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2nd February
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Unemployment Benefit Extension News Review today’s Update February 2, 2014:
Many out of work Americans are still in need, and over a million Americans who lost their long term unemployment benefit insurance over a month ago are still waiting for Congress to give them back the financial lifeline that was allowed to expire with the last calendar year. On December 28, 2013, long term unemployment benefit insurance expired for approximately 1.6 million Americans. These Americans have now endured weeks without unemployment compensation and its not just individuals suffering. Whole families have been negatively affected with over 2 million children enduring the loss with their out of work parent(s). The numbers are adding up too. Every week that passes without an extension adds about 70,000 more individuals to the ranks of those affected. Democrats and Republicans in Congress just can’t seem to agree on an extension plan though. Multiple attempts were made in January without success. Then, policy leaders went on recess which didn’t support process efficiency. Policy leaders are expected to reconvene this week and devote time to resolving the unemployment benefit extension crisis. The Senate is expected to vote on a three month extension plan. Data shows that an extension would likely boost the overall economy. All affected hope policy leaders keep this in mind when it is time to vote.

Genny Germano


  1. fermin

    please congress i have 3 kids and we are about to be homeless and foodless, my benefits expired on the 28th of dec. I am still looking for a job since May and I want to work, but for right now i realy realy need your help with an extension so i can feed my family until i find a job. Thank you for helping us out a little longer.

  2. Jack kossowsky

    We need this extension let all of Washington go 1 month without income food and money to pay bills and rent

  3. wen bushrod

    please let the unemployment go through, I have money up there, I got a job, I am a flagger, I just work season, I will go back to work in march or april, my rent and light and gas need to be paid very bad, please help me, 219-455-9134—-gary indaina

  4. Bobby smathers

    Please hurry up and pass this through plez!

  5. deano

    Political pigs… Families are struggling,and these politicians at Christmas time pull the plug on American families…. 7000 families a week are over 2 million parents are out of work… I spent 25 years in the work force paying into this program, now i need it, and these pigs turn their backs on us…

    ATTENTION POLITICIANS…If you vote against this extension you will fall…..

  6. FedUpAlready

    Its too late for a lot of families who have already been thrown into pure poverty by this elitist Republican action. I hope people remember it was the Republicans who locked and dodged this vote back in December, they just wanted to make us “suffer” because they didn’t get their way with “Obamacare” (which by the way is called the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT and its LAW sot hey need to get over it already! I will NEVER vote Republican again because they kicked me hard in the butt when I was down for no reason except their amusement. Sickening!

  7. 02/02/2014

    It would be nice if the Congress could work together this year. Just resolve to have the election in November and let the people decide who will win, stop trying to manipulate and adjust policy on a minute to minute basis just for the sake of trying to get another batch of votes. It’s getting to the point where all actions and decisions are based on the next election even if that election is 23 months away.

  8. Miriam Crawford

    With the termoil that they have unnecessarliy put on me, foreclosure, lowering credit score, close to being homeless, Just remind them, I too will remember to vote!

  9. alfred isaacs

    I have worked on the books for close to 40 years paying taxes all the way and have only been on unemployment once before when I was about 20. I am 55 years old now with a wife and two children and need a lifeline is that to much to ask.

  10. jeff schramm

    I think its about time we start worrying about our own people and what happens inside our own borders. I think our government is way to big with all the czars we have controlling everything, Obama is way out of control, we lost our country, to governmental tyrants. I also think we should only speak English , and wish a merry Christmas to people without offending anyone, we need to go back to the 70’s where everything was better off. We should limit all politicians to a 2 term in office because after that that forget about the American people, and the American dream and just worry about lining their pockets with money and get even greetier. I’d write more but my blood pressure goes up . I really worry about my kids growing up in this world. back in the 70’s we went to bed with our doors open to get fresh air and no worries about anyone coming in, now have to put dead bolts on doors and hope they hold , what a future to look forward to.

  11. 02/02/2014

    I have worked all my life since I was Thirteen years old, and never had to go on unemployment. I was laid off from my job in May last year, and for the first time I had to depend on unemployment for help. I have sent out so many resume’s I have lost count. I can’t believe the Republican’s keep shooting down any chance of the extension getting passed at least on a temporary basis. I have never been very political in my life, but now I am watching the Senate very closely. I can’t wait for election time to come around and I will give The Republican leadership the same no vote as they gave me.

  12. 02/02/2014

    It’s sad that all I had to do was copy and paste the previous comment and change “thirteen” to “sixteen” for it to mirror my situation. To Mr. William Kellogg I say thanks and keep your head up and stay strong. I pray for you and your family. God has a plan for you….

