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27th February
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Unemployment Benefit news review and update today February 27, 2014:
Close to two million Americans continue to hold onto hope that Congress will extend unemployment benefits for the long term unemployed. Over a million Americans exhausted their long term unemployment compensation as of December 28, 2013. After multiple attempts to pass an extension, policy leaders have only been able to come up with reasons to abandon the attempts.
Now, months have passed and lawmakers are still debating possible extension plans. The focus though may be transitioning however. Previous attempts for an unemployment benefit extension were short term and would have covered only three months. Now, policy leaders are talking about a measure that would be longer. According to Senator Jack Reed (Democrat, Rhode Island), Democrats are focusing on a long term unemployment compensation package that would last for six months or more. The price tag of such an extension would run between $12 and $13 billion and could possibly be paid for through savings associated with future long-term farm bill savings. Republicans have not ruled out this possibility which is apparently progress considering the past reluctance of Republican party members to agree to previously presented payment methods. Reed recently reported that he has not lost hope that the Senate can find enough support to pass an unemployment extension measure. Almost 2 million Americans still hold on to hope as well. Reed reported that he expects to bring the legislation to vote on the Senate floor very soon.

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  1. 27/02/2014

    Time to act is now !! Reinstate unemployment benefit week could be too late.

  2. jessie

    Thanks so much for the updates on this issue. We cannot forget about the 2 million Americans who have lost benefits!

  3. 27/02/2014

    I am very desperate for some money for my family getting tired of eating beans and cup of noodle soups. I got a couple of job leads but until then I need my unemployment money to survive. I have worked for 30 years straight until my plant shuitdown

  4. Karen

    I am one of the many that have lost benefits. I apply every day, and I’m searching everywhere. I get so aggravated at the people who say we don’t want to work!!! I want to, but I not even getting calls. I’ve worked for 25 years, have 2 different careers that I’m capable of doing, but still not getting any work. I’m not a very political person, but I can tell you that I will be come November!! They do not care about their fellow Americans. Guess I’ll just go suck off the system’s welfare program since I have no other income! Everyone else does!!!

  5. Laura

    Soon???!!!! How about now!!!

  6. thomas

    we never has this before an over 2 million americans in cluding my self are waiting an hoping for this to pass an I don’t like when bills pile up an no way to pay them an im still searching for work an no luck yet so I just hope they come to an agreement very soon

  7. Larry K

    Each day that passes by without receiving any benefits, (no income since December), becomes more difficult. Cannot drive anywhere without gas, trying to keep the utilities on, and trying to feed family. This situation can push people into taking drastic measures to take care of their families. Congress, can you please pick up the pace? C’mon, people really need this.

  8. Dwayne

    It’s just a shame that people making so much money, are able to call the shots. They don’t have a clue, most of us have been paying into unemployment since we where teenage years. This is not a hand out.

  9. 27/02/2014

    It’s time Pres Obama started chiming in on this. He was all talk how this would be a priority but he seems to have placed this important issue on the back burner.The Democrats made the huge mistake of passing the budget bill without including the extension.

  10. Ellen

    Desperation is setting in. These people are not going to be able to look for work when they’ve lost their transportation, homes, and self worth. How long before they turn to crime?

  11. richard

    they need to vote now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lost my home, all my kids clothes toys, because the sheriff locked my home, this is not fair….I have three children!!!but they will go help another country faster then helping American’s….truly truly sad…..

  12. Tom

    I’m a veteran, it is really sad that our elected official are against helping us that do all we can as Americans to work hard and take care of our responsibilities and at some point we loose a job or get laid off no fault of our own and we need unemployment benefits to until we can find a job and yet they play games with people that are trying to put food on the table for their kids every night.

  13. virginia perez

    we really need that vote to pass. starving. work all my live and now I need help they are playing with us.

  14. Marnie Harrington

    I have never really paid close attention to how it all works in Washington with regards to The Senate, Congress, etc. I understand now why I have always heard how dysfunctional and mired in never-ended fights and drama it all is. At this point in my life and after having gone through just about all there is to go through by way of illnesses, deaths, etc. of almost all of my beloved family and friends…..well, I honestly didn’t think anything could really bother me now. I was wrong. I feel like I am about to have a massive coronary or stroke or something everytime I “catch-up” on the daily follies of our governmnet at work. Good Lord, how will they ever get anything done, let alone this? How can they functional at all with nothing but under-cutting each other at every pass?

    No more of this for me. I will continue to pray so very hard for all of my comrads that are going through this terrible event. You just hold on and God will deliver all of us stronger and wiser. Maybe once we all get back on our feet, we can unite to make Washingtom a better place! Thank God I still beleiev in miracles!!

  15. Dick Hertz

    I do not see any replies on getting a job. I have one, meaning I am paying for these people to do nothing. Take any job you can, do not have the “I made $35/hr at my pervious job, I will not accept anything less” stance. We are becoming too lazy and dependent on handouts. Do people realize nothing is free, somebody has to pay for this unemployment. It’s the hard working people that are paying for this unemployment. Yes unemployment needs to exist, I just have a problem when people are on it for long periods. There should be a deadline, plan according.

  16. mike

    1 word for all of you…..ANARCHY!!!

  17. Kenneth Lawler

    It’s so funny sign the petition above and those filthy bastards what money from you when you can’t even pay your bills what a joke if I get my unemployment I’m moving to Canada

  18. 27/02/2014

    This is bulls–t!!! Congress comes back from one of its many vacations that we the tax payers flip for and they know that 2 mil. plus people are on the verge of going hostile and all they can up with is a vote will be very soon. You bunch of idiots!!! You know that we have been without any income for over 2 months now and youre asses are not starving. This was reported that this is the no. one problem right now and all they can do is say we will vote very soon. They want to exstend the benefits for 6 months but just two days ago rep. dan coats said he would approve 3 months and if they tried anything else it would be turned down. How stuid do you think the american people are that all the democracts are doing is just pulling shit out of there ass and the republicans just keep loving turning it down. We have a big problem here people. We do need to rise up and protest this gov. instead of just writing on line aout it.If things were to get ugly they would be setting up and taking action. As far as the great president we have,you can just see how much he cares for the people who worked all there lifes and payed taxes so he could play basketball at the whitehouse. What a big joke this whole thing has become. It is going to come that the people will start robbing form the rich to feed the poor, its not that far off.

  19. Tannish

    I just went in to court today to answer why I have not paid my rent in two months about to be evicted, been going to food shelters for food. This is a disgrace! You all can send money to other countries weekly and monthly but you can not take of your own citizens who have been let go through no fault of their own. Come own please pass the bill to reinstate EUC so we can at least get our feet back on solid ground. We get the message you all are tire of taking care of your own people when they are at rock bottom. We will remember every one of you Republicans when it is time to vote. Please believe!

  20. Dick Hertz

    I am not a astrophysics’ but when you spend more than you take in, you will be in debt. That is the current state of our country. I fail to see why this is so hard to understand. Republicans seem to realize this but democrats do not see this as any problem. I guess that is why democrats get voted in office, if you vote democrat you will receive something for nothing. While the republicans are wanting to take away these free handouts. I suppose I would want something for free but I would ask myself where is it coming from. Then I would realize nothing is free, I am taking something away from my fellow hard working neighbor.

  21. debbie

    Hopefully the senators can all come to an agreement. There are too many people who can’t even afford to feed their children or keep roofs over their heads. How can you look for a job when you have no income to put gas in your car, pay insurance, pay utilities, etc. Please urge your local congressman to vote “yes” to extending unemployment!!!

  22. Melissa

    With each passing day people are loosing homes and going without food. People aren’t able to send kids to school let along give out lunch monies. American citizens are sitting in the dark and cold because of shut off utilities and having cars repossessed. Many Americans have worked to build the “American” dream only to have the rug snatched from under their feet. Have paid taxes to society……yet in a time of need through no fault if their own, can’t use their own tax monies taken via payroll while they seek “jobs.” America has shown me more in the last 2 months than I’ve ever seen in my 37 years. I thought this was a place that cared for its own. My fellow Americans are left to fend for themselves yet we have monies for war???????????? How so? Everyday in the last few weeks I feel like the Will Smith movie “I Am Legend.” Wake up politicians! Get your necks out of the sand. Stop telling the people that you’re still working on it and DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!! The late great Tupac said it best “WE GOT MONEY FOR WAR BUT CAN’T FEED THE POOR.

  23. Jesse Cole

    Every morning I dread to wake up, you ever dread to just see the sun come up, I live in a town that’s about 150 people, no groceries stores nothing. I wake up every morning and just wonder how am I going to explain this to my 5 year old! And the worst state to live in ,and the state that the last 2 governors are in prison (Illinois) come on folks us Americans need more than this, we rely on y’all to keep are economy up and growing! And I see on line where there lists of company hirings! If these company’s are hiring than get me a job! But of course I’ve used all of my money in gas to put applications in but nothing, (imagine that)! We are letting all these immigrants in our country where we were born and raised and be the first one to have our American flag hanging over my porch, but y’all wonder what’s happening to our money and our jobs just look around immigrants from Mexico everywhere taking all our money back to Mexico! More money be paid out to them, than money taken in from taxes by us! Just remember all these Mexicans will be gone in 10 years and loaded while us United States folks will be standing strong still be starving but still be waving our flag !!!!!!

