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26th February
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Economic news and Unemployment Benefit Extension Update today February 26, 2014:
U.S. consumer confidence dropped lower this month according to the recent Conference Board report. The Conference Board’s consumer confidence index dipped lower to 78.1 this month from 79.4 in January. Consumer confidence is declining alongside hopes for a long term benefit extension.
It has been two months since over a million Americans exhausted their long term unemployment benefits and Congress has been unable to support a measure to extend these benefits again. More Americans lose long term benefits every week and so confidence that Congress will pass an extension is fading.
Some policy leaders report that the economy is improving, but the last two monthly job reports aren’t adding up. U.S. employers added only 113,000 jobs in January after only adding 75,000 jobs in December. The Federal Reserve continues to taper its current economic stimulus plan. These facts paint a bleak outlook for America’s unemployed. The conditions will make it difficult for many Americans to find gainful employment and the lack of federal aid will increase the challenge. The silver lining is that the Senate is preparing to take action again. This time though, it appears that focus will be on something more long-term instead of a three month extension. Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island recently said that he was thinking of a plan that would be of a longer duration. The new plan to be pitched is expected to extend benefits for another six months and would be retroactive.

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  1. Marnie Harrington

    I must stop even reading all of these web-sites. Our government is just playing politics as usual, and I think the Democrats are as guilty as the Republicans. With all that they do for all these other causes that have so little importance if any-and yet they just let this hang on and on? Are you kidding me?

    It takes two to tango, and it is glaringly obbvious that this is all about who can mess with who, and who can make who look worse for the blessed elections.

    Don’t be a fool and think for a moment that any one of them cares about how desperate you are for help….that you lost your job through no fault of your own and that you are losing everything that you have worked so hard for.

    They will just continue to earn their good salaries and eat their wonderful lunches… receive their wonderful health benefits that we pay for as they just sit on their____ and drag this on and on and on….it would be more merciful to just end it all now.

  2. Larry King

    I agree with the commit above. It is both parties that are guilty. There shouldn’t be anything to consider other than getting this passed so the people who are affected can get there lives back in order. This is only a game to them. It’s all about power. They are not thinking of us at all. Harry Reid said this would be his top priority when the year began. We are now going into March and still nothing has been done. This Congress is not a Congress for the people. If they were, this would not be an issue. We are talking about real people that are desperate and are counting on this extension to get their lives back. Can you please put your differences aside and do the right thing? Seriously, quit putting it off.

  3. Della

    This is terrible! The Senate and the government have failed us! We have to be careful whos voted in because these people clearly dont care! Families have used their savings,lost their homes,lost their only Source of Income! Lord have Mercy!’Make the Senate come together as one in the name of Jesus and restore the unemployment benefits! #Jesus will fix it

  4. James

    IF they don’t act soon, most of those families will have to go sign up for actual welfare and possibly leave the workforce altogether. It’s truly amazing how disconnected from normal people these politicians are.

  5. david d

    I also agree.They seem like they just forget about the people in this country. We pay their salaries. Maybe congress should get laid-off. And what happened to the pen & phone?

  6. Ellen Fischer

    This congress deserved to be fired. They’re not doing the job that “we the people’ hired them to do. First they shut down the government, now they’re leaving 1.7 million+ people out in the cold, literally. I sincerely hope that these people get out and vote for a new congress. This congress needs to know what it feels like to lose your job.

  7. rick

    obama says he will use his pen. lol 2 months ago? i kno what he can do with his pen

  8. Gabe V

    I agree with both comments above.The money that they are worrying about offsetting cost is being lost every day.The jobless rate is also rising .Not to mention if the unemployed are not receiving unemployment benefits they will either become a burden to their states in 2 ways.1 by the way of welfare and 2 through criminal court and detention system ,because some will turn to crime.Now lets crunch those numbers.

  9. Marnie Harrington

    Larry, I have never posted comments such as this before. I have always been the most positive and uplifting person. I have always been teased about how I see the very best even in the very worst of people, etc. I am a Christian and must find the good somehow.

    HOWEVER-what is going on here is just too much. I have read thousands of comments and heart-breaking details about what is happening to a great, great many good Americans right now. I have lost all faith in our government.

    I do not have human children, but I have 2 most beloved senior kitties that are not well. I am not quite as bad off yet as so many others. My words and my pain for this situation stem primarily from the sadness and downright disgust I feel for these absolute _____ that are pulling the strings in Washington.

