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16th December
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Jobless news in American and Unemployment Benefit Developments Today December 16, 2013:
The overall Unemployment rate in the U.S. recently dropped to its lowest level since 2008 at 7.0 percent. This rate reveals that more Americans got back onto the payrolls across the country. The Labor Department reported that the U.S. economy added approximately 203,000 jobs last month which was much better than expected. The job market in the United States appears to be improving which is great news for the many Americans still left out of the labor force. Many more Americans are still unemployed and in need of jobless benefits, but the federal benefits they receive have a limited shelf life.
According data via the National Employment Law Project, thousands of jobless workers could lose their unemployment insurance benefits after December 28, 2013. If Congress does not extend federal jobless benefits for these Americans, they will turn the new year without a job and without federally funded support. At this point, it is uncertain what Congress may do, but history shows that Congress has extended the federal program almost a dozen times in the last five years.

The good news right now is that Congress reached another federal budget deal last week which helped to avoid another government shutdown like the one recently experienced.

The bad news for those in need of unemployment benefits is that the budget deal did not contain language to extend jobless benefits.

Stephen Johnson

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