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26th February
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Economic news and Unemployment Benefit Extension Update today February 26, 2014:
U.S. consumer confidence dropped lower this month according to the recent Conference Board report. The Conference Board’s consumer confidence index dipped lower to 78.1 this month from 79.4 in January. Consumer confidence is declining alongside hopes for a long term benefit extension.
It has been two months since over a million Americans exhausted their long term unemployment benefits and Congress has been unable to support a measure to extend these benefits again. More Americans lose long term benefits every week and so confidence that Congress will pass an extension is fading.
Some policy leaders report that the economy is improving, but the last two monthly job reports aren’t adding up. U.S. employers added only 113,000 jobs in January after only adding 75,000 jobs in December. The Federal Reserve continues to taper its current economic stimulus plan. These facts paint a bleak outlook for America’s unemployed. The conditions will make it difficult for many Americans to find gainful employment and the lack of federal aid will increase the challenge. The silver lining is that the Senate is preparing to take action again. This time though, it appears that focus will be on something more long-term instead of a three month extension. Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island recently said that he was thinking of a plan that would be of a longer duration. The new plan to be pitched is expected to extend benefits for another six months and would be retroactive.

Genny Germano


  1. 27/02/2014

    Outside of being broke, lost job May 2013 worked all my life had unemployment twice throughout my life now in dyer need of my unemployment I can’t get it. I have 1 month of rent money left, my car is now 2 months behind,car insurance is needed can’t get that either,needing a phone well that’s about to end. Receive 97.50 for food stamps and I should be happy about that well I’, not. I just saw that the government has given foreign land 2.1 billions dollars. REALLY REALLY, and the people that voted for these creeps are playing with our lives, not extending what the america that are unemployed not because of something they did.

    I feel like president did nothing to help the american people. I have to concur with the other people on there comments he has done nothing to help,TOTALLY A DISAPPOINTMENT!!! Obama you should the american people your JUST LIKE THE REST don’t give a DAMN!!!!!

  2. 27/02/2014

    Forgot one more thing how can the Democrats, continue to ask for contributions when WE HAVE NO MONEY!!!! Stop asking me I can’t make it without my money that is due to me I have paid into unemployment since I’ve been working, now needing the money can’t get a dime. But all the countries overseas is GETTING ALL OUR MONEY WHY? Go figure????????????

  3. Mena

    Again we have to stop putting trust in man but in GOD .Yes they are running the show for now but God SEE,HEAR and NO everything thing .What comes around have to go back around .He also sad revenges is his said the Lord .And he said what is LAST will be FIRST and what is FIRST will be LAST .So they days will come when GOD will Deal with all of them that is not Right and they no who they are in there .We are not Voting for people of GOD we are voting for Satan people .The Government have not been of God for Years .Its is all about are DOLLARS and control .But them man up stair is who created the earth in everything in it .But he did not make people out to be greedy .Satan did that .Stop voting for man and vote for Jesus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Debi

    I am so sick of this government…I am completely ashamed to be an American right now. this is disgusting all of it! These “people” who run this country, we need to clean it out!!! for good. I agree with all of your comments…let’s take action like they do in other countries….and we send aide for that!!? I’m disgusted.

  5. Ivan

    I wish the smug republicans could leave their taxpayer paid state dinners and lunches and their flights (we pay for) and their residences in DC and in the case of the Senate the capital residences (that we pay for) an watch a documentary called “Redemption” about people who collect cans and bottles for a living. Many of them were working people who had decent to good jobs (many professional)
    who now spend 12-16 hours a day “canning” Judging from the enormous amounts they collect, this is indicative of their work ethic. OH Yeah GOP the unemployed are all lazy living off the fat of the land. We all want to sit down and collect a measly $3-400/wk when we made 2 to 3x that amount when employed. Id love to see you jerks in that position for a week. You’d go crawling back to Washington with a lot of that arrogance knocked right out of you. I wonder if they could used extensions at this moment. The real lazy *&^%%^^6s in this country are you who sits on your bums and pretend to work. You don’t give a damn about the common man Look at all the similar stories Middle aged people who have worked hard all of their lives and are now “Unhireable” I don’t use this kind of language but you guys suck!

  6. Nicolette Raske

    I agree with all of your comments this is not right for congress to be putting us through this.
    We are all hard working individuals who through no fault of our own .
    Lost our employment and now more then ever we need this stability back in our lives.
    So that we can pay our pills put food on the table pay our mortgages .
    It is not easy to be unemployed but that three hundred dollars every two weeks atleast helps us a little bit.
    While we continue to look for work I know unemployment isnt a forever thing .
    I have worked and put my time and hours into the system and so have we all .
    And what do we get for it I have been praying for congress and the house to pass this bill .
    So that myself and millions of americans can live can eat can pay their bills and can survive.
    Please congress pass this bill asap this is something we need to have happen now.

  7. Joey

    I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubbles here and I do hope that I am wrong with this statement, buy UI is gone, over, done, caput. The supposed heartful dems in the senate can’t get a bill through to the house, and even if they did, the house will never even acknowledge the bill. It sucks but it’s true and a fact. The republicans don’t care about every unemployed person’s threats to vote them out of office. They feel that if they can’t get up to look for a job then they sure as hell won’t get up to go vote. Plus, even if voted out, each individual politician is not worried about his or her future. They are rich and protected for life. And please, those of you threatening these heartless thugs with your religious beliefs saying god will punish thee, please knock it off. It makes you sound even more useless and just plain bonkers. The politicians already think everyone is a slug and a leech, don’t add into it by making them think you are crazy too. Again, I hope to…………well I just hope I am dead wrong and something will be passed soon. Wait…..why I am I on here commenting this???? Nobody who needs to read it will.