    And for anyone that has any remaining good feelings about Obama-well, just take a look at what he is doing to help here. He is ALL TALK AND NO ACTION-LIKE ALL OF THEM!

  10. Sharon Breeding

    All of your comments are so true, I wish we as American’s could just put these politicians in our place for a couple of months, let them live the life of real people, they make me mad as hell. And the President is no better just the leader of them all. All of them can go to hell.

  11. Scrap-Shug


  12. Regina Ewing

    If congress want to find away to pay for the Jobless Benefits, why don’t they find the 2.3 trillion dollars of our tax dollars that went missing the day before 911. That’s more than enough to pay for the Extension.





  15. rusty regan

    maybe they can do another vacation for two weeks and leave us hanging even longer. How’s that work exactly? Come to work for 2-3 days, reject/stalemate nearly all that is brought to discussion, then go back on vacation for 2 weeks…I cant wait to vote independent party across the board next time around. get them all out- wipe a clean slate!

  16. Matt D

    Well, out of work for a little over a year now, savings gone, prospects low, and just received eviction notice from landlard (not court). Late this month for the first time in 14 years in the same place. Yeah, I love michigan. Let the games begin.

  17. Jennifer

    I am also one of the unemployed that got booted off on December 28. When I read the Presidents comment about using his pen and phone I got all sorts of excited thinking I would Be getting my benefits back. I started looking around at all the news stories for mention of this, found republicans carrying on calling him a tyrant etc.. but nothing on unemployment. Anyways it turns out President Obama has signed fewer executive orders than the past presidents and that he only has the power to do certain things. Unemployment is not one of them. Most things having to do with money have to go through congress. That is why when he used his pen and phone for raising the minimum wage it only affected government employees not everyone. I guess these rules prevent are there to prevent any president from just taking over.

  18. Patricia reed

    Give these unemployed people a break.your politics are games it’s not funny.sign the darn extension before more people lose their transportation and homes while your eating steaks and living the high life there are families starving

  19. jordan sparks

    Larry u couldn’t have said it any better this is just unbelievable why would you do something like this to working Americans with kids bills etc. They need to be voted out. God have mercy on there souls. I mean unemployment is temporary we know this !! Why are they not seeing that no one can be on unemployment forever .The government is so messed up with there reasoning behind why there doing what they do has nothing to do with unemployment. They restored it times before when the economy was at its worse . Time is needed know give the people hope. God has the last say as I see I put my trust in no man

  20. Laura Brown

    I am 64 and divorced and was laid off last May. I too lost my unemployment benefits and to be honest, its like no one wants to hire me. I am so frustrated. I worked all my life and when I need help from the Gov’t, they slam the door but if it involves illegals or monetary support to other countries..its a done deal. Why doesn’t this country care about its own people?? We are hurting but they don’t care. Obama is the greatest disappointment this country has ever had as a leader. He is all mouth, dishonest and that pen he claims he can use, must be lost. I would like to think that there are elected officials, who we voted for, that will care about legal U.S. citizens who are out of work and extend our benefits now. We paid for them for years..we paid our we need help..quit playing games with our lives…oh, and I do want to thank the govt for my $15.00 per month food stamp allowance..yep $15.00 a month…insane..I wonder if McCain or Brewer or any of them can eat on $15.00 a month ??? I started out on $16.00 but the gov;t did a reduction so now its $15.00. I apologize if I come off as rude..I am really just scared and worried…and there are so many of us in the same situation..good luck all.

  21. 26/02/2014

    This is an election year,, so all you senators and congressmen better think about the AMERICAN people first. Extend the unemployment benefits.WE the people worked all of our lives and thru no fault of our own lost our jobs.Many jobs are know overseas,are we all supposed to leave the country to get a job?Please think of the little guy(us) the ones that voted you in office-we will let our voices be heard in the next election.YOU better remember us, because we will certainly remember you when we vote.GOD BLESS AMERICA

  22. jordan sparks

    What can obama do its clear he has no say people walking out while he speaks no respect for the man at all. They wouldnt care if hitler was president as long as he is not black no problems. Just plain disgusting . There is some racial issues we all know it. Ya go ahead and keep this goin crime rate will increase as it already has robberies etc some people cant find a job fast enough to not pay there mortgage eat feed there kids just wait. They will restore it they have no choice .

