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6th February
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Unemployment benefit extension news and note update today February 6, 2014:
Long term unemployment benefits were allowed to expire for over a million Americans as December came to a close. Since then, the extension process has been a challenging one. The Senate reviewed plans to extend unemployment benefits several times in January but Democrats and Republicans were unable to find agreement. Republicans were unhappy with the terms set for payment of the presented extension plans and the plans were scrapped. Policy leaders vowed to continue working towards an extension in February as Americans look on with hope and uncertainty. It has been approximately 5 weeks for many Americans struggling to get by without long term unemployment compensation, and more join their ranks with each passing week. This week though, Senate action has been seemingly productive. Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reed scheduled another vote for later today. The vote will be for a three month extension and if it passes the Senate floor, it will move on to the Republican skewed House of Representatives. Reed has said that the cost of the $6.4 billion bill would not increase the federal debt. Republicans should be able to get behind the bill if Reed’s statements are confirmed. Over a million Americans waiting on the sidelines are hoping for confirmation today.

Genny Germano

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