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U.S. refinance rates today; Home loan interest rates refinance options Grow; Low 15 and 30 year fixed mortgage interest rates Drop Again

Posted on | October 25, 2014 | 1 Comment

Mortgage rates push refinancing in the U.S.; today’s review October 25, 2015:
The exceptionally low mortgage interest rates are expected to entice a significant number of people to consider locking in to a standard mortgage plan, or to take action to refinance their current mortgage plan. The standard mortgage interest rates for the 15 and 30 year fixed loans hover below the 4 percent mark, and the latest drop in rates represents that fifth straight week that mortgage interest rates moved lower. This is a significant amount of time to gain the attention of Americans on the fence about home ownership or refinancing.
Home prices are on the rise currently and this fact could also spark potential home buyers to consider locking into a 30 or 15 year plan with interest rates below 4 percent before home prices move higher. According to the Federal Housing Finance Agency, U.S. home prices climbed .5 percent on a seasonally adjusted basis from July and this increase was greater than what economists had been predicting. This price increase will work in conjunction with the historically low rates to gain the attention of potential home buyers.
Since the jobless rate is at a relative low of 5.9 percent and economic recoery continues to step forward, more Americans are now in a position to consider the lower rates for home buying or loan refinancing. Demand is higher while supplies are fewer. Analysts will observe closely to see if a housing sector boom is upon us. The drop in rates could be the catalyst.
Current 30 and 15 year fixed mortgage interest rate review today October 25, 2014:
Freddie Mac reports that the interest rate for the 30 year fixed loan fell to 3.92 percent and the standard loan rate on the 15 year fixed dropped to 3.08 percent.
The rates should spark homeowner refinance numbers in the short term.

Stephen Johnson

unemployment compensation news; benefits EUC 2014; emergency aid extension review October 25, 2014

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unemployment benefit compensation and extension news review today October 25, 2014:
Millions of Americans lost jobs and need unemployment compensation, but many have had to go without these benefits due to the lack of support for another extension deal. Congress allowed unemployment benefits for the long term unemployed to expire back in December 2013, and since that time, the Senate and the House have not been able to collaborate to pass another extension deal. The Senate passed a plan to reinstate EUC back in April, but the U.S. House of Representatives did not get behind this extension deal. Members in the House shared that conflicts arose pertaining to the amount of benefits, the length of the benefit extension, and the need for the benefit extension. House Speaker, John Boehner, even went as far as to say that those Americans that were out of work would rather take handouts from the federal government than find gainful employment. Since the House and the Senate have not been able to agree on another extension plan, and the President could not find the motivation to forgo Congress and sign an extension deal into law, the long term jobless are left to suffer without benefits. It should be noted that the Labor Department may consider raising some unemployment compensation payments for states with exceptionally high unemployment rates. The Employment and Training Administration posted this news this week and will consider the possibility over the next month.

Genny Germano

Today’s Gold prices on the move Spot gold Spot silver per ounce and per gram; Precious metal review mid-day

Posted on | October 24, 2014 | 1 Comment

Gold price and silver price trend review and market session notes mid-day October 24, 2014:
Gold price was positive as of the mid-day mark in today’s trading session. Both gold and silver contract prices were tracking in a positive direction through the mid-day mark today.
The recent rebound in U.S. equities, as well as the strengthening dollar, should pressure precious metal prices as this session comes to a close. As equities rallied earlier and the dollar rose higher, investors reassessed their positions and safe haven appeal was affected. On the flip side, this is the beginning of a holiday season in many parts of the world. The holiday season is historically a time when more consumers are looking for items made from precious metals like gold and silver. The festival season in India often pushes gold purchases while the Christmas holiday time in the West prompts an increase in precious metal acquisitions. The surge in demand should push price per ounce levels higher as the calendar year comes to a close.
Current contract price per ounce for gold and silver and current price change review today October 24, 214 mid-day:
December contract gold price was up by .14 percent at the floor rate of 1,230.80 per ounce. December contract silver price was up by .10 percent at the floor rate of 17.16 per ounce. Current one month price change for gold is positive by approximately .79 percent at this time. One month price change for silver is still negative by approximately 3.05 percent right now.

Spot gold per gram and spot silver per ounce price review mid-day October 24, 2014:
Spot gold per gram and spot silver per ounce prices were positive at mid=day. Spot gold per gram price posted at 39.56 and spot silver per ounce price posted at 17.19 at the mid-day mark today.