  23. 26/02/2014

    This is an election year,, so all you senators and congressmen better think about the AMERICAN people first. Extend the unemployment benefits.WE the people worked all of our lives and thru no fault of our own lost our jobs.Many jobs are now overseas,are we all supposed to leave the country to get a job?Please think of the little guy(us) the ones that voted you in office-we will let our voices be heard in the next election.YOU better remember us, because we will certainly remember you when we vote.GOD BLESS AMERICA

  24. Danetta Feggins

    I think this is beyond inhumane to continue to let the american people suffer at the hands of this heartless congress. We put you in office to do a job for the people, not to boost your egos or see who is the most powerful one in the congress Get off your asses and do what we pay you to do, if not, the seats will be warmed by someone else. Stop playing games with people’s lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Lori Macy

    They did not even stop to think, if people do not have unemployment they are eligible for food stamps, Cash Aid, Medi-Cal ( or whatever it is called with the Obummercare change)! I hope they choke on their taxpayer paid lunches!!

  26. Scott

    I have been unemployed for almost 17 months. I have searched for work in 2 states now, my home state and a neighboring state, and both in my professional career (gainful employment), and outside my profession (not so gainful, but would accept if offered). I cannot afford to relocate, so I must search within driving distance. Notice I don’t say within a distance from my home, I no longer have one. For lack of a better term, I am now mooching off family to survive. I give back what I can around the house, its all I can give. I cannot provide financially since I have no job, and no unemployment, which I like everyone else have paid for all of my working life. That being said… We have all seen the statistics of what this is supposedly costing all of us. But I haven’t seen studies concerning the increasing crime rate as people start stealing and committing various other crimes in an attempt to support themselves and family. How about suicide? I suppose there are some out there that have become so distraught over losing everything that they have fought for all their lives; possessions, homes, cars (how do you get to work if there is no public transportation?), family, that that was the only answer. Divorce rates? This is effecting every facet of the lives of all of us in the same situation.

    Someone has blood on their hands, but we won’t talk about that. That would just be too personal I think. God forbid…

  27. Jon Hall

    Here is what I wrote to congress. Fired the S.O.B.’s
    I am 61 years old. I have been a software engineer and consultant since 1982 when I worked with Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn of Darpa on the nascent internet. The rear car lights in automobiles’ rear windows is a result of my work in 1981 leading to the legislation requiring them. I can code anything from the assembler code in your toaster, to the big databases that run utilities. In a word, I am ‘qualified’. I live in the S.F. bay area. I have been unemployed since March of 2013. The ageist “Gray Ceiling” is alive and well in silcon valley. No one over 30 need apply at Google, as is well known. Age discrimination is rampant, not only to me but every one 50 or older in tech. Check the linked in threads if you want confirmation.
    When I work on contract (full time employment is impossible) I make between $2000 a week and $3500 a week. I haven’t made that since 2013. That’s $8 to $12k a month! Right now I have $23.00 in my checking account, I’m a month behind on the rent, and looks like I’m going to have to apply for food stamps next week, since my unemployment has been shut down. Hopefully something lands before I end up homeless on the street. I never thought this would happen to me, I mean after all there SHOULD be a job for someone who can write software… If I can’t find work, how in the world will be peope less qualified than me ever get a job??
    I’d like to say a few things.. Republicans who say the unemployed are lazy have no clue. Why on earth would I settle for $450 a week, when I can do something I like and make a minimum of $2000! The depression, the bleak reality of no money even on unemployment, the hardship do not even begin to be addressed with the U.I. check. Having nothing now, it’s even worse.
    Unemployment does not do a party line check. I used to be a Goldwater Republican. I’m a staunch Democrat now. The Republican agenda is dominated by the Koch Bro’s funding of tea party and the other Karl Rove machines.. and what is that agenda?? According to libertarian Koch, no government is the best government, and a dysfunctional, gridlocked congress obstructed by the Republican party, is almost as good as the Koch Ideal. The Republican party sold out to corporate elites a while back. Hundreds of millions in think tank research has gone into framing an agenda that will appeal to the dissatisfaction of millions of Americans, propagated by talk shows and hammered by news networks. Buying the mass consent is the only option the Republicans have in brainwashing Americans to vote for them. But when you wake up, you realize that for the working man, voting republican is like the chickens voting for Col. Sanders. Rest assured, your best interests are not at the heart of their agenda.