  24. Felipe Santiago

    I currently got pulled over in my car because of a lapse on my insurance causing my registration to be suspended.. I now am unable to drive my vehicle to and from any type of job interviews in which I have been applying for the last 6 months.. My phone is about to get cut off due to lack of payment and I’m afraid I may miss a phone call from a job who is giving me an opportunity.. no lie but I have lost 25 pounds within the last 2 months due to lack of food.. I am running out of food to even feed myself.. This has got to be resolved sooner then later.. All I do is drive myself crazy checking in on any information leading up to the extension possibly getting extended.. and it is so frustrating and disappointing when nothing is accomplished.. I feel like they don’t care about us and am scared I may have to take drastic measures just to feed myself.. I currently live out of my car that I have to park in a apartment complex and can not go anywhere due to my insurance and registration issue.. please help me and all the millions across the country whom are effected just like I am.. this isn’t a game this is serious and detrimental to all of our health.. end this battle and allow us the chance to get back on our feet.. .p.

  25. Kelli

    Months have gone by without my husbands income, we struggle to put food on the table and to make his car payment (which is behind)….please please put this as top priority so that we can live!

  26. Cam

    Again Washington is turning a blind eye
    to this massive problem that over 2 million AMERICANS are facing ..
    UNDER THE CARPET .. YOUR FELLOW AMERICANS LIVES ARE GOING TOP BE RUINED IF YOU DONT COME UP WITH A SOLUTION ….What I cant understand is your all a bunch of grown men & women between all of you PUT YOUR DAM PRIDE ON THE BACK BURNER DEM, REP Who gives a crap Just take care of the AMERICAN PEOPLE and stop playing games, enough is enough

  27. Martha

    I hate being told that we are not looking for jobs anymore. We look for work every single day. To think we like receiving a few hundred dollars a week in order to sustain our lives? A few hundred dollars a week barely keeps us going. Not having any income since December I lost my apartment, I lost my insurance that I just signed up for because when I lost my apartment I had to move out-of-state to the only person who would put a roof over my head. Then I lost my food assistance for the same reason. I have worked every day of my life since I graduated from high school 35 years ago. People accuse us of being lazy. We consistently hear on the news that we have “given up “. Like we want to keep accepting a measly amount of money and make it stretch to pay all our bills. The Congress and Senate are so out of touch, they have everything, they are given every benefit, they’re given benefits that we don’t even have access to in our normal lives. They have no clue. Past this extension!

  28. Samantha Roberts

    I strongly urge our elected official to reinstate a benefit extension to unemployed Americans. These people are heads of families that have many people counting on them. It is an emergency and must be treated with the swiftest of response by our representatives. I personally know so many families that are struggling and have no other source of income through no fault of their own. NOW IS THE TIME TO REINSTATE THESE BENEFITS!!!!!

  29. Mike

    I am a union Laborer. I claim my earnings every week. If I didn’t work I got unemployment check. If I worked that week I didn’t. I was not unemployed for over 6 months. I was unemployed for 2 weeks when I was cut off. I have sold 2 cars, thinking about selling my prescription medications to pay rent. What have I done wrong to be ignored?

  30. Bonnie

    I cannot believe this has not been resolved as yet. Any progress or lack thereof is no longer even being reported on the news. I have left messages and emails at the Capitol and also at CNN. I thought this was the United States of America. Do something Mr. Obama… are the President. How can you let this continue?

  31. 27/02/2014

    I have lost all hope…..

  32. Thomas

    Obama Bin Laden does not care because he has a table full of food and vacationing in Hawaii.

  33. elf

    Election Day can’t come soon enough. I pray that everyone who has been hurt by this can make it to the polls.

  34. rose young

    I lost my home and about to lose my car i worked so hard for nothing

  35. lawrence p

    AGAIN…this congress found HUNDREDS of BILLIONS for big investment banks that put their depositors at risk with disproportionate risk taking. JPM just paid 20 BILLION in fines. somehow they remain in the black. it would appear that congress has more faith in the banking sector than they do in the american people…and WHOS money is deposited in those bulge bracket banks…the american peoples….

  36. Rick

    I’m 26 years old I worked since I was 16. I’m currently a student. I worked my whole life. I have no family nor food. Whn I was on unemployment they said made to much for food stamps . now they take the only money coming into my household. How dare them. As they sit around Their fireplace drinking Scotch. If something doesn’t happen soon. There will be riots mark my words. I please beg you, to so do what’s right. I’m going to lose my home along with 2 mil other Americans. And we still throw money at a war. Please people what about the war on the American people. Congress please do what is right

  37. Dennis

    This is sickening, forget about all this aid to all the countries that hate us. These are American Families, key word Americans. How can congress sit back and allow American Families kicked out of houses and starve, answer me that, congress this reality, I’m sure you guys are living well.

  38. Dia

    the longer this takes, the more critical surviving becomes. soon, food banks, food stamp programs, Medicaid, will be overwhelmed with needy families. What happens then, the government will start cutting those services saying there isn’t enough to go around….we have lost everything so far and I don’t have a clue as to what will happen to my family next, the shelters here are full. people are justifiably angry! EXTEND THE BENEFITS so we can get back to rescuing what’s left of our lives!

  39. Gabe

    what is the hold-up here, either they facilitate an extension or they are gonna have to pay on the back end somewhere else, what is the difference? Put your vacations on hold, go to work and get this thing done, you are just playing with people’s emotions.

  40. Maria

    Republicans will pay dearly come next election if they leave 2 million Americans hanging without any hope.

  41. Linda

    Enough is enough senator Reid whatever that want to do just do it. We no longer have time to play these games. People are hurting. Just go ahead and do what they are asking come to a resolve and not make this an issue for the election process. We need help NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Tammy

    I was only able to receive 22 weeks, never even made it to my 1st extention….. This cought me by surprise, I did not know us all would be affected….

  43. Jim

    I have been employed since 1986 with the same company. I have never been unemployed before. The company decided to transfer product out of the country and down size what locations they kept in the USA. 27 years with the company and I was let go! Now I am looking for work and it’s been a year with no call backs or interviews. I was dealing with the situation because I was able to keep my head above water with unemployment. Now I am drowning with no life preserver in sight. There are people who never took advantage of the system and they are now in dying need of help. If there were any time for an extension it is now!

  44. Lesley M

    I a 46 yr old female who has worked for 30 yrs.My last job I was at for 27 of them. I lost my job in July through no fault of my own. The plant is closing. 265 of us became unemployed. I have NEVER collected on ANYTHING from the Gov,until now. As of end of January I lost my benefits.[unemployment] I am currently looking for full time work and trying to start up my own business.But I can’t really focus on anything now but how I will keep my lights on. I feel after 30 yrs of none stop working I should get at least a 3mth ext. I payed in for WAY MORE THAN THAT. Congress needs to stop acting like children and saying WE ALL WANT HAND OUTS.I just need a little help don’t I deserve that after 30 yrs…..

  45. disgustedwithcongress

    It is appalling that a bill extending EUC cannot be agreed upon in the Senate and “fast tracked” to the President for signature. I believe that letting EUC expire in December for so many displaced Americans is not only wrong, it is just plain negligent. I find it absolutely amazing that the Senate and the House cannot come to terms and find common ground to resolve this growing issue. A staggering amount of displaced Americans, 1.6 million and growing by 70,000 daily, are now faced with defaulting on mortgages, car loans, etc. Vehicles are being re-possessed, people cannot put food on their tables to feed themselves or their CHILDREN. In the midst of one the coldest and snowiest winters in years, this in unconscionable. People are struggling to pay heating costs and put fuel in their vehicles or take public transportation. Many of these very same people, especially in the South, Northwest and Northeast, have faced crippling storms with major long term power outages. The outlook doesn’t look any better for those in the South and Northeast as another major storm is heading their way. These storms not only affect the unemployed, but the employer / businesses as well. Hiring gets put on the back-burner as businesses focus on getting up and running after the storm. Every storm can cause a delay of at least a week in the hiring process.
    John Boehner and his fellow Republicans opposed the latest plan, yet offered no plan of their own. What Congress fails to realize is that even if the extension were to be signed by the President TODAY, it would still take approximately 2 weeks for the states to process claims and issue checks.

    When the extension is finally executed, the Republicans will be all full of themselves, patting themselves on the back and telling the displaced American worker how much THEY helped. Then they will have the audacity to ask those very same displaced workers for their votes.

    John Boehner and this Congress are well on their way to solidifying their legacy as THE ABSOLUTE WORST CONGRESS IN U.S. HISTORY! A distinct honor indeed.

    The Republican stance is to create jobs and reduce / cut off social programs.
    For instance Rep. James Inhofe (R, OK) had this to say:
    “We can get Americans back to work and our economy booming again, but this is not achieved by Washington turning a temporary federal benefit into another welfare program.”
    I’m all for creating new jobs. I challenge Rep. Inhofe and his Republican colleagues to pass a bill that would create jobs for the 1.7 million workers that lost EUC, have it signed by the President, have the unemployed in a job receiving paychecks in a week.
    The Republicans have countered that EUC has been extended 11 times. Why has it taken until the 12th time for them to all of a sudden hold it hostage for job creation? Why wasn’t it addressed during the previous 11 extensions?
    I am also very disheartened about the silence coming from the House on this issue. Outside of John Boehner continuing to beat the drum about the Affordable Care Act, nothing but crickets. The Affordable Care Act is law now. Unless the Republicans have a viable alternative, give it a rest. That horse is already out of the barn.
    Boehner is doing nothing but obstructing and has insinuated that even if EUC passes in the Senate, it will get stalled in the House. Where are the voices of all the Democrats in the House supporting the bill to extend EUC? More time is being spent on conniving ways to maintain their majority than actually doing something constructive for the people that sent you there. I would guess that maintain a Republican majority will be more difficult as time goes by. The fact that this Congress has such a low approval rating, and dropping, will make it more challenging for Republicans and Tea Party candidates in states races to win.


