reports have been much weaker than expected. The data has been contrary to the number of job additions needed to support a great reduction in the number of Americans in need of a long term unemployment extension.
Yellen implied that the weather is the culprit for the recently soft economic data. She stated that she and her colleagues will continue to monitor economic developments to determine if the recovery is progressing adequately.
I guess for now, approximately 2 million Americans without unemployment benefits will wait longer as Yellen and other policy leaders continue to “interpret the data.”

Genny Germano


  1. 01/03/2014

    Wow now its the weather. Thats the last straw I will now become independen.t such crap these idiots thank they know what the people need. How can they there always on vacation never at work. When they are there all they do is blame the other guy. Unless they get what they want in a bill they shoot it down & say the other guy didn’t play fair.well I have played fair since I was 14 I’m now 61 work all my life & served my country & this is the thanks I get. Everyone one of these assholes from the top on down don’t have a clue what’s happening in the real world. They are turning this country into a disgrace for the world to see. Bank wants my home cable gone car coming close to being gone everything I have work for is being taken away. Why because we don’t live in a foreign country so we can’t get help.what a sad day in America. They should all burn in hell & even that’s not hoarse enough. I just hope come election day the people really show these idiots what they really thank & vote there asses out of office.

  2. 01/03/2014

    This Damn weather…imagine a snowstorm and deep freezes to blame for no jobs….Did Janet freeze her buns off going home from HER fancy Job…..????? Looks to me like Harry Reid is one of the chosen few to be commended…he has certainly been trying hard to put this thing through….Where is President King Tut….cannot see he has been too instrumental in this matter….

  3. traci breeckner

    I have been off work for 8months. .
    have worked all my life and I am 56 years old…….I have applied for hundreds of jobs and I know I dont get them because of my age….I have a son who is a marine and did 3 tours and is now a police officer…….WHY is my country letting me down now….I can’t pay my rent…I am so screwed….maybe senate could stop getting a pay check for 8 months and help us….do you care about our country or not? You find funds for everything else. Please help me!

  4. Di Cat

    I worked 28 years at one place. Walked in one day and was told company was closing it’s 2 sites in Pittsburgh. A few weeks severance and now UC is also cut. After working 28 years, you’d think I could get UC while looking and practically begging for jobs. The situation is pitiful. We have elected a Congress who don’t care about the people they are meant to serve. I continue to be told that I over-qualified or too old or I never hear from them.
    This is the first time I have collected unemployment and now that’s cut off too.
    At 57 years, I want to thank Congress and Obama, who hasn’t uttered the word “Unemployment” in a while now. But let’s send help all over the world to assist everyone else. Shame on you all!

  5. nicolette raske

    I can’t its taking so long for Congress to pass this bill what are we gonma do.
    We as Americans who are out of work through no fault of our own.
    I mean we can’t pay our bills and we are behind in everything.
    This is just so tough I am so worried for all of us please Congress fix this.
    I mean America is suppost to be so wonderful and I thought that Congress was suppost to help.
    not hinder in times like this the economy is getting better but we still have a long way to go.
    and although we are starting to recover from this economic downfall.
    stopping things that help the American people continue to recover.
    it instead stops us from being able to put into the economy and then food stamps are reduced again.
    I just don’t get it and I am starting to lose hope in this country in my Congress and the president.
    and without hope and faith what do you have legistlations and bills.
    That Congress refuses to pass more broken promises by our president.
    I really hope for the sake of all of us that emergency Euc. Is passed right away.

    Gob bless

  6. Pedro

    I thought Obama was on our side. I guessed wrong. He cares more about getting Dems elected in the fall so he’ll have a better chance of creating a legacy for himself the following two years. For this he doesn’t mind screwing over the unemployed, which makes him no different than the Repubs.

  7. Rocky

    Mr. Obama needs to quit worrying about Russia or any other country right now!!! Mrs. Obama needs a real job. Quit worrying about food labels that our unemployed Americans and children can’t effort to buy right now. You both should be ashamed. The 2-4 million unemployed Americans and their children being swept under the rug by our own government. And you both are worried about other country’s and food labels. What a joke. This is a real slap to the American people. Your concern is about everything but the unemployed Americans. New data has been posted about the real number of unemployed Americans that have not been counted in the past. This new data of a total of 10.2 million people in the US counted and not counted ( forgotten ) are long term unemployed. Yes 10.2 million Americans are and still is unemployed across this great nation. Washington DC hides the real numbers. Don’t want to count the ones they want to forget. If this Survival Extension don’t pass, Washington DC will forget us and the fake numbers of unemployed Americans posted by our leaders will make them look good. Bottom line we the American people know better. We live in the real world, folks in Washington DC don’t.