    If we didn’t have the obstructionism caused by agendas designed to create a dysfunctional government, the life line of unemployment would never have been cut, or at least restored by now. We have enough H1-B visa’s, we need the older Americans back in the labor pool, and the unemployment benefits renewed so people can at least be able to look for and find a job! Politicians should never fail to remember the time tested maxim: “People will seldom remember what you do for them. However, they will NEVER forget what you do to them!”. The unemployed are going to remember this at the voting booth.. which lever do you think they are going to pull?

  28. Gerald D

    Our President was well as Congress have truly forgotten the middle class blue collar skilled tradesmen. I fully agree with the aforementioned statements posted here however I’d like to specify a group of workers which is the most highly skilled workforce in the world “Building Tradesmen” (iron workers, electricians, pipefitters, operator engineers, millwrights, boilermakers, mansons).
    These are not residential tradesmen, these are the heavy construction tradesmen highly skilled and servied a 5 year apprenticeship, 2080 hours classroom & min. of 1700 hours on the job per year while going to school. The public never realizes heavy construction skilled labor journeyman put in more time to get his journeyman class certification then it takes to get a college degree in most cases. Why so long, … because these workers build our power plants (nuclear & fossil fuel) to supply electricity to America. They build our natural gas pipelines our pharmaceutical plants and Chemical plants and facilities around America provide services and products America could not live without in today’s day in age.
    However 35 to 40 percent of this skilled labor force is out of work today. These men and women are losing their homes their families and some even their lives watching what they built for themselves is now being lost because unemployment was not extended. We must extend unemployment especially for these brave tradesmen…. not because there are special. But because of the sacrifice… I’m sure the public does not know this next fact.. for instance pipefitters and electrician journeyman are the first man drafted up to age 35 in time of war and placed on naval ships as a sergeant first class, didn’t know that did you?
    We are now watching the greatest most superior blue collar workforce in the world you lose everything work for because UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS were not
    Mr President and members of Congress I hope the lights keep coming on because when they don’t you will call on us and we will remember this day – that you can bank on!!

  29. Jayelle

    The Democrats are holding the Federal Unemployment extension hostage for changes in Obama care. When I learned this from Dan Coats office, I wasn’t surprised.

    The Democrats know that if they throw the Obamacare wrench in the gears, it may go unnoticed and they can make the Republicans out to be the bad guys.

    Please stop the games!!!!

  30. 26/02/2014

    I am also getting tired reading the same news over and over again. I’m first time unemployed in 28 years since Sept 2013 and having some challenges in finding an opportunity. These party politics is killing america and the american dream. Everything takes for ever. They are spending millions and billions in building roads, bridges and schools in other countries. They have money to give to other countries, so they stay on our side (another form of bribing), but they don’t think a bit about people who have paid taxes for years and contributing to american society.

    At least they should consider extending benefits to first time unemployed. Many received 99 weeks of unemployment during 2008 – 2009 – 2010. I hope Obama take that pen and sign the law without asking these jokers in congress.

  31. rich h

    are you kidding me? its both parties?

    IT IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY that is blocking unemployed from feeding their families!

  32. Helen Banks

    President Obama, I am a democrat. You know what we are going through, you’ve felt it before ! Don’t let the republicans or anyone in washington do us this way. Show us why we voted for you,forget them. pI√áK Up The Pen ! You will never be forgotten, as the President who took from the rich and gave to the poor, forget these greedy people…. and do what Jesus would do. NOW IS THE TIME,. You have God on your side …..don’t be afraid. I know you will do what’s right! I ask God to give you strenght to do what’s right !

    President Obama, I am a democrat ,I voted for you because I thought you were different than those greedy people in Washington..You know what the poor is going said you did. ! Please pick up that pin and help us……do what Jesus would do, don’t be afraid of them, you have God on your side..take from the rich and give to the poor… known for the President who helped the poor. May God give you strenght.

  33. Lindsay

    Our government failed! Sad to to say but they don’t care about is, they care what’s best for them only. It’s iconic how they can’t help us Americans but if something minor occurs overseas, they jump right to it but what about us taxpayers?!.
    Im sick and tired of this CRAP!

  34. dee

    plz plz pass the extension I have my two baby girls that I just got full custody of and only way I can keep my babies is if I have some kinda of income and a stable home y’all took my benefits and I’m about to loos my home just lost my only transportation next is my babies I’m doing everything I can too hold my family together I pray for all u americans every day in night I no I’m not the only one who’s in this boat everybody keep your heads held high

  35. Deborah Thompson

    I have been unemployed since April 2013. I am also disabled. I can’t qualify for disablity. I have applied for jobs and had interviews, once I go into in the interview they see I am disabled and do not call be back.I have no money coming in at all. I applied for food stamps and got $180.00 a month for me and my daughter who ia also disabled. We live with my mom lwho is 72 and is not in good health either. Please someone do something about extending unemployment.