    I would urge the Dems in the House to raise your voices and join your Senate colleagues. I would urge the Republicans to see the damage and pain they are inflicting on their constituents and support EUC.

    I urge BOTH PARTIES to reach across the aisle, find common ground and get this bill done and on the Presidents desk immediately.

    I would also urge ALL the displaced American workers to unite and raise your voices to a point where it cannot be ignored.


    Americans need no reminder that the challenges we face are enormous. Our economy has declined and our debt has mushroomed with the loss of millions of jobs. The social fabric that binds us as citizens, families and communities is unraveling. Voices in and out of government whisper that our standing as the world’s leader of democracy and economic growth is ending.

    The American people do not accept these counsels of timidity, failure, and despair. In town halls and on public squares, in every corner of this country, people have gathered and spoken out – in small groups and larger crowds, through phone calls and in letters, through websites and new technologies.

    Legislators in Washington have imposed an agenda that doesn’t reflect the priorities of the people. What’s worse, the most important decisions are made behind closed doors, where a flurry of backroom deals has supplanted the will of the people.

    It’s time to do away with the old agendas: that much is clear. It’s not enough, however, to swap out one set of leaders for another. Structure dictates behavior, so we have drafted this blueprint on a process of listening to the American people and fielding their concerns and ideas for turning things around.

    The American people have humbled us. They have reminded us that the privilege to serve is temporary. Hard work and tough decisions will be required of the 112th Congress. No longer can we fall short. No longer can we kick the can down the road. In November, the people voted to end business as usual, and thus, we begin carrying out their instructions. This is our guidebook as we move forward.

    This is our Pledge to America.


  46. unreliable congress

    Funny when Obama wanted his sorry ass medical care to pass he got what he wanted!! Now that the American people need him for unemployment issues he’s no where to be found!!!!typical

  47. Jennifer

    Please think about the people, I am effected by this im a single mother of two young children and in school living on my own. I shouldn’t be running out of my tax return because of you fools….

  48. peggy jurek

    the people helped you by voting you in.Now its time for you people to help the people that gave you those votes.Give us the chance to keep the roof over our heads and feed our families. thats all we ask. stop holding us hostage. Congress is acting like terrorists….

  49. Lynda

    I have job searched constantly and to find a 15 hour a week job and I am taking it as I have no income at all and again a job with severe cuts usps career so, the jobs are not out here and full time is not to be found . I will never catch up once so far behind on bills with 0 income since December – how do you go out and find a job with no gas -thank god my vehicle is paid off but, no monwey for repairs either no food no money for utilities or mortgage payment and no money for a phone payment- first time in 50 years I have never been unemployed and now I get 26 weeks and I am dumped off of any income due to Congress cannot get off there butt and extend this for a world in despare- economy cannot get any better when people have no way to buy anything they need to just live-Congress should not get a pay check until we get our benefits back – how dare them sit on this issue for nearly 3 months let alone let it expire-very poor !!!!!

  50. John

    Strong comments. The real problem is we have so many interests in so many other countries. Îf we took care of our own people. As retired Navy CT. I know.

  51. Diane

    Americans first! Put the money for hard working Americans first before sending it everywhere else. Many of us are suffering extensively because of cutting the unemployment extensions. Most of us have worked for many years in order to have the support when something goes wrong. Lets stand together and clean house of a bunch of highly paid under working government representatives. They need to get this job done by extending unemployment or get out and get an intelligent person a chance at their job.

  52. James Goss

    I see no reason for such a delay to extend unemployment benefits. Bottom line is we need back are job’s that were shipped to other countries

  53. LI

    I can’t survive any longer PLEASE!!!!! I Hate to beg to have something so bad “HELP” That we as the people of this so called “RICH” Country
    That we can’t come to a simple agreement! This reminds me of biblical times that the ruler “KING” takes all the money from the people, as we all work to make his life wonderful and we starve and live in the streets. Well will see who gets the “VOTES” Keep it up REPUBLICANS!!!!!!!!!

  54. SUE

    It seems our government does NOT take care of its own. They are too worried about all that they can give to everyone else in this world. Unfortunately, the rate things are going in our country, there won’t be enough people paying taxes to continue doing this. It’s time to start taking care of our own. Close down all the hand-outs to everyone else. Do they help us?
    Have no income this year. Don’t know how to pay the bills, get heat or food and gas for job hunting… really need Washington to come to the American Peoples aid.
    Could all you folks in Washington make it day to day without any income? Why don’t you all consider giving three quarters of your incomes back to the public? FOR THE PEOPLE??? That means we the American Public! Not every other country in the world!
    Get off your butts Washington.

  55. Maria

    I’m praying that God touch their hearts and give Americans some type of hope so they can once again get on their feet again. And end people suffering right now with no food on their table, no gas for their cars to search for work, no money to pay their car insurance, no phone for an employer to contact them, Please for the love of God help them give them some hope for their future! After all this is America and your hurting your own people. My lord!

  56. Left Behind

    First of all, I can’t believe as human beings that we would even consider leaving anyone behind. We are the leaders of the free world and should be proud to be an American.

    This is not the time for bickering or for name calling or even whose side are you on. The real truth is, we are all Americans and the time has run out. We are on our last breath looking for a life preserver to keep us all from drowning. It’s very clear that’s exactly what we are telling you. We and our kids have been suffering too long. You need to help us now. That’s all we are asking for.
    As Americans we give of ourselves. We as Americans, have in the past, run to the aid of world disasters in the blink of an eye. We need to show the world that we can help in the same way we do for others as we should do for ourselves. We need to help thy neighbors as thy self.

    I don’t know how many times we have stand up to voice ourselves on how serious we are in these terrible times. We as good Americans are at the end of our ropes. We have worked very hard all of our lives and we have given everything, even our lives to make this American country a better place to live in. The Congress needs to help in the recovery of its own people and its great nation Now.

    This is a very sad day for all of us to see how heartless some of us can be when it’s time to help the unfortunate in the hour of need. Just remember, if this was happening to you and your families, you would be more compassionate, I believe. Apparently you can’t see, hear or even feel how serious this is for Millions of Americans that are in need Now… Remember the Titanic.

    Our sufferings have gone on much too long. We are at the point of losing everything we have fought for all of our lives. Our kids will lose too. There will be no nest egg for them.
    Stop the name calling and excuses. Congress you need to step up to the plate and pass this renewal of Emergency Unemployment Compensation. It is a privilege to you Congressman that we voted you into office to represent us. We also have the right to vote you out… Do the right thing and help us hard working Americans that have been left behind…

    If John Wayne where here today, he would do the right thing and protect his family & friends, as a decent human being, without hesitation before the sun went down.

    Now is the time for All GOOD MEN to come to the Aid of Their Country!

  57. Melissa Jamison

    Shame on the people that are in Washington that ignore the ones they are there to represent!! Do your job and extend the benefits for the suffering people. Your spending and record of how you waste money has got to come to an end and help the ones that are barely surviving! This is America and our ancestors would be ashamed of what is going on today. Pull your bootstraps up and go to work and take care of the problems at hand and stop acting like children that can’t get along! The whole country is in trouble, your decisions need to be ones that will help…not making decisions is hurting everyone! Put God in the decisions you make…he will help if you let him. Leaving him out is part of the problem. Please extend the benefits and continue to work together!

  58. Larry K

    I was just doing research on how much of taxpayers money goes to Congress. In 2011, the 541 members of Congress were paid a total of $95.8 million dollars in salaries, and that’s before we get into benefits, perks and retirement wages. These programs accounted for $4.66 Billion in taxpayer funds. So the question is, why are members of Congress paid so much for doing so little to help the people who pay their salaries. So as you can see, they are living extremely comfortable lifestyles while saying that we are lazy for receiving our whopping $300 per week while we try to find a job. It just makes me so angry! I feel like throwing up. Why did we ever vote these idiots into office? They don’t care about the unemployed and their families. We are just being used in their game of politics. We are like a herd of sheep to them, they don’t even consider us as real people. If they just gave up their perks for the year it would have almost paid for the extension. And they would still get their salaries. So do you really think that they care about us? If you do then you are foolish.

  59. Traci

    For all of those that think the unemployed won’t take what is offered is really ignorant. Wait until you lose your job. I have been working since I was a teenager and have been laid off. I do have a degree and skill that I have been working in for 21 years. I will take whatever is offered to me because I am a single mother of two. The problem is they won’t offer a lower paying job to me because of fear of me not staying. So I am over qualified and no jobs. I am competing for one position with at least 200 other individuals.

    How can anyone sit there and put me or any of us down and say we are lazy and won’t take what is offered! I agree with the one lady above that says prayer is all that we can do. Those people that are voting on this, eat every day and very well I might add. This is not a republican nor democrat issue it is a human issue. Like many have stated we help other countries before we help ourselves.

    We would rather invest in military planes that have numerous problems than our people. I have contributed to the unemployment for many years. All I ask is to reinstate for the sake of our children.

    Boo to those who talk crap about the unemployed. It just might come back to you. May God Bless our country!

