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25th May
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Stock Market News and Stock Index Close Review Today May 24, 2013:
The primary stock composites in the U.S. tracked through negative territory throughout the majority of the final trading session.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, as well as the Nasdaq and the S&P 500, closed the final session in the red and finished lower overall for the week. The negative stock index close spoiled the consecutive winning streak for the U.S. marketplace.

Today’s Dow Jones Industrial Average, Nasdaq, S&P 500 Stock Index Close Review May 25, 2013:
The S&P 500 finished the final trading session of the week lower by .06 percent at 1,649.60. The Nasdaq fell lower last session by .01 percent to close at 3,459.14 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed the final trading session of the week up by .06 percent at 15,303.10. Despite the mixed finished last session, all three indices closed the week in the red overall.
The top concern for investors this week linked to U.S. stimulus plans. Will the Feds continue stimulus action or will the current bond buying program be drawn back? Uncertainty regarding the stimulus program weighed stock index trends lower this week.

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