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13th February
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Minimum Wage and Unemployment Benefit News 2014:
Although the government was unable to find a way to pass extended unemployment benefits for almost 2 million Americans in need, it did find a way to raise the minimum wage. President Obama signed an executive order yesterday to raise the minimum wage for federal contract workers to $10.10 an hour. The new minimum wage will go into effect starting next year January 1, 2015.
The President said that he was going to do this during his State of the Union address in January, and it is now reality. He reiterated during his State of the Union address that out of work Americans still need support. His words though have been little more than speech filler. Just recently, the Senate voted against a plan that would have extended long term unemployment benefits for so many Americans in need. Every week that goes by without the long term unemployment benefit extension, tens of thousands more Americans exhaust their long term federal benefits and are left with little to no federal support during their quest to find gainful employment. After writing the executive order to raise the minimum wage for federal workers, President Obama compelled the nation to raise the minimum wage for workers across the nation. Over a million Americans without long term unemployment benefits are scratching their heads over why the President is not doing more to pass a long term unemployment benefit extension. Most are hoping that an extension is just the next item on his agenda, but optimism is a scarce commodity in crowds of the unemployed right now.

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  1. Jeff Park

    What’s the use. 40 years of working and this is what I get. I, along with 2mil paid for their wars, their bailouts,and bank give away’s and this is their response. I lost my job because I turned 60, not that I did anything wrong or the company was shutting down.
    Had 401k stolen by a previous employer so can’t tap into my safety net. (no help from dept. of labor)
    If there was real concern by both parties they would sit down and hammer it out!
    Listened to McConnell talk about the financial burden to his fellow Kentuckians Obama care is causing but his staunch stance on extension bewilders me. I wish I did not have that Midwestern sensibility, and had learned to talk from both sides of my mouth, then maybe I could be a congressman.

  2. virginia perez

    is sad how you work your life and they take your taxes with no mercy but when you need help from the government they cut you short. its not fair I’m one of those that was cut short

  3. jim maher

    it’s amazing that a month after they shut down benefits, they release new unemployment numbers showing a decrease in unemployment for january.
    don’t these poll numbers come from the department of labor? and don’t these numbers stem from how many individuals are claiming benefits each week?
    of course unemployment numbers are down. the fact is that the numbers have went down but not because people have obtained gainful employment.
    the vote, i hope our elected politicians don’t think we are so ignorant. i believe that the vote will sit stagnant for a very long time. as long as people are losing their benefits, the reelection campaigns can show that they have lowered unemployment.
    just my opinion

  4. Jose Santana

    Stop voting Republican. The Republicans are for the rich period and could not care less about the unemployed. They are a bunch of clowns playing politics with our lives. It’s just dumb to oppose everything the president wants to do. All the republicans causing trouble are not even in President Obama’s league.

  5. Mike

    Now is the time to see if he flexes some muscle. The republicans are definitly flexing theirs. Some claim the president is limited and can not order an extension. Im not so sure about that. The program is called the ‘ emergency unemployment compensation act’ (EUC). The word “Emergency” is key here. It’s not a matter of declareing an emergency as that has already been done, and it’s not an act of passing a program into law as that has already been done. It IS a matter of funding however, and that takes congress to pass. BUT- if congress can not act in an ‘national emergency’ situation for whatever reason, the President does have some power to do so. Again, ‘Emergency’ is the key.

  6. Paul

    This is terrible, I’ve been hurting since early Jan. and have sold off many things to make ends meet, pretty soon I’ll have to drop phone and internet, and I won’t be able to get emails and take calls. This is gonna knock me out of the job market. I lost my job for work injuries and couldn’t be reassigned to other position. Now I have partial permanent disabilities and work restrictions which make it extra difficult to get any job. I know it’s only a three month extension, but any aid is badly needed. I’m still working on getting jobs I can handle but it’s slim chances for a guy 53 years old. (I had been working full time since 1980 and had only received federal extensions benefits for a few weeks before I was cut-off)

  7. dee

    That’s GREAT minimum wage will be raised in 2015. That is still not helping people who have been cut from extended unemployment benefits. A lot of the jobs being offered are as needed, and per-Diem. Therefore, they don’t have to employ you full-time, or pay you benefits. I work 3 as needed jobs. I have been cancelled and sent home when it’s not busy enough. I have worked 7 days total with all3 jobs. Really! My family will be out on the street soon. I have worked 37 years full time, and now everything I worked for, I am losing. They can’t even throw you a bone, with extendedunemployment benefits. I am not lazy, I look everyday, and I have applied for about 20 jobs in the past few months! Shame on the government, as they go on vacation, and breaks. I don’t know how you sleep at night.