    “I have worked all my life since I was sixteen years old, and never had to go on unemployment. I was laid off from my job in May last year, and for the first time I had to depend on unemployment for help. I have sent out so many resume’s I have lost count. I can’t believe the Republican’s keep shooting down any chance of the extension getting passed at least on a temporary basis. I have never been very political in my life, but now I am watching the Senate very closely. I can’t wait for election time to come around and I will give The Republican leadership the same no vote as they gave me.”

  13. renee gonyea

    It is so sad that the very people that Congress is supposed to be working for they are working against! I am now a statistic at 51 years old looking for work since May 2013. I have never relied on government assistants in any way. I have been a manager at a mid size company for over 8 years and was suddenly laid off. Now my husband is the only bread winner yet our insurance rates were raised by 45% due to Obama care. So the only income we rely on has been reduced by $325.00 every two weeks which only allows us to pay rent and leaves very little for food. We cannot pay our regular bills such as car payment, utilities and phone. How will I look for work with out gas or even a car??? Please help your people

  14. 02/02/2014

    I have also worked all my life @ 57 made good money till lost job in march of 2013 my unemployment has run out no help from the republican’s no jobs around that pay anything like 7.50 to 10.00per hour we can not make it now my wife lost her job last week.I think the republican’s should go a week or 4 with out any income see how you all like it I still have a house to try and keep,food & gas to buy and high blood pressure to keep low.

  15. Donna Fannin

    I am 65 years old and have never had benefits this long before….I need a part time job to get me through but can’t find one although I have looked and looked. I’m in a desperate place….today I have to decide whether I use my last bit of money for food or medication…

  16. Jon Hall

    Try being a software engineer at 61!!! Out of work since april, gray ceiling, they all want to hire youngsters.. total suckage.. republicans should get that unemployment doesn’t have a political party.. all they care about is screwing Obama and serving corporate masters.. nothing else..


    It is bad win the money is sent to places over in the middle east trillions, and we sent and wait in our own country and let our own people go with out and go on vacation like the G.O.P it should be a given those that have worked should recive extend unemployment and I am not on unemployment but I do support

  18. Thomas Gray

    Mr/Mrs Republican. It’s not that I don’t want to work. It’s those that have the power to hire a 68yr. old man in good health a chance to work. I do have some skills. I do have my CDL LIC. CLASS B. I also can do locksmith work.

  19. Thomas Gray

    MR/MRS Republican: It’s not that I don’t WANT TO WORK. iT’S those that the power to hire a 68yr. old man with skills don’t.

  20. Boss lady

    It is soo sad that we have to suffer becuz of congress. I mean cnt afford to put gas in car loosin houses loosin cars and bearly makn it becuz of low food. In order to look for a job u must have gas. How do we suppose to make it in dis world like this.

  21. Debra

    I am so with all of you today…I’m 54, and a get this “banker” heh now unemployed since I at that age, so it seems they just let me go??, I have been working since 1974- never once did I have to go unemployment, even saying the word makes me cringe…Finally bought my own home just 3 years ago, and now this I actually missed the mortgage payment for the first time, I feel like crap!! This is absolutely ridiculous…let these so called government heads go without paychecks for 4 weeks!! err I am so mad right now….I can’t wait for election time to come around and I will give The Republican leadership the same no vote as they gave me.”

  22. vote democrat

    We the people need to take control. Be careful who you vote for next election. Either way we can’t depend on these clowns. Its seems as though were at the bottom of the totem pole , but the truth is this world can’t function with out us.

  23. Hessie Nettles

    I am. A. Single. Parent l. Need. My. Unemployment. Check

  24. Cindy Valle

    I also lost my job, I have also send resumes everywhere, I don’t believe that comments that were made are actually correct, our country has never been off the first depression, period, now it’s just harder because of the living of cost, and the crime it has gone up drastically. I have no children and I’m struggling everyday. All ppl are to be treated equally no matter what; is there nationally they do the jobs Americans won’t do have you every thought about where your food comes from foreign countries. I feel if people want a chance they should be given one , I’m sorry to say but everyday our delinquency grows and it’s from here Americans dropping out, creating crime as we’ll wasting the funds that are free to them. There are not taking advantage of the education here and it’s free . It’s sad to see people wanting to make a difference. They should legalized certain immigrants who do work and that are decent, keep tract of them ,tax them to fix the deficient in the U.S.A. And yes people should speak english, but that’s a choice. If we were in the 70’s I see no difference crime was still around and Presidents still made mistakes like pushing out our jobs to other countries do your research correctly. I mean to offend no one; but the reality is Republicans are selfish, when they shut down the gov for a week they still got paid, did they care who would it affect NO. THEY DONT GET MY VOTE ANY LONGER.AND EXACTLY THEY WANNA SCREW OBAMA AS WELL. I was just receiving my extension I deserve it, I would be taxed out of my check $300.00 and I can’t get a lifeline, like REALLY. I also just finish college and have a student loan coming ahead it’s sad. The congress can spend money on dum shit and turn there back on there own nation that has paid there share of taxes too, mind you I’ve been working since I was 14 years old, now I’m 30. They want us to find jobs but there is none because they shipped mostly all companies across seas. I was depended on the extension to get by it’s not like it actually was enough but I was able to pay my rent. The federal has the power yes, and they have abused there authority, in funding , but who checks there balances No one, But at the end of the day the State will get stuck with more people going on Welfare for assistance putting a strain on the economy. I believe Obama has a point, How could Congress ; turn their back on us Americans and think its ok. What other nations are going to think, Presidents must be laughing because congress can’t even help there own nation. This makes this country look weak as it is. I’m disgusted with the whole situation.