    USA first!!!!!!!!! Other country’s and food labels back burners.

  8. Vicki M

    Here we go again. I DARE any of you over the age of 50 to go searching for a job. I’m 64 and have worked all my life. Now when I NEED unemployment to keep from losing absolutely everything where are my politicians? PLEASE, I BEG you. Pass this as soon as possible and help those Americans who need this help. My husband just had a pacemaker/defibrulator installed and I feel this is only a peek into what we have in store for the future.

  9. jamie

    Same boat as everyone else. Nothing left.I pray someone does something very fast.

  10. M.Frazer

    While Congress sits around and plays political games, 2 million long term unemployed Americans suffer. One way to stop Congress from playing games with peoples’ lives to have the 2 million (or even half that number would be suffice) march on Washington. To hell with signing petitions, emailing, and calling these elected representatives, because that seems to have no bearing on them. It is easy to disregard or blow an issue or people off when they are not in your face, but with 2 million people standing outside your door asking questions and seeking answers, I bet they would come to quick decision making then. It worked with the civil rights movements in the 1960’s.

  11. jenni

    Seems funny our own country won’t take care of their own but they jet across the ocean to take care of everyone else. My nephew lost his life as a marine to see to it that this shit don’t happen, yet after 18 years my job was terminated. This country is nothing but communist, which only means the government is only for themselves. We better wake up America or we will be WORSE than a third world country.

  12. B. Funstock

    Hopefully someone is forwarding these comments and pleas to our politicians. These are good loyal Americans looking for work. Unless the government wants more people on the welfare roles, more mortgage foreclosures and more Americans slipping into poverty (which has a substantial price-tag too), they best extend UC coverage another 6 months.

    Sadly, those desiring additional “data” will assume the employment situation is improving since “now” the statistics will indicate less folks on unemployment because those who recently lost benefits will not be counted in the numbers for the currently unemployed! Others, which are over 62, who still desire to work but can’t find any, will simply retire (more money).

    The current crop of politicians best pay attention to our (so far friendly) citizens pleas, in lieu of worrying about folks in countries which don’t like us much in the first place. If they want us to fight for the USA (at their direction) in the future, they best take care of their own “first”, and not bite the hands that feed them!

  13. 01/03/2014

    I have to believe that all of this has been planned. It is their job to know that the extension would end in December. I think that they planned all of this. They know that older Americans are obedient. That we would take all of their inactivity, quietly. I believe that they had hoped and still hope that some big story would take over mainstream media and the rest of America would forget about us. It seems to be working. Actors getting arrested get more coverage. I think that the media play off anything that comes along on the news just so they dont have to address unemployment. We need social media and mainstream media to work for us. Until we roar, the government will not act.

  14. Neil Koenig

    I will never vote republican again. It’s disgraceful that my representatives don’t give a damn about helping people that have been productive members of society. I’m 60 and haqve worked since I was 14. Never ask the government for anything. It trully makes me sick that this is what my country does when I for the first time in my life need a helping hand.

  15. LI

    I’m DONE!!!! I will be Living on the street in front of the CAPITAL!!!!