  60. Anita Todd

    I have worked my whole life. I have not ever received an government help, I worked two jobs at times to make ends meat. I raised my child. Without the government helps. Now people look down on me because I don’t have a job and no money to pay my bills. I have looked for help but since I worked my whole life I can’t find help. Some people work the systems their whole life. But when I need help where is it. I never wanted to be in the place. I have applied for every job out there I could find. You people that think we are lazy and don’t want a job is wrong. I would not wish this on anyone. I pray to just die at times. For you that think it is easy to get a job just try. The people that have this jobs at store looks at your app. And say they don’t want to hire you because they don’t want to train you for you just final get a job and walk out on them. Hey! But if you have a job I’ll take it. I don’t care what the pay is. Because I get 0 now. And something is better than nothing. For you people who look down on us unemployed I hope you never find yourself in our shoe. Because at this point I just don’t know where to turn. But if that job is so ease to get just tell me where to go.

  61. Lori Reynolds

    I will NEVER vote Republican again. My children are young adults, they will not ever vote Republican. They are using social media to reach out to their peers to not vote Republican as well. The Republicans will feel this when we all vote them out!!!

  62. Chris

    This message is for the Republicans & Dick Hertz. Until you walk in some one else shoes you should not pass judgment. I am one of the millions unemployed, I am NOT lazy nor looking for a hand out. I have worked since I was sixteen I am now fifty. I am not looking for a job paying 35.00/hr. I am looking for something anything in the work force. I have not received one call. I’m about to be evicted, I have no more money for food, utilities or insurance. Again, I am NOT looking for hand out NOR am I lazy. I have paid into the system, please vote NOW to extend the benefits due to myself & all my Americans who are unemployed. We can’t wait anymore.

  63. Patricia

    We need this to pass.. I have worked all my life. I submit apps everyday but never get a call back.For every 1 open position there are 200 people appling.WE R NOT LAZY !!! I dont understand why its so hard for you all to just vote YES !!! We are proud americans, we voted you in to look out for our best intrests & you look away @ our time of need. NO food on the table, no gas in our cars, No source of help from anywhere. I pretty much @ your mercy. I have no small kids so walfare is out of the question. Unemployment is my only resouce of living until hopfully I get a call for employment… Walk in our shoes for 1 day !!!

  64. cherylene

    Please Congress get back to the real issues at hand, which is supporting the American public!! We lost our jobs due to no fault of or own, we have paid into the unemployment insurance our whole lives. Now that we have the need to use these benefits, they take them away!! I urge everyone to e-mail, tweet or FB your senators!! I urge all US elected officials to put them selves in our place. I am losing everything, I cannot even afford to put gas in my car to go to interviews! Come on Congress!

  65. David B.

    WE-2 Million unemployed “AMERICANS” and growing weekly. No jobs for “AMERICANS” knowing that we have the skills for them. No jobs due too sending the jobs to other countries for cheaper labor. Zero Unemployment Benefits due too heartless Republicans/Democrats and a President that could care less.
    The-“AMERICANS” that were Life Long Tax Payers giving Millions-Billions-Trillions to other countries and now the need for the Heartland becomes we have to Rob Peter (Other Countries)to pay Paul the “AMERICANS” that have given there lifetime with Tax Payers Dollars.
    PEOPLE-“AMERICANS” that gave there respect to the idea that government cared about “AMERICANS” Vs. Republicans and Democrats prolonging this serious issue week after week with no results putting blinders on to our “AMERICAN” needs.

    I say to “AMERICAN GOVERMENT” “PLEASE take this SERIOUS” Resolve the issues and move forward!!!!!!!!! Show concern for your “AMERICAN” people today. NO MORE VACATIONS UNTIL RESOLVED!!!!!!!

  66. Curry

    I’ve worked since I was 16, I apply for at least 30 -40 jobs a day, now I live with my son, I can’t afford a place of my own and cannot pay for what I do have left, when they take my car I won’t be able to get to a job because he lives where is no buss transportation. I don’t know what there is to do. I’ve always have been independent and I just feel lost, I know I’m not the only ones and the people in the senate, someone hired you and you can also lose your job, think about your bills piling up with no income, hope you sleep well at night, I don’t.

  67. keith

    I think it’s to late help me now,even if it gets a yes vote in the senate and then makes it to obama’s desk how long do you think it’s gonna be before we see a actual check? Sad it has come to this. I have a interview in the morning with a plant manager after having a u.a.,physical and agility test the other day. They say still waiting on background check and U.a.results but wanted to meet with me again so lets hope. After making twenty five a hour this is for a thirteen starting wage but hey its a job. the farthest I’ve gotten in a interview process in fourteen months.At 52 years old I’ve taken over ten years off my resume history and have had four interviews in six weeks after one in ten months with a full resume. I hope I land this job because even getting gas to get to this interview is pushing it.I hate to think of how to make it to the first check if I land this. We need this extension passed. No more games,no more vacations,no more excuses, Just help us so we can help ourselves. I have always been a honest hard worker, Always stood on my own two feet and not taken what I did’nt work for. Right now three meals a day and a roof over my head is looking pretty good! Proud to be an American? HELP!!!

  68. Roxanne

    I have worked hard my whole life of 59 years and I’m on the verge of losing everything. To those that are playing games with our lives….know this – we are not all sitting on our hind ends sitting on the front porch with a beer waiting for a check! Every day since May of 2013, I spend a minimum of 8-10 hrs and as long as 14 hrs one day, searching, applying but to no avail. I’m not giving up on my job search; however, one decision I have made is that I will NOT vote Republican ever again!

  69. Karma--Dick Hertz

    Dick Hertz I use to have that same cocky attitude as you till I lost my job of 13 years last April. Watch what you say as karma has a way of teaching you to think before you speak!!

  70. Fred Jenkins

    This is for Ms. Genny Germano…

    Genny, for whatever reason either you or a member of your staff keeps Censoring my comments and not allowing the people to see them. This is the third time that my comments have been posted and then taken off. Why is that Genny? Isn’t everything that I said and told to the people in my posts the truth? So why not let them know whats going on? In any case, it takes a few minutes to sit down and formulate one’s thoughts and write them down in this unemployment forum Genny. Oftentimes I have to rewrite it a few times before I actually post it. So when I do finally get it right and put it up on this site, it can be very, very discouraging and disapointing to see that all of my time and energy in this matter has been wasted because someone from that end has chosen NOT to post what I had to say… Well, thanks for the firsthand lesson in Big Brotherism Genny, I really appreciated the experience… And while of course I’m thankful that this forum has been made readily available to the people so that they can voice their sentiments and frustrations, (because they really need to be able to do this at this time) I myself won’t be making any further comments on your site because I cant say for sure whether my comments are going to be posted or not and I’m simply not going to waste the time anymore…I dont know Genny, its just something about CENSORSHIP that just gives me a 1st Amendment itch that I cant scratch… No hard feelings though. Take care and good luck with the site.

  71. Joe

    I ve worked all my life and I m a military vet and worked for a non-profit organization and no more grant funding and now my unemployment is exhausted and never received one penny from the federal govt on the ui employment extension . I don’t know what that is since I haven’t seen one penny of it and now it’s going on 3 months and we aren’t any closer to getting this ui unemployment extension on the floor to a vote!!??vote on what? as each day passes and another day of where i m wondering how am I going to put gas in my car or how am I going to get to that job interview … I ve been lucky since my last two interviews were phone interviews but get this as I completed the phone interview for the job I was applying for only to be told that the job was just filled (at that moment, really?) … What the hell is that bout mr employer giving me false hope that I might get a job but all along it was taken by another candidate the day before …it’s crap like this that keep unemployed workers unemployed… That’s BS in the worst way … Each day I send out resumes, fill out applications, and get rejection letters everyday that I was passed over by another more qualified applicant …. Now get this for an entry level trainee position and I don’t qualify but yet I have an advance degree… So why go to college? go into student loan debt if I can’t even get an entry level trainee position?….This isn’t congress this our employers whos talent recruiters in the HR department screening resumes aren’t doing their jobs correctly …How do I get a job when I can’t even get a simple entry level job? Congress please get this bill passed today !! Right now !! This has been too long… Too long for us Americans to cry for 300.00 lil dollars so that burden isn’t placed on family members who is living paycheck to paycheck to help me keep my car… so I have car to drive when I do get that job …I ask for 20.00 here and 20.00 there because our congress can’t figure out how to extend the ui extension… The govt has the money lets be real folks . ..they are holding this bill hostage for some type of politic head game that they have been doing for years …. Just like shutting down the govt another hostage move … I guess they are learning how to hold us Americans hostage in our own country … They are experts in doing this a political chess game for them nothing new …please help starving Americans who need this life line … I thank God I don’t have children bc living on top ramen I can manage that and walking I can do that and sending applications always being hungry I can do that too bc I am survivor and I will continue to survive … And when congress approves this extension for the 12th time and it will happen fellow Americans …I hope they reform it , amendment it, revise it so this doesn’t ever happen again because this is a horrible display of politics as usual … No bipartisan , no coming together to unite, and where is our president ?? Haven’t heard a word from him since his state of union address for congress to pass the ui extension and now what. NOTHING!!! Help us so we can help ourselves to continue to find work and have hope that all almost 2 millions Americans out of work get back to full-time gainfully employed again and never ask our congress to help us for our own money … Congress doesn’t ask us to help them to get their pay checks only when they ask for our vote … Well guess what congress my vote will be carefully thought out and given to a new party ….Americans lets not forget how his feel and do whatever we can to work and live the American dream so that we don’t need congress to help us with handouts!!! Enough is enough… Just writing about this just makes me realize that what horrible situation i m in and how the rest of the unemployed are in … I hate this and I promise myself I will never ever rely on my government for any money once I m back on my feet… But until then I will spend my weekend doing a job I did when I was 16 years old bagging grocery at the base for tips so I have money to pay for my car note & put gas and be able to buy a few items to eat so I can keep trying to find work the following week… This has been a humbling experience and we Americans will find a way to make it through another day for congress to enjoy another day of rhetoric no sense political disconnect with the American unemployed ….simply put being unemployed totally sucks!!