  25. alex

    I would like to thanks senate Harry Reid for all he’s trying to do.

  26. Cindy Valle

    Very true, Alex

  27. Cindy Valle

    Anyone that’s willing to call the congress, John Boehner and other representatives 1800-245-0215, maybe if they hear are struggles , just maybe it will make a difference.

  28. Cindy Valle

    Anyone that’s willing to call the congress, John Boehner and other representatives 1800-245-0215

  29. Sarah Mckinney

    I have read all the comment I agree with you all! I will be making a call in the morning Cindy Valle thank you for the info!!!! Please help your American people the struggle is unreal!!!!

  30. Kevin

    I’m in the same boat as many of you so please understand that I am in no way trying to make this political, but to those of you who are taking this out on the Republicans let’s look at this from a different point of view. I used to have a good job serving the mining industry and never had to rely on government assistance for anything. That is, until the Obama administration waged war on coal. I have since witnessed the area in which I live go from a thriving community to one where jobs are now scarce. The problem is not the Republicans, who are simply trying to maintain fiscal responsibility but instead, I feel the blame for our current crisis rests solely on the shoulders of the current administration and their belief that they are the answer to our problems. More government is the problem and it’s killing our free market system, which is why so many of us have been unemployed for so long. Several of you have commented that you’ve never had to rely on government assistance until now, and I’d argue that’s because we’ve never had a more inept administration than now. Instead of blaming Republicans when it’s time to vote, why not vote in favor of them considering they are all for allowing our free market system to work, which ultimately will lead to more and better paying jobs. I feel as though we are becoming a welfare state at a fairly rapid rate and it’s only benefiting the government, not you or I. As previously mentioned I am in the same dire situation as many of you, but instead of hoping for an extension of unemployment benefits what we really should have been demanding long before now is less government intrusion and a free market system that’s allowed to work. Unemployment benefits only keep us propped up for now while our skills continue to erode, so ask yourselves where we’ll be after the next set of benefits expire and there still aren’t any jobs. I firmly believe things will not get better for any of us as long as the current administration is in office.

  31. 03/02/2014

    I am writing you urge you to please vote to continue the Unemployment Extension that is to be voted on this week. I am a single mom facing eviction. I am going to be receiving my tax return however I am behind 3 months rent (which will take every dollar just to catch up) & now they will not renew my lease (I will have no deposit for another apartment). If i get evicted I won’t even be able to rent another apartment with eviction on my background. I have reached out to several agencies to request for assistance & everyone is out of money. My 8 year old son and I have no where to go & no family to help us. I beg you to do something to help your fellow Americans, to keep us off the streets. I can’t get a job without a home. PLEASE VOTE TO EXTEND the benefits for3 more months ….PLEASE FOR THE CHILDREN THAT ARE AFFECTED BY THIS!!! My son is a straight A student & was just screened for the TAG program with a bright future. Chances are if we become homeless that will all come to an end. It will affect his education. Again, PLEASE HELP US! Sincerely, Rita Kraft

  32. Dawn DeWitt

    I have been out of work since April 2013. i am 57 years old and have applied for every job out there. I get no calls and no feed back. i have been working since I was 16 years old. I tried that 800 245 0215 number to call congress and it is a fax number. they say there is no discrimination against older Americans wanting to work but that is incorrect. If some of these headhunters and recruiters would get off there butts and actually give phone numbers and actually be able to talk to someone it would help. they don’t answer there phones nor do they respond to your emails.