  8. 13/02/2014

    Dear President Obama

    I’m 52 years old, I been looking for work
    since June, I send over 800 Resumes. I been
    Working at thirteen and My Husband Has Renal
    Kidney failure. Its a toss up to pay bills or
    his medicine. Please I ask for humanity here
    until I can get employment. I need the unemployment benefits at this time.

  9. SUE

    Dear President Obama…

    You promised that this would be the first thing on the agenda. I need help and other workers. I submitted so many job application. Please review this for the American People. Please Please listen to the people.

  10. Jude

    It is clear that the entire country would be better off if we did not have a republican party. I think they just take up space and make life difficult for all americans. The party is fragmented, lacks control & discipline and is not able to see the real needs of the long term unemployed. They act as if man is unable to govern himself. What will they say when crime goes up because the poor can no longer get by. The republicans are creating new poor by not extending the long term benefits. The really sad part is that they fail to see that this (SMALL) 3 month extention could make or break millions of men woman and children. This party has no issue taxing us all within inches of our lives but when we really need them they kick us in the face then go home to their fancy houses and have a meal on fancy plates and get a good nignts sleep. I call them The Crimes Against Humanity Party. Remember! this is not some third world country where life has little or limited value but this group could change that.


  11. jany

    I voted for Mr Obama,would again but I have a hard time when they served $400 bottle of wine at a state dinner, it is a week of unemployment for a family.Let show the way Washington.Passing 2 bills is great let’s go for more,it has been long overdue from the president”” executive action please “”

  12. Rocky Life

    Time is ticking. And a lot of ticked off unemployed Americans needing help. Republicans will pay come voting time in Nov. But someone needs to act NOW, and help 2 plus million Americans right NOW! How many family’s with children are going to be living on the streets? These children our future will have no future without some help. Don’t need to worry about the debt that our future children will have to deal with, because TODAY ( right now ) these children won’t have the chance to make it. THANKS TO THE REPUBLICANS. The Republicans of today will go down in our history books as the ones that turned a blind eye on the unemployed 2 plus million Americans. That’s something that they can be proud of.

  13. Denise P

    Just what in the hell are they thinking???? It is almost comparable to a concentration camp!!! Millions are hungry and soon to have no home to live in because the government would rather make sure they can keep their posh homes and material crap while unemployed Americans struggle to keep theirs!!! They should rot in hell!! They need to walk in our shoes for a bit and see what it is like!!

  14. Bernice M. Riggs

    To whom it may concern, We need help now not, Jan.2015. I have worked 30 plus years , got laid off due to a company not paying payroll taxes, taxes came out of my check, lost my job, only get to draw 26 weeks. Looks like I have paid for a lot of peoples mistake. Husband lost his job Sept. 2013 due to his job locating in another state. So first of March he will not draw any more unemployment.He also worked for 30 years. So could you please extend the unemployment.

  15. Thicbabycin

    Mr president , I need your help please. Due to the stop on the federal extension benefits , I have lost my apartment, living in my car with my dog, I have been looking for jobs all over the place……I hope and pray that you guys will get the unemployment bill passed.

  16. Brian

    I don’t understand how the president can sign the executive order for raising the minimum wage and not EXTENDING BENEFITS… Shouldn’t this be the first on his agenda. He had clearly stated that extending unemployment benefits should be the first thing on everybody’s agenda. Only a short 3 month extension. Common MR. President!!!

  17. Bettye

    so True, everything everyone says is spot on. I worry about being to old to be reemployed. I know that most jobs want the young, strong , healthy people. After devoting so many years of my life to an industry and one job. Which closed and owner retired and felt no responsibility to the employees, to spite the years of promises he made of the things he had set up for us who stayed and worked for him. He is a rich republican who thought the workers were owned by him like a piece of bread and when he was done with us he threw us out. I worked for him and my work and knowledge made him a rich man!! If I didn’t do my job correctly he didn’t have the money flowing into his bank account. I know so much that he did that is illegal and immoral , yet I am the one who paid taxes and now being punished! I know that many may have it worse , but I feel that my family will very soon be in the poverty boat. My husband is retired military with many illnesses and often unable to work He has medical , although I don’t and can’t afford to seek any medical care at all. I can’t afford my blood pressure medication. which as a women means bad news and possibility of my life ending up as a stroke or heart attack. All related to the damn government and Republicans. its all so wrong.