  72. brenda bush

    If congress continues to dawdle on this issue then everyone who has exhausted their unemployment benefits ought to be applying for welfare, SNAP, LEIAP, and medical coverage. Let congress figure out what to do about the huge influx of those entering the welfare market because it is there when the jobs are NOT!

    The other piece of this is congress had best NOT have the temerity to give themselves a pay raise with so many homes and children being without food, housing, etc.

    It would only prove we have become a third world country with Dickensian policies—“Are there no prisons, Are there no workhouses.”

  73. lance lasley

    worked for 16 years strait, got laided off now no hope. done with republicans


    My husband has worked his entire life. He was laid off last August. He lost his unemployment December 28th. We have 4 kids. Although I work full-time, without his income, or the assistance of unemployment, we are unable to pay many bills and are asking for help. I am not sure WHY the Democrats and Republicans cannot agree. The Democrats need to just give the Republican party what they want in order to pass this. Give them their unlimited amendments, off set the price, do WHATEVER it takes to reinstate the unemployment. These people ARE actively looking for jobs. 2 million people are looking for jobs. Praying everyday they come to an agreement. The problem will next lie with the GOP. Even if they pass the bill, there will still be another huge hurdle to face.

  75. Shaunna H.

    So this has went from “soon” to “Very Soon”? Really?? Come on now and give us a date.

  76. todd

    what is soon my family is suffering today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Arlene

    To Dick Hertz

    You appear to be quite unsympathetic similar to our Republican politicians. Let’s hope you don’t find yourself in the situation of unexpectantly losing your income as I did after being at my position for 37 years. Hardly freeloading.

  78. Patty

    Worked for 30 years and have two college degrees. Cannot find a job in my profession or any other for that matter. Need more time.
    Please re-instate the extension benefits

  79. Lisa

    To Dick Hertz,

    You are so very wrong to lump all the unemployed into one group! You sound like the Republicans. Not all unemployed are lazy and looking for free money. There are many people that are currently unemployed (not by their choice), who are collecting for the first time and have lost their benefits. We are the ones losing our homes, cars, unable to pay our bills and struggle to put food on our tables. How dare you judge? Why don’t you advocate to the companies who won’t hire us because of what we used to make or because of our age? All I can say to you is “Karma”. Don’t let yourself end up in our shoes!

  80. Bonnie

    Thank you for keeping us informed. I continue to pray that the emergency unemployment benefits will be extended. My savings are drained after 8 months of unemployment and we need relief now. I diligently search daily for a job and it is extremely difficult to keep the faith when the news seems so dismal.

  81. Tami Hunter

    Please God ,please Help ALL of these people that are struggling.

  82. deano

    yes the Repub,s are shooting it down but what you got to realize is the Dem,s are putting unreasonable attachments onto the Bill,s [ pork barrel pay offs ] that any sane person would say NO also / so blame Obama and his Democrat henchmen for the unemployment mess / what kills me is its OUR money anyways / they act like its THEIRS

  83. Carol

    I have worked for 35 years at the same company. I was laid off last July and am not at retirement age yet. I am actively looking for work but I keep receiving a response that I am over qualified or they are looking in a different direction. I am tired of hearing from the republicans that we don’t want to work or are expecting handouts. I have paid my fair share of taxes over the years. The employers are laying off the more senior people to save their budget and continue to pad the pockets of the management staff.

  84. Nicole

    It’s really sad. I have made myself so sick over this. If something don’t happen soon we are going to start seeing more suicides and crimes, big time!!! Good, decent, hardworking people should not be suffering because of some arrogant rich Republicans. I can’t even think strait from all the worry. All that money won’t matter when they meet the lord above. Be kind to one another!!!!!!!!!

  85. Carol Mendoza

    My Name is Carol and I am from NY..I am one of the Millions who lost their job, No fault of my own…. I have been in the Medical Field for over 25 years..I was laid off due to Financial Reasons..I was collecting Unemployment Benefits to make ends meet until I find another job..I have been looking for work Everyday… Sending Countless Resumes daily….The Unemployment Benefits helped me get by.. I was able to Continue to look for Work, pay my bills,,food..etc… Now that they Stopped the Unemployment Benefits I Can No Longer pay my Bills..I cannot pay my Rent, no money for food….I am Really Struggling..For the First time in my Life I am behind on All My Bills… I cannot pay my Rent..I ask you to Please Renew Unemployment Benefits Now!!! Before I lose my Apartment….Thank You…Carol

  86. Nicole Johnson

    God if you are who you say you are, please in the mighty name of JESUS. Please help all of us. I have cried. I have tried. Lord we need you. We don’t have the power to do nothing else but stand on your WORD. Father you said in 1Peter 5:7 Cast all of our cares upon YOU, for you care for us. Lord you know our needs. Lord only YOU can turn this thing around and plant our FEET on solid ground. I pray you touch each and every person that are unemployed and FIGHTING for their LIFE. Lord you said you are our provider, and right now in the name of Jesus I pray that you restore us…..IN GOD WE TRUST….

  87. IsabelSH

    this whole deal with unemployment it is just disgusting . These “people” in the senate should be working for us The US citizens and WE need help right now!!! The “War on Terror” already took over 3.1 trillions!!! and we are not “free” and will never be… The US needs to taking care their own people!

  88. anonymous

    Do it now as you can see no one has time to wait.

  89. Earl Rhodes

    this is for Mr Dick Hertz I was working in the 3rd largest oil refinery in the western hemisphere It shut down.Im 61 worked most my life 7..10s or 7..12s probably paid more in taxes than you make,Ima a journryman piprfitter/boilermaker…NCCER safety tech with a 30 hr OSHA and I cant find a job in this younger mans world.I hope when you get older this happens to you.If you truly knew the facts youd know that the federal government spends alot more on corporate bail outs than unemployment.Unemployment is paid out of your salary if you dont work sometime you cant get it.Maybe I should go on Disability Im old and can qualify that way you can pay foe everything for me..But no I still want to work I just need a little help
    Im only on tier 1 not everone is long long term

  90. Anna D

    Dick Hertz – regarding your comments “…I am paying for these people to do nothing.” “It’s hard working people that are paying for this unemployment.” Both federal and state unemployment insurance is an EMPLOYER paid tax. Unless you work in Alaska, New Jersey or Pennsylvania you’re not paying any part of unemployment.

    The federal UI rate after credits is 0.6% of the first $7,000 paid to each employee during a calendar year which is $42.

    State law determines the UI rates and taxable wage base so these amounts vary. States with higher unemployment will pay more.

    Extending unemployment benefits is the right thing to do. Isn’t the Republican Party the ‘Moral Majority’?

  91. The_Trumpet

    I was told by one recruiter that they don’t want to give me the job because I was out of work too long! Now, these bozos in Washington are playing games with the little help that was helping me make ends meet. What a shame! It seems that the only thing congress can agree on is, giving money to Israel and neglect it’s own hard working citizen! This is a criminal act!

  92. Sheila

    They will go home today to a warm house and have food in their belly while we unemployed continue to suffer and struggle. They won’t come back til next Tuesday. How can they live with themselves. I hope one day someone they love is in the position that 2 million of us are in right now. Our government and President Obama should be ashamed of themselves. Not an Obama fan right now.



  94. Jason A

    I’m to hungry to type anything. Vote

  95. Harrison Priestly

    Here’s how we pay for the extended benefits: keep the billions of dollars we send to other countries for aid and take care of home for once….just my thoughts.

  96. Donna Bowden

    The politicians have not gone w/o food or heat. They can still go on their vacations. They already have lots of money and continue to make more. I’m 65, worked all my adult life and would still be working if my job had not been eliminated. I paid into system for all those yrs but now I am not receiving any benefits. How does this even make any sense?

  97. robert lagrua

    I am a veteran and worked my entire life 5 months ago I decieded to change careers . then I was laid off after 3 months .they said I didn’t make enough money to qualify for unemployment but my last job I worked at for 6yrs. they considered that an extension I received 2 checks before I was cut off … PLEASE HELP ALL OF US…

  98. Helen

    You greedy people…I’m speaking of the Congress,Senate, and anything that’s a Republican. We the people are sick and tired of being sIck and tired. Obama,again, pick up that pen you spoke of and be the President who saved the poor and the middle class…you know how we feel….it’s not good for people to start to get tired…..President Obama you said that you are the president of the United states….let it be your legacy that you robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. Don’t let those greedy people in Washington SCARE YOU! PLEASE DO WHAT YOU GOT TO DO. GOD IS ON YOUR SIDE,AND DON’T THINK HE’S NOT ON OUR SIDES….GREED IS ONE OF THE DEADLIEST SINS. WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS ANY LONGER, WE GOT FAMILIES TO TAKE CARE OF. NOW IS THE TIME!

  99. angry Vet

    laid off, car taken, evicted, no food, no money. Now walking the streets….thank you Congress! I am sure glad i took a bullet for u guys in Iraq. Someday i hope i can repay u back……

  100. 27/02/2014

    We should send all our bills that we can’t pay to the Senators addresses in Washington DC.
    If funding is the problem the Senators could fund it by taking furlough days. I hope they get voted out in November and no one will hire them. Maybe we will see them in the unemployment line later waiting for an extension. If they wanted a raise they could find a way to fund it, I bet.

