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15th September
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Unemployment news review in the U.S. September 2015:
In the most recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of people listed on the non-farm payroll increased by 173,000 and the national unemployment rate edged down to 5.1 percent. Good news considering where the nations rate a year ago. The specific sectors posting solid job gains included health care and social assistance, as well as financial activities. Unfortunately, manufacturing and mining were two sectors that lost jobs. So, although many of our citizens are back on the time clock in many sectors, some are still concerned about unemployment benefits.

More specifically, according to the August household survey data collected by the Bureau of Labor, the number of unemployed persons edged down to 8.0 million. Overall over the year, the number of unemployed persons edges lower by 1.5 million. This is good long term news and the short term news was also positive. The number of persons unemployed for less than five weeks decreased by almost 400,000 in August. Overall, more people are getting back to work. The number of long term unemployed, which is unemployed for 27 weeks or more, flat-lined at 2.2 million in August. Over the year though, the number of long term unemployed is down by about 780,000.

Unemployment numbers in Pennsylvania:

Currently, the average unemployment rate in the state of Pennsylvania rests a bit above the national average. More people that live in the state of Pennsylvania are in need of unemployment benefits than the national average as a whole. Recently, the manufacturing sector has had noteworthy declines throughout the state. Recent job growth focused on jobs in the trade, transportation, utilities, education and health service sectors. If you are looking for a job right now in the state of
Pennsylvania, these sectors could lead to positive outcomes with greater stability.

Am I Eligible for Unemployment Benefits in the State of Pennsylvania?
In order for one to be eligible for unemployment benefits in the state of Pennsylvania, you need to have earned enough money during the first four quarters of the last five completed during the year that you file. This “base year pay” will be input into an algorithm which will calculate the amount of unemployment compensation that you can collect. Remember, just because you are out of work does not guarantee that you will qualify for benefits. Unemployment benefits and compensation go to those that have lost their job because of something that was out of their control and not their fault.