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27th February
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Unemployment Benefit news review and update today February 27, 2014:
Close to two million Americans continue to hold onto hope that Congress will extend unemployment benefits for the long term unemployed. Over a million Americans exhausted their long term unemployment compensation as of December 28, 2013. After multiple attempts to pass an extension, policy leaders have only been able to come up with reasons to abandon the attempts.
Now, months have passed and lawmakers are still debating possible extension plans. The focus though may be transitioning however. Previous attempts for an unemployment benefit extension were short term and would have covered only three months. Now, policy leaders are talking about a measure that would be longer. According to Senator Jack Reed (Democrat, Rhode Island), Democrats are focusing on a long term unemployment compensation package that would last for six months or more. The price tag of such an extension would run between $12 and $13 billion and could possibly be paid for through savings associated with future long-term farm bill savings. Republicans have not ruled out this possibility which is apparently progress considering the past reluctance of Republican party members to agree to previously presented payment methods. Reed recently reported that he has not lost hope that the Senate can find enough support to pass an unemployment extension measure. Almost 2 million Americans still hold on to hope as well. Reed reported that he expects to bring the legislation to vote on the Senate floor very soon.

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  1. liz

    I am like many other Americans, I have had no income since December. There is a saying, we could all be a paycheck away from being bankrupt. Well we are already there. I was relying totally on my unemployment to pay our bills. I worked hard for many years not living on government assistance and now that I need help, help that I earned, it has been taken away from me. I am planning to file bankruptsy this week just to keep the creditors off our back. We are so far behind on our bills now that we cannot possibly catch up. Jobs searches are very depressing. I am 53 and lost my job early last year and I am not even getting any call backs. Jobs are not plentiful and my age is an issue. I am praying the US Government will please vote to reinstate the unemployment benefits for me and all my fellow Americans who desperately need it.

  2. Ed Robins

    I am tired of borrowing money each month to pay for my rent and food. Eventually my families will be living on the street. Government officials should act now.

  3. JR

    I’m about to lose my house! I’m picking out a nice spot in the woods :(

  4. keysia

    TUPAC said it best ” They got money for wars but can’t feed the poor, there ain’t no hope for the youth and the truth, is that it ain’t no hope for the future.”
    To those of you who are also on the blog commenting about why aren’t we looking for jobs instead of asking for EUC to be extended. You better hope that one day you don’t find yourself in our shoes. I thought the same thing about co workers who were laid off before me and said ” They’re still not working, must be nice” Well was I putting my foot in my mouth because a year later it was me and now it’s been 2 years and I have applied for more jobs than I can count. I have the qualifications and still continue to take classes at my local community college to stay up to date with the latest in my field of work. Unless you are in our shoes or know someone close to you, then don’t judge because it can happen to you. I personally think the ones who judge are just bored and like to mess with people so if you are in a position to help one of us lazy people, than do so instead of criticize people who want to work AGAIN!!!

  5. CH

    It’s bad enough I only received 2 weeks extension pay but it went back to an old claim from 2008 when I was making $20,000 less. So I received hundreds of dollars less. How can unemployment dept go back 5 years for a previous lay off claim. Years later making more I can’t collect extension pay on my current salary. Makes no sense. So if I’m unemployed again in 10 years making thousands more I can only collect an extension on a lower salary back in 2008. Who made up this rule. Who do I contact about this??

  6. Jacqueline

    Thank you,Lord… God has the final vote not man.

  7. Eds Lady

    The one thing I never see or hear mentioned about unemployment benefits is that recipients have to claim those benefits as income on their tax returns. We pay taxes on those benefits! Where is that money going? Even though we’re unemployed we are still paying into the system in addition to having it deducted from our paychecks when we were employed. Congress, don’t call us lazy and say that we just want to sit back and collect a check for doing nothing!!! You indulge the lobbyists for Corporate America in exchange for campaign contributions by giving them grants that don’t have to be repaid-called Corporate Welfare! Who do you think got these corporations to where they are? It’s the average working American that got them there-not the CEOs.

  8. jeannie

    I can’t believe that the President does not care about the unemployed people. I have no money and can’t pay my bills. I have no heat or food. I’ve worked over 46 yrs. and this is the 1st time I have ever asked for help. But lets take care of all the the overseas people. What have they given us? I know who I WON’T VOTE for.

  9. jeannie

    Please help!!!!!!!

  10. James Mihelcic

    It is extremely heartless to keep so many workers from an extension of benefits to assist them while unemployed. These are workers who are looking hard for work, but need a little hand. As Americans we should be proud to help our fellow citizens neighbors and friends. That’s what America is all about. The 99% surely deserve the same consideration of the top 1%. Open your hearts America and push congress to do the right thing.

  11. Mickie

    What goes around comes around(KARMA) remember this congress when Election Day comes!!!!

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