  101. having patience

    This comment is for Dick Hertz, you talk like we are all just taking money from hard working people, NO thats welfare you are talking about. We can only get unemployment if we have worked! For some of us this is our first time getting unemployment because we have always worked! And yes I do think we should be taking whatever job we can get but, but guess what its not that easy when there are many others are trying for the same jobs. I do think we should plan ahead in case we dont find a job before we run out of benefits but there is only so much people can do.

  102. Haydie

    Shame on you congress for taking sooo long to come to our aid and shame on those recruiters that tell individuals looking for work that they are not getting the job they qualify for simply because they’ve been out of work for too long at no fault of their own. I’m 62 years old and have been out of work for 8 months. I just can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  103. 27/02/2014

    Unemployment insurance is a right not hand out . People are forced to be unemployed .I do believe people rather make more money gainfully employed than collect smaller handout besides working make them fill good about themselves and is an opportunity for a betterment of general condition of
    their life . I do not think republican get the full gravity of the problem . If the republican think the problem can go away or will be swiped under the rug it will only be a wishful thinking. Blaming those who are unemployed does not solve the problem.It is only a scapegoat . Nobody chooses to
    suffer . Choice is among comparative alternative . No body chooses to starve or not be able to provide for his or her children . The problem only can be solved where people can be employed gainfully.

  104. Randy

    I am going to court on Tuesday because I have not been able to pay rent for 2 months and have barely any food. I live in a small town in Illinois and it has been a rough winter. My apartment is supposed to have heat included. The heat has not worked all winter. I use space heaters to keep warm so now my electric bill is sky high.They better do something soon or I am going to be homeless soon.

  105. Lisa C. Dixon

    I appreciate everything senator Reed is trying to do but I’m down to nothing. My church is paying my mortgage, electric and water just so I can stay in my house. My mom is buying my medication and food. I just can’t hold out for much longer. My mortgage bolder is letting me just pay my escrow amount for the time being but this won’t last long.please come on and move on this already!!!!!!!

  106. Scott

    Bottom line is Republicans want something in exchange for passing EUC. They will not pass it until Obamacare is repealed or an amendment is added to this bill that either allows an oil pipeline to be laid (because lobbyist have filled their pockets with $ to see that that happens) or tax cuts are made for big business (who have also lined their coffers to see that it happens).

    The problem is that the senate is only 1 hurdle. The house is going to take even longer to pass. However, for once it seems the voters are actually watching whats going on this time. Why? Because it affects so many people. This time the people have caught them at this dirty game and I firmly believe this will be the demise of the Republican Party. At least for the upcoming elections. Why do I say this? I’ve voted republican most of my life. I’ve watched closely on CSPAN these last couple of months. I’ve been disgraced and embarresed.

    The bill will eventually pass and Republicans will want to look like the heroes. However, please see through that and don’t forget it in November. Because I won’t.

  107. HeartBroken

    There are no word that can take away the pain and suffering many families are currently enduring. Me and my fiancé are one of the man cut off on 12/28/13 when our initial 6 months ended. I agree that congress and the house should pass an extension and resolve this issue for the many suffering. I also agree that we should stand up and vote in lawmakers that have our best interest at heart. BUT I fear for what is to come from the desperation of so many. Riots, stealing, murder and other horrors are the result of desperation and if we give in our children will suffer. MANY say my child(ren) are already suffering, I’ve lost everything but it can and will get worst if we give into the despair. It sound crazy but look to GOD and find the faith so many have lost or thrown away. I am one of the many who didn’t believe but I put my life in the lords hand and have been able to survive. Barely but enough not to be without food (food stamps), gas and insurance(a part-time job making minimum wage). I put faith in the lord and allow him to guide me during these terrible times and ask you to do the same. Pray on it (but go apply for food stamps too, they can’t deny you with kids and no income). There is a lesson in everything in life and although this is unfair it is out of our control and cursing congress or the president or each other is not going to change it but maybe if we all pray for the end to the suffering the Lord will grant it. Sorry if you think I’m wrong for this but I’ve read so many post and seen so many people on the streets begging for help and so many people turning a blind eye to them. We must unite and help each other. Those that have should give and those who don’t should find their faith. We should all vote in Nov and remove those who have shown that we are not the priority. We should not resort to robbing, rioting or killing to survive as evil only begets evil and we will loose more then we have. Though it may be hard to see now things can get worst.

  108. Latreece

    What is the hold up now? Every other day they go back to meet again, but what are they talking about now. REALLY!!!!!!

  109. Jane

    Soon? Really? Really?
    Well, soon two million Americans who are unemployed will be losing their apartments and homes because congress can’t get around to getting the extension past.

    Soon there will be 2 million families who have just been hanging that will be further damaged by self-serving politicians and their big business cronies.

    They 2 million Americans who are willing to work for far less than they are worth will be allowed to slip from the society they have supported into an abyss of poverty, homelessness, disconnect from their world.

    Get real! Do you not think these 2 million American’s are not worth the time to save TODAY!! Do you have anything more important to do with your day, Mr. & Mrs. Almighty Senators and Members of Congress? Your arrogance is astounding. Your pockets are lined with desperation of your constituents.

    Yeah, do try. Because the 2 million families out here are working everyday to survive and preserve what they have left and it is “slip sliding away”.

    Do try, try to do your job. Many of us did not loose our jobs because of poor performance. It might serve you well to work a bit harder on keeping yours. I’ve never had a victim mentality but I am your victim now and the 3-day pay or quit notice will be posted “soon”. That “soon” I can count on. Your “soon” means nothing. It will take me years to get a decent place to live with an eviction.

    Deaf ears?

    Empty hearts?

    Empty headed?
    Absolutely…are you prepared to have 2 million newly poor because soon wasn’t soon enough? You’ve already failed. Soon is too late.

  110. Pickaros

    Who ever last unemployment and you going to lose a home please let me know yo clean out before sheriff locks it and you lose everything. I lost my unwmployment too please extend it for your saike . Good bleas America

  111. Rhonda

    Too young for Social Security and too old for someone to hire me again. I would have retired from the job I had but I lost it first. Years and years of experience but they look at age and think we won’t be working for them long. Maybe they should take a serious look at the turnover as a result for hiring young people who have no stability.

  112. William Bret

    Everybody make sure their comments are getting to Washington. However you do it, phone, email or otherwise. Swamp them.

  113. Gary

    This is a snowball effect. The 2 million or so unemployment are going to affect millions of others. More jobs will be lost; which means less taxes for the government because of decreased spending and no taxable income.

    WHERE IS PRESIDENT OBAMA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  114. Condoe

    This is not a democratic/ republican issue this is an issue of an uncaring government towards its own people. This is an issue of political ego, power, and BS. Where is Mr. I have a pen, and I have a telephone)? Americans talk about not voting for republicans in November, but did they not say that in 2010 when the government failed then to extend EUC. How soon we forget. In the State of the Union address Mr. Mouth used his pen in regards to a minimal wage for companies with government contracts, and a retirement savings plan, than skimmed over the fact that families are losing homes. That they can’t keep utilities on, and can’t put gas in their cars to look for work. As of December 28th, 4 billion dollars have been lost in the ecomomy because the long term unemployed who would have paid bills and bought food items were unable to spend, which would have stimulated the economy. This economy is getting beyond the state of repair. Mr. Mouth should have did an executive order to help staving Americans( many of which are to old to be starting over in life) I recently read a blog where a woman stated she was sleeping in her car in a Walmart lot, she stated she had no money for gas, is not eating, and was thinking of suicide. And, MR. Mouth, after you finally reinstate this EUC, offer companies a tax break or wage enhancement to hire workers who have been unemployed for an extended length of time. This is not a failure of a political party, but a failure of your government as a whole. Had to write this fast, Congress will be going back on vacation by the end of the week. Come on, that had to make you laugh! No its not funny, but its true

  115. Linsa

    I can’t stand when people are lucky enough to still have a job and they have the audacity to say that unemployment people are lazy and they should not rely on unemployment. We pay taxes, we paid for this. People are struggling out there. More and more people get lay off every day. KARMA exist and those people should keep their mouth shut because they someday will be facing the same situation. Never say never. It is not our fault that get the laid off. Blame the companies who can’t keep their employees because they are running their companies to the ground!!

  116. MS

    Dick Hertz you are a moron. I am assuming that means you are Republican. I don’t think a Republican will ever be voted for again after this terrible situation….Every single day you don’t make a decision to extend this program…people who definitely do not deserve this..people who WORKED..FOR WHAT THEY ARE HAVING TAKEN AWAY FROM THEM…every second you waste is ruining someone’s life and in the saddest instances people are taking their own because they lost all hope…Congress..Senate…you will pay …karma is a b@tch. OBAMA do something!!!! Now!!!!

  117. mr charles

    im 22 ive bin working since I was 12 doing papers my lasted job I worked at a plumming company making $10 an hour about 60 hours a week I love working its in my blood I thought when I was let go for lack of work it was going to be easy to find a job because of my age i’ve bin looking none stop I live home wit a mom and sister my moms hours got cut in half 3 months ago she works at a super market she’s always done her best to raise me when I was getting unemployment we had are heads above water now were scard to look in the mail box at the bills the electric company has came 3 times to shut it off I go out and do what I can to give my mom little money she doesn’t like what I do but as of now its all I can do… till the checks come back I even took my car off the road so hers can stay on I love my family very much and I kown people that have kids just so they can get welfare that’s y there are so many young girl get preg cause welfare gives them 300 in food pays 500 in rent and cash assisentice they get even more if there rent is cheaper they are anything but poor u wouldn’t beleave the help they get I remmber when family’s got $200 per kid for back to school shopping. if the government thinks any kids got anything there even crazier than I thought its a problem for my 200+ every week aleasted we worked and hopefully will soon, those people don’t even get off the couch let alone out the door to get a job.I think Obama is doing the best he can he might be the president but hes only one man our government is huge I think they have a president so we have someone to blame when things take long or don’t go our way id vote for him again if I could! but Obamacare bad idea!!