  36. Ann-Marie Noyes

    I lost my job in December 2012. I’m a Human Resources Generalist and have seen corporations systematically replace their older workers. All legal of course!!

    I worked for 50+ years first in accounting and then in Human Resources. I am not lazy and have sent out at least 200 resumes. I have been interviewed by telephone at least a dozen times and gone to 5 face to face interviews with no offers of employment. What would that say to you?????

    In another week my internet will be suspended and I will have no money to get to interviews etc.

    We need support by our government that has received our support for years.

    Please help us!!!!!!

  37. 26/02/2014


  38. Jennifer

    I would gladly participate Fred. To the others please read my previous comment. The president DOES NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO USE HIS PEN AND PHONE ON UNEMPLOYMENT. I wish he did because I believe we would have our money now.

  39. rah

    soon or later Obama its going be all out riots cuz you people in congress don’t give a damn.If you did then their would have already been progress in helping the people in your own country not someone elses.I can already see that more robberies and crimes are escalating and I’m sure its not just criminals.Then you say for companies not discriminate against age or being over qualified for a job b.s.Companies do discriminate on age or a lot of these people that are 50+ of age would have jobs,so two months is long enough its time for the people IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY TO KNOW WHAT YOU”RE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!THE WAY CONGRESS IS MOVING, MORE THAN LIKELY, NOTHING!THE AMERICAN WAY SCREW THE PEOPLE BUT HELP OUT OTHERS WHO DONT EVEN LIVE IN THIS COUTRY!

  40. tony

    Pres Obama must act now there are 2 million Americans unemployed now Congress must act now , I worked 37 years of my life and have been unemployed since May. 2013 and my benefits stop Dec 28 please act now there are too many American families that are suffering. We need help !

    Thank you
    Tony B

  41. Cam

    I agree with all the posts I have read
    this congress crap has gone on long enough
    give the American people back their unemployment and STOP playing GOD with peoples
    lives you need to make the scales weigh the same or this country will be in bigger trouble
    with more families on WELFARE and people stealing from stores and others just to get by
    Its our money your holding hostage you assholes act like its coming out of your pockets THE FUNDS ARE THERE THIS IS AMERICA WE ARE NOT BROKE .. FOR GOD SAKE PASS THE EXTENSION YOU MORONS GET WITH THE PROGRAM and stop terrorizing the AMERICAN PEOPLE …SHAME ON YOU ALL>>

  42. Fred Jenkins

    One last thing people… I forgot to tell you that I just recently attended a Funeral for a friend of mines last week who had apparently committed Suicide by deliberately not taking their life sustaining medication… From what I’ve come to understand, my friend, whom I wish to hell hadda came and talked to me first, simply got tired of all this unbearable nonsense and wanted to leave.. Yeah, they were struggling and waiting several weeks for their unemployment like the rest of us and just apparently couldn’t take it anymore… It became too much… So she left… I’m going to miss her, but I will NEVER FORGET HER… She’s the FIRST FALLEN SOLDIER OF THIS UI WAR…

  43. lee haralson

    I cannot believe our government… All talk about everything but extending unemployment benefits. These benefits are paid for by me and fellow americans The buck needs to stop at home here in the us. All paychecks for the parties involved need to be frozen until the business of unemployment is extended. There are people starving and not just kids but adults. Adults are just as important as children. Come on people get your act together and do whats right APPROVE the extension and do it for at least a year extension if not 2 years additional to what we have. These people have all worked for this. Go to welfare cut that budget and make room for the working people

  44. keith

    I have been out of work for fourteen months on feb. 28th,yes I was layed off two days after christmas dec. 2012. I just took a pre-employment physical and U.A. yesterday.The U.A. wont be a problem but my blood pressure might be. Lets hope they let me in. I have never had a blood pressure problem ever but now at almost 52 years of age it’s not good. No wonder after two months of no income at all and burning through what savings was left and having to cash in retirement dollars to stay in my home this last year why would I have any thing to worry about. I dont know how I am gonna buy gas to get to this job for a couple weeks if I do get it but hopefuly I can find something to pawn as I am off buslines and its thirty miles away. This should have never happend as I worked all my life and payed into this program all these years. Its like starting all over again from scratch with no time on the clock. whats wrong with our government??? Note to all of you job seekers that only after I took ten plus years off of my resume did I start getting calls for interviews. Keeping my fingers crossed! We need this passed for all our sakes.