  16. Travis

    They’ll know it when some crazy lunatic bombs their buildings in some way, shape, or form. I don’t condone violence or any other force, but one day there are going to be people that have had enough of their B.S. All of the votes and stalling in the world won’t be able to help them because none of it will matter. 2million people(and counting) that will be willing to do anything and everything to survive will not be a good thing and could abruptly turn into so much more. Are they going to arrest 2million people that start committing crimes? Sending more people to jail, raising the cost for that already known issue as well. How easy will it be to blame the weather then? Really? I hope it does not come down to these types of situations but I’m sure it has already started somewhere. We have “leave no child behind” for education. We have “leave no soldier behind” for military. Why is it ok for congress to be leaving our own civilians behind in the economy in favor of illegal immigrants and people who defy the nature of our country’s well being?? Our “leaders” should adopt a “leave no civilian behind” approach in the economy. Not leaving students behind.. has improved graduation rates and has driven more people to further their education. Leaving no soldier behind has instilled our military to believe in one another in order to carry out some of the greatest military accomplishments in history, ensuring our military as one of the strongest in the world. Is it far-fetched to think that a “leave no law abiding citizen behind” approach could help to propel our economy? How are companies to make money if our workers are steadily dropping.. 700,000 workers in 2mths. It doesn’t take a genius to see what’s going to happen once that trend continues. Help our people so the rest of the nation doesn’t have to witness one nations self-destruction due to an incompetent and greed oriented government!! Eventually, unless you are a CEO of a company(and even then may happen).. you will be faced with unemployment with these numbers. Those that think it will never happen to them are just flat-out wrong. They will be the same ones hypocritically screaming for help when in the same situation. Just as many people who thought their jobs were secure in the past are doing now.

  17. 01/03/2014

    “Unemployment Benefit Extension waits on Policy Leaders to Review and React. Policy leaders will continue to monitor economic developments to determine if the recovery is progressing adequately.” Ms. Yellen believes the U.S. economy recovery continues,blames the weather for recently soft economic data and is not sure the data is adequate. What kind of math do they do in Washington? If they want to see the unemployment damage they just need to walk down almost any street in America and they will see people in line for a food box, seeking out every agency they can find to help pay the basic needs of families lights, water, shelter. How do you find a job without gas for the car or bus fare? If you are lucky enough to be able to get to a business hiring how can the perspective employers call you for an interview when you phone has been disconnected. More and more companies want their applications filled out on line no money on internet. And around and around we go while the government decides if the number crunchers data is correct. If their raise was in question I bet the data would fit.

  18. 01/03/2014

    On last comment I ment NO CONSIDERATION…..

  19. IsabelSH

    2 million are unemployed right now. Because many citizen have the luxury of a job they will not care about it and the Government well… we can see that they don’t care. The benefits will not get approved again. I lost hope already. The reason why so many people are unemployed and cannot find jobs is because they have skills and greed companies prefer to hire someone with no skills to pay less. I am a register voter for the Green Party, because Republican, Democrats, Independent and the Tea Party are all the same and they do not represent the 98% American’s. The Land of opportunity is just a once upon a time story, and Freedom is the next…

  20. Jose

    The fate of millions in the hands of a few who would rather play politics than help a human begin. WOW, america how great of a nation where people come second to politics and business. One nation under God should be rephrased to say One nation ruled by heartless politicians. SAD…

  21. 01/03/2014

    …The fate of millions in the hands of a few who would rather play politics than help a human begin. WOW, america how great of a nation where people come second to politics and business. One nation under God should be rephrased to say One nation ruled by heartless politicians. SAD…

  22. 01/03/2014

    Hello Everyone,

  23. 01/03/2014

    Hello Everyone,
    This is getting old. Been hitting food pantry to feed family. What does it take to add other party to a ballot. Don’t really want to vote Republican, Democrat or Independent. How about Other Party or D: All the Above on ballot. Maybe President just lost his phone and pen. I’ll send mine as it is about to be shut off. Maybe President Obama can get that last executive order done using my almost dead phone and pen. What a grand politician. Thank you for your time.

