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11th February
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Unemployment Benefit News and Notes Today February 11, 2014:
The number of Americans affected by the the Senate’s decision to vote against an unemployment benefit extension is approaching 2 million with more affected every week. Every week that goes by without an extension, another 70,000 Americans exhaust their long term benefits and are left without a federal lifeline to support them and their families while alternative employment is sought out and secured. It becomes quite a dilemma for many.
Due to factors unrelated to their performance, Americans are left without jobs. Due to the small number of job additions being added to the economy on a monthly basis, out of work Americans have less of a chance of finding gainful employment. Now, factor in exhaustion of long term unemployment compensation and the task becomes much more difficult. Worry and uncertainty is on the rise for out of work Americans that have exhausted their long term unemployment benefits in 2014.
Criticism is growing and it is aimed at the Republicans in the Senate. The program of emergency federal unemployment benefits, which was created to help those who exhausted state unemployment benefits, was allowed to lapse on December 28, 2013. Last week, the Senate voted down a plan to extend the federal benefits for another three months. One vote was the difference. One vote stopped the plan from moving forward. One more Republican vote was needed for the plan to move forward. Now, Republicans will have to navigate the aftermath of that one vote.

Genny Germano

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