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17th December
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Stock Market Investing News Review Today December 17, 202 Approaching Close:

Although futures were mixed this morning, primary stock composites rose higher during the trading session due partly to perceptions that year-end budget negotiations were progressing. Although the White House stated that a recent budget proposal submitted by House Speaker Boehner had not come far enough with tax based concessions, the fact that both sides appear to be moving towards a common middle ground boosted optimism today. The belief is that a deal can soon be reached and stock indices responded favorably.
As close approached, the DJIA, Nasdaq, and the S&P 500 were still tracking above break-even. The trend rebound was a welcomed sign considering the negative outcomes last week.

Today’s Dow Jones Industrial Average, Nasdaq, S&P 500 Stock Index Review Approaching Close December 17, 2012:
The Nasdaq was higher by 1.07 percent at 3,003.01. The S&P 500 was positive by 1.02 percent at 1,428.09 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average was up by .66 percent at 13,221.75 just prior to close today.

Primary gainers of the Dow Jones Average were Bank of America, Home Depot and General Electric just prior to official close. GE was up by 1.09 percent at 21.86. Home Depot was positive by 1.77 percent at 63.16 and Bank Of America was positive by 3.26 percent at 10.93 just prior to close today according to Google Finance stock quote review.

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