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6th February
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Oil price Market News Review Today:

Oil Prices pushed higher during the final trading session of the last week. Light Crude and Heating Oil both closed the final session of the last week higher across the board.

Oil prices had been trending lower over the course of the last week as a whole, and then the positive jobs report in the U.S. posted and oil price trends moved higher as well. The primary stock indices in the U.S. closed in the green across the board due, in part, to the better than expected economic data posting on Friday. The national unemployment rate dropped to 8.3 percent and the Dow and Nasdaq finished at relative highs. The economy in the U.S. is moving along in a positive direction. The growth, paired with the dip in unemployment and the rise in jobs, means more Americans commuting. Oil prices notched higher to end the week for the first time of the week.

Oil Price Market Close Gas Price Market Close:

Light Crude Oil for March delivery finished the last session higher by 1.54 percent and posted a close price at 97.84 per barrel.

Heating Oil finished the last session higher by 2.01 percent at 3.11 per gallon.

Natural Gas closed out the last session red by 2.15 percent and posted a floor price close at 2.50 per million BTUs.

Unleaded Gas finished the last session higher by 1.59 percent and posted a floor price close at 2.91 per gallon.

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