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26th February
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Social Security and Medicare have been under the microscope lately as Democrats and Republicans maneuver verbally to sway public opinion. The issue of whether or not Social Security benefits and Medicare funds will

continue to be distributed to the public if there is a government shutdown is at hand and statements made by respective parties are conflicting. During 2011, President Obama has made comments that lead many to believe that because of the national deficit crisis, provisional programs that are funded by the government will be subject to change. The government, along with individual states, struggle to foot the bill. One Democratic Senator, Harry Reid, recently communicated to the public that a government shutdown could mean no social security checks for seniors. This statement however conflicts with action taken during the last major shut down that took place in 1995. During that time, many Americans that were receiving Social Security checks feared that the government shutdown might mean that a period of time would pass without social security benefit provisions. This did not happen then and it is not likely to happen now. The agency that sends these checks retains legal authority to continue in the event of a government shutdown. Robert Reischauer, a trustee of the Social Security and Medicare trust funds, recently commented on the topic and said that claims that benefits would not be paid out are false.

Author: Genny Germano

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