  45. Ralph Linan

    I believe that we should put a term for those politicians that have made it a career on taxpayers. Most politicians have forgotten why they are there. Most are more concern about who has the voting power; then the voice of the people. When they are trying to get elected they are out and about, door to door; now you can’t even get them to respond to crisies concerning the unemployed. Why don’t we stop worring about what nation needs financial support and focus on the citizens of this once and respected nation. Selah ( Think on that) Ralph Linan

  46. David B.

    I was the bread winner for 40 years and lost my job like 2 million others and counting with “NO BENEFITS”. Mortgage/Utilities/Food living day-to-day with family of five. Thank God my Wife still works and my children have part-time jobs 12 to 20 hours at McDonalds which we collect for the Mortgage still coming short on the total. Utilities/Food ?????. I still send 20 to 30 apps. a week with no results. “IPRAY FOR A JOB SOON” I was cut after 26 weeks along with most of us.
    It is amazing that I was getting $53.00 a day on UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS until Dec.28th to pay all my bills with a X on the form to hold Federal Taxes and now I get 0. Must be nice for Democrat and Republicans to get $7700.00 a day along $2500.00 dinners and Big Business giving them even more money. While they take Recess and Vacations. Also we spend Millions-Billions-Trillions on other countries with no return on investment. While “AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE HELD HOSTAGE” to what they deserve after paying taxes forever.
    They must pass today!!!!! But it still has to go to the House. How much longer will this continue? Obama State Of The Union stated I Will Sign This so American can move forward! I will by a pen for 99cent/stamp for 48cent and mail it to you if needed.

  47. alonso

    GOD will pass this bill for us because HE is watching the injustice been done to his people; and to you self righteous and hypocrites republicans your time is coming when GOD will demand an answer from you. I was hungry and you did not feed me and I was in prison and you did not come to see me and they will ask when were you hungry and we did not feed you or in prison and we did not visit you and he will reply to them when you did not do it for one of this the least of my brothers you didn’t do it for me. pray brothers and sisters and raise you your eyes to the mountains from where will come your deliverance your deliverance come from GOD.

  48. Virgil

    I shiver when I think that God’s justice will not sleep forever.

    Thomas Jefferson (1777) Regarding Slavery and Injustice

    Taxation without Representation – Tea Party

    Unemployment Insurance is tax paid for by workers – Release the workers benefits for your own benefit…

  49. The_Trumpet

    The only thing that Republicans and democrats totally agree on and never delay or vote against is giving money to Israel. Yet, while they neglect their own citizens! Such a shame!!

  50. Cathy C.

    Somebody please contact me about starting a march in Washington, DC. We are grown adults and to put our families through this to help support us is not fair. My car insurance was paid by my brother last month and the car note is not paid and it was due February 1, 2014. Guest was coming up 2 days from now car insurance due again. Tag renewal due by March 1 and car note due again as well. All credit card bills are behind for 2 months. My credit rating will be affected this is not right. I’ll owe late fees and late charges on all my bills. I’ll be left out in the streets.

    Please let’s march!!!! Or do something to show Congress, Senate and the President we need HELP NOW!!!!!

    email me: ccolson8@verizon. net

  51. 27/02/2014

    Outside of being broke, lost job May 2013 worked all my life had unemployment twice throughout my life now in dyer need of my unemployment I can’t get it. I have 1 month of rent money left, my car is now 2 months behind,car insurance is needed can’t get that either,needing a phone well that’s about to end. Receive 97.50 for food stamps and I should be happy about that well I’, not. I just saw that the government has given foreign land 2.1 billions dollars. REALLY REALLY, and the people that voted for these creeps are playing with our lives, not extending what the america that are unemployed not because of something they did.

    I feel like president did nothing to help the american people. I have to concur with the other people on there comments he has done nothing to help,TOTALLY A DISAPPOINTMENT!!! Obama you should the american people your JUST LIKE THE REST don’t give a DAMN!!!!!