Camillo Zucari

Top DJIA Index Stock Travelers Companies Inc. TRV Google Finance quote; Dow Jones Industrial Average DJX:.DJI Market Review

Posted on | October 23, 2014 | No Comments

Stock Market Index Close review and market session news update today October 23, 2014:
Stock indices were mixed during the mid-week trading session and closed the day the same way. The day began with choppy trending for the primary U.S. stock indices and the negative trending continued throughout the session. Earnings data grabbed headlines last session. Boeing and Dow Chemical were two headliners to post earnings data. According to the report, Boeing raised its earnings forecast for the year and profits were better than expected. Revenue for Dow Chemical also beat out analysts’ expectations. These two positively skewed reports posted one day after Yahoo reported better than expected third quarter results.
In recent U.S. economic news, inflation numbers were relatively tame. According to the Labor Department report, the Consumer Price Index edged up by just .1 percent during the last month. The rise in food and shelter offset the decline in energy prices. Inflationary trends are still weak right now and this data will not likely act as a catalyst to prompt a change in the Fed’s monetary policies.
As the trading session came to a close last session, the primary U.S. stock composites were in the red across the board. The S&P 500 finished the last full trading session lower by .73 percent to close at 1,927.11. The Nasdaq fell back last session by .83 percent to close at 4,382.85 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped lower by .92 percent to close at 16,461.32. Despite the negative trending, Travelers Companies Inc. was a top Dow gainer. TRV stock rose higher by 1.42 percent to 95.58 according to Google Finance stock quotes.

Frank Matto

Falling Oil price per barrel contract rate review Gas per gallon price at pump drops as well in 2014

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Light crude oil price close review and market session news update today October 23, 2014:

Although crude oil price picked up earlier this week, price trend-lines for light sweet crude are still negatively skewed over the last several weeks. Investors and analysts are wondering if crude oil price has hit bottom yet. Fears of slowing global economic activity should continue to pressure crude oil prices as this year comes to a conclusion.

Also, ample oil supplies around the globe will likely pressure crude oil price as this year comes to a conclusion. Countries, like the U.S., have increased their own oil production numbers and this has ballooned the worlds oil supplies. Less imports via the U.S. means less exports for other global nations that count on oil exports to finance their countries. This will affect global economic growth and ultimately oil prices.

It is a cycle. Just recently, the U.S. Government Accountability Office on U.S. export policy reported on foreign sales of domestic crude oil. This could be another bearish factor for crude oil price.

Last session, crude oil prices dipped lower once again. December contract crude oil rate fell by 2.39 percent last session to close at the floor rate of 80.52 per barrel.

The main pressure on oil price is rising oil supply around the globe. Oil price fell to a new 27 month low last session as a result. The drop in oil price will likely push gas prices lower as well. Commuters will be happy to see the gas price drop at the pump.

Camillo Zucari

Low 15 and 30 year interest rates for home mortgage plans act as catalyst; Freddie Mac Market Survey Data; Should Homeowners Refinance

Posted on | October 22, 2014 | No Comments

Lower mortgage interest rates should continue to support housing sector recovery in 2014:
Interest rates for the standard 30 and 15 year fixed home loan plans recently dropped lower again. Freddie Mac reported that the average interest rate for the 30 year fixed plan dipped below the 4 percent mark in the most recent assessment. Dropping below the 4 percent level is a psychological barrier that, now surpassed, will likely open the doors for many more potential home loan and refinancing candidates. Refinancing numbers are currently on the rise and the low rates are a primary reason.
Current mortgage interest rates for the 30 and 15 year fixed plans:
According to Freddie Mac’s mortgage market survey data, the current interest rate for the 30 year fixed plan posts at 3.97 percent down from 4.12 percent the week prior. This mark represents the lowest level for the 30 year home loan since June of 2013. The average interest rate right now for the 15 year fixed plan posts at 3.18 percent, down from 3.3 percent the week prior. The 15 year interest rate plan is historically a popular plan for those looking to refinance, and so the dip sparked additional refinancing activity in the marketplace last week.
Additionally, the average rate of the five year adjustable rate mortgage plan dropped to 2.92 percent from the 3.05 percent that posted the week prior.
More Americans are currently in the process of determining if refinancing is the best option for them. The lower rates are definitely a benefit, but the cost of the refinancing paperwork may offset the cost of the refinance itself. Homeowners should keep this in mind when considering a possible refinance.

Stephen Johnson

Gas and crude oil rates stay low; Contract oil price per barrel and AAA gas per gallon rate update today October 22, 2014

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Crude oil price per barrel and crude oil global market news review today October 22, 2014:
Many investors and analysts are wondering the same thing, has oil price hit rock bottom yet? Fears and uncertainty associated with global economic growth slowdowns, as well as the ongoing increase in crude supply around the globe, continue to fuel the fear associated with dropping oil prices. Crude oil price fell lower again to open this trading week. November contract crude contract price dipped by .05 percent to close the opening trading session of this week at the floor rate of 82.71 per barrel. One month and one year price change remain negative at this time. According to price change analysis, price change for oil is negative by approximately 9.2 percent over the last month. One year price change for crude oil is negative right now by approximately 16 percent. Oil prices have plunged this year and it does not appear to be stabilizing. Fears linked to the economic slowdowns in Europe and Germany are specifically problematic. Sluggish demand in these countries, as well as in China, has taken a toll on Crude oil exports and prices. Also, the dollar maintained a strong trend this year, and as is often the case, a stronger dollar can translate into lower prices for commodities like gold and oil. This has happened this year.
During the last full trading session, crude oil prices notched higher on the day by .12 percent to close at the floor rate of 82.81 per barrel. The slight rise in oil price last session was due, in part, to the perceived increase in demand out of China. Implied oil demand in China rose by more than 6 percent. This news moved the needle considering that China is the world’s largest energy consumer. The slight rise in oil prices last session have many wondering if oil prices have hit rock bottom and if prices will begin to climb again.
Although crude oil contract price notched higher during the last full trading session, crude oil price trends have been pressured for months as is evidenced via the one month and one year change analysis. The overabundance of crude oil supplies pushes crude price lower and is ultimately causing gas prices to dip as well.
According to the AAA gas gauge report, the current average price for a gallon of gasoline posted at $3.09 which was lower than the price of $3.10 that posted one day prior. One year ago, a gallon of regular gasoline posted at $3.35 according to AAA.