  24. Leon D

    This is truly a disgrace. There are nearly 2 million people who are in dyer need from the government that is suppose to protect us and help us when we are down and out. I am in the same boat as most of you are and have been looking at the computer every minute to see if they have made a decision or not and come to find out that they are out of congress until Monday again!!!!!!!!!!? These sorry and selfish republican really don’t give a damn about anyone who is middle class or in poverty!!! They shut us down by not extending unemployment, not wanting to raise the minimum wage, They take away food stamps from the poorest for no reason, whatsoever, they did not even have a reason to deduct food stamps, except for the fact that it puts more money in their greedy ass pockets!!!!!! I have a disabled mother, who had a stroke, that I have to take care of. I worked all of my life since I was 16 and I’m 32 now and these bastards can’t even give me my money that I worked hard for. Was laid off due to lack of work, now I am attending school but only have so much time before I can’t go due to the lack of funds. My phone is off and I don’t have money to put gas in my car or have the ability to receive calls just in case someone does call me for an interview. I have been looking for work since I was laid of in December of 2012 and have been looking and applying for every position I can but no response. Jobs that are available are too far to travel to and I don’t have the gas money to go so far to work for 8.25 an hour. The democrats are doing what they can but I personally think that they should have included this bill in the budget but it really are the republicans that are stopping this. They don’t care about minorities and continue to take from the majority of hard working, honest Americans, who by the way, put your sorry selfish asses where you are!!!!!!!! This will be my first time voting and I will most definitely vote democrat. They are the ones who are trying to keep this as an important issue for 2 million people. Republicans don’t even b other to bring the matter up at all. Looked at the Ed show on MSNBC, and someone asked why congress isn’t talking about unemployment and sadly, Ed stated that “it just isn’t a important issue to congress”. No one is even still reporting on it anymore and it pisses me off to think that these bastards are putting our families and loved ones through this!!!!!!!!! I totally agree with David, WE REALLY NEED TO MARCH TO CONGRESS TO SHOW THEM THAT THIS IS AN IMPORTANT ISSUE AND THAT OUR FAMILIES DO MATTER!!!!!!! Until then, I don’t think that this will become important to the republicans and 2 millions+ people will be in deep trouble and have to apply for the little food stamps that the republicans allow us to have. WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING PEOPLE, UNTIL THEN REPUBLICANS WILL NOT EXTEND BENEFITS!!!!! REMEMBER THAT THE BILL HAS TO GO THROUGH THE SENATE AND HOUSE AND THEY ARE MOSTLY republican. When people start to turn on republicans in immortal ways, maybe then they will get it. LET’S MARCH TO CONGRESS AND MAKE A PROTEST!!!!! REPUBLICAN BASTARDS.

  25. Emily

    Congress, my dad needs money to feed me please extend his benifits

  26. dj

    Give money to other countries !!!
    An they don’t take care of the US people
    if they want too get the debt back help
    the people here at Home. Stop giving
    money too eastern countries.

  27. AC

    How stupid is she??? The weather is making the economy soft??????? How about 2 million plus people out of work and not able to pay for anything????? I would think THAT is what’s making the economy soft!

  28. Kristie

    I am in this same boat as well, but for me it is just starting. I have been working for over 21 years and was laid off 6 months ago. Looks like my 26 weeks of unemployment benefits are up. After so many years of service with no breaks I am only allowed 26 weeks after so many have employees have been blessed with 18 months. My mother who is 64 — too old to be hired by another company and too young to retire — works for the same company that I did. She will be laid off in a couple weeks. Gotta love Corporate America and their downsizing BS. She will has 26 weeks too. She is single, has as a mortgage and she is financially responsible for herself, with no employment in the near future because of her age. I am now doing a short sale of my house and considering bankruptcy on the rest. See my mom needs help too. Once her 26 weeks are up and if she isn’t hired, she will need some kind of income. I’m hoping it will be me, working somewhere and helping my beloved mother, since our self-loving, game-playing government won’t. This nation is in desperate need of an over-powered wake-up call and a side of human compassion.

  29. DarCig

    Both sides are to blame. When the country is broke something has to give. There is so much money being wasted on pork barrel spending we have no Monet left to give extra unemployment to people during a elongated recession. When talk of cutting pension and pay for our military we knew the country was in trouble

  30. Al Lee

    I’ve been working since I was 14 yrs old (8 yrs old if you count the nickle and dime odd jobs and errands I used to do for the neighborhood elderly when I was a kid and the lawns I used to mow), I am a decorated military veteran, up until just a few years ago I kept two jobs always — even while in the military. I have worked for everything I’ve ever gotten, never asked anyone for anything, never had anything given to me. Built my way up to a good position with a military contractor over the past seven years, gov’t sequestration brought about layoffs, and now have been unemployed for the first time in my adult life since May. Extended benefits started end of November only to be cut off a few weeks later — benefits that all of the hard working people of this nation deserve in these times of need. I am so disappointed in this leaders of this nation. They’ve turned their backs on us and are using us as pawns. I have looked diligently for work since the layoff AND have gone back to college online. Good thing I never let that good paying job dictate my lifestyle or else I’d be in as bad a situation as so many others are. I could (and would) flip burgers to survive… if only I wasn’t so “OVERQUALIFIED” to do so. Mr. President, get off your ass and do something!!! An executive order is needed. Get your nose out of other countries’ business and take care of home. The same people who put you in office are the very ones who have fallen victim to this awful joblessness. Stop dropping the ball five minutes after kickoff! The biggest slap in the face is the fact that this issue (which is contributing to even further demise of our economy) is that there’s not even any press coverage… nobody cares. I guess when people have been pushed past their breaking points and a violent wave of rioting and mass destruction sweeps across the nation, maybe then the powers that be will get off their royal asses! For everyone who is affected by this as I am, my heart goes out to you all. May God keep us all somehow, some way.