    Please extend this unemployment insurance

    I am drowning

  33. Frantic

    I’m a 50 year old woman, I’ve worked most of my life,,, losing my job was devastating enough now I’m at the point of absolutely no income,,, no food… Homelessness will come soon enough…. The shame of asking for help from friends and family while congress goes on vacations and has no care as to what happens to us is inconceivable to me… Have they no idea the shame it is to be the head of a household with no income… They think I don’t want to work, or that I’m above low paying jobs, they are sadly mistaken.. I use to earn 40,000 a yr … Reduces to appx half… Now while congress has Americans livelihood in their hands.. I have 0 income… Politicians we’re put in place to assist Americans.. Now they same people play a game and battle of wits while we just fall into despair and serious economical hardships.. For god sake can everyone stop playing games and understand the severity of this situation and the impact it has on Americans and the Economy … PLEASE JUST MAKE THIS A PRIORITY … EXTEND UNEMPLOYMENT WHILE HOPEFULLY THIS EXTENSION WILL GIVE US ENOUGH UNTIL THE ECONOMY PICKS UP AND MORE JOBS BECOME AVAILABLE…CONGRESS UNDERSTAND THE NEED AND URGENCY FOR THIS EXTENSION… LETS DO THIS NOW , STOP ALL THE DELAYS..EXCUSES…THE CRAP … HELP AMERICANS SURVIVE

  34. MC

    I agree with Mr. Kellogg and I too worked since age 16 – Lost my job and cannot find another.
    Our elected officials have abandoned us. They have treated the poor as if they don’t exist and have no voice – they are creating more poor in this country and again – the can not hear! Please send your message LOUD AND CLEAR! WE WILL NOT VOTE FOR A REPUBLICAN AGAIN! AND WE WILL NOT SEND A DIME TO A CAMPAIGN WHEN YOU TURN YOUR BACKS ON US!!!
    We do what is right and support the poor through donations – but soon it will be us and there is no support.
    Homeless and poor are invisible to these elite pompous asses!
    “I have worked all my life since I was sixteen years old, and never had to go on unemployment. I was laid off from my job in Last year, I had to depend on unemployment for help. I have sent out so many resume’s I have lost count. I can’t believe the Republican’s keep shooting down any chance of the extension getting passed at least on a temporary basis. I have never been very political in my life, but now I am watching the Senate very closely. I can’t wait for election time to come around and I will give The Republican leadership the same no vote as they gave me.”

  35. Shellie Henderson

    I too have been off for around 10 months and have called, emailed and sent numerous resumes every week and have not had any luck. I have two children and we have had to do without things because of this lack of unemployment benefits since the beginning of this year. If I didn’t have a husband to lean on the house payment would not have been paid, the utilities, groceries would not have been bought. People that are on Food Stamps are eating better than we are. I have worked since I was eighteen and paid taxes and help support programs and now that I need a little help, there hasn’t been a relief yet this year. I am going to a WAGE program through unemployment and serval of the student that attend with me have no one to take care of them. I really hope that Congress makes a positive decision. We would all love to have a job and not have to depend on this benefit. But while we are looking and applying and interviewing, we are in need of help desparetly.

  36. Amy Burke

    I myself have worked since I was 14 years old and this is the first time I have collected unemployment. Like so many people it has just been a real difficult time finding work. I am sickened by the Republican’s that will not vote for this extension. It has been so hard for my husband and I that we barely have food, we haven’t paid for our car in 2 months and fear everyday it will be taken from us and are just having a very hard time. I don’t get it. Why cant they help us AMERICANS!

  37. 03/02/2014

    I totally agree with everyone. I too have worked since I was young. I got laid off in April and thought there were jobs to be found. I even left Florida to move back to nj to fix my parents house to sell so she could move out of state and look for work while I was doing it. Almost a year later, no job and wondering what I’m supposed to do. I could go back to Florida and probably find work there but where does that leave my mother? Stuck in a house that she can’t afford due to me not being able to help her anymore. Something got to give.

  38. Lexi Words

    I knew my job was coming to an end so I went back to school.

    My job ended just as my internship started and my unemployment ran out just as I was ready to move into my final 500 hours (26 weeks).

    Without this extension it is doubtful I will be able to complete my degree due to the high cost of education.

    I have a secure job in place once my internship is complete.

    An extension would be helpful as I and a lot of others did everything right.

    As for those who lost their jobs due to outsourcing—The companies who continue to outsource should be tried as traitors to the United States.

  39. 03/02/2014

    I too have been collecting unemployment for exactly26weeks only . First time ever since the age of 14 I am now 53 I have work 2 jobs at times twins to put thru college, a husband who has cancer and now he unfortunately got killed on the 4th of July. So I am it here in our home of 15yrs no money coming in trying to make ends meet ! What is wrong with the picture !the ones who say we are lazy ur wrong we are out there pounding the pavement looking for a job , no we are required to in order to get that check. What are ur welfare people doing are they made to get 3-5 employers to sign ur sheet to prove u have looking for a job. Are they made to go to workshops young kids of today don’t know what it is to hold down job
    for more than a month but they get the jobs !!! Our government needs to straighten up there act!! I believe our country should not vote at all we need new fresh blood in our government!!!!!! Vote no !! like they have to us!!!!!!

