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1st October
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Honda Recall News 2012:
Honda holds a reputation for high quality and long lasting vehicles, but this reputation is now threatened by the automaker’s recent recall news.
Although the Japanese automaker has not reported any major incidents resulting in owner injury, it has relayed that engine fires are a possibility.

Honda Motor Co. has extended a recall which includes over 600,000 mid-sized Accord sedans.
The problem links to the potential for a power steering fluid leak under the hood which could ultimately spark an engine fire. The hose by which the steering fluid travels could reportedly deteriorate under high temperatures resulting in the leak which could then be the catalyst for the engine fire.

More specifically, Honda is recalling model years 2003 through 2007 U.S. Accords with V6 engines. According to the statistics offered via the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 573,147 Accords in the U.S. are being recalled and 30,058 Accords in Canada are being recalled.

Making the problem even worse is that Honda says that the appropriate steering hose necessary to resolve the problem will not be available until 2013. The temporary fix, until the company contacts owners with replacement information in 2013, is for owners to go to a dealer for interim repair if need be.

Honda recently made headlines by offering collision insurance without any deductible for those purchasing Honda’s new electric vehicle. The current recall for the potential hose problem does little to entice potential buyers.

Pamela Frost

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