  118. Marie

    Are any of these stories of real people and their struggles being read by congress? That would be a “no”. Sorry to say but this is what our country has come to! People who have worked hard all their lives to be ignored…..

  119. Maryann

    My daughter is unemployed and has been searching for almost one year. I took the time to call all the Republican Senators to tell them to pass the EUC but I only spoke to staff who informed me that they would inform the senator of my daughter situation Sure Really! Congress makes me sick to my stomach everything is a game to them . You do this and we’ll do that it’s so corrupt beyond comprehension only God can help I pray that the Lord intervenes and touches the hearts of these evil corrupt Congressman

  120. Larry K

    We really need to let these politicians hear us at election time. If the Republicans think that this will be forgotten, they are sadly mistaken. They have no idea what it is like to be in our shoes. They don’t realize that the damage is already done. We are all struggling on a daily basis and each day only seems to get worse. How does anyone forget what we have been dealing with for over 2 months. The Republicans need to be reminded who put them in office in the first place. They also need to realize that we can take them out of office as well. We may not be rich enough to manipulate these bastards with money, but, “we are the people”. We have the power together to get rid of the ones that don’t care about us and our families. They are stupid if they think that all of us are going to forget about this at election time. If anything, this will give people more if a reason to make sure we vote. Lets see how lazy they thing we are then. Self Rightous bastards!

  121. John Tittle

    Mister Hertz, I for one take great offense to your comments about the unemployment extension. I lost my job March 15th 2013. Since that time I have applied to over 225 jobs. Of those applications I have had a total of 4 interviews. Mostly because most companies want online applications. In those applications a required field is what was the last wage. When I apply to a lower paying job and fill in the required field $28.42 an hour they back away. Why is that? Because they know if a higher paying job comes around I will leave for that job. Anybody would including you. The next you will say don’t put the real amount you made on the application. Ok fine but read the fine print. I certify that all statements are true to the best of my knowledge. (So do you expect any employer to believe that I don’t know what I was making at my previous job?) If false information is given it is grounds for termination. Oh, but by your standard, that would get rid of my unemployment benefits because I willing did something to cause termination. That makes you ineligible to get those benefits. I was making almost 30 dollars an hour I have applied to jobs that were paying 11 dollars an hour. That is almost a 66% decrease in pay. Could you live making 66% less than you make now? Until you are in the situation shut your damn mouth. In the past 13 years the United States has closed over 60,000 plants. If each plant employed 100 people, that would be 6 million jobs. Wow there are nearly 2 million people hoping for the extension. We would have 4 million jobs to spare. The government caused the problem by letting the money hungry companies in this country move their plants to countries that pay pennies a day to their employees. What does that do? Line the pockets of the CEO’s and Shareholders who make too much money to start with. It also costs the American consumer because we pay high prices for merchandise that were made for pennies, increasing the companies profits and the CEO’s salary because they made a big profit. Bring the jobs back to the United States and the unemployment goes away. Maybe you should think before you open your big trap.

  122. 28/02/2014

    I can’t stress enough that we the american people are hurting to no fault of there own, suicides, homeless, just no money to make ends meet at all. The government hasn’t care for sometime and this has just prove to the american people how much they don’t give 2 craps!!! Like all the other comments don’t think we will FORGET HOW YOU TREATED US NOT GIVING US WHAT IS OWED TO US. during election time hahahaha YOU’LL SEE!!! Then we will see who has the last laugh…

  123. Harry A.K

    Don’t know what to make of this update cause it sounds like the same old story right? The Dems are trying but the Reps are an in the way. Well keep making U.I claims every week but not holding breath for anything to change soon.

  124. Roger

    Ignore Mr. Hertz. He is trolling the site just getting people upset. Think about the name…………Just ignore him.

  125. CMN

    NO more vacations or time off for our elected officials until this is resolved. I lost my job to downsizing last May. This was 2 weeks after I signed paper on my first home. My home is now in foreclosure and I am about to lose what I haven’t already sold. I have applied everywhere for everything. I have worked since I was 14 and in the 35 years since then have never collected unemployment. I was cut off on December 28 and 2 weeks ago I applied for food stamps for the first time in my grown years. I can’t get help with my medical needs because I have no children under 18 and I’m not under 40 or over 65. I am a diabetic with high blood pressure and high cholesterol with no insurance to help pay for my much needed medication. A while back my local supermarket was offering wellness checks and I had my blood sugar checked…396. I thought the poor lady was going to faint. I told her thank you for her time and left. I broke down into tears when I got home. I have Grandchildren I would love to see grow up. I among the 2 million Americans that are desperate for help and even more so hope.

  126. wayne roberts

    This is a human rights issue, not employment. Every American should be able to have a roof over their head, heat,food, and medical care. These are basic human needs. And a mere $300. a week won’t provide even the basic needs but it will keep you from starving. How can our Congress and our President sleep at night knowing they are causing so many people to suffer needlessly? I hope everyone that is affected will remember this in November and vote.

  127. Robert McCarrick

    I am not doing well myself but after reading some of the other comments I have it good I have no kids I am a vet and get a little money for education that keeps me indoors for a while.I think that all those important people that I did security for in Iraq should pay attention to the real needs of thier country. help your brothers and sisters! That have no means. I can live off the land if I need but some of these people need some support.Dont look the other way dig down quit bulding Icons for yourself.

  128. EH

    I just want to say there is a Higher one that they have to answer, And he’s not going to forget it. How dare you take the American people hostage, I think their benefit plan should be tied into the American people benefit like social security unemployment and etc. then they would know how it feel to have work for years and then be told you’re not getting anything because your money is tied in with the people that put you in office.

  129. 28/02/2014

    Chaos in the streets, robbery , murder, just to survive, how much does it cost to house the person in prison? my 220$ a week is a drop in the bucket. Hell hold’s a special place for politicians. No Nostradamus here!

  130. Kim Phillips

    There is no more personalizing your interviews while you fill out a appl.Everything is done online so they can pick age sex-when isn’t suppose to be discrimination it is just a legal way of doing it.I have a great work ethic but over 50 doesn’t seem to be the age to get jobs.There just isn’t anything we can do about it and we are suppose to be proud of our country but I feel like it has failed me.I have never been on welfare and now being down to 1 income and not making enough to pay our bills but to much to get help- Where is the help our country needs to survive. Please help I may be over 50 but I still have a 15 yr old at home

  131. Faith

    PLEASE bring back jobs to the USA. I need a job and have been looking for almost a year. I have worked for the last 25 years and have NEVER received welfare or any other type of government assistance. I have only received unemployment (which I have earned since I have always worked). I need a job to pay my bills and feed myself. Good Lord something needs to give here and create jobs instead of flapping their tongues and just talking about it….

  132. valdena

    I am unemployed due to know fault of my own I am unemployed because my job was furloughed and given to another company so now I’m unemployed and looking for a job I have a trade but everyone wants experience but where would I get it if know one would hire me without experience.I am also certified in my technical profession and may I add up to date as well all I need is for someone to give me a chance since I can’t get experience unless someone give me a chance.I want to work I worked all my life unemployment is a life line for me until I find a job lets pass the bill because I exercise my right to vote I’ll meet you at the polls.

  133. Ann-Marie Noyes

    Here we are with another month has gone by with no resolution to the unemployment benefits crisis. We are losing our homes, being evicted, not able to buy food and pay utilities. Some of us have sold our precious personal items to survive. We need help.

  134. Michael Mitchell

    I can understand it would be difficult for farmers, if cuts to the program were initiated to reinstate the unemployment extension. After all farmers have to make a living and this winter must have really been tough on them. Well, as a homeless man who had to rely on my checks for shelter and other needs, it was extremely rough on me. Please congress, come to mutual agreement and stop all the political festering just because you are a republican and you are a Democrat.

  135. tim gable

    this is for all you holier than thou jackasses who keep saying that these people are looking for a handout or charity or taking from their neighbor. each and every one of these people had to go thru a process to get unemployment such as, question and answer from unemployment to employer and employee and they make a decision based on this if found to be unemployed thru no fault of your own you are awarded unemployment if your at fault no unemployment and the fact that so many of these people still do not have a job is a direct problem of the economy that your beloved government and president is saying is in great shape. may be true for those who have a job but the 13 dead bankers and 1 missing investigatory man who disappeared don’t see it your way. they new the economy was way worse that we are being told and look at them. I don’t have a problem with these people I feel for them each and every one of them worked and paid there unemployment tax along with all other to high taxes so when you say hand out or charity or taking think about keeping your dumb ass mouth shut you no nothing about the struggles in life or you would think before you open your mouth. remember you shall not judge me unless you be judged yourself but you people can keep throwing stones but keep stupid opinions to yourself.

  136. 01/03/2014

    I may not have money, but I have the power to vote. When Election Day comes, I will not forget the hardship and suffering that Congress has brought upon this nation. The Government Shutdown and ignoring the cries of the poor and unemployed. How do you live, knowing the suffering you have caused. Two million and counting unhappy voters will meet you at the polls!