  40. Pamela Goliat

    Please resolve this issue . I am in the mortgage industry and have been layed off 4 times . I am now 56 years old and have been trying to find work for the last 6 months with no luck . Please vote to help the American people and thier children . Knowone wants to be out of work but when they are it would be nice to have Congress and the House to come to work and do their job like all the other American people do everyday . They need to feel the pain to understand .

  41. caro

    Things started going down hill once so much money was put into the war; a war that no one wanted and wasn’t totally necessary. How many billions has been put into this war. This didn’t all start with Obama; it was something that this administration inherited and that the GOP was dead set on making sure that everything this administration attempted to do that they were going to see that it fell.

    I can’t believe that I am 60 years old; too young for SS and seen by employers as too old to hire. I’ve been out of work for over a year; but, I have to believe that God has something greater for me. This no matter what man says or do; I will not be defeated.

    GOP need to stop holding us hostage and do what they know is right and what they’ve done in the past with Bush and that is to extend the extension of unemployment. Plain facts.

  42. caro

    For those who believe in prayer I trust that you will all agree as to touching this request I am about to make known to God.

    Father in the name of Jesus, you know each of our situations and no one is more important than the other. You are no respecter of person; I am asking you right now in the name of Jesus Christ to break the chains on our jobs and unemployment benefits right now. You know that we can not survive with income; we have rent, mortgages, food, heat, transportation, etc. which need to be cared for. I believe that you can and will do this on behalf of your people.

    Now as each person who reads and touch this request and stand in agreement you said that you would in the midst. We are trusting you because you are the only one that we can truly trust in.

    In the name of Jesus I pray. AMEN

  43. caro

    Cindy – I tried call that number but am not able to get through; maybe they’ve gotten so many calls that the lines are jammed or they’ve disabled the phones themselves.

  44. Ann K

    I have a graduate education, worked since I was 15. It has never taken me this long to find any job. I can’t even find part-time work. I lost my home, everything I owned was sold, and have depleted all my savings trying to take care of my responsibilities.

    Before people go down that Republican/Democrat path, just remember Democrats are and have been voting in league with THESE RAT PIG CEOs to EXPAND the IMPORTATION OF FOREIGNERS TO REPLACE AMERICAN WORKERS!!!!! Republican=Democrat and they’re both going to destroy ALL Americans if we do not stand together NOW.

    The Cheesecake Factory, Inc.
    CVS Caremark Corporation
    Hallmark Cards, Inc.
    McDonald’s Corporation
    The Wendy’s Company
    The Walt Disney Company
    The Coca-Cola Company
    Johnson & Johnson
    American Express Company
    21st Century Fox
    Darden Restaurants, Inc (Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and others)
    Liberty Mutual Group, Inc.
    Allstate Insurance Company
    Western Union
    Northwestern Mutual
    American Airlines Inc.
    Motorola Solutions, Inc.
    The Procter & Gamble Company (wide range of well-known home and beauty brands)
    Newell Rubbermaid Inc.
    AT&T Inc.
    T-Mobile USA, Inc.
    Caterpillar Inc.
    The ADT Corporation
    Pfizer Inc.
    Hewlett-Packard Company
    United Parcel Service, Inc.
    General Electric Company
    Verizon Communications Inc.
    Marriott International, Inc.
    Hilton Worldwide
    Hyatt Hotels Corporation
    McCormick & Company, Inc.
    Cisco Systems, Inc.
    Quest Diagnostics Incorporated
    E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company
    BNSF Railway Company
    Shell Oil Company
    General Mills, Inc. (many well-known food brands)
    Ingram Industries Inc.
    Kronos Incorporated
    Ingersoll Rand Company
    General Parts Inc.
    Merck & Co., Inc.
    United Technologies Corporation
    Harris Corporation
    Illinois Tool Works Inc.
    Sears Holdings Corporation
    USG Corporation
    Archer Daniels Midland Company
    Johnson Controls, Inc.
    Ally Financial Inc.
    US Foods
    Univar, Inc.
    Kiewit Corporation
    Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
    W.W. Grainger, Inc.
    Avery Dennison Corporation
    Humana Inc.
    Novelis, Inc.
    The Williams Companies, Inc.
    Avaya Inc.
    Computer Sciences Corporation
    Honeywell International Inc.
    International Paper Company
    Dover Corporation
    Danaher Corporation
    TRW Automotive
    Analog Devices, Inc.
    Ecolab, Inc.
    Avnet, Inc.
    White Lodging Corporation
    Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc.
    Simon Property Group
    Daikin McQuay Americas
    Continental Grain Company
    MSC Industrial Direct Co., Inc.
    Hospira, Inc.
    Cigna Corporation
    The ServiceMaster Company
    Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
    Bloomin’ Brands Inc.
    Fiserv, Inc.
    Carolinas HealthCare System
    SRA International
    Rockwell Automation, Inc.
    Parker Hannifin Corporation
    Saint-Gobain Corporation
    General Dynamics Corporation
    A. O. Smith Corporation
    Praxair, Inc.
    HCA Inc.
    Eastman Chemical Company
    Fifth Third Bank
    Pitney Bowes Inc.
    Express Scripts, Inc.
    Cardinal Health, Inc.
    Aleris International, Inc.
    DTE Energy Company
    U.S. Steel Corporation
    Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation
    Cargill, Incorporated
    Assurant, Inc.
    XL Global Services, Inc
    Texas Instruments Incorporated
    WESCO International