  18. Crystal

    This was my first time on unemployment. I only received it for 6 months. I have two little children and my husband makes minimum wage. We are about to be homeless if I am not able to find a job this month! This is so stressful and heartbreaking. Everyday I look at my kids and they ask for certain foods or activities and I have to say no. They don’t understand that we are about to lose everything.

  19. Rex

    Mr. Banner, Please leave office. I am so tired of the republican party. They are a bunch of dumb ___! I have worked for 36 years. I have two kids and lost my husband six months ago and now my unemployment. I am like the rest of you, no income! I look for work everyday. I have bills to. I do not understand why they would think we are lazy and do not want to work…..Really do you think you want to tell your kids no you can’t do that we have no money or no you can’t have those cookies we have no money…..Washington we need to go to the phone book and pick everyday people that has been through lives ups and downs to fill all of your jobs in congress and the house……because you live high and mighty and do not want for anything and truly do not have a clue.

  20. Linda Vallas

    I agree with all the replies. The Republicans are just mad at Obama so they are taking it out on us hard workers. I am a 59 year old woman who was laid off from my job last February. I have tried every way to get a job, but once they see how old you are, that’s it!!I have no money, except for the money my brother gives me to pay my rent!! I might have to sell my car next week. Please we need help now!!!

  21. joe

    i will never vote republican for any reason, in any election, going forward. im sick of being a political pawn to satisfy their agenda. they had no problem raising that debt ceiling quickly, even though they didnt want to. amazing how quickly they will vote yes on anything presented to get on with that 2 week vacation.

  22. 13/02/2014

    Why doesn’t Obama get a Executive order for Extended Unemployment Insurance…like he did for minimun wage..People are waiting and stuffing right NOW…Come on Obama..forget the Republicans..You see how much they care..It’s time to go over their heads..Use your authority..thats why your there!!!

  23. Rocky

    Unemployed Americans are being swept under the rug. Republicans and the rest are hoping this will blow over in time and the American people will forget or just give up hope. You don’t see any media or News on the Unemployed Americans. WHY???? You don’t see any media or News about anyone from any party pressing the issue on the extension. Why ???? Why are 2 million Americans not important enough to be headlines on all the News and the talk of the media ???? WHY ????

    Can anyone in Washington answer these questions ???? Don’t seem like anyone really cares. If so, this subject would be the talk of the News each day. One thing for sure. The 2 plus growing million Americans won’t forget. Washington might TRY to forget us 2 million Americans, but we won’t forget come Nov when they are crying for our vote.

  24. James Newman

    Republicans passed a 27 Trillion dollar wealth transfer from the working class tax dollars to give to Wall-Street and they’re banker pals, as what was called a Government bail out. How was the bail out structured to be paid for? Buy again taxing the middle class and increasing lower Class Americans taxes. We paid to give the rich our money. That’s Trillion with a T. We gave Afghanistan 100 Billion in aid alone. 100 Billion with a B.
    We give an additional 53.3 Billion in Foreign Aid to other countries that hate America, like Somalia, Pakistan, and Palestine. We only asked for 6.4 Billion to help fellow Americans sustain themselves in a Jobs crises while Government repairs the damage they’re pals did to us with the housing bubble, for 3 months. And if our representatives couldn’t fix the economy in 3 months spend 17 Billion to sustain us unemployed for 11 months. 27 Trillion vs. 100 Billion vs. 53.3 Billion vs. 17 Billion, vs. 6.4 Billion. The least of these to help Fellow Americans and our own US economy. Nobody argued we should not help foreign economies with our money, and that it should be paid for by cutting spending from some other part of our of our US economy.
    Republicans just proved they hate America and Americans. They had no issues sending our money over seas or to strip it from circulation amongst the people and giving it to Banks, or for their buddies to gamble with on Wall-Street. I used to be a Republican, I will be voting Democrat this time around. My party does not represents me, or my interest in helping the poor in ‘America’;-not over seas where they hate us for helping them.

  25. shelia bone

    I know a lot of people that lost their benefits applying for food stamps and Medicaid, and other assistance. Just think what will happen if all of the millions that lost their benefits apply for these type of assistance…….Those kind of assistance they can get, so where and how will they fund it…hummmm

  26. robert


  27. Cheryl Thomas

    I have been waiting for some one to make these comments. I have been feeling so alone. I thought I was the only one who was feeling as though the President was not helping to enforce the help we all need in getting our benefits back. I listen to the his state of the union address and I was filled with hope. I believed help on the way. When will someone who has power speak up and say enough is enough we need get the votes we need to pass this so that these people get the much needed money they have been waiting on for so long.
    I have written to the white house, several senators. I have written to other websites addressing this issue I will keep going until I reach someone who will do something about this. I hope you guys do the same. Try to stay strong, I know it hurts, some days I don’t want to get out of bed.