  31. 02/03/2014

    I worked and paid into the system since I was 12 yrs. old, one day I asked where does all the money go that I paid into the system and the answer I got was it goes to the people that need it, well what the hell is our government doing we need help now! What kind of game are they playing anyway? We need to get these old bastards out and get some real people in cause they suck!!

  32. Kenneth Kasian

    That will never happen unfortunately, this morning I watched the show The Men who built our country on H2D2. Its funny how these people have no regard for the people that work for them. While they battle to become richer we battle to feed our families. Don’t believe that any of these people have the people in their concerns, as John D Rockefellers con man father said it best, “trust no one son, even me” The rich will get richer and we will suffer at their hands, none of these people have any second thoughts about screwing the workers of the world. They only want more wealth, its obvious in the way they control the political and judicial systems in this country. Corporate bankruptcy is a joke in this country, they get major bonuses while they bankrupt the companies. They walk away richer and we walk away looking for a job competing with hundreds of other people. Then they have the balls to hold back pensions and severance pay from the people who busted their ass for that company. It gets tied up in courts for years while we sit and hope that we will get this back. Not going to happen the system is set up to screw you and me and our families. All the while rich groups of men battle for control over our souls. They regard us as scum and will stop at nothing to get what they want. Then every once in awhile they quiet the masses by throwing us a bone, now is one of those times. Get it done and stop hurting the people who made this country great, the American worker, they do all the living and dying for this country while you Potters of the world get rich off of us. Time to anti up to the public so get it done.

  33. Scoty83348

    Oh they speak about sooooo many jobs being created.That may be the case, but @ 54 yrs old and have worked for 40 years, I have applied to 39 companies.A few interviews for Management/Trainee Positions. Each and every job baits you with a job description of full time employ and want to hire you and send you for drug screening etc. Once the smoke clears, the “offer” suddenly changes to part time @ minimum wage with a 16 hour work week. The “decision process” is predicated upon the Unemployment % #’s. These numbers are skewed since it only accounts for those currently collecting. It doesn’t account for all of us who are on the verge of losing everything.

    This cock and bull story of raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour is an absolute disgrace. Maybe the members of congress should lay off the $1200.00 lunches and go barefoot into the chambers and donate their $650 shoes ,turn the heat off and let them know what living a real life with struggle is all about. They should build “A Great Wall of the US” and keep the focus here at home.They are so quick to jump to give Aid to other countries, Where lies OUR Aid? They should impeach them all as they ALL have their hand in the “cookie Jar” WE have all worked so long and hard to fill!!

  34. Jane

    Anyone know who reads these heartbreaking stories? Or is this just a place for us to cry into the darkness where the politicians hide and breed.

    Why not take to the streets and like people did in 2010 & 2011 with the Occupy America movement?

    Could they ignore the estimated 2-4 Million unemployed and the other 6 Million that are no longer looking for jobs? They could not and would not ignore the millions and the additional 10 million plus family members that are in the vortex of this “Economic Recovery”, flushed away to never rise again.

    Shame on them? Really? REALLY? They have no shame. They know no shame. They only react to pressure. So give it to them. Occupy America for those who actually WILL Occupy America in homeless shelters, on the streets because no doubt hundreds of thousands have had Eviction Notices since congress failed to renew Unemployment Benefit Extensions in January.

    Focus, Get Mad and Organize!!!

  35. Rocky

    93 billion American dollars to support and rebuild Afghanistan. Now we are pulling out and the Afghanistan slaps the USA with a 1 billion dollar tax bill. LOL

    Ukraine’s march on Washington DC just this pass weekend asking for help and support from our US Government. Mr. Obama is ready TODAY to support the Ukraine’s with American money and supplies. You ask how much money? Most likely in the billions.