  45. Jonathan

    Through no fault of my own, I was laid off just before Christmas last year. I have looked desperately and religiously for any suitable job that will pay the bills. I have taken part-time jobs, temp jobs and still I can not find a full time job. I am a licensed Histotechnologist – I diagnose cancer in tumors. I have a college degree and over 20 years experience. I don’t do drugs and I’m a really nice person. But the job market is flooded. There are a few jobs scattered over the country, but how am I supposed to go to OHIO when I’m flat broke? Last Christmas as a big blow and changed my life forever. This Christmas, what little safety net I had was yanked out from under me. I know many people say unemployment is a crutch for us, but I have to say, it is the only thing that kept me ABLE to look for a job. Now all I have is food stamps and $221/month Welfare for income. My new address…the dirty 2001 Mazda Tribute parked somewhere down the street. So I must ask, Why did congress wait a month + to even consider helping us. To punish us? I feel abandoned by Obama and the country I worked in for the last 40 years. Anybody else?

  46. Diane Young

    I am an executive looking for a job. Have not got enough money to eat and go on job interviews. They cut off my lifeline without even a thought or concern about the consequences to the American people. What makes me the angriest is that this is all about pure politics and that is all it is about. One party trying to stick it to another party. And we are the bait used to do that with. Please follow through and FIRE the politicians in office doing this to us. Throw them out. They do not deserve our time, support, or the paycheck we give them. We can only hope and pray what goes around comes around!!

  47. Shawn Wilson

    Unemployment….finally in my 39 years I had to go on unemployment…it’s not paid much but got me by…my house is no longer current….gonna lose it….I tried finding jobs…either over qualified or you make less than the unemployment deals out….trying to shortsale but houses are not selling..been trying while I was current to sell my house……the bank lowered it 70 grand so far…welcome 40 when that comes…it’s a messy start….never thought after busting my butt doing a 4 plus hour daily commute….I would be here….tapped out my savings…my 401k….yet here I am…no longer getting unemployment and my heating oil in New York is at less than 1/8 .. It is what it is….life could be worse…..What can you do…smile and pretend…sell everything and prayer this winter ends and a silver lining appears.. It has to get better….or not…over it…buy my house…

  48. Anne W

    Please help me understand why this got shelved for over 5 weeks while a bill to insure illegals get tuition assistance was introduced? Patty Murray was involved both in allowing EUC to expire and drafting a bill to insure tuition for illegals. Bottom line I have 2 friends that barely limped along by tapping their 401K with unemployment. 1 has a pre eviction notice as she was unable to make rent-She has paid taxes for over 30 years!

  49. Saari

    Rand Paul, Boehner, Reid – all useless! Who elected Rand Paul? What the hell people – there should be massive protests about this. I am in my mid 50’s – worked all my life as a Legal Assistant. Have I had interviews – a few – and guess what it all came down to age and I look like I am in my mid forties!

    Now the workplace is flooded with resumes! How can we get jobs? I am too qualified for retail and too old for a law firm. I have an interview this Thursday (and I consider myself lucky) but I have no about age will come to play – we will see. The republicans have cut off our lifeline while they feed themselves at expensive restaurants, lavish homes, paid by us, the people. Again I ask why are we not protesting! I feel bad for each one of us in this situation. I would work abroad at this point! What a way to live! We are not to blame for the economy. And what is even scarier – this government is going to collapse and we are going to tank! Forewarned – this I am sure of! Best of luck to us all and to you all – my heart goes out to each one of you. I wish I was wealthy because I would personally help anyone I could. When I was gainfully employed I did help the homeless. If one does not care about a fellow American then one has no soul.