  8. Peter L Tomaino

    Well for us it doesnt matter.
    we lost our apartment tomorrow is our last day
    we have a friend that is helping with storing our stuff but we a going to a a homeless shelter

  9. SUEJ

    I have been watching and following the recent coverage US House of Reps. & Senate on CSPAN , and I’m here to tell you all if these pork belly polituciabscare just as guilty . I wish that I lived in Colorado because I what’s his name is the only one who muttered a hint of suggesting to restore these benefits and help these people. Jobs are great, jobs we want .. But they don’t come by over night. Accept a job today doesn’t put va pay check in hand today!!!!! Its still a good 2-3 wks before you see a dime. Not renewing has cost our economy what????? $3Billion??? Now that is smart thinking!!! I will NOT VOTE 1 INCUMBANT in!! What about the $5BILLION just given UKRIANE ?

  10. SUEJ

    I believe in and appreciate our Homeland security measures, supporting our military, caring for our Veterans. But it has always been and continues to be about International relations & politics instead of taking care of our own people. While one politician crys demanding to pull troops out of Afghanistan .. There goes Obama giving anoithger $5Billion U.S. dollars to Ukraine?? Point being there are resources to maintain programs for our own, Republicans are asking for Reform? That’s fine I agree.. Just as there are limitations to how long an unemployed can be eligible to for EUC. But also with reform must come stronger regulations on dead beat employers to screw employees. At Will employment agreement s really do not help anyone looking and needing long term employment. Meantime they NEED to restore EMERFENCY UNEMPLOYMENT

  11. Fred Jenkins

    This is for Ms. Genny Germano…

    Genny, for whatever reason either you or a member of your staff keeps Censoring my comments and not allowing the people to see them. This is the third time that my comments have been posted and then taken off. Why is that Genny? Isn’t everything that I said and told to the people in my posts the truth? So why not let them know whats going on? In any case, it takes a few minutes to sit down and formulate one’s thoughts and write them down in this unemployment forum Genny. Oftentimes I have to rewrite it a few times before I actually post it. So when I do finally get it right and put it up on this site, it can be very, very discouraging and disapointing to see that all of my time and energy in this matter has been wasted because someone from that end has chosen NOT to post what I had to say… Well, thanks for the firsthand lesson in Big Brotherism Genny, I really appreciated the experience… And while of course I’m thankful that this forum has been made readily available to the people so that they can voice their sentiments and frustrations, (because they really need to be able to do this at this time) I myself won’t be making any further comments on your site because I cant say for sure whether my comments are going to be posted or not and I’m simply not going to waste the time anymore…I dont know Genny, its just something about CENSORSHIP that just gives me a 1st Amendment itch that I cant scratch… No hard feelings though. Take care and good luck with the site.

  12. Gary

    This is a snowball effect. The 2 million or so unemployment are going to affect millions of others. More jobs will be lost; which means less taxes for the government because of decreased spending and no taxable income.

    WHERE IS PRESIDENT OBAMA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  13. Gary


  14. Gary


  15. eric

    Nobody on capital hill cares about the real people of this nation. they are only there because someone paid for them to be there of their agendas. I am ashamed of what congress as a whole (both right and left) has become. worthless. They continue to work on things that are of no immediate issue just to try and get an edge on election day. Guess what idiots…. you , by a overwhelming majority have failed us and we the people shall do the same in return.

  16. eric

    Don’t forget, republicans stated that they don’t consider the unemployed or the poor as voters… last time I checked it was free to vote,lol.

  17. 28/02/2014

    I’m one of the victim’s in this mess. It’s both parties but playing God is not the answer . For Congress to keep going on breaks and returning without shame for the people who can’t pay their bill’s is criminal. This year’s political races will be interesting. Hope these people are not out of work more than 6 month’s.

  18. Louis Bernitt

    Obama is the worst President this country has ever had.I am 55 yrs of age and I have never seen a country so divided in govt.Obama is weak and not respected by the Republicans.Which is why nothing gets done in the Senate.What we need is a leader in the White House who can make govt come together as “one” and not hide in his Oval Office like Obama does.Obama has no “juice”.

  19. Deb S

    With no fault of my own since Oct 2008 losing first job and Jan 2013 losing 2nd job (both in the religious non-profit area) I cannot find a job in over a year. Benefits ran out. I apply for over 5 jobs a week, 13 months now and not even a bite or an answer! If this country cut HALF (just HALF) of the amount sent overseas to all these other countries this country – AMERICA – COULD AFFORD to help it’s law abiding, hard working families! Charity begins at home – cut spending to other countries and spend in this country!!!!!! PASS THE UNEMPLOYMENT EXTENSION! Americans need to wake up and not vote these politicians back in – they get elected over and over and over for years and years and do nothing – absolutely nothing for the people they represent! arrrgggghhhhh OBAMA ISN’T RESPECTED BY ANY FOREIGN LEADER never mind from his own country!

  20. Tom Cawley

    We should organize a protest and father at the White House lawn to vent our frustration.

  21. 02/03/2014

    We should go to Washington on a march to the White House to vent our frustration. And every one should vote independent.maybe than we would get there empathy

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