    The long term unemployed AMERICANS that have worked for many years ( 20-40 ) years are asking for help and support from our US Government. We get NOTHING, just stalled talk and game playing in Washington DC.

    Is it going to take a war within the U.S. to get Washington DC attention? Seems like other country’s wars and issues gets Washington DC attention real fast. I hope it’s doesn’t come to that. But 2 plus million Americans will only take so much B/S from Washington before they start pushing back and fighting for what is right. Time is ticking and American people are watching.

  36. kathy

    So….food stamps are cut back, school lunches are cut back, Unemployment is CUT OFF, yet we still have money to send overseas? Mr Obama and the senate and congress need it to be made VERY CLEARLY in the next election that WE THE PEOPLE, not Afganistan, Syria, etc etc etc, are the PEOPLE they committed to look after FIRST!!!! The old saying “Charity begins at home” is an appropriate cliché to email your representatives. Also, it would behoove the government officials to cut off their financial lifeline until they remember what a dollar is worth, especially when it has been taken from you.

  37. Jerry Lucky

    I need HELP NOW……….

  38. Todd Eagleton

                                                                                                          Leadership in Washington DC or Sociopathic Behavior?   
                                                                                                       No concern about the lives of unemployed citizens


         The definition of Leadership is defined simply as the capacity to turn a vision into reality through inspiring and motivating people.  A Sociopath is defined as an antisocial disorder in which a person has a long term pattern of manipulating, exploiting, or violating the rights of others, without having a conscience (after reading that, are you visualizing a campaign rally before election).  With the two terms being defined, where do some of our politicians fit under those two definitions?  The politicians that do not care about human life, or the well being of EVERY family in our great Country, not just their own family, the wealthy, but ALL of us.  Especially, in the time we need help the most.  There is always focus on a problem with many of these politicians, and not focus on a solution to the problem.  Yet, they create more issues (more problems) by not making a decision.  A Leader would make the decision, and find the solution regardless of the outcome of that decision.   A person who has no care for human life, without conscience, wouldn’t make a decision, or care about a solution. It’s a true shame that Senators Rob Portman (R-Ohio), Dan Coats (R-Indiana), & Mark Kirk (R-Illinois) obviously have no conscience, and have  forgotten where they came from and whom they represent.  You hear comments from our elected officials such as “…extending unemployment benefits is not the answer…We need to focus on creating jobs”.  It doesn’t take an unemployed ex-District Manager to figure out the government has not created a magic wand that is waved, and new business’s pop-up (if you do, please stop in PA and wave that thing!).  If you extend the unemployment benefits while focus on creating new jobs, that is the answer (it’s called multi-tasking).  Focus on the long term unemployed first, with pairing and matching with companies to employ them, and focus on a slow progression of depleting benefits (wien-off) the dollars over a period of time.  So the unemployed can prepare, have the time to find a job, and get their first paycheck, knowing when the last dollars will come.  It’s in-humane in a modern society to “cut-off” all income, and leave people helpless.

         As a society, how have we become so uncaring for one another, as you see so many comments about employed individuals who reply to the comments or stories of the truly suffering unemployed individuals.  I was raised with values, that taught me to respect life (people, animals, etc.).  I have always lived with the idea of “never to affect lives in a negative way”, and always to help people when I can.  It’s sad to say, many people do not care.  If we were stray dogs, undernourished being shown on television or reported in the news, there would be an outreach from people to help, to make sure they were taken care of and to help them survive.  For us, human beings, losing our homes/place to live, no food, falling behind on bills to the point of “no return” (credit destroyed, needing to work for years to catch up, etc.), losing all our possessions we own, and having simply nothing in the end, receive very little to no compassion.  Please, do not twist my words, as I love and care about animals as many do, but that is just an example of how we as a society have transformed from reaching out to help, or finding a way to help others in such an advanced society.    We judge not only because of religion, race, gender, sexual preference, but now employed verses unemployed, Republican verses Democrat.  All without the fact that we are all human beings, that just want to take care of our families, and live a good life. There is no “American Dream” if you do not have the simple necessities to live.   You can’t dream about vacations, travel, a new car, big house, and things you always wished for when you don’t know if you will have a place to live, food to eat, and what your future holds.  It’s stress from the minute you wake, to the time you sleep (and most of the time, you cannot sleep staying awake with worry).