  50. Saari

    Kevin I understand what you are saying. However, the Republicans are geared for Big Business – that is their ultimate goal in my opinion. Boehner is out of control! Reid is useless! Obama cannot connect to Congress and Republicans do not want to connect to Obama. There will not be jobs in this country – in my opinion Kevin we are heading for something even worse than this recession – I am sure of it.

    Good luck in your job search!

  51. Viginia Hogan

    Why isn’t anyone addressing the elephant in the room? The long term unemployed are disproportionately over 50? Jerry Garcia and friends did a song back in the seventies called “Old and In The Way”. We have gotten so much worse since then. Apparently, we’re supposed to climb on an ice floe and be pushed out to sea. We have so much experience to offer. Let’s start a movement called Experience This!

  52. Tammy

    Well, they just cleared 60 votes for the farm bill which will take food stamps again away from the poor. First unemployment and now this. Please pass the unemployment extension.

  53. robert


  54. broke over american

    I am in the same boat as the rest of the unemployed americans. I wont say vote democrat (obama care) or republican (no benefits) so what is left ? I am at a.loss we are screwed either way we go and there seems to be no end to.the madness. I can only fall back on our rights to stand.up and vote out.the.madness or stand up with my fellow americans to take back our country as i will have lost all of my pride dignity and respect if these keeps up . Really makes one.wonder.if there is a.god. what is it gonna take. Bring back and stop dening full blooded americans there life liberty and the pursuit of happyness.

  55. Erica

    My adult son suffered a massive stroke that left him disabled my employer made it impossible for me to take him to his rehab when I addressed it with our h.r. dept I was fired. I am all he has. I take care of his every need. I worked a 50hrs a and was a care giver. Our govt has no idea what It means to have 1.00 in your bank account. Lost my truck with only 9myths to go.
    Karma is real. For all those that have opposed the extension my God show you mercy like you showed me and my son.

    Go to hell

  56. Denise

    The face of people in need has changed. I hold a Master degree and have 25 years of experience in my field and I can’t get hired. I’ve worked since I was a teenager (back in the 70’s) and have paid taxes. For the first time in my life I have to depend on unemployment to maintain my household. How many Congressman would like to stand in line at a local food bank in order to feed their family??? Part of the problem is that there are no term limits or limits on the amount of financial contributions a candidate can receive. Our country is corrupted by the individuals in office and the big corporations and interest groups that brought their seats. The banks got their bail out money but did nothing to help stimulate the economy. Where is the bail out for the American people in need???? We need temporary aid and more jobs!!!Let’s remember the poor performance of our appoint officials when it’s time for elections!!!

  57. Diane Svoboda

    Firstly, Erica with the adult son that had a stroke. You may be able to collect an income as a fulltime caregiver.

    I am almost 60 and also was on unemployment but kicked off on Dec. 28th. Is anyone else as upset as I that the media has not covered this story about all of the people that are struggling? Right now we need faces and stories like we all have read to be covered on the news. WE NEED PEOPLE TO CARE and this will only happen if they see the faces and families that are hurting!!!

  58. Rob

    I was a fool and voted republican for most of my life.NEVER AGAIN……I feel like such an idiot. I too found myself unemployed after almost 13 years with a company as a manager. I have a degree but there are very few jobs out there so I went back to school full time while on unemployment…….5 classes and no help now from a government I supported my entire life……WTF…… wife is a school teacher so needless to say we can’t make it without help right now…….thanks Republicans……..thanks a lot

    Robert SLATON

  59. Bob

    Iam a 52 year old Father of 2 and I also have 2 Step children,We live in Mckean Pa. I have Worked and Paid Taxes for 35 years and I have never been laid off and needed to collect UC benefits,I lost my Job as A Maintenance Supervisor and the Head electrician at a large manufacturing Facility last May, So my UC benefits where exhausted in Dec.I have sent out at least 50 Resumes and still know luck, I guess I don’t understand how these overpaid Assholes in DC think People are supposed to take care of there Families with know income, Whats the problem???? They act like the money is coming out of there pockets, When its our tax dollar that pays there salaries ,Iam sure I will find Work and pay taxes again, but a little temporary help would be nice, Hopefully they figure it out sooner then later, tough times,

  60. Stacy Eichman

    I have worked since I was 14 years old and hold a masters. I am also 52 and just do not understand why I am not valued in the employment arena. I have sent out hundreds of resume’s with very little response. My husband survived a traumatic brain injury in 1992 and my one and only child has a massive heart defect that will never allow her to work. I have worked full time all my life and have been the primary care giver to the two people I most love and dearly need me. My income never qualified me for any government assistance to help my damaged family so I just held me head high and did what I had to. My husband does receive Social Security disability which he paid into for more than 20 years but this does not support our family fully. Worked my full time job to provide income and medical insurance for the entire family and came home and took care of their needs and maintained a decent home. My professional and life experience seem to count for naught. What is wrong with this country? I just want to work an care for those that need me so much. I wonder how anyone in congress and the senate would hold up in my shoes. They are pampered and selfish having lost sight of the American people they represent. I will overcome this I know but in the meantime I am so disappointed with the current state of affairs.