  137. Jackie

    It is sad that people who have worked all their lives and now stand in need are ignored and tossed aside. I have worked over 30 years, never had to draw unemployment and now that I am in need…oh, well. I have never seen during my lifetime such vindictive people in Congress. Because they despise our President, they have done all they can to fight against him and disrespect him. Even with all President Bush put this nation through, I never heard anyone belittle him as much as they have our President. Lord forgive them all for they know not what they do. They never figure to have to live like middle class so they could care less about us. But GOD sits high and looks low. We must remember that HE is in charge and if you have a relationship with HIM you know HE will supply our needs where man fails.

  138. 01/03/2014

    I have worked since 13 picking fruit and vegetables and have never needed help supporting myself or my family but now that I do need help at the age of 38 they only helped me with 3 months of Unemployment. Come on not all of us are looking for a hand out some of us could actually use the help. May your families never know how it feels yo go from being a proud family to feeling like a begging famiy. God Bless and may our futures get better and brighter. With God add all things are possible. PUSH= PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS.

  139. Betty Borders

    I have to different job fields I be applying
    for employment since June. I am still Looking
    I got a few response, but nothing pan out.
    I been working sense I was 13. I pay my unemployment, How come U.S citizens cannot
    get there unemployment. What do you people up on the Hill do with it.

  140. Teresa

    I have worked for over 30 years and now find myself without any income to try and survive. Makes me so mad to read how they say we are lazy but had we not been the workers in this country we wouldn’t be eligible for unemployment! So how do they even have the gall to call us lazy? We have to fill out our work searches to prove we are looking to even be able to draw. It is frustrating to work all those years and pay our taxes and support these programs that everyone else can benefit from but when its our turn for a little help that we paid into the system for , all we get is a congress telling us we’re lazy and don’t deserve help. Elections are coming, let us not forget the ones that have hurt us, let us stand up the only way we can and vote them out!!

  141. 01/03/2014

    It is unbelievable that our country is spending over $1.5TRILLION on testing and building 1 prototype war plane that supposedly is a lemon, but can’t spare just a small percentage of that to help our Americans who are out of work through no fault of their own. Don’t worry though because if American companies with multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses need help we will rush to donate several hundred billion.

  142. charles f

    The State paid for me to go to truck driving school to get a job while I was on unemployment! Started school in Nov was on first tier of extension. The Bad weather has slowed testing for CDL down, and had to put it off 3 times due to snow and ice plus, school was closed for 3 weeks during holidays!So they invested, then made it very difficult too say the least to have gas and pay the rent,now im looking forward to sleeping in a truck! Once I can get to an interview with no gas or car insurance and that’s risking my CDl!!Get it together Senate!!!

  143. Rolland

    I used to be a Republican and now am shamed by the selfish and self righteous and inhumane attitudes of these people. You guys should be ashamed, these unemployed paid your outrageous salaries and undeserved perks. Who is lazy, these people who are willing to take drastic pay cuts not even to make both eds meet but survive or you guys who do nothing but gallivant around, talk too much, recess here, recess there and accomplish nothing. If you work in a real company, all of you guys will be out of job! Shame on you!

  144. Maryelle

    This has been awful, and seems especially just plain mean because of the drawn out way of this voting, the recesses they get, the game playing. We are out here literally hungry and if we have someone in our life who can afford to loan us money to get by, we are lucky. Fortunately, one of my friends can afford to help me out and I can pay her back in time when someone finally comprehends that a 54 year old woman with en excellent 30 year work history will be a great employee. But I will never forget how some politicians and fellow Americans trashed good people in true need! This experience has changed me somehow. Very depressed, and struggle to not let their incorrect take on it upset me. If this comes out with a yes vote, it will be because some good prevailed. But I am sure many have already lost their apartments due to the hold up. Best of luck to all of you applying for jobs! and try to remember who you are inside and don’t let the mean words out there get to you.

  145. fran

    im just tired…
    cant cry anymore
    cant think anymore….

    i wish i could find a job…
    no one even calls back

    never thought id find myself in this shape after working my whole life…at 57 no one wants you anymore

  146. ed


  147. E

    two million out of work.Two mounths have pasted. Watch how fast they send money to Ukraine!

  148. 02/03/2014

    To all It may concern this is a terible situation for all unemployed poeple jobs are no where in site ,nor any help for those involved at a time when they need it the most what a let down by all the gov involved in this Starving of hard working this is rediculus and things are going to get very nasty (real soon)ok somebodys going to get on it my god this is absolutly insane there are poeple staving to death in are counrty while foregn aid feeds 2 million a day in Syria as well as millions more in Afghanistan, Pakistan and many many more,taking our tax money and feeding others while we starve and lose are homes , they lie about Unemployment Stats,Economy,yea its geting better in other Countrys there providing Jobs and AID to and the comments from congress and others that are working JUST HEARTLESS,PITIFUL, treating unemployed like dogs, now staving them as well,were all Animals bottom line we will need to do whatever it take to survive They need to EXTEND THIS NOW, 99 more weeks if need be also create 4-5 million decent jobs as well in the next yr or all are days are limited NO ONE is safe if they donot extend SOON there will be a war,riots and I would not want to be one of them carrying home STEAK with 5-6 million HUNGRY looking for something to eat ,really its going to get ugly,may god be with us all be ready to march on the capitals of all states and Washinton SOON, maybee they will be able to get a better count of all derectly involved I could only imagine 10-20 million man women children and elders Starving and FREEZING to death in the mounth to come , CONGRESS PLEASE ACT NOW AND SAVE US ALL FROM DIASTER.EXTREMLY CONCERNED CITIZEN OF USA.

  149. 02/03/2014

    Mr. Boner of the republicans is to worried about his million dollar vacation condo to worry about anyone else. Get off of your dead rear ends and come to a compromise on this unemployment ext. This should be top priority for congress to get something accomplished!

  150. Isabel SH

    Hello everyone,
    Please copy and past the link bellow. This is a petition to restore the long term unemployment benefits. please pass along to your families and friends. Many Americans are in real need to financial help.
    Thank you,

  151. liz

    I am like many other Americans, I have had no income since December. There is a saying, we could all be a paycheck away from being bankrupt. Well we are already there. I was relying totally on my unemployment to pay our bills. I worked hard for many years not living on government assistance and now that I need help, help that I earned, it has been taken away from me. I am planning to file bankruptsy this week just to keep the creditors off our back. We are so far behind on our bills now that we cannot possibly catch up. Jobs searches are very depressing. I am 53 and lost my job early last year and I am not even getting any call backs. Jobs are not plentiful and my age is an issue. I am praying the US Government will please vote to reinstate the unemployment benefits for me and all my fellow Americans who desperately need it.

  152. Ed Robins

    I am tired of borrowing money each month to pay for my rent and food. Eventually my families will be living on the street. Government officials should act now.

  153. JR

    I’m about to lose my house! I’m picking out a nice spot in the woods :(

  154. keysia

    TUPAC said it best ” They got money for wars but can’t feed the poor, there ain’t no hope for the youth and the truth, is that it ain’t no hope for the future.”
    To those of you who are also on the blog commenting about why aren’t we looking for jobs instead of asking for EUC to be extended. You better hope that one day you don’t find yourself in our shoes. I thought the same thing about co workers who were laid off before me and said ” They’re still not working, must be nice” Well was I putting my foot in my mouth because a year later it was me and now it’s been 2 years and I have applied for more jobs than I can count. I have the qualifications and still continue to take classes at my local community college to stay up to date with the latest in my field of work. Unless you are in our shoes or know someone close to you, then don’t judge because it can happen to you. I personally think the ones who judge are just bored and like to mess with people so if you are in a position to help one of us lazy people, than do so instead of criticize people who want to work AGAIN!!!

  155. CH

    It’s bad enough I only received 2 weeks extension pay but it went back to an old claim from 2008 when I was making $20,000 less. So I received hundreds of dollars less. How can unemployment dept go back 5 years for a previous lay off claim. Years later making more I can’t collect extension pay on my current salary. Makes no sense. So if I’m unemployed again in 10 years making thousands more I can only collect an extension on a lower salary back in 2008. Who made up this rule. Who do I contact about this??

  156. Jacqueline

    Thank you,Lord… God has the final vote not man.

  157. Eds Lady

    The one thing I never see or hear mentioned about unemployment benefits is that recipients have to claim those benefits as income on their tax returns. We pay taxes on those benefits! Where is that money going? Even though we’re unemployed we are still paying into the system in addition to having it deducted from our paychecks when we were employed. Congress, don’t call us lazy and say that we just want to sit back and collect a check for doing nothing!!! You indulge the lobbyists for Corporate America in exchange for campaign contributions by giving them grants that don’t have to be repaid-called Corporate Welfare! Who do you think got these corporations to where they are? It’s the average working American that got them there-not the CEOs.

  158. jeannie

    I can’t believe that the President does not care about the unemployed people. I have no money and can’t pay my bills. I have no heat or food. I’ve worked over 46 yrs. and this is the 1st time I have ever asked for help. But lets take care of all the the overseas people. What have they given us? I know who I WON’T VOTE for.

  159. jeannie

    Please help!!!!!!!

  160. James Mihelcic

    It is extremely heartless to keep so many workers from an extension of benefits to assist them while unemployed. These are workers who are looking hard for work, but need a little hand. As Americans we should be proud to help our fellow citizens neighbors and friends. That’s what America is all about. The 99% surely deserve the same consideration of the top 1%. Open your hearts America and push congress to do the right thing.

  161. Mickie

    What goes around comes around(KARMA) remember this congress when Election Day comes!!!!

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