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7th February
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Unemployment Benefit Extension News and Notes update today February 7, 2014:
Long term unemployment benefits were allowed to expire for over a million Americans on December 28, 2013 and the Senate has been debating plans to extend ever since. Several attempts were made in January to pass an extension plan but Democrats and Republicans could not agree on plan details. Then, without a resolution at hand, policy leaders went on break. Now it is February and Senate leaders vowed to work on a benefit extension plan.
The most recent attempt to extend long term unemployment benefits would have done so for another three months. Payment for the plan, which has been a major point of contention between Democrats and Republicans, would have been offset by proposed modifications to defined-benefit pension contributions. Still, Democrats and Republicans in Senate were unable to find the necessary votes to move the policy forward. Even worse, the vote was just one shy of breaking the filibuster. Now, the effort to push the long term unemployment benefit extension policy through the Senate is dead. Democrats are accusing Republicans of having no interest in passing the bill but Republicans continue to refute these claims. Majority leader Harry Reid once again promises that policy leaders will keep trying,. He also states that leaders wont give up on the unemployed. After multiple failed attempts though, these words ring hollow for many. Reid’s words hold no power to put food on empty tables.

Genny Germano


  1. sad

    Well the next best thing is to apply for S.S.D.
    im sure everyone is depressed now..
    So if they wont pay oneway make them
    Pay another.. we all work and paid into that
    Too so there is not a doctor on this earth that cant
    Said we all are not depressed.. we have not had a income
    Since Dec.

  2. 07/02/2014

    Congress should be ashamed of their behavior in this matter. They show no compassion for
    people who have worked over 50 years to support
    there mindless existence

  3. […] businesses. The measure, which passed on a 33-4 vote Thursday, continues a freeze on …Unemployment Benefit Extension Vote; Senate Votes No to Extending …Learning and FinanceUS Senator Barbara Boxer Statement on Republicans' Latest Vote to Block […]

  4. Mike


    Why don’t you go door to door among your neighborhood asking for handouts rather than have the government doing it as a 3rd agent at the point of a gun?

  5. owen

    For. Seven months have been looking for a job I use to work for a Para transit the MTA decided to union bust the private lines and layoff thousands cannot get new job unless I speak another language?? The MTA receive gov funding and MTM here in New York lm all most homeless because of greed cut backs union busting

  6. Pamela

    I think its very heartless that someone can take away someones income with no remorse maybe thy need to take there income to show them how it feels to have a empty stomach no lights and gas no roof over your family heads its just out rages

  7. dee

    So sad. I cannot believe you work for 35 a job, your facility closes and you are applying for job after job. Not getting hired. I am an older worker, a professional, my 26 weeks expired on December 28. I now have no income, credit going down the tubes, probably be homeless in next few months. I have worked and paid I to this my whole working life. You don’t know what it’s like, because you will never walk in our shoes.The government goes on break/vacation. I don’t know how you sleep at night, obviously none of you have a conscience.

  8. Norm

    I cant believe this!!.. or maybe I can because the Republican party doesn’t care about us hard working Americans who lost our job to no fault of our own. I’m glad Harry Reid gets to go home to his nice warm bed tonight, I am freezing and don’t know where my next meal comes from. I now have nothing in my savings account and elderly rich men are making the decisions on us poor people. Americans we are screwed… the gap between the rich and the poor is growing and soon we will be only 2 classes and the poor will be left to die or pillage o make ends meat.

  9. rick

    and these people think they have a higher calling? obviosly not!

  10. Mrs. B

    Obama is signing emeregency orders to cut Food stamps, why he dont use his power to extend unemployment benefits. people work for years and only allowed 26 weeks. the max is only 405. when calculated some people would be allow more but thats the max so where is the extra money that was left over after the max. Why dont they give the people wat they deserve. But you know what they say Karma is a Bitch. they will reap what they sow.

  11. Barbara

    Why don’t u people give up your salaries to the unemployed and see how long u will last yes we work all of our lives and pay into this and u cannot collect what a shame u HEARTLESS PEOPLE that is all I can say and at my age 57 who wants to hire a old person have had several interview but no come on u people 1 vote to hold us from OUR money!!!

  12. Roy

    I’ve paid taxes for 48 yrs. This is not a free entitlement. I’ve paid for it over the last 48 yrs.When your over 50, it takes along time for leads to pan out. Since 1992 I’ve seen jobs exported to China,
    India,Mexico and So. America. Ea. yr. gets worst than the previous yr. and no one will stop it. Our companies are sold to co. from other countries and no one stops that either.
    No one in congress understands any of it.

  13. Mary

    I think its really unthinkable that these people can go on with their lives knowing that this is all that some of us have as income! How do you guys sleep at night? I MEAN REALLY!
    I pray to God that nobody loses their live because of no money, food, shelter! Then it might be an issue after somebody gets hurt from it.

  14. Karen Nourse

    The Rep party doesn’t care if we are homeless and hungry. They are just interested in helping the rich get richer while we suffer.