  52. 27/02/2014

    Forgot one more thing how can the Democrats, continue to ask for contributions when WE HAVE NO MONEY!!!! Stop asking me I can’t make it without my money that is due to me I have paid into unemployment since I’ve been working, now needing the money can’t get a dime. But all the countries overseas is GETTING ALL OUR MONEY WHY? Go figure????????????

  53. Mena

    Again we have to stop putting trust in man but in GOD .Yes they are running the show for now but God SEE,HEAR and NO everything thing .What comes around have to go back around .He also sad revenges is his said the Lord .And he said what is LAST will be FIRST and what is FIRST will be LAST .So they days will come when GOD will Deal with all of them that is not Right and they no who they are in there .We are not Voting for people of GOD we are voting for Satan people .The Government have not been of God for Years .Its is all about are DOLLARS and control .But them man up stair is who created the earth in everything in it .But he did not make people out to be greedy .Satan did that .Stop voting for man and vote for Jesus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Debi

    I am so sick of this government…I am completely ashamed to be an American right now. this is disgusting all of it! These “people” who run this country, we need to clean it out!!! for good. I agree with all of your comments…let’s take action like they do in other countries….and we send aide for that!!? I’m disgusted.

  55. Ivan

    I wish the smug republicans could leave their taxpayer paid state dinners and lunches and their flights (we pay for) and their residences in DC and in the case of the Senate the capital residences (that we pay for) an watch a documentary called “Redemption” about people who collect cans and bottles for a living. Many of them were working people who had decent to good jobs (many professional)
    who now spend 12-16 hours a day “canning” Judging from the enormous amounts they collect, this is indicative of their work ethic. OH Yeah GOP the unemployed are all lazy living off the fat of the land. We all want to sit down and collect a measly $3-400/wk when we made 2 to 3x that amount when employed. Id love to see you jerks in that position for a week. You’d go crawling back to Washington with a lot of that arrogance knocked right out of you. I wonder if they could used extensions at this moment. The real lazy *&^%%^^6s in this country are you who sits on your bums and pretend to work. You don’t give a damn about the common man Look at all the similar stories Middle aged people who have worked hard all of their lives and are now “Unhireable” I don’t use this kind of language but you guys suck!

  56. Nicolette Raske

    I agree with all of your comments this is not right for congress to be putting us through this.
    We are all hard working individuals who through no fault of our own .
    Lost our employment and now more then ever we need this stability back in our lives.
    So that we can pay our pills put food on the table pay our mortgages .
    It is not easy to be unemployed but that three hundred dollars every two weeks atleast helps us a little bit.
    While we continue to look for work I know unemployment isnt a forever thing .
    I have worked and put my time and hours into the system and so have we all .
    And what do we get for it I have been praying for congress and the house to pass this bill .
    So that myself and millions of americans can live can eat can pay their bills and can survive.
    Please congress pass this bill asap this is something we need to have happen now.

  57. Joey

    I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubbles here and I do hope that I am wrong with this statement, buy UI is gone, over, done, caput. The supposed heartful dems in the senate can’t get a bill through to the house, and even if they did, the house will never even acknowledge the bill. It sucks but it’s true and a fact. The republicans don’t care about every unemployed person’s threats to vote them out of office. They feel that if they can’t get up to look for a job then they sure as hell won’t get up to go vote. Plus, even if voted out, each individual politician is not worried about his or her future. They are rich and protected for life. And please, those of you threatening these heartless thugs with your religious beliefs saying god will punish thee, please knock it off. It makes you sound even more useless and just plain bonkers. The politicians already think everyone is a slug and a leech, don’t add into it by making them think you are crazy too. Again, I hope to…………well I just hope I am dead wrong and something will be passed soon. Wait…..why I am I on here commenting this???? Nobody who needs to read it will.

  58. Peter L Tomaino

    Well for us it doesnt matter.
    we lost our apartment tomorrow is our last day
    we have a friend that is helping with storing our stuff but we a going to a a homeless shelter

  59. SUEJ

    I have been watching and following the recent coverage US House of Reps. & Senate on CSPAN , and I’m here to tell you all if these pork belly polituciabscare just as guilty . I wish that I lived in Colorado because I what’s his name is the only one who muttered a hint of suggesting to restore these benefits and help these people. Jobs are great, jobs we want .. But they don’t come by over night. Accept a job today doesn’t put va pay check in hand today!!!!! Its still a good 2-3 wks before you see a dime. Not renewing has cost our economy what????? $3Billion??? Now that is smart thinking!!! I will NOT VOTE 1 INCUMBANT in!! What about the $5BILLION just given UKRIANE ?