Camillo Zucari

Brandy Melville Fashion Sense makes little sense to some; America’s Girls must drop weight to fit in

Posted on | October 21, 2014 | No Comments

Fashion News review Brandy Melville Notes Today October 21, 2014:
One of the hottest teen clothing lines in the U.S. right now is the Brandy Melville clothing line. The garments include tanks, tees, shorts and jeans. The Brandy Melville chain includes 18 stores in the U.S. in hot spots such as California and New York City. The brand is trending with young teens in America and getting hotter. According to a recent survey via Piper Jaffray, the brand is growing swiftly with the American teen contingent. The growing popularity though has not come without its share of criticism.
Body image and perception, and the way that the brand promotes its line of clothing, is the concern. Almost all of the items sold by the Brandy Melville stores are labeled as “small” or “one size.” Apparently, the marketing employes tactics that many find disheartening and some find grotesque. Typical Brandy Melville cloths are small and if a body can fit into the clothes, then they get to fit into the “Brandy Melville group.” The pants that Brandy Melville offers are almost exclusively between a size 0 and 2. This size will not fit the average American girl.
The controversy with the brand and it’s marketing strategy centers around fat shaming. To fit into the exclusive brand name, a girl’s body size must be below the average weight of the standard teenage girl in the U.S. To be cool, many young girls may have to go to unnatural lengths to fit into Brandy Melville. The body image marketing tactic employed by Brandy Melville could be a toxic message for America’s impressionable youth.

Nancy Lee

low oil price per barrel black crude contract; black gold news; Oil rate drop could be bad for Global Economy

Posted on | October 21, 2014 | 1 Comment

Crude oil price and oil market news update today October 21, 2014:
Crude oil prices have been tracking lower over the course of the last few months and contract crude oil price per barrel dipped once more during the opening trading session of this week. Opening day was a choppy trading session this week as U.S. and global crude benchmarks ended the day lower. The price drop was due, in part, to concerns associated with the Petroleum Exporting Countries.
Crude oil contract price close and price change review today:
November contract crude price dipped lower last session by .05 percent to close the day at the floor rate of 82.71 per barrel. The negative close extended oil contract’s losses this year. One month price change for light crude contract is currently negative by approximately 10.44 percent. One year price change for crude is negative right now by approximately 16.37 percent.
The most recent price drop in crude came as concerns intensified that the surplus of oil in the world will only increase given the news that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries will maintain high production levels despite the growing global supply and the decrease in demand from other countries that are producing more. Countries, like the U.S., have increased their production numbers in recent years and this is putting a strain on countries that normally count on certain levels of exports to finance their national budgets. As a result, investors and analysts are currently mixed on their opinions of future oil prices at this time.

Camillo Zucari

Current Low 15 and 30 year fixed mortgage interest rates spark Housing Sector in U.S.; Will rates move even lower this year for home buyers

Posted on | October 21, 2014 | No Comments

Mortgage interest rates and housing sector news review today October 21, 2014: Mortgage interest rates recently dipped lower again which is good news for potential home buyers. Lending has been tighter in recent years and so the mortgage interest rate drop should act as a catalyst to push could-be home buyers from the sidelines and into the housing sector marketplace in early fall. Housing sector data has also been positively skewed and this could be motivating as well. Potential home buyers will want to lock in lower rates and prices before they rise again.
Housing starts rose in September and this is a good sign for the U.S. housing sector. More deals are being made and more money is changing hands. Competition is thus on the rise and this could push home prices higher. Housing starts in September rose 6.3 percent from the month prior to a seasonally adjusted rate of 1.017 million units. Building permits increased by 1.5 percent which is another great sign for the future of the U.S. housing sector. Single family units, which represents approximately 66 percent of the market, rose 1.1 percent in September and starts are up about 3.8 percent through this point this year compared to the same point last year.
The positively skewed housing sector data will pair with the drop in mortgage interest rates to act as a catalyst for deal making. Freddie Mac just reported that interest rates for the standard 30 and 15 year fixed plans dropped lower. According to Freddie Mac, the average interest rate for the 30 year fixed mortgage plan dropped to 3.97 percent. The 15 year fixed rate dipped to 3.18 percent according to the most recent Freddie Mac mortgage market survey.

Stephen Johnson

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