  28. Chris

    I have worked since I was 14 I am now 31 so over 15 years… This is the first time and hopefully only time for drawing unemployment (which I payed into for 15 years) due to being laid off. I have applied for well over 300 jobs since being lated off, I am one of those long term unemployed. Anyways, getting to my rant, how am I to find a job with the economy the way it is. I have been told by plenty of jobs (McDonalds, Wendy’s, Subway) just to name a few that I am to “over qualified” for this job and that I “don’t really want it”. So because of my intellect and job history I am to good to work for your company??? I need this money to pay for bills while trying to locate any job. 2million people are a lot of people to piss off. I wouldn’t want that coming back at me.

  29. Chris

    I have worked since I was 14 I am now 31 so over 15 years… This is the first time and hopefully only time for drawing unemployment (which I payed into for 15 years) due to being laid off. I have applied for well over 300 jobs since being lated off, I am one of those long term unemployed. Anyways, getting to my rant, how am I to find a job with the economy the way it is. I have been told by plenty of jobs (McDonalds, Wendy’s, Subway) just to name a few that I am to “over qualified” for this job and that I “don’t really want it”. So because of my intellect and job history I am to good to work for your company??? I need this money to pay for bills while trying to locate any job. 2million people are a lot of people to piss off. I wouldn’t want that coming back at me.

  30. keith

    How has it even come to this?? I would bet that most people needing this extension are over 40 with the majority of us 50 plus. I had a interview on tuesday that I purposly shortend my resume to get called in. The man said he needed leadership on the floor and my resume jumped at him. I could and have done this job with no problem. I was layed off from my last one thanks to our economy. That being said I was fifteen to twenty years older than the four others that were in for the same job, (almost 52 here), one could barely speak english but thats not the point here. NO call yet I am still hopeful but have been here before. I have been off for a year now and sent out fifteen hundred plus resumes and only in the last few months am I getting any calls after I took twenty years of work history off my resume. Anything to get in the door these days has been my motto! A good portion of these jobs are less than half the wages I was makeing but still no luck. I need some help Mr. President!! I’ve been working full time since I was sixteen years old and paying my taxes. I vote every election and to be honest I have always voted for the person I thought would do the best job not just by party. To all the republican party I think thats just changed. HELP US BEFORE IT’S TO LATE. GET THIS PASSED NOW. I am at the point of desperation. HELP AMERICA FIRST!

  31. Dina

    Dear Mr. President,
    Please renew the unemployment extension. why is this not a PRIORITY!!!!! Everyday you should be asking CONGRESS to extend. There are not many jobs and people are suffering. Everyone needs to get out and VOTE. The REPUBLICAN PARTY only care about the RICH! We have to VOTE to let them know we are tired of the nonsense!!!

  32. Adonna Hamblin

    It’s a shame what’s going on, I hope that when it comes time to vote that we show them that we might be unemployed but we stupid. There are strength in numbers let’s not forget how we are being treated. VOTE THESE CRIMINALS OUT.

  33. blake

    I just can’t understand how the heck president Obama cannot make a huge decision without congress!!? I mean YOU ARE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES FOR GOD SAKE!!! The same way you signed for raising minimum wage, is the same way you can do for families that are WITHOUT AIDE!!and who needs help And that has babies to feed!!! Smh I just dont get it… (so sad)

  34. Dan

    I am worried that this was not done, because if we are off the books, it makes the unemployment numbers look better then what they really are.

  35. Micah W.

    Raising min wage is artificial manipulation of the markets, not a solution. Lots of downside to this you are not considering. Also lots of downside to extending unemployment. I understand this helps some, but its is a fact that is taken advantage of. How much, I ask you, government assistance is enough? At what point do you suppose it does more harm than good? Pleas consider this.

  36. Barbara C

    Both parties are utterly ineffective. Our political system has become stagnant in the hands of only two parties which collectively have formed a strangle hold on the American people. Worst part is we were unwittingly, lazily and irresponsibly unaware that our government has grown so large that we are doomed to be crushed under the weight of it. Oops. History repeats itself yet again. Maybe after the next revolution……

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