  60. SUEJ

    I believe in and appreciate our Homeland security measures, supporting our military, caring for our Veterans. But it has always been and continues to be about International relations & politics instead of taking care of our own people. While one politician crys demanding to pull troops out of Afghanistan .. There goes Obama giving anoithger $5Billion U.S. dollars to Ukraine?? Point being there are resources to maintain programs for our own, Republicans are asking for Reform? That’s fine I agree.. Just as there are limitations to how long an unemployed can be eligible to for EUC. But also with reform must come stronger regulations on dead beat employers to screw employees. At Will employment agreement s really do not help anyone looking and needing long term employment. Meantime they NEED to restore EMERFENCY UNEMPLOYMENT

  61. Fred Jenkins

    This is for Ms. Genny Germano…

    Genny, for whatever reason either you or a member of your staff keeps Censoring my comments and not allowing the people to see them. This is the third time that my comments have been posted and then taken off. Why is that Genny? Isn’t everything that I said and told to the people in my posts the truth? So why not let them know whats going on? In any case, it takes a few minutes to sit down and formulate one’s thoughts and write them down in this unemployment forum Genny. Oftentimes I have to rewrite it a few times before I actually post it. So when I do finally get it right and put it up on this site, it can be very, very discouraging and disapointing to see that all of my time and energy in this matter has been wasted because someone from that end has chosen NOT to post what I had to say… Well, thanks for the firsthand lesson in Big Brotherism Genny, I really appreciated the experience… And while of course I’m thankful that this forum has been made readily available to the people so that they can voice their sentiments and frustrations, (because they really need to be able to do this at this time) I myself won’t be making any further comments on your site because I cant say for sure whether my comments are going to be posted or not and I’m simply not going to waste the time anymore…I dont know Genny, its just something about CENSORSHIP that just gives me a 1st Amendment itch that I cant scratch… No hard feelings though. Take care and good luck with the site.

  62. Gary

    This is a snowball effect. The 2 million or so unemployment are going to affect millions of others. More jobs will be lost; which means less taxes for the government because of decreased spending and no taxable income.

    WHERE IS PRESIDENT OBAMA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  63. Gary


  64. Gary


  65. eric

    Nobody on capital hill cares about the real people of this nation. they are only there because someone paid for them to be there of their agendas. I am ashamed of what congress as a whole (both right and left) has become. worthless. They continue to work on things that are of no immediate issue just to try and get an edge on election day. Guess what idiots…. you , by a overwhelming majority have failed us and we the people shall do the same in return.

  66. eric

    Don’t forget, republicans stated that they don’t consider the unemployed or the poor as voters… last time I checked it was free to vote,lol.

  67. 28/02/2014

    I’m one of the victim’s in this mess. It’s both parties but playing God is not the answer . For Congress to keep going on breaks and returning without shame for the people who can’t pay their bill’s is criminal. This year’s political races will be interesting. Hope these people are not out of work more than 6 month’s.

  68. Louis Bernitt

    Obama is the worst President this country has ever had.I am 55 yrs of age and I have never seen a country so divided in govt.Obama is weak and not respected by the Republicans.Which is why nothing gets done in the Senate.What we need is a leader in the White House who can make govt come together as “one” and not hide in his Oval Office like Obama does.Obama has no “juice”.

  69. Deb S

    With no fault of my own since Oct 2008 losing first job and Jan 2013 losing 2nd job (both in the religious non-profit area) I cannot find a job in over a year. Benefits ran out. I apply for over 5 jobs a week, 13 months now and not even a bite or an answer! If this country cut HALF (just HALF) of the amount sent overseas to all these other countries this country – AMERICA – COULD AFFORD to help it’s law abiding, hard working families! Charity begins at home – cut spending to other countries and spend in this country!!!!!! PASS THE UNEMPLOYMENT EXTENSION! Americans need to wake up and not vote these politicians back in – they get elected over and over and over for years and years and do nothing – absolutely nothing for the people they represent! arrrgggghhhhh OBAMA ISN’T RESPECTED BY ANY FOREIGN LEADER never mind from his own country!

  70. Tom Cawley

    We should organize a protest and father at the White House lawn to vent our frustration.

  71. 02/03/2014

    We should go to Washington on a march to the White House to vent our frustration. And every one should vote independent.maybe than we would get there empathy

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