  61. 04/02/2014

    I have used every communication I am able to find for our voice to be heard. Calls, Twitter, Facebook, comments, e mail, survey, and anything else. I inform others, repeat repeat repeat until these bullies get it.

  62. Donnie

    It’s just amazing that they can not pass a bill that helps the ppl who helped them get into office

  63. sad

    Now here is the bigger problem.. Got a job offer.. Have not had a income in over a month now.. now because you
    People want to play with our lives.. oh and this is what you wanted for me to find a job right? HOW IN THE HELL
    AM I GONNA GET THERE WITH NO DAMN MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Michael Casey

    I can’t help see that Congress is willing to cause this situation to 1.6 million people, because we are lazy. Its funny for them to make such a statement, considering they have the worst rating of all the Congress of the past.
    Government officials should realize that even their biggest supporters will turn on them when it comes times. Maybe its time for another revolution from the people who elected these senators and house of representatives.
    You want to help the American people, how about you, the government take a pay cut from your own salaries.
    So, if the bill is not passed by Congress, they would be leading the next Great Depression and you know what happens there, the economic will fall apart.
    So what I say is this, neither you are for the people who elected you, or when it comes election time, there could be some senators and house of representatives could be without a job.

  65. MJ Tobin

    Anyone on unemployment had a job previously. Some for a short time and some for 20-over 30 years. The vast majority of unemployed collecting unemployment insurance lost their jobs through no fault of their own and would love to be working again. Looking for work costs money and when those unemployment funds run out many will stop looking out of necessity. Next stop state aid, early SS and food stamps. Congress do the right thing – pass the extension.

  66. J Beck

    PLEASE make an attempt to put your personal & party issues aside and reinstate EUB. Worked my WHOLE LIFE!!! and now going into default on mortgage I worked 2-3 jobs for decades to hold onto. Please someone do something for Middle Class Americans just once. We send millions of $$ to foreign countries, outerspace and bail out banks who turn around and screw the average person. Is this the USA George Washington and John Adams designed and fought for??? I don’t think so :(

  67. Mary

    I have worked for 40 years and just lost my job in April. I lost my husband in August 2012 who was on disability. They took his benefits away & offered 274.00 for death benefits. I cannot collect his SS till I am 60 so I was depending on this UI. I have never had to collect UI until now. I lost my car, my home & now live in a Hotel which is only paid up til today.My daughter & Granddaughter live with me. So as Congress waits another week to vote you will soon have another homeless person who paid her taxes & worked all her life to have some sort of stability. Then they took it all away

  68. Hard worker

    I cant depend on democrats or republicans to get me and my family out of the hole that we are in. I’m putting my hopes in the lord,someone needs to wake congress up.

  69. Dawn DeWitt

    they are voting on it now on cspan

  70. Anabel

    Congress do something but do it now.

  71. robert


  72. Jeanie

    Shame on you congress. Reading all of the comments above how can you sleep at night while you all took time off to relax at our Americans
    expense. Enough is enough get this extension through immediately. Why are people on Welfare not put on more stringent rules. Some people know how to work the system and it is a way of life for them. Are they looking for jobs !!!!
    Just a free ride, so do not deprive people who are losing everything they have bc none of you are by no means and never will be in this position. Enjoy your wealth

  73. robert


  74. Froggie Princess

    It would b diff if it wuz good stamps or Medicaid but dis iz our $ we earned!! It’s not free services but $ U as our government owe 2 us!! I had 2 move out of my house & am livin wit my best friend 2 have a place 2 lay my head!! I’ve had my own place since I wuz 18 yrs old & have been able 2 pay ALL my billz until Dec. 28, 2013!!! I have put n numerous job applications but think bout it….. There’s 2 million people out of work & only 600,000 jobs rite now!! Sumthin wrong wit dat pic wouldn’t U think!! Republicans say if our pres will let go of Affordable Act they will extend our extensions!! Well it’s time 2 do rite thing for ” We The People!!!!! ” FROG (Fully Rely On God!!)

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