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20th September
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Gold price per ounce and Silver price per ounce contract news and price review September 20, 2013:
Gold price and silver price trend-lines jumped higher last session after the Feds announced that economic stimulus tapering would not begin.
Instead, Federal Reserve Chairman Benjamin Bernanke reported that monthly injections of $85 billion would continue to stimulate the U.S. economy into the foreseeable future. The news pressured that dollar and gave the impression that the economic recovery in the U.S. could not stand alone. As a result, precious metal gold and silver diversification increased. As the last full trading session came to a close, gold and silver prices were above break-even.

Today’s Gold price per ounce and silver price per ounce contract review Approaching close September 19, 2013:
December contract gold price was up by 4.72 percent to close at a floor price of 1,369.30 per troy ounce last session. Silver contract for December delivery moved higher by 8.01 percent and finished the session at 23.29 per troy ounce as of last session close.

Today’s Spot gold per gram and spot silver per ounce price review today September 19, 2013 approaching close:
Spot gold per gram and spot silver per ounce prices tracked higher prior to opening bell today. Spot gold per gram price was up to 43.85 and spot silver per ounce price was higher at 22.99.

Camillo Zucari

Camillo Zucari

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