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Social Security Benefit Checks; Medicare and Medicaid Benefits; How will Government Shutdown Affect Federal Funding and Processing?

Posted on | April 7, 2011 | No Comments

The looming government shutdown has Americans panicked. Many Americans count on government funded programs on a day to day basis to pay for their living expenses. These people are receiving benefits through Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid to

pay for things such as medical services, prescription drugs, food and rent. Many Americans now fear that the money that they count on to pay for these necessities may dry up if the looming government shutdown actually takes place. The potential does exist that some Americans that recently applied for specific program funding might have to wait longer than normal for their paperwork to be processed if the government shuts down. Those Americans that already receive benefits through one of the above listed programs should continue to receive their respective benefits. A look back at history reveals that the last time the government shut down, a certain number of government employees stayed on the job to make sure that beneficiaries continued to receive their checks. More details will emerge this week regarding the potential government shut down but President Obama has publicly urged Congress to come to terms so that the potential shutdown does not occur. President Obama and leaders in Congress will work today to avoid this possibility.

Author: Stephen Johnson


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