    My story (I don’t think it matters to anyone):

    I have worked since I was 15 years old, with no “gaps” in employment, or terminations.  Two jobs while going to high school/college, and three jobs during the summer months.  I always prided myself on doing the best I could, and being the best worker I could be.   I stayed with the same company for 25 years (through company acquisitions) with no employment gaps, lay-offs, or even missing time (only 5 sick days since 1988).   I lived my life and served my employer with honesty and integrity, with values and character.   This is the first time of collecting unemployment benefits, and it ends abruptly.  On May 24, 2013, I was given a “Separation& Release” agreement (severance), and was told I had 21 days to agree / accept, or they would notify me by mail the reason for my termination.   The “cost-of-an-hour”/payroll re-structure.  I had led my team(s) to many years of company leading results, and always earned my position daily.   I was proud of my position, cared about the 160 plus team members that I was responsible for, and thought of them as family.   I cared about their families, their success, their goals, and their future.  It was about development, and helping others succeed.  I believed in them, and they believed in me.  I believe that is an example of Leadership.   I was a District Manager for a company, not a politician, and I realized many years ago that results, “numbers”/financials, budgets,  always had positive results when I believed in my team (my employees), and they believed in me.  It’s not about “numbers”, it’s about the people.  A simple quote from Donald Trump “You don’t manage a business…You manage people.”  Our politicians manage a budget, and many of them don’t seem to care about the people.   That’s not why we elected them to office.

    Reality:  What it’s like to be unemployed and not have an income or the help we worked for, for many years

    ·         Bills never stop:  If you can’t pay them, the cell phone is turned off, but your billing continues.  Your electricity shut-off with more late fees, turn-on fees, and of course  it keeps adding up.  You cannot keep up, as the late fees, surcharges, contract fees, never stop.  No care for human life by these companies and their investors (probably plenty of stock investments by politicians)
    ·         To seek employment:  You need electricity, a phone, a computer, a car (including gas, insurance, registration, inspection, maintenance), a place to bathe, necessities that many don’t think about until you cannot afford them (deodorant, soap, detergent, bathroom tissue, toothpaste, etc.)
    ·         Food:  I lost 39 pounds since being unemployed 7 months ago, I was very health conscious and not over-weight. (The new diet plan called the “No EUC Benefits Diet Plan”).  I doubt there is any politician in Washington that knows what it’s like to worry if you will have any food on a given day, and to have one meal a day.  I doubt even the “Bar keepers son” or the “Daughter of a Farmer” experienced that.
    ·         Rent/Mortgage:   The stress and EVERY day worry of how you can keep the place you live, and how you are going to lose everything you worked your entire life to have.  Many Americans are past that point, and are homeless.
    ·         Your possessions:  For the 25 years of work (since I was 15) I now have nothing.  When the benefits ended, I had to sell my possessions, and they are almost all gone.  I have more faith in Craigslist than I do in many of my Government officials.  Craigslist and my possessions help me to survive, not the government who I paid for all those years.
    ·         What it feels like:  You feel worthless, always stressed, constantly looking for jobs with no reply back (it’s an employer’s market), the wages are minimal (minimum wage) in many cases, and the average time to actually work is 45-60 days (multiple interviews, background check, drug testing, etc.).  You don’t want to wake up, and in your darkest moments, you contemplate suicide.  I am true to my values and character, and will always be honest and integral, but others are not, and the increase in crime will continue to rise.

    There is much more to my story, as well as so many others, who are worse off than I.  I care about them, I care about people regardless of race, religion, sexual preference, etc.  To be a good person, you care about others without bias.  I wish our politicians in Washington cared as much as the “true” good people in this country who put others before themselves.  We are not all bad, we are not all out to “scam” the system, and a majority of us need these benefits to just survive until we can get a job.  It can happen to anyone, so no one should judge others.

    I feel President Obama does care, and will come through for those of us who truly need these benefits to survive.  There has never been a President that was faced with the “internal” adversity as he has.  The insult, the deception, and the issue of the Republicans working against him, at the expense of the people they represent.