  15. Scott

    I agree with the posts I have seen so far. These politicians have no conscience, no empathy whatsoever. I have been out of work for over a year, have sent out hundreds of resumes, with no response whatsoever. I AM now homeless. Lived in my truck in single digit temps for days until I finally swallowed my pride and moved back home with my parents.. AT 49 YEARS OLD! These creeps demanded that the program be fully paid for, the Dems made that happen, and they STILL vote it down. Its all a game, and we, the American people, are merely pawns for them to look down their noses at. Personally, if I am still alive in November, I am voting against anyone that voted against the extension. Let THEM look for a job. Oh wait, since the bill didn’t pass, millionaires can collect unemployment still. What a wonderful country we live in! NOT!

  16. Amanda

    I am 50 years old and have worked all my adult life. I am homeless living in my car. Spent christmas in my car parked at walmart. Hungry broke i cant even buy a 15 dollar pre paid phone card or 5 dollars of fuel. Thinking of suicide i have no family. How would congress feel waking up with a frozen blanket on top of them? I cant even take a bath.

  17. Carl

    They just dong get it!!! At age 57 you want to work and no one hires you. Drop your standard and you are told your over qualified. All men equal that’s BS. I sure the Trumps children are not worried about being Unimployed. How hard did they work to get their jobs???? What a joke !! We live in a country whee we can’t help each other. It’s all about greed if the rich. How big should your boat be???

  18. 07/02/2014

    It’s basically the end for my family and I. I’m not going to be able to pay my bills and mortgage. I have worked so hard and this is what I get, I have not gone on a vacation in over 10 years. My kids are honor students, one of them is high honors. In two years one of them is ready for college. What do I tell them, I don’t have the money for college? Wait until they find out we might be out on the street. I’m 51 and it’s sad I have to live this way. I hope they get through this, they hate the thought of being poor, I guess this is the way we should live. It’s great for our self-esteem.

  19. Pamela Brooks

    I am so ashamed of our Congress and Senate that I am speechless for the moment. Here is a link to the Senators that (before the break) voted NOT to extend benefits –

    Write them all and ask them how you are supposed to survive (I did). Vote them out next election.

  20. Ronald

    I blame both Republicans and Democrats. These people are like children driven buy ego and authority. Mr. Reide (democrat) refuses to allow the republicans to make amendments, he just wants to ram it down their throats, at our expense. And he knows full well they wont accept it. Mr.Obama (democrat) has been talking executive order. What are you waiting on Mr. President? This is a political game for both parties with the American people caught in the middle. I don’t know how these people can look at themselves in the mirror, and like what they see!

  21. 07/02/2014

    Well my husband just got back from his third deployment overseas fighting for all of our freedom. He has been unemployed since his return and cant find work. Now his benefits have been stopped and we are one the verge of being homeless and are now also losing our vehicle. It is a shame that he has fought for everyones freedom and cant get a job or even get the money that he has paid in. the goverment sucks .

  22. James Northcutt-Swain


    this link will let you check who voted on any bill, track progress , you can also set alerts up to let you know of any and all changes . it also gives you a link on any bill to call congress . I highly recommend this .
    May we all get thru this difficult time, I am one of the long-term unemployed since may 30th 2013. My story is not much different than most. I certainly would rather be working, the obstacles those of us face at this present time is very harsh and without the Insurance benefits being extended, we may lose everything . At present we are not without food, however my family and I are concerned , we could lose our home and much more. I look for work everyday, without the Internet it would be impossible. Being 52 and healthy , I would never have thought it would be this difficult. Simply put may our representatives understand that many of us will fall into poverty without that assistance, that actually has been paid for. cut their pay.God Bless Us all

  23. Mel

    Heartless !!

  24. 08/02/2014


  25. Lewis Legaza-Dye

    Its all just a game to them. Reid knows that the Republicans made it VERY CLEAR that they want to vote on amendments. By not allowing that, and then claiming that it’s all their fault, it’s clear he’s not interested in RenewUI in the least bit. He’d rather make GOP look like villains.

  26. Marcia Carroll

    I sit back and watch this joke that is called our senate and am amazed . Have you watched one of these debates? These people really get paid for this ? They are ALL crooks , both parties , just wanting to line their pockets any way they can . Never used unemployment in 43 years until getting laid off last August . Boy was I in for a surprise ! This whole situation is a joke . I hope karma bites them all in the ass .