    One Last Comment:

    Every politician we remember, and reflect on their accomplishments were Leaders.  They put the citizens of the United States first, they stood for honesty, integrity, and they fought for what is right (without a war).  They left a legacy, they made the country we live in a better place, and most of all they cared about human life with a conscience.  President Obama can leave that type of legacy if given the opportunity.  For the rest, what will their legacy be?  It’s not too late  for them to leave our country a better place when they no longer represent.  They can leave a legacy and be part of that elite group of Leaders we still celebrate, if they change.    


             Todd Eagleton

    P.S.  I have worked longer with no employment “gaps” then most politicians, and NEVER before applied or received unemployment benefits.  I’m on a “wait for a panel” part of my third and fourth interview process with 2 different companies.  The average time to get /receive a job offer other than minimum wage jobs, is approximately two months (testing, aptitude testing, DDI, etc., waiting to be called, interview #1, interview #2, and if you survive all of that, then the waiting game, and panel interview #3, then wait, then a possible job offer, then scheduling, and finally, two weeks minimum for your first paycheck).  Wake up, come to reality and out of your “political bubble” and look into the real world…It will surprise you!  Look into Corporate America, and how companies are discriminating because of age, race, sexual preference, and TERMINATING EMPLOYEES FOR MAKING TOO MUCH MONEY….Solve those issues and you will solve 1/3 of the unemployment rate.

  39. DAN

    maybe we need to invite the Russians here; they may take care of the un-employed better than our government. After all we are giving the Ukrane 1 BILLION DOLLARS, but screw the american people.

  40. 02/03/2014

    Thank God for having a sister that still has a job. I had to move out of my apartment. In with my sister. I have used all my savings. With was not to much, but it has paid min payment on the important bills. The other ones are in a hat waiting to get paid. Reg due ins due. you name it. this is going on the third month with no income at all. Everybody knows what happens after 90 days. I guess I can laugh, they wont be able to call me. I have already lost my phone. And my car cant put gas in that anyway. That makes looking for work harder. Well I guess if you look at it, the judges will still have a job. Locking everybody up. Because even I can see that people will start robing crime will go up. Like we don’t have enough already. Congress stop playing games. Approve the unemployment you will have over 2 million thank yous

  41. DJ

    The Gov. will send money too help
    other countries.

    But willn’t take care of people in the
    U.S. that are living on fumes

    We need your Help now

  42. SL

    I’m so tired of the game playing. My apartment and car are gone due to the cutoff. This is money I have been paying from my paychecks since I starting working at 15. Job hunting is really hampered with my car repossessed. As an Appraiser, my field requires a car. Another over 50 year old on food stamps taking handouts from friends and family. Unemployment benefits help people to live until they can be hired!!!! It’s not welfare, cutting them early puts people on welfare.

  43. 04/03/2014

    Well, Here we go again. Borrow a loan for 1 Billion to Ukraine that they never will repay.
    I bet the new regime steals most of the Energy help funds. These people will lose their energy first. Say bye bye natural gas. Oh we the american savior politicians will help them find other sources for energy. We can’t do that in our own dam country. This is nothing more then a huge distraction for Americans to suck on. Just wait for the real shit that is going to hit the fan. From what I gather the real move for Obama should have been Putin’s first move. Take over first. What is America’s next move here? Carpet bombing or 16,000 snipers to take out the Russian Unmarked Thugs. We have no move. Again, we don’t have the balls to do anything in the region. They are laughing at us again. Wake the sleeping giant. The Christian Crusaders will ride again to clean the earth and lay the mountains flat for “The Lord”.

    Feel some much more better now. Thanks. Going to get my horse ready. Oh, i guess I’m done certifying for “Unenjoyment”. Washington is to busy with these folks now. Time to take what i need a discard the rest.

  44. Cam

    One Billion Dollars for the Ukraine
    AND WE DONT TAKE CARE OF ARE OWN AMERICAN PEOPLE. They must think we are a bunch of morons.
    Are they smoking crack in Washington
    I am so disappointed in the way this GOVT is acting …. SHAME ON YOU ALL

  45. Tarry Palm

    Our Government is voting today to send Ukraine millions of Dollars they sure found money to send to the Ukraine but our government is yelling about extending EUC Benefits to help the American people what’s wrong with this picture here we are a little over two months later still no EUC benefits it’s a shame our own government feeling Disgusted.

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