  27. Sharon

    First time in my 51 years not having a pot to piss in even as a single Mom raising 2 children I was NEVER in this situation so whose to blame? The only thing that has changed for me is our so called Govt for the People ha Govt for the peoples money! How can the extension and MOST of the deficit be paid for they ponder while the loyal, trusting people that elected them are struggling not to starve, freeze and face death?!!! The answers in their gold plated mirror EVERY morning…you, By the people For the people hypocrites it’s YOUR turn to take one for the team and simply the RIGHT and MORAL answer! The GREED thing isn’t doing the trick give back to us that gave in all for one and one for all BUILDS A STRONG COUNTRY ask one of the VETS you sent to die for our country for YOUR FAMILY that calls home a cardboard box outside your mansion gates!!!!! YOU NEEDED OUR HELP TO GET THAT SEAT NOW WE NEED YOURS….PAY IT FORWARD and be a Blessing as you were Blessed!!!!!!!! Thank ALL you leaders/comrads that hold true to your calling and blessing cause in the end there’s RIGHT. God Bless us Everyone

  28. Jim Jam

    meone to be unemployed for 99 weeks, thats what ya gonna get…people who went through the great depression did not have the luxury of unemployment benefits or food stamps…this country needs a huge dose of man the f up.

  29. john smith

    This is how it went down, I’m tired of REPUBLICAN leaders lying to people about what happened. They lie because they think your too lazy to do research.

    Below is a link to the official legal vote record!


  30. Sharon

    Budget cuts should start with Capital Hill payroll….THE REAL FIX…never forget from whenced you came…Amen?

  31. john smith

    I think John Boehner is laterally a demon, or under the control of one.

  32. Jim

    Well once again the politicians are screwing the tax payer. They keep messing up the country and destroying the constitution. Just like the king in the fairytale that kept raising the taxes until the people stormed the castle and threw him out. I think the next elections will throw the bums out.

  33. Cora

    I think that the Republicans are cold hearted people and no matter what it takes to get the economy going they are willing to risk because their pockets are fat and they don’t care about the ones who paid taxes or put money back into the economy….it’s all political and they all need to lose their jobs and God needs to remove them and put people in there that mean people good and He will do it.

  34. Sheri

    There are only 1069 of the 100,000 signatures needed to petition the white house to extend these needed benefits that we have worked all these years and paid for. Get on facebook or twitter or where ever and get everyone on the same page in order to have all voices in one place.

  35. angie

    What the Hell is wrong with these people, if that’s even what they are? I am on the verge of losing my car, I had to give my apartment and now, I am living with my parents again at the age of 48. I have a part-time and will be starting a full time on as well but if I lose my car because I am behind on my payments then I am fighting a losing battle as will have to stay on unemployment now that I can file a new claim. Good job Republicans. Where is your heart???

  36. Ivan

    The Republicans have shown me once and for all that they don’t give a hoot about the common man. The rub is WE ARE WERE WORKING PEOPLE. The pennies we receive from unemployment is akin to putting gauze on a bleeding wound…just slows down but does not stop the bleeding. We would rather be working. There are people who have never worked that live worry free lives when it comes to bills and their situation is NEVER adjusted. I have gone back and forth between elections looking for the best candidate regardless of party. As long as I live, no Republican will ever receive a vote from me. Party of Lincoln…yeah, right!

  37. Earl Rhodes

    I wonder if Marie Antoinette thought the French would really revolt or that she would lose her head on the chopping block.I wonder if the people in our government think we wont either.

  38. Jack

    Vote the republicans out!!!

  39. Lori

    I’m 52, started working at 12 with a paper route. Went to college and worked in same industry for 30 years. I’ve been laid off twice in the past 3 years and cannot find a job. Maybe it’s my age or I don’t know another language other than English?? I have nothing in my bank account, no gas to find a job, and my be evicted soon. I’m on my way to social services now to apply for food stamps, general relief cash and medi-cal. I’m so frustrated with Congress, they’re on vacation more than they work. And, we the people are homeless and hungry!!!

  40. 11/02/2014

    well I have 1 week left on unemployment. and I know I am done . been looking for a job for off and on for 2 years get only small contract jobs , I am tired now at age 56 I get a lot of interviews . but time after time I am told we are looking for younger workers. or need to be certified to change a tire. I have went in to places that I know have openings but am told we not hiring. maybe it will be like that movie crazy in the streets we watched in the 60’s well just remember all of you in the government will be our age one day and pull the plug on your. I am also a US army vet.

  41. Renee

    Try being in this situation AND disabled-not enough to be approved for disability, just enough to scare off employers (yes, it’s obvious even when I try to hide it and/or not use my cane). Savings runs out when I finish paying this months bills, I’m not homeless yet ONLY because my landlord is willing to take some of my stuff in trade rather than me trying to sell it and luckily our cell contract just renewed (so I have a new phone and now have iPhone listed on Craigslist). I have a friend that just got a new apartment, and got a 2 bedroom instead of 1 bedroom, however I have no way to come up with the $1000 deposit that management is requiring. If I do become homeless on April 1st, the only temporary place I have to stay is my daughter’s about 6 hours away–lil too far away to go to interviews, even if I had gas money left (and she lives an hour from the closest town that has any type of job I could even physically do).

    Best bet? When I do get a job again, I’m claiming exempt and the “government” isn’t seeing a damned cent from me–it’s going into the bank for my OWN “unemployment/retirement” program, one that will actually do me some good!!!

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